'Oh yeah, Coach, that's the way' Randy said as he watched Coach ram his nose in tight against his crotch again. Coach had been sucking for ten or fifteen minutes and his face was now getting red and dripping with sweat. But Randy was getting hot and wanted more. 'Now hold it and swallow Coach. Com'on. Swallow' Randy said as he grabbed hold of his head pulling him in even tighter. As Coach tried to swallow with the Randy's enormous prick jammed deep into his throat, he started to choke.

'Com'on man. Don't choke on it' Randy grumbled as he released his tight hold, allowing Coach to pull back and take a deep breath. 'Shit, I know you can do it. Try again' he said as he pulled Coach's face back into his crotch forcing his big rod back in deep again. 'Now hold it there damn it, and swallow.' Coach did as he was told and swallowed without choking this time. 'Oh shit yeah' Randy groaned in delight. 'That's it. That's it.' The feeling of Coach's convulsing throat against his hard cock was incredible, and almost made him scream with pleasure. Coach was getting to be a better cocksucker every time he blew him, and now after a dozen times or so, he really was beginning to understand how Randy wanted it done.

'Oh shit yeah Coach' Randy acclaimed. 'You're getting so fuckin good. Now take it all the way once more and hold it.' Randy was in Coach's office leaning back against his desk while Coach was on his knees in front of him working his cock. 'Oh yeah man' Randy groaned in pleasure as Coach took his eight plus inch cock deep into his throat again. 'That's the way. Just like that.' Randy was nude except for his jockstrap and gym shorts down around his ankles, and was admiring himself in the mirror as Coach was blowing him.

At only sixteen years of age Randy was truly an amazing young man. His dark hair and handsome features as well as his startling blue eyes made him stand out in any crowd. But even more amazing was his spectacularly muscled body. Randy had been heavy into body building for over two years now, and working out for two or even three hours a day had given him a body that was hard to believe. He was only about 5'9' but he weighed well over 190 pounds. All of it solid muscle.

Randy obviously had a natural affinity for body building, and although there may have been guys around that were bigger and heavier than him, none of them had the perfect proportions and astonishing attractiveness that Randy had. And none of them had his natural arrogance and cockiness.

Checking himself out in the mirror, Randy raised his arms into a double bicep pose, watching his lats extend out into enormous proportions. Randy was terribly conceited and absolutely wild about looking at himself in the mirror, but he had plenty of justification because he really was a spectacularly gorgeous human being. Turning to the side he gave his right bicep a kiss in loving admiration. And he couldn't ask for anything better than admiring himself in the mirror and having a guy on his knees doing him. Particularly when it was his teacher, his Coach, who was down there doing his damndest to become a top notch cocksucker. Randy's top notch cocksucker.

'Okay. Now speed up a little Coach' he ordered and Coach started bobbing back and forth on the big rod. Randy looked down and smiled as he watched his big cock slide back and forth into Coach's face. Coach's eyes were closed and his face was red as he concentrated on following Randy's instructions and tried not to gag. 'Doin good Coach. Doin good, but open your eyes and look at me while you suck' Randy murmured as he reached down and put a hand on the back of Coach's head, encouraging him to speed up. Randy smiled as Coach opened his eyes, his face dripping with sweat and showing tears from his exertions.

'Okay. Now take it deep again babe' Randy murmured. 'All the way down' he said as he held Coach's head and pushed his crotch into his face. 'Now swallow again babe. Swallow' he said as he held Coach there. 'Oh shiiitt yeah' he gushed in pleasure as he felt Coach's throat flex against his cock again. Taking hold of Coach's head with both hands, Randy pulled back, allowing him a quick breathe, and then pushed all the way back in again. 'Do it once more Coach. Swallow man, swallow.' Randy had found after hundreds of blow jobs that his favorite was savoring the spectacular sensation of a convulsing throat on his prick as he was deep throating. And, just like always, that incredible hot feeling was bringing him very close to his climax.

Holding on to Coach's head, Randy now took total control and started fucking his face with hard fast jabs. Feeling his cock being squeezed by Coach's throat with each thrust, Randy quickly reached the top. 'Yeeeeaaaah' he screamed as his throbbing cock shot its' first jet of cum into Coach's throat.

'Oh fuck' he yelled as he pulled out and grabbed the pulsing dick, jerking it hard, encouraging his next shot to fly right over Coach's head. Coach was trying to cough up the cum from his throat while Randy's next few shots went right into his face.

Still panting and moaning in pleasure as he fired his last shot into Coach's face, Randy glanced into the mirror and saw that he was covered with sweat, and his glistening muscles and dripping cock made him look incredibly erotic and even more spectacular, and his panting made the hard tight ridges of his abdominals pop in and out. Hell, just looking at himself was such a turn on that he could probably stay hard and start all over again.

'You're turning into a damn good cocksucker Coach' Randy said looking down at Coach's cum covered face as he started to calm down. 'Almost as good as Landon.' Randy looked over at Landon who was sitting on the floor by the door, and saw him smile.

'Sure Boss' Landon said sarcastically. 'Sure.' Randy had to laugh aloud at that, because Landon's smug look told him he wasn't the least bit worried about any competition. Landon was totally secure in the fact that nobody could suck Randy's cock like he could, and he knew that Randy was well aware of that.

'Kiss my balls Coach' Randy said as he pulled Coach's face back into his crotch, and began rubbing his still hard cock all over Coach's cum covered face. 'Lick 'em a little bit as I cool off.' Coach did as ordered and started licking his balls. Randy again raised his arms into the double bicep pose and gave a big smile as he admired himself in the mirror.

'What do ya think Landon? We put on a good show?'

'Incredible Boss' Landon answered. 'But you made me crazy hot, and I'm about to explode. Please, Boss. Let me cum.'

'No way babe' Randy said. 'I told you, you couldn't cum if you let you watch, so you keep your hands away from that cock. We'll get to that this evening after my workout.'

