"Jake? Is everything ok in there?" I asked.

I get no response.

"Jake?! Jake?!" I ask knocking on the door.

Still no response.

"Jake?! What's happening there?!" I asked banging on the door.

Still no response.

Without hesitation I charged at the door until it opened. I found Jake lying on the floor unconscious and naked. He has blood on his head.

"Jake?! Can you hear me? Answer me!" I asked while feeling a pulse on his neck.

I was relieved to feel a faint pulse from him. After regaining my composure, I carried him to my car and quickly drove to the nearest hospital I found and rushed him to the emergency room. Once I arrived, a doctor quickly arrived and examined him. I was asked to stay out for a few minutes. I was asked to fill up a form for Jake.


"Jake Miller?" The doctor asked after getting out of the room.

"That's me!" I asked signaling and walking towards the doctor.

"I'm Doctor Walker. What happened?" the doctor asked me.

"I don't know. I was in our room studying, then I heard something like falling then when I opened the door I found him lying unconscious." I explained. "Is he going to be fine?" I asked.

"He had a minor concussion on his head, but other than that he's fine." The doctor explained.

"Have you figured out why he fainted?" I asked.

"That's what we're trying to figure out as of the moment. But he's fine, everything seems normal." The doctor said.

"That's good to hear." I said feeling relieved.

"We're going to transfer him to a room for the time being." The doctor said before leaving.


The room they transferred Jake in is a regular hospital room. White walls, window, bed on one side, bathroom, and a long chair on one side.

Jake's in his bed unconscious there's a tube connected to his left wrist.


I guess this is a good a time as any.

I'm Marc Adams, I'm Jake's roommate. We're both in college, taking Computer Science. I am already 20 years old. I'm 5'10" and I weigh 150 pounds. I have an average body, not very thin but not overly muscular as well. I have dirty blonde hair that I keep in a nice faux hawk and my eyes have an olive green color.

Jake and I are almost the same in height. But that's where the similarities end. He has a very light brown hair and the most beautiful hazel brown eyes. He's thinner than me but he's slightly muscular as well.

I haven't told anyone this but I found him really attractive the first time we met. People know I'm gay by the way. But for some reason he doesn't talk to me that much. We barely speak when we're in our room and he always keeps to himself. It's weird that we have shared a room for a long time and I don't know that much about him. Although he told me that he takes a part time job somewhere to help with his college expenses.


"It might take some time before he wakes up." The doctor said after checking up on Jake.

"That's ok, I can wait." I replied.


A couple of hours later the doctor returns with the results from Jake's tests.

"It seems that Jake hasn't eaten anything for a long time. His body couldn't take it anymore and he collapsed. The only reason he hasn't woken up yet s because he hit his head when he collapsed." The doctor explained, "He just needs to eat when he wakes up. He can be discharged as early as tomorrow."

"That's good. Thank you very much." I told the doctor when he left.


I asked one of my friends to buy food for me and bring it to the hospital room along with some of my and Jake's clothes.

Jake woke up shortly after the food arrived.

"Jake. Are you ok? How do you feel?" I asked.

"I feel fine. Where are we?" He asked.

"You're in a hospital. I rushed you in when I saw unconscious in the bathroom." I explained.

"Oh god, I can't afford to be in a hospital. Can we go out now?" Jake asked, looking flustered.

"Wait, wait. The doctor said you can leave tomorrow." I explained.

"But, I can't pay for any of this. I can't pay for anything. We need to leave immediately." Jake said.

"Relax, I have it covered." I replied.

"I can't make you do that. I won't let you." Jake replied almost in tears.

"I would love to do it. I don't mind." I replied reassuringly.

"Oh god, I promise I'll pay you back as soon as I can." Jake replied, covering his face.

"Oh, it's ok. It's fine. Sshhh..."I told him as I sat down beside him and wrapped my arm around him.

"The doctor said you haven't eaten anything for days, is that true?" I asked changing the subject.

