My name is tyler I'm 18 6ft and in quite good shape had a nice tone of skin I'm in my first year of high school. I have known for some time now that I am gay.

It was getting late as I had stayed late at school to get some more practice in for the upcoming footie game.

And this is where it really starts as I finished working out and practicing some new techniques and approving old ones.

I ran back in with coach he went to do some work and I went back to the locker room. Coach was around 27 around 6ft and he was very hot he was in good shape, very muscular.

I entered the locker room which was completely empty so I stripped out of my shorts and jockstrap.

I headed for the showers as I was showering I heard a noise to a look around no one was the there thought nothing of it then once I finished I went back to get changed and noticed my jockstrap has been stolen.

I thought it was strange as there was no one here exccept me and coach but he was in office doing work I thought about it but no coach no he can't be gay so didn't really know but I didn't care as the thought of someone robbing my dirty jockstrap really turned me.

I carried on drying myself off then I realised I had a ragging hard on over the thought of them sniffing it and jerking off to the smell so.

I dropped my towel and walked over to the full leght mirror I stood there completely nude admiring myself at first then started to jerk off and within a few minutes I exploded all my juices all over the mirror in the locker room.

I quickyly got dressed before coach caught me I then rushed out of the locker room then I was walking towards the exit I thought I would say bye to coach then as I got closer to his office I started hearing moans and groans from his office so as I got to the window to his office I looked through it before entering in his office through the door.

I froze at the window to his office as I was shocked at what I had just seen coach was in his office with his shorts and jockstrap around his ankles he was topless and he was jerking his 11inch cock and had my jockstrap up in his face sniffing it and tasteing it he then explode his load all over his abs and chest then he wiped the rest of his load leaking from his cock into my jockstrap and he wiped the cum of his chest and liked it off his fingers .

He sat there for a moment to be able to catch his breath back then began to get up and wipe the remanning cum off with my jockstrap and he stood up and began to get pull his jock and shorts back up then he looked towards the window.

I stood back in shock of what I had just witnessedand in fear that he had caught me watching him jerk off. I rushed out of school and went home. Still in shock about what I had seen coach doing I went straight to my room and thought all night about it.

It was going around in my head coach is gay but couldn't believe it it didn't feel real but it must have been he was sniffing my jockstrap. Had he caught me watching. Then I was thinking how can I be the same with coach now knowing that he is gay aswell as I was already attracted to him but now more than ever.

Just thinking about him jerking his cock made my cock rock solid I just had to realese my self explode my load all over my chest and abs just like coach.

I went to sleeping wondering what he would do to me if I confronted him about it would he denie it get angry or admit his sexuality and how would he react if he noticed me watching him.

I fell asleep ........

To be continued



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