'Okay Boss. Whatever you say' Landon answered in resignation.

'Okay Coach, that was really hot' Randy said. 'Now clean me up.' Coach obediently started licking Randy's crotch, cleaning up all the cum. He then took the still big cock into his mouth and licked it clean. 'So, how was it Coach? You like that?'

'Yeah Randy' Coach sighed. 'You know I'm crazy for your cock. But I want to cum too. Please Randy.'

'No way Coach. You do whatever you want after we leave, but I told you, you don't cum when you blow me. I don't what you fuckin around with your cock when you need to be concentrating on mine.' As Coach leaned back on his haunches, Randy reached down and grabbed his jockstrap and shorts and stepped out of them. Using his jockstrap as a cum rag, he wiped Coach's face with it and then handed it to him. 'Add this to your collection Coach' he said.

'Now gimmy one last kiss Coach, before we go' he said as he pushed his crotch forward. 'One last kiss.' Coach gave the tip of Randy's now softening cock a quick kiss and then helped Randy slip into his gym shorts.

'So what's up Randy?' Coach asked as he stood up and walked around the desk to his chair. 'I know you didn't come by here just to get me to blow you. I know you better than that. You want something. What is it?'

'You know me too well Coach' Randy laughed. 'But, yeah. Landon and I need your help with that new football assistant.'

'You mean that college kid, Chris?'

'Yeah. That's the one. Landon's got the hots for him and I think he's pretty hunky myself. But the prick is so caught up into football that he ignores everything and everybody else. Landon's tried to sweet talk him a couple times but the guy ignores him.'

'Well, he's only here two afternoons a week and I know he's got a full schedule at the U. so he's probably busy.'

'Yeah maybe. But I've caught him looking at me, so I know he's into guys. Or at least he's into muscles. Or maybe he's only into my muscles, I don't know. Landon fucked it all up by bluntly asking for a blow job one day. Chris didn't leave much doubt about being gay because he didn't say no, but he just said he didn't mess around with children, and walked away. And, coach, that kinda pisses me off. Landon's my boy and although he may be pretty and young looking, the way he's built, you can't call him a child. It makes me wonder if he thinks I'm just a child too. I think I need to straighten him out.'

'Com'on Randy. You don't know what he thinks. Besides, I don't blame him for keeping away. You know how much trouble I could get into if someone found out what I was doing with you?'

'Oh hell Coach. You know nobody's going to find out, and nobody'd dare say anything anyway, so we don't have a problem. But this guy's too uppity for me and is beginning to piss me off. I'd like to bring him down a peg or two. And, besides, Landon can tell you I'm always keeping my eye out for some hot number that wants to service me. Hey Landon?' Randy said with a laugh.

'Yeah Boss' Landon groaned. 'But I still don't understand why you're not satisfied with owning the hottest guys around already. Hell, the only reason I want Chris to suck me is because you suggested it. You know I'd rather be doing you.'

'Watch your mouth Landon' Randy growled. 'I'd better not hear you complaining. I said I'd get you a blow job, and I will. So shut the fuck up.'

'Sorry Boss' Landon answered. 'But you know what I mean. I just want you.'

'Anyway Coach' Randy said. 'He's a hot number, a real stud, and he turns me on and I need the challenge to get him. I made a bet with Landon this morning that I can get him a blow job. Now you wouldn't want me to lose my bet would you?' he asked with a laugh.

'He's just a part time assistant Randy. I think you should just leave him alone.'

'I didn't ask you what you thought Coach. He may think we're kids, but I'm going to show him what that means. And I'm going to win my bet.'

'I think you're going too far here Randy. You've got to remember that even if he is an assistant, he's still a teacher. He may or may not be gay but you'll get yourself into serious trouble if you take him against his will.'

'Hell Coach. I know a potential cocksucker when I see one, and I've seen it in his eyes when I've caught him looking at me. Getting him on his knees is going to be easy once I get him alone. Besides, you're a teacher and you don't have a problem blowing me' Randy said with a smile as he stepped around the desk and pushed his crotch against the arm of Coach's chair. 'And I told you about Mr. Gregory, the math teacher. He loved getting on his knees for me.'

Randy reached up and pushed his thumb between Coach's lips. 'Besides, some teacher's make great cocksuckers' he said with a grin. Coach starting turning red in embarrassment, and closed his eyes. But he also started sucking on Randy's thumb.

Randy let him suck on his thumb for a while before pulling it out. 'Please Randy' Coach said. 'Don't get me involved.'

'Sorry Coach. But I've already included you in. You're going to lure him into your office on some pretext so I can convince him that he needs to do me. Er... I mean do Landon. I want him here on Wednesday at four thirty.' Randy walked to the door, pulled Landon to his feet, and started out of the office. 'Remember. Four thirty on Wednesday.'

'So, you all horned up?' he laughed at Landon and patted him on the butt as they got to his VW.

'You know it Randy. Watching you do Coach has made me so fucking hot I can't stand it' he grinned as he kissed Randy on the cheek.

'Well, don't you dare touch yourself until tonight. Come over about eight o'clock.'

'Okay Boss. I'll be there.' After dropping Landon off Randy headed home for his afternoon workout session with Jason.

Jason knew Randy was going to stop and see the Coach about something, so he wasn't surprised that he was a little late for the workout. Today was going to be a dedicated chest workout, since Randy was determined to get more of a 'shelf' from his enormous pectorals. They joked about putting his coffee cup there. Randy had a really well equipped weight room in his garage that his dad had set up. Jason had just finished organizing all the weights for their workout and was dressed in only a jock strap and sneakers and was doing stretches in front of the mirror. Jason was a spectacular looking muscle boy. Not even sixteen yet, he had been working out with Randy for about two years, and had gotten phenomenal results. Round hard calves with huge bulging thighs, his legs were his best feature. But the rest of him was just as amazing. At 5'9' he weighed more than 180 pounds; all of it well proportioned muscle. A very handsome face with swollen traps sloping down to big round deltoids, attached to sixteen and a half inch arms. Jason's waist was tiny; only 27 inches but his lats spread out like a cobra and his big pecs bulged out to a 44 inch chest. Jason was truly amazing.

