I am Mark Brooks, an eighteen year old high school senior, ready to embark on a new life away from school.  I was interested in the Marines and sat down one evening when my grandfather, who I call Pops, joined my dad and I for dinner.

My mother walked out on dad and I when I was five years old and my grandmother passed away a few years later.  Since then, my family has included just my dad, Pops and I.  I wanted their opinion on my future.  We were also very close not only as a family but also in age.  Like I said, I am eighteen.  My dad is only thirty-three and my grandfather is only forty-eight.  Both my dad and Pops became fathers at the age of fifteen.

I did join the Marines just after my eighteenth birthday and headed off to boot camp.  I had been there only a couple of week when I noticed that my DI (drill instructor) kept watching me closer than the others. 

Sgt. Carter was in his late thirties and was built like a professional wrestler, with huge chest, pecs, and biceps.  The only difference was that his chest, arms and legs were evenly covered with jet black hair.  During the third week of training, Sgt. Carter called me into his private room in the barracks.

"Pvt. Brooks reporting as ordered, Sargent," I said after snapping to attention.

"At ease, Brooks," he replied, looking me over.

After several moments of walking around me and looking me over, he said, "Brooks, I've been watching you and like what I see.  I can make your stay with me very easy or I can end it in a split second.  The choice is up top you."

"What do you mean, Sargent?" I asked.

"If you're willing to do certain things I require and keep your mouth shut, we will get along just great.  If you refuse, your tenure as a Marine will end in a matter of hours."

"Sargent, what do I have to do?"

"Brooks, I want your body.  It's that simple.  If you let me do the things I want, I guarantee you an easy ride and high recommendations.  Do you think you could handle that?"

"I'm not sure, Sir.  May I think about it?"

"Sure, but remember you have to keep this between just the two of us."

"I understand, Sir."

"You're excused," he said.

I left the room with my head spinning, wondering exactly what he meant.  It was obvious that it was sexual, but exactly what did it involve?  In my early teens I had experimented with a buddy by jerking each other off a couple of time and once I had let him suck me off, but nothing else.  We were just curious kids.

A few days later, on a Saturday, Sgt. Carter again called me to his room.  After entering and closing the door as instructed, he looked at me and asked, "Have you thought over my offer?"

He stood before me wearing only a pair of running shorts. I looked over his massive, muscular body.  There was the usual Marine tattoo on his left pec , and a tattoo on each bicep.

I looked him in the face and said, "Yes,sir, I have."

"And just what is your decision?"

"I want nothing more that to be a Marine, and I'm willing to do what ever is necessary to accomplish that goal."

"Very good, Mark.  Whenever we are in private you can call me Rex.  I'm going to give the rest of the squad liberty to check out the base and go to the movies.  after they leave, come back here to my room."

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

 A half hour or so later, Sgt. Carter entered the barracks dressed in fatigues and made his announcement.  Everyone was thrilled, however I was scared.  I didn't know what to expect. As he turned to return to his room, he glanced toward me and winked. Rapidly, the rest of the group dressed and headed out.  Once everyone was gone, I went to Sgt. Carter's room and knocked.

"Who's there?" I heard.

"Mark," I replied.

"Come on in, Mark."

I entered and found him totally naked. As I closed the door he said, "Lock it."

I did after which he told me to undress for him.  I did and as I did, I noticed his long uncut cock begin to stiffen.  The harder it got the harder I got.  Moments later, I stood before him total naked and my cock as hard as steel.  Looking me over he said softly "Beautiful, absolutely beautiful."

I had been on the wrestling team in high school so I was fairly well built.  Rex stepped up to me and gently grasped my hard cock.  As he began to slowly stroke it he leaned forward and began licking then sucking my left nipple.  I unexpectedly moaned softly in pleasure.  After a moment he moved to my right nipple. 

He then began to lick his way down my body and by the time his tongue reached my thick pubic bush he was on his knees. I gasped more loudly as he swallowed my cock balls deep in one swift movement.  I was horny as hell and knew I couldn't hold back for long.

He began slowly sucking my cock and caressing it with his tongue.   After a moment he stopped and pulled off.  Looking u p at me he said, "Grab my head and hold it while you shove that beautiful cock in my mouth.  Then fuck my face hard and fast.  Don't be gentle."

