Randy arrived at Wade's house on his bike at a quarter to one and just waited on the front step until it was time. He was hot and bothered, and scared, and excited and could hardly sit still. He was going to see Wade again today. He was actually going to be with that supernatural creature again! He had met Wade in the park two weeks ago and his cock had hardly gone down since then. He had woken up almost every night since and sometimes more than once with a roaring hard on, and had to jerk off before getting back to sleep. Every time he thought of Wade, which was almost all the time, he got an instant hard on. In fact for the past two weeks he seldom thought of anything else.

The man was so perfect, and so powerful, and so gorgeous that it made Randy's knees weak just to think about him. The couple hours he spent with Wade were easily the most incredible and exciting hours he had spent in his entire life. In fact Randy was hopelessly in love, and also very much in lust.

Randy was only fifteen years old, almost sixteen, but had the body of a man. Not just any man, but a body building man. He was only a little over 5'9' tall but he had big square shoulders and a muscle padded chest tapering down to hardly any waist at all. He was dressed in a tight muscle shirt with the nubs of his tits clearly showing through, and his uncovered muscled arms showing very nice sized biceps below the large round shoulders. His shorts were of some sort of stretch material looking like spandex, but were shorter than cycling shorts. They clung to his body like a second skin, clearly showing the crack of his ass, and in front it looked like a pouch showing the outline of a good sized cock hanging right. Randy looked almost obscene, but Wade had ordered him to be sexy and he made sure he was.

At exactly 1:00 o'clock Randy rang the bell and as directed by Wade, he did not wait for an answer, but opened the door and entered. He entered a small entrance hallway, and stepped through into a living room.

After the time Randy spent with Wade in the park two weeks ago, Randy called him every night. Wade had made it very clear that who was the Master and who was the slave, and he was to be obeyed precisely, or there would be punishment. The thought of having a Master and worshiping him was incredibly exciting to Randy. He loved having Wade dominate him and got a catch in his throat at the thought of being under his power again. Wade was very rough on him at first, until Randy understood that as a Master, Wade was to be obeyed and worshiped and Randy had to be taught how to do it. Randy wanted to be Wade's boy, because he would do anything to be allowed to worship that amazing muscled body again.

Wade's instructions to him were to have very hard workouts every afternoon using Wade's regimen, and call with a report every evening at 7:15 PM. Over the past two weeks Randy's workouts had been more intense than ever because he not only wanted to obey Wade, but he wanted to look good for him as well. He called Wade every night at exactly 7:15 to report, and got direction and encouragement over the phone. Randy was hoping Wade would be proud of him when he saw him again. Wade made it clear they would get together again if Randy really improved and followed instructions. And today was the day.

Wade was setting in a chair wearing only a wife beater, and short denim cut offs which covered very little of his spectacular muscled body. He had the TV on but wasn't watching it, but was just waiting for Randy to arrive. Wade was a true god, with a muscled body and a handsome face that was almost supernatural. Wade knew he was gorgeous and his worshipers knew it as well.

Randy walked into the room and Wade was immediately delighted. This boy had such a beautiful sculptured body for a kid and right now dressed in those almost painted on clothes he looked absolutely pornographic. Wade wanted him bad, and he now knew he was going to have a terrific afternoon using this boy. Along with his plans for Jamie, he knew this afternoon was going to be hot.

Wade waved him over to him and pointed to the floor between his feet. Randy's heart was beating fast as he got his first look in two weeks of this amazing demigod. God, he was more spectacular even than he remembered. He walked across the room and got on his knees.

'Lesson one, slave boy' he said. 'You kiss my feet and then put your face on the floor as soon as you come in the door. You don't do anything else without my direction.' Wade did not allow a smile on his face even though he was delighted with the kid. He sounded rough and demanding as the boy did as he was told and kissed his feet and put his head to the floor.

Wade reached across the boy and rubbed his hand over the tight little ass. The skin tight shorts creased all the way into the crack, and if Randy had had a pimple on his ass it would have shown clearly. Wade was turned on by this delightful little ass and this dreamy sexy boy. He had told the boy he wanted him to look lewd and sexy, and the boy had outdone himself. He must have turned every head in the county while riding over here on his bike. Wade rubbed both hands over the muscular back and then the boy's shoulders and biceps.

'You're doing good slave boy. You're makin me proud' Wade said as he rubbed both hands over Randy's hot butt again.

'Get up here and undress me boy' Wade ordered as he stood up. Wade raised his arms as Randy stood up and grabbed the wife beater and pulled it over his head. Randy then got down on his knees and unbuttoned the cut offs, pulled them down, and as Wade raised his feet, pulled them off.

Without saying anything Wade grabbed Randy by the ear and started walking to the bath room. Randy was forced to scramble along on his knees to keep up and try not to be dragged.

Upon entering the bath room Wade opened the shower door, turned the water on, waited a moment, and entered. Randy was still on his knees as Wade grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pulled him in as well and closed the door.

After both of them stayed in the streaming water for a few minutes, Wade turned it off, picked up a bar of soap and put it in Randy's hand. 'Alright my slave boy,' he said. 'Here's your chance to touch these muscles you have been drooling over. Start at my feet.'

'God damn' Randy thought as his breath caught in his throat. 'Wade was going to let him touch his fabulous muscles.' Randy started with Wade's right foot and rubbed the soap all over it, carefully between the toes, on the sole when Wade lifted his foot, and up the leg to the knee. Since he had no wash cloth he used his hands to rub and wash the skin. He did the same to the other foot and leg and then moved up to those incredible thighs and washed each one all the way up to Wade's crotch. Feeling those massive muscular thighs gave him intense feelings of pleasure. Every wet dream Randy had ever had (and every waking one as well) had been about worshiping a gorgeous man with immense muscles, and here he was, finally, being allowed to touch the most beautiful man he had ever seen. Randy was in heaven.

Wade was standing there with his hands on his hips and Randy realized he was looking down and watching him, and it made him nervous. After only one session with Wade in the park he understood that anything he did had to be at Wade's direction or for Wade's pleasure, and that their was pain involved if he wasn't careful. His shirt and jeans were soaked, and his tennis shoes felt really squishy, but he ignored that as he hesitated, wondering what Wade wanted washed next.

