Randy entered the boy's bathroom of the sophomore wing of the high school followed closely by Jason. They took a quick look around and saw that it was empty, so Randy grabbed Jason by the collar of his T shirt and pulled him to the last toilet in the row and pushed him into the cubicle, forcing him to sit down on the toilet. The doors had been removed from the cubicles so the boys knew if anyone walked to the back of the room they would be seen. However, the bulge in Randy's pants showed he was really horny this morning and he was going to get a blow job no matter what.

'Get to it Jace' he ordered. 'And let's make it quick. We're short on time and I'm super hot this morning.' Jason reached forward and unzipped Randy's tight jeans, reached in, and with some difficulty, pulled Randy's hard cock out. Randy immediately grabbed Jason's hair with one hand and his cock with the other, and started slapping his cock all over his face. Randy really enjoyed humiliating Jason a little before allowing him to give him a blow job. Besides, to Jason it wasn't humiliation anyway because he loved it. After just a quick moment of watching his big cock rubbing and banging against Jason's pretty face, he pulled back and pushed his cock into his mouth.

Randy was in such complete control of Jason that it actually amazed him sometimes. Jason had looked up to Randy and had tagged along with him like a little puppy dog ever since they started working out together a little over a year ago. Both boys were amazingly muscled fifteen year olds. But Jason knew he owed his spectacular muscular body to Randy for allowing him to work out with him, and with Randy's very dominating personality, Jason had become his obedient acolyte. Both boys were stand outs in their high school class and most of their classmates were in awe of them. After a year of working out, both had exploded with muscle, and with their high protein diet, their bodies were amazingly cut and defined. Some of the football players in the senior class were bigger and more muscled, but none had the definition of Randy and Jason. And those boys were seventeen or eighteen. There simply were no fifteen year olds around that looked like Randy and Jason.

Jason had always understood who was in charge between them, and with Randy always making the decisions; he just tagged along and was happy to share in the adulation that Randy received. The two of them walking down the hall at school was something to behold. It was like the parting of the waves as everyone stood back looking on with amazement. It didn't hurt that both boys always wore tight jeans, and either a tight T shirt or a tight muscle shirt. Until four weeks ago that had been an acceptable relationship for both of them, but then Randy had decided to change the rules. He decided to dominate Jason sexually as well. Overnight Randy had turned Jason into a worshiping sex slave. Jason immediately fit right into the new arrangement, and wondered if maybe this was what he had been wanting all along. Since then the relationship had changed so that Jason not only admired and worshiped Randy, he was now head over heals in love with him as well. Randy was so gorgeous and so powerful that Jason was now even more delirious with pleasure by just being with him, and he couldn't get enough of Randy's big eight inch cock. Jason now gave Randy a blow job at the beginning of every workout, and sometimes at the end as well and he loved every minute of it. And sometimes, like today, Randy was so hot and horny that he gave him one in the morning before school started. He'd blown him several times out behind the bleachers, but this was the first time actually in the school building.

Randy usually liked a slow build up to his blow jobs, but since the homeroom bell was going to ring in about ten minutes, he pushed his cock deep into Jason's throat. Jason had become an amazing cock sucker over the past month. From a boy who could barely take the head into his mouth without gagging four weeks ago, he could now take all eight inches deep into his throat without choking, and Randy could be just about as forceful as he wanted. And Randy usually wanted to be forceful. Right now, with no build up at all, he started fucking into Jason's throat. As always, it felt terrific and he was really hot, so he knew it wouldn't take long. Starting slow and going deep, and holding Jason's head with both hands Randy enjoyed sliding his hips back and forth and feeling the incredible pleasure of deep throat fucking.

Jason loved having Randy fuck him, both in his mouth and in his ass. He knew Randy's favorite was being able to look him in the eye while pushing his big cock in and out of this face. Jason loved looking up at Randy's gorgeous body and handsome face as he sucked his cock as hard as he could. He loved the look of ecstasy he saw in Randy's eyes as he sucked him. It gave him a thrill every time, to see Randy's face and know that his sucking was driving him into a frenzy. It made him try even harder to give a really fantastic blow job. His own cock was always as hard as a rock when Randy fucked him but Randy only occasionally allowed him to take it out and jerk off. But, after getting slapped around for getting his cock out without permission, Jason had learned not to even touch himself while getting fucked. Actually, giving Randy a blow job was such a turn on that he would usually jerk off later just thinking about it. Right now he was hot and hard but if Randy was going to allow him to jerk off, he would tell him so, and he hadn't said anything yet. So he didn't dare touch himself.

Just then they heard the bathroom door open and someone enter.

'Hey Randy, Jason. You guys in here? What's goin on?' they heard a voice say. Jason tried to pull his head back, but Randy was having none of it, and continued to fuck his face. Glancing around, Randy saw his wrestling buddy Jack walk to the back of the rest room.

'Jesus, guys' Jack said. 'What'er you doin?'

'Whatd'ya think I'm doin' Randy answered. 'I'm getting my morning blow job. Get over here and take a look.'

'Oh man Randy' Jack said in a shocked voice. 'I saw you guys come in here, but I didn't mean to interrupt. I'll see you later.'

'Jack' Randy yelled. 'I said get the fuck over here! I want you to get a good look at what I'm getting here.'

Jack was a real muscle boy, and was one of the top wrestlers in his weight class, but both Randy and Jason were more muscular and stronger and more powerful than he was and he knew it. In fact he had been trying for months to talk Randy into letting him work out with him. Randy and Jason had made phenomenal gains in their muscle building and Jack wanted to get in on it. Both Jack and his best friend Landon had repeatedly asked if they could join them in their workouts.

'Get over here, now' Randy ordered.

