Randy was hurting everywhere. His scalp still stung, his ass ached terribly from Wade's very rough fuck; his blistered ass cheeks were killing him, and his throat hurt so much he knew he wouldn't be talking for the next day or so. However, it was all completely secondary and almost insignificant compared to receiving the approval of his Master. All he wanted was for his Master to be satisfied with him, and looking into the smiling face of this gorgeous demigod, he knew that he was.

'May I kiss you Master?' he whispered. As Wade nodded yes, he leaned down and got a long drawn out spit exchanging kiss.

'You did real good slave boy' Wade said after a few moments. 'I'm real proud of you.'

'Thank you Master' Randy answered.

'Okay, slave boy. Let's go take a shower, and then I want you to put that pornographic singlet back on and put on a show for me' Wade said. 'And when Jamie arrives, the two of you together can put on a hot spectacle for me.'

'Jamie's coming here tonight Master?' Randy asked with incredulity.

'Yep. He's on his way and should be here shortly' Wade answered with a grin. 'I intend to have you boys give me a lot more entertainment yet tonight.'

Randy's heart almost stopped as he scrambled off Wade's lap and got on his knees, bent down, and kissed Wade's feet.

'Master' he said fearfully as he kissed his feet again and again. 'Please Master. Don't be mad at me Master. But, I have something to tell you.'

'You want to tell me something about you and Jamie?' Wade asked.

'Y..Yes Master' Randy stuttered in fear. 'P..P..Please M..M..Master, please Master. Don't be mad, but I saw Jamie a couple weeks ago.' Just the thought of Wade's anger made Randy's very sore ass hurt even more. He didn't know how he could possibly stand any more pain.

'Yes Randy, I know all about that' Wade answered with a grin. 'But I hear you didn't just see him. I understand you raped him.'

'Please Master, I'm sorry' Randy said as he kissed Wade's feet again. 'Forgive me Master, but you did tell me how he got in and out of his bedroom window.'

'I told you how he sneaked out of his house at night' Wade said, 'but I didn't tell you to fuck him.' Randy's heart almost stopped for a moment in feat.

Reaching down, Wade pulled Randy's face up, putting his hand under his chin. 'Once Jamie gets here we'll decide on your punishment' he said with a smile. 'But I'm not mad at you. I like having a slave with a little initiative.'

'Thank you Master' Randy said as he kissed Wade's hand. 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.' Randy's intense sigh of relief was audible as he kissed Wade's hand several times.

'Okay, now let's go take that shower' Wade said, getting up and heading for the bathroom.

Wade allowed Randy to wash his fabulously muscled body and then carefully dry him. Once Wade left the bathroom Randy took a quick shower himself and reentered the living room.

'Let's move this sofa into my workout room in front of the mirrors, baby' Wade said. Randy grabbed one end and Wade the other, and carried it into Wade's second bedroom which was set up for working out. They put it against the wall facing the large mirrors. Then Wade picked up a bottle of scented, flavored oil and handed it to Randy.

'Okay slave boy. Rub this oil on this body you're so in love with. Let's get these gorgeous muscles really glowing' Wade said as he admired himself in the mirror. He still showed the fabulous pump from his earlier workout, and there was no question he looked like a god. Lifting his left arm and flexing his bicep, Wade turned and licked it a couple times.

'You do it slave boy' Wade said as he stepped forward, pushing his enormous melon sized bicep into Randy's face. Randy was standing there is awe with his mouth open, watching Wade's incredible muscles flex and swell. Randy leaned forward and licked and sucked and kissed the enormous bicep. He got a chill up his spine from excitement as he rubbed his nose back and forth over the huge muscle and continued licking it. 'God, he is magnificent' he thought.

'Okay, now the oil' Wade said as he stepped back.

Randy had just finished feeling Wade's fabulous body when Wade allowed him to wash him in the shower. The idea of being allowed to feel his muscles again was electrifying. Wade's cock was semi hard from admiring himself in the mirror, but Randy was fully hard, his cock sticking out like a flag pole. Seeing and worshiping and actually touching Wade's body made him so hot he wanted to grab his cock and shoot. He knew he'd come in seconds if he did.