'Do my back and my ass boy' Wade directed.

Randy got up and waited for a few seconds for Wade to turn around, but Wade did not move. Since Wade was too close to the wall for Randy to get behind him, he stretched his arm around and soaped Wade's back and butt. He put the soap down and reaching with one hand he rubbed the soap onto Wade's shoulders and back. The feeling of those bulging shoulders under his hands was absolutely thrilling, and he loved rubbing his hands up and down that muscled back. He wasn't aware that a person could have so many muscles in their back. He carefully washed Wade's ass, and gently washed up and down the ass crack.

'Front' was all Wade said, and Randy picked up the soap and rubbed it over Wade's enormous chest and down to his washboard abs and then hesitated. 'Go on' said Wade so he continued soaping Wade's cock and balls. Putting the soap down again, Randy was able to touch Wade's unbelievable chest for the first time. His mouth was open and drooling and his super hard cock was leaking. 'God, god, god; he was actually being allowed to touch this gorgeous creature.' He was delirious with pleasure. The thrill of it was so intense that he wanted desperately to grab his cock and jerk off. Instead, shaking with excitement, he worked his hands over that massive chest and the washboard abs, and then gently washed Wade's cock and balls.

Without any instruction Wade raised his arms slightly, and Randy soaped and washed from the hands up to the hugely muscled biceps and triceps and into his arm pits.

Wade took a bottle from the shelf and handed it to Randy. It was a bottle of shampoo, so Randy put some in his palm and scrubbed it into Wade's hair. He had to reach up because Wade was about four inches taller than him, and since Wade did not lower his head, he had to be super careful to be sure nothing got into Wade's eyes.

'Get a washcloth and wash my face and neck' Wade ordered.

Randy opened the shower door and stepped out of the shower and went to the sink and found a washcloth. He was dripping water all over the bathroom from his soaked clothes, but he re-entered the shower and soaped the washcloth. Wade closed his eyes but did not move otherwise as Randy carefully rubbed the wash cloth his face and ears and neck.

When Randy finally finished, Wade turned the water back on and stood under the spray. 'Finish up little boy' he said. Randy still had the washcloth in his hand, so he used it to be sure all the soap was removed from Wade's body. All in all, giving Wade a shower was the most erotic event that he had ever experienced and he was really turned on.

Wade stepped out of the shower and stood in the center of the bathroom. Randy's legs got weak, and he gasped, as this incredible Greek God stood there in the nude; perfectly proportioned muscles; perfectly shaped cock; perfectly shaped ass; a flawless body in every way with a face so exquisitely handsome that it defied description. He was the incarnation of the most perfect of godlike creatures on the planet. Randy stepped from the shower as Wade beckoned him and stood there in awe as his cock became like an iron bar.

'Dry me off boy' Wade directed. Wade raised his arms and spread his legs, as Randy got a towel from the rack and carefully dried every inch of Wade's perfect body. When finished, Wade took the towel from him and tossed it into the corner. 'Come on' he said as he left the room. Randy's shoes and clothes and hair and entire body was soaking wet and dripping, but Wade had not allowed him to dry off, so he followed Wade out of the room.

Wade's second bedroom had been turned into his workout room. He didn't use it much because he liked working out in the gym, but it had a bench and a variety of weights scattered around the room.

Wade turned and watched the boy as he came into the room. The boy's light grey shorts and white muscle shirt had become literally invisible after being in the shower, and nothing was hidden. He looked good enough to eat; much sexier than if he were simply nude. Wade didn't usually pay much attention to his worshiper's bodies because; after all, he was the one with the muscles that needed worshiping. His boys simply had to be young and cute with pretty faces, but this muscled kid was turning him on. He was so desirable it was going to be almost impossible to keep his hands off him.

The room had several floor to ceiling mirrors and Wade looked at himself and this gorgeous kid in the mirror and liked what he saw. A superman with a superboy standing next to him. Wade was six foot, and Randy was about 5'9', and both, in their own way, had spectacular bodies. One, a very mature very muscular body of a man; the other, a very muscled youthful boy stud.

'Over here slave boy, on your knees' Wade said as he snapped his fingers and pointed to a spot in front of him. Randy hurried over and kneeled.

'Who am I Randy?' Wade asked.

Randy had an easy answer because of his previous session with Wade.

'You are my Master Sir' he replied.

'And who are you little boy? Wade asked again.

'I am um'.ah, I'm'.I'm your boy'I'm your servant sir?' Randy answered almost as a question. Randy liked calling Wade a Master because he was a god, but he somehow couldn't bring himself to use the word slave. He was a muscle boy and not a slave.

Wade reached and grabbed Randy's hair, pulled hard and gave him a stinging slap across the face followed by a hard backhand.

'Did you forget your place slave boy? Did you forget who I am?' Wade shouted. 'Don't you dare ever talk to me like that again. You are nothing but a piece of shit to me.'

'Now tell me. You'.are'.a'.piece'of'.shit!' Wade shouted emphasizing each word with a jerk to Randy's hair.

Randy was in shock how quickly Wade got angry and he was really hurting his scalp. He instantly realized he made a bad mistake. He had been dreaming of being with Wade for two weeks and now he had fucked up really bad.

'Please Master, I'm your slave. Please, please Master, I'm so sorry' he cried. 'Please Master, I want to be your slave. Please Master' he pleaded desperately. Randy's face and his scalp were hurting and he was frightened that Wade was so angry and he was terrified that Wade might decide to throw him out. He was whimpering from the pain and he started to cry.

'I told you to tell me you're a piece of shit, you little prick' Wade shouted. 'Now do it!'

'Please Master I'm sorry' Randy sobbed. 'Please Master I am a piece of shit. Please Master, forgive me. I'm sorry.'

'What am I to do with you Randy' Wade said, beginning to cool down. 'If you can't learn I don't want you.'

'Please Master, I'm sorry' Randy said still sobbing. 'I want to be your slave Master. Please don't throw me out. I want to be with you. I really want to please you, and I'll do anything for you. Please give me another chance Master.'

