Rick and Bob both worked for a montly magazine company writing and publishing articles and things of that nature. In Rick and Bob's relationship Rick was Batman and Bob was Bob. Rick wore the pants in their relationship. They loved to make love together every night. However, they especially Rick was growing tired of the same sex life and partner. They wanted to spice up their sex life up, becausee they were both skinny twinks, but they didn't know how. One day Rick and Bob's boss came into the office they shared.

'Hello fellas' their boss said 'I want you two to write the cover story for next month's issue. I want to be 5 pages with an interview, pictures, the works.'

'No problem boss' Rick said

'Well, this is the first time y'all are doing the cover story so I brought in an intern. Zandro!!!' their boss shouted

Immediately a muscular man wearing a tight red spandex shirt that made his huge and round pecs look as if they were about burst out of his shirt and even outlined his perfect uniformed abs. From his shirt it wasn't hard to see that Zandro had huge biceps and ticeps. Zandro even wore tight-hugging pants. They were light brown which matched the color of Zandro's tan which made it look like he didn't have on any pants. But, he did, his pants were also tight and accentuated his thick muscular thighs. And, he wore scandels. From head to toe Rick knew he had to have Zandro. Thankfully for Rick and Bob there was no dress code at work.

'Well I'm going to go back to my office' their boss said 'I want to see your progress in the morning.'

'Yes boss' Rick said happily as their boss walked out their out.

'So, what can I do for you.' Zandro said

'Well, you can start by getting us some coffee.' Rick said

So Zandro left and fetched some coffee for his new bosses.

'Damn, did you see that hunk.' Bob said

'Hell yeah' Rick said. 'I would fuck him right here, right now. I wanna make him my bitch.'

'Fuck yeah. That sounds hot' Bob said 'Maybe Zandro is what we need to spice up our sex life.'

'I was thinking the same thing' Rick said 'Follow my lead when Zandro gets back.'

After a few minutes Zandro returned with two cups of coffee. Zandro handed his coffee to Bob and Rick and then sat down in a chair in front of Rick and Bob's desk which were side by side.

'Thanks Zandro' Rick said. 'Well, I have a few questions on the cover story so I'm ask the boss'

Just as Rick got up with his coffee in his hands, he passed Zandro and faked tripped aimed his coffee to spill on Zandro's chest. Immediately it made Zandro's spandex shirt tighter which help make his pecs and abs look bigger and biceps which were now slightly wet.

'Oh my gosh' Rick said 'I'm so sorry. Let me help you clean up.'

'No it's okay. I appreciate it through, but I can clean myself though.'

'No please' Rick exclamined 'It's the least I can do.'

'Well, if you insist' Zandro said.

Rick left quickly and brought back two handfuls of paper towels and a white t-shirt.

'Um, I think you should take your shirt off and left me clean you up and then you take this white t-shirt.' Rick said

'Sounds good to me.' Zandro said

Zandro took off his shirt which revealed his bare chest. His pecs, abs, biceps and triceps looks even bigger without his shirt. He looked stunning. Bob dropped his jaw in amazement, however, Rick keep his cool and starting rubbing Zandro chest dry. He started with is solid brick-like shoulders and biceps. They felt smooth to Zandro even through the paper towel. Rick then moved Zandro's abs which dark because of a shadow cast by his massive pecs. Zandro's hands gradually moved up to his pecs pushing them up along the way. Rick strughled to push his pecs because they struck out so much and were heavy. Rick had to lift up Zandro's pecs one by one to dry underneath them. Rick got another piece of paper to dry Zandro's huge pecs. Rick started dabbing the meatiest and juiciest parts of Zandro's chest as they started to jiggling a little. Zandro got a little unfortable as Rick started gropping and squeezing Zandro's pecs and quickly got up and put on the white t-shirt without a sound. The white t-shirt was a size small and looked just as good as the red spandex shirt on Zandro.

'Thanks' Zandro said

'No problem' Rick said disappointingly

'Tell Zandro our other plans' Bob said winking to Rick.

'Oh yeah' Rick said. Rick then turned Zandro and said, 'Bob and I usually go to my house after work to do research and we all need to meet at my house after work since its the cover story, do you think you can make it.'

'Okay. I think I can do that' Zandro said

After many hours or research and blah blah blah. Rick, Bob and Zandro locked up their office and got into Rick's car where Rick drive, Bob was in the passenger seat and Zandro sat in the back. When they arrived to Rick's house they got down to business making calls and creating rough drafts for their cover story. However, Rick and Bob had more cynical plans.

When they were finished Bob offered to cook dinner for the three of them. While Bob was in the kitchen, Rick turned the temperature up in his house to a toasty 82 degrees, and then Rick joined Zandro on the couch.

'So,' Rick said 'did you enjoy working on the cover story.'

'Yes it was alot of fun.' Zandro said

'Good, I'm glad you liked it.' Rick said 'You know many interns start out writing smaller articles.'

