Randy's Story

I couldn't believe it. A 'D' on my history test. I'd never gotten a 'D' in my life and let me tell you, I was royally pissed. And then Mrs. Jacobson passed back the homework for the past two weeks, and I got my answer. Of the eight assignments, five of them were fail and three were pass. I admit I hadn't studied much for the test, but I'd kept copies of the homework and read them over the night before. That should have been enough. I mean, I'm a damn smart kid, and I can always coast through with a B average with no sweat. My whole life was built around body building and wrestling, and no way was I going to let school work get in the way.

Basically all I ever did was read over my homework papers the night before a test. I generally listened in class, and I occasionally read some of the assignments, but my strength was in the homework assignments. The way this worked was that I'd pick the cutest and smartest kid in each of my classes to do my homework for me, and then I'd use those assignments to do my studying just before the test. That had always worked. Always; until right now.

And someone was damn well going to pay.

And that someone was Billy. The little prick had fucked up my homework, and I was steaming. The little bastard wasn't even in school today, but I was going to track him down and he was definitely going to get to know what happens when someone crosses me. He was supposed to be a smart kid as well as cute, and that's why I'd picked him, but maybe I'd made a mistake. Either he wasn't very smart, or he didn't give a damn, or maybe, just maybe, he did this on purpose. I sure as hell was going to find out.

Mrs. Jacobson gave homework assignments four times a week and they were always pass/fail. Billy'd been doing my homework for a month or two and up to now they'd always been pass. Did this little son of a bitch do this on purpose? Did he have a 'death wish'?

Billy was a cute little kid, and probably fuckable since he was well put together for such a little guy. And I do mean little. I swear he wasn't over 5'2" or 5.3'. He wasn't a wrestler but I think he was on the gymnastics team or something but I'd never really paid any attention.

Anyway, I hadn't fucked him. For no particularly reason except his number just hadn't come up. My boys Jason and Landon kept me pretty well satisfied and when I wanted something new there were cute guys fighting for a place in line to get some action and join my entourage, so I had my pick of the cream of the crop. So fucking Billy had never shown up on my radar; in fact, I'd only really had a conversation with him one time; the day I'd picked him to do my homework.

"Hey, kid. You" I said to him one day after school when Jace and I were leaving the school yard. "You. Pip squeak. What's your name?" He gave me this startled look as I stepped in front of him, forcing him to stop.

"Ahhh... B-B-Billy. M-m-my n-n-name's B-B-Billy." See how I intimidate guys? Just saying a word or giving them a look actually freezes them. But hell, there's no question my muscles are intimidating, but actually, my reputation as 'trouble incarnate' was even more intimidating; everybody in school knew I was the toughest SOB around and not to be messed with. So there was reason for him being nervous. Nobody wanted to get on my wrong side since they knew I could break them in half with one hand. Besides, my muscle packed partner, Jason, standing next to me made it even more disconcerting.

"Billy, hey? Well, Billy, do you know who I am?"

"Y-y-yeah. Y-y-you're Randy Sansom."

"That's not bad, kid, but I'd rather you'd show some respect by calling me sir. Okay?"

"Ahhh... y-y-yeah. Ahhh... R-R-Randy. Ahhh... s-s-sir" he stuttered.

"Good man" I said giving him a smile and putting my arm around his shoulders and giving him a hug. "I can tell you and me are going to get along fine. In fact you and me are going to be buddies. Now, here's the deal. For Mrs. Jacobson's history class I'm going to let you do my homework for me. You wouldn't mind helping a buddy out and doing his homework for him, now would you? Would you?"

"I d-d-don't understand, R-R-Randy, ahhh.... s-s-sir."

"Well, I'll make it easy for you" I said squeezing his shoulder and pulling him in tight. "You'll meet me at the main door of school every morning and hand me Mrs. Jacobson's homework assignment. And I'll bet you'll be happy to do this for me. Now, how does that sound?"

"Ahhh.... s-s-sir" he stuttered. "Ahhh.... do I have too?"

"Of course you have to you stupid shit" I snorted. "What a dumb question. You'll do it because you want to do it for me. In fact...." I said as I started to laugh. "In fact, you want to do it so bad you're going to ask me if I'll let you do it. Hell, I'll bet you're going to beg me to let you do it."

I couldn't help but laugh at the startled look on his face and Jason laughed along with me. This is what happens sometimes with new kids. They vaguely know of my reputation but don't really understand how egotistical I am and how servile I expect them to be, nor do they appreciate the possible consequences of not doing what I tell them.

"Now you go right ahead. I'll wait. Beg me to let you do my homework." I grabbed a handful of his hair, pulled him around facing me and dragged his head back so he was looking up at me. I'm only 5'9" but my body is huge and I probably look like a giant to a skinny five foot squirt like him. Terrorizing a kid like this was a real turn on for me and I was about half hard and growing, so I jammed my crotch into his belly and humped against him a couple times.

"Do it" I said as I yanked on his hair. His had this really startled look on his face, and I knew it had finally sunk in that he was in deep shit if he didn't do exactly what I wanted him to do.

"Ahhh.... w-w-what...., s-s-sir?"

"I said, beg me to let you do my homework" I growled. "Now get with it."

"Ahhh.... Y-y-yes, s-s-sir. Ahhh.... please, s-s-sir. P-P-Please let me do your homework, sir."

"Say it again" I ordered.

"Ahhh... Please, sir" he whispered and I could see the sweat beginning to drip down his face. Hell, any second now he was going to piss his pants, and I was loving it. "Please let me do your homework, sir."

"Beg" I said giving his hair another jerk, making it sting. "I want to hear you beg. B-E-G beg."

