While riding his bike home from the gym, Jamie had a dreamy look on his face, oblivious to anything around him. As usual he was horny and anxious to get home and strip and dream of Wade while he jerked off. His cock was throbbing. His T-shirt and blue gym shorts were soaked from his workout; he had had a particularly good one today: arms and shoulders only. His triceps and biceps were sore and his forearms ached, but he was invigorated and he knew he looked really good. He was pumped! Pain never felt as good as when his muscles ached from a good workout.

Jamie's father had to go to a three day convention, and his mother had gone with him, so they had left this morning and wouldn't be back until Sunday night. Jamie was always a good kid and his parents trusted him. And in fact, he was completely trustworthy. He'd never been in any kind of trouble, and he didn't take drugs. 'Actually' he thought, smiling to himself, 'that's not quite true. My Master Wade affects me more than any drug ever could'

He was particularly anxious to get home and in front of the mirror today, because with his parents gone he could spend all the time he wanted. Feeling his own muscles and dreaming of Wade, made it easy to jerk off, but today he was determined to make it last.

Jamie got the mail and entering the house, dropped in on the table. He hurried up to his room, removing his back pack from his shoulders, and getting ready to strip. He opened his bedroom door and dropped the pack, and stopped.

'What the fuck!!' he said in surprise. Sitting on his bed with a big smile on his face was the muscle boy Randy. The kid who got in the way when Jamie and Wade were fucking a couple weeks ago. 'What the fuck are you doing here? How did you get in here?'

Randy just smiled at him, not saying anything.

'Get the fuck out of my house, right now' Jamie yelled with instant anger.

'Hold on Jamie' Randy said still smiling as he stood up and held up his hands. 'Hold on. Wade wants to have us together again, and he thought it would be better if we got to know each other. You are still his slave aren't you?' While the words Master and slave may have been uncomfortable for most people, both Randy and Jamie were completely accepting that they were Wade's slaves.

'You mean Wade set this up?' Jamie said in surprise. 'No fuckin way!!

'Yeah, he said it up, and he told me to be really good to you, pretty boy' said Randy, still smiling as he stepped closer to Jamie. He was a couple inches taller than Jamie, and definitely wider, so Jamie was immediately intimidated.

'Wade wouldn't do this' Jamie blustered as he stepped back. 'And, besides, I don't want you in my god damn house. You get the fuck out of here.' Jamie was angry, but even more, he was a little frightened. This kid was only a sophomore in high school and Jamie was a senior, but he must have outweighed him by twenty pounds.

'You going to question anything Wade says, boy?. You gonna say 'no' to your Master?' Randy asked. He reached forward and touched Jamie's cheek with his hand, and Jamie slapped it away.

'He wouldn't do this to me' Jamie answered as tears appeared in his eyes. 'I know he wouldn't.'

'Take it easy Jamie' Randy said softly. 'Take it easy. We're only going to become friends. I want to become your friend' he said with a big grin, as he took another step closer.

'God damn it' Jamie sputtered. 'You're only a kid, and I'm a senior in high school. I don't want to be your friend'

Randy was enjoying this because he knew Jamie was intimidated by him, and was getting afraid. Jamie had a really nice body, with excellent definition. His workouts were really making a difference. However, Randy was taller and much more muscular, and was a class A wrestler as well. It was exciting to see fear in someone's eyes, particularly someone older.

Randy reached forward quickly and grabbed both of Jamie's arms and held them as he bumped up against him pushing him into the door casing. They were standing chest to chest and nose to nose as Randy kissed him. Jamie turned his face away, and tried to raise his arms, but Randy was too strong.

'Kiss me pretty boy' Randy whispered in his ear. 'C'mon, gimmy a kiss' he said as he gave a lick in Jamie's ear.

'No way, god damn it' Jamie yelled as he struggled. 'Let go of me.'

