Randy knew he was the coolest guy around with his handsome 'kiss me' face and a body that wouldn't quit. He loved having all eyes on him with respect and admiration and envy showing in their eyes. Sometimes even fear, because everybody knew Randy was tough and not to be messed with. Jason was always at his side, and when the two muscle studs walked down the hall in the sophomore wing of the high school, it was like the parting of the waves. Everybody looked at them with admiration and stepped back in respect. It was fuckin awesome with constant stimulation to his vanity. It didn't hurt that Jason was a gorgeous kid, and Randy liked having him tagging along like a little puppy dog.

Outside of school Randy went without a shirt or wore a wife beater, however in school they wouldn't allow that so he wore only T-shirts, usually tight ones. His thighs were so muscular that his jeans were always tight, and since he was very well endowed he always showed a healthy bulge. He exuded sex like other people exuded sweat.

His dad got him started early on body building, and since he was naturally well built, his body had exploded with muscle. There simply weren't any fifteen year olds anywhere that looked like him. He had dragged Jason along with him, and nobody could hold a candle to him either.

Then came Wade.

Randy's experience with Wade was without question a life changing event. Randy had always been dominant and powerful and in control. In his school, in his neighborhood, on the wrestling team, Randy ruled. However, in just a couple hours Wade had turned his life completely around, turning him into a subservient slave who begged to worship his lord and Master. And Randy loved every second of it and wanted more; much more. Wade was a magnificent demigod, and Randy was thrilled that he had been pulled from the park and showed a world of power and domination that he had never even imagined existed. That's what it was: power and domination. Randy had no idea anything was missing from his life until Wade took control of him, but that void had now been filled.

As much as Randy loved being submissive to Wade, it hadn't really changed his own dominating nature. In fact, after experiencing Wade's amazing arrogance and his controlling power, Randy came to the realization that most of the guys surrounding him figuratively kissed his ass regularly anyway, it probably wouldn't take much more to make it real. Just as he saw in Wade's attitude, the minions surrounding him were there for his personal use, and for his personal pleasure as well if he wanted it. Wade knew he was a god and expected and demanded that everyone treat him that way, and Randy wanted to be just like him.

His session with Jamie yesterday had been intoxicating, and showed him what real power was all about. Not just being in charge, but taking total control and forcing a guy to serve his every need. Dominating and fucking Jamie had been an exhilarating event, and he intended to have a lot more of the same from now on. Getting two blow jobs from Jamie had changed his life. He loved lording it over Jamie and forcing him to blow him. He was already thinking of making a list of guys he intended to train and dominate and fuck. Two of his wrestling buddies, Jack and Landon, had been begging him to let them work out with him. They saw how big Randy and Jason were getting and wanted to be a part of it. If he worked it out just right, maybe he could get them to beg him for something besides a workout. He was already learning how powerful he felt when he had a guy on his knees in front of him begging. Right now, however, his best friend Jason was first in line for training

Jason had dark completion with dark brown hair, and because of the time he spent in the sun in his backyard, he had a terrific tan. He had a very handsome youthful face. He and Randy had been working out for a year now, and Jason was getting very muscular with biceps over 14 inches and his definition was superb. The combination of his very handsome face, sun tanned body, and big muscles, made a package that sent the girls into a swoon. He was hot and he knew it

Randy picked Jason originally as a partner because he was the same size and body type. His dad had insisted he have a partner and it had worked out really well. Even though they were only fourteen at the time, Jason was thrilled at the idea of working out, and he felt really privileged that Randy had picked him as his partner. Randy had made it clear early on who was boss, and although they originally had some disagreements, over time Jason learned not to give him any shit. Once Randy picked him as his workout partner, Jason had become his number one fan and would do anything to please him. These days he did not even fight back when Randy slapped him around for doing something stupid, even though he was champion wrestler in his weight class. In fact, Randy had slapped the shit out of him more times than he could remember, and Jason was so well trained that he hardly left his house these days without calling and checking in.

Jason didn't mind kowtowing to Randy because he was so fuckin good lucking and cool, and the adulation and respect he received just by being his friend and hanging around him was intoxicating, and the idea of losing that friendship was unacceptable. He also learned that the workout time in the garage was holy. Randy was truly dedicated. One time when Jason has been late for a couple workouts, Randy had locked the door and made Jason knock, and wait for him to answer. For a whole week Jason had to set outside the door for 10 or 15 minutes waiting for Randy to let him in. Randy was the boss and Jason knew it, and he had not been late for a workout since.

Jason parked his bike against the fence and went in the side door of the garage. Jason was wearing a wife beater, and blue high school gym shorts which said 'gym' on the side, and ratty old tennis shoes with half socks. Jason didn't mind at all that Randy was so much bigger and more powerful, because he looked up to him so much, and Randy was always encouraging him on his body building. Randy had moved well ahead so the competition was not so fierce now, but Jason knew that the best results came from obeying Randy's instructions to the letter. He knew he looked more muscular than most all of the body builders in his class in school.

Randy's workout room was really cool. Randy's folks had one of those two car garages that were extra long, and his dad had added a wall to make a small room and had paneled it. The best part was the three almost floor to ceiling mirrors he had installed. Jason and Randy could stand side by side and go through their muscle poses.

As usual Randy was already there when Jason walked in, doing stretching exercises. It was Saturday when they always had their workouts at 9:00 AM so they could go and hang out somewhere in the afternoon.

'Hey Boss, how goes it?' he asked as he walked it. This had been a running joke for months that Jason would call him boss while in the weight room.