'Okay boy' Wade said as he reached over and gently took Randy's face in both hands. 'You must remember that you are my slave, and you must learn how to act like one.'

'Now I'm going to give you something, and you will thank me for it' he said. Still holding Randy's head gently in his hands Wade coughed up some phlegm and let a big gob drop onto Randy's face.

'Thank you Master' Randy said as he was finally stopping his crying.

'Do you like that slave boy? Do you like my spit in your face?' Wade asked.

'Yes Master' Randy answered. 'I love it when you spit on me. I love anything you do to me Master.'

'Okay slave boy,' Wade said. 'There is hope for you. You'll learn.'

'Now you are going to see why you want to worship this body. You are going to see your fabulous muscle god at his best.'

Wade stepped back and did a double bicep pose, and watched the movement of his muscles in the mirror. Randy sat on his heels in awe as Wade moved to the front lat spread. Wade was truly awesome, with enormous muscles and almost unbelievable definition. Big round shoulders with bulging deltoids; a colossal chest, and washboard abs, and thighs that were truly extraordinary.

Continuing to watch himself in the mirror Wade resumed his posing with the side chest and then the side triceps. He was amused at the look of absolute worship on Randy's face as he sat in wonder at this vision of muscularity with his mouth hanging open. Randy's total admiration was a bit of a turn on. Wade was accustomed to worshipful looks on his boys' faces as he flexed his muscles but he always enjoyed their reverential appreciation. But what was really making his cock hard was looking at his spectacular body in the mirror. Even after years posing he never ceased to be turned on by his own muscles. He did the double bicep pose again and turning his head give his right bicep a kiss and a lick. God he loved this. He loved kissing his own muscles even better than having his worshipers do it.

'Come over here and kiss my feet, slave boy and show me how much you love this body' Wade said. Randy covered the four feet in two seconds, and bent down and kissed each of Wade's feet.

'Now my cock baby. Give my cock a kiss to show me you love me.'

Wade's cock was only slightly hard as Randy gave it a single kiss right on the tip.

'Good boy, good boy' Wade cooed as he patted the boys' still wet hair.

Wade then walked over and picked up a pair of dumbbells and sat on the bench. He started doing dumbbell curls as Randy watched from on his knees.

Randy watched in amazement as the softball sized biceps flexed and relaxed and flexed again. 'God,' he thought; 'I am so lucky to be here with this incredible creature.' He desperately wanted to touch those muscles as they flexed; or lick them or do anything to them. He continued to watch as Wade did several sets of intense double curls. Suddenly they heard the door bell ring, and Wade put the dumbbells down. He noted that Jamie was right on time. Exactly 1:30.

After a moment Jamie walked into the room. He walked right over to Wade, got on his knees, and kissed his feet. He then put his face on the floor and waited.

Randy was surprised and disappointed, because he did not know anyone else was going to join them. He thought he would have Wade to himself. Looking at the boy, Randy noticed he was very pretty; actually beautiful. He had almost white hair and perfect youthful features and he was dressed in shorts, a loose T shirt and tennis shoes with no socks; all of them white. He had a nice body but his muscles didn't hold a candle to Randy's own. He could take this kid on easy.

'Speak to me slave boy' Wade said.

Jamie kissed Wade's feet again and sat up. 'Thank you Master. I am your worthless slave, Master, and I am here to worship you. My only purpose is to give you pleasure, Master' he quoted

'Randy, meet Jamie. Jamie is older than you, and has been with me for a while, so you can learn a lot from him. Jamie knows what it takes to please his Master; don't you boy' Wade said as he patted Jamie on the cheek.

'Yes Master' Jamie answered as he looked into Wade's eyes. As he was every time he saw Wade, Jamie was overwhelmed by this idol that he worshiped. The man was more gorgeous every time he saw him.

'Kiss my cock Jamie' Wade directed and Jamie leaned in and gave the cock a big wet smack of a kiss, just the way he knew Wade liked it.

'Yes Master, thank you Master' he said.

'Jamie, say hello to Randy. Randy thinks he's got what it takes to be a slave and worship my body. What do you think?' Jamie looked over at Randy, really noticing him for the first time. The kid had jet black hair and was really built and totally erotic in his wet see through clothes. The nubs of his tits were sticking out of a well muscled chest showing through the almost invisible shirt, and you could see his circumcision line on his snake like cock showing through his shorts. Jamie loved muscles and found the boy to be quite attractive, and the big cock showing in his pants looked pretty good too. Jamie was worried about this boy as competition because he was so well built. Jamie was working out hard these days, but he had a long way to go to catch up with this muscle kid.

'He's just a kid Master' he answered. 'I don't think he can handle it.'

Wade laughed and fluffed Jamie's hair.

'Crawl over here Randy and meet your competition' Wade said, and Randy quickly crawled over on his hands and knees.

Wade took both boys by the hair and turned their heads toward each other. 'Kiss and be friends, boys' he said. And the two boys kissed as ordered.

Wade took them both by the chin and pulled their heads up so he could look them in the eye.

'You want to be my slave boy Randy? You want me to be your Master' He asked.

'Yes Master I want to be your slave. Please sir I do' Randy replied having learned his lesson.

'And you Jamie, do you want to be my slave?' Wade asked.

'You are already my Master Sir, and I will always be your slave' Jamie replied.

'Stand up slave boys' Wade ordered. 'Strip him Jamie'

The two boys stood up and Jamie grabbed Randy's wet shirt at the waist and pulled it up and over his head. Jamie was disappointed to see that not only was this boy really built, he also seemed to be a little taller as well. He quickly got on his knees and pulled the boys' shoes off. Then unbuttoning and unzipping the very tight, dripping shorts, he tugged them down and off. The half hard cock bounced out almost into his face.

'Your turn Randy' Wade ordered. Randy grabbed Jamie's T shirt and pulled it up and off almost before Jamie could get his arms up. Randy thought the platinum blond boy had a nice body but a little on the skinny side. Kind of like a swimmer. He had the most beautiful blue eyes Randy had ever seen on a boy and had a very cute, slightly feminine face as well. Randy knew that if Wade was into pretty faces this kid had him beat. He disliked him instantly.

