I was a pretty smart kid in highschool getting valedictorian when i graduated. My grades consisted of mostly A's and a couple of B's. Finally im ready for the biggest test ever. College.

Soon after i was accepted to Michigan State college. I already found a really good apartment and roommate. I was pretty excited about leaving living in a small town a little bit on the border of Michigan. My mom wasn't as enthusiastic, she cried through the whole car ride and when we got to the apartment she nearly had a heart attack. So my dad had to get to calm down and told her to get in the car after giving me a hug and kiss.

'You better call when you unpack or your mother will really have a heart attack.' was all that my dad said before he got in his truck and drove off.

I turned towards my new apartment. Dammit im finally here to start my own life. I put the key in the door and turned the knob. I entered the apartment, a two bed one bath. I closed the door and a head popped up from the kitchen fridge with a piece of bread in it's mouth.

A gorgeous boy with jet black hair and the most piercing green eyes looked at me. He took the piece of bread out of his mouth and smiled at me.

'Welcome roomie.' he said walking over to me and holding out his hand.

I took it'Hi.' said.'Im Jaime cook.' he had the most amazing smile i ever seen. Sparkling white teeth and perfect pink lips.

'Zach Dawnson and welcome to your new home for the next four years.' he said smiling again

'Thanks.' i said

Now get this. Zach was super fucking hot. His skin was the perfect tan color. His body was thin but muscular he was the right size for anyone his age. He was a good 6'4 compared to my 5'11. He was super nice and handsome.

For me im short but nicely built with cut abs and nice chest. My skin was a little paler then Zach's. But

Im gay so a guy like him would easily make me have the hots for him.

He showed me around the apartment carying all my stuff in my room. The rooms were located on either side of the apartment in the hallway which led to the Kitchen and living room. The bathroom being on my side of the hallway. The whole apartment was nice and bigger than i expected. The living room was raelly big and had two beige couches and a loveseat and a flatscreen tv. The kitchen was nice too with granite countertops, stainless steel sink; dishwasher and fridge and a nice black table.

Zach helped me unpack that only took around 45 minutes.

'Okay ,Jaime, i think thats the last of it.' he said looking through my bag for more clothes.

'Yeah thanks.' i said

'What are roommates for?' he smiled again.'But i do need to tell you the one rule of the house.'

'Ok.' i said

'That rule is if you bring a chick home dont be to loud.' he said

That would be no problem for me.'No problem theres no need to worry.' i said and instantly regretted it.

Zach looked at me funny for a second.

Shit! Think fast.'Im not really good with girls.' i said quickly

He smiled'Dont worry you'll get lucky here i promise.' he walked out of my room.

For the next hour or so i just sat on my bed reading. I wasn't paying any attention to the book just reading it mindlessly while forgetting what i words. I started getting tired so i got up and undressed into my boxers. I dropped onto the bed and wrapped myself in the comforter. School didnt start for another week but i couldnt think about school. All i could think of was the way Zach looked at me. Then my mind wandered aimlessly til i fell asleep.

I woke up to the smell of food which smelled amazing. I got out of bed and opened my door to the hallway then down to the kitchen. The aroma of the food filled my nose wrapping me. I walked into the kitchen where the smell was intoxicating. Zach was cooking enchiladas with spanish rice one of my favorite combos.

'Hey.' Zach said looking up his eyes seemed to widen a little when he saw me in only my boxers then return to normal.'You hungry?' he asked

'Starving.' i said rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

Zach fixed two plates with the enchiladas and spanish rice and placed them on the table. Damn it looked so good and my stomach alredy knew it was going to taste even better. Zach sat down across from me and started digging in i followed. As a piece of the enchilada hit my toungue i felt like i was dreaming or something. I never ate anything this good before.

'How does it taste?' Zach asked pulling me back from bliss.

I looked at him.'Holy shit where did you learn how to cook like this,its fucking awesome.' i said digging in.

He smiled his heartbreaking smile'Thanks it was years of practice.' he said.

By the time i was finished there wasnt anything left on the plate. I put the plate in the sink and started washing it.'Thanks Zach that was really good.' i said pouring dish soap on the sponge.

'No problem. I love cooking i used to do it all the time at my parents.' he said giving me a hand with the dishes.

When were done Zach said he was going out for a smoke and asked if i wanted to come. I quickly agreed. We walked out side on the patio, Zach pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket Took one out and offered me one.

'I dont smoke.'i said

He closed the pack and put in his pocket pulling out a lighter. He flicked it till a small flame appeared he put it to the tip of his cigarette and cuped it to keep the wind out. Once it was lit he put the lighter back in his pocket. The tip of his cigarette shined brighter everytime he breathed it in then he blew out letting outa cloud of smokefrom his pink lips. The way he smoked seemed sexy to me. The way he held the cigarette everything was sexy.

As he blew out the last of the smoke he dropped the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it. He walked back inside and i followed.

'What are you going to study when school starts?' he asked sitting in the loveseat.

While Zach was sitting in the loveseat i noticed a small scar on the left side of his cheek. It was thin but long it came from the middle of his cheek down his neck into his shirt. He noticed at what i was staring at and lifted his collar up just a bit more.

'Sorry,' i said looking away from him'I want to study to become a veterinarian.'

'You like animals.' He stated

'I loved them ever since i was a kid.' i said with excitement

'Do you have any pets at home?' He asked.

'Yeah i have a dog named Scottie and a horse named Belle.' I said thinking how sad they must be without me. I'll call mom before i go to bed to make sure everything is ok.

'A horse?' he asked a little shocked.'

'Yup, got her on my 12 birthday.' i said smiling at him

'Wow thats really amazing.' he smiled back.

For the next couple of hours we sat and talked about my life. When i broke my arm my first loose tooth stuff like that but, Zach never mentioned anything about his life.

After we were done talking we went to our rooms. I grabbed my cellphone off the dresser and dialed my moms number. She answered and told me about the animals. Scottie would sleep on my bed and cry and belle wouldnt let anyone touch her.

'So how is your roommate.' she asked

'Really nice and super hot.' i replied i came out to my mom when i was around 15 when she caught me and my friend kissing. My dad on the other hand was very homophobic so it became a secret between me and my mom.

'Ohh!!! Goodie!!!! You better send me a picture of him.' she said all giddy. for a 42 year old lady my mom knew more about electronics then i do.

'Sure i'll take one hopefully by the end of this week. Night Mom.' i said

'Ok sweetheart goodnight.'

I hung up.

I laid down and went to sleep.


Jaime cohen

[email protected]


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