At exactly 7:00 PM the door bell rang, and then the door opened. Wade never liked having to get up when one of his slave boys came over. It felt to him like they were giving him orders if he had to get up and open the door for them. Wade simply left the door unlocked, so the boys knew they were to ring the bell, open the door and come in.

Wade heard the door close and then Jamie walked into the room. He was dressed in a loose T shirt and shorts, and tennis shoes with no socks. As he came into the living room he went over to Wade, his blond muscle god, got on his knees and kissed each of Wade's feet. Then he put his forehead to the floor and waited.

Wade was setting on the sofa wearing only his Jockey shorts watching some mindless program on TV. He had been sitting there with his left hand rubbing his crotch waiting impatiently for Jamie to show up. He was horny as hell, and had been for an hour or so.

Jamie nervously waited for some recognition from Wade. He didn't know yet what kind of mood Wade was in, but he knew it could make a big difference in the pain level of the session. And Wade tended to be very moody. Suddenly he felt Wade's hand on his head petting his hair and he let out a silent sigh of relief.

'You're going to make me feel good tonight aren't you little boy?. You're going to make love to these big muscles that you're so obsessed with aren't you?' Wade said as he continued petting. 'Tell me what you're going to do slave boy?'

Jamie dutifully kissed each of Wade's feet and then sat up looking at his Master, his champion, his superman, his demigod. 'Thank you Master,' Jamie quoted carefully. 'I am your worthless slave, Master, and I am here to worship you. My only purpose is to give you pleasure, Master.' A lot of pain had gone into him learning to say that phrase perfectly as directed by Wade.

'Let's hear it again slave boy' Wade chuckled.

Jamie kissed Wade's feet again and sat up. 'Thank you Master. I am your worthless slave, Master, and I am here to worship you. My only purpose is to give you pleasure, Master' he quoted

Jamie was a very handsome young man of 17 years of age with blond, almost white hair who was going to be a senior in high school. Jamie was on the track team and the tennis team at school which gave him plenty of exercise and he had a nicely muscled, well defined body. Not a bodybuilder by any means, but more muscular than the average swimmer. But Jamie devoured body building magazines and liked to jerk off while looking at the pictures of big muscles (at least before he met Wade). Every wet dream he had ever had was him worshiping a muscle man, usually licking his huge sweaty biceps. Although Jamie didn't believe he would ever look like the pictures, he was determined to build his own body because he figured a muscle man wouldn't be interested in him unless he had muscles too. So he had started working out at a local body building gym a couple years ago. Jamie was nicely put together to start with, so he had a head start on his work outs and was doing very well on developing some muscle and definition; but he tended to be a little haphazard about it and occasionally missed workouts.

However, since he became Wade's 'boy' three months ago, he had become a body building fiend. Wade demanded day to day reports on his work outs and if he didn't see the improvement he expected, he punished Jamie severely. Therefore Jamie worked out every day for almost two hours, and was always sore, but the results were really amazing. In only three months he had gained seven pounds and his muscles were noticeably bigger. His chest was looking particularly good, and the definition in his abs was amazing. Jamie's favorite body part however was still big muscular biceps, and he had a collection of videos he picked up on youtube of guys with enormous arms. He wished his own would grow faster because he drooled over the videos while watching muscle men's melon sized biceps and budging triceps flexing over and over again. Why couldn't his grow faster? He was turned on by muscle guys pits as well, either hairy or shaved, particularly if you could see the sweat from a workout showing. Sweaty muscle pits on giant muscle arms !! Heaven.

Jamie knew he looked better than most of the guys in his high school class except for some of the big bodybuilders. He also knew a lot of the football players worked out, and he really admired their big muscles, and he was determined to catch up with them. One slight problem was that Jamie was only five foot seven, and the football players were all over six feet tall. Jamie couldn't do anything about being short, but he fully intended to build a muscular body.

But the real reason Jamie was looking so good was because Wade knew everything there was to know about body building and demanded perfection. Jamie was working four or five times harder since Wade put him on the new body building regimen. Jamie loved admiring himself in the mirror and spent hours doing it, but he knew what really mattered was what Wade thought. Wade was never satisfied, and Jamie knew that Wade's displeasure always led to punishment.

'Well said baby, well said' Wade chuckled again. 'You have learned well. But now your Master wants to hear from you what you are going to do tonight. Tell me what you are going to do?