Opening the bottle and pouring some oil in his hand, Randy started rubbing it on Wade's incredible muscles starting with his huge left deltoid. Randy felt more stirring in his crotch as he rubbed the oil on the relaxed but still bulging biceps and triceps. After oiling both arms, Randy put the bottle down and used both hands to rub the oil over Wade's massive chest. He was breathless with desire as Wade pulled his head into the chest.

'Oh god, you're so beautiful' Randy swooned as he licked the oil from Wade's chest. Wade let him lick his pec for just a moment.

'Okay, little boy. That's enough' Wade said laughing. 'Let's not get too hot yet. Just get that oil on my muscles for now. Maybe I'll allow you to lick it off later.' Randy continued rubbing the oil on Wade's muscles, covering his chest and abs, his back, and then getting on his knees and doing his legs.

'Go into my bedroom in the top drawer of my dresser and get the leather pouch and bring it here' Wade instructed. Randy did as he was told and came back with the black leather pouch. As he reentered the room, he stopped in amazement and another hot surge shot through his body and his hard cock bobbed up and down a couple times. Wade's incredible muscular body was gleaming from the oil as he stood in front of the mirror in the nude and went through various poses. Randy actually gasped aloud as he watched. Wade smiled as he saw the astonished look on Randy's face. Wade loved looking at himself in the mirror and admiring his perfectly defined muscles, but having slaves around to admire and swoon over him definitely enhanced the pleasure.

'Put that on me' Wade directed as Randy came into the room. The pouch was black leather with studs on each side, and a studded strap going around the waist and up the ass crack. Randy got on his knees, and as Wade lifted each foot, slipped the pouch on and pulled it up over Wade's legs. Wade's cock was not completely soft, so Randy had to take hold of it as he pulled the pouch up to cover it. Taking his Master's cock in his hand without actually sucking or fucking was exciting. He had never actually touched Wade's cock with his hand before.

Standing up and stepping back Randy looked on with amazement as Wade went through some more muscle poses. Before he looked gorgeous, but now he looked not only gorgeous, but incredibly sexy with his muscles gleaming and the black leather jock barely covering his big cock.

'Oil yourself up slave boy' Wade ordered as he set down on the sofa.

Randy got the bottle of oil and began to rub it all over his muscles as he looked in the mirror. He had done this at home a couple times and loved the look of his muscles glistened like this. What he really found exciting was doing this in front of Wade, who was watching with intense interest. Having Wade admire him made all those hours and hours of workouts completely worthwhile.

'Come over here baby and bring the oil' Wade said. As Randy handed him the oil, Wade turned him around and rubbed it on his back. Then, very gently he rubbed it all over Randy's blistered ass. Randy found that it was very soothing.

'Now baby, put that singlet back on.'

Randy picked up the singles and stepped into it and pulled it up his legs. It was so small that he had to struggle to get it over his thighs. Very gently, he pulled it over his sore ass and up over his shoulders. His cock, which never seemed to go soft when he was with Wade, was sticking straight up reaching for his belly button. Randy pushed it down so it stuck down his leg, almost peeking out of the singlet.

'Go back into my bedroom in the same drawer and get those two leather straps and bring them here' Wade directed.

When Randy came back with them Wade asked if he knew what they were.

'They look like collars Master' Randy answered

'Yes they are. On your knees slave' Wade said. Randy got on his knees and Wade strapped the collar around his neck. 'Look in the mirror slave boy' Wade said. 'You are now officially my slave, with a slave collar to prove it.'

Randy looked and admired his muscled body in the tight singlet with a black studded collar around his neck. He looked as sexy as hell.

'You like that slave boy' Wade asked'

'Yes I do, Master' Randy answered. 'Yes, I really do.'