However, Jason believed in God. And that God's name was Randy. Randy had picked him originally to be his workout partner, and he owed Randy for his incredible body. And as spectacular as his body was, Randy's was in an entirely different dimension and Jason worshipped his sheer perfection. And he loved Randy with a passion. Randy made it clear from day one that he was always in charge, and Jason had never questioned it. He knew Randy was a God and needed to be treated like one, and that's the way Jason treated him. He knew Randy loved him in return, and although he wasn't happy with it, Randy made it perfectly clear that he had needs that required him to spread himself around. Randy was clearly superior to him, and did not allow him to question anything, so Jason had to be satisfied with his portion of Randy's attention. But that was a healthy portion. They worked out together almost every day, and had sex most days as well.

Jason smiled to himself as he kept admiring the movement of his muscles as he watched them in the mirror and continued thinking about Randy. Randy could be a tyrant while working out, he was so dedicated to body building, but outside the weight room he was totally loving and Jason was mad for him. Whatever Randy wanted was what Jason wanted, and Jason would do anything; really anything, to keep him happy. Randy even called him his 'puppy' sometimes, and Jason loved it.

Jason looked over to the door as Randy finally arrived. Dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, Randy walked up to Jason and gave him a kiss and a swat on the butt. 'Chest today Jace. You ready for it?'

'Yeah Boss. I'm ready and raring to go' he answered and smiled as he returned the kiss. Jason literally melted every time he saw Randy. Randy was so gorgeous and Jason felt so lucky to be his lover. He got chills of excitement every time Randy kissed him and even after being his lover for two years, he still got excited every time he saw him. Jason never knew why Randy had picked him as his partner, but was thankful for it every day, and literally worshiped the ground Randy walked on.

'See if one of those jockstraps is half way clean' Randy said as he took off his shirt and shorts leaving himself naked except for his shoes. Jason went over to a pile of dirty clothes and towels and stirred through them.

'What? Did you make Coach blow you again today'

'Well yeah' Randy said sheepishly. 'I couldn't resist it. I love seeing Coach on his knees doing me. But don't worry. He doesn't suck near a good as you do.'

'Thanks Boss' Jason grinned as he sorted through the dirty clothes. 'All these jocks are gross Randy. You'll have to get a clean one from the house.'

'Never mind. Just give me one' Randy said and Jason brought one over that looked like it was stiff with dried cum stains.

'Sorry Boss. But they're all like this.'

'That'll have to do. Hell, it's my own cum anyway.' Jason got down on his knees and held the jock while Randy stepped into it. Pulling it up, he gave Randy's soft cock a kiss, and then tucked it in.

'No playing around damn it' Randy growled, but he was smiling while he said it. 'We're here to work out, so let's get at it.'

A full hour and a half later after doing more sets of bench presses and other chest exercises than he would count, Jason watched as Randy went through a variety of chest poses in front of the mirror. 'Shit Boss. You're pecs are really becoming massive' he said in awe as he watched.

'Okay Jace. Your turn' Randy directed. 'Side chest. Really make it stick out. Damn, you're really looking good' he said as Jason posed for him. Jason grinned in delight as Randy complemented him.

'Okay. Let's go shower' Randy said as he gave Jason a peck on the lips. 'You know I'm seeing Landon later, but you and me'll get together tomorrow' Randy said as they headed into the house to clean up.

By eight o'clock Randy had finished dinner and was just resting on the bed in his bedroom. He was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, but no shoes. He heard the bell ring and knew his mom would let Landon in and after a moment Landon entered the bedroom carrying his math book. 'Hey Boss. How'd your workout go?'

'Fantastic. We worked our asses off today' Randy answered. 'But don't you worry. I'm not tired. I'm pumped and hot. How about you?'

'You know I'm always ready Boss' Landon said with a laugh. 'For you I'm always hot.'

'Well, let's leave our homework till later' Randy said with a leer. 'Maybe we can think of something else to do for now.'

'Oh I can think of several things' Landon laughed as he put his book on Randy's desk. Pulling a joint out of his pocket, Landon sat on the side of the bed. 'Is this okay Boss?' he asked.

'Oh yeah' Randy sighed. 'I'm ready to totally relax.' Landon lit the joint and they passed it back and forth for a few minutes, getting a nice glow.

'Okay babe' Rand said with a grin. 'What other things were you thinking of that we might do?'

Putting out the joint, Landon moved to the foot of the bed, got down on his knees, and taking hold of Randy's right foot, massaged it with both hands as he leaned forward and gave it a long wet noisy kiss. 'How about this Boss?' he said.

Feeling completely relaxed now Randy put his hands behind his head and watched as Landon took his big toe into his mouth and looked up at him as he started sucking. 'I think this has definite possibilities' he said with a smile.

Landon knew Randy loved having him look into his eyes while worshiping him and Landon was always thrilled to do it while Randy watched. Continuing to massage Randy's feet with both hands Landon started sucking the toes, moving from one to the other, and carefully licking between each one. He stared into his lover's eyes, admiring that handsome face, as he licked and kissed his way around the foot. Licking his way up and down the instep around the side and over the heal, he moved back and sucked on the toes some more. After lots of practice, Landon knew exactly what Randy wanted in foot worship. Randy tended to be ticklish on the soles of his feet; evidently not a pleasant sort of ticklish, so it was necessary to suck that area very carefully instead of licking it. Randy had really gotten pissed at Landon a couple of times and even slapped him around once before he finally figured out how to do it the way Randy wanted it.

But practice makes perfect, and since Randy was lying on the bed, every inch of his feet were accessible and Landon intended to take advantage of that fact by giving Randy a foot job to remember. Rubbing his nose against the ball of Randy's foot and then using lots of saliva, Landon licked and sucked. Licking from the ball up between the toes and back again, Landon savored the clean smell and taste of his lover.

