A few days after I had strangely regrown my foreskin, and fucked my buddy, I was still loving the fact that I was intact, as all guys should be, and the fact that I could get together sexually with another guy.

Mom & Dad know I'm gay and both are really cool with it. What they didn't know is that I prefer to be nude every chance I get. It was the Saturday before Father's Day and my dad had stopped by because he was going out of town with mom for the week. The bell rang and I opened the door and there was dad, looking sexy as always and me, not wearing a thing.

Michael, you really shouldn't answer the door naked.

But dad, I hate clothes, you remember when I was little that I always took my clothes after you dressed me.

Yeah, but you were a kid then, not an adult.

Well, get in here and let's not let the neighbors see everything.

Well, I've seen everything and it looks like a great body to me.

DAD, are you checking me out ?

I'm just seeing what's in front of me. When I go to the gym, I check out the guys. All guys do it, it's normal.

True, but I check out the guys for other reasons.

I can imagine that's true.

We sat on the sofa and continued to chat and I noticed my dad was checking me out more and more and staring at my cock.

Ok, what's up, you keep checking me out and staring at my cock.

Well, I'm not that old or crazy, but I swore you were circumcised when you were born ?

Well, you aren't that old and no you're not crazy. I was cut when I was born like millions of poor helpless boys. This is what happened. I went to bed one night, slept normally and when I woke up, I was intact, my foreskin was back. I can't explain what happened, I have no clue, but it's incredible having a foreskin.

Really, I always wondered what it was like. I was cut like you when I was born and when the guys in school were in the showers, I was envious of the guys that were uncut. I wish I was uncut. I hear everything is better.

It is dad. I called one of my buddies and had him come over and I fucked him long and hard. Once I came in his ass, he shot his load on my bed. Once we were done, he rolled over and strangely he was uncut and he was cut as well. It's like a Bermuda Triangle but with foreskins. I kinda call it the foreskin triangle. Oh fuck, I just told you I fucked my buddy. Fuck, I'm embarrassed.

Don't be, I know you are sexually active, just never heard any details. And even tho it's the readers digest version, it's hot to hear.

As I looked at my dad, I could see a huge bulge in his pants. Damn, I just turned on my dad telling him I fucked my buddy. And seeing his bulge is turning me on.

So let me get this right, you woke up uncut and you fucked your buddy and he's uncut now. So all you have to do so far is have sex with a guy and he becomes uncut?

Yep, so far that's all I have to do.

Wow, that's pretty hot.

I know, it's incredible. Everything feels different and sex is incredible and my orgasms are intense.

Interesting. Your mother told me that one of her previous boyfriends before me was hung and uncut and she loved getting fucked by him, she said sex was unbelievable. With me being cut, she says sex is great, but not like it was with him. Damn, just imagining him fucking her with his big uncut cock, is turning me on. So, question, do you need to have full on sex to give the other guy his skin back ?

Not sure, I've only been with one guy since I've been uncut. I'd need to try and see what the foreskin triangle can do.

Well, I've always wanted to be uncut since I was a kid. Do....no, I can ask you to do it.

What dad ?

No, it's just not right.

Dad, I just told you that I fucked my buddy and came in his ass, you told me about moms old boyfriend and you told me the thought of them together turned you on. What ?!?!

Well, do you think if I sucked you, that the magic would work for me ?

Dad, you know Id do anything for you.

I stood up and walked to him and grabbed his hand.

Stand up and come with me.

He followed me with no questions or anything to say. We walked into my room. My sheets, still stained with Kevin's cum, still on my bed.

I leaned in and kissed you dad on the lips and slowly his mouth opened and we were kissing like lovers. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor. I sucked on his already hard nips and made him moan. Then I undid his shorts and let them drop to the floor. I never knew my dad went commando. There in the flesh, was the cock that helped create me. Dad was hung like me and a bit thicker. One of my biggest fantasies, seeing my dads cock hard.

Ok, dad, now the test. Get on the bed and while you suck my cock, I'll tell you what to do since you've never sucked a cock before.

Well Michael, I know how to suck cock, when I was in my teens, me and a buddy sucked each other all the time.

Well, then start sucking my uncut cock dad and I'm gonna suck yours. I've always wanted to suck your cock, tasting you cock and tasting the cum that made me.

Let's get on the bed and do this right and a lot easier.

My lust for a big thick cock was making me crazy. I just went down on his cock sucking like a man possessed. Sucking and deepthroating him. Thinking to myself. Mom has sucked his cock hundreds , thousands of times and now it's my turn, finally.

