"Hey Coach. How's it hangin?" Randy said as he entered Coach's office. Randy'd just finished his shower after the wrestling workout, but right now was wearing only his jock strap. And, in anticipation of some 'fun and games' with Coach, he had a nice bulge showing. "Went well today don't ya think?" he said as he walked over and sat on the edge of Coach's desk, and as Coach rolled his chair back, Randy put his bare foot between his legs not quite touching his crotch.

"Alright Randy" Coach said with resignation. "What do you want?" Coach had long ago given up arguing or even disagreeing with Randy, because he knew Randy would eventually get his way no matter what. It was a lot easier just to go along with him on anything and everything. Besides, Randy was so gorgeous and Coach was so hot for him, that he literally swooned every time Randy got near him, and he'd do pretty much anything the boy wanted just so he could get some of his attention. Randy was not only young and gorgeous and incredibly muscular, but he was totally arrogant and controlling and allowed no one, including his Coach, to question him. Randy was always the guy in charge and Coach actually looked forward to being dominated by him.

Randy reached over and took one of Coach's hands and pulled it into his crotch. "I said it went well today didn't it?" he repeated. "Particularly that new kid, the bicep boy." Holding Coach's hand against his crotch, Randy gently moved it, forcing Coach to massage his prick which started to grow.

"Who's that? The bicep boy?"

"Yeah. That kid with the bulging arms. Kelly, or Kavy or something."

"Oh. You mean Kalé, the Hawaiian kid. Yeah, he's got great potential. With a little training and some muscling up I think he'll be pretty good."

"Well, he's already got all the right muscles in all the right places so I don't know what you mean by muscling up. Hell, he turns me on just the way he is. I love those muscled arms and that dark complexion, and that shiny black hair makes him look absolutely yummy."

"So he turns you on does he?" Coach said. "I've never seen you have any trouble getting anyone you want so I suppose Kalé won't be any different."

"Yeah Coach; you're right. But I don't want to spend a whole lot of time sweet talking him. My parents are out of town on a cruise this week, so I want him at my house tomorrow. You need to tell him he's got to be there."

"What do you mean I've got to tell him? Come on Randy; don't get me involved in this."

Randy ignored Coach's comment entirely. "Tell him every new wrestler has to have a 'mentor' or a 'trainer' or something to show him the ropes, and you've assigned him to me. That should do it."

"Randy. Please" Coach pleaded. He didn't say anything more because he knew that once Randy decided on something he wouldn't change his mind, and arguing with him would just make things difficult. He always ended up doing whatever Randy wanted him to do, even though he knew some of the things he did for Randy were flatly illegal and could end up putting him in jail. Although not willing to face up to the reality of the situation, subconsciously Coach knew Randy was probably planning on raping this kid and he could be an accessory to a serious crime. But what to do? Randy was so strong willed that Coach simply could not stand up to him. And besides, Coach was totally turned on the Randy's body and big cock and aggressive manner and didn't want to do anything to give Randy any excuse to back off.

"He's still in the locker room Coach". Randy said as he stood up and pulled Coach to his feet. "Go tell him now. I'll wait. And tell him to be there at five o'clock." Randy gave him a shove towards the door and a pat on the ass and then sat down at the desk.

When Coach returned a few minutes later Randy was still setting at his desk. "Com'er Coach" he said softly and sweetly as he rolled the swivel chair back away from the desk. As Coach walked up to him, Randy pointed to the floor. As Coach got down on his knees Randy grabbed his head with both hands, leaned forward, and gave him a peck on the nose. As Coach looked up at his beautiful sixteen year old student, Randy gave him a big smile, and slowly pulled him into his jock covered crotch.

"I've gone soft Coach" Randy whispered. "Let's see what you can do about that." Coach pushed his face into Randy's crotch willingly.


"I think we need to really hit the shoulders tomorrow Jace" Randy said as he looked at himself critically in the mirror. He and Jason had just finished their chest workout and their muscled bodies were glistening with sweat as they stood next to each other in front of the mirrors. "My chest is looking great and my arms are super, but I think just a little more bulk in the shoulders is what I need now."

"Yeah Boss, your chest is looking fabulous; ab-so-lute-ly in-cred-i-ble" Jason said with a gasp as he looked with amazement at his gorgeous idol and lover in the mirror. "And I'm ready to work my tongue over every inch of it. I wanna lick every drop of sweat off those gorgeous mounds of muscle."

Randy reached over and gave Jason a slap on the ass. "I want it too babe, but we've had a change of plans. I've got that new kid from the wrestling team coming over today. In fact he'll be here any minute."

"Oh come on Randy; since your parents are gone I was going to stay over and we could have the whole house to ourselves. You said I could. And who is this new kid anyway?"

"I said maybe you could stay over while they were gone" Randy answered. "Well, you can't stay tonight. Now don't hassle me about it."

"Shit Randy. I really wanted to sleep over with you tonight."

"Maybe we can do it tomorrow night. We'll see. Now grab your clothes and get out of here."

"Okay Boss" Jason said as he grabbed his shorts and wife beater. "But who is this new kid?"

"He's the new kid on the wrestling team" Randy said. "The Hawaiian kid. I call him the bicep boy."

"Oh shit Boss, he's gorgeous and his arms are enormous. What'cha going to do? You gonna fuck him? "

"What the hell do you think I'm going to do?" Randy said with a laugh. "Now give me a kiss and get out of here." Jason leaned over and gave Randy a quick kiss and then bent his head down and gave each of Randy's enormous pecs a kiss and a lick. "Love you Boss."

"Love you too Jace" Randy said.

"See you in the morning" Jason said as he slipped into his shorts, tossed the wife beater over his shoulder and headed out.

Randy started flexing as he admired himself in the mirror. He loved seeing his muscles glistening with sweat after a workout so he very slowly went through his standard posing routine. As he flexed and posed the bulge in his jock began to grow. Maybe it was in anticipation of the Hawaiian boy coming over, but mostly it was because Randy was totally turned on to his own incredible body. Turning his head to the side, he gave his right bicep a big wet kiss, and then smiled at himself in the mirror. "Yeah man. You are incredible. Absolutely gorgeous. Totally unbelievable" he said aloud in worshipful tones.

Then he was roused from his trance by a knock at the door. Grabbing a towel and wiping his face, he walked over and opened the door.

"Hey Kelly. How's it goin man?" Randy said as he grabbed Kalé's hand and pulled him into the workout room. "Glad you could come over."

"It's Kalé Randy, not Kelly" Kalé said. "Pronounced like Ballet. I'm from Hawaii but my father was Turkish." Kalé was still wearing his school clothes: jeans and a golf shirt while Randy, muscles bulging from his workout, was standing there in only his jockstrap and a layer of sweat.

"Okay Kalé. Come on in to my muscle building dungeon" Randy said. "Excuse my dress, or lack of it" he said with a laugh. "Jason and I just finished working out."

"It's okay Randy" Kalé laughed. "And I must say, you look pretty damn good with almost nothing on."

"Thanks man. But I worked my butt off to get looking like this." Randy stepped back and performed a double bicep pose. "What'daya think?"

"You've got an incredible body Randy. I've never seen anyone our age looking like you."

"Our age shit. I look better'n anybody most any age." Randy performed the most muscular pose. "See what I mean?"