"Ow, ow, ow, please, sir." he cried, his eyes squinted almost closed from the pain in his scalp. "I beg you, sir" he said with a gulp. "I beg you to let me do your homework, sir."

"Way to go, man" I said as I let go of his hair and gave him a few friendly slaps on the cheek. "Way to go."

"Oh man, Jace. The tyke's really got me turned on" I said as I turned to Jason with a laugh. Grabbing Jason's hand, I pulled it in against my hard prick. "I got this waiting for you, man, so clue this kid in on what he has to do and meet me at the garage." Jason gave my prick a good squeeze and then I headed out.

Jason was crazy in love with me and totally devoted and would do anything I asked, or even things I didn't ask. He took offence very easily and was very protective of me, so if anyone even looked at me in the wrong way he was after them. And Jason knew how to get after them. He had a muscled body that wouldn't quit and was an excellent wrestler. Except for me, he could beat most anyone on the wrestling team, no matter what their weight class.

And believe it or not, I've got a soft spot in my heart and don't really enjoy hurting guys. That's true; really! Really! Come on, I mean it. I can be a real pushover. Most of the time anyway. Well, some of the time at least. Unless I lose my temper of course. Then watch out because I can kick ass like you wouldn't believe and maybe be sorry about it later.

But Jason. Jason is a total hard ass; as hard as nails. I've seen him work, and he can be totally sadistic. The more he hurts a guy the more he seems to love it. There is an absolute look of joy on his face when he's got a guy down and mangling him on the wrestling mat. And outside the gym where there are no rules, he is totally dangerous. If you haven't seen Jason work a guy over and have him writhing on the ground begging for mercy, you ain't seen nothin. So I knew he would explain to this kid that my homework had to be different from the kid's own homework, and it had to look like it was done in my handwriting, and that every morning when he handed it to me he had to thank me for letting him do it. It may not be pleasant for the kid, but he sure as hell would understand when Jason was done.

And that last part was Jason's idea; making them thank me. It is so fucking hot to make a kid do my homework and then force him to thank me for allowing him to do it. It was the ultimate in being a bully without actually having to beat anybody up. Besides, it let them know exactly where they stood with me; they were there to be used by me and should be thrilled that I use them, and if they had to grovel a little to get me to notice them, they'd better be happy to do it.

Anyway, that was the first time I'd ever met the kid. Jason had told him what he had to do and he'd come across with flying colors; at least for the past five or six weeks. He'd been perfect about handing me the homework assignments every morning, and until today every one of them had been a pass. But now I had five fail's and the shit was going to hit the fan.

By the time school let out I had calmed down a little, but was still pretty pissed.

I am always totally focused and dedicated when it comes to my body building, so I never, ever, let anything interfere with my workout, so even as angry as I was, I simply put it out of my mind until we were finished. I had convinced Coach to keep the weight room open late today so Jason and I and Landon and the kid had worked out together. My home gym was pretty terrific, but the one at school was even better, and it was easier for the four of us to work out as two sets of partners. Jason was always my partner, and the kid was now Landon's partner.

I even waited until I had a shower and the four of us were heading home before I exploded.

"I'm going to destroy that son-of-a-bitch Billy from Mrs. Jacobson's class" I yelled. Jason and Landon and the kid stood back, and seeing the look on my face, hoped that my fury wouldn't spread to them. "That SOB fucked up my homework, and I got a goddamn D on my test. I want to strangle the little bastard right here and now." Everybody knew I had a temper and both Jason and Landon had been on the receiving end too many times so they didn't say a word. The kid followed their lead and kept out of my line of sight.

"How dare that little shit" I yelled. "How dare he."

"Ah..., Boss" Jason said softly.

"What!" I yelled at him.

"Ah..., Boss. You know I was the one who set this up with Billy" he said softly. "Ah... what did he do?"

"I got a fail on five of the homework assignments, so I studied the wrong stuff for the test" I growled. "That god damn little shit's going to pay."

"Ah, Boss" Jason answered. "I talked to Billy in the first place so please, let me handle it. I'll take care of it." I was still steaming but what Jason said made sense. Hell, if I hadn't been so angry I would have realized that I would end up letting Jason handle it anyway. He'd already put the fear of God into the kid so it was logical for him to handle it. "I promise, Boss. I'll take care of it."

"Okay, Jace. Yeah. You handle it" I said as I calmed down a little. "I'd probably kill the little bastard if I ran into him right now anyway. So, okay. You do it."

"Don't' sweat it, Boss. I'll deal with it" Jason said. "Me and the kid will have a talk. Ahhh... One other thing, Boss."

"What?" I growled at him.

"Well... I've noticed that he's been looking kind of scruffy lately. And maybe you noticed that he had a black eye the other day."

"I didn't notice. But so what?" I asked.

"Well..." Jason said. "I think he's probably having some problems at home. I know something's going on with him."

"That's no god damn excuse for him fucking up my homework and getting me a D on the test" I growled. "You straighten the little runt out, or I'll do it myself."

"Okay, Boss. Okay, okay. Don't worry" Jason said trying to calm me down. "I'll take care of it. I'll straighten him out tomorrow, I promise. Now I gotta go. My dad and I are going to the basketball game tonight. See you tomorrow."

"Okay. Later" we all said as Jason peeled off and headed home.

"Jace is gone for the evening so you guys come on over to my place." Both Landon's and Bryan's eyebrows shot up with questioning looks on their faces. Bryan's the kid I always call 'the kid'. He's actually my Dad's Boss's son. I'd fucked both him and his old man, but it'd been quite a while. (editor: see Randy's Conquests 4). He's been working out with Landon for a couple months now, and although still slim, he was coming along fine. And he was cuter than hell.