As he kept staring into Randy's eyes while he worked his way over the instep, he watched carefully to see if there was any change of expression on Randy's face showing the least hint of displeasure. Randy wasn't smiling, but as long as he didn't frown Landon knew he was doing it right and giving him a lot of pleasure. And that was Landon's major aim at the moment; to give Randy as much pleasure as possible and get him really turned on. Moving from Randy's right foot over to his left Landon rubbed his nose and face against the ball of this foot and then starting licking and sucking some more.

He glanced at Randy's crotch and though he didn't see a bulge yet, he knew it was okay because, just for a moment, Randy rubbed his toes against his nose. That was a signal that Randy was enjoying it so far and Landon was well aware that Randy loved a long drawn out build up to his ejaculation. And he also knew he'd have that cock in his mouth before long, and that thought alone was enough to make his own cock go hard.

After finishing Randy's left foot, Randy finally gave him a slight smile. 'That's it boy; doin good' Randy said. 'Keep it up.' Landon felt chills of delight shoot through his body, seeing that smile as he continued looking into his lover's beautiful blue eyes. He took a couple deep breaths to control his throbbing cock and moved back over to Randy's right foot and taking his big toe into his mouth, started worshiping all over again.

After Landon covered every inch of Randy's feet a second time, he finally got some direction. 'Okay babe. Get my pants off' Randy ordered. Landon got up, unbuttoned and unzipped Randy's pants and pulled them down and off. Randy had not bothered putting on a jockstrap after his shower, so he was now naked except for his t-shirt. 'Now work your way up. You know what I want.'

As much as Landon loved licking Randy's feet, it did not even compare to being allowed to lick his incredible muscles. Feeling another surge of pleasure shoot through him, Landon started on Randy's ankles and lovingly licked them before slowly working his way up to the bulging calves. Switching between licking and kissing, Landon moved back and forth between Randy's legs as he gradually moved up toward the massive thighs. Knowing that Randy loved hearing his kisses as he worshiped. he made sure to give audible sounds as he kissed and licked.

As he arrived at Randy's huge thighs he felt Randy stiffen, forcing the muscles to tighten and bulge even more. This was one of Landon's favorite body parts, and he couldn't help but rub his nose and face up and down against the long hard quadriceps muscles. Then he started licking slowly up and down, moving from one leg to the other, and totally losing himself in utter bliss. His mind a total blank he luxuriated in the feel of those titanic muscles under his tongue and with his eyes closed, he was in his own universe of total euphoria. He felt he could stay in this position of total worship forever. He wanted to stay here forever.

When he finally felt his head bump against Randy's balls he came back from his trance, opened his eyes and looked up at Randy. Randy's eyes were closed as well and he had a look of total contentment on his face as Landon kissed one ball and then the other.

'May I suck you now Master?' he asked. Landon loved calling Randy Master, and did it every time they got stoned and he felt particularly subservient.

'Yeah slave boy. Go ahead' Randy said, going along with the game as he opened his eyes and grinned down at Landon. :'Show me how my slave can worship his Master's cock.' Landon's absolute all time favorite activity was sucking Randy's cock. He'd done it more times than he could count, loved doing it, and knew he was terrific at it.

Taking just the tip in his mouth and gathering lots of saliva he washed the cock in his mouth; not licking or sucking but just swishing his saliva around the cockhead. He was in no hurry and was pretty sure Randy wasn't either, so he planned to make this last. After a couple minutes of just washing the tip, Landon slowly began taking more of the cock into his mouth. Still just washing it, and barely touching it with his tongue, he kept swirling saliva around in his mouth and felt the cock slowly get bigger and bigger.

When Randy's cock finally reached Landon's throat, he took a deep breath and kept going, forcing the big bludgeon into his throat, and still kept going until his nose was buried in Randy's crotch. He stayed there as long as he could, well over a minute, sloshing his saliva back and forth over the almost fully hard cock. When he finally had to take a breath he pulled back and glanced up at Randy.

Randy still had his hands behind his head but was now looking down at Landon with a slight smile on his face. 'Ohhhh yeah baby' he groaned softly. Keeping his eyes on Randy, Landon forced the big cock deep into his throat again and held it while he sucked and licked. Randy groaned again.

Hearing Randy's groans of ecstasy turned Landon on even more, making his hard cock throb in his jock. Pulling back off Randy's cock and taking a deep breath, he now started a slow rhythm of swallowing the big rod deep into his throat, and then backing off. He continued watching Randy and saw that the muscled ridges of his abs were tightening and his chest was expanding as Randy started to pant with excitement. Randy was totally turned on, but he still hadn't moved his hands from behind his head. Landon knew Randy loved a rough face fuck, and nearly always took control of the action when he got really hot. Landon's ultimate achievement was to give Randy such a great blow job that he would not find it necessary to take control, but let Landon bring him right to the brink. It seldom happened but it was always Landon's goal to achieve it.

Randy groaned again as Landon started to speed up his sucking. He wasn't taking it quite as deep now; just barely taking it into his throat, but he was getting good suction and could feel it beginning to throb. He could also see that Randy was panting even more and getting really hot.

Suddenly Randy reached down with both hands, grabbing two handfuls of hair, and jammed Landon forcefully into his crotch, jacking his hips up at the same time. Then, holding tight to Landon's hair, he jerked his head up and jammed it down again so that Landon's nose slammed into his crotch.

'Ohhhhh... Yeah' he moaned. 'Here comes baby.' Slamming Landon's head down one more time, Randy started to shoot.

'Ohhhhh shiiiiiiit!' he yelled as he pulled Landon off, and then jammed him down again letting loose into his throat. Holding Landon's head tight, he slammed his crotch into his face a couple more times as he fired shot after shot. Landon was well aware of how Randy face fucked and had gotten a pretty good breath in advance, and now just held on for dear life, concentrating on controlling his need to cough or choke.

