From part 1........

We had sex up until graduation.  I had been assigned to administrative school and he told me that he knew just the man to tutor me.  It was Capt. Greg Simmons. 

I arrived at my new post and after settling in reported for training that first day. Things were much more relaxed and Capt. Simmons was extremely friendly.  He lived just off base in a nice apartment and invited me to visit him that Friday. I walked over and when I arrived he was wearing a  skin tight tank top and snug shorts.

"Make yourself at home, Mark, and in private call me Greg."

"Thanks", I replied.

We talked casually for a while after he offered me a beer, then he said, "I had a long talk with Rex about you and he wants me to take you under my wing and see that you get proper training.  I assured him that I would."

He walked over to where I was sitting and had a devilish smile on his face as he sat next to me.


Part 2...

I felt sure that I knew exactly what he was referring to.  He sat still for a moment then slowly leaned over toward me.  Our faces drew closer and in seconds he pressed his lips to mine.  As I felt him offer his tongue, I immediately responded and offered mine.  Moments later he was leading me to his bedroom.

I ended up spending the entire weekend with him having oral and anal sex over and over. I knew immediately he was very experienced .  During a break in sex, I found out that he had been active since his junior year of high school when his football coach caught him jerking in the showers. He said the coach had him dry off and follow him to his office.  Greg said he did as told and within seconds the coach gad pulled off the towel and was on his knees sucking his cock.  Greg said he was curious and after experiencing his climax, he dropped and blew his coach to completion.  He said he was immediately hooked and had sex with males as often as possible.

Greg and I only had sex at his apartment, avoiding the risk of getting caught by another military personnel.  After several weeks, I arrived and was told that he had a surprise for me.  About half hour later there was a knock on the door.  He answered it and in walked my immediate supervisor, Lt. Glen Simms.

I was extremely curious about his arrival until I saw Greg shut the door then turn and kiss Glen passionately.  After the kiss, Greg smiled and said, "Shall we all get comfortable?"

Immediately they both began to strip and I quickly joined them.  Once we were nude, glen walked over and passionately kissed me for a few seconds before offering me his tongue.  I immediately accepted and offered mine.

When we parted, heard Greg laugh and say, "I knew you two would hit it off."

Glen smiled and said, "I've wanted to do that and more since the day he reported for duty. I was thrilled when you invited me over for the weekend."

I knew then that things were going to get wild.

Before long, Glen and I were in a sixty-nine while Greg fucked my ass.   That weekend, you name it and we did it.  Then, on Sunday before we all parted, Greg was in another room when Glen slipped me a note with his phone number on it.  "Call me tonight."

Later that evening after I had arrived back at my residence on base, I called Glen.  He also lived on base, but being an officer, he had a private one bedroom apartment.  "Come over," he said., then gave me his apartment number.  "I need to talk with you."

I arrived at his quarters and after letting me in he again kissed me then said, "Mark I have wanted to get you alone since the day you arrived.  I wasn't sure if you played or not until I walked into Greg's place Friday and he kissed me in front of you.  I want a weekend with you, just the two of us.  Can we make that happen?"

Glen was in his early twenties and, to me, much better looking and hotter than Greg.  "I'd love to make that happen," I replied.

"Great!" he exclaimed.  "I have access to a cabin out in the woods where we can go nude the entire weekend and it just be the two of us.  We can have sex inside or outside anytime we want."

"I can't wait," I replied. "If he ask me over for the weekend I will just tell him that I have other plans."  We agreed right then that Glen would pick me up in town at the bus station at five Friday evening.

He was right on time and we headed out to the cabin.  It was by a small lake and all on private property that I soon found out was rented out for vacations. We immediately unloaded the car and after putting away the food we stripped and went skinny dipping.

That evening we had sex under the start lovingly sucking each other to completion.  the next morning  we began our day with a hot sixty-nine.  Then, after breakfast, I was caught off guard.

Glen looked at me and asked, "Have you ever done any water sports?"

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well to be totally blunt about it , it is piss play.  Some times you piss on each other.  Sometimes, you piss up a guys ass. And then there are guys that like to have guys piss in their mouth so that they can drink it."

I thought for a moment then smiled and said, "I'll try anything at least once."

He stepped up to me and said, "Great, because I love it all."

"You drink it?"

"You bet I do, straight from the tap," he replied. "I have no problem being a human urinal."

Moments later, I said that I needed to piss and he said he was ready.

Glen got on his knees and said, "Start out spraying it on my head and face and body, then aim straight into my mouth."

I stepped up top him and did as he had told me to.  As I did, I found it to be very erotic and exhilarating. I soon aimed at his open mouth and watched as it filled up then watched him close his mouth and swallow every drop.  Once I was finished, he stood up and said, "Stud, that was awesome.  I loved it and with you being a virgin made it even better." 

He then grabbed me and kissed me and I could taste the remnants of my piss on his lips and in his mouth.  I began getting a full erection, which led to me fucking his ass as we kissed.

Later , I made it clear that when he needed to piss he was to inform me.  Shortly, he said he needed to go. I quickly got on my knees and told him to do to me exactly what I had done to him.

The flow began and it was warm and sensual as it hit my head and face and flowed down my upper torso.  I held my head back and opened my mouth for my first experience with a mouthful of piss.  My mouth filled and I hungrily swallowed it.  It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it was.  I quickly opened  my mouth for more and got my wish.

