It was late and I was pretty buzzed and horny. I saw him get up from his table and make his way to the men's room. I followed him hoping to get a good look at his cock.

When I walked in he was standing at one of the urinals taking a piss. I stepped up next to him and quite obviously checked out his junk. But he was oblivious as I ogled his big cock. It had a big purplish plum shaped head. I wanted to drop to my knees right then.

He shook it off and went back to sit with his buddies.

A little while later he stepped outside. I figured he was going for a smoke so I took the opportunity to talk to him. We chatted for a while and I made sure to mention that I lived close and had a fat new bag of weed.

When the bar closed I made sure we ran into each other on the way out. I invited him to swing by to smoke a joint and he eagerly agreed. We picked up some beer on the way and headed home.

After we got stoned I turned the conversation to sex. Cal told me that thanks to a bad marriage and a not so friendly divorce he'd been single for a while and hadn't had any pussy for a while. I seized the opportunity and told him I hadn't had any pussy or cock for a while either.

Almost choking on his beer, he said, "Dude, you go both ways?"

I told him, "I only date women but I like to suck cock once in a while."

I decided to go for it and told him, "I saw your big cock in the men's room and I'd love to suck it."

Instead of answering he asked, "Have you got any tequila?"

I poured two shots and we slammed them. With a sigh, he slunk down on the sofa and spread his legs slightly. Then he leaned back causing his T-shirt to ride up, revealing a happy trail of luscious dark hair from his belly button down into the top of his Levis.

As I made my way slowly over to him on my knees, Cal unsnapped and unzipped and opened his Levis. I held my breath in anticipation as he pulled his cock out.

And there it was, sticking out through his fly. Plump but not completely hard, it curved upward, a lot of foreskin and that big purplish plum shaped head with its little oozing slit glistening with pre-cum.

I leaned forward tentatively and slowly pulled him into my mouth. His was, without doubt, one of the biggest cocks that I'd ever had in my mouth. I've had larger ones since, but at that time, his 8 inches looked massive. I loved the feel of his foreskin sliding up and down his thick shaft. I enjoyed running my tongue under the skin to play around the head of his dick. I started sucking his cock and after about 5 minutes I felt his cock starting to swell.

Cal signed and slouched back more and spread his legs wider and started relaxing more. His cock got hard as a lead pipe and he became more animated, bucking his hips and pumped his big bone down my throat. I took long slow deep throat stroked with my mouth and he took my head and head in his hands and slowly and steadily drove his cock deep into my mouth and held it there. He sighed heavily, "OOHHHHH shit," and told me, "OOHHHHH God that feels so good."

Standing, Cal continued slowly and steadily stroking of his cock in and out of my mouth. He was going in so deep that I could feel the head pushing into my throat on the down stroke.

Eventually he said, "Let me sit back down. I wanna watch you suck my cock." He sat back down and I continued sucking his cock again.

He leaned back and I could see the look of pleasure on his face as I sucked him off. I think I must have sucked him for at least 10-minutes before I started to feel him tense up and watched his stomach muscles tightening up.

When I saw his eyes rolling back I heard Cal said, "I'm gettin close." I deep throated him and heard him moan and say, "Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming," as he let go and I truly enjoy the gift of his cum in my mouth. And it's really a gift. I've worked hard to pleasure him, to make his cock stiff and bulging. I loved sliding my mouth up and down his shaft while the skin was tight and stretched and my lips have embraced his soft head and driving him to the edge. The first and very profound sensation came when he swelled and tensed and I know that he was past the point of no return. I became curiously calm and warm, my whole body, which by now was completely tuned to his, relaxed and turned from the frenzy of activity. My cheeks and throat relaxed as I anticipated feeling and embracing his full, manly orgasm. Only my tongue moved, gliding along, sensing his arousal and the oncoming surge. And when it came even that flattened and held his cock softly in its gentle fold.

Then I felt it...warm cum. Spurting, filling my mouth. The taste starts and, yes, I love the taste. Caught up in the moment, as he cummed Cal held my head down on him, keeping his cock warm in my mouth, slippery and warm with his cum. for as long as he'd let me. When he withdrew, I swallowed a little to be able to breathe, but I held most of his cock wet and dripping in my mouth. I liked him to know that I was keeping it, savoring it...that he had left his mark and I was very glad of it. Though some guys don't care about that, some do, and I've found that as my enjoyment, really my ecstasy, at receiving a guy's cum increased, his smile did too.

Once he'd cummed he put his cock away and got ready to leave. Near my front door Cal shyly asked, "Can I see you again?"

I said, "Sure," and gave him my number, "call me anytime."

Now I he calls me a of couple times a month when he's toasted and I've never turned him down.

The end...



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