Still shooting, Randy jerked Landon's head up off his cock and let the last two loads fire into his face. Tears were pouring down Landon's red face as he finally was able to cough the cum from his throat and get a breath. He was still staring at Randy, watching as he stopped his frenzy and began to calm down. As Randy let go of his hair Landon relaxed, closed his eyes, and laid his head on Randy's upper thigh with his nose just touching the still hard cock. Neither boy moved for several minutes.

When Landon finally began to get his breathing back under control, he came to the realization that he had cum in his jockstrap while Randy was face fucking him. He'd been vaguely aware of it at the time, but in the midst of Randy's violent fucking, it had almost gone by unnoticed. But, it had been incredibly satisfying and he had been every bit as excited as Randy was, and there was nothing more thrilling than cuming at the same time as he was doing Randy.

He finally raised his head, and rubbing his cum covered face on Randy's softening cock, and carefully licked the cock clean. When finished, Randy reached down, grabbed him under the arms, and dragged him up on top of him and gave him a kiss. 'Great job babe. That was terrific' he whispered as he licked the cum off Landon's face and continued kissing him.

'God damn it Jace. You're not going to be there while I'm doing him' Randy said angrily. 'I'm not planning to humiliate him. All I want is to get Landon his blow job.'

Randy, Jason and Landon were setting together in the high school cafeteria on Wednesday afternoon. 'I made the bet with you but I didn't say anything about you being there.'

'Geeze Boss. I'm sorry' answered Jason. 'I didn't mean anything by it. I just wanted to watch.'

'Com'on Randy. All we wanted was to see you in action' answered Landon. 'Hell, I know you can get him to blow me if you want to. I only bet because you suggested it. You know I'd rather lose this bet anyway' he said with a grin.

'Yeah' Randy laughed. 'I know you were both planning on losing the bet. And I'm looking forward to it myself. Is everything okay for Sunday?'

'Yeah Randy' both boys answered. 'We'll be there at one o'clock.'

'But why both of us Randy?' Landon asked. 'You said you wanted an all afternoon blow job.'

'No' Randy answered giving Landon a loving slap on the cheek. 'What I actually said was that you're going to spend all afternoon doing me. Jace's going to give me the blow job and I plan on you licking every inch of my body, and particularly my ass for about three hours. What's that do for you?'

'Hell Boss. You know I'll love every minute of it' Landon said with a grin. 'But I'd rather do the sucking.'

'No, I don't think so. Not this time. But we'll see how it goes on Sunday' Randy answered with a smile. 'I'm going to have the two of you all afternoon, so maybe we can get creative. But, I've got to win the bet first.'

'Hell. We knew all the time you were going to win Randy' Jason laughed. 'Besides, I can't think of a better way to wile away a Sunday afternoon than sucking you.' Randy reached across the lunch table, took hold of Jason by the chin, and gave him a kiss. 'Yeah. Me too' he said.

The cafeteria was mostly empty at this time of day, but Randy didn't care if anybody saw him kissing anyway. Randy and his boys were openly gay and everybody in the high school knew it. But he was also known as a fighter and a topnotch wrestler so nobody dared to say a word about it.

'But you know what?' Landon said. 'We never decided what you would do if you lost. Jason and me are going to do you all Sunday afternoon, but you never said what your side of the bet was.'

'Well. I sure's hell don't plan on losing, but I'll tell you what. The next time I do Jimmy I'll let you come along and watch. And you can jerk off. How about that?'

'Oh shit Randy' Jason answered. 'I'd love to see you do Jimmy. That'd be really cool. But I had another idea. How about you let us watch you and Wade together?'

'Don't be ridiculous' Randy growled. 'Wade and me is something really special, and absolutely private. Nobody's ever going to see that.' He hesitated for a moment. 'Unless Wade wants it, of course.'

'That's okay Boss' Jason answered with a grin. 'You're not going to lose anyway. But I sure would like to see you with Wade.'

'Okay. It's almost four thirty and I've got to go' Randy said as he stood up. 'Jace. I'll meet you in the workout room in an hour. Landon. Give me ten minutes or so and then wait outside Coach's office door.'

'Okay Boss' they both answered. Randy headed out to the gym and Coach's office.

As always, Randy entered Coach's office without knocking. He'd caught Coach in a compromising position once and always hoped to do it again. Coach was standing behind his desk and Chris, the football assistant was sitting in front of the desk.

'Hello Randy' Coach said. 'I was just talking to Chris about helping out with muscle training for the wrestling team, like he's doing with the football team. But, so far, he's telling me he doesn't have the time.'

'Hi Chris' Randy said as he put out his hand. Chris stood up and shook hands.

'Hi Randy.' Chris was 6'1' so that made him a good four inches taller than Randy. Randy wasn't all that hot for tall guys, but he loved to dominate, and the bigger and taller they were the more rewarding the subjugation. And besides, Chris was good looking and really built.

'Hell Chris' Randy said, going along with Coach's lead. 'We heard you were the best trainer around and were doing wonders for the football team. We were hoping you could do the same for the wrestling team.'

'By the looks of you Randy, you don't need a trainer. But sorry, I've got a full schedule this semester at the U and I can only afford two afternoons a week with the football team. I'm even considering dropping that to only one.'

'Hey Coach' Randy said with a grin. 'How about you leave us alone for a few minutes and I'll see if I can't twist Chris' arm a little. Maybe I can talk him into it.'

'Okay Randy' answered Coach as he headed out of the office. 'He's all yours.'

'It ain't gonna work Randy' Chris said. 'I'd love to help, but I just don't have the time.'

Randy had been looking forward to this all week, and wasn't about to waste any more time. Stepping up to Chris, he gave him a push, knocking him back down into the chair.

'I hear you told Landon he was a child' Randy said moving in close so his knees were touching Chris' knees. Randy was wearing a tight white T-shirt which clearly showed his amazing muscles, and leaning forward and looking down at Chris from only inches away, he was totally intimidating.