"Yeah Randy. You're unbelievable" Kalé answered.

Randy stopped his posing and just looked at Kalé for a moment. Kalé was not only very good looking; he had particularly large bulging biceps. He obviously worked his arms more than any other body part, because they were really enormous. So big that they almost overwhelmed the rest of his body.

"And you look pretty damn good too" Randy said admiringly. "I love those big biceps of yours."

"Thanks Randy. And I worked my butt off too to get them" Kalé said with a laugh.

"But you shouldn't cover them up with shirt sleeves. With arms like that you should only wear muscle shirts."

"If you knew my Mom, you'd know why I wear golf shirts to school all the time" Kalé laughed.

"Well I don't know your Mom, so let's see how you look without that shirt. Get it off and show me what you got."

"Ahhh... sure Randy" Kalé said as he pulled his shirt up out of his waist band. "But Coach told me you were going to talk to me about the wrestling squad."

"Yeah, we'll get to that" Randy said. "But first I want to see that bod of yours. I want to see what I've got here. Get your shirt off."

"Are we going to work out or what?" Kalé said, still not removing his shirt.

"In our squad Kalé, the guys know I'm the guy in charge, and they do what I tell them. Now get your god damn shirt off."

"Okay Randy. Okay. Don't have a cow" Kalé said as he finally pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Actually, Kalé liked taking his shirt off because he knew he had a super body, and there was nothing better than having someone admire him. He didn't like being told what to do, but he realized he was the new guy in town and it was better to go along with Randy until he knew the ropes. He automatically raised his arms into a double bicep pose.

"God. Your arms are terrific Kalé" Randy said in awe. "Shit, they may be bigger than mine." Randy stepped forward and put his hand on one of the swollen biceps.

"Over seventeen inches Randy" Kalé said with satisfaction. Having a muscle boy like Randy complementing him gave him a terrific feeling of pleasure. Hell, he was as vain as anyone.

"You must be a champion at arm wrestling" Randy said.

"In fact I am" Kalé said with a smile. "I was the local champ back home."

"Turn around and let me see you" Randy said as he stepped back to watch critically. Feeling a little embarrassed to be on such obvious display, Kalé slowly turned around so Randy could get a good look.

"Your abs are good" Randy said. "Actually they're excellent, but you need to concentrate on your chest and shoulders. I'll develop a workout plan for you. Now take off your pants and let me see your legs."

"Ahhh... Randy. My dad is my coach" Kalé said. "He says big biceps are the mark of a man, and he wants me to keep working them really hard."

"Well, your dad doesn't know shit about building a body. Arms are good and you can keep working them, but they've got to match the rest of you. You'll see the difference in your strength and you'll be a better wrestler once I get you working on my program. Now, take off your pants."

"Ahhh... I'm sorry Randy, but I'm not wearing any underwear" Kalé said with embarrassment.

"Oh shit" Randy said as he started laughing. "Trying to show off that muscle between your legs too heh?" Randy stepped forward and grabbed Kalé's belt and unbuckled it. "It's okay Kalé. I've seen naked guys before. Take 'em off." Randy pulled the belt out of the loops and tossed it aside.

"Com'on Randy. Don't" Kalé said.

"What's the matter; got a hard on?" Randy asked as he reached and grabbed Kalé's crotch. "Well shit. You do have a hard on" he said as he laughed and groped Kalé's crotch. "So I turn you on do I?"

"No Randy" Kalé gasped. "It's just.... It's just... Getting naked always makes me horny."

"Me too Kalé. Me too. Particularly when I have a pretty boy like you to play with." Kalé tried to stop him, but Randy grabbed the zipper on his jeans, jerked it down, and then pulled Kalé's pants down to his knees. He then gave him a push, knocking him back on his butt on the floor. Grabbing his legs, Randy pulled his shoes and pants off in one fell swoop. Kalé put his hands in front of himself in embarrassment trying to hide the hard rod sticking out from his crotch.

"Just so you won't be embarrassed Kalé, I'll join you" Randy said as he yanked his jockstrap down and off. Randy's rod was not hard and was not sticking out like Kalé's, but it was obvious that even being only half hard it was about as big as Kalé's, and had potential to get a whole lot bigger. "Besides, this is my favorite muscle. What do you think of it?"

"Huh?" Kalé grunted as he sat on the floor covering his crotch.

"I said, what do you think of it? It's a big one isn't it? I've never met anyone with a bigger one" Randy said as he took hold of his big staff and started playing with it. Kalé didn't reply, but just sat there in shock staring up at Randy, who now walked up to him.

"You like big one's Kalé? Keep your eyes on this and you'll see how big it really gets." And in fact Kalé could not help but stare in awe at Randy's cock as it began to grow. Randy stepped over Kalé so he was straddling his middle with the big cock almost directly above his face. Kalé eased back on his elbows and continued to stare at the monster sticking out from Randy's middle.

"Looks like it's hot for you" Randy said as they both watched a drop of pre-cum appear at the tip. "This one's mine" Randy said as he put his finger on the pre-cum and brought it to his lips. "Ummmm" he purred. As another drop appeared he said "now this one's yours". As Randy put his finger in the pre-cum he bent down reaching towards Kalé's face. Kalé was shocked and saw what Randy intended so he clenched his lips tightly closed but Randy simply rubbed the pre-cum back and forth over his lips. Then he rubbed the finger over Kalé's nose and into his nostrils. "Taste it boy. Taste it and smell it" Randy murmured. "That's Randy's muscle cum. And let me tell you, they get in line to get a taste of that."

"That's enough Randy" Kalé said. "Let's stop this right now." Kalé rolled over and started to get up, but suddenly felt Randy put his knee against his back forcing him back down onto the floor. Before he could react, Randy had grabbed both his arms and pulled them behind his back. Kalé had extremely strong arms but Randy already had the advantage with his arms twisted behind him so as he tried to break Randy's hold he could not budge him. And as they struggled, Kalé got the shock of his life as Randy's knee left his back and he felt the enormous, now fully hard cock beginning to slide up and down his ass.

"No Randy. No" Kalé choked out in shock. "Stop." Holding tightly to Kalé's arms, Randy leaned down and whispered in his ear.

"Jesus, you got a pretty ass Kalé" he whispered. "And I'm so fucking horny I can't stand it. What'daya think we should do about that?"

"Randy. Stop it" Kalé yelled. "Stop it right now."

"Yell all you want babe" Randy whispered. "Nobody can hear you."

Kalé quickly changed his strategy and decided to try reasoning with Randy rather than making demands. "Please don't Randy" he said. "Please stop."

"Now we're getting somewhere babe" Randy laughed. "I love it when a guy says please. Sounds like begging to me. Go ahead; beg some more."

Really shocked and now getting terrified, Kalé cried: "Please Randy, let me go. Please don't do this."

"Sorry Kalé. I'm all horned up now; I gotta fuck you" Randy said as he continued sliding his big rod up and down Kalé's ass crack. "Unless.... Unless you want to do something else?"

"What do you want Randy?" Kalé said as tears started dripping down his cheeks. "What do you want?"

"Well... I want your ass. But I might be willing to settle for a blow job. What do you think?"

"No Randy. No"

"Okay. It's your ass then" as he pushed the head of his massive hard-on against Kalé's crack.

"No... no. Wait" Kalé screamed. "Wait."

