Randy was totally relaxed as he lay on the wrestling mat with a pillow under his head. He had the radio turned to his favorite music station, and had been listening and dozing for the past hour or so. He and Landon had smoked a little pot earlier in the afternoon so he was totally mellow and just floating on a cloud. He and Jason and Landon had had a really productive arms and shoulders workout this morning followed by a group shower, so Randy's arms were looking magnificent. Randy had shoulders and biceps and triceps that were truly phenomenal. He had just had his sixteenth birthday and was about to get his drivers license. His dad had helped him buy a ten year old VW convertible and he was really excited about driving it. It was old, rusty and ugly, but it was his. He and his boys were going to do some major cruising with that top down this summer. With his amazing muscular body, Randy intended to flaunt it for everyone to see. And now that school was out for the summer, he did not intend to put a shirt on for months. It would be a travesty to cover up a body as beautiful as his, and he definitely did not intend to conceal anything. And he was getting a start on building his own harem now with two boys serving his every need and two others 'on call'. He knew that his Master Wade always had at least half a dozen guys on the string, and he definitely wanted to add a couple more before the summer was over. Since he was horny all the time and came three or four times every day, he felt four worshipers was probably the right number to support his ego and his cock.

Randy stretched luxuriantly and yawned. Flexing him big muscular arms, he opened his eyes and looked over at his enormous bulging bicep. He leaned over and kissed it lovingly. God it was gorgeous. This was something else he learned from Wade: how to get turned on by his own body. He knew Wade was madly in love with his own body, and he found it was terrifically exciting just to watch him admire his own muscles in a mirror. Wade was such a gorgeous creature, that it made Randy hot just to look at him and to 'watch him watch himself'. But Randy couldn't help but admire his own body. His body building routines over the past year or so had been incredible and he looked like a fifteen year old Greek god and he knew it.

Turning his eyes downward he admired his massive pectoral muscles, and reaching both hands down, pinched the nipples lightly to give himself some hot flashes. His big chest led down to a tiny 27 inch completely flat muscled waist. Then looking down toward his massive thighs, he smiled as he saw the brown hair of the cute boy whose face was buried in his crotch. Landon had been gently sucking him for almost two hours now as Randy lay completely relaxed, having a wonderfully lazy, laid back afternoon. Just slightly stoned, and in complete repose, and with the most beautiful boy on earth between his legs giving him a long languid blow job, Randy was floating on a cloud of complete contentment.

'Look at me, my pretty little puppy' he whispered. Landon, whose head was resting on Randy's muscled thigh with Randy's cock in his mouth, opened his eyes and looked up at his idol. Landon had been gently sucking Randy's cock all afternoon, and was willing to continue doing it for the rest of his life. He loved sucking Randy's cock, and could never get enough of it. Landon loved it the most when, like right now, Randy was looking him in the eye and watching him suck. He treasured the look of serenity he could see in Randy's eyes while he did everything in his power to make his cock feel fantastic.

'Oh yeah, my little puppy. Your man loves seeing his cock in your pretty face' Randy said with a big grin. 'Smile for me puppy. Give me a big smile around my big prick.' Landon tried to smile as he started to pick up the pace of his sucking. He had been sucking very gently on the almost completely soft cock up to now just like an all-day sucker, but as Randy seemed to be waking up Landon guessed he would want him to pick up the tempo, and it was beginning to grow.

Randy simply admired the gorgeous boy working on his cock for several minutes as he began to get hard. Then he reached down and put a hand on the back of Landon's head, giving him encouragement in his sucking. As he began to get harder, he started pushing Landon's head down more forcefully and his cock gradually went deeper and deeper. Then, finally, jamming Landon's face all the way down on his cock and holding him, Randy rolled over onto his knees dragging Landon over with him, and raised up so he was sitting on Landon's upper chest. Then reaching down and gripped Landon's hair with both hands, he started to pull the boys head up and down on his cock. He was fully hard now with eight full inches pushing into Landon's mouth. Holding Landon's long hair tightly, Randy, getting really hot now, started forcefully jerking the boys head up and down on his cock. Landon's face actually bounced off Randy's crotch with each forceful upward jerk of his head. Randy was getting really hot watching the boys hair flying around, as he gripped it and slammed his eight inches into the back of his throat. God, he loved ramming his cock into a pretty face.

Randy had become quite the dominant stud over the past couple months. Wade was still his Master, and Randy treasured every minute he was allowed to spend with him. Getting fucked by Wade was a new adventure every time and even though Randy left every session very sore and sometimes with bruises, he was always exhilarated. He always learned something new that he wanted to try out on his own boys. Wade was an incredible task master, and always had a half dozen slaves on the string, but Randy knew he was the only one who was learning from him how to be a Master in his own right. Taking lessons learned from Wade, Randy worked very hard over the past couple months training his boys to serve him in just the way he liked it.

As Randy started to cum, he rolled back over onto his back, pulling Landon with him again and held his face as tight as he could into his crotch. He vaguely knew Landon couldn't breathe, but the pleasure of his blasting cock in the tight throat was overwhelming and he wanted it to last and last. As he finished cuming he felt Landon begin to panic, so he gently stroked his hair to calm him as he extended his pleasure as long as he could. Then, finally, he let go of Landon's head and lay back. He heard a huge gasp and loud intake of air as Landon just collapsed on his legs wheezing and panting. Neither boy moved for several minutes.

Looking down at the still panting boy at his crotch, Randy saw his cum all over his crotch. Evidently he had been harder on Landon than usual, because the boy had not even swallowed all his cum.

'Well' Randy said. 'You going to clean it up?'

'Sorry Boss that I made a mess' Landon answered. 'I couldn't swallow because I couldn't breath.' Still panting, Landon busily started licking all the cum from Randy's crotch. Landon's own cock was just beginning to soften, but he hadn't cum. Randy usually didn't allow him to cum because he wanted his total attention directed on the blow job.

Once Randy's crotch was completely clean, Landon looked up at his muscle god whom he was madly in love with, and saw that Randy was watching him intently.

'You control your breath better next time' Randy directed. 'I don't like you making a mess when you should be swallowing it.'

'Yeah Boss, I'm sorry. I know better than that' Landon answered. 'I just got too excited.'

Randy reached down, and grabbing Landon by the hair pulled hard, so that Landon was forced to crawl up his body so the were chest to chest and nose to nose. Holding Landon by the hair Randy said 'How many times have I told you to pay attention to what you are doing. You don't think of anything except how great you can make my cock feel, and you know that. I haven't kicked your ass for weeks now, but it looks like it's about time for a new lesson.'