Wade stood and took each of the boys by the neck and pulled them in close.

'Am I your Master' he growled.

'Yes sir' both boys answered almost simultaneously.

'Okay, Jamie. Showtime' Wade said as he stepped back. 'Show me what you've got.'

Jamie knew this command well. He stood up and immediately went into a front double bicep pose. Every time he saw Wade he had to go through his posing routine so Wade could see what improvements he had made in his muscle building regimen. He always felt silly doing these poses because, even though he looked pretty damn good, he was still slim and didn't have really big muscles. But now this was going to be embarrassing because Wade was making him perform in front of this muscle kid.

'Hold that pose baby' Wade said, and Jamie froze in the double bicep, although he kept grinding his biceps to get them to bulge more.

'Randy, copy that' Wade ordered and Randy stood and went into the identical pose.

'Face the mirror, and look at each other' Wade said as he stepped over and stood between them. Turning to look into the mirror, Jamie felt the blood run to his face in embarrassment. His muscle god standing next to him completely relaxed and looking gorgeous, but next to him was this young stud, a bundle of muscle. That kid looked terrific and Jamie was furious. How could he compete with that young god. He didn't dare show his feelings in front of Wade, but he hated this kid and wanted to destroy him.

'Next pose' Wade ordered and Jamie moved into a front lat spread, with Randy immediately copying. Jamie was so angry he was grinding his teeth, but he had no choice but to try to look his best. He knew anything less would bring instant punishment. But he knew this guy was going to laugh at him and make fun of his slim body. The only decent thing about it was that Jamie knew the order of the exercises, and Randy had to follow his lead.

Randy had no trouble with the poses, because he had spent hours in front of the mirror in his garage working on them. And he knew he looked damn good. This Jamie kid however was puny, like a lanky little dwarf. Randy found it a turn on that this kid was two years older than him but was a short little runt and didn't have half the muscle Randy had. Randy knew he could whip this kid with one hand behind his back. His cock wasn't anything to write home about either. To be honest the kid was not totally skinny, and his platinum blond hair and pretty face were stunning. He also knew the poses well, even though he looked stupid doing them with his slim body.

Wade watched carefully as he took the boys through all seven poses. Damn, these boys looked good. This should be the finest worship session he had ever had, with two superb boys totally dedicated to giving him pleasure. Jamie looked really good, with his strikingly beautiful face and nicely muscled body. Wade was already imagining that pretty face jammed into his crotch again. And Randy looked better than ever. He seemed to be much bigger and more defined than two weeks ago. Watching this boys' muscles ripple while he was fucking him was going to be sensational. In fact Wade hadn't fucked Randy in the ass yet, so that was going to be the main event of the day.

'What do you think Jamie' Wade asked.

'He's just a punk kid Master' Jamie answered trying to control his anger. 'How old is he anyway?'

'I'm almost sixteen years old, pretty boy' Randy said contemptuously.

Wade immediately grabbed Randy by the ear and gave a hard twist and Randy cried out in pain.

Wade grabbed him by the hair and jerked him violently up close to his face. 'You speak again without my permission, and I'll break you in half' he yelled

Wade let go of his hair, and gave him a very hard open handed slap to the face knocking him over, and almost onto the floor. Randy looked up with a shocked look on his face and started to cry again. His cheek hurt like hell.

'Get on your fucking knees, you little shit' Wade shouted. Randy jumped to obey, getting on his knees in front of Wade and looking at the floor and holding his cheek. He couldn't believe how angry Wade was for such a simple thing.

'You don't do anything without my permission, you hear me?' Wade shouted as he pulled Randy's head back by his hair and gave him a backhand across the other side of his face.

'Yes sir' Randy screamed. He was really crying now, bawling from the pain and the shock and the humiliation. He was looking up at Wade's angry face with Wade's fist holding his hair and he couldn't stop crying.

'You call me Master, you stupid little shit' Wade said jerking Randy's hair 'and you beg me to forgive your worthless ass.'

Randy was crying and hiccoughing, his face was red, and he couldn't even speak for a few moment. As Randy began to calm down he was finally able to speak.

'Um'I'm'I'm sorry Master' he blubbered still crying. 'I'm sorry. Please I'm sorry.'

'You remember your place slave boy' Wade said. 'I'm your Master and you don't even breath unless I give you permission. Now beg me to forgive you.'

'Please Master, please' Randy cried. 'I'm sorry. I won't do it again. Please forgive me Master.'

During all this time Jamie was glad he was being punished. He had received similar punishment from Wade in the past, so he was super careful how he acted in his presence. This new kid was a cocky little smart aleck and deserved what he was getting. He thought he was super cool, but Jamie knew Wade would knock that idea out of his head in a hurry.

Wade's cock was sticking out at about half mast as he was getting turned on. He did enjoy punishing a kid and hearing him cry, and having this muscle boy bawling his eyes out at his feet was kind of stirring.

Wade turned and stepped over to the weight bench and sat down. 'Get your ass over here' he said. Randy stumbled over on his knees and looked at the floor. Wade snapped his fingers at Jamie and pointed down. Jamie leaped over and got on his knees as well.

'Get to it slaves' was all he said.

Randy was hesitant at first, not knowing what to do, but when he saw Jamie start kissing Wade's foot he quickly did the same. Out of the corner of his eye he saw and heard Jamie kissing and licking and slobbering all over Wade's foot, and he tried to do exactly the same thing. Randy knew that Jamie was more familiar with Wade's demands than he was, so for now he was going to follow his lead. Stepping out of line with Wade was very clearly dangerous.

Jamie felt pretty good when he noticed that the Randy had no idea what to do, and was following his lead. That muscle kid may have a body but Jamie was trained and knew exactly how to give Wade the most pleasure. 'That kid doesn't have a chance' he thought as he started sucking and licking every inch of Wade's feet.

Wade had been imagining this moment all week long; one platinum blond hair, one jet black hair, both built and cute, on their knees in front of him. This was hot and his cock started to stir again. It was a turn on but he didn't want to come too soon, because each of these boys had holes to be filled and he wanted to fill them. It was too bad he didn't have two cocks to use on them.

