Worthy of Worship - Chapter 6 - Over Confidence

'Yeeeaaaoooh' Randy yelled as Wade hit him again with the belt. He had held out for the first six swats without yelling, but now at number seven the pain was unbearable. Randy was crying now and barely able to speak.

'Thank you Master for correcting me' he blubbered through the tears.

'Stop that god damn crying' Wade yelled at him as he slapped him along side of the head. 'Three more to go slave boy. Now I want to hear you beg me for them. Go ahead. Let me hear it.'

'Please Master' Randy sobbed. ' Ow, Master. Please. It hurts so bad.'

'I said there are three more to go. Now you will damn well beg for them or I'll add some more. Do It!' Wade yelled.

'Yes Master' Randy said, still crying. 'Please Master; I beg of you to give me three more.'

'Okay, baby. That's better' Wade said, softening his voice. 'Now tell me again why you are being punished. Tell me why you want three more swats of the belt.'

'I'm sorry Master. I fucked up again. I'm really sorry Master. I didn't mean too.' Randy was still crying, but very softly.

'I think, little slave boy, this punishment is going to keep you from getting a swelled head again. A good hard spanking will remind you of your place as my slave. Do you believe this will help remind you that you are here to think only of me from now on?'

'Oh yes Master. I will never forget my place again Master. Never, never, never' Randy answered.

Yeeeaaaoooh' Randy yelled as Wade, without warning, laid on another very hard blow with the belt. Randy was crying again, and mumbled something through the tears.

'Speak up so I can hear you' Wade demanded.

'Thank you Master for correcting me' Randy said sobbing.

'That's eight' Wade said as Randy continued to cry.

This all started when Randy had called his Master at exactly 7:15 PM Friday to give him the report on his daily workout, just as he did every Monday through Friday. He had his own cell phone so he didn't worry about his parents listening in and he usually locked himself in the bathroom to have privacy. It had now been five weeks since Wade first found him in the park and changed his life. Wade had shown him a new world of dominance and worship that he did not know existed. Randy had been overwhelmed by Wade's spectacularly muscled body and gorgeous face and dominating personality, and had learned that worshiping Wade was the most exciting thing that ever happened in his young life. Wade was so spectacularly beautiful that even looking at him made Randy gasp with astonishment and reverence. Wade was a demigod that deserved nothing less than total worship and adoration. Wade was like no other man Randy had ever seen, or even imagined existed, and he found that being a slave with Wade as his Master was the most fulfilling occurrence that he had ever experienced.

It had now been three weeks since he had last seen Wade. That had been an incredible experience worshiping Wade and being fucked by him. Randy remembered vividly how painful it was taking Wade's enormous cock up his ass. But he also revived over and over the vision of looking up at that supernatural creature above him holding his legs upon his shoulders; his sweaty muscles gleaming and the sweat dripping down in his face, and the power he felt as his Master's cock was rammed in and out of his ass. The thrill was so intense that the pain simply enhanced the incredible excitement of the experience. Now he was overwhelmed with desire because Wade told him to come over on Saturday, at 6:00 PM. The excitement was so exquisite that he was hard and almost ready to cum even before he hung up the phone. He had shot all the way across the bathroom within seconds of hanging up.

Randy arrived on his bike at about a quarter to six and rode it to the side of the house. Checking to see that no one was about, he pulled off his shorts and wife beater, and got into the tight wrestlers singlet he brought along that was about two sizes too small for him. Wade had told him to look really sexy, and he knew he had outdone himself. The singlet was pure white nylon and almost invisible. Not only that, but Randy had gotten it damp so every pore of his skin was on display. It was so obscene that Randy did not dare wear it in public for fear of arrest for nudity. However, when he tried it on at home in front of the mirror it made him almost crazy with desire. He was so gorgeous and sexy that he wanted to fuck himself, and he knew he was irresistible. He just knew that Wade was going to drool all over when he saw him looking like this. It made his cock hard just putting the singlet on and remembering how he looked in the mirror. But what it really showed were his bulging muscles. Following Wade's directions, his workouts had been phenomenal the past few weeks and his muscles never looked so good. He had worked out just before bicycling over today and man, was he ever pumped. He knew he looked fantastic. The tight singlet looked like it was glued to his big round bulging pecs, his rippling abs, and his fully hard cock, and he looked truly sensational. He was still not quite sixteen but he looked better than most eighteen or twenty year old bodybuilders. He couldn't wait for Wade to see him; how muscled and sexy he looked. He knew Wade was going to be impressed.