'Com'on Randy. You know I suck you good' Landon said. 'I'm sorry, but I just forgot this time.'

'Yeah, babe. But it's amazing how a blistered ass will help improve your memory' he said as he reached down and gave him a healthy slap on the butt. 'We'll forget it this time because you're my pup and you've been making me feel good for hours now. You are also my beautiful boy and you know I love you' he said as he tussled Landon's hair with his hand. Landon was thrilled because Randy almost never used the word 'love'. He now realized that smoking some pot and getting a long blow job had put Randy in a super mellow mood. It was no wonder he was letting him off the hook.

Landon was lying nose to nose on top of Randy, held up only by his elbows and staring down into his gorgeous eyes. Fluffing Landon's hair some more Randy said 'you forgot something babe.'

Landon hesitated for only a second and then remembering, said 'Thank you for letting me suck you Boss. I didn't forget to thank you, I just hadn't got to it yet. My superman' he said with a giggle. 'Thank you, thank you, thank you' he laughed.

'Okay' Randy said with a smile as he pulled Landon's face down into a kiss. Randy began to feel Landon's cock as it started to grow against his stomach as they kissed.

'Go ahead my little puppy' he said with a grin. 'Rub your little cock against my abs and let's see what happens.' Putting his hand behind Landon's head Randy continued the kiss as Landon began to move his hips and rub his very hard six inches against Randy's stomach. Landon was doubly excited because he had never cum on Randy before, other than splashing his feet by accident a couple times. And actually, he didn't cum very often in Randy's presence anyway. In fact most of his ejaculations were in the evening at home in bed as he jerked off and day dreamed about sucking and fucking with Randy.

Landon also loved being kissed by Randy because Randy was amazingly good at it. They would many times go on and on and on which made Landon so hot he could hardly stand it. When Randy kissed you, you almost felt like you were being raped.

Continuing to be kissed as he gently moved his hips, it took only a couple minutes for Landon to start shooting on Randy's stomach. He was so hot and so turned on, he was breathing hard and gasping as Randy kept the kiss going.

Finally, Randy broke the kiss and let go of his head. A moment later Landon sat up, and leaning down, very carefully licked all the cum off Randy's abs. Peeking up at Randy's face as he licked, he saw Randy's eyes closed and a look of total serenity on his face. Landon was crazy for that look. There were few things in this world better than licking and worshiping Randy's muscles and watching the look of complete contentment on his face. When he finally finished, Landon grabbed one of the sweat towels and wiped off his own stomach which was dripping with his cum.

'Well, I guess break time's over' Randy said as he opened his eyes. 'Let's get ready to do the leg workout like we planned. Jason's probably outside waiting for us already.' The two boys got up off the mat and each pulled on a pair of gym shorts.

'How's your throat? Are you sore?'

'Yeah Boss, a little' Landon said sheepishly. 'You were kinda rough this time.'

'Yeah, I thought so.' Randy smiled and gave Landon a peck on the lips. 'When you suck me like that, you make me forget myself. But that's okay because I'm ready to get some of that ass anyway' he said as he gave him a friendly slap on the butt. 'But, Jason's expecting to get fucked this afternoon before I take a shower so I'm going to work up a good sweat before then. You can stick around and watch' he said.

'Randy'..' Landon started to say.

'Shut up Landon' he ordered. 'I'm in charge here and you and Jason will damn well do what I tell you to do. And today you'll watch me fuck him. If I have to kick both your asses I'll do it.' Landon knew he didn't have to say anything because Randy was well aware how jealous Jason was, and he knew that Jason would hate having him watch. But Randy always made it clear that he would fuck who he wanted, when he wanted, and they had no say in the matter. Both boys were very much in love with him, and he loved them in return. But Randy's love was sexual and was conditional on total obedience from them and acceptance of his discipline and power as he took his pleasure from their bodies. No sign of jealousy was allowed in Randy's presence. Only once so far had he forced the two boys to worship him at the same time, and he found it incredibly exciting watching them face to face worshiping his muscles with angry sparks showing in their eyes. He also savored their intense competition with each other as they worshiped and tried to outdo each other. It made for super hot sex and Randy was loving it.

Landon opened the door and saw Jason sitting outside on the ground next to it. 'Okay Jason, we're ready now' he said. Jason didn't say anything as he got up and pushed past him and entered the room. Landon was well aware that Jason was bigger and stronger than he was, and as much as possible, he kept out of his way. It was only Randy's tight control that kept Jason from kicking his ass, but it was better not to tempt fate. He stayed away from Jason.

'Okay my babes' Randy said cheerfully. 'Let's get at it.'

Randy had really come a long way in the past couple months. First of all, Wade had picked him up, turned him inside out, and made him into a muscle slave. Then he learned he wanted to be just like him. Maybe not a Master with slaves like Wade, but at least the guy in charge who had someone available to fuck whenever he wanted. Randy also learned the joys of worship from Wade. Randy knew he had a super muscular body and he had learned to love having his boys admire him. Having a rough fuck was great, but getting his muscles licked and worshiped was a great way to start, and to get him all hot and ready.

Jamie was the first boy he fucked, but he belonged to Wade. But Wade didn't mind if Randy had him over to eat his ass every once in a while. Jamie was a genius at licking ass.

Landon was the newest boy and really turned him on, because not only did he give great blow jobs, he was absolutely gorgeous. Randy's favorite was kissing this beautiful boy. On a couple occasions they had spent hours necking and feeling each other up before getting to the fucking. Randy also loved seeing that adorable boy on his knees in front of him looking up with his mouth full and admiring him with those rapturous brown eyes. Landon was in love with his body and his cock and Randy gave him plenty of worship time.

Jason, his regular workout buddy, also gave great head, and he was a real masochist, and loved having rough sex with Randy. He was madly in love, and the more Randy treated him like a dog and kicked him around, the more he loved him. Randy kind of took advantage of the situation, and knowing that Jason would always come crawling back, he was incredibly rough when he fucked. Without fail after a really rough fucking session, Jason always thanked him, waged his tail, and came back for more. Randy understood Jason's incredible jealousy and Landon's fear and hatred of him, and he used it for his own gratification. He knew they both revered him, and he didn't give a shit how they felt about each other, as long as it gave him great sex. All he had to do was make a comment on how good the other one was, and they would redouble their efforts to spice up their worship. He loved it.