'What?' Chris said in surprise. 'Who's Landon?'

'Landon. You know. The cute blond muscle boy. The wrestler.'

'Oh yeah, Landon. I remember' Chris said. 'You gotta remember Randy that I'm in college and you guys are under age. I don't mess around with high school kids.'

'So you admit you want him, but you're afraid you'll get into trouble.'

'I didn't really say that Randy, but he is a cute kid and a real turn on. But with that baby face he looks like he's about twelve years old. And besides I've got a thing going with a guy at the U and I don't want to mess around with anyone else right now.'

'How about me?' Randy asked. 'You want to mess around with me?'

'I ahhhh... I... ' Chris stuttered.

'Hell man. I'm not blind' Randy snickered. 'You can't take your eyes off me when I come by. I'm surprised you haven't made a play for me before this.' Randy put his hand in Chris' hair tugging his head back gently, as he bent down and gave him a kiss on the lips. 'I know you want me man. All you had to do was ask.'

Chris just sat there stunned as Randy finally pulled back from the kiss. And it was clear to Randy he wanted more.

'Ah shit Randy' he finally said. 'I didn't think you'd be interested. I ahhhh.... Ah... yeah you're really hot. But you're still under age Randy.' With one hand still in Chris' hair, Randy pulled a little, making it sting, and gave him another long kiss. With his other hand he took hold of Chris' wrist and pulled his hand into his crotch, holding it against his hardening cock.

'Do you really care how old I am Chris?' Randy crooned. 'Do you really care?' Chris took a good hold of Randy's hardening cock and started getting a good feel. When Randy broke the kiss, he pulled his T-shirt off and tossed it aside. 'It's okay man. I know you're hot for this body' he said as he pulled Chris' face up. 'Well. Here's your chance. These hot muscles are just waiting for your tongue.' Randy grabbed Chris by the hair and pulled his nose against his chest, moving it back and forth over the hard muscle. 'I know you want some of this, so let's get it on.' As Randy let go of him Chris started kissing the big muscle as he continued to squeeze Randy's cock.

'Yeah man, that's it. Kiss my hard pec' Randy ordered as he smiled down at him. 'You don't have to be embarrassed man. I'm used to people wanting me so why should you be any different? Now give me some tongue and lick my tit.' Chris stuck out his tongue and started licking the enormous pecs. Randy just let him go at his own speed for a while, and then pulled him off the chair onto his knees pushing him lower. 'My abs man. My abs' he whispered and Chris, now really getting into it, started kissing and licking the hard ridges of Randy's abdominals as he continued squeezing his cock.

Randy just put his hands on his hips and let Chris go at it. Shit, this was so easy he had to laugh to himself. Getting a hunky guy to blow him was not even a challenge anymore. Everybody knew he was a God and expected him to be arrogant and demanding and totally in control. And Randy knew he was irresistible and demanded that they treat him like a God. And they did. They did treat him like a God. A God, worthy to be worshiped.

'Get my pants off man' Randy ordered as he pushed Chris' face away from his abs. He stepped back letting Chris see what he was doing, and watched as Chris undid his pants and pulled them down and off

Randy grabbed Chris' hands keeping him from touching him. 'Rub your nose against it babe. Get your face into my crotch.' Chris did what he was told and rubbed his face against Randy's growing cock through the jockstrap. 'Okay, now kiss it' Randy ordered. Chris kissed the big bulge and kept kissing it.

Randy let him kiss it for a minute or so and then stepped back, walked over to the office door and opened it. Then he walked back in front of Chris again.

'Wha... What'a-ya doing Randy?' Chris asked with a startled look. Randy didn't answer, but just pulled Chris' face back into his crotch again as Landon entered the room.

'Get your pants off' Randy ordered. Landon quickly pulled off his shoes and pants, and stepped over next to Randy dressed only in a T-shirt and his jock strap. Chris put his hands on Randy's thighs and pushed him away.

'What's going on Randy?' Chris asked as he tried to stand up. 'Let's stop this right now.'

'No way man' Randy said with a smile as he reached and got a tight grip on Chris' hair and pushed him back down. 'You started something here and you're going to finish it. And lucky for you; you get two for the price of one.' Randy stepped forward pressing his eight inchs plus into Chris' face again.

'Mrggh... uggh' Chris mumbled into Randy's crotch as he tried to push away while Randy held him in tight. 'Mmrrgggh'

'Get your god damn hands down' Randy shouted in his ear as he jerked his hair viciously. 'NOW.' Chris howled in pain, but he dropped his hands. Still holding Chris' hair with one hand, Randy pulled his jock down below his balls letting his hard cock flop out hitting Chris in the face and smearing his cheek with precum.

'This is what you wanted babe' Randy said, banging his rod against Chris' nose. 'So stop fucking around.' Easing up on Chris' hair, Randy pushed the head of his cock against his lips. 'Go ahead man. Take it. Here's your chance.' Randy pushed and Chris opened his mouth a little letting the head slide in. 'Yeah man. Suck it' Randy ordered. Randy held on to his hair as Chris started sucking the tip of his cock.

'There. That ain't so bad is it?' Randy said. 'Now kiss it. Just the tip. Kiss it.' Chris kissed the tip of Randy's cock. Then Randy pushed his hard fat eight inches up against Chris' face, mashing his nose and just held him there.

'Now here's the deal Chris' Randy said looking down at him. 'You're going to suck my cock, and Landon's coming along for the ride.' Randy slapped him gently on the cheek a couple times. 'That's the way I want it, and that's the way it's going to be.' Randy grabbed the jockstrap and jerked it down and off. 'Now kiss my cock again' he demanded. And Randy's demanding personality took control again. Chris kissed his cock.

Randy pulled Chris' head back and leaning down gave him a kiss on the lips. 'Way to go man. That's great. Now kiss it some more.' As he stood back up Chris started kissing his way up and down Randy's enormous prick as it bobbed back and forth against his face.

