• A Good Servant - Ch. 10

    Welcome to Haven, Xavier.

  • A Good Servant - Ch. 9

    Xavier takes a leap of faith.

  • Affairs of State

    A Young Man Is Very Popular at the White House and Other Houses

  • Bird Shooting, Part Three

    A loving Godfather comes to the country to visit his Godson.

  • Bird Shooting, Part Two

    Bill begins his domination of the town.

  • Bosses son part 2

    Jake finally gets what he wants

  • Caught With Pants Down

    Got caught jacking off

  • Collateral - Ch. 15

    Jake shows Klaus he knows how to say ... sorry the proper way ;)

  • Collateral - Ch. 16

    Klaus comes back and he receives a rather peculiar welcome from Jake.

  • Collateral - Ch. 17

    Eh, you only live once. Enough said. ;)

  • Collateral - Ch.14

    Klaus wants to hear the words again ... will Jake confess in broad daylight?

  • First Time Fears Overcome

    A group of professional young studs, all of whom work in a naked bodybuilding gym in San Francisco, show a number of virgin, timid, gay, young-men how to come to terms with their sexuality and enjoy the pleasures of gay-sex.

  • Fucking my Math Teacher (Part 1)

    An innocent trip to retrieve my laptop became hot sex session with my math teacher, whose college stories led me to grabbing his huge ass and more.

  • Gay Sex for Gregory

    Gregory is a magnificent young stud aged eighteen about to enter college. He is, however, who is totally unsure of his own sexuality. His mother, sure that her son his gay, engages a group of young professional sex-workers to help Gregory finds himself and come to terms with what being a gay young ...

  • GAYS OF OUR LIVES: Episode 102

    A hot sex session in a hospital room ends abruptly.....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 103

    Anger turns to lust as the sexual tension between Michael,Eric and Edward reaches a climatic ending...... Eric makes a discovery and he and Edward come to blows

  • Guilty pleasure

    When a one time thing turns into a two time thing with a boyfriend's older brother.

  • Guilty pleasures: The Gym

    We go back to see what has Caleb wanting Alex's dick again.

  • Inked Hearts Part 1

    As I looked into his steel gray eyes.... I knew I was hoping for a comfort I will never find. But why then... Why do you do these things to me ( Part 3)

  • Jessie & William

    A farm hand services two tall and muscular studs with big dicks

  • Kevin and Adam become an Item

    Kevin and Adam lead a very active sexl ife together and belong to a group of other well equipped sexually active young studs. They all go on a vacation to a nude male resort where Kevin finally declares his love for Adam and the two become an item.

  • Kevin meets Adam

    Kevin Maitland an active gay young realtor, meets Adam in bar. Adam is uncertain about his sexuality, but Kevin introduces him to the joys of gay sex and adeep friendship between the two young men rapidly develops.

  • Kevin Pettifer: The Warden

    The Great Endeavour, where Pettifer has been assigned as Chief Disciplinarian is sold for scrap. He gets a job as Warden of a new reform school where his talents with the cane and birch are much appreciated.

  • Kevin, Adam and Brett

    Kevin and Adam have formed a close sexual realtionship after a chance meeting in a bar. One evening after an intense session of gay sex, Kevin orders a pizza whilst Adam is showering. The pizza delivery boy is a college student called Brett. Kevin and Adam agree to initiate Brett into theejoys ...

  • My brother in law hurts his leg (part 3)

    Chris comes back to help with the decking and things go further than he ever expected

  • My brother in law hurts his leg (part 4)

    Things develop with Phil and Matt gets an unexpected surprise

  • My Brother in law hurts his leg (Part 5)

    James takes some time to think about his next move with Phil

  • North meets South - Part 2

    I looked at the length of his body, which wasn't very long at all. He was petite and skinny yet years of horse-riding and swimming had given his shoulders and hips and backside a well-toned roundness. In the last week, I had been mesmerised by the softness and smoothness of his light brown skin and ...

  • Sam

    After the death of Dane, life goes on for everyone with Heck as the centerpiece for rage

  • Sebastian - The Male Escort

    Sebastian develops a very successful Male Escort business in New York City