'Okay, my slave boy' Wade said. 'Let's go back to those body building poses. Show me what you've got and make yourself look sexy for me.'

For the next fifteen minutes or so Randy went through the compulsory poses and all the free style poses he had developed. He could see that Wade liked what he saw.

Finally the doorbell rang and after a couple minute delay, Jamie came into the room. Without taking note of Randy at all, he got on his knees and kissed Wades feet. Randy looked with amazement that Jamie was wearing nothing but a fake leopard skin loin cloth. No shoes or socks or anything else, but just a piece of cloth hanging down in front and another in back. He looked incredibly sexy. A spectacularly beautiful young Tarzan.

Wade was very pleased with what he saw. Jamie had such a beautiful face, and the loin cloth was totally original and very sexy. He must have changed into it just before entering the room. Jamie's body was coming along nicely as well. As well as having a really beautiful face, he was becoming more and more muscular and was growing into a stunning teenager. Wade reached down and pulled Jamie's face up and gave him a very long kiss.

Jamie was thrilled that Wade was in such a good mood and was already turned on by him. As always, Jamie was overwhelmed because Wade was such a spectacular looking demigod, and now, with his muscles oiled and glistening, he was so ravishing that it took his breath away to see him. And to see that gorgeous face smiling at him was to die for. He was thrilled that Wade had allowed him to see him again.

'I have something for you, my beautiful little slave boy' Wade siid brightly. 'What is this?' he asked holding up the leather collar.

'Uh....it's a leather strap with studs Master' Jamie answered.

'Yes it is, but it's also a collar. A slave collar' Wade said as he strapped it around Jamie's neck. 'You now officially belong to me. What do you think?'

'Thank you Master' Jason answered. 'I want to belong to you Master.'

'Well, Randy. What do you think of my little jungle boy' Wade asked.

'He looks really sexy Master' Randy answered honestly. That leopard skin loin cloth was a real turn on, and he looked delectable. Randy was remembering how it looked to see that pretty face wrapped around his cock.

Jamie turned and took a really good look at Randy. It immediately caused him to smolder with anger over being used and raped by him. However, this young muscle boy looked better than ever.. And that nylon thing he was wearing was the sexiest thing Jamie had ever seen. He might as well not have been wearing anything at all, and he actually looked sexier and more muscular than if he had been completely naked. It seemed to emphasize his muscles and his big hard cock. Jamie couldn't help but be turned on.

'Get up there next to him Jamie' Wade directed. 'Let me see my two slave boys wearing their new collars. Go through the compulsories for me.'

Jamie got up, went over to Randy and the two boys faced Wade and went through the seven poses. Wade got an incredible feeling of power as he watched these two beautiful boys posing and trying to show off for him. He owned them. And they were here only for his pleasure; and he could to do anything to them he wished. And no matter what he did to them, he knew they would love it and beg for more.

Jamie was feeling better about himself this time. Even though Randy's muscles were oiled and bulging and the hot singlet made him look like a stunning young god, Jamie just accepted that his body would never look like that. He knew his face was prettier than Randy's, and he knew his muscles were growing and that he looked really good. So he just refused to compare his body with Randy's anymore. He hoped that Wade would notice his improvements, and would accept him as being his prettiest and most obedient and dedicated slave

'Jamie' Wade finally said. 'Randy has gone through a lot of pain this evening. He deserved it and he loved it, but I know his ass is hurting. You told me all about Randy breaking into your house, and Randy has admitted it. But, actually, I am impressed that he has the ambition to try to emulate his Master. I like that.'

'Master,' Jamie cried in surprise. 'He's bigger and stronger than I am, and he beat me up and raped me twice. As I told you, he raped me and some other kid as well. It was horrible Master.'

'Well, I didn't give him permission, but I'm impressed with a man who just takes what he wants; just like I do' Wade said with a grin. 'I like the idea of my slave boy being a Master to everyone except me. It makes his obedience and adoration of me even more sensational.'

'So, I've decided to give him a present. You!'

'Master!' Jamie cried in shock. 'Master, what....?'