Then there was Jack. Jack had still not decided if he was gay or not, although there was no doubt in Randy's mind. And Jack never really got into cock sucking. He gave lousy head and Randy had pretty much given up on that. However, that didn't let him off the hook because he had a cute little ass that Randy loved to fuck. And the fact that Jack hated being fucked made it even better for Randy. Jason and Landon were always so willing and cooperative, that Randy enjoyed Jack just for a change of pace sometimes. It was never dull when he had to force himself on Jack because Jack seldom cooperated. Randy had to hold him down while he beat his ass and gave him a hard fuck. As much as Jack howled and cried, Randy was sure he enjoyed being forced and dominated; and even if he didn't, Randy sure enjoyed it. He usually had Jason or Landon there to watch as he fucked him because he loved having an audience when he held him down, beat his ass, and listened to him beg and cry. Having the boys there pissed them off to no end because they were jealous, and it humiliated Jack that someone would be there to see him getting it up the ass. Overpowering Jack and humiliating him made for some great fuck sessions.

All in all, Randy was happy with his collection of boy toys. Being just barely sixteen and horny all the time, Randy knew he was getting more action than any ten kids in his high school. At least one, and sometimes two, and occasionally three fucks a day. It'd been so long since he'd jerked off that he almost forgot how.

Randy was also very lucky that at only sixteen years of age his parents gave him complete privacy. His workout room in the garage was inviolate. His parents never entered there. He had also convinced his father that he needed a wrestling mat for wrestling practice, so he rearranged his weight lifting equipment and installed the wrestling mat. He'd even got a couple large cushions and some pillows, and installed a sound system to make it really comfortable. The mat got a heavy workout because Randy was fucking someone on it every day.

It was at dinner that evening that Randy's folks dropped the bombshell on him. The first thing they told him was that they were going on a 14 day cruise. That was okay with Randy as long as he didn't have to go with them. The second thing they told him was that his aunt and uncle had a fire at their house and were also going on the cruise with them while the house was being repaired. That was okay with Randy as well. Then the bombshell. Randy's twenty year old cousin was coming to stay with him for those fourteen days. Randy had moaned and groaned and pleaded with his parents to stop it from happening but to no avail. They knew he would hate the idea but they were determined because there was no place for his cousin to stay while the house was being rebuilt. Randy suggested he be allowed to move out and stay with a friend, but they said Steve was a guest and he had to watch the house and act as the host. The discussion finally ended with him storming away from the dinner table to his bedroom and slamming the door.

Randy's cousin Steve. The nightmare on Elm street part two, too! Steve had spent two weeks at their house in the summer for three years running. The summers that Randy was eleven, twelve, and thirteen had seen Steve sharing his bed and his life. Randy was still in elementary school at the time, while Steve was a high school soccer player and was four years older. Being older and bigger, Steve had made Randy's life an absolute hell during those summers. The one and only time Randy complained to his parents, they had told him that Steve was a guest and Randy had to be good to him. And when Steve found out he had complained, he had beat the absolute shit out of him.

As a general rule Randy had to sleep on the floor while Steve was there and many times cried himself to sleep. After all he was only a kid at the time, and Steve was a high schooler and a big muscular hunk. And since Randy's parents were working during the day, Randy virtually became Steve's slave. Randy did all the chores and Steve never lifted a finger. Randy had to bring him drinks and serve him his lunch, and even change the TV channels even though there was a remote. He would always find some excuse to hit him or twist has arm behind his back; like not being quick enough to bring him a drink, or not folding his clothes correctly at night. One of Randy's duties was to turn the shower on and get the water hot, and then wait while Steve showered so he could dry him off afterward. Another daily duty was to get on his knees and take Steve's shoes and socks off and massage his feet every night. When he was feeling particularly mean, Steve would rub his dirty socks in Randy's face and make him sniff them. Steve was also knocking him around constantly. Sometimes, for the flimsiest excuse, he would hit him multiple times just out of sheer meanness, making it as painful as possible, and then watching while a purple bruise began to show. When Steve beat him, he made sure the bruises would be well hidden beneath his clothes, and he was given a death threat if he ever dared to tell his parents about them. Randy cried a lot in those days, and was constantly begging Steve to stop. Steve's answer when Randy begged him not to hurt him, was that he enjoyed beating him up, and besides he should feel privileged that he could serve a high school jock.

As well as beating on him on a regular basis, Steve would also humiliate him at every opportunity. Many days after his parents left for work, he made him put on a diaper, and nothing else, and wear it all day while he waited on him. One time he wouldn't even let him use the bathroom, so he had to go around the house wearing a pissy stinky diaper. One other time Steve even took him into the backyard and pissed all over him, even getting some in his mouth. All in all Steve was an evil son-of-a-bitch.

Steve was always as sweet as pie to Randy's parents, and they thought he was wonderful and could do no wrong. In fact they said he was a good role model, and told Randy he should try to be more like him. With that kind of attitude from his parents, Randy gave up trying to tell them what was really happening. It was hopeless and he just had shut up and take it.

Randy was lying on his bed, still furious with his parents. How could they bring Steve, the monster, back into his life. Part of the reason Randy took some boxing lessons, and went into wrestling as a high school freshman, was because he wanted to learn how to defend himself so no one could ever again treat him like Steve had. It crossed his mind that maybe he should just run away from home.

Then'.. 'plink' '.. A light blinked on in the middle of his brain. 'Wait a minute' he thought. He was no longer a kid, and his cousin would no longer look like a giant to him. Well, maybe not too much of a giant. Maybe; just maybe this was comeuppance time. Here was his nemesis. Here was the guy he hated with a passion. This was the guy who tortured him and pissed on him. Maybe something positive could come out of this event after all. Steve did not visit last year, so he probably didn't know about Randy's body building. He knew from experience that Steve was a powerful guy with big muscles. Steve had pounded him enough times so he knew that very well. But Steve had looked big because Randy was a little kid at the time.

He knew that Steve was now playing soccer at a junior college, so he was probably well muscled. But Randy was not a skinny little kid any more. Steve's dominance was history. These days Randy was fearless. In his two years wrestling he had never lost a match, and coach told him he was probably the best in the state. And although Steve might be bigger and taller than him, chances are Steve didn't know much of anything about boxing and wrestling. He was probably just a big dumb muscled jock. Randy was willing to take him on, and take him down.

In fact, Randy was getting excited about the idea, and that was getting him hard. He was going to tear his cousin a new ass hole. In fact he already had some ideas for getting ready. He was going to put two hooks on the ceiling against the wall by his wrestling area. That was where he was going to tie Steve's up while he kicked the shit out of him.