'I'm rarin to go today Jace' Randy answered. 'Man, I know we're going to have a fabulous workout today. So get your ass over here and start warmin up.'

'Are we still going to do arms and shoulders today' Jason asked? 'Or did you decide to do legs after all?'

'Naw, Jace, I decided we're gonna do both. We'll do chest and back now, and then we'll do legs after lunch.'

'Ah come on man' Jason said. 'You know we were going to go to the mall today and check out that new video game. I really want to see it.'

Randy reached over and grabbed Jason by the neck ard started squeezing. 'Are you disagreeing with me again Jace? After all this time are you still going to argue with me?'

'Damn it Randy that hurts' Jason said as he put both hands up trying to remove Randy's hand. 'Com'on Randy, please. You know I didn't mean it. Com'on man. Please Randy, that really hurts.'

Randy stopped squeezing and instead started massaging Jason's neck. 'Jason, I told you I was hot to work out today, so don't be givin me any shit. Don't be pullin crap like that when I'm rarin to go. Now get to your stretching so we can get started.'

'Okay man. Christ you didn't have to do that, I was only sayin'..' Jason said as he rubbed his sore neck.

Actually, Randy wasn't just hot to get started working out. He was also hot to get into Jason's pants. Only yesterday he had his first domination sex with Jamie, the boy who was Wade's slave, and it was about the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him. Every bit as exciting as getting fucked by Wade, only in a different way. His parents were out for the day, and Randy wanted an extended workout time so he would have plenty of time to bring Jason around. He intended to get Jason's cherry today if he could. Both of them in fact; top and bottom, or front and back, as you will. He'd also threatened Jamie with a hellish beating if he did not stay home today and wait for Randy to visit. If all worked as planned, Randy was going to have two pretty boys today. What a fuckin hot idea.

'Hey Boss, where'd you get those shorts?' Jason asked. The shorts Randy was wearing were not the baggy gym shorts he usually wore, but were the same ones he wore when with Wade and with Jamie. They were some kind of spandex and were super tight. They creased into the crack of his ass, and clearly showed he was circumcised and hanging on the right in front. Randy was not wearing his usual wife beater either, but was bare above the waist showing his amazing upper body.

'Hey, they're really cool aren't they' answered Randy. 'They look sexy as hell and they make my big cock feel real good. I really like them. You like 'em?' he asked.

'Hey man, what ever turns you on' he answered. 'But they sure as hell look tight, but I agree, they look pretty damn sexy too. Now what's this about your big cock?'

'You know I've got a big cock Jace' Randy replied smiling. 'Remember, you were the guy who measured it; all eight inches of it. I guess when you've only got six inches like you, eight inches must look huge.'

'Com'on Boss' Jason said laughing. 'You know I was only kidding. But what's this shit about me only having six inches.

'Well, we measured 'em' said Randy. 'And that's the way I remember it: eight inches and six inches.'

'Well boss, that's not the way I remember it' said Jason. 'I remember me being over seven and you being a finger tip bigger that that.'

'That finger tip difference you're talking about made me eight inches' Randy said. 'And no way were you over seven inches.'

'Okay, but I was almost seven,' Jason said, 'and you weren't quite eight either.'

'Well, you tell me this isn't a big cock' Randy said as he stepped over to Jason and pushed his hips forward, showing his big cock trying to burst out of the shorts as he grabbed it and squeezed. 'And it's not even hard.'

'Okay man, so you're big,' Jason laughed. 'But those shorts are almost obscene. Did you really go outside wearing those?'

'Hey man,' Randy laughed along with him. 'If ya got it, flaunt it.'

After the two boys finished their warm ups, Randy looked into the mirror.

'Hey Jace,' Randy said as he flexed his left arm, 'do you think my bicep is getting bigger? Look at that cut below the shoulder.'

'Yeah Boss,' Jason answered. 'You're always lookin bigger, and your biceps are fantastic. You know that and I know that.'

'All the protein I've been eating the last couple weeks, I just know my definition is getting tighter.' Randy said. 'Hell, if I ever see another can of tuna fish I think I'll puke. Com'er and check this out.'

'Are we going to start benching now' Jason asked?

'I said get your ass over here and check this out' Randy ordered. 'And take your shirt off so I can see what you got.'

'Okay Boss' Jason responded. 'Don't get pissed.' Jason stepped next to Randy facing the mirrors and took off his wife beater.

'Now look at my arm' Randy ordered. 'Look at that indentation between the bicep and the shoulder. Get your hands up here and feel it.'

Jason felt Randy's bulging bicep with both hands. Jason felt chills run up his spine as he felt Randy's big bicep. Randy didn't let him touch his muscles very often, but when he did Jason loved it. Admiring Randy's build was one thing, but actually touching was quite another. Both boys took pictures of each other a lot, and Jason had collected a secret stash of Randy in his bedroom. Many nights he got them out and jerked off while looking at them. Randy was the most gorgeous fifteen year old on the planet. Jason was built, and loved admiring himself in the mirror, but Randy's muscles were truly magnificent. Jason was thrilled to be his best friend and be with him and admire him all the time; and to be admired along with him by everyone around them. He would do anything for him.

'Okay, Jason, you flex now and we'll compare' Randy ordered.

'Com'on Boss, we both know you're a lot bigger than me' Jason said as he performed a double bicep pose next to Randy.

Randy felt Jason's right bicep. 'Yeah man, you're comin along, but I think you're still falling behind me' he said. 'Feel my bicep again.'