"Well?" Randy said. "It's this or a blow job. Which is it going to be?"

"Please don't do this Randy. Please" Kalé now began to sob.

"Damn it. You're pissing me off now" Randy said as he released one of Kalé's arms for just a second and gave him a hard swat on the ass. "You've got five seconds to make up your mind before I jam my pecker up your tight little twat."

"Okay Randy. Okay, okay, okay. I'll blow you" Kalé said.

"Hey. That's more like it. I like my boys to cooperate" Randy said with a chuckle. Randy knew he could have pretty much anybody he wanted but most times it was just too easy, and he loved a challenge. Even though he only picked the cream of the crop, and Kalé was definitely the cream, he also loved it when a guy struggled and fought back. Having a muscle guy squirming and struggling under him while he took him down and controlled him was like nothing else. And since Randy was a top notch wrestler there was no better stimulation leading up to a hot fuck than controlling and dominating a guy who was unwilling to let him do it. Planting his cock into a virgin hole after working up a sweat made for incredibly exciting sex.

"Now tell me what you're going to do."

"Oh please Randy."

"You fucking well tell me what you're going to do" Randy growled. "Go ahead."

"I'm going to give you a blow job Randy" Kalé mumbled softly as his tears continued dripping.

"Say it again so I can hear you" Randy ordered.

"I'm going to give you a blow job" Kalé repeated.

"Okay, now we're getting there" Randy chuckled. "You ever blow a guy Kalé?"

"Ahhh.... No, not really."

"I'll take that as a yes" Randy laughed. "Now, I like my cocksuckers real cooperative and dedicated, and I expect to get a decent blow job out of you. Otherwise, you've got another hole there that I'm interested in."

"I'll cooperate Randy" Kalé said softly.

"Good boy Kalé" Randy said as he let go of Kalé's arms and set up on his thighs. "Now two more things. All my boys know I'm always in charge and I'm the Boss. That's me, Boss. And you'll call me Boss. So go ahead: call me Boss."

"Okay Randy. Ahhh... Boss" Kalé responded with resignation.

"Okay now. Just one last thing. What I like almost as much as an actual blow job, is a guy begging me to give me one. That is really, really hot. So, let me hear you. Beg me to let you suck on my big bazooka." Randy reveled in showing his dominance and superiority, and making a guy beg was the ultimate in showing his power and always made him incredibly hot and ready to fuck, and absolutely nothing made his cock harder. "Go ahead. Beg."

Kalé was silent for the longest time. Then he said "Randy... ahhh... Boss. Wha.....?"

"I said beg me to let you blow me" Randy said and gave Kalé another hard slap on the ass. "Get busy. I want to hear you beg."

Kalé let out a single sob, but immediately choked it back. He now realized he had little choice but to do what Randy wanted. "Please let me suck your cock Randy" he whispered.

"Boss. Say it again and say it right" Randy warned.

"Please let me suck your cock Boss" Kalé said.

"Okay. You'll keep your hands behind your back while you do me. Otherwise I'll have to tie you up" Randy said as he stood up and walked over and sat on the weight bench. "Get your butt over here." Kalé slowly got to his knees and then crawled over to Randy. "Kiss it first" Randy ordered as he pulled Kalé's face into his crotch. "Kiss it all over." Kalé did what he was told and started kissing Randy's big rod. Randy grabbed hold of Kalé's massive biceps that he found so fascinating and massaged them as Kalé kissed.

"Shit you have beautiful arms" Randy said as he pushed Kalé's head back away from his hard cock and stood up. "Flex 'em for me babe. Go ahead. Show me those rock hard swollen muscles. Come on, make 'em bulge." As Kalé flexed his big arms, forcing up an incredible bulge from his enormous biceps muscles, Randy stepped in close pushing his cock into his face. "Yeah babe. Keep 'em flexed while you blow me" Randy swooned.

Grabbing Kalé's jaw, Randy forced his mouth open with his thumb and pushed his prick into the hot wet hole. "Suck me baby" he murmured as he again grabbed hold of the boy's big bulging biceps.

Randy was a real addict when it came to big bloated muscles. Mostly his own, but sometimes, like right now, he was totally turned on to another guys muscles. Particularly when he'd just finished dominated him and got him ready for a hot fuck. Looking down and watching Kalé suck him while flexing his big arms made him so hot that he knew he was going to shoot quickly. Randy started to jerk his hips back and forth, forcing more of his cock into the muscle boy's mouth, and felt the heat building up in his middle. Shit, he thought, this is going way too fast, but there was no stopping his prick when it was ready to blow.

"Oh shit" he yelled as he let go of Kalé's arms, grabbed two handfuls of hair, and rammed his cock in deep and started to shoot. Kalé immediately started choking, and putting his hands against Randy's enormous thighs, tried to push away, but Randy was in ecstasy, and as strong as Kalé was, Randy was stronger and he was not about to let Kalé get away. It was a struggle of muscle against muscle as Kalé tried to push away and Randy grabbed hold behind his head, but Randy was winning and kept trying to corkscrew his cock deeper as he shot his first two wads into the boy's throat.

After those two shots Randy allowed Kalé to pull back so he could get a breath. Tears were streaming from Kalé's eyes as he went into convulsions of coughing and choking but Randy was now holding on to his ears, so his next half dozen shots of cum landed on Kalé's nose, in his eyes and all over his cheeks, forehead, and hair.

"Jesus you're hot" Randy gasped as he finally let go and started to calm down and get his breathing back to normal. Kalé had stopped coughing but was still panting and wheezing. "Shit man. You were terrific." Randy noticed that Kalé's cock was throbbing so he put his bare foot on it and started rubbing it back and forth. Almost immediately he got the expected result.

"Aaooh" Kalé gasped as his cum shot on Randy's foot and onto the floor. Shot after shot after shot. Randy had to laugh aloud because he knew he had another new disciple who loved being dominated and controlled. This gorgeous 'bicep' boy was definitely going to become a member of Randy's stable of worshipers, and with a little practice he could probably become a great cock sucker. And Randy most definitely was going to get some of that Hawaiian-Turkish boy ass.

Sitting back down on the bench, Randy again grabbed a handful of Kalé's hair and pulled his face into his crotch. Then he rubbed his prick in Kalé's face and moving him around so the cum was smeared over every inch of his face, and all over Randy's crotch as well.

Then, pulling Kalé back so he was looking directly up into Randy's face, he gave him one of his shit eating grins. "Way to go man" he said. "That was pretty terrific for a first timer. I loved it." Kalé just stared at him with cum smeared all over his face. "But you are one hell of a mess" Randy laughed. "Com'on in the house and we'll take a shower." Pulling Kalé to his feet, and holding him by the hand, Randy led him from the garage/workout room into the house.

A half hour later the boys were back in the weight room and Randy was talking about his ideas about Kalé's workout schedule and what he needed to do to prepare for the wrestling team. Kalé had tried to say something about being forced to give a blow job, but each time he started to speak, Randy would interrupt him and tell him to shut up. When they finally finished their discussion, Randy let Kalé know there was one final requirement.

"My boys always thank me for letting them blow me Kalé, and I'm kind of used to that. I let you suck me and you should be appreciative. Most everybody wants me" he said with a laugh "but I'm kind of particular about who I pick to service me."

"So, go ahead. Tell me you loved blowing me, and thank me for it. Go ahead."