'Okay man' Jack said as he walked over to the stall where Randy was standing. He knew from experience that Randy was not to be messed with, so it was better to do what he said. Randy had slapped him around a couple times in the past when he had lost his temper for some reason or other. As he walked up close, Randy grabbed him around the waist and pulled him in tight, actually hugging him so their heads were close together. Jack found his shoulder tight against Randy's and looking down, he saw Randy's muscled pectorals and washboard abs showing through the tight white T shirt, and then on down he saw Jason's pretty face with Randy's hard cock in his mouth. Randy was continuing to hold Jason's head with one hand while he plugged his cock in an out. Then he slid his other hand down from Jack's waist to his ass and squeezed. Jack tried to pull away as Randy held him close giving his ass a pinch. After a second try Jack was able to pull away from his grip.

'Hey man, don't do that' he said in fright.

'It's alright Jacky baby' Randy laughed. 'You can be a part of this if you want.'

'No way man' Jack said backing away.

'Alright Jack' Randy said. 'Get your ass out of here, but don't say a word to anyone or I'll kick your ass good. You got that?'

'Yeah, Randy' Jack replied. 'I get it. I won't say anything' he said as he hurried out of the bathroom.

Randy now started giving his total attention to the blow job. He slapped Jason's face lightly a couple times as he started speeding up his face fucking. He got a thrill every time he slapped Jason around while he was fucking, and he knew it made it even better for Jason. Besides, Randy rationalized that if Jason was totally in love with him, it didn't matter if he knocked him around a little. Jason worshiped him and no matter how rough he got, he knew Jason would always come back for more. Jason was a top notch wrestler on the mats, but with Randy he was a willing cock sucker and worshiper and loved being knocked around and dominated. Jason found it very exciting to be under Randy's control, and have him wallop him and occasionally whip his ass. Jason understood that loving Randy required that he accept a regular amount of abuse, but he was more than willing to be slapped around occasionally because he knew Randy loved doing it. Actually, since Jason started blowing Randy regularly, Randy had become more abusive than ever, but Jason loved him even more for being that way.

Randy suddenly groaned as his cock finally started shooting into Jason's throat. He held his head in tight with his eight inches all the way in as he shot six or seven times. Jason was now so well trained at cock sucking that he could hold Randy's cock in his throat for well over a minute, so Randy liked to keep his cock in deep, right to the end of his ejaculation.

Randy finally pulled out and Jason gasped for breath, and coughed and swallowed. His face was covered with sweat and his hair was pasted to his forehead but he was feelin great. Randy was just standing there with his cock hanging out waiting for Jason to get his breath back, when the bell rang for homeroom. Jason reached up and forced Randy's cock back into his pants and zipped him up as he looked up at Randy with worshipful eyes.

'Thank you Boss' he said as Randy pulled him to his feet.

'That was real good Jace' Randy said as he gave him a quick kiss on the lips. 'Just the way I like it. You're a real pro.'

'Now let's get to class' he said as he gave him a pat on the ass and the boys walked out together.

Later that afternoon in the locker room the guys were changing in preparation for wrestling practice. They had a meet at the end of the week so they had only three practices left to get ready. Randy and Jason were together as always and had stripped down and were getting into their singlets.

'Hey, Randy. Way to go' Landon, one of their wrestling buddies, said, as he walked by laughing and gave Randy a friendly slap on the butt. 'Real cool man. And right here in school too.' Randy looked up in surprise as Landon walked out of the locker room into the gym. Jason turned beet red.

'Oh man Randy' Jason whispered. 'He told on us. That fucker told on us' he said almost in tears. 'Now everybody's going to know. Oh, shit Randy. What are we going to do?'

'No, everyone's not going to know Jace' Randy said angrily. 'Don't you worry about it. I'll take care of this right now' he said as he put his shoes on and headed for the coach's office. He was almost angry enough to chew nails, and someone was going to pay dearly for this.

He was steaming when he banged into coach's office without knocking. Coach was sitting at his desk reading today's schedule, and looked up as his number one wrestler entered. Coach knew Randy was probably the best wrestler in the state in his weight class, and he also knew he was lucky to have him on the team. Randy ruled the wrestling team even though he was only a sophomore, and on a couple occasions he had even started the after school wrestling meeting, given directions, and had everyone working out before coach even got there. Coach didn't like him trying to run the program, but on the one occasion that he asked Randy to stop by his office to make it clear who was in charge, he had been totally intimidated, and actually developed a respectable amount of fear of the boy.

Randy had come in to his office that day wearing only a jock strap, showing his incredibly muscled body, and an obviously very hard cock. He had walked right up to coach's desk and sat on the edge, almost right in coach's face and looking down at him. Coach had moved his chair back as far as he could before hitting the wall, but Randy was still only a few feet away. 'Whas'up coach' he had said. Coach had been so flustered he could hardly talk and had forgotten what he wanted to say. Randy had just sat there smiling and occasionally groping his hard cock through the jock. He knew exactly what he was doing and what he was putting coach through and he was enjoying every minute of it. Coach had hemmed and hawed about something and had finally thanked Randy for coming by. Randy had given him a big grin and as he stood up, stuck his hand into his jock, straightened his cock and said 'whenever you want me coach; whenever'. Coach had not had the nerve to see Randy alone in his office again since then, and he allowed him to do pretty much anything he wanted with the wrestling squad. Randy knew from that event that he had taken control, and also knew he could probably have coach anytime he wanted him. Frightening coach had been an interesting diversion and he was amazed how simple it had been to intimidate him. It also did wonders for his ego to dominate a grown man so easily. Since that time Randy had even found out how to have fun teasing him. Every once in a while when Randy thought coach might be looking, he would give him a big grin and grope himself. It was fun to see how quickly the coach would blush and look away.