"I have been kind of short on money, and I had to buy a book, so I haven't eaten anything for almost three days."

"THREE DAYS?! How could you do that? You could have asked me for help. Something worse could've happened to you." I said in such a shock. I guess I might've shocked him with the sudden emotion I showed because he was a little stunned by my outburst.

When he regained his composure he managed a silent "I'm fine now." and smiled at me.


"I can't thank you enough for doing that. I don't know how I'm going to repay you." Jake said as we arrived at our dorm room.

"Please, you don't have to do anything to repay me. It was nothing." I smiled as I patted his back.


For the next week, I always asked Jake if he needed anything and that he should never be ashamed to ask anything from me. He always declined my offers but I kept on pushing him to eat.

It was little late the next day when we both were in our room studying for an exam. We have been swamped with school stuff that we barely had time to do anything for fun.

I haven't been able to jack off for a while. I desperately needed the release.

"Oh god, I can't take this anymore. I don't want to read another chapter. If I have to read more my head will explode." I grunted putting the book down, scratching my balls.

I look at Jake who seems too busy reading the material.

"Do you want to eat out tonight? My treat." I asked putting Jake out of his trance.

"Oh, I'm fine. I'm not hungry." Jake replied.

"Are you sure? I don't want you fainting on me again." I joked.

"I'm fine really." Jake insisted.

"Fine, suit yourself. I'm goin' out. I need some air." I replied as I stood up and got a jacket from my room.

As I was about to walk out the door I hear Jake's stomach growl.

I close the door as I walked out. After waiting outside the room for a few minutes, I decide to charge back inside and carry Jake and take him with me to dinner.

"Stop, what are you doing?!" Jake asked, as I was holding him like a kid on my shoulders.

"I heard your stomach calling as I was going out. I can't ignore it." I joked as we went out the door.

"I said I'm fine! Put me down." Jake protested.

"If you are then prove it. Try to get off of me." I said.

Jake's attempts were weak and he barely had the energy to fight my right arm.

"Wow, you really are fine." I mocked as we were going out of the building.

"Fine, I'll go with you. Just put me down." Jake pleaded.

I put him down and we walked towards a nearby diner.

"So, when did you last eat?" I asked as we entered the diner.

"Breakfast." Jake replied looking away.

"Don't lie to me." I said looking at his eyes.

"Yesterday." Jake squeaked.

"Your last meal was yesterday morning?" I almost shouted, "I told you that if you ever needed anything you could ask me! You know what happens when you don't eat for a long time. You could have fainted somewhere no one can see you or help you!" I finished, out of breath.

"Wow, ok. Uhh, I'm sorry." Jake replied looking embarrassed.

"It's just that..." I trailed off.

"What?" Jake asked.

"Never mind, let's just order." I said as I called a waitress.

After a few seconds later, a waitress was walking towards our table.

"Is that all?" the waitress asked after writing down our orders.

"I think I'll have another burger and extra fries, large. That would be all." I said.

"Your orders will be ready in a few minutes." The waitress said as she walked towards the counter.

"You could finish two burgers and two large fries?" Jake asked in shock.

"How far are you in the book?" I asked ignoring his question.

"I finished chapter four, but I don't recall much of what I read." Jake said.

"See, that's what happens when you don't eat. Your brain doesn't function properly." I said tapping at his forehead.

A few minutes of small talk later our food arrived. Jake ordered pancakes, which I found weird since it's already 2 in the afternoon. That's why I ordered an extra burger and fries because pancakes won't fill you up that much.

After taking my first bite of my burger I look at Jake who is busy drowning his pancakes in maple syrup.

"Whoa, easy on the syrup. That's too sweet." I said.

"There's not enough of it." Jake said as he continued putting syrup all over his pancakes.

When he was finished, the pancakes looked all puffed up and soggy. I look at Jake's face and he has this huge smile on his face. I realized he must love drenched pancakes that much.