Wade's feet were on the floor so Jamie could not get to the bottom of his feet, so he got busy licking and sucking the part he could reach. He licked and sucked using lots of saliva on one side and then the other, working his way from back to front, and finally reaching the toes. He licked across the top of the toes and got his tongue between them, and when Wade finally decided to lift his toes off the floor, he got busy sucking each one of them. He kept watching Randy from the corner of his eye, and saw Randy doing the same to him. Randy followed his actions almost lick for lick and suck for suck, so both boys were sucking Wade's toes at the same time.

Finally, Wade got up and stepped to the middle of the room facing the mirrors.

'On your feet' Wade directed and both boys got up and came over to him. Wade raised his right arm and flexed his enormous bicep. He reached and got a grip on Randy's hair and pulled him in.

'Worship that bicep slave' he directed and Randy started licking the most beautiful arm he had ever seen.

'Behind me Jamie' Wade said, and Jamie jumped to obey and put his face against Wade's bicep from the back and started to lick.

Both boys were very aware of how to worship Wade's bicep, as they kissed and licked and sucked Wade's gloriously rock hard muscle as he continued to flex it. Several times their nose's bumped and once their tongues touched, but neither boy wavered form their attention to Wade's bicep.

Wade continued to watch himself in the mirror giving a partial lat spread while flexing his right bicep for his slaves. 'God he was gorgeous' he thought, 'and both of his slaves knew it.' Watching his muscles rippling and the boys worshiping his biceps gave him an incredible feeling of power. 'Yeah he was a Master, and these boys belonged to him.'

'Other side' Wade said as he flexed his left bicep. Both boys got busy doing their duty on his left bicep.

After a few minutes of watching the boys worship, Wade pushed them away. Watching himself in the mirror he went from a front lat spread to a side triceps pose and back again. Both boys watched in awe at this colossal muscle god showed his body to them. Wade went on for five minutes or more doing a variety of muscle poses almost driving the boys crazy with lust.

'Okay, get my pits little boys' Wade said as he raised his arms putting his hands behind his head. 'Get your noses in there and worship my pits.'

Both boys jumped to it and started sucking and licking Wade's arm pits. He was just out of the shower, so they were clean and dry, but sometime soon he would have them rub their pretty faces in his sweaty pits after a workout. He always found it a turn on to see his sweat on the face of a worshiping boy.

'Saliva, babies. Saliva' Wade said. 'And let me hear it.' Both boys worked up saliva in their mouths and sucked and licked and washed and worshiped Wade's armpits with their hungry tongues and mouths, while also making smacking sounds with their kisses. Wade watched the two heads in the mirror, one light and one dark, tucked into his armpits. 'Pretty as a picture' he thought.

When Wade had had enough, he pulled his arms down and in, forcing the boys faces into his chest.

'Okay, slave boys, here's your chance to worship a real muscle mans chest. Get going and show your Master how much you love his muscles.'

Both boys got busy licking and sucking Wade's big chest, but Wade was not satisfied.

'Com'on you little shits. Put some energy into it' Wade demanded as he slapped each boy on the back of the head. 'Make me feel good, god damn it. Go to it, and get your faces in there.' Both boys started licking and sucking at a frantic speed trying to please him. Wade gave them another slap as encouragement to keep it up, as they licked and slobbered all over his chest at a frenzied pace, rubbing noses and faces into the spit as they went.

Wade finally grabbed them both by the hair and pulled them back a few inches and looked down at his very wet chest, and the boys faces totally covered with their spit. 'You like my big chest babies?' he said smiling broadly. 'You like worshipping those big muscles?'

Both boys answered almost simultaneously: 'Yes Master.'

'Now suck your Master's tits slave boys, and suck them hard' Wade said as he pulled their faces back into his chest. He watched in the mirror as both boys tried their damndest to suck the milk right out of his tits. It looked and felt just fine.

'On your knees slave boys' Wade said when he was ready to go on. Both boys got down and waited. Wade pulled them both up by the chin, and then stuck four fingers into each mouth. Both boys automatically sucked on the fingers. Yeah, they had the sucking instinct. After a moment, he pulled his fingers out and rubbed their spit all over there faces, as they looked up at him with worshipful eyes. Wade took Jamie's hair, pulled his head back so he was looking straight up at Wade, and let a big gob of saliva fall into his face.

'Open your mouth baby' he said, and he spit again so that if fell directly into Jamie's mouth.

'Thank you Master' was Jamie's reply.

Wade turned to Randy, and without being asked Randy turned his face straight up and closed his eyes.

'Open your eyes slave boy' Wade directed. Randy opened his eyes and watched the spit as it fell onto his face. He then opened his mouth and waited to accept the spit that Wade gave him.

'Thank you Master' he whispered.

'Good boy, good boy' Wade crooned as he petted both boys on the head. 'Doin real good.'

'It's now time for my balls boys. Get in there and make my balls feel good' Wade directed. Both boys dove in and started licking and sucking on Wade's balls, basically one on each ball. 'Get 'em wet babies' Wade said. 'You know how I like it' Both boys started slobbering over the balls and rubbing their faces in it, and Wade smiled as he watched his cock bobbing around in their faces, and his spit dripping off their chins.

'Open your eyes slaves, and look at my big cock' Wade said. 'Rub your noses against it and make it feel good.' Both boys now tried to rub their noses against the cock as they watched it bounce around in their faces.

Then Wade took both boys by the hair and said: 'open your pretty mouths my slave boys.' He pulled them into his crotch so that there was a mouth on each side of his cock, and he slowly started to jack his cock between them. 'Let me feel those tongues' he said as he tightened his hold on their heads and pulled them in tight, so their lips were touching each other with his big cock sliding between.

His cock was fully hard now, and Wade watched in the mirror as the two pretty boys sucked his cock from each side as he fucked the full nine inches between those mouths. He noticed that both boys had roaring hard ons. This really felt great and looked fabulous in the mirror. One dark hair and one light hair on each side with their mouths on his cock as he slid it back and forth. Man, he loved seeing it and feeling it, and wouldn't mind doing this all day long. He finally pulled back so only the head of the cock was in their mouths. 'Kiss' he said. The boys kissed each other with the tip of Wade's cock in their mouths.