As Randy came into the office, Coach could see that he was really angry about something. His heart skipped a beat for a second as he wondered if he had done something to make the kid angry. In all truth, he was a little afraid of this kid.

'Coach' said Randy angrily. 'I've got a problem with Landon and Jack and I need to talk with them right now. I'm gonna take them out back for a talk so we'll be late for practice today.'

'What's the matter Randy?' coach asked. 'Can I help.'

'No you can't Coach' Randy uttered in anger. 'You keep out of it. I'll handle them myself' he said as he stormed out and slammed the door.

Randy marched into the gym where the guys were sitting on the wrestling mats talking and waiting for coach to come out and get things started. Randy marched up to Landon, grabbed him by the front of his singlet and pulled him to his feet. Dragging him along he went to Jack and pulled him to his feet with his other hand.

'Com'on' he said as he pulled them along to the outside door and pushed the bar to open it. As the door slammed behind them he threw both boys to the ground. Getting down on his knees between them and forcing them flat on their backs, he grabbed them each by the neck.

'Okay, Landon' he said menacingly. 'What exactly did Jack tell you today?'

Both Jack and Landon were terrified of Randy. Neither boy even considered trying to defend themselves but just lay back in shock while he shook them violently by the neck. Both of them, like most members of the wrestling team, had dealt with Randy's anger and his fists before. Nobody messed with Randy. And right now, Randy was as mad as either boy had ever seen him. Jack's heart almost stopped and he gasped for breath as he suddenly realized what was going on, and that Randy had found him out and was about to beat the shit out of him.

'Randy, Randy, please' Jack pleaded. 'I didn't mean it. I only told Landon and he said he would never tell anyone else. Please Randy. It was only Landon. We're buddies Randy.'

'You shut the fuck up' Randy yelled at Jack as he shook him violently. 'I'm not talking to you.' Jack was paralyzed with fear.

'Please Randy. I only told Landon. Nobody else. Please Randy, I'm sorry.'

'Now you answer the god damn question' he yelled at Landon, shaking him by the neck. 'What did he tell you?'

'Please Randy. I didn't do anything' Landon replied in terror. 'He just told me Jason was sucking you off in the bathroom this morning. That's all. And, honest to god, I didn't tell anyone else. I wouldn't tell anyone Randy. I promise I won't say anything to anyone.'

Randy stood up pulling Landon with him. Then he gave him a hard right fist to the stomach. Landon cried out and fell back to the ground holding his stomach. Tears came to his eyes as he looked up at Randy.

'Please Randy, don't' he pleaded. 'I'll never say a word. I promise.' Randy bent down grabbing Landon by the hair, and pulled him up so they were eye to eye.

'You even breathe a word of this to anyone and your ass is dead meat' Randy growled. 'Do you understand me?'

'Yes Randy, I understand' Landon answered in fear. 'I promise I'll never say a word. I wouldn't do that to you Randy. I would never do that to you.'

'You and me'll talk tomorrow about keeping secrets' Randy muttered. 'I figure you still owe me. You look me up tomorrow and we'll decide how you're going to pay up. Now you get your ass back in the gym.'

'Okay Randy' Landon said as he jumped up and ran to the door and entered the gym.

Randy just stood there with his hands on his hips looking down at Jack for a few moments. Since Randy had dominated and fucked Jamie, Wade's slave, and Jason, his workout partner, he had been looking around for new material. He had already decided he was going to have Landon, no matter what. He had also considered Jack because both boys had begged him to allow them to workout with him. They were both pretty good wrestlers, with beautiful muscular bodies and very attractive faces. Jack was good looking, but Landon was simply gorgeous. He had to have Landon. If he got Jack as well, it would double the pleasure. Two hot new boy toys to add to his collection. Both boys had commented on numerous occasions how terrific his muscles were looking, so they obviously were lusting for his body already, so it shouldn't be a big deal to get them under his control. And now that he had a threat to hang over their heads, he fully intended to get a lot of pleasure by adding them to his growing harem.

Jack was shaking in terror, and kept trying to speak, but was so frightened that he could hardly get anything out.

'R'R'R'andy' he said his voice quivering and tears coming to his eyes. 'P'P'P'lease R'R'R'andy' he said as he got to his knees before Randy and grabbed his thighs as he looked up. 'P'P'P'lease R'andy. P'P'P.. lease don't. P'lease R'Randy. I'm S'Sorry.'

Randy stared down at Jack for a while before saying anything. 'Jack, I think I've got my temper under control, but it's been very difficult. I want to break every bone in your body, but I'm trying to stay calm' he said. 'But, I'll tell you what. I'm going to give myself time to calm down and think of what you can do to make this up to me. Other than just kicking the shit out of you, I can't think of anything else right now.'

Randy stepped forward so Jack's face was level with his abs. Griping him by the chin and pulling up so his face so it was facing straight up at him, Randy hawked up some spit and spit it into Jack's face. Jack did not make a move as he smeared it all over his face with his hand.

'That's better than a broken arm or broken ribs isn't it Jack' Randy said. 'Maybe a little humiliation will do the trick. What do you think Jack?' Randy said as he grabbed him by the neck and squeezed. 'A little humiliation or do I just beat you half to death. Which is best?'

'Please Randy' Jack answered hoarsely with Randy's hand gripping his throat. 'Please don't Randy. I'm really sorry and I won't ever do it again. Please Randy; I'll do anything you want to make it up to you.'

'Okay Jack' Randy said. 'We'll skip wrestling practice for today. You get your butt in there and change and meet me in the park behind the bleachers in ten minutes. You got that?'