I did as I was told, slamming my hips into his face with all the force I could as I held his head.  it didn't take me long before I felt my climax approaching.  When it erupted, I pulled his head tight against me and shot my huge built up load down his throat.  He hungrily swallowed every drop and when I released his head he took over and began milking my cock dry with his mouth.  Once he was finished, he pulled off and looked up at me and said, "That was even better than I had hoped for. I loved it. I want that as often as possible."

I couldn't believe this huge muscular Marine was such a cock sucker, and I had to admit that I had totally enjoyed it.

He lay on  his bed and had me lay next to him.  He began giving me what he called a 'tongue bath', licking every inch of my body .  It was awesome and such a turn on. As he reached my feet, he lovingly sucked each of my toes, both individually and as a group.  I was in heaven and my cock began rising to attention again.

Once I was totally boned again, Rex reached into a drawer and retrieved a tube of lube and applied some to his hole.  Then with a big smile on his face, he straddled my crotch area and after lifting my hard cock began sitting on it.  Then as the head popped in, he quickly sat on it taking all eight inches in one swift movement.  "Man, that feels so fucking awesome," he said.

He began to ride me like a cowboy riding a bucking bronc.  After a moment, he stopped and without ever removing my cock from his ass, he picked me up and turned around and lay on the bed with his legs pulled up.  "Fuck my ass just like you did my mouth," he said.  I did as instructed and fucked like I had never fucked before, pounding his ass as hard as possible all to his urging me on.  I soon filled his ass with a load almost as big as the one I fed his mouth.

Then, I was totally unprepared for what happened next. 

Without warning, he grabbed my face and quickly began to passionately kiss me on the lips, and forcing his tongue into my mouth.  For some reason I found it extremely erotic and began to kiss him back, offering him my tongue.  We kissed passionately for several moments.

When we parted, he looked at me and apologized saying he didn't intend for that to happen this soon in our relationship.

I looked at him and replied, "I have never kissed a man like that before, but you didn't see me resisting, did you?"

He smiled and gave ma a quick kiss on the lips. 

We lay cuddled together and I found out that he had been gay and into males since his senior year in high school.  He said his first experience was when he saw the football coach alone in the gym showers late one Friday after school.  He said the coach was hard and occasionally stroking on it .  Rex said he stripped and with his own hard cock pointing the way, he entered the showers and quickly dropped and began sucking the coach. He sid he had been wanting to suck a cock and that this was his chance.  he said after he ate the coach's load the coach sucked him off.

I told him about what I had done in high school and that there had been nothing since.  He told me how much he had totally enjoyed it and that he looked forward to receiving my loads many more times. 

I realized that he had never climaxed and reached down and began to fondle his soft cock.  Once it was hard, I stroked him to a wild and roaring climax watching him shoot his huge thick load out onto his hairy body.  As I did, I became more and more curious about what it would be like to suck him off.

Every chance we got I would go to Rex's room and fuck either his mouth or his ass.   He soon began having me fuck his ass with the huge dildos he owned as he sucked my cock.  Then, to my amazement, after he had sucked me off he lubed his ass and had me fist fuck him, going in just passed my wrist.  As I did he spontaneously shot his huge load onto his stomach without either of us touching him.

After our third week together, we began kissing passionately one evening, and after he started sucking my cock, I eased around and after seeing the huge drop of precum emerge from the slit, I licked it off.  The taste was invigorating, and I wanted more.  He gasped audibly as I swallowed his entire cock and began sucking it. To my pleasure, we climaxed together and as his huge thick load filled my mouth, I savored the taste before swallowing. Afterward, we immediately went into a passionate kiss.

I had tasted his cock and loved it.  Now I wanted to feel it in my ass.  The next day he took my virginity, going in slow and easy yet filling me with his seed.  I totally loved it.

We had sex up until graduation.  I had been assigned to administrative school and he told me that he knew just the man to tutor me.  It was Capt. Greg Simmons. 

I arrived at my new post and after settling in reported for training that first day. Things were much more relaxed and Capt. Simmons was extremely friendly.  He lived just off base in a nice apartment and invited me to visit him that Friday. I walked over and when I arrived he was wearing a  skin tight tank top and snug shorts.

"Make yourself at home, Mark, and in private call me Greg."

"Thanks", I replied.

We talked casually for a while after he offered me a beer, then he said, "I had a long talk with Rex about you and he wants me to take you under my wing and see that you get proper training.  I assured him that I would."

He walked over to where I was sitting and had a devilish smile on his face as he sat next to me.

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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