As Chris continued kissing, Randy reached around and grabbed Landon by the ass pulling him over. 'Get your jock off babe' he said as he stuck his tongue into Landon mouth, starting a deep spit exchanging kiss. Landon waited until Randy pulled back from the kiss, and then quickly pulled off his jockstrap. Still holding his ass, Randy pulled him up close so the hard pole sticking out of Landon's crotch actually touched Chris' face.

Reaching down, Randy pushed his thumb into Chris' mouth prying it open, and again pushed his cock a couple inches into the hot wet hole. 'Do me good babe' he whispered. 'Suck on my big rod.' Chris now started really sucking on Randy's cock as he looked up into his face.

Randy could tell immediately that Chris knew something about sucking cock, and he was somewhat relieved. As much as he loved taking virgins, Randy was getting sick of first time cocksuckers who couldn't swallow his fat prick. He didn't mind hearing a guy choking on his cock, in fact he liked it, but having a guy vomit all over himself and damn near choke to death was not Randy's idea of fun. So, knowing that Chris was no virgin was actually a plus for Randy.

After letting Chris suck for a couple minutes, Randy pulled out and twisted his head to the right, allowing Landon to push his cock in. 'Keep it up babe' Randy said and he kept staring down at him. 'Keep suckin.' Chris had now given in completely to Randy's demands and willingly sucked Landon's dick. However there was no question it was Randy he wanted, because he kept his eyes on Randy's fabulous body and face.

Randy knew Landon almost never got a blow job, and wasn't used to it and in fact he could see that Landon was about ready to blow already. Pulling Chris away from Landon's cock, Randy pushed his own cock back in again, this time giving him three or four inches.

'Now start jacking it babe' he muttered. 'In and out. Com'on. In and out.' Chris started really concentrating on sucking Randy's beautiful prick, trying to give this gorgeous muscle boy the best blow job he could imagine. Sliding the big monster in and out of his mouth, Chris kept moving deeper and sucking as hard as he could. He didn't think he could take all of it, but he was going to try to do his damndest to take most of it. He gagged the first time it hit his throat, but he controlled it and immediately did it again. His own cock was so hard he didn't dare touch himself, for fear of immediately cuming. Then, just as he was beginning to get the hang of it; forcing the immense cock into his throat, Randy pushed his head away and allowed Landon to push his smaller cock back into his mouth.

As he sucked Landon's cock, he kept looking up at Randy who continued smiling down at him. Randy had taken hold of his own cock and was jacking it slowly, keeping it hard and ready for some more action.

Than Landon started moaning and his cock started spasming, and he started to cum. 'Oh... oh... oh...' he whimpered as he fired shot after shot into Chris' mouth. Chris kept swallowing, trying to get it all, but there was so much it started leaking out the corners of his mouth. Landon must have been storing cum for weeks to be able to cum this much. Randy had his hand on the back of Chris' head, holding him there so he had to try to take every drop, but when Landon finally stopped, Randy let go. Chris pulled back, swallowed a couple times, and immediately took Randy's cock back into his mouth. Looking up at Randy he continued to be infatuated with this boy's incredible body and handsome face. An amazingly youthful godlike face attached to a body of Hercules. Chris was on his knees taking this Greek God's cock and felt thrilled and privileged to be there.

He started working the enormous cock back into his throat again, when he felt Randy's hands on both sides of his head. And then, whether he liked it or not, Randy crammed the monster deep into his throat. He grabbed a quick breath just before Randy thrust in hard, forcing the cock all the way in and jamming Chris' nose tight against his crotch. Randy held it there until Chris thought his lungs were going to burst, and then, pulling back allowing him to get a quick breath, he started fucking hard and fast.

Randy was getting carried away with the excitement of his coming ejaculation and was slamming his hips and jerking Chris around like a rag doll until finally he screamed.

'Yeeeaaaoooh' Randy yelled as he fired his first shot into Chris' mouth. Conquering this college kid and forcing him to serve was so hot that his first shot would have gone ten feet if it hadn't been in Chris' throat. Pulling his cock out of Chris' mouth, Randy grabbed Landon by the hair and jerked him down to his knees right next to Chris. He then proceded to shoot his cum back and forth onto both the young men's faces. Both of them had surprised looks on their faces as they were splattered with cum, but neither of them moved until Randy was done. Randy took a couple deep breaths, and beginning to calm down, rubbed his hard cock first over Landon's face and then Chris'.

Landon gave him a big smile. 'Thank you Boss' he said. Chris smiled as well, pleased that this young Greek God was so satisfied with him. But even though he hadn't touched himself his cock was throbbing and leaking. Randy grabbed Landon under the arms, pulled him to his feet and gave him a kiss. He then did the same to Chris; pulling him to his feet and kissing him as well

'Oh shit that was good' Randy said.

'Ahhh... Boss' Landon said hesitantly. 'What about Chris? You want me to do him?'

'What?' Randy said. 'I thought you belonged to me.'

'Oh shit. I'm sorry Boss' Randy said quickly. 'Forget I asked.'

'Well. Hold on' Randy replied as he gave Chris another kiss. 'Chris did a great job here, and made me win my bet. So maybe he deserves a blow job from the best cocksucker in the state.'

'A bet?' Chris asked.

'Forget it' Randy warned. 'But, how about it? You want Landon to blow you?' Landon was a little embarrassed when Randy called him a cocksucker, but in fact he knew he was the best. And, of course, Randy could call him anything he wanted.

'Well.... Ahhh...' Chris stuttered. 'Ahhh...'

'Okay Landon. Get to it' Randy laughed as he stepped back. 'This'll give you the chance to taste someone's cum besides mine.' Landon dropped to his knees in front of Chris and had his pants and underwear down around his ankles within seconds. Chris' cock was sticking out like a flagpole and dripping precum.

