By Simon Traum

The key lies on the wooden floor, surrounded by damp sawdust, bunched-up napkins, a broken beer bottle, sundry bar flotsam after closing time on Friday night. Zark isn't sure what draws his attention to it, but he picks it up anyway, placing it in his back pocket thoughtlessly. Never know who might've lost a key off their ring. Upon reaching the other side of the deserted room, he discovers that his cock has grown rock hard in his jeans and his asshole is throbbing pleasantly.

Zark (short for Ozark, his given name is Zachary) is 31, blond, grey-eyed, 6'10 in height, 270 lbs in weight, and stunning. He has outrageously overdeveloped shoulders and a wide , deep upper body that makes him resemble a good-looking bull on two legs. He was born to third-generation rural hippie parents on a farm in the mountains of NW Arkansas. Since moving to the city five years back, Zark's been working as security in a string of rowdy bars, the most recent being Trask's, an urban roadhouse with an unpredictable following.

Zark's got nothing against women, but he's always preferred men when it comes to sex, ever since his favorite cousin, Joshua, seduced him at age 13, initiating him into a private sex-world among the local males that no girl possessed anything to distract him away from. His mama had known ever since she walked in on Zark and Josh naked, but she hadn't made a problem of it, just telling him to make sure he never did it in public. Since moving to the city, the guy's taken it to heart, being cautious to the point of personal isolation. He hasn't allowed anyone into his bed since he arrived, but he's not above cruising certain districts on nights off and picking up what he wants when he gets too horny. He's careful, though, to keep it anonymous. He doesn't want to get caught in the act, having heard a lot more shit-talking about faggots in the city than he ever did on the farm, where no one minded too much, as long as you didn't scare the livestock.

Since he started working at Trask's, Zark has developed an unrequited crush on the head of security, Billy, who's a little older than Zark, has a live-in girlfriend, and has given no indication that he's attracted to any other men. Zark's never really thought Billy was an option, so he's kept his feelings to himself. But last weekend, there was a small riot at Trask's, and during the confusion, Zark caught Billy fucking another guy up the ass. This blew Zark's mind, splitting it into two factions. One part was concerned with doing his job during the crisis, but the other part was processing desperately, trying to deal with the mental image of Billy's heaving torso draped over the other man. Billy fucks men!

For that matter, the man under Billy was intriguing all on his own. He'd arrived earlier with another attractive guy, who Zark had been watching on and off all evening, entranced. By the time the security team had gotten everyone out of the bar and things began to calm down a little, Zark worked up the nerve to approach the man and his equally charismatic friend on the edge of the parking lot. He'd had a doubt or two, but the handsome pair had been all over him in just a few seconds, crazy about him.

He got as far as introducing himself (the duo's names were Damon and Chump), then his radio squawked, reminding him he was at work. There were cops all over the place, and it wasn't a good time for a three-way. He hasn't seen either of them since, and wishes he'd gotten at least one of their numbers. Chump, the shorter of the two, had made a serious impression on him, but not enough to displace Billy in his affections. All week he's been slipping into daydreams, wondering where guys like that come from, and where he can find more of them. They were so attractive they seemed to glow, and they were ready to put out on top of it! He keeps fantasizing when he jacks off, about Damon, Chump and Billy passing his big body back and forth, using him. He ejaculates fountains whenever he does this.

Forgotten, the key in his pocket soaks all this up, amplifies it, and feeds it back into his central nervous system. His buzzing asshole gulps, giving him a pulsing, physical reminder that he hasn't relaxed and really enjoyed himself since he left Arkansas. It's no use saying that it's better than the Army, because he's not so sure anymore. Zark can feel a deep hunger for another man's body that startles him with its intensity. He's never this horned-up at work, so it's probably a good thing that this is happening to him after closing time when the place is deserted.

A strong hand grips his shoulder from behind. "Hey, buddy, I think we're done for the night. Thanks for staying a few minutes longer. I needed to talk to you." Zark turns to look into Billy's face and melts a little before he remembers his slightly protruding erection.

Billy hands him an envelope stuffed with his night's pay, looking him over curiously. "You all right? You look kinda peaked."

