Zandro the Visitor

It was a dark and stormy Friday night around 11 pm in my small town. Nothing much was happening as usual and I was preparing myself for bed. I was in my traditional, full body pajamas ready to hope in bed, when suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. I thought 'that's strange because I don't have many visitors and especially at this hour.' When I answered and opened the door there was a man with damp, wet and heavy cloths on that were also a bit muddy. I could tell was big and buff at first glance. At the time he looked a bit dark and mysterious.

'I'm sorry to come in at this hour, but I have no where to go and I need a place to stay' he said.

I was skeptical at first about whether or not to let him in but I knew I had an extra bedroom and I could help him out. I was also afraid that if I didn't let him in he would break in and/or hurt me because he looked mean and had a troubled past, so I said, 'Sure come on in.'

He entered and I closed the door behind him and showed him to my guest room. 'You can borrow this room for a few days or as long as you need.'

'Thank you so much I really appreciate this.' he said

'Oh it's no problem. I'm sorry I didn't get your name' I said.

'It's Zandro' he said. 'I don't want to mess up your bed, so can I use your washing machine and dryer to clean my cloths.'

'Sure, but my dryer doesn't work I've been meaning to have someone come over and fix it,' I said.

'It's okay, I'll let my cloths air dry.' Zandro said

'Well, if you don't mind I'm tired and I'm going to go to bed and sleep.'

'Okay,' Zandro said 'I'll just start washing my cloths'

'See you in the morning,' I said.

After a few minutes I was fast asleep. I woke up to a nice and sunny Saturday morning. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face. Afterwards I walked into the living room to a great surprise. Zandro was sitting on my couch almost naked except for a pair of sky blue underwear. Zandro had really cleaned up while I was asleep. Zandro was cute and had a muscular tanned body. He had strapping, wide shoulders, a pair of thick and muscular biceps, toned six pack abs that were deep enough to hold a river, and strong and wide thighs and calf muscles. But, the part of his body that caught my eye was his chest. Zandro had and outstanding set of pecs that jutted out of his chest. I always had a fetish for pecs and I've seen alot of guys pecs but he had the biggest pair of pecs I've ever seen. Zandro's pecs were wide, massive and juicy all topped off with suckable wide silver-dollar dark nipples begging to be worshipped.

'Morning' Zandro said.

'Good morning' I said. Acting like I wanted to put some cloths on, while off course I didn't care i asked 'Where are your cloths?'

'Remember how you told me your dryer is broken?' he said 'Well, I left them in the basement to dry. Hey, they're probably dry now, they've been drying all night'

'Wait!' I said quickly. Then calmly I said 'I mean, cloths take forever to dry in the basement. Let's sit and talk we didn't get to talk much yesterday'

'Okay' Zandro said 'What do you want to talk about?'

'Well tell me about yourself' I said as I sat next to him on the couch.

Zandro started rambling on about himself. I didn't care while his muscular body was fully exposed. Zandro was talking for a while, and while he did I glanced at his meaty pecs when he wasn't looking directly at me. This time I was up close to his pecs and they looked even bigger. I desperately wanted to squeeze and grab his pecs and throw them in my mouth as I worshipped them. I even could feel my mouth getting wet. His nipples were so inviting, I swear they were begging to be sucked. I even took a second to look at his crotch which looked pretty thick. I just nodded my head and said 'yeah' occassionally so he thought I was listening. Zandro continued talking and I continued looking and gazing at his body. After a while I heard a silence and said 'interesting' knowing good and well I didn't know I barely knew what he just said.

Zandro had stood up and walked to my magazine self to return my magazine and to my surprise his back side look just as good as his front side. He had a huge and wide muscular back and had a huge and I repeat HUGE juicy bubble butt that looked perfect for anal. As Zandro stood by my magazine self with his back facing me my first instinct was go behind and grope and feel up on him. It's like I wanted to rape him. And that's what I tried to do.

I walked up behind him and rubbed my now hard dick on his bubble butt and I squeezed them. Just as I began to rub and massage his back Zandro turned around. 'What are you doing?' He asked.

I was shocked and a bit embarressed so I didn't say anything.