Still holding Jamie's arms, Randy stepped back, pulled him over to the bed, and threw him down. Before Jamie had a chance to recover, Randy grabbed him by the legs and pulled him completely up on the bed, and climbed on top. He sat on Jamie's stomach with both knees on his arms and looked down at him.

'You know,' he said with a smirk. 'I'm trying to be nice here and you're not helping. Now why don't you give me a kiss' he said leaning down.

Jamie again turned his face away. Randy grabbed him by the hair, pulled his head slightly up from the bed, and gave him a hard open handed slap on the cheek. Jamie let out a yell from the shock and the pain.

'You're not making this easy, boy' Randy said as he felt a stirring in his crotch. 'But you're going to cooperate with me whatever it takes. Now kiss me' he demanded.

Jamie was crying now. He hated to cry in front of a younger kid, but he couldn't help it. He knew this kid was a wrestler in high school and much stronger than him, so he knew he didn't have a chance in fighting him. He may have been just a kid, but he had Jamie completely under his control.

'Please Randy' he pleaded. 'Please don't do this' he said as he turned his head again.

Randy sat there on Jamie's stomach with his hands on his hips, his knees on Jamie's arms, and watched Jamie plead and cry. Yeah, this felt good. Controlling an older kid and making him cry and beg. This was making him hot.

Jamie looked up at the muscle kid sitting on him, who was dressed exactly the same as the last time he saw him. A very tight white muscle shirt and grey shorts so tight that they showed a clear outline of the his cock hanging on the right. With his big round shoulders, and impressive arms sticking out of the tight muscle shirt, Randy had a man's body, not a boys'. And that tight shirt clearly showed his bulging pectoral muscles with the little nibs showing through. Sitting on top of Jamie with his hands on his hips, and looking down with a smile on his face, he looked sensational. And even though he looked completely relaxed there was no question that he was completely in control.

'You going to give me a kiss, or am I going to slug you again' Randy growled.

Jamie just lay there with tears dripping down his cheeks, as Randy leaned down again and gave him a kiss. Just a peck at first, and then taking Jamie's head in both hands, he stuck his tongue in deep pushing Jamie's tongue back and feeling around his mouth, clearly letting Jamie know that he was in control. Jamie really turned him on. He not only had a nice body, he had amazing blue eyes, and a face that almost glowed. He was a beautiful boy.

After finishing the kiss, Randy got up and stood by the bed with his hands back on his hips, looking like an incredibly powerful arrogant young stud. It was hard to believe that he was only fifteen years old, with a body that looked like that of a well build eighteen or twenty year old. However, his handsome face gave him away, and he really did look to be about fifteen. He was grinning now and obviously enjoying this very much, and, if possible, the grin made him look even younger. However, he then lifted his arms and gave a front bicep pose showing his amazing arms, and Jamie, who was still weeping, could not help but be impressed. Those were not the arms of a fifteen year old.

'Get up babe, and come here' he said. Jamie nervously got up off the bed. He was afraid now, because he knew this boy could beat him up easily. He decided it would be better to do what Randy wanted to keep from being hurt. Besides, the kids' muscles had impressed him from the first time he ever saw him. Jamie's tears had stopped and he wiped his eyes as he stepped over toward Randy.

'Get on your knees' the hot stud said. 'Get down there where you belong.' Jamie was shocked as he suddenly realized what this was going to lead to. Randy was going to make him worship him. He was turned on by the kid, but this was too much. The guy was only a sophomore for god's sake.

'Randy, please' he pleaded. 'Please don't make me do this. Wade wouldn't want you to do this.' Jamie knew he was pleading with this younger kid, but he really didn't want this to happen. He didn't want to have to obey this kid.

Randy smiled with pleasure as this older kid begged him. What a turn on.

'Well, Wade isn't here right now, pretty boy' he said. 'And I really don't think he would mind this at all. He set this meeting up and told me we were to become friends. Well, I'm here and we are going to become friends whether you like it or not. Only, we'll do it my way. Now, get your ass down on your knees like I told you. I don't want to hurt you, but I will if I have too.'

