The crowd was totally going crazy today. The sound was deafening to me. People were cheering, and chanting along with the cheerleaders, the school band was playing some weird shit, and I was standing there with my hands below my teammates ass. Sweat is literally pouring down my face underneath this helmet to top it all off, and My shoulder pads were sticking to my chest, and shoulders.

God, it's hot out...

"Blue 28! Blue 28! Set.... Hut!" After I say that, bodies start flying around, and I'm surrounded by huge dudes that are all trying to sac me. I see an arm shoot to the sky, and I throw the ball. Time seemed to slow down almost as the ball flew through the air, and then He caught it, planted his feet, and took off. I was literally jumping up and down with excitement, because he could win the game for us. We were down by 3, and a touchdown could win it, and we were so close! My heart was literally racing! The clock read 00:06, We were down 24-21, and he is at the 32 yard line.

Oh boy......

The crowd erupts! We won... We fuckin' won!!! I couldn't believe it! I was soon tackled to the ground by my teammates, and the look on their faces were hysterical, and Everyone was laughing and cheering and telling me that that was a great throw. "Ok, guys. Let me up!" I said laughing with a big smile on my face. "Seriously, guys. You're going to break the most important player on the team!" I laugh some more.

"Pig pile!!!" I hear as the biggest guy on the team jumps on the top. I feel a crack in my wrist, and a snap in my forearm. I scream and reach for my arm as tears roll down my cheeks. "Fuckin' Shit!!" I scream even louder. "Everyone off!!!" Someone yells. Soon, laughter and joy is replaced with crying, and sadness. Everyone got off me, and my left hand shoots for my right forearm. The school nurse rushed to my side, and my teammates were all gathered around me, as well as some of my classmates and friends. "You ok, Kevin?"

Just peachy, asshole....

"Kevin, I need you to let go of your arm, ok? Can you do that?" The nurse, Mrs. Whalen asked. "No... It hurts to much..."

"I know it does, Kev, but I need to take a look at it, make sure it's not broken." She said removing my hand from my other arm. "It's prolly broken... Oh fuck, it hurts!" I said through my tears. " Ok, Kev. I have to reconnect the bone in your arm...." Mrs Whalen said. "I-is it going to hurt?" I ask still wiping away residual tears. "If I do it right, it should be pretty excruciating." She said. I close my eyes so tight, I think my eyes are going to bleed, and then I take a deep breath. "Go...."

She tightens a cloth around my arm, and one quick motion, snaps it tight. Pain shoots through my body, but I remain quiet. An ambulance soon arrives, and they take me to the hospital.


A couple of days later, I struggled with everything. I couldn't move right, I couldn't even put on a jacket without hurting myself, and it was getting very annoying. It's not like school got any easier; it just made things harder. I had to walk around with a freaking backpack on all day long, and I kept dropping things. It made things so difficult having this broken arm, and I probably will never play football again! Thanks a lot you fat fuck! Not only did he break my arm, but I probably will never ever get into the NFL thanks to him. I mean, what the hell do I have to do? Do I have to kiss and make up? I don't think so! If anybody owes someone an apology, it's him! He could've ended my career before it even started, And I'm supposed to take that lightly?

My parents told me that I shouldn't blame him for breaking my arm, even though he decided to jump on the pile of people which I happen to be at the bottom of, so, no, that's not his fault; That's my fault. Of course it is! Are my parents stupid, or just plain retarded? Because, if thats true, then I guess if I hit an old lady in a crosswalk with my car, it's her fault for not moving fast enough? yeah, that's real logical.

So, anyway, I was heading to my first period class, when I feel a pat on my left shoulder. I looked behind me, And see a brown haired boy around 5' 10" with a big smile on his face, and He also had a piece of paper that was folded in half in his hand.

He was pretty handsome....

I come flying back to reality, and I see that he's asking me a question.

"What?" I asked with a hint of aggravation in my voice. "O-oh... Sorry. Name's Matthew. I was assigned to help you out until your arm felt better. Have you heard of the helping hand program?" He asked rather nicely.

"No. Why would I hear of that? Do I look like someone who needs help? I don't have down syndrome or whatever."I just wanted this guy to leave me alone. I can handle things on my own. I don't need some dude to help me out and pick up my stuff. I'm capable of doing it myself. I wonder whose bright idea was to send this guy my way? I'm not the friendliest person in the whole school, but I wonder if I can scare him away before he really gets attached to me, because I HATE people.

I heard him sigh. "Look man, I just want to fill out my credits so I can graduate this year. If you want to be an asshole to me, I'll just be an asshole to you too. Now can we get the shit out of the way so I can go back to my regular life?" This guys pissing me off. "I don't need your help. So, why don't you just go back to your "regular life" and leave me the hell alone!" I said opening my locker. Just as I did, what happens? Everything in my locker falls on the floor. I hear him chuckle behind me just to top things off. I looked back at him, and see his big, wide smile once again. "Still don't need my help?" He said laughing. Maybe I am being a dick. "Okay, I guess I could use your help." I said to defeat. Now that I think of it, it sounds pretty good to have my own slave. I can get him to grab things for me, bring me my lunch, hell, maybe he could help me take a leak! No, I'm just kidding. That's gay. But still, it could be fun. "So, what do you do in this helping hand program? Do you like just follow me around?" I asked. I hear him laugh a bit. "Yeah, basically. But, That's not all we do. we help with lifting things, carrying backpacks for people that can't; you know, things like that." He said picking up my backpack, and putting the papers and books that fell out back inside.