Jason dutifully felt Randy's bicep again. 'Yeah, Randy, I think it really is bigger. You look fantastic. You're goin to drive the girls even crazier than before.'

'Yeah, feel that big bicep' Randy said as he continued to flex and crunch his arm. 'Feel the strength and power of that muscle. Oh man, I look hot today, don't I Jace? So fuckin hot!'

'Jesus Christ, Boss. You're incredible! You're turning into a fuckin giant' Jason gushed. He was beginning to breath hard with excitement as he continued to feel that sensational rounded bicep.

With his other hand, Randy reached behind Jason's head and pulled his face into his bicep until his nose was touching, and held him there. 'Oh man, so fuckin hot!' he said again.

Without even thinking, Jason automatically kissed the enormous bicep and groaned.

'Oh yeah Jace, do that again. So fuckin cool man; do it again' Randy said. Jason dutifully kissed the bicep again.

'Fantastic man' Randy murmured. 'I love that. Do it some more, and use your tongue.'

Both boys were now breathing hard with excitement, as Jason started running his tongue over the massive muscle. Jason's cock, held in by his jock strap, was so hard that it hurt, and the eight inches of muscle reaching down the right leg of Randy's tight shorts was truly phenomenal.

Randy still had his hand behind Jason's head but wasn't really holding him there, because Jason was oblivious to everything around him. He was living the greatest fantasy of his life: worshiping Randy's big arm. 'Oh god, Randy; Oh god. You're so strong' he mumbled as he licked the big bicep.

Taking his hand from behind Jason's head, Randy reached down and grabbed Jason's crotch and squeezed his hard cock. Jason's whole body jerked from pleasure as he pushed his crotch against Randy's hand, as he passionately licked and sucked the big bicep even harder.

'I'm turned on man' Randy groaned. 'Really turned on. You're doin great Jace. I'm lovin it.'

Randy finally pushed Jason back a little, and taking him by the chin, looked directly into his eyes. Jason had a dazed look on his face. 'Man, talk about a turn-on, Jace. I'm so hot I could explode' Randy said.

'Take your shorts off, Jace. Let me see that hard cock of yours.' Without a question or comment, Jason pulled his shorts and jock down and off, his freed cock popped up like a jumping jack.

'Now mine Jace. Now mine. Pull my shorts off.' Jason got down on his knees, unbuttoned and unzipped Randy's shorts, and had to pull very hard to get the super tight shorts off. Randy stepped out to them and reaching down grabbed his cock and started jacking himself hard.

'Jack your cock for me Jace. Com'on man, jack that cock for me' he said as Jason stood up and grabbed his cock.

The image of the two muscle boys standing next to each other and jerking off while looking into the mirror was incredibly erotic. Jason was mesmerized by Randy's amazing body and seeing him jacking his big cock was astonishing. In about forty seconds Jason started to shoot. His body jerked and he groaned in pleasure as he shot. His first two shots landed on the mirror four feet away. A few seconds later, Randy let loose, and his cum also hit the mirror. Both boys were groaning and panting hard from the excitement of feeling and seeing each other shooting at almost the same time.

'Man, that was fantastic Jace. Incredible!' Randy said after a minute or two as he grabbed one of the workout towels and handed it to Jason. 'Hey man, tell me you liked that. Getting turned by my muscles and cuming in front of me. It was fantastic for me. How was it for you?'

'Yeah, Randy' Jason answered. 'That was amazing. I loved it.'

'Clean that cum off the floor' Randy said as he continued flexed his biceps. Jason got down and cleaned the floor and then wiped the mirror. As he got up Randy grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face into his bicep. 'Kiss it again babe. Kiss it for me' he said. Jason dutifully kissed his bicep.

'Yeah man,' Randy said. 'We need to do this some more. A whole lot more. Come in the house' he said as he took Jason's hand and pulled him along. The two nude boys walked from the garage into the house and into Randy's bedroom.

Jason was delirious with pleasure. He had had hundreds of fantasies of him and Randy together; usually with him feeling Randy's muscles. Somehow it had never occurred to him that he might want to lick those muscles, but what a fantastic feeling. He loved doing it. He loved Randy's muscles and he wanted to worship them some more. He had been secretly in love with Randy for most of the past year, but knew he didn't dare say anything. Randy had a terrible temper and Jason always treated him with kid gloves, and was always careful what he said around him. Now, suddenly, out of the blue, Randy was letting him worship his muscles. And Randy was so turned on by Jason's licking that he came like a rocket. Turning Randy on and cuming at the same time was probably the sexiest thing that had ever happened to Jason. He loved it.

Randy was pretty sure that taking control of Jason was not going to be too hard. After all, for most of a year, Jason could never take his eyes off of him. He was also his most obedient servant. Taking the additional step into having sex was going to be child's play. However, as much as he loved jerking off, he could do that himself anytime. He had much greater plans in mind for Jason other than just jerking off next to him. He intended to get a whole lot of enjoyment and pleasure out of this situation.

'Take your shoes off Jace' he said as soon as they entered his bedroom. Jason sat down on the bed and removed his shoes and socks. 'And mine too.' Jason got on his knees and removed Randy's shoes. As Jason started to get up Randy's put a hand on top of his head and stopped him, pushing him back down.

'You know what Jason?' he said with a big smile. 'You look pretty damn good down there; on your knees. I like you on your knees before me. What d'ya think? You like kneeling before me?'

Randy stood there totally nude with his muscles shiny with sweat, and his soft cock hanging down before him as Jason looked up at him.