Jamie dutifully kissed Wade's feet one more time. 'Master, I love doing for you whatever you want. You are the most gorgeous man on earth Master and I'm lucky you let me serve you. I love everything about you Master: your arms, your chest, your legs, your feet and'and everything. I am only here to please you Master. Please let me give you pleasure.' Jamie was trying to say all the things that he thought Wade wanted to hear. As he spoke his voice gradually changed to pleading. Jamie had fallen in love with Wade over the past three months and really wanted to serve him. His greatest satisfaction these days was in pleasing Wade, his Master.

'Good boy' Wade said as he let off petting the boy's head. 'Okay now, it's time. Show Me!' he said.

Jamie knew this signal well and stood up. He began his routine. He first went into a front double bicep pose; held it for a moment and then to the front lat spread imitating the poses he'd seen in the muscle magazines. Turning sideways, he twisted his torso into a side chest pose, putting one foot behind the other and rising up on his toes. He continued through the traditional seven poses. The routine was ridiculous and both Wade and Jamie knew it. His 17 year old muscles were coming along fine but he was still slim; no bodybuilder by any means, and these poses made him feel and look silly.

Silly or not, Jamie tried his damndest to do the poses well, because that is what Wade wanted. And whatever Wade wanted is what Jamie wanted.

'Show me those shoulders again. Flex 'em good' Wade said as he stood up.

Jamie went back into a lat spread trying to bring out his chest and shoulders.

'Are you working those shoulders like I told you? Wade growled as he grabbed Jamie's shoulders with both hands and squeezed. 'Are you?.

'Yes Master,' Jamie pleaded. 'Just as you told me.'

Wade grabbed Jamie by the neck and jerked him forward viscously to within an inch of his face. Jamie was almost jerked right off his feet. 'How many exercises?' he questioned. Jamie gasped and immediately put his hands behind his back so he would not accidently touch Wade.

'I do six Master. Six exercises three times a week; just as you told me' Jamie croaked looking up at Wade as he was being choked. He had to look up because Wade was six feet tall; five inches taller than him.

'How many sets' Wade demanded shaking Jamie's head.

'Three or four or five Master. I always try to do five sets' Jamie croaked again as Wade was beginning to strangle him with one hand.

'Don't you tell me you 'try'. You never 'try' for me. You 'do' for me! ' shouted Wade as he squeezed Jamie's throat and shook his head violently. Sometimes Wade didn't know his own strength and Jamie was scared because Wade was strangling him. He couldn't breath and tears were coming to his eyes.

'You will follow the routine I gave you and I want those shoulders so sore you can't lift your arms' Wade shouted as he jerked Jamie's head once more before releasing him. 'I want to see those shoulders bulging the next time I see you.'

'Now, get on your knees and tell me you're sorry for fucking up' Wade said.

Jamie was gasping and trying to get his breath back as he got down on his knees, and holding his hands behind his back, looked up at his Master with tears in his eyes. 'Please forgive me Master. I was working my arms so hard this week'''

'Don't you make excuses to me, you little shit' Wade shouted as he gave Jamie a slap aside the head. 'Tell me you're sorry for screwing up again.'

'I'm sorry Master Sir' Jamie begged. His neck hurt like the devil. 'Please forgive me. I will do better this week Master.'

Wade glared at him for a few moments and then sat down.

'Okay, get busy. Hands okay' he said. He lay back, grabbed his crotch and spread his legs wide.

'Thank you Master' Jamie said as he immediately leaned forward and started licking Wade's feet. He knew from experience that if no directions were given, he would start with the feet. He also knew that the direction 'hands okay' meant he could use his hands if necessary but very little touching was allowed. Jamie had been punished several times for using his hands too much or touching Wade at the wrong time. Worshiping Wade meant using your mouth.

Instead of starting with the toes as usual, and since Jamie was able to reach the bottom of Wade's feet, he started licking the heal. He hoped Wade would be pleased with the slight change. Wade had obviously been walking around the house in his bare feet so his feet were a little dirty, but that just made it better for Jamie. Licking the dirt off the feet of this gorgeous god whom he loved so much was such an honor and such a turn on. Jamie was always hard when he was with Wade. In fact he was always hard when he even thought about Wade. And showing his submissiveness by worshiping his feet was absolutely intoxicating.