Wade got up and walked over to Jamie, grabbed him by the neck and looked down at him. 'You are my slave, little boy. And you will do what I tell you to do. And right now I'm giving you to him. You will do whatever Randy wants you to do, and you will take whatever he gives you. You will do it because I'm ordering you to do it. Do you understand that slave boy?'

'Yes Master' Jamie answered with resignation.

Wade turned back and sat on the sofa. 'Go ahead Randy. Put on a show for me' he said.

'Oh, Master, please' Jamie pleaded.

'Shut it babe' Randy said with a smile. 'You belong to me now.'

Randy was just as surprised as Jamie was by the turn of events, but he was suddenly very excited. Nothing could be more exciting than Wade wanting to watch him as he dominated Jamie. He was absolutely thrilled and he intended to put on quite a show for Wade. He turned to Jamie with a great smile on his face.

'I love your loin cloth, jungle boy' he said as he reached down and pushing the loin cloth aside, groped Jamie's cock. 'Very sexy.'

Jamie pushed his hand away, and Randy then gave him a very hard slap across the face.

'Ow' Jamie cried putting his hand to his cheek.

'Wanna hit me back babe' Randy asked. 'Go ahead and try it. Go ahead and hit me' he said as he stepped forward with his face nose to nose with Jamie's.

'Please Randy' Jamie said with tears in his eyes holding his hand to his red cheek. 'Don't hit me. I don't want to fight you.'

'Then don't you dare push my hand aside again or I'll really kick the shit out of you' Randy said as he pushed the loin cloth aside again and grabbed Jamie's balls and squeezed hard.

'Ow, please Randy' Jamie cried in pain, but didn't try to push his hand away.

After another hard squeeze, Randy let go and put his hand in Jamie's face. 'Kiss it jungle boy. Kiss it and tell me how much you want me. Tell me you want to worship my muscles.'

Jamie automatically kissed Randy's hand. 'Please Randy' he whispered.

'That ain't what I said babe' Randy said as he grabbed him by the hair and one arm and jerked him forward so he fell to his knees.

'Tell me you want to worship my muscles, and call me sir' he demanded as he gave him another slap across the face.

'Ow, please Randy sir' Jamie cried. 'Please sir, I'll call you sir. You know I'll do whatever you want. I'll worship your muscles if you want sir.'

Jamie then turned to Wade. 'Master, please' Jamie pleaded. 'Please don't let him do this.' Randy looked around to Wade as well to see how he would react.

'Keep it up Randy. You're doin fine so far' Wade answered completely ignoring Jamie's plea. 'Now do something to make me hot. Gimmy a show that makes my cock hard' he said as he started fondling his cock through the leather pouch. 'This should be fun' he thought. He was looking forward to getting all hot and bothered now, and then joining in and putting the boy's through their paces later.

Randy was thrilled by Wade's comment. Jamie looked so fuckin sexy and Randy was super hot for him. He was not only going to dominate and fuck this older boy again, but he was going to have his demigod Wade watch him. This was incredibly exciting.

Randy grabbed Jamie by the hair and dragged him over to the bench press bench. Jamie yelped at first and then scrambled along on hands and knees. Randy grabbed him by the arms and set him on the end of the bench. He then took the straps of his singlet and pealed it down to his waist.

'Okay, jungle boy, worship time' he said as he bent down slightly and pulled Jamie's face into his chest. 'Com'on babe. Lick that big pec. Worship my muscles with your mouth.'

Jamie did as he was told and started licking and sucking Randy's bulging pectoral muscle. He immediately noticed the smell and taste of the oil on Randy's chest. It tasted similar to honey, and smelled wonderful. As much as Jamie resented and despised Randy for controlling him, his greatest fantasies were always about worshiping muscles. Preferably Wade's, but worshiping Randy's chest was a real turn on.

After a moment, Randy gave him a light slap on the back of his head. 'Yeah, babe,' Randy said. 'Slobber all over my big muscled chest. Really worship my muscles.'