'Jesus, Randy, you are such a fuckin god' Jason said as he put both of has hands on one of Randy's muscled thighs. 'I just love your big muscles. I'll kiss them again if you want.' He leaned forward and kissed Randy's thigh as he continued feeling the muscles.

'Yeah, let me kiss your muscles some more' he said as his cock started to get hard again.

Jason's actions were going more or less as Randy had hoped. He knew the kid already worshiped him, so getting him to actively do it and ask for it was simple. But, Randy wanted something more. He wanted to see Jason, his best bud, crawl for him, and he wanted to hear him beg for more. Wade never 'simply' accepted worship; he demanded it. That was the turn-on Randy was looking for.

'Sorry Jace, it ain't that easy. You can't just get anything you want without giving me something in return.' Randy loved watching muscle boy Jason looking up at him with worshipful eyes. Yeah, he was ready for more.

'What do you want Randy?' he asked with a puzzled look.

'First of all I want you to call me boss, and then if you want something, if ya want to lick my muscles ya got'a beg for it.'

'Hey man, you know I like callin you boss, boss' he said with a grin. 'And, by the way, can I kiss your muscles some more?'

'Okay, Jason, you're getting there. But I want to hear you beg for it. I want to hear you beg to kiss my muscles.'

'Com'on Randy, er boss' Jason said. 'It was fun and I liked it okay. I'll do it again if you want.'

Randy reached down, grabbed Jason's ear, and twisted it viciously, and Jason let out a yell. 'Wrong answer Jace. What I want, is for you to do as you're told and beg to worship my body. B...E'G... beg. Now do it!!' he shouted.

'God damn, Randy, that hurt' Jason said holding his ear. 'Whatcha doin man?'

Randy reached down and grabbed Jason's hair and pulled hard. 'Let's get this straight right now, Jace. I'm the boss and you will do as you're told. I haven't slapped you down for a few weeks now, but I'm going to in about two seconds if you don't straighten up. Now you fuckin call me Boss, and you fuckin apologize for being such a shit' he shouted

Jason now had tears in his eyes as he tried to pull Randy's hands off of his hair. It hurt like hell, and he was getting afraid as he saw Randy clench his fist and hold it in his face. He knew Randy had a terrible temper, and knew from experience that he was about to get the shit kicked out of him.

'Ow, Randy, er Boss. Please Boss. I'm sorry Boss' he yelled. 'I didn't mean it Boss. Please, I'm sorry. Don't hit me. Don't hit me.'

Randy unclenched his fist, and gave Jason a hard slap across the face. 'I told you to apologize for acting like a shit, and I'm still waiting for you to beg.'

'Ow, Randy, please! Okay, okay, I'm sorry Boss. I apologize. I'll behave Boss. I'm sorry.' Jason was crying now from the pain in his scalp, and his cheek, and from fear of what Randy might do. 'Please, Randy, don't beat me up. Please Boss, I'm sorry.'

Still holding tightly to Jason's hair Randy gave Jason another hard slap across the cheek just for emphases. Jason let out another yell of pain.

'Now listen you little shit' he growled leaning down and glaring into Jason's face. 'I know you're my buddy, but I'm about ready to kick the crap out of you. The next word out of your mouth had better be beg. '

'Beg, Randy, er Boss' Jason sniveled while continuing to cry. 'I beg you Boss. I'll do what you want.'

'That's more like it Jace' Randy said easing his hold on Jason's hair. 'I like you there on your knees, and I like to hear you begging me. Now beg to kiss my body.'

'Sure Boss. Please, I'm begging you to let me kiss your muscles.'

'Okay, man that's good. I like that. Now let's go into the living room where I can get more comfortable' Randy said as he started out of the room, pulling Jason by the hair. 'I like seein you on your hands and knees, so you stay there and crawl for me.'

Jason stumbled along on hands and knees to keep Randy from pulling his hair out. Randy finally stood in front of the sofa and pulled Jason up close.

'Okay Jace. Do that begging thing again. I want to hear it.'

'Boss, I'm begging you to let me kiss your muscles again' Jason acquiesced. There was no point in arguing with Randy now, and he was hot to worship his muscles again anyway.

'Start with my thighs Jace. Go ahead and feel those muscles, and rub your tongue over them. Go ahead and get started' Randy ordered.

Jason got busy and started feeling up both of Randy's bulging thighs, and licking and kissing them as well. He'd always loved Randy's muscles, but to actually lick them was incredible. He'd never even touched Randy's thighs before, although he'd admired them a lot. He moved from one to the other and back as Randy stood there watching.

Finally, Randy took hold of Jason's head in both hands and pulled his face up to with a couple inches of his now half hard cock. 'What da ya see Jace? What's that in front of your nose?'

Jason kind of knew that something sexual was coming up, because as much as he loved licking Randy's muscles, he suspected that Randy would went more. 'That's your cock Boss?'

'Yep, it's my cock, getting all hot for you. Kiss it Jace, just like you kissed my other muscles. Kiss it now.'

'Ah com'on Randy. Do I hafta?' Jason asked.

'That's Boss, and yes you hafta.' Randy answered.

'Okay Boss. But you won't tell anyone will you?' Jason asked again.

'Of course not. Now do it. Kiss my cock.' He demanded. Jason leaned forward and kissed Randy's cock lightly and backed off.

'Do it again dumbass, and use some tongue' Randy demanded. Jason dutifully kissed the cock again.

