My buddy Barry ( from the coworkers series ) had sent me a text message that he was horny and needed some relief.  

I texted him back and asked when he was free, he replied now.  

Ok, I need to clean up and I'll be ready in thirty minutes.

Cool, on my way, he replied

After I showered and cleaned up, I wrapped my towel around myself and heard a key going into the lock on my door and opening.  Barry actually was using the key I gave him for when he came over.

" there's my favorite stud.  I'm glad you texted, I've been craving your cock."

"Good, cuz I've been craving you"

" damn you know how to make me want you more."

"Well, quit talkin and start sucking!!"

" before we start anything, there's been some weird stuff going on here"

" what do you mean ?"

" well, some of my other buddies that have been coming over.  And if they fuck me or I fuck them, their foreskins grow back.  Not sure how or why, but it's happening.  So I'm guessing if you fuck me, your foreskin will grow back."

" bullshit, that sounds crazy!"

"Crazy as it sounds, it's true."

I'm just worried that if you fuck me and it comes back, your wife will see it and wonder what the fuck"

" well, honestly, we don't even have sex anymore, so she wouldn't even notice or care."

"I'm sorry dude.  That's the joy of women, they change after a while and no more sex.  But not the case with me.  That's why I'm glad I sucked you off all those years ago."

I'm glad too, now lets get in bed.  I need to fuck you bad !"

Ok, just reminding you, you're gonna have a foreskin and everything is gonna feel different.

Don't care, I need you now

We jumped into bed and made out like horny teen agers.  His cock was so hard and was dripping tons of precum, so much his jeans had a wet spot.

I peeled of his clothes as we rolled around and there it was, his beautiful cock.  Hard, dripping and needing relief.  Lately we didn't need lube for him to fuck me, we had plenty of his natural lube.  I rolled him on his back, his cock pointing to the ceiling.  I got on top of him, our chests mashed together, his cock between my legs, teasing him even more.

" quit teasing me and ride my cock."

" yes sir, with pleasure!!"

I moved my self into position and slowly sat on his cock.  Going down an inch or so, then up and back down, teasing him as much as I could.  Finally all seven thick inches were buried in my ass.  Once I was relaxed enough, I started to slide up and down, feeling every bulging vein, the rim of his head at my hole.  Not wanting it to come out, I'd slam down and take him hard and deeper into my body.

He loves when I take control of him like this. And I love it too, fuck I love this guy. He's perfect for me.  

Then, without warning, he flipped us around and he was on top of my, pulling my legs over his shoulders and started to pound my ass hard.  He was desperate to fuck his load into me.  After a few minutes of him pound me

" Mike, my cock is starting to tingle, what's happening ?"

" Barry, that's the foreskin triangle working its magic, just keep going, enjoy it."

And he did just that.  Long deep strokes, I started to feel less friction and more pleasure.  His skin was growing back, I could feel it with him.

I felt his cock getting harder and harder, I knew he was gonna cum soon.

" oh fuck, oh fuck, here it comes, uuuggghhhhhhhhh!!"

He rammed deeper into me spilling his seed, deep into me.  I felt the pulses of his cum shooting thru his shaft.  Meanwhile, all he could do is grunt and breath like he ran a marathon.  Dripping sweat all over me, I just wanted him more, every day.

 Feeling his cock soften while he got his breath back, I felt him pulling his cock out.  The smooth shaft sliding out. Usually I feel his head pulling past my hole, but now it was covered by his new foreskin, and the covered head slid out.  I felt empty inside.

He looked at his cock and stared in amazement.  He touched his cock, feeling his skin, pulling it back, amazed at how it felt.

" you were right, it's back. Fuck, I didn't think it was possible, but it's back.  How ,omg does it last ?"

" not sure, but my other buddy has had it back for a few weeks and he loves it."

" I know Tim loves being uncut, now I get to see what it's like."

"Yep, time for real pleasure.  Too bad you had your boys cut.  I remember what you told me when the first one was born."

" Yeah, it kinda haunts me when I had sex.  Hey, you think .... Nah, ...."

"What ?  You're my lover, ask me ?"

" well, you think , if they wanted to, they could fuck you to get their skins back "?

" Barry, their all under eighteen,  It's illegal. "

" what if I asked them if they wanted to be uncut and I was here with them ?"