'Look I'm not gay' he said

Nowing how badly I wanted to worship Zandro I said 'But, I did you a favor, don't you think you could do me a favor'

'Well...' just as Zandro was about to answer my question the door bell rang.

Zandro looked out the window and saw the police. 'Oh no, they must be looking for me' he said.

'Wait what are your talking about?' I said

'Didn't you listen when I was telling you about myself'

'Oh yeah' I said out loud, but in my mind I was thinking, what the hell did he say.

'All the cloths I had, I stole from a really expensive store and I now th police are probably looking for the theif, who is me. You have to hide me, I don't what to go to jail'

Zandro looked really scared and started turning bright red. I agreed to hide Zandro because I honestly didn't want him and his hot muscular body to leave.'

There was another knock on the door and I yelled 'Just a minute,' just as I proceeded to hide Zandro.

I showed Zandro to my attic located in the hallway in my house. I pulled the lever and Zandro up. I followed Zandro up and his butt was right my face. I slapped it a few times and I watched his butt jiggle right back into place in front of my face. Man, that was sexy. However Zandro didn't respond he just rushed up to the attic. When we both got up there, I realized how dirty and dusty my basement was. I hadn't cleaned up there in years. But, never mind about that. Zandro hide behind one of the many boxes in the attic and I went back down to the hallway, pushed up the attic door and answered the door.

'Hello Officer' I said 'Is there anything I can do for you'

'Yes' he said 'I'm officer Nick and there been a reported robbery of stolen cloths. We have the guy on video and there have been several reports of sightings of him in this area. We have a warrent and we are going around the neighborhood seaching for the guy and the stolen cloths and serching all the houses. May I come in?'

'Sure' I said

I opened the door for Officer Nick and one other officer named Officer Mike to come in. As they entered I said 'hello' but they say nothing in return. I didn't mind. I just wanted to get back to Zandro. I noticed that the teo police officers were thick and muscular but I doubt they looked as good as Zandro. They continued to search the house looking inside and out for any signs of the cloths and Zandro. I remembered Zandro's cloths were in the basement drying so I secretly rushed to the basement and hide his cloths below one of the floor boards that you wouldn't know about unless you lived in the house. I began to go upstairs as the cops where coming downstairs to the basement. They passed me and searched the basement. After no luck, Officer Carlos thanked me for my cooperation and left. I immediately went to the attic and told him the house was clear.

Zandro came down from the attic relieved and followed me to my room. There he leaned his back aganist one of the walls in my room. Zandro looked all sweaty and it made his pecs look juicy and suckable. I was ready to feast on his pecs.

'Thank you so much' Zandro said 'I just really needed the cloths at the time. If there is anything I can do please let me know.'

(Read slowly) Zandro was breathing heavy. I just watch as he was breathing made his pecs rising and fall with every breath. I notice sweat falling from his face to his pecs. Slowly trailing down to his nipple where it sat for a second than dripped to the floor.

'Well' I said as I moved closer to Zandro while his back was on the wall. There has been something I've been wanting to do since I saw you this morning'

'What?' Zandro said.

'I don't think I should say it I should show you.' I said

I reached out both of my hands and grabbed a handful of his beefy and meaty pecs. My hands almost sank in his pecs flesh. I squeezed his pecs life them almost to his chin where I let them fall and giggle back into place. I loved watching them do that so much I did i again.

Zandro brushed my hand off his chest. 'I'm sorry but I'm not gay and I don't feel comfortable doing this.'

I got a little upset and I surprised myself of what I said next. 'Look, I let you stay in my house, use my things and hide you from the cops. The cops are right outside, I can bring them back if you i wanted to. I just want to worship your gorgeous muscules.'

'You think my muscles are gorgeous?'

'Yeah, looked and you and your pecs, your pecs are amazing. Just let me worship you.' I said.

'I don't know' Zandro said

I began massaging his pecs again. 'I won't take 'no' for an answer' I whispered in Zandro's ears

I continued to rub his pecs and gradually getting tougher and rougher to test his muscle and pectoral strengh. After a while I started to punch his pecs. He tensed his pecs and were completly still as I punched them.

'Bounce your pecs' I said. Zandro bounced his pecs and I wrapped my hands around them and just felt them giggle in my hands. I can't describe how it felt because it felt like nothing else in this world but it just felt right.