Randy dropped his hands from his hips and clenched his fists, and his muscles tensed up. Jamie was afraid, and realized he had no choice but to do what this boy said. He knew he should be angry that this young kid was doing this to him, however his fear was overpowering any possible anger. His cheek was still hurting and he was afraid of this kid.

Jamie dropped down to his knees at Randy's feet.

'That's better babe' Randy said putting his hands back on his hips, and grinning down at Jamie. 'Now let's get a few things straight, boy. Yes, I may be younger than you, but I'm bigger and stronger, and I'm in charge here. I may not be your Master like Wade, but right now I'm the boss and you will call me sir. Got that? Call me sir.'

Jamie had no choice but to say it: 'Yes sir.'

'That's cool Jamie. I really like that' Randy said. Wow, that really was cool. He'd never had anyone call him sir before. What a turn on; a high school senior calling him sir, and only because he was forcing him to do it. Calling him sir and obeying his orders and being afraid, yeah; he got chills of excitement up his spine. 'Do it again Jamie. I want to hear it again.'

'Yes sir' Jamie repeated. He was terribly embarrassed calling this kid sir, but he couldn't do anything about it, so now, all he wanted was to get it over with. He would do whatever this kid wanted, just so he would go away.

'Strip for me Jamie' Randy said as he stepped back. 'Get those wet gym clothes off and let me see you in the nude. Let me see what I've got to work with.'

Jamie got up and sat on the bed, and removed his shoes and socks. Standing up he pulled the wet T-shirt over his head. He pulled the gym shorts down and off, and then standing there in only his jock strap, he glanced over at Randy waiting for further instructions

'Leave 'em on Jamie' he said. 'That's looks real sexy, and I know you want to look sexy for me. Don't you. C'mon, tell me you want to look sexy for me pretty boy.'

'Yes Randy' Jamie grudgingly said.

'What did you say' Randy growled.

'Yes sir' Jamie repeated.

'Okay, pretty boy, strip me. As I recall, you've had some practice.'

Jamie took hold of the muscle shirt and pulled it over Randy's head. Randy's upper body was really spectacular, and Jamie couldn't help but admire it. For a boy of only fifteen, Randy was truly amazing. Jamie got on his knees and pulled Randy's shoes off, and then unbuttoned and unzipped Randy's very tight shorts, and pulled them down and off as well.

'You know' Randy said. 'You really look good down there on your knees Mr. high school senior. I kind of think you belong on your knees in front of me' he said as he reached over and gave Jamie a friendly slap on the cheek. 'What do you think?' Randy had a grin on his face a mile wide. What a fuckin turn on this was, dominating this older kid and humiliating him. He was beginning to understand how Wade felt when he was using his boys.

Randy's cock had been growing from the moment Jamie removed his shorts, and now was sticking out like a flag pole. For a 15 year old, Randy had an impressive cock as well as a muscled body. He and his work out buddy Jason had measured each other one day, and he was just under eight inches.

'What do you think Jamie' he asked. 'You belong there? You like being on your knees in front of this muscle stud?' Randy was getting into it now, and calling himself a stud in front of Jamie made him hot. 'You like lookin up at my hot bod with my big cock sticking out? Huh? You like that?'

'Whatever you want, Randy' Jamie answered. 'Let's just get this over with.'

'Oh yeah, we'll get it over with babe' Randy remarked. 'We'll get it over with when I'm good and ready.' Randy took one step forward so his crotch was right in Jamie's face. Jamie put his hands on Randy's thighs and held him from getting closer.

'This ain't good babe' Randy said menacingly. 'If I have to tie you up I will, but you won't like it. Now get your fuckin hands off my legs.'

Jamie knew when he was beat, and as a well trained slave of Wade's he knew what to do, so admitting defeat, he put his hands behind his back.

