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Hello guys! The latest chapter of  The Brander will not be available on the 22 as per promise. I'm sorry. It's a little complicated. But I promise to post soonest as what's left now is the editing part of things. There will be a little bonus when I do; as my sorry. In the meantime, here's what else I've been up to:


My name is Chirwa Amos and I've been gay for all my 20 years, though 19 of those were wasted in the closet. Of the 19, I'm not proud.

Apart from being gay, I've also always been a writer albeit an unlucky one with publishers. I write both fiction and non-. The Brander From Hell series becomes my first published work then. It is to be a weekly series of 50 chapters broken down into 4 parts.

I travel fairly when I'm not writing or studying Horticulture. Exotic cultures and places inspire me. Some of which, are featured in my work.

But Johannesburg, South Africa is my real home and here I can be an advocate for justice however I can.

in addition to my email, I can be found on Twitter too through the following link: https://mobile.twitter.com/AmosChirwa8

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