"Yeah, Boss? What? You got something special in mind? " Landon said with a leer.

"Well, I had a couple things in mind" I answered giving him a slap on the butt. "Is Bryan giving you blow jobs these days?" I asked. Both boys began to turn red with looks of guilt written all over their faces. "I'll take that as a yes" I laughed.

"So. Is he any good?" I asked Landon.

"Ahhh..., Boss. Please" Landon mumbled.

"Answer the question, Landon."

"Well. He's only done it a couple times, Boss. Ahhh... he's getting better."

I laughed again. "Well, I can think of a few other things for him to do if he's not up to giving a decent blow job yet" I said. "How about it, Bryan? You ready for some action with the Boss?"

"Ahhh, Randy. Ahhh, Boss. Ahhh... I-I-I'm supposed to get home early today" Bryan replied hesitantly.

"Bullshit" I said. "I know you told your mom you would be working out and would be late. Well, nothing's changed. You're going to get a workout and you're going to be late." By now we'd left the school yard behind and were halfway to my house.

"Take hold of my cock, boy. See if it brings back memories of the last time. Go ahead; get a good feel." Bryan was a little slow on the uptake, so I stopped right there on the sidewalk, grabbed his hand and pulled it into my crotch. "Looks like I didn't finish your obedience training, Bryan. You seem to have forgotten who's in charge around here. Now do what I fuckin told you and feel my cock."

Bryan grabbed hold of my cock which was completely soft, although it was a pretty good handful even so. However, he glanced around checking if anyone could see since we were standing on the sidewalk in the middle of the subdivision. Landon gave him a hard swat on the butt. "Pay attention" Landon growled. "Pay attention and do what Randy tells you to do." Since Landon and Bryan were workout partners now, Landon seemed to be taking it personally that Bryan was not sufficiently subservient and I knew there was going to be hell to pay when Landon got him alone later.

"Go ahead. Keep it up. Get it hard" I said. Although he kept groping me he kept looking around and stood close hoping nobody would notice. "Okay" I ordered. "Get down on your knees so you can see it up close."

"Ahhh.... B-B-Boss" he whispered in terror.

"Do what you're fuckin told" Landon growled in his ear as he grabbed him around the chest and pushed him to his knees. "What the hell's the matter with you? Don't you remember that Randy's Boss?"

Bryan was now on his knees in front of me with his nose just inches from my crotch. "You're supposed to be feeling me up" I remarked. He immediately put his hand back on my cock and started feeling it up again. And now I was beginning to get hard. "All right, kiss it, boy. Right here on the street. Kiss it" I ordered. With a nervous glance at Landon, Bryan leaned forward and kissed the hardening lump in my pants. Obviously he was a lot more afraid of Landon than he was of someone seeing us.

"Okay, kid. Get up and let's go." I didn't give a shit if anybody saw us because a little exhibitionism can be really hot, but I was getting horny and wanted to get my two boys home and start the action.

I made the kid hold on to my dick almost the whole way home. I only let him let loose when we passed the lady working in her yard. I figured that would be just a little too much, even for me.

"Landon, you've got a job ahead of you, teaching this kid how to behave" I said as we entered my garage/workout room.

"Yeah, Boss. I can see that" Landon answered, "he's still got a way to go."

"Ahhh..., Boss?" Bryan said. "I'm sorry if I did something wrong. I didn't mean it. But... but we were right out on the street."

"So what?" I growled at him, pretending to be angry. "You don't-ever question anything I tell you to do. Never! I Want you to suck my cock on the street, you'll suck my cock on the street. Now get on your knees." Bryan, thinking I was really angry, immediately dropped to his knees.

"Shit. I'm really sorry, Boss" Landon said again. "I guarantee he'll never act like this again. Never."

"Okay, kid. We'll start by you apologizing to me" I said "for being such a jerk."

"Ahhh...., Boss. Ahhh... I'm sorry for not doing what you said" Bryan mumbled. "I'm sorry."

"I told you to say you're sorry for being a jerk. So say it."

"Okay, Boss, I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I was being a jerk."

"Okay" I said, slightly mollified. I walked over and sat on the weight lifting bench. "Strip. Down to the buff" I ordered. He just stared at me for a couple seconds, and then quickly removed his clothes. Bryan was really a good looking kid. He'd been a swimmer for several years, and now after a couple months of really strenuous workouts with Landon, he was beginning to bulk up some. His definition was really coming along.

I snapped my fingers and pointed to my feet. "Get my shoes off" I ordered. Bryan scurried over and removed my sneakers, and after a quick glance up at me, the socks as well.

"Landon. What do you think?" I asked. "Does he need to be punished?"

"Absolutely, Boss. That's the way he'll learn. I'll see to it."

"No. We'll do it right now. Whadaya say: five swats? Ten? What would do it?"

"Come on guys" Bryan pleaded. "Don't."

"Five should probably do it, Boss" Landon said. "With a paddle or my hand?"

"Your hand this time" I answered. "Bryan, put your head on the floor, and lift up that hot ass of yours."

"Oh shit" Bryan said. But he was beyond arguing with me and did as he was told. Landon came over, got on his knees as well, and starting rubbing his hand over Bryan's ass.

"Oh yeah" Landon swooned. "I'm going to enjoy working on this hot ass."

"Bryan. Listen up" I said. "This is for disrespecting me and not doing what you're told. Got it?"

"Come on, Randy. I didn't do that. You know I respect you."

"I'm the one who decides if you did anything wrong, and I say you did" I said "now put your head down."

"Okay, Boss, okay" he answered in resignation. He knew he was going to get it now although he knew that I was just funnin with him. Or at least he hoped I was only funnin. But I knew..., I knew he'd be more aware and more obedient from now on. As far as I'm concerned, a guy could never have enough servile minions waiting on him and groveling at his feet. Hell, the more guys there were obeying me and fawning over me the better I liked it.