Oh man. Oh man, this was going to be good! Randy was getting so hot, that for the first time in weeks, he pulled his cock out of his jockeys and starting jerking it. Oh yeah, Steve was going to learn a thing or two. Two things he was definitely going to learn was how much pain he could endure, and how to take it up the ass. Randy was so turned on that he couldn't stop himself and started to shoot. Holding his hand in the way, Randy caught most of the cum to keep from shooting all over the bed. Bringing his hand up, he started licking his own cum. His boys loved his cum and it didn't taste that bad, just kind of gooey. He laughed aloud as he pictured Steve lapping it out of his hand. Oh man, this was so fucking hot. This was going to be a summer to remember.

Trying to control his excitement, Randy pulled on his pants, and ran down to see his parents. He apologized for getting mad, and trying to hide his glee, he told them he would play host to his cousin. Then he ran back upstairs and started making plans.

Steve had always been a husky guy, and to Randy he seemed to be a giant at the time. Now however, Randy didn't care how muscular or strong he was, he was going to totally kick his ass. In fact Randy hoped he was muscular because it would make it more of a challenge, and the pleasure of beating him would be that much greater. Randy had put on thirty pounds of muscle on in the past year, and had become a class A wrestler, right up there with the best in the state. As a wrestler he loved to see the fear in his opponents face when he came to the realization that he was going to lose. Even better, he loved to see the agonizing look of pain in a guys face while he forced him to submit. That was an ultimate turn on. He had no worries about taking on his cousin no matter how big he was. But this was not going to be a normal wrestling match. Just short of breaking his bones, Randy intended to put Steve through more pain that he could imagine. He could hardly wait.

When the day came and his Aunt, Uncle and Cousin showed up, Randy was dressed in an extra large sweatshirt and baggy sweat pants. He had to borrow them from Jack's brother because he didn't have anything loose of his own. As the car pulled up Randy and his folks went out to meet them. Randy was wearing a baseball cap as well as some glasses which he thought made him look like a dweeb. His folks thought it was strange but he told them he wanted to look studious for his cousin.

'Hi Steve' he said as his cousin got out of the car. 'Nice to see you again' he said as he stuck out his hand.

'Yeah, I bet' Steve answered as he shook hands. Steve squeezed his hand, but not overly hard, and Randy did not try to show his strength. It was way too early to make his move.

'Can I get your luggage for you?' Randy asked, acting like a dork as well as looking like one. Taking stock of his cousin, he noticed that he had turned into a real hunky guy. Even through the jacket he was wearing you could see the contour of a nice set of shoulders. The jacket was hanging open and his shapely pectoral muscles could be seen bulging from his tight T shirt with an absolutely flat stomach showing below. He looked to be an inch or two taller than Randy's 5'9' but he didn't seem to have Randy's big muscles, so he probably didn't weigh much more than Randy's 160 pounds. There was no question this guy knew the inside of a gym. He didn't get those muscles from only playing soccer. He was also better looking than Randy remembered; strikingly handsome in fact. Randy liked what he saw, and felt a stirring in his crotch. He was already picturing his cock sliding in and out of that handsome face. Woo wee, this was going to be a fun couple weeks.

Steve got one large suitcase and one small one from the trunk. 'Here kid,' he said leaving the big one by the car. 'Take this one into my bedroom.'

'My bedroom' Randy thought. 'My bedroom. This guy was still the biggest prick in town. This was getting better and better'. Randy grabbed the suitcase and carried it into the house into his bedroom with Steve following. Randy's aunt and uncle and his parents chatted up a storm as he and Steve promptly ignored each other.

After a boring half hour with the adults in the living room, Randy got up and headed out to his workout room. His mom called before he got away, and asked him to show it to Steve.

'Okay, Steve. Com'on' he said. 'I'll show you what dad and I set up in the garage.' Steve followed him as they went out and into the workout room.

'Not bad cous' Steve said. 'Do you use this place much?'

'Yeah I do' Randy answered. 'I like to work out, and I wrestle some too. I've also got some buddies who work out with me sometimes.'

'Well, you look like you've filled out in the last couple years' he said. 'But I work out in the college gym where they're really serious about building muscle. Maybe I can give you some pointers' he said as he pulled off his jacket and tossed it aside. He walked over and picked up a couple dumbbells and standing before the mirrors began to do dumbbell curls. Randy was impressed as his good sized biceps bulged out of the sleeves of his tight shirt.

'What da ya think kid? Pretty impressive eh?' he said with a smirk. 'At least I'll have something to do around this fuck hole for the next couple weeks.'

Steve finally took real notice of Randy's baggy clothes for the first time since he arrived. 'You need to learn how to dress kid. And having all this shit out here and not using it is a waste. But I'll make use of it while I'm here.'

'Now I know you're worried about our folks leaving and just you and me being here together' he said. 'But you just do what I tell you, and keep your ass out of my way the rest of the time. I won't kick your ass unless you really piss me off.'

'Steve, you amaze me' Randy replied. 'You're just as big a prick as you always were. How in the fuck can you even stand to live with yourself?' Randy was getting steamed, but he had to control his temper until his parents left, so he walked out of the garage and went back into the house. Randy was not known for controlling his temper, so as he clenched his teeth he started counting to one hundred.

As he entered the house he found the adults getting ready to leave. They had a several hour drive ahead and were staying in a motel tonight because their ship left early tomorrow morning. Randy's mom had a million directions about taking care of the house, and food in the freezer, and emergency numbers and on and on. He basically let it go in one ear and out the other. Steve came back in from the garage and they all gathered out on the front lawn. Randy and Steve both assured them that all would be well for the next two weeks, and they had nothing to worry about.

Finally they got in the car and pulled away. Steve turned to Randy and gave him a look of annoyance. 'Calling me a prick was not a good way to get started kid' he said. 'I'll chalk that up for the moment, but don't you think for a minute that I'm going to forget it.'

'Steve, you are really something else' Randy said. 'You really amaze me. But right now I'm going to have lunch. Right after lunch, you and me can have a heart to heart.' Randy turned and went into the house.

Randy made a sandwich and had a glass of milk as Steve came in and looked over his shoulder. Steve finally made his own sandwich as Randy totally ignored him.

'Yeah cousin' Steve said. 'I think we definitely need to have a talk. It's been two years since I've been here and you've forgotten how to behave. We gotta talk about that.'

'Okay man' Randy answered, getting all excited and keyed up. Shit, he was dying to get this game started. He was excited and hot and horny and he hoped to fuck this guy before the day was over. But first he was going to beat him to a pulp. 'Com'on man. Let's go out to the garage' he said as he walked out of the house to the garage.

