Randy had come to the park because it was one of those boring summer days when he had nothing to do. He had already had a workout in his garage this morning and was really excited about the progress he was making on his 15 year old body. He had been working out since he got the weights last summer, almost a year now, and his muscles were really beginning to show. His buddy Jason was coming over this afternoon and they were going to workout together. They were kind of in competition with each other but since the weights were at Randy's house, he was pulling ahead of his buddy and was really proud of his body.

Randy was setting on the grass flexing his bicep, still pumped from his workout, and thinking about what he and Jason would do this afternoon, when he happened to look up and saw an incredible guy coming through the park. He was muscle and more muscle. As the guy got closer Randy let out a gasp of admiration. What a Body! Wow! This guy had it all! He immediately felt a stirring in his pants. This was exactly the kind of body Randy worshiped in all the muscle building magazines he devoured. This was the body that Randy was trying to build. The perfect muscular body.

God, what a turn on, he thought, seeing a muscle man like this in the flesh. He had never seen anyone with a body like this outside of a magazine. The guy looked like a young god in his tight shorts and wife beater.

Randy was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top also to show off his growing muscles, but this muscle god had his muscles bulging out all over the place.

He had great round pectorals budging out from his tight wife beater. His shoulders were wide, with big round bulging caps defining each one, and his arms were truly magnificent. Even in a relaxed state his biceps were like melons with astonishing definition. This guy seemed to have no body fat at all, and was the consummate image of the perfect specimen of male mankind.

And, with his tight clothes, that incredible body was being shown off in all its' glory. The way the guy was swaggering through the park make him look as if he owned the world and Randy thought he probably deserved it.

Randy just sat there with his mouth open and couldn't keep his eyes off that incredible body. He tried to look away from those bulging muscles, but found it impossible not to keep looking. It took his breath away to see those awesome biceps and that big chest coming through the park. Suddenly he realized that the guy really was coming his way; walking right up to him.

'Hey kid,' he heard. 'You got a problem or what?'

Randy felt his knees go weak as he started to get a hard-on. God, what a body. He was so overwhelmed that he couldn't think what to say. Not only did the guy have a superhuman body, he was also gorgeous. The blond god had the face of a supermodel, but right now there was an angry look on that face.

The man grabbed Randy's bicep and pulled him to his feet, and squeezed it hard.

'Ow' Randy said as he tried to pull away, but the man did not budge.

'I said, what the fuck's your problem punk?' The guy said. 'You listenin to me?' Still squeezing Randy's bicep he grabbed Randy's chin with his other hand.

'I seen you staring at me you little prick. What are you, a fairy or something?' the guy growled at him.

'I, ah, ah, what...ah, I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything. I mean ...your ...your...' Randy stammered in fright. The guy may have looked terrific, but his fierce actions and the angry look were scaring the hell out of him.

'Listen to me you little faggot' the guy said as he pinched Randy's cheeks painfully, 'I'll tell you only once. You want to say something to me you call me sir! Understand?'

With that he gave Randy's head a couple shakes and continued to squeeze his bicep. 'Tell me fucker, do you understand?' he said.

'Yes sir, I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean anything. Please, I'm sorry sir' Randy mumbled all in one breath.

'I don't think you're sorry at all. You're just a spoiled little prick who thinks he can act anyway he wants around a man like me and get away with it. I didn't build these muscles to put up with shit from punks like you. You got that little boy?'

'I'm really sorry sir' Randy tried to say while the guy continued to squeeze his cheeks and shake his head. 'I didn't mean to make you mad. Please let me go.'

'Well, you did make me mad you little shit. You probably think you've got a body, but you don't deserve to even stand next to a real muscle man like me' answered the guy. 'Do you kid?' he said as he shook Randy's head again. 'Do you?'

'Yes sir. I mean no sir. Please sir. I'm sorry sir' Randy blurted out.

'Okay shit head,' said the guy. 'Let's you and me get out of this park and find a place where I can explain the facts of life to you.'

Still holding Randy's arm, the man force marched him out into the parking lot, with Randy protesting his innocence the whole way. No one took any notice of them.