'Good job babe' Randy said as he reached behind Jamie's head and pulled his face into his crotch. Randy was so hot and the pleasure was so intense, that he thought he had died and gone to heaven. Controlling an older kid and forcing his gorgeous face into his crotch was beyond exciting. It was electrifying. Looking down at one of the prettiest boy's he had ever seen, and pulling that face into his crotch was breathtaking. He actually did have to gasp and pant for a moment. He was so hot he was afraid he would cum and ruin everything, so he pulled back.

Jamie had accepted his fate, and let Randy pull his face into his crotch. He waited for a moment to see if he was supposed to suck or not, but then Randy pushed him away. He looked up in surprise at this young muscle stud and noticed his face was red and he was panting. He suddenly realized what was going on. This young stud was so turned on he was about to pop. How about that! Jamie leaned in and rubbed his face hard against Randy's cock.

And Randy started to shoot, 'Ugh, ugh, god damn it, god damn it' he screamed as he grabbed his shooting cock. Jamie pulled has face away, but Randy aimed his cock so the second shot hit Jamie full in the nose. The third shot got him in the eye, and the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh got all over his face, in his hair, and on his chest.

Randy was panting as he looked at his cum all over and dripping from Jamie's face. He was disgusted that he had cum so quickly, but it was as exciting as any orgasm he had ever had, and he loved seeing his cum on Jamie's face. As Jamie raised his hands to his face, Randy grabbed them and held them.

'No babe, don't wipe it off' he laughed as he held Jamie's hands away from his body. 'Let me see it babe. I love my cum in your face' he laughed again. The expression on Jamie's pretty face was priceless. 'Oh man, that was hot, and you look really good babe, just like that. I may never let you wipe it off.'

After Jamie had forced Randy to cum, he had pulled his head back and tried to get out of the way of his squirting cock, but Randy made sure every bit landed in his face. He couldn't open his eyes, and he had cum up his nose, and now Randy was humiliating him even more by not letting him wipe it off.

'C'mon Randy, please. I can't see' he said as he tasted the cum on his lips. 'Let me wipe it off.'

'Okay babe' Randy said still chuckling. 'Go wash you face and we'll start again.'

Jamie rushed to the adjoining bathroom and started washing his face in the sink. After rinsing the cum off his face, he got a washcloth and started scrubbing. Suddenly, he felt something against his ass, and looking in the mirror he saw Randy directly behind him. He felt Randy grab his waist with both hands, and push his semi hard cock against his ass.

'Nice ass babe' Randy whispered into his ear, as he rammed his crotch against Jamie's ass and pushed him hard against the sink. Jamie's jock did not cover his ass, so it was skin against skin, or rather hard cock against hard ass.

'Feels good on my cock babe' he said as he kissed Jamie's neck. Jamie had stopped washing, but now grabbed a towel and wiped his face, as Randy put his arms around him, pulled him in tight, and jacked his cock against his ass half a dozen times. Jamie's cock, jammed up against the sink, was hard.

Finally, Randy stepped back, turned Jamie toward the bathroom door and gave him a slap on the ass. 'Back to it babe' he said as he pushed Jamie back into the bedroom.

'On the bed' Randy said as they came back into the bedroom. 'On your back.'

Randy walked over to Jamie's full length mirror and looked at himself. One of his favorite hobbies was looking at himself, he thought while grinning.

'You like my muscles, Mr. senior in high school?' he said sarcastically as he went into a lat spread pose. 'Does this young muscle stud turn you on?' He turned to face Jamie and formed a front bicep pose. 'How does it feel to have a kid two years younger than you dominate you? I bet you like it, don't you?'

Randy walked over to the bed, and taking Jamie by the chin, stuck two fingers into his mouth. 'Suck 'em babe' he said. And Jamie started sucking.