At exactly 6:00 PM Randy rang the door bell and entered the house. As he entered the living room he saw Wade sitting on the sofa and gasped in amazement at how spectacular his Master really looked. Each time he saw Wade, it was like a new experience, because without actually seeing him in person, he could not recall how gorgeous Wade really was. He really was a god among men. Wade looked relaxed sitting there wearing only some kind of tight black shorts, like Speedos except made of cotton, but his whole body was covered with a sheen of sweat, and his bulging muscles were truly astonishing. He had obviously just finished working out, and if Randy thought he looked incredible before, he now looked supernatural; beyond human. Randy got even more excited as he realized he was going to be allowed to worship this ravishing muscle god.

Randy slowly walked over, hoping Wade would notice how good he looked, and got on his knees. He kissed each of Wade's feet, put his forehead on the floor, and waited as he had been instructed.

Wade's felt a hot flash shoot through his body down to his cock, which began to grow. 'God damn, this kid is gorgeous' he thought. He was amazed at the size of the muscles showing on this young kid, and the outfit he was wearing made him look spectacularly obscene. The white, super tight singlet was the most suggestive and indecent outfit Wade had ever seen. The kid looked good enough to eat. He was getting hot just seeing this kid, and he wanted to fuck him bad. As Randy kissed his feet, he took a couple deep breaths and tried to calm down. Yes, he wanted to stick his cock up that ass right now, but he needed to hold back. He had plenty of time, so he needed to stay calm so he could enjoy multiple pleasures with this kid. He could get a hot fuck at any time, and he wanted to enjoy the pleasure of a gradual build up to that fuck.

Wade reached forward and pulled Randy's head from the floor so he was sitting on his heels. 'You are looking pretty damn good baby. I really like what I see.' Wade put his hands on both of Randy's round shoulders feeling the hard muscles, and then moved them down to the well defined biceps.

'Thank you Master' Randy said with a huge grin on his face. He was thrilled that Wade was noticing how terrific he looked.

'Show me those biceps baby' Wade directed, and while still on his knees Randy did a double bicep pose. Wade was amazed and very impressed that this kid had made such significant progress in just a few weeks.

'Yeah, baby. You're lookin real fine' he said as he felt Randy's bulging biceps. 'Real fine. And that singlet you are wearing is probably the most perverted thing I have ever seen anyone wear, and I love it. You've got to be the sexiest guy in the state. How on earth did you get over here wearing that?'

'Thank you Master' Randy answered excitedly. 'Actually, I changed into this in your driveway. I was afraid to wear it out in public' he laughed. 'But I knew I looked terrific in it, and I wanted you to see how sexy I looked.'

'You're body is looking great, so those workout routines I gave you are really working.'

'Yes Master. I've been working really hard for weeks now and everybody's telling me how much progress I've been making. My coach and everyone on the wrestling team has told me how great I look and how strong I have become.'

'Yeah, I'm turning you into a real muscle stud baby' Wade said. 'You're making me proud.'

'Thank you Master' Randy answered. 'Can I pose for you now Sit? I've developed some new poses that really show me at my best, and I can't wait for you to see them.'

'I said, you're making me proud baby. Are you happy you're making me proud?'

'Oh yes Master' Randy gushed with pleasure. 'Just wait till you see the new poses and you'll really be proud.'

'You know what Randy?' Wade growled. 'I think you're forgetting your place.. Just how happy are you for making me proud?'

Things were not going quite as Randy had hoped, because Wade seemed to be getting upset. But he was sure Wade would appreciate him more if he would only let him go through his new poses and show him how terrific he looked.

'Please Master' he said. 'Let me go through these new poses and show you how really terrific my muscles look. I assure you, you will be proud of me.'