'Sure Randy, absolutely. I'll be there.' Jack answered, relief clearly showing on his face. Any delay would give Randy a chance to cool down and maybe things wouldn't be so bad.

'If I don't see you in ten minutes, your ass is grass' Randy growled. 'If you don't show you'd better move out of the state.' Randy turned and went to the locker room to change.

A few minutes later Jack was standing in the park behind the stadium bleachers, chewing his nails, waiting for Randy as ordered. He was terrified of Randy, and didn't know what to expect, except that he hoped Randy was not going to hurt him too much. He knew he had to show up because the penalty for not showing was too terrible to even contemplate. He hoped that maybe Randy had cooled off by now.

'Hey, Jack, how's it goin' Randy said as he walked up. 'I gotta take a wicked piss. Com'on' Randy said as he put his arm around Jack and started walking him into the park. They walked into the park lavatory and up to the urinal. Still holding onto Jack's waist with his right hand, Randy unzipped with his left hand and pulled out his cock.

'Hold my dick while I piss Jack' he ordered.

'No Randy, please'

'You have five seconds to grab my dick Jack, and then I break you in half' Randy snarled.

'Okay Randy, okay' he said as he reached and gingerly took hold of Randy's cock. 'I got it. I got it.'

'Oh man, I needed that bad' he said as he started pissing. He pissed for only a few seconds and then stopped.

'Get on your knees Jack, so you can see me piss up close' he commanded.

'No Randy, no' Jack was shocked at the command and jerked his hand back and tried to step back.

Randy grabbed him by both arms and roughly manhandling him, pushed him backwards and forced him into a toilet booth and onto the toilet seat. Standing in front of Jack with his cock hanging out of his pants, he grabbed Jack by the hair and slapped him very hard across the face.

'Look at me Jack' Randy demanded Jack was totally terrorized now by Randy's actions, and he was whimpering from the pain in his cheek as he looked up at Randy's intimidating muscles and the angry look on his face. 'Who's Boss here?' Randy asked.

'You are Randy. You're the Boss' he whimpered.

'And who's the asshole who told Landon about my blow job? Hey? Was that you, you little fuck?' Randy said as he grabbed Jack's cheeks and squeezed hard, and then jerked his hair. 'Hey man, maybe I'll just kick your ass, and get it over with.

'Please Randy, I know you're boss. Ow, Randy, com'on. I'm sorry I said anything to Landon. Please Randy, I won't do it again. I said I'd so anything to make it up to you Randy.'

Randy let go of him, and leaned down with his face an inch from Jack's. 'Get your fucking hand back on my cock where I told you.'

'Okay, Randy, whatever you say' Jack answered as he hesitantly put his hand back on Randy's cock.

'Whad'ya say Jack, pretty big hey. And it's not even hard?' Randy said smiling.

'Yeah, Randy. You're bigger than anybody.' Jack now had tears in his eyes. 'Com'on Randy. Whad'ya goin to do to me? Please, Randy, I'm sorry.'

'Rub it a little bit for me Jack. Go ahead. Rub it.' Jack started feeling Randy's cock and felt it start to grow.

'You know what Jack? I still gotta take a piss' Randy said with a big grin as he pushed Jack's hand away from his cock, took hold of both of his wrists, and pulled his arms over his head. He then stepped forward and pushed his cock into Jack's face, actually touching his nose. 'What are we going to do about it Jack?' he joked.

Jack was shocked again. 'I don't know Randy, please man, I don't know. Please don't do nothin Randy' he said as he started to sob.

'Jack, you know what I'll do if you don't cooperate' Randy said as he rubbed his cock over Jack's lips. 'Now you open up your mouth before I get mad.' Holding both Jack's arms above his head with one hand, Randy reached down and slapped him hard across the face again.

'Open your god damn mouth' he yelled. Still holding Jack's arms, Randy reached down and used his fingers to pry Jacks mouth open. 'Good boy Jack' he said as he pushed his semi hard cock into Jack's mouth.

'Just hold it in your mouth for a minute Jack. You don't have to suck it.'

He liked the absolutely horrified look and the fear on Jack's face. And looking down and seeing his cock in someone's face was always a turn on. Jack was sobbing and the tears were flowing. Randy very gradually dribbled a few drops of piss into Jack's mouth. Jack let out a muffled yell and coughed and looked like he was going to throw up as he spit Randy's cock out of his mouth. He choked and coughed violently as Randy continued holding his arms.

'Now let's do that again Jack' Randy threatened as Jack stopped coughing. 'You're going to do this now or I'm going to kick your ass, and then you're still going to do it.' Randy pushed the back of Jack's head against the wall and pried his mouth open again and pushed his cock in.

'Swallow it babe. Be a good boy and swallow my piss' Randy said as he dribbled a few drops in Jack's mouth again. Randy couldn't help but get a huge grin on his face as he watched Jack's adams apple bob up and down as he swallowed. Jack was looking up at him with Randy's cock in his mouth and a look of total terror on his face. Randy loved it and almost laughed aloud. God, it was fantastic controlling a kid like this, and terrorizing him. Randy smiled as he let go of his arms, and gently petted his hair. He was beginning to get hard from the excitement which was going to make if difficult to piss.

'Way to go Jack. That's the way to do it.' Randy pissed another squirt and continued rubbing Jack's hair and kept his hardening cock in his mouth. After a moment, Jack swallowed again, but the tears continued flowing down his cheeks. Randy loved it. Dominating Jack and forcing him to do something he hated was thrilling and gave him an enormous feeling of power. 'Yeah, controlling this kid was intoxicating.' Just for good measure, he gave another healthy squirt of piss in Jack's mouth, and waited for him to swallow.