As they entered the weight room Steve said: 'Okay now cous. We need to get a few things straight.'

'I don't know if you're blind or what' Randy interrupted as he stood in the middle of the room 'but I guess you haven't noticed that I'm not the little kid whose ass you used to kick.' Randy took off the cap and glasses, and then pulled the bulky sweat shirt over his head. Waiting just a moment, he pulled the T shirt up and off showing his massive upper body, and then quickly unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the floor. Steve was watching in amazement. Looking at Randy, nobody would think he was barely sixteen years old. Nobody at sixteen had such massive bulging pectoral muscles, with a chest narrowing down to a twenty-seven inch waist, and then bulging out to enormous thighs. And the big round sculptured shoulders, on top of massive melon sized biceps. Randy, wearing just a jock strap, looked like a young superman.

Steve stood there with his mouth hanging open and his eyes bugged out.

'Ah, '.hey cous. You really have changed' he said hesitantly. 'Ah'., it looks like you work out a lot.'

'Now Steve. I'm really anxious for us to have that talk' Randy said with a big grin on his face. 'I've been thinking about this for a long time' he said as he reached down and slipped out of his shoes and pants. He then took a couple steps towards Steve.

'This is really going to be fun Steve' Randy said. 'I've been looking forward to this all week.' Randy grabbed Steve's arm with one hand, and put his other behind his head. Before Steve could even react, and with a quick jerk, he had his arm twisted behind his back and started pulling up. Steve yelped in surprise.

Randy reached around and grabbed Steve's other arm, pulled it back, and now had both arms twisted behind his back. 'Ever do any wrestling Steve?' he asked. Steve groaned in pain as Randy pulled up on both of his arms. Letting go for a second, Randy reached under his armpits and behind his head, putting him into a full nelson and put on the pressure. Steve groaned again.

Then Randy let him go and they turned to face each other. With a very quick movement, Randy slapped Steve's face. 'Hey man, it looks like you don't know shit about wrestling.' Randy quickly slapped him again with the other hand. Then grabbing behind his head, he pulled him in, and turning, put him into a head lock, held him for a moment, and then flipped him over onto the floor falling on top of him.

'Hey man, this is fun' he said as he held Steve in the head lock and squeezed. Steve was finally trying to fight back and get out of the hold, but Randy realized that he knew nothing about wrestling. Randy was going to be able to play with him all he wanted. Randy finally let go and pushing Steve's head back by the chin, got his legs around him into a body scissors. This was Randy's favorite hold, because he had immense powerful thighs, and he knew the hold was painful. He started squeezing.

'Hey man, you ain't shit' he said. 'You got nothin.'

Steve groaned in pain. 'Randy, please' he gasped. 'Randy, don't.' Steve was now getting very much afraid. Steve was proud of his muscled body, and his ability as a soccer player, but he didn't know the first thing about wrestling. And he couldn't believe how massively muscled his young cousin was. And right now he was getting crushed. 'Randy, that hurts. Please Randy.'

Randy couldn't believe how easy this was. Steve was very well built, with nice defined muscles in all the right places. But he obviously didn't know how to use his own strength. Randy let go, stood up, and pulled Steve to his knees. Grabbing his T shirt he ripped it up and over his head and tossed it aside. Randy was impressed with what he saw. Steve had a beautiful build with nice shapely pecs, and washboard stomach, and capped with big round shoulders attached to bulging biceps. Add to that his very handsome face; he was stunning. And Randy knew he was going to own him very soon.

Pulling Steve to his feet, Randy gave him another hard slap to the face, and then slammed his fist to his stomach. Steve fell to the floor whimpering. Randy could not believe that this guy would not, or could not defend himself. Hell, any kid should have some idea of how to defend himself, and Steve was twenty years old. Pushing Steve over on his stomach, Randy grabbed both arms, put his foot in Steve's upper back, and began to pull and twist. Steve let out a yell, and Randy smiled. Yeah, he was beginning to enjoy the sound of Steve groaning. Oh yeah, that was a beautiful sound.

'Randy, please don't' Steve cried. 'Please stop Randy. Please.'

Heavenly, Randy thought with a grin. His abusive cousin was begging. 'Oh man, Steve. I love that' Randy laughed. 'God, I love hearing you beg. Com'on man, keep it up. I wanna hear some more.' Letting go of one of Steve's arms and moving his foot to his shoulder, Randy started twisting just one arm.

'Randy!' Steve screamed. 'You're breaking my arm. Yeeeaaah!? he screamed again. Since Steve was offering little or no resistance, Randy decided to go through some of his wrestling routines. Pulling Steve's head up by the chin, he got him in a headlock again. He held it for only twenty seconds or so until Steve groaned. Then pulling his head back even further, he got him in a reverse head lock and squeezed some more while bending him over backwards. Then with his other hand he slugged him again in the stomach. Steve started to beg him to stop, which turned Randy on to no end. He made him feel super powerful to hear a hunky guy like Steve begging him to stop.

'I'm having fun here Steve' Randy laughed. 'And hearing you squeal and beg is music to my ears. Keep it up babe. I'm lovin it.' Randy continued going through a training routine, moving from one hold to another with practiced precision. He held each hold only long enough to hear a yell or a groan and then moved on to another. He worked on each arm and then each leg until Steve was not moving at all, but was only moaning softly. Every once in a while, when the opportunity presented itself, he slugged him in the stomach. However, he avoided hitting him in the face with his fists. He knew that before long he was going to be watching that handsome face in his crotch, so he didn't want it bruised.

Randy finally pulled him to his feet and pushed him against the wall. Steve was totally out of it and started to slide down to the floor, so Randy had to grab him and hold him up. 'You ain't nothing bitch' he spat. 'Hell, I was goin to tie you up, but why bother. You're nothing but a wimp. You like to bully little kids, but you ain't shit with someone your own size.' Randy slammed him in the stomach again and let him fall to the floor.

Randy walked over to the weight lifting bench and sat down. He was hardly even breathing hard. Steve just lay there moaning softly with tears streaming down his cheeks. Randy was exhilarated. Laying back on the bench and grabbing the already loaded bar, he did twenty quick presses, and slammed the bar down. Damn he felt good. He glanced into the mirror and flexed his muscles. Shit, he not only felt invigorated, but he looked so incredibly hot. He quickly stood up and went through half a dozen muscle poses and admired his hot body. Yeah, he looked and felt so fuckin powerful he could take on the world. Beating up his hunky cousin was a real power trip but he was so keyed up and hot that he wanted more. Steve still hadn't moved from where he fell to the floor and Randy was pissed because it was all over so soon. He walked over to Steve, and rubbed his bare foot over his face and stuck his toes into the open mouth. Steve did not seem to be aware of him at all.