Wade stood up suddenly, and putting his hand in Randy's face, pushed him hard knocking him over backwards onto the floor. Randy sprawled on his back with a startled look on his face.

'Just who do you think you are?' Wade yelled at him as he kicked him in the balls with his bare foot. Randy let out a yell and doubled up grabbing his crotch.

Wade reached down and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up as he leaned down so their faces were only inches apart.

'Did you forget that I am your Master? Did you forget how a slave is supposed to act? Let me tell you little boy, you are not here to be admired. You are here to satisfy me, and nothing else. Is that understood?' Wade said as he shook Randy's head violently.

'Ow Master. Yes Master. Please Master, I know that' Randy yelled. He was now sitting on his butt, with Wade pulling viciously on his hair. He was really shocked at Wade's reaction and was getting afraid. Wade was enormously muscled and powerful, and could probably break him in half without a thought. In recent weeks he had only remembered how much he loved being with Wade. He had forgotten that Wade's terrible temper was something to be feared.

'What are you here for, slave boy?' Wade demanded jerking his hair again.

'Ow, Master. I'm here to satisfy you Master' Randy answered fearfully.

'And what are you?'

'I'm your slave, Master' Randy said hesitantly as Wade continued holding his hair.

'And how does a slave treat his Master?'

'A slave worships his Master, ah'.Master'

'A slave does not worry about himself, he only thinks of his Master' Wade continued shouting and jerked Randy's hair violently again. 'You are here to think of nothing but how to please me.'

'Yes Master. I'm sorry Master.' Randy was crying now, as much from humiliation as from the pain in his scalp. 'Please Master, forgive me.'

'You are nothing but a piece of shit to me, to use in anyway I wish. Making yourself pretty is for my benefit, not yours you little prick. Now, you kiss my feet and apologize for being a total asshole.'

Randy's scalp hurt like crazy, and his balls ached from where Wade kicked him, but he scrambled around and got back on his knees, and kissed each of Wade's feet.

'Please forgive me Master. I'm really sorry that I acted like an asshole.'

Wade sat back down on the sofa, pretty much calmed down now.

'Again' he ordered.

Randy, very carefully and reverently kissed his feet again. 'Please Master. I'm sorry. Please forgive me' he said.

'Go into my workout room and get the wide black belt that is hanging on the wall near the bench' Wade directed. 'Get it and bring it here to me.' Randy started to get up'..

'Don't stand up you little shit. You don't deserve to stand in my house' Wade said. 'Crawl in there and get it.' Randy went on hands and knees to the workout room and got the belt and crawled back in front of Wade.

'Kiss it and give it to me' Wade commanded. Randy obeyed and kissed the belt and handed it to Wade. He knew what was coming and was getting nervous. Wade was going to spank him. He had never been spanked in his life, but he knew that Wade was angry and he knew he was going to get it.

'I am going to help you remember who is the Master here and who is the slave, little boy' Wade said. 'Do you need to be reminded?'

'Oh no Master' Randy answered. 'Please Master, I'm sorry. I know I am your slave, Master.'

'Well, it seems that you forgot' said Wade. 'A little punishment will help you remember your place. Now take off that obscene singlet and bend over my knees. Let me see that ass.'

'Yes, Master' Randy whimpered as he moved to comply. He pealed the tight singlet down off his chest, to his waist, and then pulled it down over his muscular thighs and off completely. Putting it aside, he bent over Wade's knees. Wade rubbed his hand over the tight little ass, squeezing and pinching it. Oh yeah, this muscle boy had a hot ass. But it was just about to get a lot hotter.

'How much punishment do you need boy?' Wade asked. 'What do you deserve for forgetting that I am your Master?' Randy now had tears in his eyes. He knew this was going to hurt, and he only wished he had behaved better.

'I don't know Master, but I'm really sorry' Randy said with his head dangling down to the floor. 'Please Master, I've never been spanked before.'

'Well listen to me slave boy' Wade said. 'You are going to be spanked now. I'm going to spank you for forgetting your place. And, I'm going to spank you because I'm your Master and you are my slave. In fact I'm going to enjoy spanking your tight little butt' Wade said as he gave Randy a slap on the ass with his hand. 'Is that alright with you slave boy? Do you want me to enjoy spanking you?' he said as he continued squeezing the boy's ass.