" that's up to you and them, that's not my decision.  But if you all agree to it, I'm here for them.  It'd be hot to have you and your sons fuck me, all that Italian cum, mmmm"

" Ok, let me talk with them and see what they want to do.

Pt 2

Barry walked into his house and his three sons were watching tv.  

" where's your mom ?"

" she went to grams house for the weekend, she said gram wasn't feeling good."

" perfect, and I'm glad you three are here.  This may get gross for you guys, but here it is.  You three were circumcised when you were born, just

Ike me.  When you were cut frank, I didn't know how much it would hurt you and I heard you screaming when they did it. But it was too late. And you two followed the same fate."

" dad, this is a little weird. " frank said

" More like a lot weird" ??? Barry said

" let me finish.  I've always wondered what it would be like to be uncut.  Grampa was uncut and why I was cut, I have  no idea why.  Uncle Tim is uncut and he says everything from jerking off to full on sex is incredible.  For me, it feels ok, until today."

" what happened today ?"

" well, after you three were born, your mom has lost all interest in sex, which makes me resort to jerkin off like you guys do."

"Daaaad !!"

" well don't you ?"

In unison they all said yes.

"Well, when mom was pregnant with you frank, one day I was super horny at work and got hard, really hard.  The guy I worked with is gay and he saw this and lured me into the basement at work, turned off all the lights and seduced me and gave me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had.  And from there we have done everything you can imagine."

"Dad, are you gay now ? " frank asked.

" I love your mom to death, but with no sex from her and no wanting to cheat on her, this was something I found I liked.  Maybe for Mike, I am gay, well, add uncle Tim to that list too."

"You played with uncle Tim too ?"

" only a few times, he was curious to see what it was like.  Anyway, I just got back from mikes place and it was probably the best sex I've ever had. "

" you fucked another guy ?  Dad, that's make you gay."

" no frank, I really think it's just Mike that'd I'd fuck all the time, no one else. Anyway, there's some thing weird going on at mikes place, kinda like the Bermuda Triangle.  He calls it the foreskin triangle."

All three boys looked confused and grossed and curious at the same time.

" he told be about what was going on and didn't believe him, but I fucked him like I have done dozens of times.  And then it happened, my foreskin grew back."

" wait, you fucked Mike and your foreskin grew back ?"

"Yep, it's like I was never cut when I was born. And like uncle Tim says, sex is better."

" so where do we come in ?"

"Well, I've always felt bad about you guys being cut and hearing your screams of pain." This could be your once chance to be uncut, if you wanted to be uncut"


" well dad, whenever I get hard and that's a lot these days, my skin is really tight and really hurts, would that go away ?" Frank asked

" yes , I think so, but Mike would know for sure, he loves uncut cock."

" mine does that too dad, it hurts so bad, I loose my hard on."

" so what do we have to do dad, to be uncut.  What would our dicks look like ?"

" well, you've all seen me naked in the showers at the gym right?"

" yeah"

" well, here's my cock now" and Barry dropped his pants to reveal his new uncut cock. He pulled the skin back to show the guys what it really looked like.

" dad, that's so freakin cool.  Stephan at school is uncut and I like the way his cock looks and was always jealous of him being uncut." Frank said as he got up and went for a closer look of his dad's cock.  Secretly wanting to touch it, make him hard and suck his dad's cock.  Yes, unknown  to Barry, frank, his oldest son was gay, but out to no one, well maybe only to Stephan as that was his secret boyfriend.

" so dad, what do we have to do to be uncut?"

Well, that's the part that you guys might not like.  There's something that makes this happen when you fuck Mike.  That's when the skin grows back."

" so we have to fuck this guy and were uncut again ?"

"Yep, that's it"

" well, it's sounds like I might fuck a guy to be uncut again. "

" yeah, we will do it too "

" are you guys sure ?  You'll have to stick your cocks in his ass and fuck him and once you're inside him, you'll want to cum and not pull out.  At least that's how I feel some days with him"

" I'm game dad, I'd like to get off some other way that stroking my dick with lube all the time.  And Stephan says he doesn't need lube to jerk off." Frank told his sexy dad.

"What about you two?"

" if frank is in, so are we."

"So when do we do this dad ?  I'm hard at the thought of sex" Dominic asked.