Next, I finally did want I wanted to do since I saw Zandro shirtless. I held Zandro's left pec in my right hand and took it to my mouth. I sucked hard on his pecs and gently biting those beautiful dark silver dollar nipples. I sucked and sucked and sucked his pecs like there was no tomorrow. Zandro started to respond my moaning in a way that was painly and a sign he didn't enjoy it and was hurting, but it just turned me on and i continued to suck his pecs harder than before. I did the same to Zandro's right pec taking the whole thing in my mouth as if I was swallowing it, and Zandro continued moaning and groaning. I finally detached my mouth from his pecs but his time i started lick them and circling both of his silver dollar nipples. Man, I tell you they were wide and perfectly suckable and lickable. Zandro started moaning in a way which let me know he was enjoying it. I continued licking his pecs circling the outter ridge of his pecs with my tougue. I kissed parts of his pecs at times because i fell in love with them. I then squeezed and grope his pecs while licked and sucked his nipples but wait it got better. As I was squeezing and licking his pecs. Zandro bounced his pecs. I was paradise. I didn't want to let him or his pecs go. I told him not to stop and he didn't we continued this for about a good two minutes. This moment inceased my passion for pecs by 100%.

I back away from Zandro and noticed his pecs were completly wet and smoothered in saliva. I moved in again but this time I started to kiss each of his six pack abs and lick the outline of his abs. My tougue hax to reach deep because of how defined and toned Zandro's abs were. I then wrapped both of my hands around Zandro's biceps or should I say I tried to wrap my hands around them. They were so massive my hands were not able to enclose them and he even flexed them for me. This young sexy, beefy, meaty, juicy, supple gorgeous muscle man must have committed years in the gym.

I reach down to feel Zandro dick which was now thick and hard. I massaged it which made Zandro moan in esctasy. I reached down and felt his dick. Zandro was in esctasy so much so, he closed his eyes and rolled his neck back. I took that chance to kiss his neck for a while. His neck was even thick and had its own muscles. Then I pulled down Zandro's pants to reveal his thick and hard 8 inch cock now dripping with pre-cum. I wasted no time. I took his dick into my mouth and began sucking on it and thrusting it back and forth in my mouth. Zandro really began to moan at this time. He even shouted briefly at times. That sound turned me on and I continued to fuck him faster until I had Zandro screaming and shouting.

Zandro and I moved from the wall to my bed. As Zandro walked to bed I was reminded how big and huge his bubble butt was. I reached out to squeeze his fat ass. I pulled Zandro's underwear now completely off of his body. I laid Zandro on my bed on his stomach. I got on top of him and gently rubbed by cock between his ass cheeks as I squeezed hard on his meaty bubble butt that was packing. Then I decided to go all in and force and thrust my cock in his ass. I started off slow was Zandro was moaning uncomfortably again. I gradually picked up tempo and forcefully thrusted my dick deep in his ass. Thrusting my body back and forth to beat his ass good. Zandro was screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs and man, I tell you it really turned me on so I keeping fucking an beating his wonderful bubble butt.

However I wanted to look at Zandro and his pecs, so I placed Zandro on his back and lift up his legs in the air and began fucking his tight bubble butt. As I fucked Zandro he had the look of a man in pain and hevdidn't stop, and once again it turned me on and I, of course fuck him harder while he continued to scream in pain. The faster I fucked him the more I realized Zandro's juicy pecs began to giggle and I couldn't keep my hands away. I let go of Zandro's muscular legs as he began to hold onto my waist. I held Zandro's pecs in my hands. As I fucked Zandro I felt his pecs giggle in my arms as Zandro moaned in the background, I got so horny an hard I climaxed in his ass while Zandro screamed louder than he did before.

'Please stop' Zandro said desperately 'I can't take any more'

I gave Zandro my answer by fucking him harder and shoting my load in his ass. After a few minutes of fucking Zandro until I was tired I finally pulled out and we laid next to each other on his bed. My dreams had came true.

As we laid next to each other Zandro was breathing heavily again and his pecs were rising and falling with every breath he took so I responded by kissing, licking an sucking his pecs and nipples as we just laid there for hours on end and we gradually feel asleep.

Stay tuned for Zandro's Pecs 2



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