"After each swat, you're going to kiss each of my feet and tell me you're sorry for being a jerk" I said. "Go ahead and try it now. Kiss my feet."

"Ahhh,... come on, Boss."

"Do it" I said. Bryan leaned in and gave each of my feet a kiss. "And say it" I ordered.

"I'm sorry I was a jerk" he whispered.

"Boss" I said.

"I'm sorry that I was a jerk, Boss" he repeated.

"Okay, Landon" I said. "Go to it." Landon gave Bryan's ass a good hefty swat, getting a grunt from him. Bryan immediately kissed my feet and said the magic words. I couldn't help but smile. Training a kid to be another boy-toy was really an enjoyable activity. I particularly liked the fact that Landon was handling it; him already being one of my main disciples and now forcing another boy to become one as well. Shit, is that power or is that power?

Bryan had already gotten me partially hard, and watching him kiss my feet and apologize was beginning to get me hot so I grabbed hold of my pole and started stroking it gently. Landon did not hold back on the swats. I know they hurt but Bryan handled it well and did not yell even once. I bet they hurt Landon's hand as well. And watching Bryan cowering at me feet while I played with myself was a real turn on.

When Landon was done I reached down, grabbed a handful of Bryan's hair and pulled his head up so he was looking up at me. "You did good, kid. You took it like a man. But now that your ass is all warmed up, I'm going to fuck you. Stand up and bend over and let me see that ass" I ordered.

Bryan started to say something but Landon interrupted him. "Let me work on him, Boss" he said as Bryan started to get to his feet. "I'll get him ready. Okay?"

"Okay, Landon" I said, grinning at him, "you do that." Just as Bryan was finally getting to his feet, Landon pushed him back to his knees.

"Ass up, head down" he said and Bryan got into position. Then Landon put his hands on Bryan's very red ass cheeks and started to gently massage them. Pulling the cheeks slightly apart Landon put his face into the crack and starting licking. Landon had spent whole afternoons licking my ass but I'd never seen him do it to someone else, and it was a real turn-on. I kept stroking my dick as I watched, keeping myself super hard.

As I've said before, Landon was a genius at licking ass. He seemed to know where all the buttons were and pushed every one of them in order, over and over again. I can't tell you the number of times I'd shot my load while Landon was licking my ass. And right now I could see that Bryan was in seventh heaven, completely hard and starting to stroke his own dick.

Getting on my knees next to him I put my hand under his chin and pulled his head up. "You really are a cute kid, Bryan" I said as I kissed him. I continued holding on to his chin as we performed deep throat kisses, exchanging spit and dueling tongues. As we kissed I saw Landon go to the cupboard and get a tube of cream. Instead of using just spit, he obviously decided to grease Bryan up good since he was probably a virgin.

I put Bryan's hand on my dick and let him play with me as I continued kissing him. While we kissed Landon greased him up and got a couple fingers up his ass. Then, as I made him set up, I got an arm under his legs and another around his shoulders, lifted him and carried him over to the weight bench. Since he'd been playing with me the whole time we were kissing, I was super-hot and ready to go. Pulling his ass to the end of the bench and lifting his legs, I lined up my cock with his little pucker.

"This'll hurt a little at first, babe" I whispered to him while giving him a big smile "but I'll take it slow and I promise you, you'll love it. Tell him, Landon."

"Yeah, Bryan" Landon gushed. "There ain't nothing like getting fucked by the Boss. In fact you should feel privileged because he doesn't do this very often. I'd take your place in a heartbeat."

"Yeah, I bet you would" I laughed reaching over and giving Landon a slap on the ass. "I bet you would." Then I put the head of my cock against Bryan's hole, and gently pushed. Then raising his ass up a little from the bench and grabbing his shoulders to give me leverage, I pushed harder.

"Ooooooh" Bryan groaned as the head of my dick popped into his ass. To give him a chance to adjust I just held him there for a moment and then leaned down and gave him a kiss. Then I pushed a couple inches into him. "Oooooh shit" he cried.

"Easy, babe. Easy" I said. "Just relax. I'll go slow." I know I'm awfully damn big in the prick department and even experienced guys like Jason and Landon have trouble taking me, so I gave him a couple minutes to adjust. But now it was time to fuck. Pulling back just a bit I pushed in a little deeper, and with a smooth jacking motion I started easing deeper into him with each thrust.

Shit he was tight. And knowing he was probably a virgin also made it especially exciting. The pressure of his ass on my cock was giving me incredible flashes of lust and joy as I gradually worked my way in deeper and deeper. "Oh yeah" I cried as I started pulling almost all the way out, and them pushing back in, pressing hard against his cheeks. Bryan was moaning but I was beyond worrying about that as I gave into the incredible feeling of my cock working in and out of his tight butt.

I'd already decided to fuck both Bryan and Landon, and I think Landon probably already knew that. Landon was well aware that I could cum multiple times when I was really horny. So, I wasn't worried about cuming too fast into Bryan's ass, since a long drawn out fuck of Landon was coming after a few minutes break. Landon was such a great cocksucker that I seldom fucked him, so I knew this would be really special for both of us.

So I started pounding. Bryan's ass still felt tight, but the cream had done its job and made for smooth going as I glided in and out. I was getting really hot now so I wasn't worried about Bryan any more, but only in the marvelous feelings coming from my prick. I was really slamming it to him as I pulled almost all the way out and then banged back in.