Dropping one hand over his crotch as casually as possible, Zark replies, "Just tired, y'know. Long night."

Billy grins at him. "Hey, I'm just relieved we didn't have another riot tonight." He drops his voice a little and looks into Zark's face. "By the way, I appreciate you not mentioning to anyone how you found me the night we did have one."

Zark feels blood rushing up his neck and into his ears, wishing in vain that he could stop it. "Well, it happens..." he intones lamely.

"Yeah," agrees Billy, "but usually with a woman, and never on the job. I know I was out of line, even if I am your boss. I just wanted you to be aware that I appreciate your help, and it won't ever happen again. I owe you one."

"You-- You're not usually...?" Zark trails off awkwardly.

"Not usually interested in other guys, sexually, yeah," Billy finishes for him. "I honestly don't know what happened to me last Saturday, but oddly I don't regret it. Just kinda can't believe it happened."

"Do you want to again?" Zark asks before he can stop himself. His heart starts hammering in his chest.

Billy looks at him, as if seeing him for the first time. "Are you making me an offer, Zark?" he asks, one dark eyebrow cocked.

Zark, panicked at the thought that he's just gone too far, attempts to back-pedal to a safer position. "Look, I didn't mean anythin'. Just forget I said it, okay?"

"Oh yeah?" Billy's hand drops to the level of Zark's crotch and gently knocks his big paw out of the way, warm fingertips stroking the hard bulge. "You want to forget about this, too?" It feels too good for Zark to stop him.

Billy cranes his head around to see if anyone's walked in, but sees no one. That won't last; they both know they're pushing it. His palm cups Zark's groin and a tiny squeak emerges from Zark's throat. Billy smiles. "If you're asking if I want to have sex with you, man... Well, a week ago, you wouldn't have had a chance. But tonight..." He stops smiling, serious as the grave. "Tonight's a different story. If you want."

"I want," Zark breathes, surrendering to it. There's a warmth building in his back pocket, but he's forgotten all about the key he put there earlier.

"So do I," comes a voice from the shadows. Both men whirl around, staring, caught red-handed.

A dark-haired man emerges into the orange-tinged light. He's about average height, which makes him shorter than both Billy and Zark, but he looks fairly well-built. He's also extremely attractive, and Zark's first reaction after shock at being discovered is a strange relief that at least it's this guy. He has no idea why he should think that, having never seen the man before. He must've been in the bar earlier - he sure don't work here - but Zark hadn't noticed.

Billy slips immediately into official-security mode. "Okay, fella, the bar's closed. We need you to clear out of the building at this point."

The man's gorgeous eyes are almost shining with amusement as he shakes his head and says, "Looks to me like you need a lot more than that."

He steps closer to the two of them, and Billy moves to intercept him. "Whatever it is you think you saw, you're mistaken," Billy tells him.

"I don't think so." The man's voice is soft, kept purposely low so he won't be overheard, but he speaks more rapidly now, in a hypnotic way that makes Zark want him not to stop. "You guys are horny as hell for each other, and it's damn cute, but I think maybe homosexual activity in a country-western bar is still a hanging offense in this state. You're lucky it was me who walked in on you."

"This is none of your business," Billy interrupts, sounding increasingly worried.

"That may be so, but you're the first good thing I've seen all night, and if you were really that interested in privacy, you wouldn't be puttin' the moves on this guy in full fucking view of anyone exiting the Men's room."

Billy's face is clouding with a deep crimson mixture of fear and anger. "All right, that's it, fucker!" His hands clamp down on one of the man's arms, twisting it behind his back, getting ready to march him out the exit.

Zark grabs him by the waist before he can start. "Hey, Billy, calm down! He's not trying to bust us. Just relax." He has to reach around and pry Billy's hands off the other man.

"What the fuck do you want?" Billy spits at him.

Rubbing his shoulder, the guy replies, "What do you think? Got room for a third?"

"Say yes," advises Zark, watching the newcomer with undisguised lust.

Billy rounds on him, disbelieving. "What are you fuckin' gettin' us into?" The look in Zark's eyes stops him. "Okay, fine," he mumbles, disgruntled. Head down, he storms out the front door, slamming it behind him.

