• Bottom Slut: Chapter 3

    Bottom Slut bathhouse adventures continue

  • Bottom Slut: Chapter 2

    The bottom slut saga continues as I trek to Tucson, AZ

  • My first... And favourite cock x

    The story of my first encounter with the most beautiful cock I've ever seen at a London sauna x

  • Bottom Slut

    letting loose after years of being good - better late than never.

  • A brief encounter continues...

    This was supposed to be just a fun night to see some guys hooking up. How did I become the focus of an entire sex club? Now if only they would take the gag off me so I can tell them they have the wrong guy!

  • A Closed Open Relationship

    A trip with my lover to the Mt. Morris Bath House in Harlem.

  • A visit to the Bijou

    A young man's visit to one of the most famous sex clubs in Chicago.

  • Action Scene

    Bathhouse gang bang at Club Houston. I swear it hadn't been 3 minutes when I glanced back and noticed a crowd outside the door watching me get pounded. I smiled and laughed to myself as I asked him if he had found any dick yet to join him. Not yet he replied, but it's looking good.

  • Against My Will?

    A young guy becomes the "captive star" in a gay Montreal Sauna!

  • An Evening at the Baths

    Exploits and sexploits at the local bath house

  • Anonymous Sex

    Darkroom Sexploits

  • Apollo

    My first visit to a men's sauna...

  • Bareback Sex

    Bareback Sex at the Baths

  • Barry's Bathhouse

    A young Jock enters a local bathhouse for bears and older men. A young man's fantasy becoming a reality.

  • Barry's Bathhouse: Chapter 2

    Jake used and exhausted but that's not going to stop him from enjoying the rest of the night in the gay sauna, especially with a burly newcomer standing over him.

  • Barry's Bathhouse: Chapter 3

    Some new meat comes to the bathhouse, with obvious results.

  • Baseball bathhouse

    Nick is a baseball star who has to keep his need for man sex a secret, and discovers a lot of fun in the bathhouse.

  • Bath House Bourbon

    Cam was just out for a walk from the Union Convention for Electrical Worker of North America and came across a sign of Bathhouse name The Barracks. This is on a very secluded street of Louisville.

  • Bathhouse Bareback Slut

    I tried him out in every position, pushing him onto his stomach and pounding him hard from above, flipping him over and making him ride my tool and then tossing him on his back, with his legs over my shoulders.

  • Bathhouse Experience (The God of Amsterdam)

    I went with my friend Darren to Iceland and Amsterdam as a post-college vacation. It rained on Sunday afternoon and so we went to Sauna NZ, a gay bathhouse. This was brand new territory for me, and I was turned on the moment we walked in... and then my arousal surged even higher when I saw this ...

  • Bathhouse Feast

    I was very horny and went to a bathhouse in Detroit. I had a blast.

  • Bathhouse Fuck From Anthony

    A surprise fuck at the baths from a co-worker earned me a new fuck buddy

  • Bathhouses

    Adventures in saunas on 3 continents

  • Brayson - The Window cleaner fuckbuddy: Chapter 2

    So two years have passed since I saw Bray at the bath house and since then .....

  • Carpet Installer: Chapter 2

    "Todd, I've got to admit, I sure as hell have never had some guy be quite as up-front on something like this, as you are! I've got to admit you've got guts, man. I know when I was younger and wondering about gay stuff I sure as the hell never had the guts to just tell some guy that I wanted to ...

  • Darkroom Discovery

    A bisexual father haunts the darkrooms of Berlin only to find his teenage son doing the same. Using the cover fo darkness he keeps up the relationship.

  • Darkroom Discovery: Chapter 2

    The continuing story of a father secretly having sex with his son in a darkroom in Berlin.

  • Darkroom Surprise

    Dad finds a stud in the darkroom of a bath house

  • First Sauna Experience

    My first experience at a sauna was both an eye opener and an altogether thrilling experience.This story recounts my first visit but each visit merits a separate chapter which, if encouraged, I may recount subsequently.

  • First sauna experience (older 4 younger)

    I had the pleasure to meet an older guy on an online site he was in his 60''s had full grey hair and was well built and had a dad bod. Let's call him "Aaron".