this is so akward i need to jerk off so i decided to go to the bike room but when i walked in i saw the hot guy from across the bathroom in here and was kind forced to sit down and pretend to do work so i don't look sketchy and akward. He is so hot i just wanna star at him and imagine him naked as i jerk off. He has a very toned slim swimmers body with still a nice tan to it. I bet he has a really nice 6.5 in cock that is perfectly thick and has a nice set of balls to go with it. Im sure he can last a long time loving the feeling have his nipples sucked and rubbed while i gently play with his cock and balls making him hard. then i wanana kiss my way down his very tone body and start to suck and lick on his fat hard cock while playing with his nice love sack working my hands and mouth down his smooth virgin ass. I wanna make it wet and stick my fingers in his tight hole to loosen him up for my cock. i start to get my cock nice and wet by having him suck on it for a little making sure he gets every part of my hard cock nice and wet to fuck his tight hole. I have him on his back with his legs high in the air begging me to fuck him hard to make him feel what its like to have his ass used and filled with my cum. his moaning and screaming in pure ecstasy as i fill his ass with my cock making sure ever inch is inside him feeling his warm tight hole wrapped around my cock is making me wanna to blow ever drop of cum inside him. He begs me to lick it out and to feed it to him. i started to get the cum out of his wet hole with my toung then staring into eyes and he moves his head up to open my mouth with his toung so he can enjoy all of my cum that was inside him. He drinks ever last drop feeling his body reaching a climax. i take my mouth and put it around his cock feeling the muscle throb needing the urge to explode all of his hot juices into my mouth. I suck harder and harder playing with his balls and fingering his still wet hole. Finally i start to feel his nice warm cum hit the back of my throat as i try to keep up with the swallowing of his long thick ropes of cum. he tells me to kiss him as we exchange his cum in our mouths i pass out next to him with hand on his cock



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