When they reached a black van in the parking lot, the man opened the back door and grabbing Randy by the seat of his shorts with one hand, threw him inside. The man climbed in and closed the door and stood over Randy as Randy fearfully looked up at him.

He grabbed Randy by the hair and pulled him up to his knees and arrogantly slapped him hard across the face. 'You're obviously a ignorant little creep that is going to need a lot of training to get into ship shape, but you came to the right place to get that training.'

'Now, you say Sir to me' he demanded and slapped Randy's face again.

'Sir?' Randy cried. Now he was really scared. This guy was hurting him.

'Say Yes Sir' the man demanded and slapped him again.

'Yes sir' Randy whimpered.

'Good boy' the man said as he eased his hold and gently stroked Randy's hair as if he were petting a dog. 'Maybe there is some hope for you. What's your name kid?' he asked.

'Randy sir' Randy barely whispered. He was beyond scared now. This guy was acting really crazy.

'Randy baby, my name is Wade, but that doesn't matter because you'll call me sir. You seem to think that you can stare at my body for free. Let me tell you, I worked hard to develop these muscles so guys like you could worship them. But you don't get anything for free. If you think I'm going to let you drool over me for nothing, you're mistaken. You seem to think I walk around just so you can get the hots for my muscles and go home and jerk off.'

'You got the hots for me boy? You get turned on by seeing my big muscles? Yeah, I can see that you do. Well, getting a hard-on for my body doesn't come for nothin.'

Randy did have a hard-on at first, but it was long gone now from fear of this muscled man. This guy could break him in half without even trying.

'Well, listen baby, that hard-on is going to cost you. But, I'm in a good mood today so I'm willing to take some time to show you what it takes to appreciate this body you've been drooling over. Yea, baby,' Wade said with a smirk, 'I'm gonna show you what it takes to really worship these muscles.'

'I see that you've been lusting over my body, so you already owe me. And I'm going to make sure that you pay up.'

'First of all' Wade said 'tell me you're sorry for staring at these muscles without my permission.'

'I'm sorry; I didn't mean anything by it' Randy answered meekly.

'Okay, now you can start by thanking me for even bothering to waste my time on a piece of shit like you. Go ahead, thank me' he demanded.

'Thank you' Randy whispered.

'Speak up and call me Sir' Wade ordered as he jerked Randy's hair. Randy winced as his hair was pulled.

'Thank you sir' Randy cried louder.

'Thank me for what' Wade demanded. 'Come on, thank me for what?' Wade gave Randy's hair another jerk.

'Thank you for wasting your time on me sir' Randy said.

'Yea, to think that I would waste my time on a piece of shit like you' he said. 'Next to me you are a piece of shit, aren't you?' he asked. 'Well, aren't you?'

'Yes sir,' Randy whispered.

'Look at me' Wade ordered as he pulled Randy's head back by the hair. Even as scared as he was, when Randy looked up he couldn't help but be in awe of this fabulous muscled man.

'You may think you have muscles little boy, but in fact, you're such a piece of shit that I'm like a god next to you aren't I?' Wade said slowly. 'Aren't I, baby? Just like a god?' he asked, giving Randy's head a jerk.

'Yes sir' Randy mumbled as he looked straight up at those enormous pecs and round shoulders and gorgeous face and knew that his own muscles were nothing compared to this incredible man's.

'You want to treat me like a god, don't you Randy.'

'Yes sir,' Randy mumbled again.

'You want to worship these muscles, don't you Randy' said Wade. 'You want to worship me like a god, don't you Randy?' He let go of Randy's hair and did a body builders double bicep pose as Randy's mouth dropped open with awe.

'Yes sir,' Randy answered, again beginning to feel a stirring in his pants as he was being mesmerized by the mans soft voice,

Wade pulled his wife beater off and tossed it aside, put his hands on his hips and did a lat spread showing off his incredible musculature. 'You want to touch these muscles Randy? You want to worship them?'

'Oh god, yes sir' Randy whispered.

'You want to do anything to make me happy, don't you Randy?'