Jamie closed his eyes and focused his entire being on licking his Master's right foot. He licked under and around the heel and through the instep and up the side almost to the ankle. He knew Wade hated to be licked by a dry tongue, so he alternated between sucking and licking and kissing using lots of saliva. When he got to the toes, he laved his tongue between each one licking them clean, and then reverently took them, one by one into his mouth and sucked them gently. Jamie made sure that every single inch of Wade's foot was wet from his worship.

Wade turned off the TV with the remote and started feeling himself up through his jockey shorts again. He gently rubbed his hand over his cock while watching his slave work on his feet. He usually held his boys by the hair and directed their worship while they were doing this, however, he knew this slave was well practiced and very dedicated, so no direction was needed. Domination was good most of the time, but occasionally just laying back and enjoying it was acceptable.

By now Jamie had finished with the right foot which was shiny clean and damp. Every few minutes during his worship Jamie would rub his whole face over the wet spot he was licking. He knew Wade liked to see his spit on his face while he was worshiping. In fact Wade had even told him once that he wasn't working hard enough if his face was not flushed and his nose wasn't flattened against the muscles he was licking. Jamie made sure his nose was always jammed in against the muscles as he licked them, and he tried to do it so that Wade would notice him doing it.

Among Jamie's many favorite activities with Wade, his absolute favorite was worshiping his feet, because it showed how submissive he could be and how much he loved being a slave to his muscle god. Wade was so spectacularly muscled with the body of a Greek God, that Jamie was overwhelmed that he had been picked to be his boy. Jamie would take any pain and any punishment to be allowed to be with this spectacular god. The more demanding Wade became, the more Jamie loved worshiping him, because any demigod looking like Wade deserved complete reverence and devotion from his subjects. Wade was so formidable and powerful that Jamie wanted nothing better than to be his slave. He was totally subservient to his Master.

When Jamie was finished with both feet, he started over and worshiped every inch of them again. He spent over half an hour on Wade's feet and then he put his forehead back on the floor and waited for directions. If Wade was dissatisfied, he would probably get a slap and have to do it again. Otherwise he hoped Wade would let him worship some other part of his body.

Wade was still rubbing his cock through his underwear and it was about half hard. He had stopped watching his slave working his feet, but just lay back with his eyes closed and enjoyed the feeling. Rubbing his cock and having a pretty boys' mouth working on his feet felt pretty damn good. Sometime, he thought, he might do this for a whole afternoon.

'Strip, little boy' Wade ordered as he looked up. Jamie jumped up and removed his shirt, shorts and shoes in about ten seconds. Then he got his forehead back on the floor.

Wade loved using force to have his muscles worshiped but right now he was so relaxed that he did not want to have to get up and flex his muscles and put Jamie through his paces. He decided that this time he would not make a big deal about showing his power and control but would just enjoy this boys' worship. After all, this slave didn't need another lesson in Wade's power. This slave knew what being a slave to Wade was all about, and he reveled in it.

'Put your face in my crotch slave boy' Wade directed.

Jamie felt instant heat shoot through his body and through his always hard cock. He was going to touch his muscle god's cock, and maybe be allowed to suck it. Jamie moved up and stuck his face into the Jockey shorts next to Wade's hand. He wanted to rub his nose back and forth against the cock but he knew he didn't dare. He stayed still waiting for another order.

'Suck your Master's cock slave boy' Wade said as he continued feeling his cock through the shorts.

Jamie started sucking Wade's cock through the underwear. But Wade continued rubbing his cock as Jamie tried to suck it, and it was not easy because Wade's hand kept getting in the way. He tried not to interfere with Wade's hand, but he sucked the cock as much as possible when he could get to it. Wade was not one to accept excuses for not obeying orders, so Jamie kept up his efforts to try to get his mouth on the big cock even as the hand kept pushing him away. As he worked at it he began to realize Wade was enjoying his frustrations in trying to get to his cock. After a bit Wade stuck a couple fingers in Jamie's mouth and Jamie sucked on them lovingly.

Wade finally moved his hand away from the growing cock, and Jamie got busy sucking it through the underwear. It was definitely growing and the underwear were getting soaked.

After a few minutes of watching his cock grow from the boys sucking Wade finally spoke. 'Well my pretty little slave boy, what do you think about sucking my cock? Is that what you want to do?'