'You know,' he said. 'This feels so good that I might just make you into my slave. You think Wade would care if you were my slave as well?' Randy said chuckling. Jamie kept sucking and didn't say anything because he knew the comment was rhetorical. Jamie wouldn't do it, and Wade wouldn't allow it. He could see that Randy was enjoying humiliating him, but knew he would never cross Wade. Nobody crossed Wade.

Randy climbed up on the bed and sat on Jamie's chest; his knees holding his arms down, and his cock almost touching Jamie's chin.

'Look at me babe' he said as he expanded his chest, and reached both hands up, he started rubbing them over the big pectorals. He continued rubbing them making it feel good for himself, and then tweaked the nipples, and made them grow. He loved feeling his muscles, and doing it while Jamie watched was thrilling. Getting himself turned on, he wanted to get Jamie in on the action. Yeah, he wanted Jamie on his muscles. He slid his ass down to Jamie's belly, grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled him to a nipple. Without being asked Jamie started licking and sucking.

'Work on the tit babe. Tongue it for me' Randy said. 'Oh yeah, that's good.' Jamie gnawed on the nipple for a bit and then sucked and licked over the whole pectoral muscle as Randy gently held his head. Yes, Randy turned him on, and yes, he did like to worship muscles so being forced here wasn't the end of the world. He hated being forced to do this by a kid two years younger than him, but he was resigned to it. After a couple minutes Randy moved Jamie's head over to the other side, and he continued worshiping this boy's hot chest.

Finally, Randy let him go and pushing him back down, slid back up on his chest. This time his cock was almost full hard and was in Jamie's face. Bracing himself on the headboard, Randy moved his cock all over Jamie's face, sticking it in his nose, in his eyes, rubbing it across his lips, enjoying the look of jacking it across that very pretty face. He now realized that this domination and humiliation thing was really cool, and he intended to do a lot of it from now on.

An image of his very cute, very built work out partner Jason came into his mind. They worked out almost daily in his garage with nobody around. Yeah, he was going to be doing a lot of this domination thing.

Jamie just lay there with his eyes closed while Randy jacked his hard cock in his face. After a bit, however, Randy sat up and slid his ass up further, and suddenly Jamie had a hard muscle ass in his face.

'Okay babe' Randy said. 'You've already had some practice licking my ass, but now I'm payin more attention. Since you're already acquainted you know what to do. Wade says you're terrific. Get busy and make my ass feel good, just like you do him.'

As a matter of fact, Jamie was excellent at worshipping Wade's ass. Wade had trained him well, and loved having Jamie do it to him. Jamie no longer found it humiliating, and even looked forward to doing it for Wade. Doing it now for Randy should be no different, so he got busy.

Randy was in ecstasy, sitting on Jamie's pretty face, and getting his ass licked like nobody's business. Randy wished he could see Jamie's face, because Jamie was such a good looking kid, and just the idea of forcing that pretty face into his ass was intoxicating. God, the power. Controlling another human being and making them worship his ass. Randy's head was bursting with excitement and exhilaration, and he almost screamed with the pleasure of the domination. He was a god damn Superman!! His body jerked and shivered as he felt Jamie's tongue push into his ass. 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus' he said to himself.

The feeling was indescribable and Randy was exalting in incredible pleasure. 'God' he thought 'getting your ass licked by a submissive kid like this was like getting fucked, but still staying on top.'

Randy jacked his cock occasionally, keeping it super hard, but not overdoing it so he could last. It felt so good he wanted to go on for ever. But finally, after fifteen or twenty minutes, he pulled himself away from the hot mouth, and stood up.

'On the floor, on your knees, babe' Randy said as he grabbed Jamie by the arm and pulled. Jamie came off the bed and landed on his butt with a bang and let out a yell. He gave Randy a dirty look and and started to say something. 'Randy'..'

'Shut up and get on your fuckin knees babe' Randy said. 'You keep me waitin and I'm going to get mad.'