Bryan was still moaning or whimpering or something, but I was far beyond caring. I was loving it and I was pretty damn sure that he must be close to loving it as well. And then I reached my peak. Grabbing his shoulders tightly and pushing his legs down against his chest and pulling his ass up, I slammed into him three times, one... two.... Three...., as hard as I could, and starting shooting.

I get kind of crazy when I'm in the throes of an ejaculation, and this time without even realizing it I grabbed a handful of Bryan's hair and actually lifted him up off the bench momentarily as I fired shot after shot into his ass. Bryan was yelling something but I wasn't hearing him and didn't care anyway because I was totally overwhelmed with lust while shooting my juice into his butt.

And then it was over. I eased backwards very slowly and my still hard cock popped out of Bryan's ass. I was dripping with sweat and panting as I began to calm down. As I came to my senses I saw that Landon had grabbed Bryan's cock which was fully hard, and was jerking it hard and fast. I had to smile to see that it was hard since that meant that he was really turned on to getting fucked by me.

And then he was shooting. And was he ever turned on; his first shot went on his chest, but his second shot actually went clear over his head. "Fuck..., fuck..., fuck" he mumbled as he fired shot after shot onto his chest and stomach. Then he just lay back on the bench panting as Landon squeezed the last couple drops from his prick.

Landon was there on his knees right next to me with a big grin on his face. I got down on my knees as well, reached over and took hold of his neck, pulled him over to me and started kissing him. Landon was a terrific kisser and it was always a thrill to neck with him. My cock was going soft now, and it was too soon to think of cuming again, but Landon was a genius at kissing ass, sucking cock and licking every inch of my body, so I knew it wouldn't take long for him to get me hot and bothered again and ready for another fuck.

Jason's Story

So there I was. Another dirty job for the Boss. But that was okay; in fact it was wonderful. I'd do anything for Randy; absolutely anything. Hell, I'd stand on my head for a month if he asked me to. Yes I was madly in love with Randy, but who wouldn't be. I thought he was a god and I was perfectly willing to worship him. He was so powerful and controlling as well as being incredibly muscled and gorgeous but also very, very loving. He was simply perfect in every way and I loved him and admired him. Of course he was terribly conceited, but he deserved to be. I loved everything about him, but a big part of it was that he respected me. Yes he was dogmatic and demanding but I know he loved me like I loved him. Of course I understand we are not equal. I said he was a god and I meant it, and there is no question he deserved my obedience and I was thrilled to submit to him just so I could be a part of his life.

Besides, Randy made me what I am. I was nothing more than a skinny runt when he took to me and made me his workout partner and drove me to strive for greater muscularity and strength. And now, next to Randy, I'm probably the most muscular guy in school, and I get almost as much admiration and attention as he does. Of course I wasn't happy about Randy loving Landon as well, since I thought Landon was a total prick; spectacularly gorgeous, but still a prick. But if that was the cost of being Randy's lover, I was willing to pay it.

But, Landon or no Landon, I know Randy loves me most since I was first. I've always been his workout partner, and lately I have decided to become his enforcer. Randy being Randy, shouldn't have to be bothered with silly nonsense like someone not being sufficiently respectful to him. Nothing makes me angrier that some snot-nosed kid not giving Randy the esteem he deserves. I won't put up with any shit like that myself and there's no way in hell I will ever allow anyone to be less than totally respectful to Randy.

So, over the past couple months I'd kicked ass a couple times and dragged kids in front of Randy for his absolution and Randy now depended on me to take care of things like this. There's nothing gets through to a kid more than me kicking his ass, and then forcing him to get on his knees in front of Randy and beg for forgiveness. And let me tell you, since I'd been doing this I'd gained one hell of a reputation. Shit, kids now bowed their heads when they went passed me and Randy in the hall.

Not that this took anything away from Randy. Not for a second. Everybody understood that Randy was 'Boss', the 'chief honcho' the 'guy in charge', and I was merely his lieutenant.

So, here we were. This Billy kid. I'd originally set up the arrangement for him to handle Randy's homework, so there was no question that I had to deal with this new problem. Didn't matter anyway, because anybody disses Randy has gotta answer to me.

I was not only a top wrestler with a hot muscled body, but I was a very good looking kid. My muscles may not have been quite as big nor as perfectly proportioned as Randy's, and I may not have had the perfect, almost beautiful features as Landon, but let me tell you, I'm a hot guy. Hey, I know Randy is the epitome of the word 'vanity' but he tells me all the time that I'm hot, so I think it's okay if I'm a bit vain as well. I know a lot of those admiring looks Randy and I get are focused on me. So, heading to school the next morning I stopped at the attendance office, and since I'm such a loveable hunk, it was a cinch for me to sweet talk the secretary into giving me Billy's address.

You may wonder why I treat Randy like a God, and why I love him so much. But the fact is, he is like a God to me and I owe most everything about me to him. I guess I can take credit for my good looks, or perhaps my parents can take the credit, but I owe my incredible body to Randy. He made me his training partner, and worked my ass off to build up and make me what I am and it's a fact that people look at me with amazement because my muscles really are incredible.

I learned how to be totally confident from Randy as well. Yes, I know he carries his confidence to the extreme of being arrogant, but with good reason. He is not only masculine and gorgeous but his muscled body can only be described as sheer perfection. And he is also brilliant. He doesn't need these kids to do his homework; he simply can't be bothered doing it himself, and he also likes to keep the kids in awe of him by showing them his power and supremacy. And I admit; I'm in awe of him myself. He just seems to know and understand things intrinsically and always has the right answers to everything. I learned how to wrestle from Coach at school, but Randy taught me how to be merciless and totally dedicated to winning.