With his cock now almost fully hard, Randy stepped back, put his hands on his hips, and let loose. His piss started shooting up over Jack's head, but Randy quickly took hold of it and aimed it so the piss went into Jack's face and hair. Jack put his hands to his face but Randy continued to piss on his hands and arms, and finally down his shirt to his crotch. He went on until Jack was soaked from top to bottom.

When he finished Randy just stood there for a while, looking down at Jack, totally drenched in his piss. Jack was still sobbing softly.

'That was your punishment Jack' Randy said softly. 'That wasn't so bad now was it? Maybe better than a black eye and a couple broken ribs, eh?' Jack just continued sobbing.

'Answer me Jack' Randy said threateningly. 'Tell me it wasn't as bad as getting the shit kicked out of you. Speak up' he yelled.

'Okay Randy' Jack sobbed. 'Thanks for not beating me up.'

'Not good enough Jack' Randy growled. 'Tell me you didn't mind me pissing on you. Tell me it was okay because you deserved it. Say it!'

'Okay Randy' Jack said, still sobbing. 'It was okay because I deserved it Randy.'

'Getting better Jack' Randy said. 'Almost there. Now repeat after me: Thank you Randy for pissing on me. Say it!'

'Thank you Randy for pissing on me' Jack said quietly.

'We're done Jack, and I want you to know that I really enjoyed pissing on you' Randy said with a grin as he took hold of Jack's cheeks and looked him in the eye. 'That was fun, and maybe I'll do it again some time. Now you put my cock back in my pants and zip me up.'

Jack hesitated for a moment. Again he was shocked at Randy's orders. Then realizing that obedience was his only option, he crammed Randy's mostly hard cock back into his pants, and zipped him up.

'Jack' Randy said. 'Tell your folks you're going to do your homework with me tonight and come over at 8:30. I think we need to spend some time getting to know each other better. Okay?'

'Randy? But you just said we were done?' He questioned. 'You've punished me enough Randy. Haven't you? What more do you want?'

'I want you at my house at 8:30 tonight and then we'll talk about it'

'Now Jack. Go home and jump in the pool and get that piss smell off of you' Randy said smiling. 'You can easily come up with an excuse for your folks about falling in the pool.' With that, Randy turned and walked out of the lavatory.

When Jack rang the doorbell at 8:30 that evening, Randy was in his bedroom, but he was ready and listening for the bell. Wearing only his tight spandex workout shorts and tennis shoes, he jumped up and hurried to the door to beat his parents to the punch. Opening the door and stepping outside, he grabbed Jack by the arm.

'Com'on Jack. Let's go out to the garage.' Giving Jack a push, Randy led him around the house to the garage, and into his workout room. His dad had closed off the end of the extended garage and made it into a weight lifting room. This was Randy's own private little preserve. It was paneled and had three floor to ceiling mirrors.

Opening the door and letting Jack go first, Randy gave him a hard slap on the ass as he entered. Jack was wearing a sweat shirt and sweat pants

'Hey man, don't do that' Jack said as he entered the weight room. Randy locked the door and followed Jack into the room. Pulling Jack around, Randy gave him a right and a left to the stomach as hard as he could. Jack screamed and fell to the floor holding his stomach as he curled up into the fetal position. Randy got down on one knee and grabbed Jack's neck and pulled him up so they were face to face.

'Jack, you still don't know your place' Randy said as he jerked his head savagely. 'Don't you ever talk back to me again you little prick. You got that?' he said jerking his head again.

'Ow Randy, yeah I got that' Jack gasped, holding his stomach. 'I'm sorry Randy.'

'If I want to grab your ass you'll thank me for it. Won't you Jack?' he said jerking Jack's hair again.

'Yeah Randy. Whatever you say Randy.'

'Now Jack' Randy said calmly. 'You really pissed me off today. And I've still got a lot anger built up inside me which needs to be taken care of. I don't know if you're really sorry for crossing me.'

'Com'on, Randy' Jack whimpered, still holding his stomach. 'I'm really sorry. I told you I was sorry Randy.'

'You saw Jason blowing me and I told you not to tell, didn't I? Didn't I Jack?' he demanded. Still holding Jack by the neck, Randy gave him a hard open handed slap to the face.

'Did I tell you to keep it to yourself? Did I?' Randy shouted. 'Answer me you piece of shit.'

'Yes, Randy. Yes, yes, yes' Jack yelled. 'Yes, you told me not to tell. But I'm sorry Randy. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I told you I was sorry.'

Pulling Jack to his knees, Randy grabbed his arm, twisted it behind his back, and pulled up hard. Jack let out a scream of pain.

'Pay up time Jack. Pay up time' Randy said. 'Tell me you're ready to pay up. Tell me'

'Ow Randy please. Please stop' he said. 'Randy you're breaking my arm' he yelled.

Holding Jack by the arm, Randy maneuvered him over to the bench press on his knees, and then sat in front of him. Letting go of Jack's arm Randy grabbed hold of his face with both hands he pulled him in close so his crotch was just inches away. The super tight shorts Randy was wearing didn't hide anything, and it now clearly showed a big growing cock creeping up towards his belly button.

'I'm really horny Jack' he said. 'Slapping you around makes me real hot. And, you're going to help me on this. Now get yourself together and stop crying' he demanded.

Jack was sniffling and crying and holding his arm as he was forced to look at Randy's growing cock.

'Com'on Randy' he said sobbing and holding his sore arm as he realized what Randy wanted. 'I told you I was sorry. I won't do it again. Com'on Randy, please.'