That weekend was the best I had ever experienced since staring sex with another male.  I was looking forward to more like it. And I got my wish.  After about a year, I was transferred to another base and again, I was told who to look for to meet.

Even when I was sent into the war zone, I knew who was available for sex. And rules were not followed.  many of the other men openly got blow jobs from those willing to give them and that even included the officers.  And it was all kept secret.

During my enlistment, when I returned home on leave, I kept my newfound sexual pleasures to myself.  I was sure that my dad and grandfather, who lived with us, would never approve.  Then, Once my enlistment was over and I returned home, we resumed our pervious life of three men sharing one house.  However, I desperately missed my freedom to have sex with other men. 

I had found employment with a large accounting firm and was making a nice salary.  I soon had enough saved to put down a deposit on an apartment and buy furniture to furnish it.  After getting settled in, that first night was spent at a gay bar where I met a former school friend that I never knew was gay.  We christened my new apartment with hot wild sex.

I visited with my dad and grandpa every weekend but never overnight.  Then, one weekend dad asked me over for dinner on Friday and after I had accepted, I remembered that I had a function for work to attend.  I apologized to dad and he said we could make it the following weekend.

Then on Wednesday, the function was suddenly cancelled.  I decided to make it up to dad and grandpa and go over and take them out to dinner.  After showering and dressing, I drove over to the house to surprise them.

I eased out of the car and up onto the porch.  I checked the door and found it unlocked. You never know what you might find when you try to surprise someone.  I eased into the house and heard soft sounds from the back of the house.  I eased past my old room, grandpa's room and stopped at dad's bedroom door.

Then I was the one that was surprised.

The bedroom door was slightly open and as I peered in, I saw dad and Grandpa both naked in bed in a wild sixty-nine.  Never in all my life had I ever suspected that either of the men that raised me were also into other men.  I watched  and as I did, the oral sex ended without completion and saw Grandpa get into position as dad pulled up his legs, exposing his hole for Grandpa's hard beautiful cock.  Grandpa slid in and fucked dad wildly soon climaxing and filling dad's hole. 

Once it was over, they traded places and dad began sliding his equally hard and beautiful cock into his own father's ass.  As I watched them fuck and kiss, my own cock throbbed wanting release.  I slipped it out of my pants and quickly jerked off.  My load fired out onto the hardwood floor and as it did, dad climaxed in his dad's ass then climbed off.  Grandpa said he needed a shower and headed for the door where I was. 

I had managed to replace my cock in my pants and silently ran for the front door.  I jumped into my car and sped away.  As I did, I remembered hearing Grandpa yell, "What the fuck is on the floor?"

It was then that I remembered that I had shot my load out onto the floor.  Undoubtedly , Grandpa had stepped into it.

I hurried home and Shortly after returning home my phone rang.  I saw that it was my dad and refused to answer.  I was supposed to be at a company function.  he left a message inviting me over for breakfast the next morning.

The next morning I arrived, nervous as hell.  And after walking in, I could tell that dad and Grandpa seemed nervous also.  We made small talk while we ate then after breakfast as we all had another cup of coffee, dad suddenly asked, "Mark, did you come by here last night?"

I paused then said, "No dad. I was at that company function.  Why do you ask?"

"Well, your grandpa had been in my room talking and when he left he found something sticky on the floor in the hall. It looked like semen and we suspicion someone jerked off spying on us."

I really got nervous  then and stuttered as  I said "W-What?"

"It looked like cum," Grandpa said.

I fell silent and stained at them.  They stared back. 

Finally, dad said, "Son, there is something that we think you should know and we don't know how it will affect our relationship."

"What is it, Dad?"

"Son, your grandfather and I are both gay.  We have been having sex together since he moved in with us when you were a small boy.  We were having sex last night and forgot to lock the door and are sure someone came in and saw us.  We have managed to keep it a secret and if it wasn't you, we  are worried that the secret may get out."

They both looked me square in the eyes.  I finally said, "Yes dad, it was me.  The company function was cancelled and I had decided to come over and surprise you two and take you both to dinner.  I slipped in and heard sounds then watched through the opening in the door.  And yes I jerked off just as Grandpa headed for the door to shower."

"Son, I'm sorry you had to find out like that,"  he said, walking over to me.  "We have wanted to tell you for so long."

I stood and stepped up to him  and said "Dad, I'm cool with it," then leaned forward and began tongue kissing him as I rubbed his crotch.  When I ended the kiss e looked at me questioningly.

I motioned for Grandpa to come closer and as he stepped up to us I began rubbing his crotch also and said, "Dad, I'm gay also."


I explained everything starting with basic training and admitted that I had been curious.  needless to say after I finished, I admitted wanting to suck them both and suggested we go to dad's bedroom.  Once there, we all stripped and I sucked them both before they alternated sucking me.  The entire day was spent in bed getting to know each other intimately.  It was so hot fucking both my dad and my grandfather, and having them fuck me. I even had them use me as a urinal. 

I spent many nights at the house and as soon as my lease was up I put my furniture in storage and moved back home. 

Sex was almost daily and it just goes to show that you just never know what might happen.

THE END..........                         Coming soon..... TRUCKING FAMILY



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