Jamie did not say anything more as he got on his knees. Randy put a hand on his saliva covered face and pushed until Jamie was sitting on his heels, and Randy kept pushing so Jamie finally scrambled backwards until has back was flush against the side of the bed.

Randy stepped forward, straddling Jamie's knees and pushed his cock in Jamie's face.

'Kiss it babe' he ordered. 'Just like you do for Wade. A nice wet sloppy kiss.' Jamie gave the very hard cock a big wet kiss.

'Okay, now suck it. Show me how good you are babe' he said as he pushed it into Jamie's mouth.

Randy had seen Wade fuck Jamie's face, and Wade could really fuck, so he knew Jamie was a master at deep throating a big cock. He had never fucked a guy's face before; in fact he had never fucked anyone anywhere before. But he intended to find out what it was like, right now.

Randy pushed his cock half way in to Jamie's mouth as Jamie started sucking. He let Jamie work it for a while, then started moving. He pushed in a little further and found an obstruction. 'Ah, here is the throat' he thought. He pulled back and then pushed a little harder, and felt his cock enter Jamie's throat. He pulled back and pushed in a little further. 'Damn that felt good; real tight' he thought, and the blank look on Jamie's face with that enormous cock sticking in it was priceless.

Randy started to move. Even though he had already cum, he was hot and almost ready to cum again. Being fifteen had some advantages. He took hold of the back of Jamie's head, and holding him steady he really started to fuck. He found that when he hit the throat each time he had to give an extra push to make his cock go in. So each time he pulled out and started pumping back it, he felt a momentary hesitation when he hit the throat, until he gave an extra push and felt the throat expand to take him.

Jamie had grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands, and looked like he was being strangled. Randy closed his eyes so he could concentrate on the pleasure of feeling his cock sliding in and out of that tight throat.

This was the first time Randy had ever fucked a guy and god it felt good. But much too quickly he was cuming. His first shot went into Jamie's throat, and he almost staggered from the excitement and erotic feeling. But he pulled back into Jamie's mouth for the next couple shots, and finally pulled out completely so his last couple shots went into Jamie's face. Jamie was coughing and gasping for air, as the cum flew in his face. Randy didn't know if Jamie had choked on it or nor, but it didn't matter now because the feeling had been fabulous. The greatest orgasm Randy had ever had, bar none.

Randy rested his cock on Jamie's face next to his nose and just admired it for a few minutes as it started to soften. When it was fully soft, he got down on the floor next to Jamie and wrapping his left arm around his neck, pulled his head in close. With his right hand he began smearing his cum all over Jamie's face.

'God, you're good babe' he whispered in Jamie's ear almost touching it with his lips. 'That was fantastic. Like nothing I've ever felt before. Thank you babe.' He continued rubbing the cum over Jamie's face for a few moments, and then dropped his arms and leaned back against the bed.

They both stayed there, leaning against the bed, for the next ten minutes or so without saying a word.

After a while Randy went to the bathroom and washed his hands, and came back and shimmied back into his tight shorts. He loved these shorts because they were sexy as hell and didn't hide anything and kept his cock half hard and feeling good all the time. Just watching people's eyes as they looked at him was hot. They all wanted his fifteen year old body.

'Hey babe' he said. 'I hear your folks are out of town for the weekend. Is'at right?'

Jamie had finally come to his senses, but with a very sore throat. Randy wasn't any harder on him that Wade was, but he wasn't a hell of a lot easier, either. He had not moved from his position sitting against the bed.

'Yeah' he croaked. 'They went to St. Louis'

'Good' Randy answered. 'That means I don't have to be in any hurry to leave. So, what are we having for dinner?'

Jamie still knew his place and wasn't about to rock the boat now. It would surely be easier on him if he did everything Randy wanted.

'My mom put some things in the refrigerator for me to warm up?' he answered

'Good' Randy said. 'Go get it ready, and we'll come back here after dinner and fuck some more.'



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