'Look at me Jack' Randy said as he pulled Jack's chin up and flexed his big pectoral muscles and then performed a double bicep pose. 'You like these muscles Jack? Do my muscles turn you on? You should be happy on your knees in front of me Jack' he said with a grin. 'There are lots of guys around that would love to be where you are right now.'

'Now, if you want me to fuck you up some more before we start that's okay' Randy said as he grabbed Jack's by the hair and jerked hard. 'You know I love beating guys up, don't you Jack? Gimmie a signal Jack and we'll go a few rounds. Then we can get on with it.' Everybody on the wrestling team, including Jack, was afraid of Randy. And now that his stomach hurt, his arm ached, and his hair was feeling like it was being pulled out by the roots; Jack didn't want anymore. He was hurting too much already.

'Okay, Randy. I'll do what you want. Just don't hurt me anymore.' Randy took Jack's hand and put it on his fully hard eight inch cock which was trying to force its way out of the spandex shorts. Jack tried to pull away, but Randy held him tight and started to move his hand up and down the stiff eight inch rod.

'I'm horny Jack' he said. 'And I'm waiting for you to pay up. I know you've always been turned on by my muscles, and I'll bet you're turned on by my big cock as well. Is that right Jack? You like my big cock?'

'Please Randy. I'm not gay' Jack said. 'I'm sorry I told on you, and I'll do anything you want, but I'm not gay and I don't want to do this. Don't make me do this.'

'Don't worry Jack' Randy said laughing. 'It doesn't matter to me if you're gay. I'm sure straight guys can give fucking great blow jobs. In fact, havin a straight guy blow me is a real turn on'

'Now' he demanded. 'Are you going to make this easy, or are you going to have me slap you around some more? You tell me.' Still holding him by the hair Randy pushed his hand aside and pulled his face into his crotch, rubbing it back and forth against his cock.

'No Randy. No, no' Jack mumbled.

'Jack. You're gonna blow me; either now or later. I'm telling you it's going to happen.' Randy jerked Jack's hair again and continued rubbing his face gently over his cock, giving Jack a minute to think about it.

'Party time Jack' he said. 'Pull my shorts down' he ordered. 'Do it!' Randy kicked off his shoes, and then lifted up slightly as Jack took hold of the tight shorts and pealed them down over his hard cock and his muscled thighs.

Randy was now completely nude, and as much as Jack insisted he was straight, he felt a tingling up his spine and his cock started growing as he looked up at Randy's incredible body. Randy looked like an absolute god, a fifteen year old god, and although Jack saw him in the locker room at wrestling practice all the time, seeing his incredible physique nude, with a rock hard cock sticking out, was astonishing. He couldn't believe he was getting a hard on.

As Randy stood up his crotch pushed into Jack's face. Taking hold of his cock he rubbed it all over Jack's face, and when the precum started leaking, he rubbed it back and forth over Jack's lips. Jack reached down and repositioned his cock which was getting hard in his pants. Randy noticed.

'Getting hard I see Jack' he said. 'Gettin turned on just thinking of sucking my cock, and me forcing you to do it? That's good babe. You'll do a better job if you're really into it.'

'Now start licking babe' he demanded. Holding Jack's head firmly, with his cock up against his nose, Randy waited. After a moment Jack stuck out his tongue and started licking.

'Good boy Jack. Good boy' he said. 'You give me a nice blow job and we'll be friends again. I'll forget all about how you fucked me today. That's more than fair babe. So let's get into it.'

'Lick it Jack' Randy said as he let go of Jacks' head. 'All the way up and all the way down. Make my cock feel good Jack.'

Jack obeyed, and started licking Randy's cock from the root all the way to the end and back again. He continued licking for several minutes until Randy finally stopped him.

'My balls now babe' Randy said. 'Lick my balls.' Randy loved getting his balls licked. Watching his big eight inch cock bobbing back and forth over his cocksuckers face was always an incredible turn on and a nice build up towards a hot blow job. After a few minutes of ball worship, Randy pushed Jack's head back and held his hair as he grabbed his cock, and began banging it against his face. God he loved this. Seeing Jack's eyes closed and a grimace on his face as he slammed him with his cock and smeared him with precum was exhilarating. Randy began to realize that humiliating Jack was almost as much fun as slapping him around. Maybe more so.

After a couple minutes entertaining himself at Jack's expense, Randy pulled back and started pushing his cock against Jack's lips.

'Suck time babe' he said. 'You know what a blow job is Jack. Suck me just the way you like to be sucked. Make my cock feel real good. Com'on man. You know how it's done.' Randy pushed a little harder and watched his big cock begin to slide into Jack's mouth. Randy was always thrilled to see his cock sink into a pretty young face, and he watched carefully as it slid further into Jack's wet hole. And surprisingly Jack offered no resistance at all. He was completely under Randy's control. Randy pushed several inches in before Jack started to choke.

'Thank about your girl friend suckin you Jack' he said. 'You wanted her to deep throat and not choke didn't you Jack? Yeah Jack. Did you push it in? Did you choke her? Well, here comes Jack. Deep throat time.'

Holding Jack's head Randy rammed his cock into Jack's throat. He held it for only a couple seconds and pulled back. Jack was choking and coughing and trying to throw up. Randy gave him only a couple seconds to recover and then shoved in again.

'Don't you dare throw up you little shit. You take my cock and you like it!'

'Oh yeah babe' he said as Jack continued to choke. 'Love to hear a stud choke on my cock. Keep it up babe.' Randy kept fucking for a while, giving Jack some recovery time when he really seemed to need it. However, he was really getting hot now and tried to go a little deeper with each thrust. Jack had turned red but he was finally taking each thrust all the way to the root. The idea of raping a guy and fucking his face gave Randy an unbelievable feeling of power. He was hot and ready as he pulled his cock out of Jack's mouth and started jerking it hard and fast. Within seconds he was shooting into Jack's face. As Jack's mouth was open as he was gasping for breath, Randy aimed his cock to send several shots in. The rest went in his face. When he finished he rubbed his cock all over Jack's face covering him completely with cum.