'Yes, Master' Randy whimpered as tears dripped from his eyes. 'If you must. I'm really sorry Master, but I want what you want. But I promise to never again forget that I am your slave.'

'Okay baby. Let's start' Wade said. 'I'm going to give you ten strokes of the belt. You will thank me after each one. Ready?'

'Yes Master' Randy answered.

Wham! Wade slammed the heavy belt onto Randy's ass. Randy jerked up and yelped aloud. It hurt a lot more than he expected.

'You will say: Thank you Master for correcting me' Wade ordered.

'Thank you Master for correcting me' Randy mumbled.

Wham! Wade slammed the belt into Randy's ass again. Randy was prepared for the pain this time and let out only the slightest yelp. However, the pain was horrendous. And this was only the second swat.

As Randy gave the required response, Wade smiled brightly. God, he loved doing this. Turning a pretty boy into his slave and then beating the hell out of him was an incredible turn on. Force fucking them was great, but knocking them around first, and making them thank him for it gave him an unbelievable feeling of power. Controlling another human being like this was the ultimate of sexual experiences. Every proper sexual experience that Wade had ever had included a certain amount of pain leading up to his own pleasure of sticking his cock in a mouth or up an ass. Making a slave go through a painful build up to the eventual forced fuck, was absolutely exhilarating. Smiling fiercely he raised his arm to give the boy another swat.

After eight very hard swats, Randy was bawling and begging for mercy. The pain was incredible. However, Wade noticed that he made no attempt to get away. As much as it hurt, he was taking it because Wade demanded that he take it.

Wham! Wham! Wade gave the last two swats one after another in quick succession. Randy screamed in pain after each one. Wade put the belt aside and pushed Randy off on to the floor.

'Say it slave boy. Say it' he demanded.

'Thank'you'Master' Randy stuttered through his sobs. 'F..f..for co..co..co..rrecting me.' Still crying loudly, Randy got on his knees and grasped Wade's leg and started kissing his thigh over and over.

'I'm so sorry Master' he sobbed uncontrollably. 'I'm so, so sorry.' He rubbed his face back and forth against Wade's thigh and then continued to kiss again and again. The pain in his butt was so intense that he couldn't think of anything except how much it hurt and how sorry he was for making Wade do this.

'Please Master, please Master, please Master' he mumbled. 'I'm so sorry, Master. Please forgive me. I love you Master, and I will do anything for you Master' he said as the tears fell from his cheeks and as he continued kissing Wade's thigh.

After a moment, Wade gently took hold of Randy's head in both hands and pulled him up off his thigh, and bending forward give him a deep long kiss on the lips.

'Good boy' he whispered. 'Good boy.' Randy was still sobbing and crying, but he melted at the touch of Wade's lips and the sound of his voice.

'Oh thank you Master, thank you Master' Randy said as Wade let go of his head and set back on the sofa. Randy immediately bent down and started kissing Wade's feet and continued mumbling 'thank you Master' over and over and over again.

Wade watched him kiss his feet for a couple minutes before he spoke.

'Use some tongue baby' he said. Randy immediately started licking and kissing and slobbering all over Wade's feet, and as taught previously, rubbed his nose and face in the spit as he went. His ass hurt so bad, but all he wanted now was to devour his Master with his kisses. His cock was actually getting hard even with the pain in his ass hurting so much. He felt so bad that Wade needed to punish him. Right now he would do anything to make up for his stupidity that caused it. He wanted nothing more that to worship this man whom he idolized so much and who deserved his worship. He wanted to give Wade pleasure so bad that he was going mad with desire. He was so sorry that Wade had to punish him, that he knew the pain in his butt was well deserved. He would do everything in his power to try to make it up to his Master. He knew he wasn't being gentle with his kisses, but he was so keyed up that he was in a frenzy of worshiping.

'Slow down, boy. Relax' Wade said quietly as he patted Randy on the head. 'Just suck on the toes for a bit.' Wade's comment felt like a shot up his spine. Just hearing Wade's voice gave him intense pleasure. He tried to calm down and obey Wade by sucking his toes. He moved from one toe to another and gently sucked them, as his heart beat slowed and he began to calm down.