Randy was so turned by Wade's cock and Jamie's lips that he was ready to shoot. He knew if he had been allowed to touch himself he would have cum in two seconds.

Jamie was madly in love with Wade and his spectacular body, but this muscle boy was turning him on as well, and kissing him while having Wade's cockhead in his mouth was as exciting as anything he had ever experienced. He licked his tongue all around Wade's cockhead and into Randy's mouth, and Randy did the same in return.

Wade was in seventh heaven. Feeling the boys' mouths on his cock head felt pretty damn good, but actually seeing it in the mirror was breathtaking.

After a couple minutes Wade resumed fucking his cock between the two boys' mouths holding them in tight by the back of their heads. He continued for a while for the pleasant feeling in his cock, as well as the stunning view in the mirror of those two pretty faces on his cock. The light and the dark were fascinating.

'Jamie, get on my ass' Wade said when he had as much as he wanted. Jamie quickly scurried around behind him and stuck his face in Wade's ass. Wade turned slightly so he could see Jamie in the mirror.

Taking Randy by the hair, and pulling his super hard cock down to his lips, he pushed it into the boys' mouth. 'Suck on it baby. Suck it' he said.

Holding Randy by the hair, Wade slowly moved his head back and forth as Randy sucked him. Jamie was a master at eating out his ass, and Wade just let him go at it. It felt wonderful. Randy wasn't an experienced cocksucker yet, and was not able to deep throat without being forced, so Wade was fairly gentle. He pulled the boys' face onto his cock until he hit his throat over and over again, making him gag and choke a little, but not forcing it into his throat. Wade just stood there jacking Randy's face for ten minutes or so while watching the two boys worship, and feeling their hot mouths on his cock and in his ass.

Letting go of Randy's hair, Wade started flexing his muscles. Flexing his biceps, pushing out his chest, and forcing an eight pack out of his lats. God he was gorgeous, he thought, and seeing and feeling himself being worshiped at both ends by two cute slaves was a delight.

Wade was really getting hot now, and knew he could cum just about any time. 'Switch places slaves' He ordered. Nobody moved for a few seconds, so he yelled: 'Switch. Now.'

Jamie started scurrying around to get in front, and as Randy came to his senses, he moved around to Wade's ass. Wade's cock was so hard that Jamie had to chase it down to get his mouth on it without using his hands. Randy hesitated for a moment because he had never occurred to him that he would ever want to kiss anyone's ass. Wade's hand came around giving him a good slap on the back of the head, pushing his face into the ass.

'Do it slave boy' Wade demanded slapping him again. Being called a slave again was what got Randy going and he pushed his face in Wade's ass and started licking. This was his Master, and he would do whatever it took to please him.

Meanwhile, Wade grabbed Jamie's head and started fucking. He loved to see his cock going in and out of this boys' pretty face, and he was anxious to start deep throating. And he knew that Jamie was pretty good at handling it.

Holding Jamie's head steady with one hand Wade started slowly fucking his face, gradually going deeper and deeper into his throat. Wade reached behind him and gave Randy another slap on the head. 'Get in there baby. Suck that ass'

Randy had to work at it because Wade was now fucking Jamie's face, and although he was moving slowly, Randy had to keep moving to keep his face in his ass. Randy was getting into it now. His original thought was that this was degrading to lick someone's ass, but right now he simply wanted to make it feel good for his Master.

Once Wade started going all the way into Jamie's throat up to his balls, he found himself going up on his tiptoes to get the right angle to push his cock even deeper. There was really nothing like deep throat fucking. And with Randy making sure to keep up with his movements while sucking his ass, the combination was euphoric. It was exhilarating. But now he was getting almost to the point of no return.

Wade stopped moving his hips so Randy could keep his face buried in his ass, and taking Jamie's head in his hands, he used the boy's head to do the fucking, much quicker now, by employing his strength to pull Jamie's body back and forth on his cock. A glance in the mirror showed he was sweating, and his muscles were pumped and bulging. Jamie was making groaning and gasping sounds as he tried to breath around the big cock while his muscle master used his face as a sheath for his big nine inch sword. Randy was gasping and breathing hard as he was struggling to get his tongue up Wade's ass. The view in the mirror was phenomenal. A giant muscle god with two beautiful acolytes worshiping him, was as visually hot as the intoxicating feeling of their mouths on his cock and ass.


And then he came !!!

'Yeeeeaaaah' he yelled as he jammed his cock in deep and held it in Jamie's throat, and reached around and gave Randy another slap to the head forcing him to dig his face even deeper into his ass. He was feeling delirious with pleasure as he starting shooting. The pleasure senses in his brain were shooting fireworks. But even as he was shuddering with intoxicating pleasure, he suddenly realized that Jamie was fighting him and was in trouble, so he pulled his cock out and let it continue to squirt on his face.

Jamie fell to the floor when Wade released him, gasping for breath. Evidently he'd almost lost consciousness before Wade noticed him struggling and let him breath.

Wade looked in the mirror as he reached back and pulled Randy from his ass. Randy had a kind of dazed look and his face was wet with spit, while Jamie, still on the floor gasping had his face covered with cum, and Wade himself looked pretty spectacular with his big sweaty muscles bulging and his nine inch dripping cock sticking out like a flag pole.

Wade walked over and sat on the weight bench and snapped his fingers at Randy, who scurried over. Wade took his head and pulled him into his cock. Randy lovingly took the cock in his mouth, and licked and sucked the cum off with relish.

Neither of the boys had cum although they were both so hard they could have probably cum in seconds. But they were there for Wade's pleasure, not their own and he was not ready to be bothered with their pleasure yet.

After resting for about ten minutes, Wade stood up and stepped to the center of the room facing the mirrors. He snapped his fingers and both boys jumped up.

'Jamie on my left and Randy on my right' he said as the boys moved into position.

'Double bicep' Wade said as he took the pose, and the boys followed his example. Wade took them through a number of poses and started commenting and criticizing and instructing them on their bodies and how to improve them

Jamie and Randy were in awe of Wade's incredible body, and although they compared their muscles to each other, Wade was so far out of their league that a comparison wasn't possible. Wade's muscles were unique. He was a one of a kind god. Jamie was still embarrassed that the younger boy was so much more muscular that he was, but he was determined to work harder to try to catch up.