After a few minutes more, Randy moved his head to the other side. 'Com'on. Really get into it' he said as he slapped Jamie again on the back of the head. 'Get that mouth moving all over my chest.'

Wade was rubbing his big nine inches which was fully hard now. In fact it could no longer be contained by the leather pouch, and was sticking up towards his belly button. He'd seen himself get his muscles worshiped dozens of times while watching in the mirror, but had never seen anyone else worshiped before. Jamie was so pretty and Randy was so muscular that it was a real turn on seeing them together. Wade was getting hot.

Grabbing Jamie by his slave collar, Randy pulled him to his feet and flexed his left bicep in his face. 'Lick it babe. Lick those big biceps' he ordered. Randy put his other hand behind Jamie's head and helped direct his face all over his bulging muscle.

After a couple minutes on one side, Randy moved Jamie's head over to the other side. Jamie closed his eyes and worshipfully kissed, licked and sucked Randy's biceps as he pretended that he was doing it to his Master instead.

Finally, Randy pushed him back down on the bench. 'Let's get me out of this singlet, babe. Let's get my cock out so it can breathe.' Jamie grabbed the singlet, and with some difficulty, pealed it down over Randy's hot butt and muscular thighs. Randy's very hard cock popped out in his face.

Randy then pushed him backwards on the bench, pulled up his legs, and got down on his knees. The only ass Randy had ever licked had been Wade's, but right now he was hot to fuck Jamie's ass and he wanted to lick that ass to get it ready. Spitting on Jamie's crack, Randy dove in and started trying to force his tongue in the tight hole.

Wade had taken the leather pouch off since it wouldn't hold his cock anyway, and was jerking his cock gently, keeping it hard, and making it feel good. Watching Randy lick Jamie's ass was hotter than hell. Wade had always opened his boy's asses with his fingers or someone else's tongue, not his own. Licking asses was for slaves, but seeing Randy not only dominating Jamie, but also licking his ass was awesome. Wade had no idea that watching his boys together would make him so hot.

Randy continued developing saliva and forcing it into Janie's ass with his tongue. Randy found that he was really enjoying licking Jamie's ass and was super hot imagining the feeling of his cock sliding into this tight hole.

Jamie knew what was coming and was determined to enjoy it. He liked being fucked and he liked being dominated, so as much as he resented Randy, he knew this was going to be good. Right now he was in seventh heaven with the enthralling feeling of Randy's tongue in his ass. Nobody had ever licked his ass before, and he was luxuriating in it.

Randy finally stood up pushing Jamie's legs up on his shoulders. 'Here comes babe' he said as he aimed his cock at the tight crack and pushed gently. With a steady push Randy's cock slid into Jamie's ass. Randy had only fucked two boy's before: Jamie and Jason, so he was a relative new comer to the activity, but he knew what he liked. And he knew what felt good. Right now, his cock had never felt so good.

Randy began to jack slowly, gradually easing his cock in a little further with each thrust. Forcing his hot cock into that tight little ass was incredible. Gently continuing to jack his cock, Randy finally reached bottom. His balls were finally tight against Jamie's butt.

'I'm in babe' he cooed. 'All the way up your ass. Your ass feels real good around my cock babe.' Now he started to pick up the pace a little, pulling almost all the way out, and then pushing all the way back in. The feeling was phenomenal. He now picked uyp speed and started doing some serious fucking.

Wade was really hot now from the show and from playing with himself. But he was not about to jerk off when he had two slave's here with holes that needed to be filled. Suddenly he jumped up and stepped over behind Randy. He grabbed Randy by the back of his head and pushed him down fiercely. Randy's whole body was driven down violently on top of Jamie and his nose was banged hard onto the padded bench next to Jamie's head. Jamie's feet flew into the air as Randy's shoulders were pushed forward on top of him. Quickly spitting on his hand and rubbing his cock, Wade aimed it at Randy's ass crack and brutally rammed it in hard. Randy let out a scream at the sudden penetration as Wade's hard nine inches bludgeoned all the way up to the hilt into his ass in one hard thrust. Wade was so hot that all he could think of was the intense excitement shooting through his body and his cock, as he pulled almost all the way out and slammed in again. Reaching down, Wade gave Randy two hard slaps on the ass and really started fucking; hard and fast, jerking the two boys and the bench with each thrust. Randy screamed again at the pain in his already very sore blistered butt.