'That's the idea, now lick it all over' Randy said. Jason got busy and started licking Randy's cock all over as it starting stiffening and growing and sticking out.

Randy was enjoying the feeling, but even more, just like last night with Jamie, he was thrilled to see another boys face in his crotch worshiping his cock. Jason had always been under his control, and obeyed him perfectly, but forcing him to lick his cock was a whole world of difference. What an incredible feeling of power.

After five minutes or so, when Randy's cock was fully hard, he pulled Jason's face back, so he was looking straight up into Randy's eyes. 'I got something else I want you do for me now' Randy said with a big grin. 'You ever give anyone a blow job?'

Jason knew it was coming but was still shocked. A blow job. How could Randy even think of such a thing. 'Oh, Randy, no!' he said.

'Guess what, Jace? You're goin to give someone a blow job today' Randy said as he pulled Jason's face back towards his crotch. 'You're going to give your best friend a blow job right now.' Jason put his hands against Randy's thighs to stop him.

Randy pulled Jason's head back by his hold on his hair so he was looking him right in the eye. Grabbing his cheeks with his other hand Randy said: 'You take your hands off my legs right now or you're dead meat Jace. Now' he yelled. Jason pulled his hands off Randy's legs and put them on his knees.

'Good boy. Now kiss my cock some more and get me ready.'

Jason found the idea of giving a blow job very frightening. Very frightening and very exciting. He felt a churning in his crotch. It was making him hard. 'Please, Randy. You're sure you won't tell anybody huh?'

'Get at it Jace' Randy answered.

Jason started licking Randy's cock, accepting defeat. Randy was going to make him do it anyway, so he might as well make the best of it. And again, doing it for Randy; the guy he looked up to and worshiped made it okay. He would do it for Randy. He would do anything for Randy. As he started licking up and down the big cock, Jason peeked up so he could see Randy's budging pecs and rippled abs. God, he was a gorgeous guy. Definitely a superior human being. And right now, staring down at Jason with his hands on his hips, he looked so powerful and dominant and arrogant. Looking up at the ravishing body of his best friend while licking his cock, gave Jason incredible feelings of excitement. And he realized that giving his best friend whom he worshiped a blow job was absolutely the right thing to do. It was only right that he do whatever he could to satisfy this stunning muscle boy above him. He loved Randy, and loved being his best friend. He would do anything to remain his best friend''including giving him a blow job.

'Okay babe' Randy said. 'Time to suck. Take it in your mouth and start workin it. Concentrate on how good you're going to make me feel' he said as he pushed the end of his hard cock down and into Jason's mouth.

Jason took it into his mouth with relish, having realized that his gorgeous friend deserved the best possible blow job he could give. The cock seemed much bigger when jammed into his mouth that it did just looking at it. But Jason got busy sucking on it and trying to imagine what he needed to do to make it pleasurable for Randy.

Randy knew that the two blow jobs he got from Jamie last night were from an experienced cock sucker who had handled really rough fucks from Wade's big cock. He didn't know if Jason would be able to take it down his throat or not, being a beginner, but he sure intended to find out. He pushed a couple more inches into Jason's mouth.

Jason gagged and pulled back and off Randy's cock and coughed.

'Keep tryin babe' Randy said as he opened Jason's mouth with his fingers and stuck his cock back in. 'Keep at it. You'll get the hang of it' he said as he pushed a couple of inches back in.

Jason gagged again and tried to pull away, but Randy held his head and did not allow him to pull completely off the cock.

'Don't gag Jace. Control it. Don't let it happen' he said as he pushed back in again.

This time Jason did not gag, so Randy pulled back and pushed in again. 'Don't forget to suck on it babe. Let me feel it' he said and he felt Jason get back to sucking.

Randy fucked Jason's face a few times, and then started pushing in a little further. When Jason finally gagged, Randy did not stop fucking, but just pulled out and pushed right back in. When Jason started choking Randy finally pulled completely off, giving him a chance to spit and get a few breaths, and then pushed right back in again.

'Get used to it babe. My cock is going to be in there a lot from now on, so learn to take it. Now stop gagging on it. I know you can do it.'

When Randy finally felt his cock hit Jason's throat, Jason was almost in convulsions so he gave up and pulled out completely. 'This wasn't nearly as much fun as it had been with Jamie last night' he thought.

'You need some practice in cock suckin babe, and I intend to give you plenty. For now let's see if I can cum on that pretty face of yours.'

Randy started rubbing his rock hard cock all over Jason's flustered face, and then started jacking himself. He was pretty hot so it would not take much to cum. Grabbing Jason by the hair and ramming his balls against his nose, Randy started jacking himself hard and fast.

'Lick 'em babe. Lick those balls' he demanded. Seeing Jason on his knees lickin his balls was not quite a blow job, but it looked pretty damned sexy. Randy's hand jamming him in the nose while jerking off in his face was pretty damn hot too. When the feeling got intense and he could feel the pressure building, he pulled his cock down so the first shot hit Jason right in the nose. 'God, that was a turn-on' he thought as he continued shooting his cum all over Jason's face. Just before he finished he stuck his cock between Jason's lips and shot twice right into his mouth.

'Swallow that cum Jace. Swallow it for me' he ordered. Jason swallowed as he looked up at Randy with those puppy dog eyes.

'Oh man, Jace, that looks good on you' Randy laughed at the look on Jason's face with his cum all over it. Still holding Jason by the hair, he took his still leaking cock and rubbed it all over Jason's face sliding it back and forth and up and down, smearing his cum everywhere. When he finished, he used his fingers to again open Jason's mouth and stuck his cock back in.