The man looks up uncertainly at Zark, who steps over and gives him a pat on the ass to get him moving in the same direction. "Come on, now," Zark tells him in his deep drawl. "Let's get the hell outta here. I hope you know what you're gettin' into. I'm Zark and that was Billy."

"My name's Gus," the guy tells him as they rush out the door. "You won't regret this."

Zark doesn't regret it, impulsively volunteering his own apartment for the first time ever. He's not concerned any more. This feels just like last Saturday, but he's right in the middle of it this time. The one man he's wanted for months has finally come around, and Gus is the frosting on a cake Zark can't wait to cut.

Nevertheless, Billy's still eyeing Gus distrustfully as Zark heads to the fridge. "You guys want beers?" he asks. No one refuses. He grabs three longnecks and carries them back to the other two, leading them to his bedroom.

"I apologize if the place ain't to your likin'." Zark tells them. "I like guys, but I'm no good at decoratin'."

Gus chuckles. Billy glares.

Exasperated and horny as fuck, Zark pleads with him. "Aww, I know it's not what ya had in mind, boss, but look at him!" Gus has stripped off his shirt and is flexing his hairy pecs at them, smiling. "Do ya really want to say no to this?" He runs his wide palm up and down Gus's furry chest and abs, gripping his own hard-on through his pants.

Turning, he focuses on Billy again. "An' you--" He steps over to Billy, grabbing him around the waist and pulling him close in a bear hug. Billy wraps his arms around Zark's big shoulders and the two lock mouths for the next couple of minutes, tongues exploring, crotches rubbing together. Zark tugs on Billy's shirt, pulling it up above his head. Billy acquiesces, raising his arms so the thing can be removed.

Zark pulls back a bit from the embrace for a better view. His boss is big and wide of body, but also slim, nicely defined, and coated with a generous amount of dark hair. This is a good thing, since Zark digs hairy guys especially, having no hair on his own body except some sparse yellow tufts in his armpits and groin.

He rubs a palm over Billy's chest and looks around, finding Gus lying further down on the bed. He's opened his fly and is lazily stroking his cock, watching them. "Don't mind me," he grins ferociously, looking gorgeous, a furry Clark Gable without the mustache. "I'll hang back 'til you want me involved."

Billy's pulling Zark's shirt up, licking his nipples, chewing on his pecs, and Zark moans like he's being tortured. A small circular stain begins to spread off the left side of his jeans. He grabs Billy's head and pulls it up to his own, hungrily kissing him. Billy takes Zark's butt in both hands and Zark groans into his mouth. He can feel his asshole pulsing in time with his elevated heartbeat.

Seizing the front of his jeans, he pulls the fly open and shoves them and his boxers over his hips to give Billy better access, grunting as Billy's long fingers widen the cleft between his buttcheeks. When Billy's index finger makes contact with his pucker, he loses control. A feral growl escapes his throat and he pushes Billy backwards onto the bed. "Get yer cock out," he rasps, pulling off his boots and shucking his jeans. When his pants hit the floor, he hears his keys jingle and briefly remembers the key he forgot to put in the lost-and-found.

Grabbing his lube from the nightstand, he smears some over his twitching asshole and gives his stiff prong a quick couple strokes. Billy has just enough time to push his own jeans over his hips before big ol' Zark's crawled on top of him, pinning him to the bed. Squatting over his hips, Zark's huge hand reaches down to smear lube on Billy's jerking erection. His slick fingers glide over the hard, veined surface, nice and thick. The cock jerks in his grasp, rigid. Gonna be a good fuck, and it's been so long.

Aiming the prong at his hole, he lowers himself gingerly down onto it. Both of them throw their heads back, howling, and Gus has to stop stroking and breathe through his nose for a few seconds to keep from shooting off. Grunting rhythmically, one hand planted in the center of Billy's hairy chest, Zark slowly raises himself up and then descends onto the column of flesh, thighs bulging. Billy stares up at him, paralyzed as his crank gets worked. This is even more intense than fucking Damon last Saturday, riot included. Zark brings his head back from regarding the ceiling to gaze down at Billy, and Billy can't believe it took him so long to notice Zark's striking grey-eyed baby-face. And God, Zark's squeezing his tool in all the right ways. He can feel his orgasm building slowly like an electric charge awakening, filling the space inside him.