Of course Randy is very egotistical and demanding, but I know and understand he is on an entirely different plane from me; he literally is a superman, so I am more than willing to support him and defend him and obey him. And I'm ready and willing to do anything he wants me to do. And I mean anything. That includes fucking myself on his big pole whenever he gets the urge. One of the greatest pleasures I know of is bouncing up and down on Randy's prick and seeing the look of lust on his face as I get him hot and bring him off. That's my favorite position; me doing the work and watching him going crazy with passion. Oh shit, there's just nothing like it. I blow him sometimes too when he lets me, but he likes fucking me best.

The fact that Randy makes me thank him each time he fucks me is actually kind of funny, but I don't mind because there's no question that it is an honor to get it from him. Hell, there are probably a million guys out there who'd be more than willing to worship his prick if he'd let them, and you know damn well he'd make them thank him when they were done. But let me tell you, it is so-fuc-king hot to get screwed by Randy. To see the sweat on his brow, to hear the exciting primordial growls coming from his throat and to see the look of ecstasy in his eyes. It is fantastic. I admit I'm not totally thrilled that he doesn't usually allow me to touch myself when he's fucking me, but it doesn't matter so much because I'm used to it and just watching him fucking and having him in me is so exciting, I cum most every time anyway. And besides, I shoot like crazy when I go to bed at night just remembering how fabulous it was having my gorgeous hunk of a lover's enormous prick up my butt.

And then there's Landon. But I try not to think about him. Let's just say I put up with him, and avoid kicking his ass to hell and back only because that's what Randy wants. I'm Randy's workout partner and boyfriend, his disciple, his enthusiast, and yes, his worshiper, so I'm certainly not going to interfere with anything he says he needs, even if it is shit-head Landon. Randy is a god, and I know gods have greater needs than mortal men so I can put up with a lot just to be with him and loved by him.

As far as being Randy's enforcer, that is one of the few things he is not very good at. Randy is not specifically into giving pain, but he definitely is into his own pleasure. And if it takes somebody's pain to provide that pleasure, which it often does, Randy is okay with it and sometimes even obsessed with it. However, outside of his fucking secessions, you wouldn't believe it, but Randy is a pussy cat. He really is! He's not really cognoscente to the idea of really disciplining someone. But that's not me. I can be a real bad ass if the situation calls for it, and anybody messes with Randy definitely brings out the sadistic part of my personality. So this little shit Billy was going to learn what pain was all about. Somebody gave him a black eye last week, but after I get through with him he's gonna wish he had only a black eye. What I do to a guy may not show on the surface so much, but I know how to get him screaming in agony and begging for mercy. Just the memory of what I do to them lasts a lot longer than any bruise or black eye. Nobody has ever, ever messed with Randy or me a second time.

So anyway, I weaseled Billy's address from the school secretary and decided to pay him a visit right after dinner. Since my parents split up I was staying with Wade, and Billy's house was actually in the same subdivision, only a few blocks away. I knew it would be a single story ranch, they all are, so I only had to check the windows and see which room was his. I could only hope he didn't share a room with a little brother or something.

So after dinner I rode my bike over, parked it in the driveway, and started checking windows. There was a big guy in the living room watching TV, but it wasn't Billy. Both bedrooms were dark but it was too early for Billy to be in bed anyway. There didn't seem to be anyone else in the house. Where the fuck was he?

As I walked around the house for a second time, I checked out the back yard and hit pay dirt. There he was lying there in the dark on a lounge chair. Shit; this was perfect. I didn't have to figure out how to get him out of the house so I could work him over.

"Okay you little shit" I said as I came up behind him grabbed him into a head lock and put a hand over his mouth. "I've got you now."

"Mmmgh. Mmmgh" he grunted as I tightened my hold on his throat and pulled him to his feet, knocking the chair over. He was a real runt, six to eight inches shorter than me and probably fifty pounds or so lighter, so it was not even going to be a challenge to knock him around a bit. He wiggled around for just a few seconds, and then went completely limp. What a wimp.

"You and me gonna have a little talk, fucker" I growled at him. "You have screwed up royally and now it's time to pay." I was kind of surprised he wasn't fighting back but was just gagging a little since I was strangling him. Slapping him around wasn't going to be any fun at all.

"Okay, boy, I'm going to let you go, but if you make a sound I'm gonna jam my fist down your throat. Got it?" He shook his head up and down, so I let him go and turned him around to face me.

"You know me?" I growled as I grabbed him by the chin and jerked him up so he was looking up at me from only inches away. He didn't say anything, but gave a slight nod. For the first time I saw his face from the light from the streetlight. And the little shit was crying, tears dripping down his face. Hell, I'd hardly touched him so it couldn't be anything I did. I suddenly realized he'd been crying before I even touched him. I already knew he had a black eye and could see it was still swollen, but he now had big red splotches on his cheek and forehead as well, where somebody'd slugged him.

And, instantly, my anger disappeared. This little kid was hurting. How could I possibly work him over since somebody'd beat me to it.

"What the fuck happened to you?" I asked as I eased my hold on his chin. He just stood there sobbing for a moment and then sank down to the ground on his butt and put his face against his knees. "Hey kid" I said softly. "I ain't gonna hurt you. Come on kid. I'm sorry." Two minutes ago I was about to kill him and now my heart went out to him. I got down on the ground and put my arm around him. "Come on kid. Tell me what's wrong."

He just kept sobbing so I pulled his head over to my chest and petted his hair. His tears were wetting my shirt as he cried so I just cradled his head gently against me. I didn't know how to deal with this. I was supposed to be here to punish him, and instead, I was holding him and trying to figure out how to help him. After a couple minutes his crying gradually turned to sniffling as I held on to him.

"Come on Billy. It's okay. I'm here. I'll take care of you." I couldn't believe this shit was coming out of my mouth. I'd never been so soft hearted to anybody in my life, but I could see this kid was really hurting. "Come on. Tell me what's wrong."