'Yes sir.'

Wade moved his foot into Randy's crotch as he continued to flex his enormous muscles. Randy's cock got hard instantly. 'Yeah, baby. You're hard for me now. Are you ready to worship this body?'

'Please sir. Yes sir.'

'Hands behind your back little boy' Wade said. Randy put his hands behind his back and winced as the muscle god grabbed his hair again. Wade leaned over slightly and very slowly let a big wad of spit fall on Randy's face. Randy watched but neither moved nor blinked as the saliva landed on his nose and cheek and he kept his hands behind his back.

Very softly Wade said 'You can thank me Randy.'

Randy was shocked, but the incredible muscled body above him was so intimidating that he had to accept it. He was also getting mesmerized by the persuasive voice.

'Ah, wha.. Ah' he said as the giant muscle man stared down at him. 'Ah, Thank you sir' he whispered as he stared up at the gorgeous man, and for the first time Wade smiled at him. Randy melted and actually lost his breath. God, he is beautiful, Randy thought as he got chills up and down his spine and felt more stirring from his cock. God, he would do anything for this gorgeous man.

'Do you want it again Randy?' The voice asked softly. 'Do you want your muscle man to honor you with his spit? Tell me you want it again little boy.'

'Yes sir, if you want to. Please, I want it for you' Randy answered.

'Tell me how much you want it Randy' Wade whispered. 'Tell me how much Randy.'

Randy's hard-on was so hard it was becoming painful as he stared at this muscle god above him. That perfect face and perfect body should be worshiped and Randy felt excited to be on his knees in front of him. Yes, this god was worthy of worship, and Randy belonged on his knees before him. In fact he felt lucky that he was even allowed to look at those gorgeous muscles and that stunning face. Looking up at this spectacular body he was overcome with pleasure that this god was not only letting him look at him, but was even giving him any attention at all. Randy was thrilled that this god had even noticed him. He was ready to do anything for this gorgeous creature and give him anything he wanted.

'I want it, sir. Please sir, I want it again.' Randy pleaded. 'Please do what you want Sir.'

Randy watched as another blob of spit fell from that beautiful face that was smiling down at him. Randy closed his eyes as the spit landed on his nose and splashed over his face and he had to blink several times to keep it out of his eyes.

'Thank you Sir' he murmured.

'Don't touch your face Randy,' ordered Wade. 'I know you like anything I give you, and I want to see my mark on you. I own you baby'. Wade smiled broadly as he watched the boy staring up at him with worshipful eyes.

He let go of Randy's hair and slipped out of his shoes. 'Look at my feet Randy' Wade said. 'Whose feet are those Randy?'

Randy looked down at Wade's feet and said 'They are your feet sir.'

'No, Randy, those feet are your Masters feet,' Wade said. 'Now, again. Whose feet are they?'

'They are my Masters feet, Sir' Randy answered. The word Master gave him chills of excitement. This man deserved to be his Master.

'Then who am I Randy?' Wade asked.

'You're, ah, you're my Master, Sir.'

'Good boy' Wade said as he patted Randy on the head. 'Do you want to worship your Master Randy?' Wade asked.

'Yes sir. I'll do whatever you want sir' Randy answered.

'Okay Randy, kiss my feet' Wade grinned suddenly. 'Get your face down there and kiss my feet'.'

Wade was really turned on by this kid. He had a couple boys on the string these days who were most always available, but they were already well trained so he had gone out to the park today looking for something new. Using a cute guy for his pleasure was great, but the challenge of the chase and the capture always made it more exciting. He was hot for some action and from the moment he saw Randy he wanted him. The kid was magnificent. Beautiful sleek young body with nice muscles in all the right places, and a stunning face. This boy was obviously a beginning body builder. Wade had planned to take control of this kid from the moment he saw him in the park, but his wildest imagination had not expected it to go this well this quickly.