'You didn't suck me off babe, but you get the rest of my cum anyway. Lick it off.' Jason dutifully started licking Randy's cock, and when Randy pulled it out of his mouth he continued to lick it clean.

'Okay man, let's go work out. And, since you didn't blow me like I wanted you're going to keep my cum on your face until we're done. Any objections?' he growled.

'No Randy, Boss. Whatever you want' Jason replied. The two boys picked up their shoes and went to the garage to start their workout.

Two hours later the boys finished their workout and were sweaty and very pumped. Randy was feeling oversexed and insisted they work out in the nude, with only their shoes on. He also made Jason kiss his cock a half a dozen times during the workout so he was pretty much fully hard the whole time. Working out with a fully hard cock sticking out like a flag pole was absolutely obscene, but the sensation of seeing it and feeling it was stupendous. It gave him a terrific feeling of power to have Jason kiss it, and he already had him so well trained, that all he had to do was snap his fingers and point to the floor in front of him, and Jason would immediately get on his knees, take his cock in his mouth, and give him a wet kiss without saying a word.

Randy decided that this was going to be a regular part of their workout from now on, and he fully intended to get a blow job every day as well.

'Okay, Jace. Let's get dressed. We're goin visiting' he said.

'Where we goin Boss' Jason asked as he pull his jock and gym shorts on. 'And, we're not gonna to take a shower first?'

Randy stepped over to Jason, put one hand behind his head, flexing his big bicep and showing his arm pit. He grabbed Jason by the hair and pulled him up close.

'See that sweat in my armpit babe?' He asked. 'How would you like to lick that sweat off my body? Huh? Stick your face in there and give me a lick.'

Jason was surprised and a little shocked at the idea, and hesitated for a moment.

'Do as you're told Jace. Stick your face in there and lick it' Randy growled.

Being almost always obedient to Randy's wishes, and having already licked Randy's muscles and cock that morning, Jason had no particular qualms about licking his sweat, so he stuck his face in and did so. He gave it a good lick and when Randy's hand in his hair pushed and encouraged him, he really went at it.

'Yeah babe. Why do I need a shower when I have you here?' Randy laughed. Actually, Jason found it wasn't bad at all, because he was doing it for his best friend, and it was kind of washing the dried cum off his face which was very uncomfortable.

After a few minutes, Randy pushed his face away, and went and pulled his shorts on. 'From now on Jace, you're going to get a lot of practice licking the sweat off my muscles. And you're going to love it' he said with a big grin as both boys put on their wife beaters.

Putting his arm around Jason's shoulders, he led him out of the garage, where they got their bikes and started on their way.

Jason asked him three times where they were going, and Randy finally told him to just shut up and he'd find out. Randy's plan all along was to visit Jamie today, and go through some more dominance training. Dominating Jamie, a kid two years older than him, and forcing him to give him two blow jobs the previous evening, was the most exciting event in his young life. Or almost. Right up there but not quite equal to his two sessions with his Master Wade.

Now that he found out that Jason couldn't give a blow job worth a shit, he was even more anxious to see Jamie again. Besides, maybe Jamie could teach Jason a thing or two. He was fully hard with his cock stretching down his leg like a enormous snake just from the excitement of thinking of what was coming. Two boys available for his own use. Anything he wanted! They were his. 'God, this was going to fantabulous!' he thought.

The bike seat and the very tight shorts helped keep him hard as he and Jason peddled the three miles to Jamie's house. Jamie's parents were gone for the weekend so this was the perfect opportunity to use both boys for as long as he wanted. He would probably never have this kind of opportunity again.

They parked their bikes in Jamie's back yard. Randy led Jason to the door and walked in without knocking. He had laid down the law to Jamie, that he was to be ready at any time, and the doors were to be unlocked.

Randy walked into the living room and yelled. 'Hey babe. Where are you? Get in here!' He sat in the center of the sofa and put his muscular arms on the back and spread his legs, showing the big hard cock stretching down his leg. He knew he looked fantastic, with his tight shorts, and loose wife beater showing off his pumped muscles.

Jason was still standing by the door when Jamie entered from the hall.

'Hey babe. How's it hangin' Randy said with an enormous grin. 'God, he was going to enjoy this.' 'Get over here' he said.

Jamie walked over to Randy wearing only his Jockey shorts as ordered by Randy last night. 'On your knees babe' Randy directed. Jamie got on his knees without comment.


'I brought a friend along babe' said Randy still with a big grin. 'He gives a shitty blow job so I thought maybe you could help him. Jamie, meet my boy Jason. Jason meet Jamie. Jason, get over here' he ordered. Jason hesitantly walked over to the sofa.

'On'.your'.knees, Jace. Right here' Randy said pointing to the floor next to Jamie. 'Move it!' he demanded. Jason got down on his knees before his best friend.

Jamie was angry, but was trying to control it. He knew if he let it out Randy would beat the shit out of him. Randy had had him crying and begging last night, and had forced him to give him two blow jobs. This god damn kid had totally controlled him and humiliated him. Then, he demanded that that he sit around all day Saturday in his underwear waiting for him. This was crazy, and he wanted to scream. But there was nothing he could do about it. He wanted to call Wade, but he didn't dare. His calling time to Wade was 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. Calling without his permission was unthinkable. And now, Randy brings another kid along with him. He knew Randy still had a few weeks to go before he was sixteen, and this kid looked even younger. Yes, younger, but another damn muscle boy. He didn't understand why everyone he ran into was built better than him.