'Oh man Jack, that was terrific' he said. 'You were great.' Jack finally stopped gasping for breath and looked up at Randy, whose sweaty glistening muscles made him look like some kind of god. Jack was turned on in spite of himself, and when Randy gave him a big smile, he couldn't help but give him a slight smile in return.

'That wasn't so bad now was it Jack?' Randy said. 'You always wanted to make love to my muscles anyway, and now you've finally had the chance. Say something Jack.'

'My throat hurts Randy' Jack croaked. Randy reached down and started petting Jack's hair gently.

'Yeah, I know babe, it hurt's at first. But with a little practice you'll be able to take it like a pro.' Jack gave Randy a startled look as Randy grabbed him by the arms and pulled him to his feet. Randy leaned forward and licked some of the cum off Jack's face and then, holding him by the head, gave him a kiss. He stuck his tongue in and swirled it around, and after a moment Jack started kissing him back. Holding Jack's head with one hand, Randy put the other one on his ass, pulling him in close. Jack put both hands around Randy's nude body and hugged him tight as they kissed for several minutes.

'You belong to me now Jack' Randy whispered as they ended the kiss. 'And don't tell me again you're not gay. We both know better.'

'Now get your ass out of here, and I'll see you at school tomorrow.'

When Randy and Jason arrived at school the next morning, Landon met them at the door. Landon had tried calling his best friend Jack last night but couldn't reach him, and never got a call back. He knew Jack had to go and meet Randy and he really wanted to know what happened. It made him very nervous because he didn't know what Randy wanted from him. He wanted to talk to Randy again and convince him that he was innocent since he had not breathed a word to anyone about the blow job after Jack told him.

'Good morning Randy, Jason' he said as they walked up. 'Randy, you know I didn't do anything. I'm sorry Jack told on you, but I didn't say anything to anybody. I really didn't' he pleaded.

'Landon' Randy said. 'You're beginning to piss me off even more. You walked into the locker room yesterday and made a snide remark to Jason and me, and I'm thinking seriously of kicking your ass halfway across the state because of it.'

'Oh shit Randy, I'm sorry.' He had forgotten that he'd made a comment and given Randy a slap on the ass. 'I wasn't telling anybody. I was just impressed that you had Jason blowing you. I didn't mean anything by it.'

'First of all you will apologize to Jason. Right now' Randy demanded.

'Oh man, Jason. I'm really sorry' Landon said turning to Jason. 'I didn't mean anything by it. I'm really sorry I made fun of you, and it'll never happen again.'

'Jason accepts your apology' Randy said. 'But I don't. You still owe me for that pat on the ass. And you're going to pay up. In the mean time you will show me some respect by calling me sir. Got it?' he said.

'Okay Randy' ah sir. I got it.'

'Meet us out behind the bleachers this afternoon after school and we'll talk about what you can do to make it up to me.'

'Yes sir, Randy' Landon answered. The homeroom bell rang just then and the three muscle boys walked into the building together.

After school Randy took his time putting his books in his locker, and then waited while Jason did the same. He wanted Landon to stew for a while, and worry about what Randy was going to do.

Landon was nervously chewing his nails as he saw Randy and Jason coming across the field. He'd been waiting almost fifteen minutes, and was almost beginning to think he might be off the hook, if Randy didn't show. Right now he was so nervous he was about to pee his pants.

Randy walked right up to him and grabbed him by the shirt collar and jerked him up close so they were nose to nose.

'Whad'ya think I should do to you Landon' he demanded. 'How you going to make this up to me.'

As much as Randy enjoyed dominating Jamie, Jason, and now Jack, the guy he had really been wanting was Landon. He had been lusting after him for weeks, and had been looking for an opportunity to trap him. And unknowingly, Jack had created the perfect opportunity for him to do so. Landon was the prettiest boy on the wrestling team and in Randy's eyes, easily the prettiest in the sophomore class, or even the whole school. He not only had a very handsome, almost beautiful face, he was a fairly good wrestler and had very nice muscular body. He was also a quiet, shy, unassuming kid. Randy had always been attracted to him; his light brown hair and his dazzling brown eyes; and since Wade had recently showed him the joys of fucking, he had put Landon right at the top of the list of guys to go after. Randy desperately wanted to kiss that pretty boy face, and he also wanted to put his cock in there as well.

'Well' he repeated. 'How are you going to pay me back for being a prick?'

'Please Randy' Landon said gasping as Randy held him by the shirt. 'I didn't mean anything by it. You know me Randy. You know I wouldn't do anything to you. It was Jack. He told me to say something to you.'

'I guess you don't have any respect for me Landon' Randy said. 'You already forgot to call me sir like I told you.'

'Oh jesus, Randy. Damn, I'm sorry sir. I forgot. I'll call you sir. You know I respect you Randy, sir. I've always followed your orders in wrestling sir.'

Jason just stood off to the side watching and waiting. Randy had not said what he was going to do, but Jason expected him to just slap him around a little. Jason hoped it wouldn't take long, because he was anxious to go Randy's garage and work out. Jason had never cared much for Landon anyway. He was just too pretty, with an almost girlish face. Not that he necessarily acted feminine. He didn't. Jason just thought he was too quiet, too shy, and too pretty.

Randy let go of Landon's shirt and stepped back. 'On your knees Landon' he said. 'Maybe I'll let you beg me to forgive you. Get down there boy.'