"Thanks. My names -"

"Kevin. I know who you are. I know what type of guy you are too." He said with a smile. That's weird. I hope this kids not a fag. Even with one arm I'll still beat his ass into the fuckin' ground if he tries to touch me. "Are you a faggot or something?" I asked rather harsh. He just laughed. "Yep. I knew it. You're definitely not my type." He said with a chuckle. "What do you mean I'm not your type?" I asked with a little chuckle. "You're too cocky for me." He said with a smile. "What do you mean I'm too cocky? I'm perfect! Everyone loves me."

I don't know what it is, but I feel like I want him to think of me as his type. It's really weird. I'm not gay, and I don't want to be gay! I'm supposed to like girls. I can't like guys, and be a professional football player. It just doesn't work! The strange thing is, why do I like the idea of constantly being around Matt? It's like he has this spell over me already. What does this mean?

I hope it doesn't mean what I think it means, because dad will flip!!

"You're just... Not my type, Kevin. I like guys that don't treat people like you do." He said slinging my backpack over his shoulder. "I still can't believe that you don't want a piece of this." I said lifting up the bottom half of my shirt to reveal my perfect abs. He laughs again. "I didn't say you weren't sexy as hell, bro. I said you're not my type. That's all." He said smiling.

I'll make that change. soon enough, he'll be all over me.....

WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM?!? I can't be a faggot like him! I'm Kevin Draper!! The greatest quarterback you've never heard of... Yet. I hate feeling like this. Makes me feel all weird inside, and it's scaring the shit out of me. Anyway, enough about that. It's creeping me out. I head over to my first class after being rudely interrupted by Matthew, and take my usual seat in the back. But I didn't know that he was going to follow me to the same table. "Are you left-handed or right-handed?" He said in a whisper. "right-handed. Why?"

I watched as he went into his own backpack, and pulled out a notebook. He began to pay attention to the teacher as he spoke, and wrote down every little thing he said. Is he going to do my homework for me? Awesome! I love this kid!

No homo....

"Hey, uh.... You maybe wanna... hang out sometime? Just as friends..." I asked trying not to sound gay. He laughed a little quietly. "Sure. I'll hang out with ya." He said writing something Down on a piece of paper, then handing it to me. "What's this?"

"It's my number, bozo!" He said laughing. I felt dumb right there, and my face shows it. "So, are you new here or somethin'?" I asked as my face was a little less red. "No. I've been in your class since freshman year." He replied as he wrote down more notes. "Well, now I feel like a complete dick...."

"Why?" He asked with a half smile. "'Cause I didn't even know that you existed until 25 minutes ago!" I said laughing. He just shrugged.

--------------- My second class was gym, so I didn't need Matt's help until lunch, but I still get this weird feeling in my brain; almost as if I need to be around him. I've only known him for a few hours, so I don't know why I'm feeling this way. It's so confusing. "Faggot!" I hear from the hallway. Curiosity grips me, and I head out into the hallway to see Matt against the wall, and his head hung. "Please... Stop...." He said crying a little. "We hurtin' your feelings, Faggot-boy?!" One boy said. I could tell it was Greg from my football team shouting at him. I could see the hurt in Matt's eyes as his mind received even more hurtful words. I saw his eyes look at me, and I see a twinkle. I didn't understand at first, but I think he felt the same thing that I felt when he said yes to hanging out. "What are you doing?" I said as the 3 boys looked at me. "Let's get outta here, bro..." Another guy said to Greg. I made my way over to him, and he was breathing really fast. "You alright?" I asked. I was answered by a tight hug. "Thank god you're here...." I hear under his breath. I, still a little surprised, returned the hug too.

"No one's ever stood up for me like that, Kev. T-thanks...." He said letting go. "You sure you're ok? You look like you're about to pass out or somethin'." I said leaning against the wall. He wiped away the remaining tears, and he broke out that signature smile of his.

"I'm okay now. Those guys are jerks, anyway." He said with one remaining tear rolling down his cheek. "It's pretty sad that I didn't even notice that this was happening cause of my own teammates. I guess I'm more naïve when I thought I was." I said looking him in the eye.

I leaned against the wall, and Matt stood in front of me. "Y'know, maybe I was wrong about you, Kevin. You're a good guy." Matt said as he put his hands on his backpack straps. He stepped a little closer. "Y-ya think?" I said looking at his lips with slight wide eyes. I saw him stop, and look down at the ground. "I-I'll see ya 'round, Kev..." He said kinda short of breath. He walked off pretty damn quick. I put my head against the wall and sigh to myself.



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