Master came home from work today angry as ever; I could tell by the way he was slamming doors as he approached the dungeon where I laid. Nearly naked besides the white underwear that had tears in it and was beginning to turn brown from all the piss and precum that sat inside it. Master still considered me to be untrained, though I've been here as his captive for nearly a week.

As he entered the dungeon I felt my heart beating at an abnormal rate. Master was still in his work shirt. With one button undone at the neck so I could see how furry his chest was. I was terrified but excited. "Are you ready for some fun, boy?" Master said. "When are you going to let me go?" I said, gulping my fear. Master only chuckled and approached the cage.

"Faggots like you never leave a masters side, " he began, "though I've decided, since I like you so much, instead of auctioning you out I'm going to keep you as my slave and we can have fun every day! Now how does that sound?" My mind began racing over the thought of not leaving here and I almost began to cry.

"Fuck you." I said. Master was now at my cage as he began pulling down his shorts. He was wearing leather underwear with a patch where his cock was so he could easily pull it out and put it away whenever. He pulled out his now throbbing cock. "Now suck it Faggot. And do it right this time!"

I went as far back in my cage so I could avoid choking again, but I could never win with Master. He pulled out the keys to the cage, unlocked it, and dragged me by the chains around my wrists out. He then threw me on a bed with leather sheets and a leather pillow, where my head rest, and restrained me to the bed.

Master walked over to a cupboard and pulled a gag with a wide mouth from it. He then got on top of me and put it in. I tried fighting but there was nearly nothing I could do against him. "You fucking bitch. After all that I've done for you, this is how you treat me? Well we're going to fix that attitude right up today aren't we!"

Master began face fucking me. He was gentle, but he also shoved his cock in deep, making it harder to breathe. "Start working that tongue boy," master started, "and breathe through your nose like we talked about! Your wussy body squirms too much when I do this and it pisses me off!"

As I twirled my tongue around masters cock, and he penetrated my throat, I tried communicating my airflow to directly go out and in my nose. It felt like an impossible challenge that needed to be done in order for me to survive. Master slipped off his shirt as he continued face fucking me and noted the effort I was putting in. "Yeah boy, just like that." He moaned.

I felt my cock rise out of fear and excitement as I watched master face fuck me and feel himself up. "Awe fuck yes." Master moaned as he pulled out his now covered in saliva rock hard cock. "Good work!" He said as he began petting my stomach. "Now remind me again, who owns you?" He asked as he removed my gag and put it aside. "Nobody does." I stated.

Master yanked on my balls instantly causing my boner to fade. "I'm done playing games boy. Your rebellious act has got to end." Master got off me and walked back to the cupboard. He returned with a ball gag and a cat-o-nine tails. "Now you should know I hate having to do this," he said as he began to put the ball gag in my mouth, "but I will not have a disobedient slave out of you."

Master then undid my binds and attached me to chains hanging from the wall so my full body was in his reach. "We're going to start with ten whips. After each whip you are to number it from one up. And then you are to thank me for the whip. If you fail to do either of these two steps, I will add another whip to your punishment. Understand?" I nodded, afraid of denying.

Masters first whip was to my chest, and he was not gentle about it. I screamed into the gag, he gave me a moment to respond. "One! Thank you sir!" Through my gag I screamed. His second was also to my chest. I felt a small burning pain. "Two! Thank you sir!" By the fourth whip to my chest I could barely take the pain and master was growing impatient. "Remember to breathe," He reminded me, "that's one more lash."

Master moved to my ass on the sixth lash. I found it easier to count there, but by the ninth I was in more pain and again made master impatient. "You're almost done come on. Don't disappoint me. You have three more whips to go!" Master begged of me. I took the last three hits after that like peeling off a bandaid quickly, I just let him get through with it.

Both my ass and chest now hurt. By surprise, master tongued me through my gag. "I'm proud of you." He said, as he began to pull my gag out of my mouth. "Now let me ask you again, who owns you?" My heart pounded, I was terrified of making him any more mad, so I responded with what he wanted to hear. "You, sir." Master let off a smile.

Master walked to the cupboard, and returned to me again with a leather collar that had a tag on it. "Your new slave name is Wuss," master began, "from now on you will only go by this name while in this dungeon or during certain occasions. If we go out freely not to show you off I will let you use your own name, but be aware that won't happen often."




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