Jamie immediately realized that was a trick question, because Wade had trained him well to know that his own pleasure was unimportant. What he wanted didn't count. Only what Wade wanted mattered.

'Oh please Master, I'll do anything you want me to do Master. Please Master, let me worship your cock. Let me make your cock feel good with my mouth. Anything you want Master. Anything' he said.

'Good answer slave boy. Good answer' Wade said as he grabbed Jamie's nose and lovingly pulled his head back and forth a couple times.

'Now, get me out of these shorts' he instructed.

Wade raised himself slightly so Jamie could pull the shorts down. Jamie pulled them down to the floor and then lifted up each foot so he could remove the shorts completely. Wade spread his legs wide, opening up his crotch area.

'In my crotch baby' he ordered. 'Not my cock and not my balls. Lick'.my'.crotch.'

Jamie dove into Wade's crotch next to his cock and started kissing and licking and sucking. Wade's cock was against his nose and his balls were against his chin. Again Jamie used plenty of saliva and slurped and licked and sucked and kissed loudly while rubbing his face and nose against the now hard cock and balls. He knew how Wade liked to be worshiped and he was doing everything in his power to make it feel great for him. Jason loved worshiping any part of Wade's body because it showed Wade what a most excellent slave he really was and that he would do anything to be allowed to worship. Jamie knew that Wade had other worshipers and he was determined to be the primary one. The most important thing in Jamie's life at the moment was to be allowed to worship his muscle god and give him pleasure. After a few moments worshiping one side of Wade's crotch, Jamie moved his face to the other side and did more of the same.

Suddenly Wade jerked Jamie's head up violently with his hold on the boy's hair, and Jamie let out a yelp of pain and surprise. He was now looking up at Wade who was slightly slumped down on the sofa with a smirk on his face. Even in this relaxed position Wade's big round shoulders were perfectly defined with clear separation between them and the bulging biceps. His abs, even in this relaxed state showed a six pack, which led up to those big square rock hard pectorals. Just as he did every time he really looked at Wade, Jamie gasped aloud at the beauty of this demigod. The perfectly developed muscles and the gorgeous face; not feminine or pretty in any way, but a masculine handsomeness that was beyond description.

Jamie however, now noticed an angry look on Wade's face. Holding Jamie's head up by the hair with his left hand, Wade slapped Jamie's face hard with his right. Jamie cried out from the pain, and a red hand print started to show on his face.

'I want that face dripping you little shit; dripping' he shouted in anger. 'Haven't you learned anything from my training?' He continued to hold Jamie by the hair, as Jamie grimaced, as much from the pain as from the humiliation. He thought things were going so well.

'You can start with this' Wade said as he hawked up a gob of phlegm and spit into Jamie's face.

'Thank you Master' Jamie said softly with the spit dripping down his eyelid, nose and cheek. Jamie licked his lips to get some of the spit as he waited for further instruction.

Still holding on to his hair, Wade gave him another slap, not quite as hard, and spit once more into his face.

'Thank you Master' Jamie whispered.

'Now, get your face down on my god damn balls and do it right' Wade ordered as he let go of Jamie's hair.

Jamie immediately got busy on his Master's balls, developing lots of saliva and licking and sucking and kissing, and constantly rubbing his nose and face up and down over the wet balls. Jamie had been punished before for not getting his face sufficiently wet, so he should have known better. He was angry with himself that Wade felt he had to correct him. After all, Wade was his Master and it was Jamie's job to follow instructions.

Wade loved to see a dazed look on a moisture covered face after his boys had been worshiping him with their hungry mouths. It made him hot to humiliate them by making them cover their faces with spit while they sucked and licked his muscles. Spitting on their pretty faces was even more of a turn on, and he made sure his slave boys understood it was an honor to receive it, and he always made them thank him for it.

Wade watched as his nine inch mostly hard cock flopped back and forth over his slave's face . Jamie had a really pretty face with youthful almost feminine good looks, and Wade liked to see his cock bobbing around over that face as his balls were worked over. It looked as good as it felt.

Jamie was really into his sucking now. After his punishment he was determined to make his Master satisfied with him. He couldn't get the balls in his mouth but he covered every inch of them with his mouth and tongue, concentrating on what his Master would want from him, and how to give him the greatest pleasure.