'Well don't I feel special' Zandro said.

After a while the temperature quickly heated up and Rick took off his shirt and was now in his pants and a tank top.

Bob came into the living where Rick and Zandro were sitting and said 'Man, its hot in here, what happened?'

Rick turned to Bob 'You know my cooling system is broken, and it just gets hot in here sometimes,' Rick said winking. 'Maybe you should take off your shirt to cool off.'

'Sure, good idea.' Bob said

Rick turned to Zandro and said 'You should do the same thing Zandro.'

'I guess' Zandro said 'Okay, it is a bit hot in here'

Then, Zandro pulled his tucked in shirt from out of his pants and lift it up over his abs, pecs and over his shoulders. Rick and Bob starred at Zandro like a piece of meat until Zandro took his shirt completly off, leaving him with his still on. Rick and Bob oogled over Zandro for a few seconds. Bob started drooling and when he felt the spit touch his chest and noticed he had zoned out for a bit and went back to go to the kitchen leaving Rick and Zandro alone again.

'Wow' Zandro said 'I didn't know he had such muscular and defined biceps. Damn how big are they.'

'23 inches'

'Shit' Rick said 'I've never seen such strong arms. Do you mind if I feel them.'

'Sure' Zandro said as he began to flex them. Rick was amazed by how big Zandro biceps were and attempted to wrap both of his hands around them but he couldn't. Rick tried to squeeze Zandro's biceps but they were rock solid and this stunned Rick. Zandro's biceps were very muscular, strong and solid. Just then Bob shouted from the kitchen 'Dinner!'

And swiftly Zandro got up and went to the kitchen. Rick was pissed he wanted to have more Zandro. After dinner, Rick, Bob, and Zandro returned to the living room and sat on the couch where Rick and Bob's plan were intended to go into full swing.

'You know' Rick said 'It's getting pretty late Zandro. You can sleep over and we will all go over to work in the morning.'

'Sounds like a plan.' Zandro said

'Come on' Rick said 'I'll show you the guess room.'

Rick and Zandro walked up the stairs. Rick then showed Zandro the guess room which had a bed, cabinents, lamps and other furniture.

'Thank you so much. I guess I'll get settled in.' Zandro said

'Okay, I'll let you do that' Rick said 'But, I'll be back' Rick said devilously.

Rick went downstairs and snapped with his fingers at Bob who was watching television.'

'Come on Bobby. It's time to go in for the kill.' Rick said

Rick and Bob tipped toed to Zandro's room and opened the door where Zandro was only in a pair of boxer briefs.

Zandro noticed Rick and Bob and was a little embarressed. 'I'm sorry I'll put some cloths on' Zandro said.

'No no, please don't' Rick said. 'You now you look fucking sexy with just boxers.'

'Are you looking for fun' Bob said as he moved in closer to Zandro.

'Are you looking for a good time' Rick said as he moved in closer to Zandro.

'What do you mean?' Zandro said nervously.

Immediately Rick and Bob started grabbing and gropping Zandro on his pecs, abs, biceps and thighs.

Zandro brushed both Rick and Bob's hands off of him. 'Are you two trying to have sex with me.'

'Hell yeah' Rick shouted.

'If I y'all would have asked me before, I might have said yes.' Zandro said. 'I had two experiences where I was forced to have sex and raped. And, afterwards I realized I liked it so I guess you could say I'm bisexual.'

'So, are you still interested in messing around' Bob said

'Sure why not' Zandro said

'Excellent' Rick said

Rick then moved in close to Zandro and their lips meet as they French kissed and kissed passionately. In the meantime, Bob started rubbing Zandro's now semi-hard cock. Bob could feel that it was big and thick. Bob couldn't wait to actually see it.

At the same time Rick ans Bob pushed Zandro down on the bed on his back. Rick and Bob then started squeezing each of his pecs. Each pec was so big just one tit flesh was plenty for any person they were more than a hanful, they were the size of small basketballs.

Rick and Bob were pratically torturing Zandro's pecs. They gropped them roughly to test his muscle strength. They punched and beat his pecs. Zandro had the biggest and juiciest tits Rick or Bob had ever seen. They both proceeded by licking Zandro's meaty pecs. Rick was on Zandro's left pec and was licking the outline of it an told feel alot of deepth abd flesh n Zandro's juicy pecs. Bob was on Zandro's right and licking around Zandro's dark silver-dollar nipple and began sucking on it like a suction cup. Rick started doing the same. Rick sucked hard on Zandro's nipple and they both started biting them. This drove Zandro crazy in excitement. He was moaning in pleasure.

'Please don't stop I need this.' Zandro said

Rick took his mouth off of Zandro's left pec to say 'Don't worry, we won't. You're going be begging us to stop soon.'

Rick opened his mouth up wide and began suckling hard on Zandro's left pec around his nipple until he decided to bit and chew Zandro's nipple which drove both of them crazy until Rick sucked hard with all his power and pulled his pec 6 inches away from his chest. Bob saw this and was amazed and did the same. Zandro pecs were like dough and stretchable making his pecs look long and pointy.