Then he jerked violently as he felt Wade's hands on this very sore ass.

Wade very gently massaged Randy's very red, striped ass with both hands. He could feel the heat coming off the ass as he rubbed it, and he began to feel heat in his crotch as he thought of fucking this hot ass. With one hand he groped his crotch and rubbed his cock. Oh, yeah he was getting hot.

'Pull my shorts down baby' Wade directed. Randy stopped sucking Wade's toes and reached up and grasped his tight shorts. As Wade lifted up slightly, Randy pulled them down and off. Wade's enormous nine inch cock popped up like a jumping jack, almost fully hard now.

Wade grabbed Randy's head and pulled him into his cock, and Randy kissed it lovingly. Then, with no warning or preparation at all, Wade pulled him all the way down on his cock so his nose was jammed into his crotch. Wade let out a groan of pleasure. Randy was not really prepared for this sudden penetration, but he forced himself not to gag, and even tried to lick the enormous rod in his mouth and throat. Wade just held him there for what seemed like forever. He wanted to choke and desperately wanted to breathe, but he also wanted to give Wade the pleasure he deserved. He held on as long as he could, and just as he was about to struggle, Wade pulled his head back and completely off his cock. Randy gasped for breath and coughed a couple times.

Wade gave him just a moment to catch his breath, and grabbing his hair in both hands, started to fuck his face. Starting slowly, he pulled Randy's face all the way into his crotch, and then jerked his hips up hard to jam his crotch into Randy's face and his full nine inches into his throat. He then pulled almost all the way off and did it again. Pull the face down, and ram his cock up. Pull the face down, and ram his cock up. God, it felt fabulous.

He looked down at his enormous cock jammed into Randy's pretty face, and grunted in pleasure as he fucked. The tears were streaming down Randy's face, and both hands were on Wade's thighs holding on for dear life. He was obviously struggling to breathe and keep from choking as the monster cock rammed in and out of his mouth.

'Oh yeah,' Wade said. 'Fucking your face baby. Fucking you good.' Wade suddenly stopped with his cock jammed fully into Randy's throat, and holding his head tight, rammed his cock in hard. One'Two'Three'Four'Five times, sending his cock to the root in Randy's face. His whole being was delirious with pleasure.

He pulled Randy off for a moment, while he gasped and coughed, and then started to really face fuck. Hard and fast. He was jerking Randy's face up and down on his rod as he got really hot. After only thirty or forty seconds more he started to shoot. He rammed Randy's face as hard as he could into his crotch and held him there as he shot and shot and shot.

Finally, when he knew Randy could take no more, he pulled out, and the last couple shots went up on his chest and stomach.

Randy just lay there panting and gasping. His heart beat must have been going a mile a minute. Wade laid his head back and relaxed as he began to come down from the sexual high. Neither he nor Randy moved for almost ten minutes.

Finally Wade gently pulled Randy's head up by his hair.

'Oh yeah baby. That was good' he crooned. 'Your Master loved that baby. You make my cock feel so fuckin good.' He leaned down and gave Randy a peck on the lips.

'Tell me how good it was for you baby. Tell me you loved having my cock in your throat' he said, smiling and looking into Randy's eyes from only inches away. Leaning forward, he gave Randy a light kiss on his nose. 'Tell me baby.'

'Yes Master' Randy croaked. 'It was good.' He could hardly talk, and it made his throat hurt even more to do so. But Wade had never looked so beautiful as he did right now, with the big smile on his gorgeous face, and Randy felt enormous pleasure stream through his body even through the pain.

'Good little slave boy' Wade said as he patted Randy on the cheek. 'Now lick this cum off me baby. Show your Master how much you love his cum' he said as he pulled Randy's face up to his chest. Randy dutifully licked Wade's massive chest, licking up the cum, and then moved down and licked back and forth over the ripples of muscle on his stomach.