The only consolation so far, was that Randy, sitting on the sofa with a big grin, looked really good. His grin was that of arrogance, and his muscled arms, completely relaxed, and thrown over the back of the sofa were showing big round shoulders and impressive bulging biceps with incredible definition. His bulging muscles were sweaty and it looked like he was fully pumped just out of a workout. And the enormous snake reaching down the leg of his tight shorts showed he was rock hard and ready. Against his better judgment, Jamie was turned on.

'Well boys, we've got all afternoon to do whatever we want' Randy snickered. 'I'll tell you what. We'll play around for a while, then go out for burgers. Then we'll come back and play some more.' Randy laughed aloud in glee from the excitement.

'Jamie. Jason here is my buddy and my workout partner, and he's also only fifteen years old just like me. But he's a star wrestler and could kick your ass in a minute' Randy said smiling. 'And Jason. Jamie here is practicing to be my slave. What'da ya think of that?'

'What's goin on here Randy' Jason asked.

'What's goin on here Jason' answered Randy 'is that I've got two slave boys that are going to do whatever I want them to do. Okay?' Randy said as he clenched his fist and put it in front of Jason's face, just touching his nose. 'Is that okay with you?'

'Com'on Randy. You know I don't want to mess with you. I just don't know what you want me to do.'

'Don't worry Jace' answered Randy. 'I'll tell you when I want you to do something.'

'Now, Jamie, remember last night? Remember me slapping the shit out of you? Huh?

'Yes Sir, I remember' Jamie answered.

'Good. Now kiss my cock. A nice big wet kiss through my shorts.' Jamie did what he was told, and bent down and kissed Randy's cock and pulled back.

'Well, don't stop now you dumb shit' Randy said. 'Keep it up. I want to feel it through my shorts. Com'on, make my cock feel good.'

Jamie went back at it and sucked and licked Randy's cock through the shorts. Jason looked on with amazement. Who was this kid who was so much under Randy's control? Jason knew he was Randy's best friend and did everything with him and knew everybody that he knew, so he didn't understand where this guy came from.

The pleasure of feeling and seeing this beautiful blond boy licking his cock was again incredible for Randy. Jamie was sucking him out of fear of getting beat up. Randy's strength and power was there, but he didn't have to use it. Instant obedience from an older kid was amazing. And very exciting. Randy finally pushed Jamie's head back and away.

'Okay, Jason. You saw how it is done. Get in there and suck my cock' Randy demanded. Jason still did not quite understand what was going on, and although he had sucked Randy's cock earlier, he didn't want to do it in front of this other kid.

'Please, Randy. Don't make me do it in front of him' he answered. In two seconds Randy was up, and grabbed Jason by the hair, and slapped him hard on the face. Jason let out a yell of pain.

Without saying a word, Randy sat back down, put his arms up and snapped his fingers. Jason now got the point and bent in and started sucking Randy's cock through his shorts. After just a minute or so, just long enough to get his point across to Jason, Randy stood up and unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts.

'Okay boys, get 'em down' he said. After only a moments hesitation, the two boys each grabbed a leg of his shorts and pulled them down. Randy stepped out of them and sat down. 'Now my shoes. Get 'em off' he ordered.

The two boys each removed a shoe and then waited for further instruction.

Randy reached out, and taking Jamie's head in both hands, pulled him onto his hard cock and forced him all the way to his pubes and held him there. He held him there for over a full minute, until he felt him begin to struggle, and pulled him off. Jamie came off the cock gasping for breath.

'That's how it's done Jace. Now it's your turn' he said as he grabbed Jason's head and pulled him on to his cock. This time he pushed it into Jason's throat until he started to choke. 'That's something you got to work on Jace, but it's getting better' Randy said as he pulled out. Randy was really getting hot, but with two boys to work with, he didn't want to cum to quickly.

'Well, Jace, have you figured out how to beg for my muscles now? You know what I want, so let me hear you beg.'

'Ah, yeah, Randy,' Jason said, embarrassed to say it in front of this other kid. 'Ah, yeah, ah, can I lick your muscles?'

Randy reached forward, grabbed Jason by the hair, and jerked him in close so they were nose to nose. 'If you call me Randy again instead of Boss I'm goin to break your god damn jaw' he yelled holding his fist in Jasons face. 'And, when I say beg, I mean beg, you little fuck. Now do it right or else!'

'Okay Boss' Jason answered in fear. He couldn't believe that he had caused Randy to lose his temper again. Twice now in the same day. 'Please Boss. I'm sorry. I'll beg you Boss. Ah, please Boss, ah, can I lick your muscles again.' Jason was afraid. Even though they were best friends, he accepted that Randy was always in charge, and he wouldn't take any shit. Randy had beat him up and slapped him around any number of times, so Jason knew how dangerous he was when he lost his cool.

Still holding Jason nose to nose Randy said 'Again.'

'Please Boss. You know I think you're a muscle god. Please let me'.I beg of you to let me lick your muscles again.'

'Okay, now kiss my feet and tell me you're sorry for being such a shit' Randy demanded letting go of Jason's hair. Jason gave him a blank stare. 'You heard me' Randy yelled at him. 'Kiss my god damn feet and tell me your sorry for being a shit! Now!'

Getting frightened all over again, Jason leaned down and planted a kiss on each of Randy's feet. 'I'm sorry I'm such a shit Boss' he whispered.

'Okay, that's better Jace. I expect you to learn to do exactly what I tell you from now on. Got it?'