Landon gave Randy a startled look. Oh his knees? What did Randy want? Was he supposed to beg? After a moment he sank to his knees in front of Randy.

'Do you want me to beg you to forgive me sir?' he asked.

'No, you don't have to beg' Randy said with a grin. 'What you have to do is blow.' Reaching down Randy unzipped himself and reaching in, pulled his cock out. He pulled on it gently a couple times and it started to grow.

Landon was shocked and a little excited. He had begged Randy several times if he could work out with him in his garage, because he had always admired Randy's muscular body and his excellent wrestling skills. In fact everybody he knew admired Randy's incredible body and good looks. He'd often wished he was Randy's best friend instead of Jason, but he was too shy to ever say anything. And Landon was not averse to giving blow jobs. He had two cousins who gave him blow jobs every time they visited, and he'd even sucked them off a couple times.

'Com'on Randy. You don't really mean it do you?' he asked. 'Not right here in the field, and in front of Jason.' Randy stepped forward, reached one hand behind Landon's head and pushed his hardening cock into his face.

'Open up' was all he said. Landon hesitated while Randy rubbed his cock back and forth over his lips, smearing them with precum. Then he opened his mouth and Randy pushed his cock in. Randy was euphoric. When looking for fuck buddies, Jason had been handy, and Jamie had been an easy catch, but Randy had always pictured beautiful boy Landon on his cock. Damn, this was so fuckin hot. This boy was just as pretty, and maybe even prettier than beautiful boy Jamie. Looking down he gasped in intense pleasure. This boy he'd been lusting after for weeks was finally sucking him off.

'Oh man Landon. That's fantastic' he said. 'Suck on my big cock babe. Suck it'

Jason was surprised when Randy had unzipped, and even more surprised when Landon took him in his mouth without any static. Actually, now that he thought about it, anybody as pretty as Landon probably had to be queer anyway. It also looked like Landon knew what he was doing, from his actions on Randy's cock. This was definitely not his first blow job. Jason also noticed that Randy was not jamming his cock in hard like usual. He was being amazingly gentle. 'What was it with this guy' he thought.

In fact Randy was in heaven. He had dreamed of this event. Super gorgeous Landon on his knees and sucking his cock was so fucking hot. He continued holding his hand gently on the back of Landon's head, just to give encouragement, but he did not try to force his cock into his throat. He let Landon control the sucking and so far he was doing fine. The feeling was exquisite, and he loved looking down and watching his cock slide in and out of Landon's adorable face.

Landon didn't have an enormous amount of practice sucking, but he knew how it was done, and he knew what felt good. His admiration for Randy was endless, and as he looked up at that beautiful muscled body, he got chills of desire. Randy was so muscular and so powerful, that he really was worthy of worship and Landon was excited to be on his knees before him. He reached down and started rubbing his very hard cock through his pants. He was hard as a rock.

Randy was getting really hot, really fast, even without force feeding or deep fucking Landon's throat. Landon was so beautiful and turned him on so much that he couldn't hold back. He started to cum and Landon started swallowing. Randy's whole body started quivering as electricity shot through his system sending surges of pleasure all the way to the tip of his cock. Shooting into Landon's face was absolutely mind-blowing.

'Yeah, yeah, yeah' Randy screamed as he shot into Landon's mouth. Landon was swallowing as fast as he could, as more and more cream shot into his throat. He was so hot and turned on that suddenly his own cock started shooting, right in his pants. He had never had such an exciting ejaculation as he was having right now. Sucking Randy made him delirious with excitement.

Jason was watching in awe as the two boys were grunting and groaning in ecstasy as they came. It was exciting to watch, but Jason wished he was there on his knees instead of Landon. He knew he could give a better blow job than Landon was giving. In fact Randy wasn't even ramming it into his throat like he always did to Jason.

As Randy finally finished cuming, he pulled his cock out of Landon's mouth, and gently taking him by the shoulders, pulled him to his feet. Wrapping one hand around his waist, and the other behind his head, Randy leaned in and started kissing the most beautiful boy on earth. Landon's arms went around him as the two boys started dueling tongues and hugging tightly. Randy just couldn't get enough and wanted this kiss to go on forever. Having craved this kiss for weeks now, he was already thinking he could easily fall in love with this gorgeous boy.

Jason was amazed as the kiss went on and on. And the more it went on, the more disturbed he got. Randy was his! They had been working out together forever, and over the past few weeks Jason had blown him or been fucked by him every day. Randy never kissed him like this. In fact it was usually just a quick peck on the lips. He worshiped Randy and he loved him. What was going on here?

'A' hum' Jason said, trying to get Randy's attention. 'Ah' Randy. What's goin on?'

Randy finally pulled back from the long lip lock and smiled at Landon.

'You are one beautiful boy Landon' he said as he gave him another quick kiss.

Landon was smiling as well. He admired Randy so much, and was thrilled and excited to be with this dominating muscle god. He loved being kissed by him and for the first time ever, he relished sucking a cock. He would be Randy's boy anytime.

'You doing anything right now Landon?' Randy asked.

'Nothing special, Randy Sir' Landon said with a smile, emphasizing the 'sir'.

'Good. Let's the three of us go to my house and work out together. You've always wanted to do this, so now is your chance.' Landon was thrilled that he would finally be allowed to work out with Randy. And maybe, if they could somehow get rid of Jason, he would get to suck him again. He was ready.

Jason felt he had no choice but to go along, but he intended to have a talk with Randy the first chance he got.

Randy grabbed his two boys by the shoulders and they started walking across the field heading towards his garage and his work out room. He grinned to himself, and felt a stirring in his pants, as he realized he was trying to decide which boy would give him his next blow job.



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