Zark smiles, bouncing, and Billy comes, whining helplessly in bliss, shooting his seed deep into Zark's warm, clutching fucktunnel. Billy's hands seek out Zark's head as the other man leans forward. "Stay inside me," Zark whispers before their mouths lock together, tongues lapping.

When Zark raises his head again, he finds Gus still staring at them intently, a mammoth erection wagging between his fingers. "Git over here," Zark husks softly. Gus walks over the bed on his knees.

Zark's only got eyes for Gus's pretty hard-on right now, and once it's within range, he sucks it into his mouth and down his throat. Billy's cock is still stiff up his ass, and Zark squeezes it as he greedily sucks, making both men groan loudly. This is heaven, he decides, as Gus takes a hold of his blond hair and begins to fuck his rigid meat in and out of Zark's mouth. Zark can feel Billy's hands roaming over his trunk, and he's grunting around Gus's cock in his mouth.

Abruptly, Gus pulls Zark's head away from his crotch and leans toward him, their mouths seeking each other out. Pulling himself off Billy's prong, Zark pounces on the smaller man. The bed quivers like jello while Zark flips Gus around, manhandling him into a position on his back with his head hanging upside-down over the bed's edge. Stepping onto the floor, Zark aims his big, hard cock at Gus's drooling, panting mouth and shoves inside, moaning, "Oh Lord..."

Gus's lips stretch around Zark's wide girth, but he takes it in expertly. Moving his hips back and forth, Zark wraps a big palm around the base of Gus's pulsing meat and impales his face on it. His hands find their way around to the small of Gus's back, and they both fuck each other's faces, grunting and wheezing around the cocks down their necks.

Billy stares at this in disbelief. He's never seen, let alone participated in anything like this. His girlfriend would consider it degrading. It isn't, he thinks, amazed at how horny he still is, just the opposite. He's got a raging hard-on again, but he wants to see what Zark does with Gus now.

It's not too long before Gus is pushing at Zark's hips, panting, "Hold on, man," as drool runs up his inverted face. He flips over onto his front and guides Zark's throbbing tool back into his mouth. "I think I'm gonna need this up my ass," he announces before inhaling the prong again. As he gets serviced, Zark has a perfect view of Gus's well-formed, furry asscheeks. It's impossible to keep his hands off of them, leaning forward to run his fingertips and thumbs down the dark-haired, sweating cleft. One of those slick fingers slides inside and Gus responds by whining and pushing his face over the cock until Zark's pale pubes are scratching the sides of his nose.

"Oh, Lord," sighs Zark again. Watching him, Billy's warming up inside, feeling an intense affection for his co-worker. They've gotten along well since they met, but this is something else. Right now, Zark's looking downright delicious. Billy sprawls frozen, watching as Zark climbs on top of the bed and Gus, straddling the smaller guy's legs. Gus raises his butt, wiggling and pushing it back as Zark slaps his huge meat against it.

"Ya want this?" Zark asks him facetiously.

"Oh fuck, yes..." moans a delirious Gus.

As Billy watches, paralyzed in wonder, Zark hauls Gus to his elbows and knees on the bed, slapping his butt a few more times with his dick, rubbing the cockhead against Gus's pucker.

"Oh god, man, push it in," Gus whimpers in impatient lust.

Squeezing his prong around the base, Zark watches the head puff up, strokes his length twice, then takes a breath and presses insistently into Gus's grasping ass channel.

"Oh fuckin' A, that's what I needed," Gus groans in something that sounds like torture and relief at the same time.

Zark says nothing, but begins to fuck. Gus's ass fits perfectly and he's soon pounding away at it, huge body swelling in ecstasy. Gus's eyes are screwed closed and his damp hair is stuck to his forehead as he holds himself in position under the onslaught.

After a minute or two of this, Zark pulls out. Flipping Gus onto his back and picking up his legs, Zark pushes back inside, hands holding the ass where he needs it for fucking. Letting his legs slip over Zark's massive shoulders, Gus grunts loud every time Zark's dick slams into him. "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh..." He grabs his own leaking hard-on and presses it back towards Zark's thrusting washboard.