'Shit Steve, you're no fun' he said. 'I wanted this to last for an hour or two so I could really work up a sweat. Fuckin wimp!'

Tired of waiting, Randy went into the house and drank a Gatorade and then came back out. Randy was happy to see that Steve was now setting up against the wall. He walked over to him and pulled him to his feet, still leaning against the wall.

Giving Steve an open handed slap in the face Randy said 'Ready for more Babe? I'm all warmed up now and ready to go around again.'

'Please Randy, don't' Steve whispered as his tears flowed. 'I can't take anymore.'

'I believe the word is submit Steve' Randy said as he held Steve by the neck and banged his head against the wall. 'Tell me you submit.'

'Okay Randy, I submit' Steve whimpered. 'Please stop. I submit.'

'I think that should be: I submit Sir' Randy said as he squeezed Steve's neck. 'You will call me Sir!'

'Yes Sir Randy' Steve sobbed. 'I submit Sir.'

'Wha'dya think of my big muscles cousin?' Randy asked as he stepped back. 'These are the muscles that just whipped your ass?' he said as he preformed the double bicep pose. 'Pretty impressive eh? Not the little kid you used to kick around. Well, that kid's' gone and I live here now and I am your new owner, and I intend to get a lot of enjoyment out of that ownership.'

So far everything was going even better than he had planned, so now Randy walked over to the corner and pulled a pair of handcuffs and a collar out of his gym bag. 'You have just started your lessons in obedience training babe, but that's okay because we have two whole weeks.' Steve did not fight back as Randy grabbed first one arm and then the other and handcuffed his hands behind his back. He then strapped the black leather collar around his neck.

'The first thing I'm gonna do is fuck that tight ass of yours' he said as he jerked his jock strap off and grabbed his hardening cock and started rubbing it. 'I know you respect my muscles now babe, but you're going to respect this muscle even more. Yeah, you're going to have a whole lot of respect for this muscle before you leave here this summer.'

Steve was still groggy and didn't seem to comprehend what Randy was saying.

'I love a tight ass Steve, particularly on a guy who thinks he's straight. The handcuffs are probably not necessary, but it'll keep your hands out of the way while I screw you. That slave collar will give me something to hold on to.' Randy unbuckled Steve's belt, undid his pants, and jerked his pants and underwear down to his ankles. Grabbing him by the cuffs and the collar, Randy forced him to his knees on the mat. Stepping forward, he pushed his now fully hard cock into Steve's face and taking hold, started slapping his with it. God, it was even better than he imagined, to see his eight inches slamming into Steve's very handsome face. Randy had been dreaming about this for days, and he could almost cream just from seeing it. But right now he wanted his ass. Everything else could wait.

Going again to his gym bag he got a tube of cream, and coming back and pushing Steve's face to the floor, started rubbing some of it on his ass. After just a couple seconds he pushed a finger in. Steve tried to pull away, but Randy held him tight by the collar. Randy was not going to torture Steve by fucking him dry, but he wasn't going to be particularly easy on him either. Steve let out a whimper as he jammed two fingers into his ass and fucked them in and out a few times.

Then rubbing some cream on his hard eight inches and holding on to the collar, Randy aimed his cock at Steve's tight hole. Then, pushing gently but firmly, the hole started opening up as his cock forced its way in. Steve screamed and yelled for him to quit, and Randy's cock felt like it was being crushed in the tight hole, but the feeling was fabulous. Randy didn't care if Steve was hurting, in fact he wanted it to hurt, however for the moment he forgot everything except his own exquisite pleasure. Steve continued yelling, which Randy found very annoying. Pulling very hard on the collar, and dragging Steve's head back, almost strangling him, Randy picked up his jockstrap and jammed it into Steve's mouth. Steve still tried to yell, but at least it was now muffled.

Randy was really going to enjoy this. Brutalizing and dominating his abusive cousin was almost as good as the actual fucking. Almost! But now the real thing. With a big smile on his face, Randy began to move his eight inches in and out of the tight ass. The feeling was simply wonderful, but as he pushed deeper it got even better. And finally, he was there; all the way in.

Leaning over Steve's back he whispered into his ear. 'I'm in there babe' he whispered. 'All the way in your ass. You're wimpy cousin is fucking your tight hole.' Steve was not yelling anymore, but was crying and whimpering and mumbling something through the jockstrap.

'Getting my own back now Steve, and it feels great' Randy said as he let go of the collar and grabbed Steve's hair. Jerking very hard, and actually yanking Steve's body up off the mat, he reached his other arm around his waist, and started ramming his cock into the tight ass as hard and fast as he could. He wanted it to last, but the euphoria of finally conquering his cousin was too much, and he started shooting much too soon. But the feeling was electric as surges of pleasure shot through his body over and over as he shot his cum into the tight ass.

Finally he let Steve fall to the mat, and he fell on top of him and just rested for a while.

'That was good babe' he finally said into Steve's ear as he pulled his jock out of his mouth. 'Even a son of a bitch like you can give a good fuck. And now I own you babe. You belong to me and I'm going to show you what that means. Everything you did to me when I was a kid is now coming back to you in spades. And I'm going to love every fucking minute of it.'

Lifting up, Randy pulled his softening cock from Steve's no longer virgin ass. Steve merely groaned.

Just before 3:00 PM Randy sat up on the edge of the bed, Steve was on his knees next to the bed with head bowed and totally nude except for the black leather slave collar and a black leather band around each wrist. He had not moved since Randy ordered him to his knees a half hour before while Randy just lay back and rested.

Over the past two hours Randy had taken Steve through a thorough lesson in obedience training. This time instead of wrestling holds, Randy used only his fists to emphasize his instructions in his training program. Steve was rather slow in comprehending his new position as a slave, but Randy was perfectly willing to continue kicking his ass until he finally did understand. In fact, Randy was rather disappointed that Steve was catching on so quickly, because it was ruining his fun. And Steve had numerous bruises showing just how much fun Randy was really having.

Randy generally avoided Steve's handsome face, except for an occasional slap, but anywhere else was fair game. Steve had now learned to always look at the floor unless told otherwise, and to always say Sir to his young cousin. He also learned that when given an order, he was to obey quickly, and without question. He learned what it was like to rest on his knees with head bowed in front of his Master while awaiting instructions. The beating in the garage had been very effective, and this additional ass kicking session really seemed to do the trick.