"I'm sorry" he finally whispered through his sobs.

"That's alright Billy. That's alright. You're gonna be okay" I said softly as I kept petting his hair. "Just tell me what happened."

"I... I... my cousin's here" he blubbered through his tears.


"He... he... he hurt's me."

It was kind of like pulling teeth, but I dragged the story out of him. It seems that his father was very sick and had gone to the Mayo clinic and his mother went along with him leaving Billy alone, so they invited his cousin to come and stay with him.

"I can't call my mom" he sobbed. "She's got enough to worry about. But he's been beating on me ever since the first day he arrived. I just can't take it anymore. I can't" and he started crying again.

"It's okay Billy. It's okay" I said softly as I continued to cradle his head against my chest. "Don't worry. We'll take care of it."

So, Billy told me about his bully of a cousin. He was about 25 years old, big and fat; probably over 250 pounds. When I'd first arrived I'd seen through the window that somebody was watching TV but I hadn't paid much attention once I'd seen it wasn't Billy. But I had noticed he was a big fat guy.

So, now I was in a quandary. I came here to beat the shit out of this kid, and suddenly here I was feeling sorry for him promising to help him instead. I try to make everyone think I'm the tough guy, but deep inside I guess I can be a pushover sometimes too. But what was I supposed to do now?

Now, I'm a pretty damn good wrestler, if I say so myself, and I can handle most anybody. But, I don't know about tossing 250 pound guys around. Fat or not, anybody that big was going to be hard to handle. Hell, if he just sat on me I'd probably be finished. I decided to call Randy.

"Yeah, Jason. What's goin on?" Randy said as he answered on his cell.

"Ah, Randy. Ah, Boss. We've got a problem."

"I'm kind of busy right now Jase" he said with a laugh. "Landon's here trying to decide which he likes to suck the best; the front or the back." He laughed again and I heard him moan "oh yeah, just like that".

"Come on Randy. I'm serious."

"So am I Jase. There's nothing more serious than Landon having his tongue up my butt. Hey Landon?" Then I heard Landon mumble something in the background.

"Well, listen" I said and I told him the story about Billy.

When I finished all he said was "Landon and I'll be there in ten" and hung up.

Now, ten minutes can be a long time under some circumstances, like right now, with cute little Billy almost sitting on my lap with my arm around him and his face in my chest. So, by the time Randy and Landon got there we'd gotten better acquainted, I had my shirt pulled up over my head and I'd got him as far along as kissing my tits. Another ten minutes and I think I'd have got him kissing a whole lot of other places. I always figured that as cute as Billy was, he almost had to be gay.

"So, where is this fat slob, Billy?" Randy asked as he and Landon walked into the back yard. "Is he here now?"

"Yeah ahhh... ahhh Randy" Billy said with trepidation. "He's... he's in the house."

"Well, let's take care of it right now" Randy said and all four of us went up to the house and entered through the back door.

"So" Randy said as we entered the living room. "Is this the fat slob that's been beating you up?" The guy sitting on the couch was fat alright. He must have been close to six feet tall, and he may have weighed upwards of 300 pounds. He was definitely huge.

"Yeah" answered Billy. "That's my cousin Brock."

"What the fuck's this Billy" the fat guy said as he stood up.

"Hey man" Randy said. "Billy here is my bud and I hear you've been kicking his ass. And there ain't no way I allow one of my bud's to get beat on."

"I don't know who you think you are" the guy said "but you get the fuck out of my house."

"I'll tell you who I am" Randy said with a chuckle. "I'm the guy that's going to kick your ass." Randy pulled his shirt off so the guy could get a good look at his massive muscled body. Now, let me tell you, this guy was intimidated. Landon is not very big but he is definitely muscular and is not a guy you want to mess with. I'm much bigger and more muscular than Landon is, and Randy is much bigger than me. You bet we can be intimidating. I noticed the blood drain from the guy's face and his hands begin to shake as he started to understand what he was up against.

"You guys get out of here or I'll call the cops" he said belligerently.

"You call the cops and we'll tell them what you've been doing to Billy" Randy said as he stepped up to the guy and gave him an opened handed slap to the face; hard. The guy yelped but didn't do anything. He just stood there and took it. Obviously he was a bully only when he had some little guy like Billy to kick round. With a big guy like Randy he was a total coward.

"Hey, man, don't. That hurt" he said to Randy. "Billy's just a spoiled brat and I was just trying to straighten him out. I didn't hurt him much anyway."

"Liar" Billy yelled.

Randy suddenly gave the guy a really hard fist to the stomach and the guy gave out a big 'oof' and went down. With all that blubber and no muscle tone, he was done already. He just lay there on the floor moaning and groaning as he held on to his stomach.

"Okay, what do we do with him" Randy asked Billy.

"I don't know" Billy answered. "I just want him to stop hitting me."

"That's a given" Randy said. "He's never going to bother you again. I guarantee it." Randy stepped over to the guy and gave him a light kick to the head. "You hear me? You're never going to touch Billy again. Got it?"

"Okay, man. Okay" the guy said as he continued moaning and holding his stomach. "I won't touch him. I promise."

"See?" Randy said. "As easy as that. But I think you deserve some pay back. What do you think?"

"Well.... yeah" Billy answered. "He's been kicking me around for two weeks now and nobody should get away with that. Go ahead. Teach him a lesson."

"Okay, guy" Randy said as he poked Brach with his foot again. "You got to make it up to Billy for being such a shit. So, first of all, apologize to him." Brock had stopped moaning now and got up so he was setting on his butt.

"Okay, man, okay. I'm sorry."