Then Wade pulled Randy even higher and gave him a big hug, holding him very tight. 'Yeah baby, you make me real proud' he said as he gave Randy a kiss on his neck. Then pulling Randy's head back, he gave him a deep kiss, sticking his tongue in and showing his total control of the boy. Putting one hand behind the boy's head as he continued to kiss him, he reached down and gently grabbed his ass with the other hand. He tenderly massaged his ass as Randy groaned into his mouth from the pain and the pleasure.

Wade pulled back a bit and looked directly into Randy's eyes. 'Yeah, my beautiful slave boy. You are now my number one boy, and we are going to see a lot of each other from now on. Is that what my slave boy wants? Does he want to see more of his Master?'

'Oh yes Master. Please yes' Randy croaked through his sore throat as he stared into that incredibly beautiful face. God, he loved this man. He loved him so much that it hurt.

Wade pushed Randy back off the sofa so he was again on his knees in front of him. 'So, Randy, do you know your place now? Do you know you are my slave?'

'Oh yes Master. I am your slave and you are my god.'

'Good boy' Wade chuckled. 'I think you have learned your lesson. What are you here for slave boy?'

'I'm here to worship you, my Master, Sir' Randy answered as he looked at the spectacular god sitting before him with worshipful eyes. 'I'm here to please you in any way I can Master' he said.

'Give my cock a kiss baby. Show me how much you love me and my cock. A big wet kiss baby.'

Randy leaned forward and took the head of Wade's cock in his mouth, slobbered on it for a second, and then gave a loud smacking kiss as he pulled away.

'Way to go baby' Wade laughed. 'My cock really loves you.'

'Thank you Master' Randy said.

'Okay, now. Let's get down to business. Show me what you've got.'

This was the signal that Randy had been waiting for from the moment he arrived. Now a sore ass and a sore throat later, and with much deference to his Master, he got up and stood in front of Wade. He first went into the double bicep pose and held it for a moment. Then to the front lat spread, forcing the breath out to show his rippling abs. He ignored the pain in his ass as he continued to the side chest pose, and then to the back double bicep. Wade did not say a word as Randy went through all seven compulsory poses.

When he finished he just stood and looked over at Wade sitting on the sofa. Wade got up and stepped up to him, put one hand on his head and one on his ass, and pulled him in close so the two growing cocks were rubbing together, and gave him another long, deep, powerful kiss. Randy let out a gasp as Wade released his head.

'My beautiful little slave boy. You are simply superb.' Wade could hardly believe how spectacular this boy really looked. He had never been so turned on by a boy before. In fact most of his interest up till now had been in seeing his cock jammed in a pretty face or up a tight ass. Since he himself had the incredible muscular body of a superman, it had never occurred to him that he might be turned on by the body of one of his slaves. But turned on he was. This boy was truly gorgeous. Even Wade could not remember looking this good when he was fifteen years old.

Randy was so excited he could hardly stand it. This was what he wanted. He had not thought of anything else for the past 24 hours, except this event: showing off his muscles to his Master. And, just as he hoped, Wade loved his body and was very, very impressed.

'Lick me baby. Lick my big pecs' Wade said as he pulled Randy's face down to his muscular chest. 'Worship your Master's body with your mouth slave boy.' Wade moved both hands down to Randy's ass and gently massaged both cheeks while Randy licked his muscular chest. 'Oh yeah' he thought ' this hot little muscle boy ass needs to be fucked.'

'Other side boy' Wade said after a while and Randy started worshiping Wade's right pec, while Wade continued rubbing his ass.

Finally letting go of Randy's ass, Wade put his left hand behind his head, making his big round bicep bulge, and showing his armpit. With his other hand he took Randy by the hair and pulled his face up to his pit.

'I just finished working out a while ago baby' he said. 'Got this pit all sweaty and ready for you. Now, get your face in there and show your Master how you can worship his body.'

The smell of Wade's sweaty armpit was like an aphrodisiac to Randy. He was totally turned on and started by rubbing his face all over Wade's pit, getting his face covered with sweat. Then he got busy licking and sucking. He wanted this so bad. Worshiping and loving this demigod was beyond his wildest dreams. Being allowed to lick the sweat from Wade's arm pit was incredibly exciting, and his cock was now hard, hot and ready. He went with pleasure when Wade pulled him to the other armpit. All his wet dreams in recent weeks had been exactly this: licking the sweat from Wade's stupendous muscles.