Randy still had his cock up Jamie's ass, and he was really hard, but couldn't do anything with it while Wade was pounding him. Wade was holding him by the shoulders now and pressing him down against Jamie's body and was really going at it. Randy felt the pain in his sore ass from the hard nine inches slamming into him, but he was overwhelmed with the euphoria of being dominated and fucked by his ravishing master. There was nothing on earth like being enslaved and fucked by his muscle god and Randy was now loving it, pain or no pain. Wade was ramming him so hard that Randy's cock was being pushed even harder into Jamie's ass, and the bench was actually moving with each slam against him. Randy was so turned on that he was ready to shoot. He was in heaven.

Jamie was being crushed and banged around by all the action above him. He liked being dominated and fucked, even if it was by Randy, but seeing his Master getting into the action and seeing that gorgeous demigod fucking Randy was so incredible he couldn't stand it. His raging hard on, squashed between his and Randy's stomachs, let go and started blasting. Randy was so hot with his cock up Jamie's ass and his muscle god ramming into him that he let go and starting firing as well. Both boys shuddered and moaned and cried as their cocks shot, and shot, and shot.

Wade was so hot from watching his boys put on their little sex show, that it wasn't taking much to bring him to the peak. He heard them moaning as they came, while he continued ramming his cock into the tight ass a half dozen more times. Then, grabbing Randy's hair with one hand and Jamie's with the other, he jerked their heads back and forth as he growled in ecstasy and started to cum in Randy's ass. Both boys yelled in surprise but Wade was oblivious to it as he violently jerked them around by the hair and continued ramming and blasting into Randy's hot butt. He had never been so excited nor felt such exquisite pleasure in his whole life.

As he finished cuming and started coming down from his sexual high, Wade lay down on top of Randy, squishing Jamie underneath. Jamie however, still panting, was smiling and felt wonderful after what was the most incredible experience he had ever had. Seeing a muscle boy and a muscle god on top of him at the same time had been the most erotic and sexually exciting thing he could have ever imagined. Randy was still puffing as well. The most exhilarating ejaculation of his life had seemed to go on forever. Fucking beautiful little Jamie and being fucked by the Master he worshiped was by far the most phenomenal and electrifying thing that ever happened to him.

Finally, Wade stood up pulling his cock from Randy's ass and stepping back. He glanced in the mirror and saw an amazing vision of a man with enormous muscles gleaming from the oil and the sweat, with a dripping cock sticking out still almost fully hard. He definitely looked like a god.

Reaching down, Wade took hold of Randy's slave collar and pulled him up off of Jamie and the hard cock popped out of Jamie's ass. As Jamie's legs flopped down, Wade griped his collar and pulled him to his feet as well. Both boys were covered with sweat as they turned and faced the mirror. Randy's muscles glistened with the oil and his semi hard dripping shaft was sticking straight out, while Jamie's cum covered loin cloth was bunched up around his waist, and his dripping cock was sticking out as well.

Wade himself was feeling sated as he stepped between his two slaves and put his arms around them. He hadn't intended to get so hot so quickly, and had planned to play with his boy toys for a while first, but the excitement and pleasure from the really hard fuck had been incredible. They would have to lick the oil from his muscles during another fuck session, and Wade planned to have another one real soon.

'Just remember babies. Jamie... Randy...' Wade said, looking in the mirror at each boy in turn. 'You are officially my slaves. Those collars say you belong to me. Got that?'

'Yes Master' both boys answered simultaneously as they stared at their magnificent Master with worshipful eyes.



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