" well. I need to find out when Mike wants to do this"

" can he do it today ?  Moms gone for the weekend ?"

" let me ask him, he's probably a bit sore from me just fucking his ass an hour ago.  Not sure how quickly he recovers"

" call him now dad !!"

Barry went to another room and was talking with Mike, who already new that he'd be up for it.  It was just seeing if the three teenagers were up for basically trying gay sex, and surprisingly they were.

" ok, guys, he's in , or should I say your in" Barry told his boys.

" dad that's gross"

"Well, it's true, you'll be inside of him, am I right ?"

" yeah, but it just sounds gross"

" well once your inside him, you'll never what to leave"

" ok, so when do we go to his place ?"

" well, we can go now, or at least after you three stink bombs take a shower."

The three boys jumped up and ran to their bathrooms and too their showers.  Cleaning every inch of their bodies.  Even Barry took a shower, just to freshen up.

Thirty minutes later, all four guys were ready.

" Dad, who is gonna go first ?" Vince asked

" I think Mike said, the guy with the thinnest dick goes first, then the next thickest, and on and on.  So you guys need to get hard and we will measure how thick you are and then go from there.  Cool ?  

" ok, cool.  "

Barry could see that they were already hard.  Mike's gonna love this.  

They all jumped into the car and drove to mike's place.  Barry rang the bell and Mike answered the door and welcomed all four of the guy and said to come in.

" so you guys are up for this ?  Wasn't sure you'd go for it."

" well, I'm tired of jerking off.  The girls at school won't even stroke my dick and the thought of ask g for a bj is just insane.  I'd love to fuck something, make it female.  Just to be able to cum without touching my dick is gonna be awesome" frank told Mike.

"Well, if you guys are ready, let's get naked and start this thing." Mike told them.

All five guys were naked and hard.  

" well ! Someone is excited for this to happen.  And it looks like the order will be Vince, frank and then nick."

" how can you tell who is the thinnest to thickest" nick asked

"I've seen a lot of dicks guys, I just can tell.  So Vince come over here and let's get you started."

Vince walked up to Mike and he reached to Vince's cock and began stroking him, making sure he was rock hard.  And sure enough, this 14 year old boy was rock hard.  Mike grabbed him and threw him on the bed and started to suck Vince's 6" cock.  Mike tastes his virgin cock and how sweet it tasted.  Mike knew if he kept this up, he'd have a mouthful of cum.  But there was other work to do.  He grabbed the lube from the table, and squirted some on the young cock and swirled it all over, making sure every inch was lubed.  

" I'll ride you since, you're the youngest, when you go thru this, your legs will go week and I don't want you to fall and get hurt."

Mike got into position and slow sat on Vince's cock.  In seconds , it was as deep as it could go.  Slowly , as slowly as Mike could, he started to slide up Vince's cock, and then back down.  He knew that 14 year old guys could shoot in seconds.  

Mike, I feel my dick starting to tingle and feel funny.

"That good, just relax and let me do my magic.  "

Mike was in heaven, getting fucked again.  

Mike, I'm gonna cum soon.

Just hang in there

It feels too good, im gonna cum.

How's your cock feel, it still tingling, it's feels so much better than my hand.

That's the skin coming back, when it doesn't tingle, it's totally back, that's when you can cum.

Ok, just don't stop going up and down.  Wait, it's not tingling anymore, can I cum now ?

Yes, shoot you load, feel what it's like to cum hands free.

Mike lifted up a bit and Vince knew to pound mikes ass

" oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, should you get off me ?

Not on your life, shoot your first load inside me, then you won't be a virgin, at least with guys, anymore.  But you can say you fucked some girl from another school.


He pounded mikes ass as hard as he could, and the he let out a long squeel, shooting his virgin load into mikes ass.

Holy fuck, that was the best, I could do that every day

If you're lucky, one day, with the right person, you will.

Mike pulled off of the young mans cock, squeezing his hole tight, keeping every drop of cum inside.  Vince's limp cock, plopped onto his abdomen, complete with foreskin.

" wow, that's soo cool, I have a foreskin now.  Dad , look !!"

I know Vince, I have one too, it looks damn good too.

Ok frank, you're next.

Mike got on all fours at the right height for frank.

You're not gonna ride me?

Nope, you're old enough to handle this.  