'He's hot Landon, so go slow' Randy said. 'Make it good for him but don't bring him off too fast.' As Landon took Chris' cock in his mouth, Randy went to the door and stepped outside of the office into the gym. He was dressed only in his socks, but he was pretty sure there'd be no one there this time of day. He knew Coach was only keeping the place open for him.

He wandered down to the equipment room and found Coach getting things organized. 'Hey Coach. I need you' he said. Coach turned around and saw Randy nude with his still half hard cock dangling down. As always, Randy's spectacular muscular body took his breath away, but he was horrified that Randy was wandering around the gym in the nude with a dripping cock.

'Randy. Somebody could see you' he said.

Randy ignored that and stood there completely relaxed and leaning casually against the door frame. 'Chris did a decent job of doing me, but you know how I am after I cum' Randy said as he grinned at his coach. 'I like having a mouth on me while I cool down. And besides, Chris didn't get all the cum licked off.'

Coach just stood there with his mouth hanging open and a shocked look on his face. Although Randy ordered him around on a regular basis, and loved humiliating him while forcing him to suck the big monster between his legs, this was a first; wanting him to lick him clean after someone else had blown him. This was just too much.

'Randy....' He started to say.

'Before you say a god damn word Coach' Randy snarled. 'Don't you even think of arguing with me. Now get your ass over here and lick my balls.' Randy knew he was really pushing Coach's buttons this time, but he loved subjugating an older man like this, and was always pushing his dominance to the max. Coach hesitated, just looking at Randy's sweaty body and the determined look on his face.

'I said get your ass over here' Randy shouted. 'Now!' Coach sighed and gave in to the inevitable, and putting the equipment down, walked over to Randy and got on his knees.

'Get on my balls' Randy ordered. Coach leaned forward and started licking Randy's balls as the cock rubbed against his cheek. Randy was ecstatic. Oh yeah he was a god. He could make anybody do anything.

'Look at me Coach' Randy ordered and Coach looked up at his grinning face. 'You know you want this' Randy said. 'Hell, you probably want it more than I do. Being able to suck a young muscle stud like me. Shit, you should be so lucky.'

'Now take my cock in your mouth and clean all the cum off there' Randy ordered. 'Don't suck on it, because I don't want to cum. Just clean it up and make me feel good.' Coach and Randy stared into each other's eyes as Coach obeyed his nemesis. Randy just let him go at it for a while, occasionally giving directions about holding back to keep Randy from getting too hard. Randy didn't want another blow job yet. Jason was waiting for him in his garage/workout room and he might decide to use him after their weightlifting session. What he wanted was to fuck with Coach's head and see how far he could go.

'Hey Coach. Take it easy. You're getting me hard' Randy said as he pulled Coach's face back from his crotch. He then turned around with his ass right in Coach's face. Up to now Coach had only licked Randy's muscles, and given blow jobs. Randy knew this was going to be a difficult step for Coach, but he was determined to make Coach so subservient that he would do anything.

'Kiss my butt Coach. Com'on. Get in there' Randy ordered as he reached back and pulled Coach's face into his ass.

'Cut it out Randy' Coach whined as he pulled his head back against Randy's hand.

'I said, kiss my butt Coach' Randy growled. 'You know you're going to do it for me eventually, so stop fucking around.' As much as Coach hated being manipulated by Randy, he knew Randy was right. He would do it eventually, just like he always did when Randy ordered it. 'Kiss my ass, god damn it' Randy said ominously. Coach gave in and let Randy pull his face into his ass. He kissed one of the cheeks.

'That's a good start' Randy said. 'Now kiss it all over.' Coach did what he was told and continued kissing Randy's ass. Randy let go of his head and just let him go at it for a while. 'Okay Coach' he finally said. 'That's good. Now get your nose in there and lick my crack. I want to feel your tongue in there.' As always, Coach was totally intimidated, and followed Randy's instructions and started licking his ass crack. 'Oh shit yeah' Randy moaned. 'That's fantastic babe. Keep it up.' Randy bent his knees slightly and pushed back against Coach's face and continued moaning in pleasure as he felt that tongue working his ass.

But he was now getting hard, and he didn't want to cum, so as wonderful as it was, he was going to have to stop. Just as he decided to push Coach away, Landon and Chris walked into the room. They just stood there watching as Randy turned around forcing Coach to give up licking. He then grabbed his almost fully hard cock and started banging it into Coach's face.

'God damn you're good Coach' Randy said with a laugh. 'You've really got me turned on. We got to do this again.' Randy gave as he gave him a couple more bangs. 'Yeah. We definitely gonna do this again.'

'You guys done?' he said as he turned to Landon and Chris.

'Yeah Boss/Yeah Randy' they answered simultaneously.

Landon held out Randy's shirt, pants and jockstrap. 'Here you are Boss' he said.

'Give the jock to Chris, Landon' he said. 'Something for him to remember us by' he said with a laugh. Landon handed the jockstrap to Chris.

'Thanks Randy' Chris said. 'For everything.' Randy took the jeans, pulled them on, zipped up and then pulled the T-shirt over his head. Landon got down on his knees and held his shoes while Randy slipped into them.

By this time Coach had stood up, and was bright red from embarrassment of being caught with his tongue up Randy's ass. Randy was completely nonchalant and no one said anything about him getting his ass licked. Randy walked up to Coach with a big smile, took hold of his chin, and pulled him into a kiss. 'That was hot Coach' he whispered in his ear. 'Real hot.'

'See you around Chris' Randy said giving him a kiss as well. 'Jason's waiting for me to workout, so we'll see you guys later.' Slapping Landon on the butt, and then putting his arm around him, they headed out of the gym.

Just before dropping Landon off at his house, Randy gave him a kiss and reminded him of their date at one o'clock on Sunday. 'Coach is gonna learn how to worship my ass, but you're the one who's already talented at it. And you're going to have all day Sunday afternoon to show me how talented you really are.' Landon gave a big smile as he got out of the car and watched Randy drive away.



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