"Say it like you mean it, and say it to Billy" Randy ordered.

"Okay, Billy. I'm sorry" Brock said.

"Tell me what you're going to do to make it up to him" Randy said.

"Hey man. I said I was sorry" he whined.

"You didn't sound like you meant it" Randy said. "Get over here in front of Billy and kiss his feet. Then tell him you're sorry."

"No way man. I can't do that." So quickly that we hardly saw him move, Randy gave Brock another really hard open handed slap to the face.

"You will do it" Randy growled. "You'll do it and you'll beg him to forgive you. Now move your fat ass."

"Shit man. That hurt" Brock whimpered.

Randy grabbed his hair and gave him a jerk. "Get your ass over here and kiss his feet." We all smiled as Brock crawled over and kissed Billy's feet.

"Oh man, that's cool" Landon said with a grin. "Make him crawl some more."

"All bullies are pussies once you get them cornered" Randy said "and I think this tub-of-lard is the biggest pussy of all. Okay, Brock. Say you're sorry and ask Billy to forgive you."

"Shit, man. I gotta do this?"

"Do it" Randy ordered.

"Okay, Billy" Brock whined. "I'm sorry. Do you forgive me?"

"Hell no I don't forgive you" Billy shouted at him. "I'll never forgive you for what you did, you fat fuck."

"Okay, boys. Let's give Billy his pay back" Randy said. "Grab his arms." Landon and I each grabbed an arm and pulled Brock to his feet.

"Hey, man, what are you doing?" Brock gasped as Randy unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and with a jerk pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees.

"Bend him over the sofa and hold him" Randy ordered. Brock started to fight us, but there was no way he was going to get away from two muscle boys like Landon and I. Besides, his pants and underwear were around his ankles.

"Billy, I don't fuck fat guys so this is going to be your play" Randy said. "Go get some hand crème or something." As Billy hesitated Randy gave him a push. "Go." Billy headed out of the room as Randy grabbed a handful of flabby boy ass. "Shit, you really are a fat ass" he said as he gave Brock a hefty slap on his ass cheek.

"Yeeeoh" Brock cried. "Hey, man. Stop it. Stop it."

"Hey, fat boy. I'm just getting started" Randy said as he started slapping Brock's ass, moving from one cheek to the other, giving him a good dozen whacks. Brock was whimpering as Billy came back into the room with a jar of hand crème.

"You ever fuck a guy, Billy?" Randy asked.

"Fuck a guy? Of course not."

"Well, here's your chance. Get your pants off." Billy started to object, but Randy undid his pants for him and pulled them down. Billy's little nub of a cock was totally soft. "Looks like you need some help" Randy said as he stepped behind him, put an arm around him and pulled him in tight. Then as he started humping Billy in the butt, he reached around and grabbed the boy's cock and started jerking it. Whether it was from being humped in the butt by a muscle boy, or having his cock jerked, Billy's little prick started growing. Within thirty seconds it was fully hard and sticking out to its full five or so inches.

Taking the jar of cream from Billy, Randy got some on his hand, rubbed it into Brock's ass crack, and then rammed his finger into his hole.

"Yeeeoh" Brock screamed. "Please, man. Don't." Taking some more cream, Randy rubbed it on Billy's now hard prick, and pushed him up behind Brock.

"Here you go, boy" he said. "Here's your chance to get even." As Billy hesitated, Randy gave him a slap on the ass. "Go ahead. Stick it in. Go." Getting a grin on his face, Billy did exactly that. He rammed his prick into Brock's big fat ass and Brock screamed.


"Shit, Boss. He's a virgin. That's gotta hurt" I said to Randy.

"Too fucking bad" Randy said. "He deserves it." Turning to Billy and giving him another slap on the ass he said: "Give it to him, Billy. Fuck him hard." Brock was now crying and moaning at the same time.

"Go, Billy, go" Landon said, urging him on. And that was what Billy was doing; banging into his cousin's ass at ninety miles an hour. And, no surprise, with all the excitement and having an audience besides, he'd barely gotten started when he started shooting. Couldn't have been more than a minute.

"Oh, oh, oh" he gasped as he fired into Brock's ass while Randy and Landon were laughing and goading him on. Brock was still crying softly as Billy pulled out and Landon and I let go of his arms. Brock just sank down on the floor on his knees with his face against the sofa and sobbed.

"You deserved that, Brock" Randy said. "You beat somebody up you've gotta pay the penalty. And besides, that black eye and those bruises on Billy are a lot worse that your little pain in the ass."

Randy grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back. "You hear me? You only got what you deserved for being such a shit."

"Oh fuck, man" Brock groaned. "That really hurt."

The Randy turned to Billy. "Does Brock have a car?"

"Yeah, that's his in the driveway" Billy said.

"Brock, go pack your stuff and get the hell out of here. If you're not out of here in ten minutes Jase is gonna fuck you, and he's a hell of a lot bigger than Billy."

"Hey, no way, man" I said with a laugh. "I don't fuck fat guys either." Brock pulled himself to his feet and went into the bedroom to get his stuff.

After Brock was gone, Randy and Landon took off as well. "Talk to Billy about doing my homework, Jase" Randy said.

"You got it, Boss" I answered as he left. Then I turned to Billy. God he was a cute kid. He had pulled his pants back up after fucking Brock, but as I stepped up to him I put one hand down his backside and took hold of one of the sweetest little asses on the planet. As Billy turned to me with one beautiful brown eye and one red swollen eye and looked up into my eyes, he looked so tiny and fragile, and so adorable, that I just wanted to hug him and protect him. He smiled at me as I squeezed his ass cheek and pulled him in tight and pressed my lips against his. I planned to do a whole lot of hugging and protecting before the night was out.



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