Frank grabbed the lube and rubbed it on his young 16 year old cock.  He was anxious to fuck someone.  He got behind him and slowly pushed into mikes ass.

Oh fuck frank, that feel so fucking good.  Now take your time and fuck me.

Frank slowly pushed in deeper and deeper.  All 7 1/2 inches deep in Mike.  He started pulling out and back in.  After a few minutes, frank was in a steady groove.

Mike,  I think it's starting, my cock is tingling

Ok, just keep going steady and like I told you brother, once it stops, shoot your load.


He kept his pace, you could see, he Was enjoying fucking mikes ass. He just kept going.  Mike want grunting and groaning, enjoying getting fucked by this kid.  He felt Frank's cock getting thicker.

I'm gonna shoot Mike, gonna blast my load in your ass.

Do it, cum inside me, give me you load.

Uugggghhhhhhhhh. Fuuuuuccckkk. Frank yelled as his balls emptied out every drop of cum.

Fuck, I've never cum that hard or that much.

Well kid do, that's the joy of good sex.

Well, I'm gonna try to do this once a week.

Frank slowly pulled out his cock. But some of his new skin was still in mikes hole. He pulled out that last bit.

What the hell is this ? Grabbing the 1/2 of overhang.

That my stud is excess skin, that's the best.  Someone is gonna treat you like royalty or be grossed out.  I would treat you like royalty.

Really ??

Yep, your gonna love your skin.

Ok, nick you ready with that monster ?

Yes sir, you better be ready for this !!

 That's why the thickest went last, this way you all get a tight hole to fuck.

Well, let this 9" cock in your ass.

Well lube up my man and do it right.

Nick lubed up his massive cock and slowly eased into mikes ass and started fucking like a pro.

Nick was fucking him like a porn star and felt his cock tingle and knew what was starting to happen.   Mike was in heaven getting these three guys to fuck him.

Fuck me nick, dump your load , breed my ass good .

You bet , your gonna get a weeks with of cum in your ass.

Nicks tingling had stopped, his skin was back, but his control of his orgasm was like no other.

Ready Mike, gonna flood your ass

Do it you hot fucker, shoot it

Uuuggghhhhhhhhh fuuuccckkk yyyyeeeaaahhhhh. Nick yelled as his cum was shooting deeper than his brothers loads.

Fuck, I've never cum like that before and where did all that dirty talk come from.

That my stud.  is the top dominant stud coming out in a big way.

Really ?

Yes, with that big cock, girls & guys will want you !


Ok, Barry, you want in again ?  It may be a little messy in there, but I'm ready for another load from you

Ok, I'm in again.

Barry walked up to Mike and slid his cock into his hole that was fucked and bred by his three sons.  He could feel his sons cum with his cock, three big loads.  

'Mike, I'm gonna cum way too soon, it's so fucking hot and cummy in your ass, here's another Italian load of cum for you." As he started to cum, nick pulled his dad out of mikes ass and rammed his ass onto his dad's cock.  Instantly, Barry shot his load into his sons ass.  He didn't have time to object, he just stood there cumming deep in his oldest sons ass, his sons virgin ass.  

After Barry was done and caught his breath.  He asked nick..

" what the hell was that about ?"

" don't hate me dad, please" nick said with a sympathetic voice.

" what nick ?"

" dad, I'm gay and I think you're the hottest sexiest guy I know.  Ive wanted you for years. I'm sorry.

"Nick, you'll always be my son, gay, straight, bi.  I'll never hate you for that. Thank you for tell me in this special way.  But why me ?"

"Barry, maybe he sees what I see in you !  One hot sexy mother fucking stud." Told told Barry

"Mike, that's exactly what I see and my dad that I love so much." Nick replied

Nick turned to his dad and with tears of happiness, gave his dad a huge hug.

"And dad ....."


"My friend Stephan , is my boyfriend and he's thinks like Mike and I do, that your hot !"

"Well, you have damn good taste in men.  Even I have to say he's hot."

"Not as hot as you dad.  Question ?"

"Yeah "

"Can we do this now and then, you fucking me ??  Maybe sucking your cock too ?"

"Nick, anything you want.  We just have to make sure moms not home."

"Or you can come here guys, all four of you or five of you. That's if your dad here will let you al come over. After all, I do love Italian cream " Mike said with a wink to all of them



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