"Ahhh... Randy..."

"Boss" Randy said.

"Ahhh... Boss... ahhh..."

Randy reached over and grabbed Kalé by the neck and pulled him close. "Tell me you loved blowing me Kalé. Go on; say it" he said with a big grin on his face. "Say it."

"Ahhh... Boss.... I ahhh... I ah.. loved sucking you."

"Good man. I knew you could do it. Now thank me for it."

"Ahhh... thank you Boss" Kalé whispered .

"That's great Kalé. You're a fast learner. But just so I don't have to tell you every time, remember that I let you blow me, you thank me for it."

"Ahhh Randy" Kalé said, rubbing his neck where Randy had squeezed it. "There ain't no way.... ever again...."

Randy simply laughed as he grabbed him by the chin, squeezing his cheeks. "Don't you think for a minute that you can say no to me. I went easy on you today but you know I can kick your ass in a minute. You belong to me now and I'll decide when you'll blow me again." Randy squeezed his cheeks and gave his head a shake. "If I want it, you'll damn well do it. You understand that? Speak up!"

"Yeah Boss. I got it" Kalé wheezed. "I got it." Randy let go of his chin and gave him a push towards the door.

"Okay. We got a good start today Kalé. I want you here again on Thursday and we'll go over your weight lifting program. See you in school tomorrow." Kalé left and Randy started getting the weight room organized so it would be ready for tomorrow's workout.


He'd barely gotten started when there was a knock at the door. "Shit Kalé. What do you want now?" he said as he opened the door. And then he was totally shocked to see the smiling face of his Cousin Steve standing in the doorway. (editor: see WoW Chapter 9) Steve was a very attractive twenty year old college soccer player, and at one time had been Randy's nemesis. But for two weeks last summer Randy was finally able to turn the tables on him and whip his ass.

"Hi Cousin" Steve said as he pushed his way into the workout room. "Nice to see you again."

"Well, hell" Randy said, finally coming to his senses. Then his face broke into an enormous grin as he remembered a pleasurable two weeks when he'd turned Steve into his lackey. "If it isn't my handsome cock sucking Cousin, in the flesh. Welcome Cousin; back for more?"

"Here we are Randy. Alone again." Steve was dressed in a white t-shirt that was molded to his body, showing his very impressive build.

"Nice to see you again slave boy" Randy said, his grin growing even bigger as he threw his arms up and flexed his muscles. "And just when I needed some exercise and a little wrestling practice. You know, I have wonderful memories of last year when I whipped your ass and turned you into my fuck boy. But, somehow, I didn't expect you to come back for more. So, what's your game?"

"Nothing special Randy" Steve said while smiling brightly. "But since our parents were out on a cruise together again I thought you might be in need of some company. So I brought a friend along. He's outside right now."

"Well, bring him in; bring him in" Randy said with a laugh. "The more the merrier. Two cocksuckers are always better than one." Steve walked to the door and opened it.

"Com'on in Colt. Meet my Cousin Randy" he said. And then the biggest guy Randy had ever seen walked into the room, so wide that he had to turn sideways in order to get through the doorway. He was wearing a t-shirt which must have been the largest size available, but he had muscles that were trying to burst their way out of it in every direction.

"Oh my god" Randy said in amazement.

"Meet Colt, Randy. State heavyweight wrestling champion" Steve said, now grinning ear to ear. "Colt; meet my pretty boy Cousin Randy." (editor: for intro to Colt, see 'My Two College Roommates') Randy's mouth was hanging open and he was in shock and totally speechless.

"Hi there Randy" Colt said. "Jesus Steve. He really is gorgeous" Colt said. "You didn't exaggerate at all. In fact he's even prettier than you said. This is going to be fantastic."

Randy finally got his voice back. "Ahhh... hi C-c-colt" he mumbled. "Ahhh... what's going on? Huh?"

"It's simple really" Steve answered with a snicker. "I told Colt he could have the prettiest gay boy in the county, if he'd just help me out and teach you a few things. And I'm pretty sure he has a lot of things to teach you."

"Ahhh... C-c-colt" Randy said with trepidation. "Do you know what a prick my Cousin Steve is?" Randy was absolutely fearless and completely confident that he could take on anyone, however, he'd never been faced with a guy looking like this. Colt was an absolute monster. A very attractive monster, but still a monster. Colt looked to be over six feet; at least four inches taller than Randy, but Randy'd never imagined that a guy could have a body that big which was clearly all muscle. He probably outweighed him by 60 or 80 pounds. Randy gulped and began to sweat.

"Well, yeah, as a matter of fact" Colt answered. "I know your Cousin Steve is a prick but a deal is a deal, and you were the only thing Steve had to offer that I was interested in."

"Ahhh... what's that?" Randy asked.

"Steve's girlfriend Sandy had the hots for my bod and was bugging the shit out of me" Colt said with a chuckle, "so I agreed to a threesome. Actually a foursome since my fuck boy Paul was there. So Steve owed me, and since I wasn't interested in his ass, he told me you had an ass that wouldn't quit." Colt started laughing. "And I'll have to say he was right. You've got the most fuckable ass I've ever seen."

"Hell with that man" Randy said. "I ain't no punk kid like I was a few years ago when Steve raped me. I don't get fucked."

"Oh I can see you're not a punk kid" Colt said with a grin. "You're one hot muscle stud; spectacular in fact; just the way I like 'em."

"Hey man. Let's not get carried away" Randy growled. "I don't know what Steve told you, but I'm not any god damn prize for him to give away. You want to rape him you go right ahead, but keep me out of it."

"Sorry Randy" Colt said, still chuckling. "A bargain is a bargain. Steve and Sandy went all out giving me a good time and watching the two of them with their heads together and slurping all over my cock and balls was pretty damn entertaining." Then Colt turned to Steve. "You loved it didn't you Steve?" Steve began to turn red with embarrassment but didn't say anything.

Colt gave Steve a look. "Didn't you Cocksucker?" he snarled.

"Please Colt" Steve whispered. "Please don't.

"I asked you a question Cocksucker" Colt snarled again.

"Ahhh... yeah Colt. Yeah" Steve answered with a gulp, clearly intimidated. "Ahhh... yeah. I... ahhh. Ahhh... yeah. Sandy liked it"

"It wasn't just Sandy man. You were gobbling my cock like nobody's business" Colt said with a laugh. Then he turned back to Randy. "So Steve told me what a pretty boy you were Randy, and I can see he was right on. He also told me you were an arrogant son of a bitch, and that may be true as well."

"He is Colt. He really is" Steve responded.

"Well I drove down here with Steve to get me some pretty boy ass, and that's what I'm going to do" Colt said with a grin. "And it looks to me like you got one of the prettiest asses I've ever seen." Colt pulled his t-shirt up and off showing his gargantuan upper body. "What do you think boy" he asked Randy. "Steve says you're a wrestler. Thank you can handle this?"

Randy was in shock. Standing there in only his jockstrap, he knew he was gorgeous, so he wasn't surprised this guy wanted him. Hell, everybody wanted him. But this monster not only wanted him, he intended to take him. Violently.

"Ahhh... Colt" he stuttered. "You got the wrong idea here. I beat Steve up last summer because he deserved it, but I don't want to mess with you."