Dad was sucking my cock like a pro, knowing how to nibble on my overhang, flicking my frenulum. I think he was going for more sensual love making to my cock. If felt great to have him sucking me. He sucked and even tried to take me down his throat, but my cock was too thick. I didn't care, my fantasy was coming true. But with the added bonus of dad sucking me. He sucked my cock head, swirling his tongue around and around. He pulled off my cock and stared at my cock, then attacked my frenulum, flicking his tongue side to side. At that point, my eyes rolled back and saw my brain. There's no way he's only sucked when he was a teenager, this is a pro cock sucker sucking me.

As I sucked his cock, I noticed there was a bit more slack of the skin on his cock. It was happening. I pulled off his cock and started to lick his balls, and noticed they were shaved. I started thing too much, I was distracted from pleasing him. I licked and sucked his big balls, enjoying the taste of his skin and his sweat.

I had to get back to his cock, I licked up his shaft and as I got close to his head, I noticed more skin, I licked to the tip and felt his frenulum. I flicked and licked it with passion and lust. I grabbed his shaft and felt his loose skin. I pulled up on his skin and it covered almost all of his cock head. I was so turned on, I couldn't take it any more.

Dad, I'm gonna cum soon, unless you want a mouthful of cum, you better get off my cock. But he didn't listen. He kept sucking and sucking. I went back to his cock, sucking and sucking. Then I started shooting my cum into my own fathers mouth. He swallowed and swallowed. Nothing escaped his mouth. And just when I was done, he started to shoot his load in my mouth. I kept my lips just behind the head of his cock and let his cum shoot up and land back on his head. I just tasted sweet cum. His huge load filled half my mouth. I waited til he was done shooting. I slowly pulled off his head and let his thick cum coat my tongue, enjoying the moment, the only time I'd get to do this. I never wanted this to end. Then I swallowed every delicious drop of it.

Then I looked at dads cock and there it was, his foreskin, wet with my saliva and cum dripping out of the overhang. Our cocks looked the same and I was proud of our cocks. And that we were both part of the foreskin triangle.

Dad, first I have to say how much I love you and second, that was the most incredible sexual experience of my life. I'm gonna be jerking off to this for a very very long time. And now, look at your beautiful uncut cock.

He looked down and was amazed. His cock was uncut, he grabbed it and pulled back the skin in amazement. He couldn't believe it was true and began to cry.

Dad, what's wrong ?

I've always wanted to be uncut and now I am. I so happy, you can't imagine.

Yes I can, I'm in the same boat as you. And I'm glad I could give you this gift. Not sure how long it will last, but enjoy it as long as you have it. And now something I need to ask, you've sucked cock before haven't you and not just when you were a kid, right ?

To be honest, yes. I'm bisexual and so is your mom. We are swingers in fact. The previous boyfriend that your mom loved getting fucked by is one of our playmates. And he has a cock like ours. Your mom loves sucking his cock and getting fucked in every hole she can take him in. When she's not in the mood, he and I have our man to man fun. I have to say, sucking his cock is beautiful and his load tastes as good as yours. If even had him fuck me several times. One time I was ducking g your mom and he was fucking me. Once he was fully inside me, I shot my load and my ass clamped so tight on his massive cock, he shot his load in my ass.

Dad, I think that's too much info, but so fucking hot !! I'd love to watch you two going at it. Fuck, I'd love for both of you to fuck my ass and fill my ass with your cum.

Well, maybe we can work on that.

So, how are you gonna tell mom that you're uncut now ? Are you gonna tell her we sucked each other's cocks ?

Your mother is very understanding. She knows I like men and I've told her on several times that I think you are a very sexy man. And I've even said that I'd love to suck your cock.

Well, you did that and that'll be easy to explain. But what about your new foreskin ?

I'll figure that out out when I tell her that we sucked each other dry.

Ok, well was long as you're ok with what we did today.

I'm more than ok with it.

Ok,good. So,what did you really come here for?

Well, I was hoping that I was gonna do everything in my power to seduce you and suck your cock and maybe you suck mine. But the foreskin triangle made it happen when I saw your cock.

Dad ?

Yes Michael ?

When you get back from your trip, I want to to fuck me and fuck me hard til you fill my ass with your cum.

Michael, you couldn't keep me away from doing that.

I got up and flipped around and kissed my dad, sliding my tongue into his mouth, both of us tasting our loads.

Thanks dad, you're the best.

Now, you better get home and try to explain the foreskin triangle to mom and have fun on your trip. Tell mom I love her and I hope she enjoys your new foreskin.

I will Michael.

We both got up and he got dressed. Before he upped his shorts, I took a pic of his cock, with a drop of cum at the tip. Then I got down in front of him and sucked the last drop of cum. I pulled back his skin and sucked his head clean.

You don't now ?

Yes, good to the last drop.

Ok, son, I better get going. Talk when we get back. Love you son.

Love you too dad.



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