'Okay little muscle boy' Wade said as he finally pulled away. 'Your Master is going to fuck that hot little ass of yours.' Taking hold of Randy's hand, he pulled it up to his mouth and spit into it.

'You're gonna get yourself ready, and put on a show for me baby' he said as he sat back on the sofa. 'Take that saliva and rub it on your ass baby. Get that ass nice and wet for me.' Randy stood up and reaching back, rubbed the spit on his ass crack.

'Get some more spit baby' Wade ordered. 'And stick your finger in your ass hole. Turn around and let me see that bright red ass' Randy spit on his hand and started to stick his middle finger into his ass.

'More spit baby' Wade said. 'And get that finger all the way in there and move it around. Make it look sexy for me baby. I like seein those sexy muscles squirming around.' Randy was not sure how to look sexy, but as he got more spit on his hand and stuck his finger up his ass, he tried to wiggle has body and flex his muscles a little. He knew Wade was enjoying watching his muscles ripple as he twisted and turned about in front of him. He was also trying very hard to get his finger in his ass hole without touching his very sore cheeks.

'Two fingers baby' Wade ordered as he enjoyed Randy's little show. 'Get some more saliva, and I want to see two fingers fucking in and out of that hole.' Randy finally got two fingers moving in and out of his asshole, and even though his red striped ass still hurt like crazy, he was turned on by doing this in front of Wade. His cock was hard again.

'Good show baby' Wade said finally. 'Now get your mouth on my cock and get me hard.' Randy got on his knees and took Wade's cock in his mouth and started sucking. Wade was already hard and ready so Randy didn't have to do much.

Wade reached over Randy's back with both hands and gave him a hard slap on both ass cheeks. Randy let out a muffled yell, his mouth still full of cock, when Wade grabbed him by the thighs and pulled him up on his lap with his knees on either side of his thighs.

'Okay, climb on slave boy' Wade ordered. 'You gonna do the work this time baby. Reach around and grab my cock and aim it towards that hot little hole of yours.' Randy had never done this before, and was not sure how, but he followed Wade's instructions and grabbed his enormous cock and pulled it straight up under his ass. Wade had slid down slightly and opened his legs wide so there was easy access.

'Okay slave boy. You're going to sit on your Master's cock. Real slow and easy baby, but let it in.' Randy had the cock head touching his ass crack, and started to ease down, but the pain was intense and he stopped and pulled up. Wade immediately grabbed him by the waist, and pushed his cock up hard, and his cockhead popped into Randy's ass.

'Yeeaaow' Randy cried as Wade's enormous cock entered his ass. He wanted to pull out but Wade was holding him down.

'Don't move slave boy' Wade demanded. 'Hold still and the pain will ease up.' Randy held still for a couple minutes and the pain did seem to subside a little.

'Okay baby, make it happen' Wade said. 'Slide that ass down on my cock.' Randy started to move but the pain was terrible and he was starting to sweat. Wade still had hold of his waist holding him down.

'Okay my slave boy' Wade said after a couple minutes. 'Start fucking. A little in and a little out. Get that ass working on your Master's cock. Make it feel good for me.' Randy started moving slowly up and down, maybe an inch each time, and although the pain was still there it was becoming almost bearable.

'Deeper baby' Wade ordered. 'Deeper. Let my big cock fill your hot ass. Feels good baby. Keep it up.' Wade spread his legs even wider so Randy's ass could go even further down on his cock. At Wade's urging Randy continued pushing harder and harder on the enormous cock that was being forced up his ass. Finally he felt he could go no further, and stopped to get his breath.

'Oh Master it hurts' he said. 'I don't think I can do any more. Please let me pull it out Master.' At that, Wade reached up and grabbing Randy's shoulders, pulled down hard and rammed his crotch up forcing his monster cock all the way to the hilt in Randy's ass. Randy screamed in pain and surprise. But Wade held him tight so he could not move away.

'You're in baby' Wade said smiling. 'My big cock is all the way up your ass and it's loving it. Now you tell me you love having my cock in your ass. I want to hear it. Tell me.'