"Sorry Randy" Colt said with a grin. "I didn't drive all the way here for nothing, and I definitely want to mess with you. You're the cutest little muscle boy I've seen in months, and I definitely want to mess with you. But don't worry your little head too much, because I won't hurt you too bad. I'm just going to work you over a little to get the juices flowing and then fuck you." Undoing his pants, Colt reached down, removed his shoes and pulled his jeans down and off.

Standing there in only a jockstrap, Colt gave Randy a 'most muscular' pose forcing every massive muscle in his body to surge out to massive proportions showing his unbelievable size and definition. An absolutely magnificent Hercules.

"Come here little boy" he said grinning broadly. "Let's get better acquainted." Randy realized he was in big trouble as he stepped back away from Colt. This guy was colossal; probably outweighing him by upwards of a hundred pounds. And Steve said he was a champion wrestler. Randy knew he wouldn't be able to match the giant's strength, so his only chance was a quick attack and a quick victory before Colt had any chance to take control.

Randy leaped. Using the force of his body to try to knock the big man down, Randy grabbed an arm and put his other around Colt's neck trying to force him off balance. However, Colt was incredibly quick, and as Randy rammed against him, he swung around and pushed, sending Randy flying across the room before he could even get a grip. One second later Colt was on him, and two seconds after that he had Randy turned over on his stomach with his arms twisted behind his back. Shit, how could anybody so big move so fast? Randy knew without a doubt he was going to lose.

"Oh shit, you are cute" Colt laughed as he held both Randy's hands with one big paw and slapped his bare ass with the other. "And what an ass" he said as he fondled and pinched Randy's hard globes. Then he surprised Randy by letting go and stepping back. "Okay little boy" he said with a smirk on his face. "This is fun, so let's try it again."

Steve was standing across the room absolutely glowing with pleasure as Colt played with his nemesis. He couldn't wait until it was his turn to humiliate his hated Cousin.

Randy still knew his only chance was to have a lot of luck and a quick victory, so without bothering to get up off the floor, he leaped at Colt's legs, and actually knocked him off his feet. However, Colt was again incredibly fast and jerked him by the hair and within a second was sitting on top of him holding his wrists. Randy heaved upwards, jerking his arms away, but Colt simply leaned over and dragged Randy between his legs in a scissors hold and started squeezing. Randy let out an 'oof' as the air was squeezed out of him and Colt started crushing him between his incredible thighs. Randy brought his legs down and slamming then against the floor lifting his body and trying to break free, but Colt just squeezed harder.

"It's all over little boy" Colt said. "You're done."

"Ohhh..." Randy screamed. The pain was incredible. "Stop, stop" he yelled.

"I'm just getting started boy" Colt said as he again grabbed both of Randy's wrists in one enormous hand. With the other he gave Randy a stinging slap across the face. Then again, Colt released him, and putting a foot against Randy's side, pushed him away.

Standing up, Colt reached down, grabbed a handful of Randy's hair and pulled him to his knees. "We can keep doing this as long as you want cutie, but it's just going to get more and more painful for you. But it's okay because you're making me really hot" he said as he took hold of one of Randy's wrists and pulled his hand into his crotch. Randy felt an enormous cock, bigger than anything he could have imagined, which was super hard and throbbing. If he gave in, this guy was probably going to bust him wide open by trying to stick this jumbo sized prick up his butt.

In desperation Randy rammed his head into the giant trying to knock him over, but Colt simply grabbed him under the arms, lifted him, and tossed him half way across the room. Luckily the wrestling mat was there so Randy wasn't hurt when he landed. "Oh yeah muscle boy" Colt laughed. "This is going to be great."

Randy raised himself on his elbows and looked at the giant muscle man in front of him. "Please Colt. I know you can take me. But please... "

"Don't stop Colt" Steve shouted. "Give him some more. Beat his ass good before you fuck him."

Colt looked over at Steve with a look of distain on his face. "You shut the fuck up Steve" he growled. "You say another word and it's you'll be laid out on the floor." A quick look of fear appeared on Steve's face and he shut up.

"Now Randy baby" Colt said with a grin. "Are you begging me to quit already? Before I even get warmed up? Huh? Com'on babe. Don't ruin my fun."

As much as Randy always put on the macho front, that of a Master in control of all of those around him, the greatest relationship he'd ever had had been with Wade, a giant of a man and a very demanding Master. Wade had brought him out and shown him how to be a slave, and then showed him what it took to be a Master. And although Wade had not called him for months, Randy still loved him and would have gone to hell and back just to be allowed to serve him. So Randy was well trained in how to serve and he also had a deep seated desire to be controlled by a truly superior male animal; an extremely powerful dominant superhuman muscle man. A man worthy to be worshiped as a god. And now he had that superior creature standing right in front of him, a true Hercules, an astonishingly perfect creation of God, and Randy was ready to submit to a new Master.

"Please sir. I know I can't beat you" Randy answered. "What do you want from me?"

"I want your ass babe" Colt said with a laugh. "That's what I want. And I'm going to get it, one way or another. But maybe if you call me Master and give it up voluntarily I might go easy on you. Who knows? But let me tell you, I can almost feel my prick sliding into that hot ass already. Oh yeah, I can't wait."

Randy had been perfectly trained by his Master Wade, and knew exactly what was required. Getting up onto his knees and bowing his head he said "I submit to you Master."

Colt's grin grew and grew as he laughed aloud. "Oh shit Steve" he laughed. "This is your nemesis? You want me to lay this kid out because you're afraid of him? I know you're a wimp but this is ridiculous."

"Don't listen to him Colt" Steve blurted out. "He's just putting on an act. Don't let those pretty boy looks deceive you because he's a total nightmare. You don't know what he did to me last summer but I can tell you, he deserves anything you give him."

"Listen Colt. Steve is a total ass hole" Randy said. "The truth is he beat the hell out of me for three years when I was a skinny little kid. And then last year when I finally got the upper hand, I kicked the shit out of him and did everything to him he'd done to me. I admit I enjoyed every god damn minute of it, but he deserved everything he got."

"So Steve is an asshole. So what? That's got nothing to do with the here and now. I came down here to whip your ass and get a good fuck and that's what I'm going to do." Colt walked over to him grabbing his hair again, and pulled him to his feet. Randy did not fight back but got to his feet when Colt pulled on his hair.

"Maybe it's better to have you willing instead of having to beat the shit out of you first" Colt said giving Randy a grin. "What do you think?" Randy took hold of one of Colt's hands and pulled it into his crotch.

"Oh yeah, you are turned on" Colt said as he groped Randy's hardening prick, "but I don't give a shit about your cock. I'm taking your ass." Still holding Colt's hand and looking him in the eye, Randy pulled it around and placed it on his ass.

"Here it is Master. The hottest ass you've ever seen, just waiting to give up a hot fuck to the right man" Randy whispered. "And I think you're the right man."

Randy was caught completely unprepared as Colt pulled back and slammed his giant fist into his stomach knocking him flat on his back. "Ooof" he grunted as the breath was knocked out of him.

"But then again, I don't much care if a guy is willing or not" Colt said with a sneer. "Raping a guy can be pretty damn exciting, particularly after I've kicked the shit out of him. And anyway, I like roughing a guy up before I use him. It makes me hard."

