This is a story of hot fiction.

Zack, a tough stud and wrestler from a small town in northern Alaska, had wrestled for a small community college in the Mid-Wets his freshman year. As the wrestling coach at a four year college in the State of Washington, I had tried to recruit Zack out of high school but he had decided to attend a community college in the Mid-West. When he became unhappy at the community college, he called me and asked if I still wanted him to wrestle for me as a sophomore. I gave him a scholarship.

Zack had a 20-1 win lost wrestling record during his freshman year at the community college. He not only was a great wrestler but a stud both on the mat and turned the heads of both the male and female students. He had a perfect athlete's body.

When he arrived at the airport in August, I met the flight.

"Hey Zack, it is great seeing you and welcoming you to our team. Although I failed to recruit you as a freshman, I could not be happier to have you on our team as a sophomore. You will add so much to our chances of a state title."

"Hi Coach Toby, I should have taken your offer as a freshman but I'm so pleased to be here now. I'll work really hard to be a winner for you."

"Zack, I know you will be a champion for us. Let's get your luggage and go to my condo. You'll stay with me until we get everything settled about your scholarship, registration and assigned a dorm room. As a 38-year-old bachelor, I have plenty room for you."

"Coach, I like that idea. Thanks for being so nice to me after I turned you down my freshman year."

Zack was an incredible hunk. He was built like a brick house. He had a chiseled and jetted body with hard arms, large biceps, hard chest with big nipples that looked like a woman's breast, well developed abs, muscled thighs and legs, stood 5' and 7", and weighed 157 pounds. He had a true wrestler's build. He wore his brown hair well-trimmed but down to the back of his neck. He had sexy dark brown eyes and an almost hairless body. His ass was a solid bubble butt and he was hung like a proverbial horse.

My name is Toby, a 38-year-old blue eyed and unruly mop of blonde hair with a Swedish background. At the time of this story, I weighed 165 pounds, stood 6-feet and had a very well portioned hard muscled body as a former wrestler in college. I continued to stay in good shape as I worked out with the guys on my team during practices.

At the beginning of the semester, we registered Zack for classes, completed his paper work for a scholarship and got him settled in my condo planning for him to stay there for a couple of weeks. It soon became clear that Zack wanted to continue living with me which I thought was great as a bachelor and yes a gay man I wanted to be close to this stud. I think he suspected that he turned me on.

On the third Monday of the third week of school, I got home rather late from a faculty meeting. It was around 8 PM and I had had dinner at the faculty club. Zack had prepared his own dinner and was in his room studying when I stuck my head in to wish him goodnight. I informed him I was turning in early since I had had a a very long day.

"Zack, stay up as late as you wish studying, it will not bother me as I'm headed to bed and will fall asleep almost immediately since I'm so tired."

"Thanks Coach. You get a good night's sleep."

I showered and was in bed by 8:45 PM. I fell asleep almost immediately.

Around 10 PM, I thought I felt someone in my bed that had awaken me. Was I dreaming? No, I felt a hard hot body rub up against my back side. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Zack butt naked cuddled up tight against my ass. I had on only a pair of boxer shorts. I felt his rock hard 10-incher pressed up against my ass. As he rubbed his monstrous tool across my boxers, I felt his tongue nibbling at my ear lobe. My cock began to swell and I became horny as hell. Oh my god, Zack was trying to fuck me. This was a dream come true. I was about to have sex with my hot 19-year-old wrestler. I thought I might shoot my load at that moment.

I felt his hot breath all over the back of my neck with the hairs on my neck standing straight up. The smell of Zack's body was intoxicating and I felt sweat began to roll off his body on to me. My just above average circumcised cock reached full erection within seconds. I began to feel a wave of heat radiating from his crotch as he pressed his big cock and balls directly up against my ass. Next I felt a huge wet spot on the back of my boxers that had to be coming from Zack's leaking cock.

Before long, we both had become drenched in sweat all over our bodies from the heat generated by our intertwined bodies. The odor was one of sweaty animal horny guys. Lust became my master. I wanted to be dominated by this perfect athlete. The fact that he had the boldness to get in bed and take charge of my body without asking was so carnal that I was in ecstasy. I developed shivers and goose bumps all over my body. There was the smell of testosterone in the air.

