• A & R (Part 1 : The Beginning)

    A handsome attractive Lad enters the room when Aniket was sitting on his bed. The new lad was a potential tenant. Aniket fall for him the moment he glimpsed his mesmerizing divine beauty. Continue the story to see what happens next between the two roommates.

  • A Bit of PT For Our 5th Anniversary - The Marine And The Judge Enjoy A Studly Trainer

    This is from late May - the fifth anniversary of when my husband and I first hooked-up in 2012. We decided to gift ourselves the pleasures of a HOT physical therapist / sports trainer who had made it clear we could have him if we wanted him. We did . . . and we did, as you'll read all the dirty details here.

  • A Player's Cocksucker 1

    Matt is crushing on hot jock Brandon, who takes advantage.

  • A Player's Cocksucker 2

    I could still remember the taste. I would roll it back and forth in my head, how salty and tangy it was. It was... delicious..

  • A Player's Cocksucker 3

    He was a hot, sexy football player, and I was hot for him.

  • A Player's Cocksucker 4

    Having cum inside of you is the strangest fucking thing..

  • A Player's Cocksucker 5

    The football players gathered together in the middle of the field and bumped chests and yelled at each other in fits of hypermasculinity, and I loved every ridiculous second of it.

  • A Player's Cocksucker 6

    I shrugged. Hell, I was thinking of taking a break anyways, and a bit of bowling never hurt anyone. I wasn't great at bowling by any stretch of the word, but Brandon was pretty nice company. Well, good in bed, at least.

  • Awoken Sins III

    Michael orders pizza, and get's just what he needed to end the night.

  • Becoming the Quarterbacks slave

    Hot shot, the next big thing, now he has to chose a college.

  • Consultant and Client Piggy Fun

    Somewhere in the Consulting 101 Handbook it probably says do not sleep with young team members of a client but if the connection is there, why not have some fun?

  • Craigslist Quickie

    Meeting a guy

  • Delivering the Goods

    Meet Greg, a successful research scientist who hides the fact that he loves cock behind his dedication to his job and Daniel, logistics manager who decides to do a favour and gets just what he wants in return.

  • Delivery Guy - Part 2

    I couldn't say anything, he had me completely captivated by him. All I could think about was what he was going to do with me, and how. He opened my shorts to see my dripping cock greeting him.

  • English Teacher Part 2

    Teacher and his student fuck in the school bathrooms

  • Father's Day

    Just a story about a father and son, and the son showing dad how much he loves him

  • Father's Day 3

    A week after Father's Day, coach comes by for dinner

  • Fear Love and Hate Book 1 Chapter 6

    My goodness, it's been a little while since I picked this story up, but Nick and Dean were calling me and an old fan reminded me that people enjoyed this series and that makes the long hours writing it so worth it. In this chapter, we get to meet a few more characters and get to see some moments that will become pivotal in the future. We also get to see a little bit of what turns Nick on and a lead into Chapter 7 that I am currently writing. Thanks so much for all the support on my writing over the years!

  • Filling Station Glory Hole

    My filling station offers a service that most others don't provide. A glory hole where customers can get sucked off

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 81

    Mike and the rest of the gang tour London. Kayla contemplates telling Kevin her news. The gag is invited to Buckingham Palace......Mike finds himself grasping Eric's crown jewels as the two find themselves in a sticky situation.

  • It took 10 Years to Bag this Stud

    Over the years since we first me, I had been more of a shoulder to cry on for my perpetually single friend but we would meet up in various cities as he was working for the airlines and on this occasion, I finally got my young friend balls deep in my ass.

  • John and I Part 4

    4th installment of the story with John.

  • Little Old Grandpa gets It Good

    Story about a horny old Grandpa that gets it good in the ass

  • Love (and other four letter words) part 10

    Noah and Travis make their relationship official and Noah's source of income is revealed. Warning: Brief scenes of non-sexual violence.

  • Massage Parlour: Part 1

    New standalone story featuring a hot encounter that leads to possibly more Andy (35) Tim (26)

  • Moving in with my son Part 6

    The week in LA was crazy, I really hit the ground running. Twelve hour days, three days in a row. I barely had time to eat or sleep, let alone reflect on the events of the week and weekend before with Jake and Kevin.

  • Moving in With my son Part 7

    Kevin, clearly enjoying some trips down memory lane, also shared some stories about his dad over the weekend. Lots of culinary adventures that they'd had together, but there were a few sex stories sprinkled in as well.

  • Moving in with my Son Part 8

    He was bigger than I expected, about 6'2". The arms encircling Kevin were big and muscular, and the short sleeves of Brent's gray t-shirt stretched tight around his pronounced biceps and triceps.

  • My Husband, Grayson PART TWO

    Our neighbor and one of Grayson's students, Vic, comes over to watch football and things get a little interesting between him and my husband.

  • My New Buddy

    In the bathhouse Phillip shed his trunks and stepped under the large shower head. "Come on get out of them trunks and get under the shower with me. I won't bite that thing off...At least not yet," he said with a chuckle.