Then, without warning Colt dropped his entire 263 pounds down on Randy, ramming his knee into his stomach. Randy screamed as Colt grabbed his hair and slapped him hard across the face. "I don't want you to love me little boy. I want you to fear me" he uttered. "When I see fear in those pretty green eyes of yours I'll know you're ready."

Getting up again and pulling Randy by the hair he forced him back to his feet. Pulling Randy into a head lock he started squeezing and grinding Randy's head and ears. As much as Randy wanted to concede, and let Colt take control, he now realized that he had no choice but to continue to resist. Obviously Colt would not have any respect for him unless he put up a good fight. And besides, Colt didn't seem to be ready to quit working him over, so if he didn't fight back he was going to get beaten to a pulp. Randy slugged Colt in the lat as hard as he could and tried to jerk his head free, but it felt like hitting a cement wall and didn't seem to faze Colt in the least. But he had to do something because it felt like Colt was trying to tear his ears off.

Then Colt let go of him once again and slammed his enormous fist into his stomach. This time Randy at least was able to tighten his abs but that didn't keep an 'Ooomph" from coming from him as he went flying backwards onto the wrestling mat again. Colt just stared down at him for a moment.

"You going to wimp out on me boy?" Colt asked sarcastically. Randy immediately leaped for Colt's legs, but Colt slapped him on the side of the head and stepped aside. Then grabbing Randy's arms and twisting them behind him, Colt pushed him onto his stomach and sat down on his butt. Holding both Randy's hands with one big paw, Colt grabbed him by the chin, pulling his head and upper body up painfully. "You know, you are a scrappy one for such a little guy" he said with a laugh. "Not bad at all. But I'm ready to fuck. You ready to give up?" he said as he pulled harder on Randy's head forcing his back to bend and his spine to creak and getting a scream from him.

Randy was ready. Oh was he ever ready. "Yes sir. Yes Master" Randy screeched. "I submit." Randy hoped that by this point he'd proved to Colt that he was tough. And besides, even though he was bruised and battered, his cock was like a steel rod in his jock strap. For only the second or maybe third time in his young life, Randy was ready to be topped. He was ready and willing to be fucked by a god.

Colt let go, stood up and stepped back. Randy rolled over on his back. "I submit to you Master" he said as he looked up into Colt's eyes.

"You are a hot little thing" Colt said with a smile as he reached down and groped the enormous bulge sticking out from his middle. "Gimmy a kiss right here little boy. Show me you're ready." Randy got up on his knees in front of his new Master, and gently kissed the enormous bulge in Colt's jock strap.

"Pull my jock down baby" Colt ordered. Randy grabbed the jock strap and slowly pulled it down letting the enormous ten inch monster to pop out and up, slapping itself against Colt's crotch.

"Oh shit" Randy mumbled as he saw the size of it. This was at least as big as Wade's cock and maybe even bigger. Randy felt a chill of fear shoot up his spine. He hadn't had a prick up his butt since the Youth camp Minister had fucked him a couple months back (editor: see WoW chapter 19), and he knew that unless he went through some major preparations, this humongous prick was going to tear him apart.

Colt reached down and took hold of Randy's chin and tipped his face up so Randy was looking him in the eye. "You belong to me don't you baby? You're mine?"

"Yes sir" Randy said.

"Master" Colt corrected.

"Yes Master. I belong to you" Randy said. There was now no question in Randy's mind that he was kneeling before a God. He'd had plenty of experience with Wade, and he knew what it meant to worship, and this man was definitely worthy of his worship. Randy was now ready and willing to be a slave to this Giant, this Hercules, this Superman. "I will be your slave, Master" he said.

As Colt let go of his chin, Randy leaned forward and gave the prodigious prick a kiss, hoping that this was the right thing to do and Colt wouldn't object. There was no objection from above so he did it again, and then again. Then he bent down and reverently kissed each of Colts feet.

Colt started beaming with pleasure, amazed that this gorgeous muscle boy seemed to know instinctively how to be a slave. He now knew that fucking this kid was going to be even better than he'd originally thought. And if this kid knew how to be a slave, Colt certainly knew how to be a Master.

"Master" Randy murmured as he gently kissed Colt's feet again. "May I speak? May I ask something."

"Slave's don't make requests boy" Colt answered, rather perturbed that Randy would presume to ask anything. "Stick out your tongue and start working my feet."

"Yes Master" Randy answered, and developing as much saliva as he could, he began washing his new Master's feet with his tongue. Randy was totally humiliated by having Steve there to watch him grovel, and had hoped Colt would make him leave, but obviously that was not going to happen.

"Oh shit, this is good Colt" Steve laughed with a big leer on his face. "This is just great, but I think you should knock him around a little more. Or better yet, let me do it. I really owe him for last summer."

Colt ignored him completely and kept grinning down at the gorgeous muscle boy crouching down at his feet. Colt was used to being worshiped and most every proper sexual encounter he'd ever had started with his partner on his knees at his feet, usually begging for his cock. Being a muscle god offered a lot of advantages and Colt had always made good use of them. Even though he had two dedicated worshipers as roommates back at the U, he occasionally enjoyed a new tongue, a new mouth, a new ass, on some beautiful boy who was excited about muscle and wanted to pay homage to the most perfect muscle man they'd ever seen.

Colt liked them pretty and built and passionate; and actually, the built ones were the easiest to get because after working to build their own bodies, they understood what it took to build a perfect physique like Colt's. They were the ones that were most enamored and enthralled by his immense muscles. As far as the passionate part went, that was up to Colt, and he did whatever was necessary to be sure they were always properly enthusiastic. He could only grin at the memories of how, really, really enthusiastic his tricks could be after he gave them some very firm encouragement.

"Let me at him" Steve asked. "Let me work him over Colt. Okay?"

"You shut the fuck up" Colt growled at him. Actually, Colt agreed with Randy that Steve was a creep. He'd only accepted this deal to take Randy down because Steve had to offer him something in return for the foursome and besides, Randy sounded really hot. Hot and ready to be taken down by the right man. But as far as Colt was concerned, the only deal he had with Steve was for him to work pretty boy Randy over and fuck him. Nothing was said about Steve taking part in any of the action. "Just shut up and keep the hell out of the way or I'll kick your ass out of here" he ordered.

"Okay Colt" answered Steve contritely. "Okay, okay, geeze."

"You boy" Colt said. "Look at me." Randy stopped licking Colt's feet and raised his head to look him in the eye. "You want to be my slave, boy?" Colt asked.

"I AM your slave, Master" Randy answered. "I belong to you and will obey you completely." Colt couldn't help but get a big grin on his face. This boy was adorable.

"I seem to know how to be a slave, boy, so I guess you've had practice" Colt said. "True?"

"Yes Master. I am still a slave to my Master Wade" Randy answered humbly. "But I will be your slave as well as long as you wish."

"Good boy" Colt said with a smile as he reached down and gave Randy a couple friendly slaps to the cheek. "So, slave boy. Show me what your Master Wade taught you. Get on my ass." Randy hesitated for a couple seconds but Colt just stood there with his hands on his hips looking at him and waiting, so Randy finally scurried around behind him and stuck his face into his crack.

"Use your hands to pull it open" Colt ordered "and get in there. Let me feel that tongue." Randy knew how to be a slave from following the orders of an extremely demanding Master, and was determined to let Colt know that he was no neophyte. Pulling the cheeks open and developing more saliva, Randy buried his face in the crack and started licking and sucking at the hot ass of his new Master.