'Socks are in the top drawer, and the tennis shoes are right here' Randy said as he pulled on his jock and his gym shorts and sat down on the bed. 'Move your ass and get'em on me.' Steve started to get up, but Randy yelled 'crawl you little shit. Unless I tell you otherwise, you always crawl for me.' Steve crawled over and got the socks, and after crawling back, slipped them on Randy's feet, followed by the tennis shoes.

Randy then took Steve's head in both hands and pulled him into his crotch, rubbing his face back and forth over his cock. Steve put his hands on Randy's thighs to push away.

'Get your fuckin hands behind your back like I told you' Randy yelled. Steve put his hands back behind his back as Randy pulled his head up so they were now eye to eye.

'Ever give anybody a blow job Steve?' he asked.

'Oh Jesus, Randy. Don't! Not that!' Steve whined. 'Please Randy.'

Randy slapped him. 'Call me Sir, you piece of shit. You say Sir every fuckin time you open your mouth.'

'I'm sorry Randy Sir' Steve whimpered. 'But, please Sir. I'm not gay. Don't make me do that Sir.'

'Well, for your information' Randy said. 'I am gay, but it really doesn't make any difference. I suspect that you don't have to be gay to give a decent blow job' he said with a laugh, 'but we're going to find out real soon. And, you're not only going to learn to suck cock; I'm going to train you to beg for it. I'm looking forward to it.'

Randy picked up a leash from the bedside table and snapped it onto Steve's slave collar. Getting up and pulling Steve to his feet he said: 'Okay, get up. Let's go out to the garage. My boy's are already here waiting for our workout.'

Landon was standing outside the garage door waiting for Randy when they got there. 'Hello Boss' he said as he opened the door and let Randy and Steve enter first. Jason was stretching and loosening up in front of the mirrors. Jason and Landon already knew that Randy's cousin was coming, and Randy told them he was planning on working him over, so they were not totally surprised that Steve was nude and on a leash. But imagining it and actually seeing it were two different things.

Both boys were turned on by the erotic scene of Randy leading his hunky cousin with a leash. Randy had not told them how handsome and how nicely muscled his cousin was. They both thought he was hot. Randy took Steve to the wall where he had attached the hooks.

'Jason, bring that chair over here' he said, and Jason picked up the only chair in the room, which they used for some of their exercises, and brought it over to him,

'Arms up' Randy said to Steve. Standing on the chair Randy attached the rings in the leather cuffs to the hooks he had installed on the wall. Standing back and looking at his work, he wished he had put the hooks a little higher so Steve would be on his tip toes, but he was stretched out pretty good so it was okay. And his muscled body looked really good stretched out against the wall, and although there were a number of red and purple bruises showing on his muscular body, Randy was sure they would go away in a couple days.

'Well boys, what do you think of my new ornament' Randy laughed. 'Kinda brightens the place up doesn't it? A pretty little trinket to decorate the wall is just what we needed. Don't you think? Besides, after our workout, he's going to be part of the entertainment.'

'Jesus Randy' Jason said with a grin. 'He's a really good looking guy. You didn't tell us he was he was such a hunk. And, he is so well behaved too' he laughed.

'Seeing him like that makes you want to fuck him doesn't it?' Randy answered. 'Well, be patient, and you'll get your chance. He's already taken me up the ass, and I know he can't wait to gobble my cock. And, as for behavior, he's kinda battered at the moment, but he learns fast, and within a day or so he is going to be my perfectly obedient little puppy.'

Steve's head was down and he showed no reaction to the conversation as he stared at the floor. Pulling Steve's head up by the hair, Randy slapped him lightly on the face. 'Yeah, you're going to be my little punk for the next two weeks, aren't you? Answer me babe' he demanded. 'Say yes Sir.'

'Yes Sir' Steve responded softly.

'Good little puppy' Randy laughed, still holding him by the hair. 'Now tell my boys how much you loved getting my big cock up your ass. Go on, say it. Tell 'em you liked it.'

'I liked it Sir' Steve answered dully.

'See boys' Randy laughed. 'He learns really quick. Now, let's get to that workout.'

An hour and forty minutes later, the boys were laughing and carrying on, and totally soaked with sweat.

'Oh, man. That was a hell of a workout' Randy said as he grabbed both of his boys by the neck and pulled them close. He gave Jason a healthy kiss, and then gave Landon the same. 'Shit, I've kept my hands off you guys for almost two hours, and I can't stand it any longer.' Reaching down he grabbed both boys by the ass and squeezed and rubbed and pinched both cheeks through their shorts as he continued kissing one and then the other. 'You guys make me so fucking hot.' Both boys were grinning with pleasure.

'How ya doin Babe' Randy asked as he turned towards Steve. 'Did ya like seein three hot studs work out? Sorry, we ignored you all this time, but in this garage, working out is serious business.' Randy walked over to him and slammed a fist into his stomach. Steve yelled in pain.

'I asked you how ya doin Babe' Randy said as he grabbed Steve's balls and twisted them viscously. 'Now answer me' he yelled.

'Please Randy Sir' Steve moaned. 'Please don't. I can't take any more Randy. I'll do whatever you want.'

'Well, after three years of you bullying me, I still think I owe ya' Randy growled. 'Payback time can be tuff, but It feels pretty good to me. So, if I ask you somthing, you answer quick, and when I tell you to do something you jump. Otherwise the pain is going to go on and on.'

Randy raised his arm, putting his hand behind his head showing a nice bulging bicep, and pushed his sweaty armpit up to Steve's face. 'Okay, you piece of shit, you know why my armpit is in your face. You know what I want. But I want to hear you ask for it. You want some more pain or will you ask me nicely.'

'Please Randy Sir' Steve whispered with a sob. 'Can I lick your armpit.'

'Well listen to that boys' Randy laughed. 'He said please. This guy's got manners' he said as he pushed his pit into Steve's face. 'Go to it shit face.'

Steve started licking the sweat from Randy's armpit. He was totally beaten and humiliated, and he hurt everywhere from the beatings, and his arms ached from hanging on the wall for so long. His young cousin had proved he was the better man, and Steve just wanted to avoid any more pain. Obedience was his only option if he was to avoid getting beat up constantly for the next two weeks.

