• Dads Boss

    After our very short wrestling match that I notice that he has torn a fair side hole into his crotch of his dress pants. I was truly amazed to see him wearing red color sports briefs. It was also a short time later that I got a little crotch smell from him when he planted his bulge onto my face.

  • A Player's Cocksucker 7

    I didn't know how they were going to react. They've never said anything homophobic--unless calling people online gay was homophobic, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. At least, I didn't think so.

  • Aquacade

    Two guys get very involved with team sports at their school

  • At The Table

    A man is one source of income for another man.

  • Behind the Scene

    A man takes a part time job editing porn.

  • Best friends, Bitter rivals.

    Josh and Cal best friends nothing phased them. Then they have to face off as opposing quarterbacks one of them has to lose.

  • Building Things - Chapter 46

    The story continues. I had tried to close but found it more than difficult. These guys have become part of my life. I walked away from it but kept playing with it from time to time. I have decided to continue it after many emails and notes from those of you that love this as much as I do. So, this is for you, Rahul, and also for you, Skate, my dear friend. You both have spurred me to continue, and for that I thank you. Enjoy...

  • Connor's Pretty Horny

    Connor is frustrated with college until...

  • Connor's Pretty Horny - Part 3

    Connor is almost late to an appointment with his student advisor that he really doesn't want to miss.

  • Connor's Pretty Horny - Part 5

    Connor fucks some ass. Finally.

  • Connor's Pretty Horny - Part 6

    Connor ties up some loose ends and sees a familiar face.

  • Dad Boss Part 2

    My God the autumn fresh and cool air feels great as were are now in the middle of Rice lake working on our 3rd beer when I have just caught my fourth nice size rainbow trout. My cock started to get hard once again while Britt was bending over the side of the boat, He was wearing a Colt type underwear with the huge Colt logo waistband. Scott knew right away what I was doing before he gave me a sexy smile.

  • Follow me if you

    See if you can work out what's going on

  • Friends forever

    Two good friends spend some quality time together

  • Fucking my Best Friend's Dad

    Joe's Dad comes home to find me fucking his son's sex doll that I found in his closet. He joins in and eventually it leads to me fucking him in the ass.

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 87

    James is bred by a big black cock as he plans his escape. Charlotte confronts Kayla about her secret....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 89

    Lord Wilton uses his slaves.... Jake runs into the arms of a killer intent on fucking him mercilessly. Kayla and Kevin reveal their secret to their ecstatic friends.....

  • Gays of Our Lives: Episode 90

    Bradley gets his revenge on Chad's ass! Kayla makes a discovery. The gang attend a masquerade ball......

  • Getting Fucked by a Baseball Player in School

    My baseball player lab partner and I stay after school to finish a science lab and he fucks me in a storage closet!

  • Getting Fucked by my French Exchange Student

    My curiosity about dicks led me to get viciously fucked my host student in France.

  • Golf Stroke

    Billy got really turn on seeing Stephen stand in front of the mirror as he began shaving his face and chest hairs and was truly surprise watching him pull down his underwear so he can trim his thick dark pubic hair that he always likes to keep it trim and neat.

  • Hell week part 1 - Sexual motivation

    Brent fucked up as a pledge now he will pay.

  • Home From the Range

    A man lives in the wealthy suburbs but has been changed working for his Uncle on ranch out West

  • Hypnosis Kid Part 3

    An unexpected character emerges will he be a boon or a bane.

  • Lessons To Be Learned

    A father takes a son to his job site to teach him about the family business.

  • Master Harvey is home

    Mr McKinsey finds himself in a difficult position when a neighbour comes over.

  • My New Buddy Chapter 3: A Promise Not Kept

    With an afternoon of sexual experimenting and swimming behind me I raced to Darleen's house to satisfy her needs. So, begins the delicate balancing act. The dance to maintain confidentiality and stability between Phillip and Darleen needed to be carefully choreographed.

  • My New Buddy Chapter 4: Meeting Murf

    When it came to me and sex with others maybe I just didn't measure up. Although not as well-endowed as the characters illustrated in the magazines I thought my manhood to be ample.

  • My New Buddy, Chapter 2

    Hot Rod Hot Stuff

  • My Twin Brother and I - Part 45

    A week of buying Ravs, meeting Jonathan and the photo shoot, and lots of sex!