'Please Master' Randy cried. 'I can't do this. It hurts too much. Please take it out.'

'You love the pain baby boy' Wade said. 'You want to feel that pain. You want to do this for me. You are doing this for your Master.'

'Look at me' he shouted. Randy opened his eyes and looked at his muscle Master, and even through the pain he felt desire shoot through his body. God, this man was gorgeous. His muscled shoulders and massive chest glistening with sweat looked spectacular. And his flawless almost angelic face was to die for.

'You can do it baby' Wade said. 'You can do it. Now start fucking my cock. Feel the pain baby but concentrate on how good it is making me feel. Make your Master's cock feel really good. Start slow baby but get moving. ' Randy started slowly moving up and down on his Master's cock. It still hurt, and his blistered ass was hurting something terrible, but he was now determined to do this for his Master. He obviously had loosened up a little now and was able to slide up and down on the big pole in his ass somewhat easier.

He opened his eyes again and gazed at Wade's gorgeous body, and started moving all the way up and all the way down on the massive cock. He was really getting into it now, and he wanted to make Wade feel good. He was doing this for his Master, and he concentrated on that and tried to ignore the pain completely. Finally, he was really fucking, moving his whole body up and down on the enormous cock. He raised up all the way to the cockhead, and then slid down to bang his ass on Wade's crotch. It was actually beginning to feel good, and he was thrilled at the idea that Wade must be loving it.

'Oh yeah baby' Wade said. 'Doin real good. You're makin my cock feel wonderful. Now speed it up a little. Bob the cute little ass up and down on my cock.' Randy started bouncing up and down faster now, and the pain seemed to be almost completely gone, except for the excruciating pain on his blistered ass. He was getting excited now and his own cock was suddenly hard and dripping and flopping up and down with each bounce on Wade's cock.

Always before when Wade had had his slave's fuck themselves on his cock, he had eventually thrown them down, taken control, and fucked the bejesus out of them. However, Randy's ass was so tight, and the feeling on his cock was so exquisite, that he was going to see if Randy could take him all the way to the end. Grabbing Randy by the waist, Wade began to help and encourage Randy to fuck himself on the big cock. He got him moving a little faster, and on each down swing, he pushed up with his cock, jamming every centimeter into the boy's tight hole. Both the man and the boy were now breathing hard and sweating like crazy and getting really hot.

Suddenly Randy began to shoot, surprising both himself and Wade. Wade redoubled his efforts, pulling Randy up and down and ramming his cock into the tight ass as hard as he could, while Randy's cock was shooting all over Wade's hair and face and chest. Then Wade finally started to cum. Grabbing Randy by the shoulders and holding him tight, and forcing his cock as far in as possible, Wade let fly. As he came, with each cum shot he rammed his cock into the ass as hard as he could, literally throwing Randy up in the air with each thrust. When he finally stopped cuming, he pulled Randy's body into him, chest to chest, and cheek to cheek. Randy just lay there with his chin on Wade's shoulder without moving.

It was several minutes before either of them spoke.

'Lick this cum off my face baby' Wade directed. Randy still had Wade's now softening cock up his ass, but as he lifted up slightly, it slid out with a pop. Randy leaned down and licked the cum from his Master's face and was very happy to notice that Wade was smiling. He had pleased his Master again.

Randy was hurting everywhere. His scalp still stung, his ass ached terribly from Wade's very rough fuck; his blistered ass cheeks were killing him, and his throat hurt so much he knew he wouldn't be talking for the next day or so. However, it was all completely secondary and almost insignificant compared to receiving the approval of his Master. All he wanted was for his Master to be satisfied with him, and looking into the smiling face of this gorgeous demigod, he knew that he was.

'May I kiss you Master?' he whispered. As Wade nodded yes, he leaned down and got a long drawn out spit exchanging kiss.

'You did real good slave boy' Wade said after a few moments. 'I'm real proud of you.'

'Thank you Master' Randy answered.

'Okay, slave boy. Let's go take a shower, and then I want you to put that pornographic singlet back on and put on a show for me' Wade said.



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