Once Jamie reached the base of the balls with his tongue, at the beginning of the ass crack, Wade slid down so his ass was hanging off the sofa. Jamie knew what to do and buried his face in the ass. Wade was almost always clean so licking has ass was a pleasure, and Jamie felt it was the ultimate show of submission. This is what he was made for as Wade's slave; to worship his asshole.

Jamie was well trained and Wade had made sure he knew exactly how he liked to have his ass licked. Jamie had had plenty of practice, and had been disciplined any number of times, until Wade was finally satisfied. He first licked up and down the crack for a few minutes making sure that it would feel good for his Master. Then he licked his way around every inch of the hard mounds of the ass getting them nice and wet, and making sure he rubbed his face into the saliva occasionally as he went. Then he crammed his nose into the crack as tight as he could, and started trying to jam his tongue into the hole. Developing lots of spit and making loud smacking noises when possible, Jamie forced the spit and his tongue into Wade's asshole.

He would have pulled the ass cheeks apart with his hands to help get in deeper, but he didn't dare touch Wade without his permission. Once Jamie got his tongue into the ass he continued to force more spit into the hole and he began to fuck. Sticking his tongue as far in as he could and holding it firm, Jamie bobbed his face back and forth fucking Wade's ass with his tongue. After a moment he pulled out and slobbered all up and down the crack, and then jammed his face back in and fucked some more.

Jamie heard Wade cough up some phlegm and knew what was coming. Wade grabbed him by the hair, pulled him up and spit a big gob into his face. Jamie shuddered with pleasure as the spit splattered all over his face. He knew he was turning his Master on.

'Thank you Master' Jamie said as he buried his face back into Wade's ass crack. He felt a trickle up his spine from excitement from knowing that Wade was really getting hot. He slobbered up and down the ass crack again, then stuck his face back in and went back to work fucking the hole with his tongue, ramming his nose into the crack so hard that it started to hurt. Jamie suspected that Wade got a tremendous feeling of power to have his ass worshiped by a slave. Jamie was excited and very, very hard just thinking about how Wade must be enjoying it, and he was loving every minute of it himself. 'God, this is hot' he thought. He loved giving his demigod pleasure more than anything else in the world.

Wade was in seventh heaven from the pleasure of having his ass licked, and yes, it gave him a tremendous feeling of power. Jamie was something special when it came to eating has ass because he really put effort and energy into it. And he loved doing it. Every boy Wade had ever fucked had spent time with their face buried in his ass and since most found it humiliating, Wade loved forcing them to do it. Humiliating a kid was almost as good as punishing him. Eating his ass was the ultimate in submissiveness,

After fifteen or twenty minutes of intense pleasure from Jamie's efforts in worshiping his ass, Wade stood up.

Jamie was on his hands and knees, so Wade grabbed the back of his neck with his left hand, and with his right he reached between Jamie's legs and grabbed his crotch. Holding on to Jamie's balls and ass, and showing awesome strength, Wade lifted him off the floor with one hand, flipped him completely upside down and threw him onto the sofa. Jamie was startled and let out a yell as he landed upside down on the sofa, his legs draped over the back, and his face upside down hanging over the front. Wade jerked the sofa cushion out from under Jamie, tossed it aside, and got on his knees. Jamie's upside down face was right in front of Wade's cock at the perfect angle for face fucking.

Wade slid his cock into the boy's open mouth. 'Go baby' he said.

Jamie started to suck the enormous cock that was filling his mouth. Wade had his hands on his hips and simply watched the boy suck for a while. Then he raised his arms into a double bicep pose and felt the power as he flexed them as hard as he could. He leaned to the left and kissed and licked his enormous round shoulder and his softball sized bicep for a moment, and then turned to the right. 'Jesus, they looked good.' He licked and kissed has right shoulder and bicep as well. He then did a front lat spread and looking down past his big chest to his washboard abs really turned him on. Yes he had a six pack, but at the right angle he was definitely an eight. He began to rub his hands all over his body, feeling the hard muscles. 'God, I'm hot' he thought to himself. 'Everybody should get on their knees for me.'

He enjoyed Jamie's sucking for about ten minutes before he pushed another inch or two of cock into the boy's mouth, bringing it almost into the boys throat. He then reached his left hand up to his own left tit and started pinch it pleasurably. With his right hand he grabbed Jamie's balls and started to squeeze.

