I was only 22 when I got my first job in downtown Chicago. I didn't know anyone there. All I knew was how to do my job and that the big boss was HOT!! The first few months went great and as time went on, things got better.  One of the guys that worked there was is named, we'll call him "B" to keep him innocent, a hot & sexy Italian guy, about 5'9 dark hair, sexy eyes and a nice ass.  The minute I saw him, I knew I wanted him. Time went on and we became great buddies. He would install pirate boxes and I would go with him to keep him company, little did he know, I loved spending time with him. 

One night he had to stop at a tuxedo rental place to get fitted, for a wedding he was going to be in. I went with, of course. He stepped out of the fitting room, dressed to the 9's, and my jaw dropped. Hotter & sexier than I could ever imagine. Time went on again and he and I were working at the same shop. He was the manager and I the worker, but we both did everything together. At the time, he and his wife were expecting their first child.  And when a guy isn't getting anything at home, they get horny. And horny he was. As we worked at the bench, the wind would blow and he would get hard, the head of his cock poking at the front of his khaki's.

So he would not embarrass himself, he bent forward, hiding his hard cock, but pushing his ass out.  Both of which made me drool like a pig and caused me to get hard too.  This would happen weekly and drove me crazy. I would then go into the bathroom, think of his cock and jerk myself off and usually shot onto the wall.

Finally one day I couldn't take it anymore.  It was the end of the day and of course he got hard. We were talking about storing stuff in the basement. He said lets go down and see what we can do. He went down first and I locked the front door and followed him down.  Down in the basement, half lit by old florescent lights, I could see the mess. I also saw that he was rock hard again and straining at his pants.  We figured out what we wanted to do and I started to go upstairs first.  But instead I turned off the lights.  The only light that was down there was from the stairwell.

He shouted, "What the hell", he could not see anything.

I quickly got behind him, wrapped my arms around his torso, grabbing his pecs and told him "I want to suck your cock; you've been teasing me for months.  You're horny as hell and that is making me horny too."

"But I'm straight" he said

"I don't think your cock cares where it gets off" I said as my hand made its way to his zipper.  He didn't resist at all.  I knew he wanted this, I thought to myself. I pulled down his zipper and his hard cock popped out. I grabbed his thick cut cock and loosely stroked him.  He moaned with pleasure.  I teased his cock some more, until he started leaking precum.  I rubbed t all over his cockhead.  I moved to his big hairy heavy cum-filled balls.  He said something while he moaned; I could not understand it though.

Feeling his chest as he breathed and feeling his hard cock, made my own cock hard as a rock, pressing against his ass.  I wanted to bend him over and fuck him like crazy, but I really wanted to taste his Italian cock.

"Suck me guy", is all he said, I let go of him, got in front of him, kneeled on the hard cold concrete and saw his dripping cockhead in the dim light. I licked at his head, tasting the sweet precum.  I licked the whole head and slowly sucked the head into my mouth.  Slowly I took more of his thick cock into my mouth.  I had all seven inches deep, he moaned" oh fuck yeah" and then I started really sucking his cock. As if it was possible, he got harder. I sucked as if my life depended on it.  I reached under and pulled on his balls and reached a finger back to his ass and played with his hole.  "Do it" he yelled, so I slowly pushed my finger into his virgin hole.  I knew exactly how far to go in and found his prostrate.  It was big and rock hard.  I sucked even harder and faster, while pushing and massaging his prostrate. Soon he was yelling" oh yeah, suck it, I'm gonna cum, take it, take it all." And that I did, his load was huge, filling my mouth, I waited till he was done shooting and then swallowed his sweet load. 

"Fuck, that was the best blowjob I have ever gotten" he said

"Now you know who's better at sucking cock, men by far right??" I questioned

"Fuck yeah; you can suck me anytime you want!!"

"How bout a fuck??" I asked

"You want to fuck me?? I'm not taking it up the ass!  You can suck me and

that's cool" he said

"No, I want you to fuck me so I can get rid of this concrete cock of mine" I said.  My pants had a huge wet spot from my cock, dripping with precum, I needed to cum now. His cock was soft, but at the thought of fucking a tight hole, it was hard again in seconds.

"I think he wants more action" pointing to his cock, which said yes to the idea, his lips said no, but his cock won the battle.  I found something to use as lube and squirted it into my hand and stroked his cock then dropped my pants and lubed my ass for him. 

"You want me to ride your cock or do you want to fuck me hard and let out the frustrations of not getting any??"

"Bend over, I'm going to town on your ass" he said I felt the hard tip of his cock at my hole, I slowly pushed back. It hurt like hell, but felt so fucking good. Soon that familiar pop of his cockhead being completely inside me, we both sighed, with relief and pleasure.  I slid back down for more cock inside me, soon I felt his bush smashed on my cheeks, all seven cut inches of cock were deep in my ass.  Then he slowly pulled out, until just the head was still in, and then pushed back in. Slowly in and out, until he could tell I was used to him, then he began to fuck me faster and faster. Then he went to ramming speed. Fuck, it felt so good having a hard cock fucking my ass.  It could have lasted forever, that would be fine for me.  I felt his cock growing thicker as he fucked me and knew he would be cumming soon. 

"Aaaggghhhh fuuuccckkkkk, here it comes!!!!" and he rammed his cock deeper into my ass and blew his hot load into my ass. He leaned onto my back, reached around me grabbed my dripping hard cock, stroked me a few times and blew my load, shot after shot, all over his hand and the floor. I didn't know I had that much cum in me.

We caught our breath, he pulled his cock out, cum ran down my leg, I squeezed my ass shut to keep his load in. 

"That was the best sex I have ever had with anyone!!"  He said in his now calm relieved sexy voice.

"That is an understatement!!!, we gonna do this again??" I asked

"Anytime you want, as long as that mouth and ass are as good as tonight,

I'm in!!" he said

"Let's reload for a few days and see where things go.  But first we need to get you cleaned up so the wife don't suspect anything. And next time, it's at my place, more relaxing and comfortable." I told him

"Cool, I can't wait" he said.

I got him all cleaned up and he dropped me off at home, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and off I went. I just wondered how the next day at work would go.



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