Bob then began to lick the ridges of Zandro's frim 8 pack down to his dick which he was curious to see and pulled Zandro's boxers down. Zandro's cock shot straight up in the air becuase it was not hard but it was going to be harder as Bob began sucking and jerking on his cock.

Rick moved his waist and body over Zandro's pecs and pulled down his now hard 6 inch cock and pushed Zandro's pecs againist his cock and started pec fucking Zandro.

Zandro was feeling hot and good all over and was moaning in pleasure. He felt as if he was in heaven.

As Rick was pec fucking Zandro he asked 'Are you enjoying this, Zandro?'

'Yes' Zandro said 'make me you bitch. Make me your pussy.'

'Oh fuck yeah, that sounds hot' Rick said

With that Rick stopped pec fucking Zandro and told Bob to get off of Zandro's cock. However Bob was enjoying himself and didn't hear a thing until Rick literally pulled Bob off of Zandro.

All three of them were now naked and Rick ordered Zandro to stand up and get on his knees. Rick and Bob's dicks were both rock hard and Zandro opened his mouth wide open. Rick and Bob then thrusted their cocks in Zandro's mouth. Zandro sucked hard on their dicks while rubbing them together with his hands. Rick and Bob were both in pleasure and rocked their heads back in esctasy. Zandro mouth was full of cocks and was now giving pleasure. Rick was getting super excited and was about to shoot his load but pulled out and pushed Zandro to a wall with Zandro's face facing the wall Rick and was now ready to perform anal.

'I already made you my bitch now I'm going make you my pussy.' Rick said

Rick forcefully shoved his cock into Zandro's ass checks. Bob got on his knees and began eating out of Rick's ass. Without noticing before, Rick saw how big Zandro's ass was. It was gigantic. Rick was only scratching the surface of Zandro's ass check. Zandro's butt were like the size of basketball.

'Damn you have a fat ass, Zandro' Rick said

Rick then gripped Zandro buttocks with his hands tighty and firmly and began pumping harder into his was fully inside of Zandro, but to this he had to part Zandro's butt cheeks. The thrill of fucking Zandro, the cries and moan from Zandro, Zandro's juicy butt. and Bob eating his ass got Rick so excited he exploded and shot a huge load into Zandro 's ass which had him screaming. Rick was just keeping fucking Zandro an releasing his load in his ass until it was full of cum. Bob couldn't keep up with Rick's motion when eating his ass but he managed by licking pass the hair on Rick's ass and getting in the gunk and flesh of his ass.

Bob saw what Rick was doing to Zandro and said he what a turn. Rick pulled out of Zandro's ass full of cum, leaving Zandro's ass vulnerable. Bob, however laid Zandro on the bed on his back and lifted up Zandro's legs and held them and began fucking Zandro in his ass now full of dripping cum.

Rick at first just watched the action and began jerking and beating himself off until he noticed the jiggling motion of Zandro's pecs. Rick jumped right over to Zandro's pecs and was glad to have both of them to himself. Rick squeezed Zandro pecs an lifted and pushed them up to Zandro's neck, and pushed them together creating a pecs cleavage. Rick then started patted his still hard wood on Zandro's pecs. Rick could feel Bob pumping and beating Zandro's ass. Rick, Bob, and Zandro where now all sweaty and wet, but it was getting wetter because Rick began jerking and shoting his load on Zandro's pecs an face. Bob pulled out from fucking Zandro and also jerked and shot his load on Zandro abs and pecs.

Within seconds Zandro was smothered in cum from Rick and Bob. Zandro brushed some of th cum off of him and said 'My turn.'

Zandro stood up and said 'both of you come here and suck this cock.'

Rick and Bob eagerly jumped to Zandro's long 8 inch cock. They sucked on Zandro's dick fiercly and eagerly taking in his dick scent and sweat and licking Zandro's pre-cum. Zandro took the time to face fucked both Rick and Bob, one at a time. Zandro had each one of them gaging on Zandro's dick and almost choking but they took it like men.

Zandro then forced Bob on the bed on his back and he commanded Rick to fuck Bob. Rick began fucking Bob and Zandro watched for a minute while jerking and shot his load that has been building in him and climaxed on Rick and Bob. They continued this for a couple of minutes until Zandro got on top of Rick who was still fucking Bob and began fucking Rick.

It was a double fuck, all at one time. Each one of them were moaning in pleasure. They all got even hornier and cum began spuirting everywhere in all directions but especially all over each other. After a good few minutes Rick and Zandro pulled out and all of both of them including Zandro were tired and they laid on their backs on the king size bed. Zandro laid in the middle with Rick to the right of Zandro and Bob to the left. They were all tried and began doze off but Rick and bob sucked on each of Zandro's pecs like a baby sucking a pacifer until they few asleep.

Stay tuned for Zandro Pecs 4



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