'Yeah Boss, I got it' Jason answered. 'I'm sorry I fucked up. I won't do it again.'

'You just remember that. I'll let you worship these muscles when I'm good and ready. But right now, I've got something else in mind.'

'Okay, my pretty boys' Randy said. 'Strip for me. Get naked, and get on your knees right here' he said pointing in front of him. Jamie pulled off his shorts, and Jamie pulled his shoes, shorts and shirt off. And they got down almost touching in front of Randy.

Jamie had learned his lesson the night before, that there was no sense in not doing what Randy told him. He would simply get hurt, and end up doing it anyway.

Randy stood up before the two boys and pulled their heads in close. He grabbed his cock by the base and pushed it into Jamie's mouth. 'Suck' was all he said. Jamie started sucking, but Randy immediately pulled his cock out and pushed it into Jason's mouth hard. This time Jason didn't gag or choke. He then pulled out and pushed back into Jamie's mouth. It was a thrill watching these boys open their mouths as wide as they could so his big hard cock could slip into them. Pulling out of Jamie, he pushed back into Jason's mouth, grabbing him by the head and forcing it in deep. He held it there for a few seconds before pulling out and sticking into Jamie again. Jason took it without a problem this time. Randy continued going back and forth between the two boys on their knees in front of him, enjoying the look and the feel of fucking two faces at the same time.

Finally, taking a step away from the sofa he said: 'Jamie, get your face in my ass. And, Jason, you get busy working my cock' Jamie moved around and stuck his face in Randy's ass and started licking, while Jason started really sucking his cock. Jason was really getting into it now. He found out it wasn't as hard as he thought, and he was getting the hang of sucking it without choking.

'Way to go Jason' Randy murmured. 'Definitely doing better. Now, try to take it deeper. I want to feel it in your throat.' Jason took a glance up at his best friend's incredible body and again realized how lucky he was to be his friend. He would do anything for Randy, and right now he was going to do his damndest to give him the best blow job in the world. He closed his eyes and concentrated on taking Randy's cock all the way into his throat. He kept wanting to choke but forced himself not too as it went deeper and deeper. Then he finally had his nose jammed against Randy's crotch. 'I did it' he thought. 'God damn, I finally did it.'

'Oh yeah, Jace. Just like that. That feels fantastic' Randy moaned. 'Keep goin man.'

Jamie was eating out his ass like nobody's business. Jamie was a master at it, and the pleasure Randy was receiving was indescribably delicious. He thought there must be a pleasure point in his ass, because every time Jamie's tongue touched his puckered hole, he felt a surge of excitement shoot through his body. God, it felt fantastic.

'Yeah, Oh man, yeah' he yelled getting almost feverish with excitement. He never imagined anything could feel so wonderful. He felt like the top of his head was going to blow off.

'Get that tongue in my ass Jamie, and hold on' he yelled, as he reached down, grabbed Jason's head with both hands and started to face fuck him hard and deep. Jamie grabbed Randy's thighs and stuck his tongue deep into his ass.

Jason had finally started to choke a little and was trying to hold Randy back, but Randy was much stronger and was so caught up in his world of pleasure that he was oblivious to anything except those fabulous feelings shooting through his cock and in his ass. He was really fucking up a storm now, hard and fast, so Jason's nose was slamming into his crotch again and again, while Jamie's nose was bouncing in and out of his ass. On each inward bounce Jamie's tongue went well into the ass crack giving Randy incredible hot flashes of euphoria.

Randy couldn't hold any longer, and started to shoot into Jason's throat. 'Yeeeeaaaaah!' he screamed as he came. And realizing Jason's problem, and grabbing his hair, he jerked his head off his cock and continued cuming in his face. Jason's face was red, and he was gasping and crying and choking as Jason's cum landed in his face, right on top of the dried cum from earlier.

As Randy began to come down from his sexual high, he smiled, and actually laughed at Jason. His face was a bright red and he was still gasping for breath and Randy's cum was all over his face and dripping down his chin. Randy felt a surge of power through his body. Controlling two boys and using them to give him such intense pleasure was exhilarating and he loved it. There couldn't possibly be anything better.

Randy finally sat down on the sofa, and took hold of both boys by the neck and pulled them close. 'Okay, Jamie, I know how much you like my cum. You took it like a champ last night. So let's not waste it. Lick that cum off of my buddy's face. Get busy, and lap it all up' he said.

Jamie did as he was told and started licking the cum off Jason's face. Randy watched from only inches away as he licked up every bit.

'Okay, my two babe's' Randy said. 'Let me see you kiss. Go to it and let me see those tongues dueling.' The boys put their faces together and tongue kissed each other as Randy demanded. They knew he was completely in control and they would not question anything he said. Randy loved the power of controlling them. Seeing them kiss was nothing, but watching them do it because he demanded it, gave him an incredible feeling of supremacy. He was a master of men, and these two belonged to him. Reaching his hands behind the boys heads, he pulled them closer and stuck out his tongue and joined theirs and the three tongues dueled for a bit with three boys trading spit with each other for several minutes.

'Okay boys,' Randy finally said backing off. 'You guys have worn me out. Cuming twice last night and three times today. Jesus, I gotta take a break. You're going to have to wait to worship these muscles' he said chuckling.

'Get up' he said, and all three boys stood up. He grabbed the two boys by the ass, squeezed them once, and then have them each a good slap.

'Get dressed and we'll go out for burgers,' he said. 'And when we get back I'm gonna get me some ass. Two of them in fact' he said laughing.



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