"Oh shit yeah." Colt sighed in contentment as he felt the wet tongue lapping up and down his crack. "That's it baby. Suck on that hole." Randy licked and sucked up and down the crack for a minute or so, and then, jamming his nose in as hard as possible and curling his tongue as Wade had taught him, he began to work his wet licker into the tight hole.

"Oh yeah. That's it. That's it" Colt cried ecstatically. "Get in there." Even though Randy was doing an incredible job Colt reached back and slapped him on the back of the head as additional encouragement. "Go to it babe. Go to it." Randy got his tongue in as far as he could, and then started bouncing his face back and forth in the ass crack forcing his tongue to fuck in and out of the hole.

Randy's cock was so hard it felt like it was going to burst, and he was trying to control his excitement. His Master Wade hadn't called him for months and Randy hadn't realized how much he missed worshiping a true god. A true muscle Master who demanded and deserved to be serviced.

But then Randy realized his cock was throbbing, and although he tried to control it, he was too late and he started shooting across the floor. "Oh shit" he mumbled even as he still had his tongue stuck up Colt's ass.

"Oh yeah" Colt said. "You are a hot little fucker, aren't you? And a total submissive too. Just the way I like 'em." Colt stepped away and turned to look at Randy. Randy was panting frantically, his hair was wet and sticking to his forehead and his face was covered with saliva. His cock had stopped firing and he now had a hold of it, squeezing a few of the last drips out of the tip.

"Oh Master, I'm sorry" he stuttered through his panting. "I'm really sorry, but I just couldn't help it Master."

"That's okay boy" Colt laughed. "You are one hot little son of a bitch. But now, if you've got some cream out here you'd better get greased up because I'm going to fuck that tight ass of yours."

"Ahhh.... yes Master" Randy gasped as he jumped up, his cock still dripping, and hurried over to his small supply cabinet. Pulling out a bottle of his favorite lubricant he scurried back to Colt and back down on his knees.

"I'll do it" Steve said. "Let me grease him up Colt. Let me do it." Steve had been watching all this, and had opened his pants and had been gently stroking his cock. He was obviously hot to trot.

"Please Master" Randy pleaded. "Please no."

"Steve, I told you to shut the fuck up" Colt said. "Either that or get the hell out of here." Steve grumbled something under his breath, but didn't actually speak.

Randy poured some of the lubricant on his fingers, and reaching back started rubbing it over his crack. He was looking up at Colt's magnificent body but his eyes were drawn to the enormous bludgeon sticking out of his middle that was being fondled gently. Randy was astonished and frightened at its size; a good ten inches or so long and almost as big around as a beer can. Colt was now his Master so Randy was determined to be a perfect slave, but he knew he was in for some pain. Getting more of the cream, Randy put one finger, and then two and then three into his butt hole, massaging it and stretching it as much as possible. Colt just stood there playing with himself and grinning down at the beautiful boy at his feet. Randy leaned forward and kissed one of his Master's huge muscular thighs and then the other one, and then the hand that was stroking the enormous cock.

"Please Master" Randy whispered as he bent down and kissed each of Colt's feet. "Please. I'm ready." Actually Randy wasn't sure he was ready, but he'd used plenty of cream and had gotten three fingers and a thumb up his bung hole. He figured he was as ready as he'd ever be.

Colt walked over to one of the wrestling mats, and pulling a cushion over for his head, lay down on his back. "Over here slave boy. Facing me." The realization hit Randy immediately that Colt was going to make him do all the work. A true Master who demanded that his slave demean himself by sitting on the enormous bludgeon and fuck himself. Nothing less than total submission.

Staying on his knees, Randy crawled over to Colt and straddled his thighs. The huge rod was hard and tight against Colt's belly as Randy bent down and gave it several wet kisses. Then he crawled forward so he was setting right on top of it. Randy's own prick had recovered and was sticking straight out from his middle and was so hard that it was hurting.

"Oh yeah boy; let's see how good of a slave you are" Colt crooned. "Keep your eyes on me while you're taking my boner up your ass." Randy rose up on his knees and gingerly reached behind himself and grasped the massive ten inch monster and lifted it, aiming it towards his ass crack. Then easing down slightly, he aligned the bulbous head with his butt hole. Then taking a deep breath and squinting his eyes closed he pushed down, hard, allowing the rod to push against his hole.

"Oh shit" he mumbled as he forced his butt down and the monster started widening his hole.

"I said keep your eyes open and look at me" Colt growled. "I want you see your eyes while you fuck me." As Randy reopened his eyes his first glance of the massive chest, huge round shoulders and tree trunk arms gave him an immediate shot of adrenalin and allowed him to force the monstrous head of Colt's cock into his ass.

"Ooooooh" he moaned from the pain, and closed his eyes, but immediately remembered and forced them back open again and looked Colt in the eye. Colt was actually grinning, obviously enjoying Randy's strenuous efforts. Randy started panting and moaning, trying to ease the pain in his ass. "Excuse me Master. Excuse me" he moaned as he raised up and allowed the cockhead to slip out of him. "Give me a minute please. Just a minute and I'll do it." Randy was now sweating, and it was dripping down his forehead and cheeks and dripping off his chin. Colt didn't say anything, but kept a stern look on his face as he continued looking Randy in the eye. Randy knew he had only seconds to get back on the cock or Colt would probably take matters into his own hands.

Realigning the big prick to his asshole again, Randy started easing down once more. He groaned again as the cockhead popped into his ass, but it wasn't quite as bad this time. "I'm in Master. I'm in" he moaned. Then, little by little, he began to ease a bit more of the monster into his ass. "Ohhhh....shit" he said as he pulled back a little and then forced more into him.

"Way to go muscle boy. You're doing fine. Feels great" Colt said as he gave the boy a wink and a smile. "Yeah, that's it." Pain or no pain, Randy's cock was sticking up like a steel rod so he was totally turned on to fucking himself on this giant's enormous prick.

When Randy finally got a good five inches into his ass, he stopped for a moment, panting forcefully to try to ease the pain from his overstretched hole. "Oh shit, you're huge" he moaned.

"Oh yeah baby" Colt laughed, really enjoying watching Randy's struggles and the look of torment in his face. "My big prick and your tight little hole were just made for each other baby." But as much as Colt enjoyed watching Randy, he'd just about had enough waiting. It was now time to take charge and show this new fuck boy how a real man got his rocks off.

"Okay babe" Colt said. "Enough fucking around. You've got five seconds to get your ass down on my cock. Now move it." Randy had no doubts that Colt was a very demanding dominant so he was not completely surprised at his impatience. So, taking a deep breath, Randy pushed down with his full weight forcing that monster cock all the way deep into his ass and yelling as he did it.

"Yeeeaaaooooh! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" Randy knew how to get fucked and he knew that pleasure would be coming soon, but that did not change the fact the current pain was excruciating, and he couldn't hold himself there. So, he pulled back up, almost completely off, gasping for breath and whimpering. "Oh shit. Oh shit" he cried. "Please Master. Please. Give me a minute."

But Colt had about reached the end of his patience. That ass felt really good wrapped around his cock, and he wanted more; now. Reaching out and grabbing Randy by the waist, he held him tight while he rammed his crotch up as hard as he could. His hard ten inches forced its' way deep into Randy's ass again, and as Randy screamed he pulled back and rammed it in again. And then again. The pleasure of his cock being almost crushed by the hot little ass was absolutely heavenly.