Since I had remained silent up to that point of the invasion of my bed and body, Zack was not sure what my reaction had been. He took one of his sexy hard hands, reached around to my crotch, discovered my totally swollen manhood, pulled my cock through the fly in my boxer shorts and he got a hand full of precum dangling from my red-hot cock. He then spoke for the first time.

"WOW, shit Coach, you are rock hard. Your cock feels like a steel rod covered in a velvet skin. I feel a milk like substance oozing from your piss slit. It feels so nice, warm and slick in my hand. Let me lick this protein for a late night snack. Yea, it is cum, wow it taste so good."

Do you like my hand on your blood filled cock and my cock rubbing against that heat-producing ass of yours? Does that feel good? Do you want me to suck that wood of yours and stuff my big daddy cock deep into your ass? Do you want to be my bitch tonight, Coach? Can I dominate you and you be my passive whore?"

I spoke to let Zack know how turned on I was: "Oh my god, Zack yea, yes, I am so horny and hot. Do whatever you want to me. I'm yours tonight. Man, I'm so horny the way you invaded my bed and ass."

"Well Coach, we are going to do two things tonight but maybe more sexy acts later this week. You'll just have to go to bed each night and wait to see what I have in mind for you and your hot body. Understand Coach? I'm in charge of your sex life from now on. What do you say?"

"OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, YEA, Do to me whatever you want every night. I'm your bitch."

Zack threw off the bed covers, took off my boxers, put me on my back, pulled my legs up on my chest, had me grab them there, he got down and put his mouth into my crotch and began to kiss, lick and suck my ass, nuts and cock shaft. He took a long time devouring my entire crotch area. Finally, he took my steel hard rod down his throat. He spent lots of time slurping, lapping and salivating all over my cock that was deep in his throat. My cock had never been wetter or harder as he used his jaw muscles to go from bobbing up and down on my cock to tightening his lips down hard and held them there as I felt all the veins and nerve endings in my cock become tense and pulsating. I was near coming from the spasms that I felt not only in my cock but also in my nuts as well as my pulsating ass walls.

I felt his spit all over my wet balls. He ran his nose over my nuts and I felt the air coming from his hard breathing running through my pubic hair. He sucked me from slow to fast for at least 10 minutes when he grabbed the base of my cock, squeezed hard and caused my nuts to release a volcanic eruption of my thick sticky cum down his throat. He used his tight hand on my cock base and his tight lips to milk me dry.

I discovered how much he loved warm cum. He swallowed most all my salty semen that I shot in his mouth. The amount of cum that dripped out and onto his chin caused him to use his fingers to collect my seed and he ate it. He deep kissed me so I too could get some protein from the salty warm cum.

"Coach, how was that blowjob? Am I a good cocksucker? You know that guys are good cocksuckers because we know how it feels to get our own cocks sucked."

"Oh Hell, Zack, you are the best cocksucker in all the world. WOW, do you know how to milk a cock dry. It was awesome. I loved it."

"Now Coach, it is time to stuff my big cock up that gorgeous bubble ass of yours. I need to empty my seed in that man pussy of yours."

"Hell yea, Zack. Stuff that monstrous boner deep in my ass. Please fuck me hard. Empty your big load of jizz deep inside me."

Zack had me get out of bed, stand up, he leaned my body over the edge of the bed with my face and chest down on the mattress, he got behind me with my ass facing his rock hard cock, he spit in my ass and began to slowly insert his red-hot leaking cock deep in my ass. He used his very strong hips, legs and reared up on his toes as he drove his huge cock deep into my ass chute. Over and over his slick cock rubbed against my soft velvet prostate. The sensuous erotic feeling was mind blowing.

After a long fuck, I felt his cock head swell even more, his balls tightened up against me, he groaned loudly and he shot load after load of his man seed deep into my ass. When he was spent, he pulled out and fingered my ass removing some of his cum that he fed me. He plunged his dripping cock down my throat where I sucked his cock clean. We kissed and smelt and tasted the sweet cum. WOW, what a great fucker Zack was.

We showered and by that time it was past mid-night. We went to bed together and we cuddled still naked and soon we were asleep. It was clear that we would only need one bed for the future. Zack and I would fuck and suck ever night. This young wrestler stud was now my fuck buddy.

Soon I learned that Zack had sucked and fucked a number of his wrestling buddies back at the community college. But now I would be the only ass he would fuck.

Hope all of you enjoyed this story.


Naughty Eric


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