"Fuck, boy, take it," grunts Zark, who hasn't felt this great in years. Gus's groans are getting higher in pitch with every pound up his hole. Zark's starting to think the guy's gonna shoot when Gus gives a short scream and his cock lets loose of several volleys of jizz all over himself. Slowing down, Zark nevertheless keeps fucking steadily as Gus lustily sings arias up at him. Yeah, this is heaven all right.

Zark's letting his senses drift with the movements of his body when he feels Billy's warm palm on his back. Looking back behind him, he sees Billy's face gazing searchingly into his. He's never seen Billy looking like this.

With the strangest expression in his eyes, Billy asks, "Hey, you want to show me what that's all about?"

"You want me to fuck you?" Zark asks.

"Yeah," Billy replies, warming more to the idea now that he's said it. "You look like you're having too much fun. I need to find out what this feels like. Can you handle a little more?"

"You gotta be kiddin' me," Zark mumbles, then curls an oversized arm around Billy's neck and drags him into range for a deep kiss.

"It'd be my pleasure to stick it in ya, Billy," Zark announces when they come up for air.

"Jesus, that's big;" Billy says, looking uncertainly at Zark's jumping hard-on. "Are you sure it's gonna fit?"

"Breathe deep, and push your ass out. That'll make it easier," Zark tells him, not the least bit worried. He's a little surprised to notice that he hasn't felt this confident since he moved out to the city. "I'll start slow, with my finger. C'mon, lie yerself back on the bed, now." Billy complies as instructed; Gus moves over the mattress to kiss him when he lies back. Kneeling on the floor, Zark rests Billy's calves on his shoulders and starts playing around with Billy's asshole. Billy moans into Gus's mouth and his cock jumps. Zark picks it up in one hand, stroking it, while he introduces the middle finger of the other hand inside Billy's pucker. As his finger breaches the hole, Billy moans "Oh God" into Gus's face.

Gus looks up at Zark, smiling wide like he can't help it. "I think we got a pig on our hands," he announces. "Another pig, sorry."

"Aahhooouuhhhhh!" yells Billy as Zark moves him finger in and out. His head thrashes around. "Uuuuuhhhhh, what the fuck is that?"

"How many fingers you got in him?" Gus asks.

"Just the one," Zark tells him as Billy thrashes between them.

Gus raises his bushy eyebrows. "Hmmm. He likes it, but he's gonna make a lot of noise..."

"So put somethin' in his mouth," Zark says, adding another finger, sliding in and out.

"Oh FUCKING GODD!!!" bellows Billy before Gus straddles his face and pushes his erection into Billy's mouth. Billy chokes at first, still not used to cocksucking, but then he adjusts, and takes it eagerly in, letting Gus fuck his face.

"Oh that's just fuckin' so nice," growls Gus, fist planted on the mattress as he pistons his hips back and forth, thoroughly enjoying himself. "Take my cock, handsome. Uuh, God, that's good." Eyes watering, Billy runs a palm over Gus's straining abs and chest.

"His hole just opened right up," Zark announces behind him. He leans around Gus, getting a better view of Billy's face as it accommodates Gus's intruding prong. "You think you're about ready for this, buddy?" He smacks his enormous hard-on twice against Billy's now-spasming asshole.

"MMmmmphh!" is all Billy can say, repeatedly. Zark takes this as a yes and proceeds to push his bloated cockhead through Billy's ring. The noises Billy's making change immediately, taking on a new pitch. It's nigh on to giving the baby a pacifier, Zark thinks, chuckling. As he pushes all the way inside, Billy opens instinctively to him, like a key in a lock. "Don't know what you were so worried about, boss," Zark drawls at him. "You're takin' to this like a fish ta water. Goddamn, you feel good!" Zark bucks his hips, closing his eyes, drifting with it.

Gus pulls out of Billy's mouth, kneeling beside him. Billy reaches over to take hold of Gus's cock, and drops his head back to the mattress, moaning, "Oh, uh, uh, ohfuck, man, Oh! that feels good!"

Billy's head raises itself again, watching in amazement as Zark fucks his ass. Zark locks eyes with him and puts a finger to his lips. "Shhhhh."