He squeezed a little harder and heard Jamie groan around the big cock in his mouth. He moved his left hand to his other tit and squeezed it and pinched it until it started to tingle. He let up on Jamie's balls for a moment and then started squeezing again, not torturing them, but just enough so Jamie would feel some pain. Jamie groaned again. Wade was relishing watching his cock in the boys' mouth and his balls in the boys face, and the wonderful feeling of his cock being sucked. Hearing the groans of pain (or pleasure) while the boy worked on him gave him an incredible feeling. He loved the feeling of power it gave him as he dominated this kid, and used him for his own amusement and satisfaction. He noticed that even with the pain Jamie did not stop sucking and did not move his hands from his sides. This boy was well trained.

Wade finally let go of the boys balls and took hold of his neck with both hands, putting both thumbs on his adams apple. Then he gently slid three more inches of cock into Jamie's mouth. 'God, that feels good' he thought. He savored the feeling for a moment and then pulled back so Jamie could breath. He then slid it gently back in a little further and felt Jamie's adams apple bulge under his thumbs. Yeah, he loved that feeling; pushing his cock into the boys' throat, and feeling it both inside and outside. He pulled back for a couple seconds for Jamie to get a breath and then pushed all nine inches of cock into the hungry mouth. Again he felt Jamie's throat expand as his cock slid it. Jamie's upside down face was now jammed up against Wade's balls.

Wade held his cock there for a minute or so enjoying the exquisite pleasure, until he felt Jamie begin to struggle, and then pulled back. 'Yeah, baby. Gonna fuck you with my big cock' he said as he started to fuck deep into the boys' throat.

After plenty of punishment and plenty of practice (some at home with a sausage) Jamie had lost his gag reflex and could usually handle the big cock. But having it crammed into his throat was painful, and not being able to breath was terrifying. Trying not to choke was difficult and tears were streaming down his face as he tried to catch an occasional breath between Wade's thrusts. It hurt but he knew he could take it. He knew his throat was going to be sore later, but he was willing to go through this for this perfect god whom he loved and worshiped.

Wade now moved both hands to the back of Jamie's head and held him tight as he rammed his cock into his face. He heard Jamie start to choke, but he couldn't be bothered with that right now. After a few long minutes of pleasurable fucking, he felt a stirring in his cock and knew he was on the verge of coming. Ramming his cock in one last time he let it fly. The feeling was heavenly. He shuddered with pleasure as he blasted into Jamie's throat, but after only a couple shots, he pulled his cock out. His next shot flew up over Jamie's chest and stomach and landed on his crotch. He then aimed his cock so that he shot into Jamie's mouth and face as the boy was gasping and panting and choking. The pleasure he felt was almost overwhelming. 'Yeah, this is what being a Master was all about' he thought as he looked at the sweaty, gasping boy in front of him he had just fucked. 'This is the way it's supposed to be.'

After giving his slave a minute or two to start recovering, Wade stuck his cock back into his mouth and Jamie sucked it gently for a while. Even though Wade was being sucked, his ejaculation had been so incredibly satisfying that his cock was only about half hard.

Jamie knew that he had to clean Wade's cock and suck him gently, and he did so for about ten minutes. Then Wade stood up, and grabbing Jamie by the leg, he dumped him on the floor. Jamie, who now had gotten his breath under control, got on his knees and started to put his forehead on the floor. But Wade grabbed him by the chin and pulled him up so he was looking him right in the eye.

Jamie was again mesmerized by the gorgeous creature above him who was now smiling at him, and even after all that had happened, his cock was as hard as a rock. Holding Jamie's chin with one hand, Wade had his other on his hip and he looked so masculine and arrogant and majestic and his astonishing muscled body with his big cock hanging down took Jamie's breath away. He was magnificent. He was a god.

'Cum for me slave boy. Cum for me' Wade said smiling down at Jamie. Jamie was astonished that his Master was going to let him cum, but he grabbed his cock and started to jack it, and in about 15 seconds he started to shoot. The pleasure was sensational as his body shuddered and his first shot went over six feet across the room. He continued to shoot as Wade held his chin, forcing him to look up at his gorgeous face and body. Jamie's final few shots ended up shooting his cum all over Wade's feet.

Wade released his chin, and without a word Jamie bent down and licked the cum off his Master's feet. When he finished licking up the cum he reverently kissed both feet and got a beatific smile on his handsome young face. His Master was pleased with him and Jamie was very, very happy.



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