Wade reached out and took both boys by the shoulders and pulled them in tight to his body. Bending down, he gave Jamie a quick kiss on the lips, and then did the same to Randy. Wade stared into the mirror at his superb muscled perfection; he could never get enough of it. And the two boys: one muscular, and one very muscular; both very attractive. And they were his to use as he will. They belonged to him. His slaves; his property; he owned them. And they would do anything in their power to honor him and obey him and worship him. He felt a incredible surge of power blaze through his body, as he did a double bicep pose behind their heads and flexed every muscle in his body, showing his muscles off in all their true glory. Both boys groaned simultaneously in awe and amazement at this spectacular god next to them. A truly magnificent and powerful Master who had chosen them, and allowed them to be his slaves. A god who deserved to be worshiped and obeyed, and who had picked them to do just that. Worship and obey. Both boys got weak in the knees, just looking at this omnipotent manifestation in the mirror, and were overwhelmed by astonishment and lust Wade then slid both hands down the boys' backs and finally cupped their asses, feeling and squeezing and pinching their hard, tight little buns. Then he gave each of them a little slap. Yeah, this was his property; these hot little asses belonged to him.

Wade walked over and sat on the bench and snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor. Both boys scurried over and got on their knees. Wade took Randy by the chin and pulled him close. He loved that look of total submission and a little fear, as well as excitement in Randy's eyes.

'Randy, my beautiful little virgin boy, your Master is going to fuck your virgin ass. Do you want that Randy. You want your Master's big cock up your tight little ass? Tell me you want it.

'Please Master, I'm scared' Randy whispered, so softly that Wade barely heard him.

'It's alright to be scared little boy, but your Master is hot for your ass. Look at my cock Randy. See how it's getting hot for you.'

Randy looked down and saw that Wade's cock was beginning to grow.

'Kiss it Randy. Kiss my big cock that is so hot for you.' Randy leaned in and kissed Wade's cock.

'A wet kiss Randy. Take it in your mouth and give it a big sloppy wet kiss. Let it know you want to make it feel good.'

Randy took it in his mouth and gave it some wet tongue and then a big wet kiss. Wade pulled him up by the hair to inches from his face.

'Your Master is going to fuck that hot little ass of yours Randy. My cock will feel fantastic up that tight little bung hole. Tell me you want my cock up your virgin ass Randy. Tell me you want your Master to fuck you. Go ahead, tell me.'

Randy was staring into Wade's eyes from just inches away and was mesmerized by his tone, and could feel the power emanating from him. Tears started to leak from his eyes as he spoke. 'Yes Master' he whispered. 'I want you to fuck me.

Wade could see the fear in the kids' eyes and was turned on by it. This kid was terrified, but was willing to give up his ass because his Master demanded it.

'Yeah, muscle boy. You want to do this for your Master and his big cock don't you? You want to make your Master feel good. You want my cock up your ass, don't you? Tell me Randy. Tell me you want my cock up your ass.?

'Yes, Master' Randy whispered again. 'I want your cock up my ass.'

'My cock is already hard for you slave boy. Get your mouth down there and make sure it stays hard until I'm ready.' Wade said.

Randy leaned down and took Wade's cock in his mouth and started sucking.

'Jamie, suck his ass!' Wade demanded.

Jamie was startled out of his stupor. He had been sitting on his knees next to Randy and watching Wade use his power and control with amazement. He had Randy hot and willing to do anything for him. Jamie had been fucked by Wade several times and knew it could be painful, but right now he wished he was first in line. He was bothered that Wade was giving all his attention to Randy, while he knew Jamie would do anything for him. He knew Wade enjoyed it when he fucked him, and was hurt and jealous that he was being ignored now. He knew Randy was a virgin, but he also knew that with his experience he could make it much better for his Master if he was picked.

'Jamie' Wade shouted.

Jamie woke up, scurried around, and stuck his face in Randy's ass. He knew Wade would accept no excuses, so he tried to make it as good for Randy as he did when doing Wade. He sucked and licked and forced his tongue into Randy's hole.

'Gettin me hot baby' Wade said to Randy, and in fact his cock was getting almost too ready. 'Work my balls muscle boy. Lick my balls for a while,' Wade said as he reached down and pulled Randy's head off his cock. Randy dutifully started licking and sucking Wade's balls as the big, very hard cock bobbed around over his face.

Randy was totally under Wade's control and was oblivious of anything else going on around him. He barely noticed that Jamie was licking his ass.

After a few minutes Wade spoke: 'Jamie, go get the cream from the bathroom. You know which one.' Jamie hurried to the bathroom to get the cream.

'Turn around, baby boy' Wade said softly to Randy. 'Show me that pretty virgin ass of yours.' Randy started turning around on his knees, and Wade grabbed him by the neck when he was half way. With his right hand Wade grabbed Randy's muscled ass and started rubbing and squeezing the hard cheeks.

'You've got a sweet little ass here baby, and my cock is going to love it' he said. He rubbed it and squeezed it for a moment, and then he reached back and slapped the right cheek with almost his full strength. Randy yelled in pain and shock, as he flew forward and tried to get away, but Wade grabbed him by the shoulder and held him so that he only landed flat on his face.

'Ow Master. That hurt' he screamed as he tried to reach one hand back to his sore ass. Wade ignored the comment and pulled him back up on his knees again. He continued rubbing and squeezing Randy's ass as the right cheek started to redden.

'Hands on the floor baby,' Wade said and Randy settled back on hands and knees.

'Okay, baby. Here comes again. Get ready' Wade said as he gave another very hard slap to Randy's left cheek. Randy let out another yell and again landed on his face, and started crying softly. Wade pulled him back and continued rubbing and squeezing his ass.

'Gettin you warmed up, baby' Wade said. 'Gonna get that ass hot and ready.'

Jamie had returned to the room and handed over the cream as Wade reached up. Wade removed the cap and started rubbing the cream into Randy's ass crack. Using plenty of cream he gently stuck one finger into the ass. Moving his finger around and massaging the crack, he gently added a second finger. He continued massaging the two fingers in and out of the ass for several minutes.