When Randy was satisfied that Steve had sufficiently licked his armpit, he pushed the other one in his face. Jason and Landon both had hardons trying to force their way out of their jocks and shorts, as they watched Randy humiliate his cousin. Randy could put on an amazing show when he was in a dominating mood, and either boy would have gladly traded places with Steve.

Randy finally backed off from Steve and said: 'gimmy the chair Jace. Let's get him down.' Jason brought the chair and Randy got Steve down and pushed him to his knees. 'Hey boys,' Randy said. 'Steve says he's never given a blow job before, but he wants to get some practice before he tries my eight inches. Which one of you wants a blow job?'

Jason and Landon both looked somewhat startled because, amazing as it may seem, neither one had ever gotten a blow job. They serviced Randy, not the reverse, and they got their rocks off with a right hand action when Randy allowed it, or at home alone while thinking of Randy.

'Ah, I'll do it Randy,' Jason spoke before Landon had a chance. 'I'd like to have him blow me' he said.

'How about it, Steve? You ready or do I kick your ass again first?' he said as Jason walked over.

'I'll do it Randy Sir' Steve answered. 'Whatever you say.'

'Go to it Jace' Randy directed as he stepped back and walked over to Landon. Jason pulled his shorts down and off, and slipped his jock under his balls forcing them and his hard cock to stick out as he pushed his crotch into Steve's face.

'Lick it slave' Jason said as he rubbed his cock back and forth over Steve's face.

Meanwhile, Randy pulled Landon into a kiss as he slipped his hand inside the boy's shorts and started squeezing his ass. 'How's your ass babe' he mumbled through the kiss. 'Ready for me?'

'Oh yeah, Boss' Landon whispered. 'It's hot and ready for your cock.'

'Good boy' Randy said with a grin. 'Good answer. Now get em off and bend over.' Landon pulled his shorts and jock off, stepped out of them, and bent over as Randy stripped as well. Randy spit on his hand and started rubbing Landon's ass. With plenty of spit and using his fingers, Randy began to loosen Landon up as they both watched the action between Jason and Steve. Jason had now removed his jock strap and had pushed his cock into Steve's mouth. Steve was sucking up a storm and Jason looked like he was in heaven. He obviously was not going to take long to cum from his first blow job.

Randy pushed Landon backwards on the weight lifting bench and lifted his legs over his shoulders. Then taking aim, he slowly started to push his eight inches into the tiny hole. Jason glanced over and felt an instant pang of jealously, and even through the exquisite pleasure from being in Steve's mouth, he wished he was the one getting fucked by Randy.

As Randy eased his cock into Landon's ass, he leaned forward and let a big gob of spit fall into his face. 'Rub it all over babe' he said. 'Get it all over your face.' Landon reached up and smeared the spit all over his face as he stared into Randy's eyes and saw that took of ecstasy. Continuing to stare into Randy's eyes, he started licking the spit from his hand. He made a big deal bout licking his hand clean of all of Randy's saliva, and he could see it was turning Randy on. As Randy finally started the fucking motion, he spit in Landon's face again, and Landon went through the process all over again. Both boys were very turned on.

Jason finally put his hand behind Steve's head and pushed his cock deeper into his face and he heard him gag. He knew he could come at any time, but he wanted to get into Steve's throat first. And he wanted the pleasure to last and last. Besides, Steve had better learn to take his seven inches if he was going to get Randy eight inches later.

Randy was fucking Landon's ass long and slow as he heard Steve began to gag. He loved the sound and knew he would be hearing it a lot from now on. There was no doubt he was going to fuck Steve's face before the day was out. Randy was bent over looking down as Landon's beautiful face, when Landon reached up and rubbed his fingers and hand over his lips. Randy went ahead and spit in Landon's hand and Landon brought it to his face and smeared it all over, and then licked the hand clean again. Landon was so fucking sexy and beautiful, that Randy started fucking hard and fast. He was about to cum.

Just as Randy began to shoot he heard a groan of pleasure from Jason, who was now shooting into Steve's mouth. He heard Steve gagging but evidently it was not interfering with Jason's pleasure. As Randy finished shooting, he dropped Landon's legs from his shoulders unto his arms, and lay down on top of him and started giving him a long deep kiss.

When Randy finally got up off of Landon, he noticed Jason lying on his back on the mat with a big smile on his face. He looked like the proverbial cat that swallowed the canary after enjoying his very first blow job. Steve was sitting on the floor leaning against the wall with a mixture of cum and tears smeared all over his face. He was panting hard. Randy almost felt sorry for him; he looked so sad and miserable. Almost, but not quite.

Randy walked over to Steve, and taking hold of his hair, pulled him to his crotch. 'One of your jobs, my little slave boy, is to clean me up after a good fuck. Now, start licking my cock.' Steve did what he was told without question, and licked Randy's cock, and when Randy pushed against his lips he let it slide in and sucked it. Randy wasn't ready for a blow job right now so he pulled out once it was clean.

'Okay boys' he said. 'Good workout. We'll do it again tomorrow at 3:00. You're going to have to go home today to shower, because Steve is going to be giving me a shower here. But, remember that we've got him for two weeks so I'll see that you each get some time with him. Now get out of here so Steve and I can get back to training. I'll see you tomorrow' Randy said as he walked to the door and gave each boy a pat on the butt and a quick kiss on the lips.

Closing the door, he walked back over to Steve. 'Okay Steve, here's the way it's going to be. Your uniform for the next two weeks is that collar and those wrist bands. I'll handcuff you to the bed at night and you'll sleep on the floor. You will stay close to me at all times, with or without the leash, waiting for orders. You'll do all the cooking and cleaning and anything else I can think of. You'll be ready for me when I get horny and want to fuck. And I get horny a lot. You're also going to learn to take a good face fuck, just the way I like it. We'll do some practicing on sucking later on this evening. And I'm also going to teach you how to beg. It really turns me on to have a guy beg me before I let him kiss my ass. You're not only going to beg to kiss my ass, you're going to beg me to fuck you; you're going to beg to kiss my feet; and you're even going to beg me to piss on you. Once you've learned that, I'm going to take you into the back yard and piss on you just like you did to me that time. I want you to know what it feels like. And when I'm done you're going to thank me for it. I'll see to that. Now, any questions?'

Steve just sat there leaning against the wall with tears in his eyes. Randy got down on his knees, took Steve by the chin and pulled their faces just inches apart.

'I said: do you have any questions?' he said again as he jerked Steve's chin.

'No Randy Sir' Steve whispered. 'No questions.'

'Good boy' Randy said as he leaned forward and gave Steve a quick peck on the lips. 'And who knows, you may even get to like it.'



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