"Oh man. What an ass" Colt cried. After slamming it to Randy three times, Colt stopped and just held Randy there without moving; his huge rod stuffed in as tight as it could get. Randy was gasping and whimpering, but he didn't move and just tried to adjust to his ass being stretched to outrageous proportions. Colt was relishing the feel of his cock in the tight ass and fully intended to make this pleasure last as long as possible, so he just waited and gave Randy a couple minutes to get acclimated to it.

Randy stopped whimpering but was still panting frantically to try to ease the pain, when Colt spoke to him. "Okay; enough. Get that ass of yours moving before I get pissed, and I told you to keep your god damn eyes open."

"Okay Master. Okay" Randy gasped. And very gradually Randy raised up allowing the cock to slide over half way out, and then slowly sat down forcing it back in. Colt was so huge, and so massively muscled and so dominant that it made Randy heart beat faster just to look at him. But he was such a god that Randy was willing to do anything to please him no matter how painful it might be.

Randy had been fucked by Wade's big cock and had enjoyed it once the initial pain was over, so he knew it was going to start feeling great any second now. But watching Colt as he started moving his ass up and down in a smooth motion, all he saw was a frown on his face. He understood that a Master such as Colt could be very impatient and demanding if his obsequious worshiper was not giving him satisfactory service, so Randy knew he had to do something, and do it pretty damn quick. So, he gradually began to pick up the speed of his movements.

Randy had greased himself up well, and his hole was now stretched to its maximum to handle Colt's monster, so every few strokes he stopped and wiggled his ass from side to side, trying to give Colt as much pleasure as possible. He couldn't believe that Colt was still frowning, so he picked up speed again and started really banging his ass down against Colt's crotch on the downward thrusts.

He was dripping with sweat now but the pain was completely gone and it was beginning to feel good, so now all he had to do was concentrate on Colt's pleasure. Doing everything he could to try to make it good, he finally saw that look of disdain disappear from Colt's face, and maybe, just maybe, a glimmer of a smile. Oh yeah. Colt was finally beginning to enjoy it.

"This is great Master" Randy gasped as he bounced up and down. "Love your big prick in my ass." And this was true. It had been so long since Randy had been fucked he'd forgotten how much enjoyment there could be in being a submissive; submitting yourself to a true dominant male. As much as he loved being a Master in his own right, he loved even more being fucked by a demanding Hercules. There was absolutely nothing more incredible that giving up your ass to a deserving muscle god.

As Randy continued bouncing up and down he saw Colt's enormous chest begin to move up and down as he began to pant. And from the look in his face, Randy knew he was getting close. Focusing his total being on what Colt must be feeling, Randy squeezed his ass as he bounced making Colt get hotter and hotter.

And Colt finally reacted. Grabbing Randy by the neck and rolling him over and slamming him to the mat, Colt got on top and started banging his cock as hard as he could into the upturned ass. Colt was now sweating profusely and dripping down into Randy's face as he slammed over and over again into his ass. Then he let out a yell.

"Fuck yeeeaaah" Colt yelled as he slammed into Randy's ass and held it there for a couple seconds. Then he did it again. "Fuck yeah" he yelled as he banged into the ass one more time. And then ramming it in one final time as hard as he could, he started to cum.

"Take it slave boy. Take it" he exalted as he fired over and over again into Randy's ass. "Oh shit yeah" he moaned. Holding tight, almost crushing Randy's thighs to his chest, Colt closed his eyes and luxuriated in the ecstasy of his cock blasting into the muscle boy's ass.

And then it was over. Randy was on his back covered with sweat looking up at his incredible muscle Master, and Colt was on his knees with his big rod still planted in Randy's ass. Randy's cock was rock hard and throbbing but he hadn't cum even though the pleasure had been incredible.

"Cum for me boy. Go ahead, jerk off" Colt ordered as looked down at his gorgeous new fuck toy. "Do it."

Randy was a bit surprised that Colt would allow him to cum, but was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth so he grabbed his cock. "Thank you Master" he said as he started jerking his rigid prick hard and fast. Twenty seconds later he let fly and was shooting his strings of cum up and over his chest. "Thank you Master. Thank you Master" Randy mumbled as he continued bombarding his chest with his ejaculation.

After only a moment or two, Colt slowly pulled his still massive rod from Randy's ass, and as the head finally popped out, he lay down next to Randy on the mat putting his arm under his head. "Way to go muscle boy" he whispered. "That was great. Loved your ass."

"Thank you Master" Randy said softly as he rolled over on his side with his head on Colt's bicep. Putting his arm over Colt's chest he started kissing him softly on his shoulder and upper chest. "That was fabulous Master. Thank you."

Steve, of course, had been watching every bit of this and going crazy with lust. He'd had his cock out throughout the action and had been keeping himself on the very edge of shooting. He was incredibly hot and even though he pretended to be straight, he was not only envious of Colt fucking Randy's hot ass, he would have loved being in Randy's place taking Colts big shaft. But right now all he wanted was his revenge against Randy. Right now his cock was throbbing, but he was still holding out because he wanted to shoot into his nemesis' ass.

"Ahhh... Colt. Remember our deal" Steve said to Colt. "You said I could fuck him."

Colt looked over at Steve with total distain. "Steve, you are such a prick. The only deal I remember was that I would take him down and fuck him. I've done that. It's over."

"Ahhh... Colt. You said I could have him after you fucked him" Steve pleaded. "That's what you said."

"Okay fine" Colt answered. "Go ahead and take him if you can. I'll just watch. " Randy gave one final kiss on Colt's chest and then sat up looking over at Steve, giving him a big smile, realizing that Colt was not going to interfere.

"Oh yeah Cousin" Randy said with a laugh. "Remember last Summer? Remember the good times?" Randy continued laughing as he snapped his fingers at Steve. "Get your ass over here" he growled as he stood up.

"Colt" Steve said with shock. "Please. Don't let him do this." Colt continued lying on his back on the mat, but got up on his elbows to watch the action.

"Cousin" Randy said with a chill in his voice. "If I have to come over there and get you you're going to be damn sorry. Now get your ass over here like I told you." Steve looked back and forth between Colt and Randy hoping for some kind of reprieve, but both Colt and Randy just smiled at him and waited.

"Colt. Please" Steve pleaded.

"Cousin" Randy threatened. "You're getting me pissed." Giving into the inevitable, Steve stuffed his now soft cock back into his pants and slowly walked over to where Randy was standing. Randy snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor, so Steve got down on his knees.

"Hell Steve. I forgot how damn good you look down there on your knees" he said with a laugh. Grabbing him by the hair and jerking his head back, Randy got a wad of spit together and let it drop into Steve's face. Steve knew better than to react or say anything.

"You going to thank me boy?" Randy asked with a big grin on his face.

"Yes Randy" Steve whispered. "Thank you."

"Ahhh... Master?" Randy laughed and turned to Colt. "I'm thinking of having him blow me after I slap him around a bit. What do you think?"

Colt was also laughing as he answered. "Do whatever you want Randy. I'm just going to watch, so you just go ahead and entertain me."

And Randy did just that. Randy could be very entertaining.



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