Then rubbing some cream on his cock, he finally stood, and pulling Randy up he set him on the weight bench. He then lifted his legs and pulled him around so he was on his back. Grabbing Randy's legs he pulled the boy to the end of the bench so his ass was just sticking over the end, where Wade's super big, super hard cock was waiting.

Putting Randy's legs over his shoulders and forcing his ass slightly up off the bench, he put the tip of his cock against Randy's hole and gave a gentle push. Then he pushed harder until his cockhead popped into the no longer virgin ass. God it felt tight, he thought. Taking a virgin ass always made it feel extra tight, and Wade had had more than his share of that tight feeling

Randy gasped and groaned in shock and pain, and Wade, looking down, again saw the look of fear in Randy's eyes, now mixed perhaps with lust as well. Wade gradually pushed his cock into the tiny hole, forcing it open for his monster cock.

Gradually, little by little, and inch by inch Wade pushed his cock into the hole. He gently moved it in circles, and slightly back and forth, but always going deeper. Randy started to groan and beg and cry as the big cock moved into his ass. Wade continued to be as gentle as possible, but he was equally insistent as he forced his cock into the hole.

'My cock loves your muscle ass, slave boy, Feels so good and so tight,' Wade crooned 'Almost there baby, almost there'

Wade finally got his cock almost three quarters of the way in, and was ready to fuck. He pulled back a few inches, and then pushed it back in and Randy squealed. Randy had been begging him to pull it out, but Wade had ignored him till now. Very slowly, he pulled his cock all the way out of Randy's ass. He waited for a few seconds for Randy to adjust, and then pushed it back in again. The feeling on his cock was incredible. Hot and tight, and seeing the tortured look on Randy's face made it even better.

Slowly, but surely Wade began moving his big cock back and forth, in and out of Randy's hot ass. It was super tight, but the cream he had used made his cock slide smoothly in and out of the ass. Wade continued his slow smooth fucking movements, but now started going in deeper and deeper. Randy was moaning and groaning from either pain or pleasure, but Wade was getting exquisite feelings of delight from his cock. After almost ten minutes of slow fucking Wade finally got his cock all the way up to his balls in the kids' ass.

He was sweating up a storm and when he leaned over, sweat was dripping from his nose down into Randy's face, and Randy was panting and whimpering and sweating up a storm as well.

'All the way in now baby' Wade whispered down into Randy's ear. 'Your Master's big cock is all the way in your ass. Tell me you like my cock up your ass Randy, tell me,' he said.

'Please, please, please Master. It hurts. You're too big Master, You're too big.' Randy answered.

'It feels fantastic to my cock Randy' Wade murmured in his ear. 'I'm loving it baby, and you want it to feel good for me, don't you baby? You can take a little pain for me can't you baby? A little pain for your Master? Tell your Master that you want his big cock to feel good.'

Wade started to gently move his cock again as he waited for Randy's reply. He pulled it about half way out and then pushed it all the way to the root. The pleasure was extraordinary.

'Tell me Randy,' he whispered. 'Tell me you want the pain. Tell me you'll do it for me. Tell me you want to give your Master pleasure'

Sobbing, Randy finally whispered back: 'Yes Master'.Yes Master, I want this for you'. I want to give you pleasure Master.'

'Yeah slave boy. Your ass was made for fuckin' Wade said as he started to speed up, pulling his cock almost all the way out and then forcing it all the way in. It had loosened a little now and movement was easier, so he started to go faster and harder, slamming it into Randy's ass.

Wade leaned over to watch Randy's face which was scrunched up as if in pain with his eyes tightly closed. Wade's sweat continued to drip on his slave boy as he fucked harder and Randy's body began to buck with each thrust. Wade would occasionally slow down and twist his cock around in a circle to intensify his pleasure, and then continue slamming it back in. He could have come at just about any time, but the pleasure was so incomparable he didn't want it to end.

'Jack your cock for me slave boy' Wade said. 'Jack your cock while I fuck you.'

Randy took a grip on his cock and started jacking it hard and fast. The look of pain had left his face, and looked like it might have been replaced by lust. Jamie, who was still sitting a few feet away on his heels watching, started jacking his cock as well.

Wade was finally ready to cum but he held back because he wanted Randy to cum first. Even if the fucking was painful, Wade wanted his boys to know that there was pleasure as well as pain involved while he fucked them.

Still slamming his cock in, Wade leaned over and gave Randy a peck on the lips. 'Cum for me baby. Cum for me.' In five seconds Randy started to shoot, the first shot going over his head and landing on the other end of the bench.

As Randy started shooting, Wade really got going, slamming into Randy mercilessly until he finally felt the heat and he started shooting up his ass. The feeling was delightful, incredible, infinitely pleasurable. He blasted over and over as he held himself in tight, literally glued to Randy's ass. Yeah, he thought. This is the way my world revolves. Gorgeous little asses and incredible fucking whenever I want it.

Wade stayed there for a few minutes with his hands braced on either side of Randy's head waiting to get his breath back. Glancing over at Jamie he noticed a puddle in front of him where he had cum.

Finally, Wade gently pulled his cock out of Randy's ass and standing up pulled Randy off the bench on his knees. Without a word, he used his fingers to open Randy's mouth and stuck his cock in, holding the back of Randy's head.

'Worship, slave boy, worship' he said softly. Randy had no choice but to suck, and after a moment started sucking with enjoyment. Anything for his Master.

Wade finally walked over to the mirror.

'C'mer and give your Master a hug slave boys' he said and both boys went to him. He grabbed them each around the waist and pulled them close and they grabbed him as well Looked in the mirror he saw that his and Randy's muscles were glowing from the sheen of sweat on their bodies and Jamie, the pretty boy, was looking beautiful. Facing the mirror all three had their arms around each other hugging tightly. Three incredibly gorgeous male creatures. They looked spectacular.

Wade reached down and grabbed a handful of hard boy ass in each hand and squeezing them hard, started for the door pulling the boys along.

'Shower time slave boys' he said.



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