After finishing his pancakes and me finishing my burger and fries, Jake noticed that I haven't touched the other burger and fries.

"That's for you." I said nonchalantly.

"What?! I can't eat anymore." Jake protested.

"Nonsense, all you ate were pancakes! That won't even last you through the night." I replied to him, "Besides, we aren't leaving until you finish your food." I added.

Jake opened his mouth to say something but then closed it again. I just stared at him blankly until he reached for the burger.

"Fine, the burger I can manage but the fries. You'll have to help me finish them." Jake said.

"Ok." I said as I ate one.

Almost half an hour later, Jake said that he couldn't eat anymore.

"Please. I can't eat another bite. You have to help me." Jake pleaded.

"Nope, I'm almost done with the fries." I smiled at him.

Another half an hour later Jake finished his burger and we were walking back towards our room.

"I forgot to say thank you. You have done so much for me." Jake said shyly, looking at me.

"It's nothing. I keep telling you that." I said as I smiled warmly at Jake.

If only he knows how much I like him, then life would be much better.

"I guess it's back to studying for us." Jake said as we arrived at our room.

Three hours of studying later I decided to take a shower to rest my brain cells.

"I'll just take a shower." I said as I stood up.

Jake just nodded and went back to his notes.

I grabbed my bath kit and walked out the door. As I closed the door I saw one of my close friends who is also taking Computer Science.

"Hey dude!" He said as I closed our door.

"Hey, Ty!" I said.

"Whatchadoin?" He asked.

"I'm about to take a shower. I need to rest from studying too much." I explained.

"Tell me about it. I haven't even have time to jack off." Ty replied jokingly.

"I know what you mean, I might explode just thinking about it." I joked back.

"Anyways, I'll let you shower." Ty said as he walked away.

I started walking away from our room as well. After taking a nice and long hot shower I went back to our room. Jake was nowhere to be found. I guess he went to the library. I think he spends most of his time in there whenever he's not in our room.

It was almost ten in the evening when I decided to call it quits and just sleep. I have an early class tomorrow.

I went to my room and stripped to my boxers and climbed to bed. A few minutes later I drift off to sleep.

I'm having the hottest dream ever, I was lying in my bed and someone was giving me the best blowjob ever. It feels so great and real. I was almost sure it was real. Then suddenly I woke up and feel someone kneeling at my feet. I realized that I wasn't having a dream, that the blowjob I was having was real. It was dark in my room and I can't see who it is. I touched the head that was giving me so much pleasure but as soon as I do the person froze from my touch. As my eyes adjust to the dim light from the window I realize it was Jake.

"Jake?! What are you doing?!" I ask in shock pulling out from his mouth.

He doesn't answer me he just kept taking my dick in his mouth. My lust got the better of me and I just let him do it. He was so into it that he was even choking while giving me head. Mine isn't the biggest, but I'm proud of my fat eight inch dick. I can't believe that the person I like is giving me head in my room! I wished this moment would never end but my balls ached so much that I can't hold it off any longer. His mouth was working my dick so good that I shot inside his mouth without warning. He looked like he was choking. He moved his mouth to the head of my dick and took a month's worth of my load.

As I was getting down from my orgasmic high Jake let go of my slowly deflating dick and stood up.

"No, don't go." I said out of breath, "Please stay." I added.

I stood up and I realized that Jake took off my boxers and I'm totally naked in front of him.

"Why did you do that?" I asked holding his arm.

"I heard what you said earlier." Jake said.

"Oh. But you didn't have to. I didn't ask you to..." I stammered.

"I wanted to." Jake interrupted me as he held his finger towards my lips as he walked out of my room, closing the door, leaving me with my thoughts.


Hey everyone! I hope you like the first chapter of my second story. I'm sorry there isn't any sex. I think this is going to be a lot shorter series than my first story.

As always your comments and suggestions are appreciated. You can also send me e-mails. I love reading them.





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