Wide-eyed, Billy nods and brings the volume of his moaning down, concentrating on breathing. He continues to stroke Gus's cock, and Gus can't keep his hands off Billy's panting, prone body.

Billy's still staring back at Zark as he gets his ass plowed. "I had no idea," he wheezes between breaths. "Oh God, you feel good inside me, Zark. Think you'll want to do this again? I think I might need it."

"It is his first time," Gus winks at Zark, falling a little in love with both of them.

"Uhhh, use my fuckhole, stud!" squeals Billy through clenched teeth.

After that, delirium takes over, doing the Pagan Tango for the rest of the night. None of them can agree later on the order of events, but nobody's got any complaints. Gus takes a turn on Billy's newly-initiated ass, clearly enjoying the ride. Zark and Gus show Billy how to milk a guy's cock by sitting on it, sucking him off with your butt-muscles. Billy loses count of his orgasms, shooting more loads than either Gus or Zark, losing himself in their three-way kisses.

Gus's furry butt is up in the air, being pushed back at Billy, who's got both thumbs lodged in the crack, exposing the twitching asshole. Billy stares at it until he remembers his aching erection, which he slides inside the other man.

"Ooooh, yeah," Gus sighs, "that's the stuff, big guy." Billy pumps in and out of the hole, grunting, opening him up again.

After a minute or two of this, Billy feels Zark move into position behind him, dragging his big dick up between Billy's thrusting asscheeks.

Billy arches back as far as he can while still keeping his cock in Gus's ass. "Oh, man, please put that thing inside me,' he moans back at Zark, who doesn't wait around for a second invitation.

They all have to adjust their positions a little, but once they get settled, it's a higher level of hog-heaven. They forget who they are for a while; it's just not that interesting figuring out where one ends and the others begin. Billy bucks his hips between them, fucking and getting fucked at the same time. Their shared orgasm almost blinds them, like St Paul on the way to Damascus.

Finally, exhausted and with the morning sun already making its appearance outside the window, they call it quits, collapsing together in a snoring pile.

The sun is fully up, with Gus still in the shower, as Zark and Billy lounge in each other's arms on the bed.

"Like I said," Billy tells Zark, nuzzling his earlobe, "I owed you one. In fact, I think I still owe you one. This was too good to count as an obligation. Think we can do it again?"

Zark nods enthusiastically. "Oh yeah."

"I think I might have to break up with my girlfriend and start sleeping with you," Billy says, smiling.

"I ain't gonna stop ya," Zark smiles back, wondering what happened to make him this lucky. The shower in the other room distorts, making a metallic, ringing sound like a coin circling to rest on the floor. It occurs to him that there's something he'd like to ask Billy.

"Those guys, last Saturday," he begins.

"Which guys?" Billy asks him.

"Well, there was the one ya butt-fucked out back," Zark jogs his memory.

"Oh, Damon, yeah. I didn't meet the other one."

"Have you... seen 'em since?" The shower shuts off in the bathroom, leaving the sound of falling water trickling away through the drain.

"Nah," Billy answers. "I got Damon's number, but I didn't call him."

"I wanted to know about the other one. Chump," Zark clarifies.

"I know both of them,' Gus cuts in, re-entering the room, drying his hair. "So you want to see more of Chump..."

"Uh-huh," confirms Zark, nodding.

"I'll bet you do," smiles Gus. "Tell you what: You let me come over again next Friday night, and I'll bring him with me."

"Could you do that?" Zark's impressed reverence is almost comical.

Gus laughs. "You do have it bad."

Zark's face flushes dark, but he doesn't drop his eyes. "Yeah, I'm think I'm a slut," he admits.

"I prefer the term 'hedonic engineer'," Gus tells him, stepping closer and running a palm up the bigger man's chest that comes to rest on the back of his thick neck. Zark shivers in pleasure. "See what I mean," grins Gus.

"We're gonna get along just fine," Zark informs him, then their mouths have met again.

After they've left and Zark's alone again, it occurs to him that everything went crazy last night just after he found that key. Curious, he looks all over his apartment, checks all the pockets of his jeans, but the key he picked up has vanished.


Simon Traum

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