At 24 years of age, Wade was experienced at taking cute, young, well built boys who were awestruck by his perfectly muscled body, and training them to worship him. He'd been taking boys through various levels of pain and pleasure, punishment and reward since he was nineteen. After five years of practice, Wade knew exactly what it took to dominate a kid. But Randy was so submissive and pliant that his training seemed finished almost before Wade had even started. So Wade decided to be even more demanding of this fawning boy who was licking and kissing his feet. He intended to have a pleasure filled afternoon of putting this boy through a program of punishment and domination while showing him what it takes to lavish Wade's muscles with the adoration they deserved.

'Stop what you are doing Randy and lie flat on the floor in front of me', Wade ordered. 'I said stop, right now' he ordered as Randy was slow to comply.

Randy stopped and lay down flat on the floor in front of Wade. Wade put one foot gently on his head, mashing his nose into the carpet.

'I did not tell you that you could touch my feet with your hands Randy, and I did not tell you that you could lick my feet.' Wade said. 'I told you to kiss my feet Randy. I said I was willing to train you, but you must learn to listen. Do you understand?' he asked.

'Yes sir' Randy answered, his voice muffled by the floor.

'Do you deserve to be punished Randy' Wade asked.

'Ah... Yes Sir' whispered Randy.

Wade reached down and took Randy by the hair and pulled him up to his knees. Randy yelped at the pain and reached up to try to stop the pain.

'Hands behind your back, you little prick' Wade yelled in Randy's ear and slapped the hands away as he continued to pull his hair. Tears were running down Randy's face as he put his hands behind his back.

'Call me Master, Randy'

'Master sir' whispered Randy

'Close your eyes, Randy' Wade said. 'Until you learn to obey, you don't even deserve to look at me. Now beg me for your punishment. Tell me you're sorry for not listening.'

'Please sir, I'm sorry sir. Please forgive me for not listening' Randy said as tears continued streaming down his face from the pain. Wade continued to pull Randy's hair painfully as he gave him a hard, open handed slap across the face. Randy was rocked back, and would have been knocked over except for Wade's hold on his hair. Randy whimpered, but did not cry out.

'Thank me for correcting you Randy' Wade ordered.

Randy was shocked and his cheek was turning red where Wade slapped him, and tears were streaming down his face. 'Thank you sir for correcting me' he sobbed.

'Kiss my hand and call me master.' Wade said as he pushed his hand in Randy's face.

'Yes Master' Randy said as he kissed Wade's hand several times.

Wade let go of Randy's hair, and then sat down with his back to the wall and pulled his knees up with his feet flat on the carpet. 'Okay Randy, you can open your eyes. Now let's see if you can learn how to worship your Master. I want you flat on the floor with your arms behind your back, and I want to feel that mouth on my feet.'

Randy did as he was instructed and got busy kissing Wade's feet. It was difficult at first and his neck started to hurt because of the awkward position of trying to hold his head off the floor to kiss the feet. After a moment he found that by getting in close and turning his head sideways he did not have to hold his head so high. He was very careful not to use his tongue but just his lips.

'Let me hear it Randy', Wade said. 'I want to hear those kisses.' Randy immediately started making loud smacking noises as he kissed Wade's left foot, and then moved to the right one.

After a few minutes of watching the boy struggle Wade spoke. 'Okay Randy. I want to feel you licking and sucking your master's feet. Use lots of saliva and wash those feet with your tongue and that pretty mouth.' Wade enjoyed watching as the boy continued to struggle to obey without using his hands. He loved seeing that pretty face worshiping his feet, and was really turned on to see the boy struggle to do it. 'The toes baby, the toes, and let me hear those kisses' Wade raised his feet slightly so Randy could get at his toes. Randy slurped and sucked and kissed Wade's feet nosily, and his cock which was jammed against the floor, stayed hard as a rock.

Randy was incredibly turned on by Wade's dominating manner, and was beginning to feel that it really was an privilege to be allowed to kiss his feet. This man was so gorgeous and so strong and powerful. Randy wanted this muscle god to control him. He knew that this gorgeous creature deserved whatever he wanted and Randy felt lucky to be allowed to give it to him. Randy was so hot that he was almost ready to cum without even touching himself.

Wade loved to have his muscled body worshipped, but he loved even more slapping boys around and totally dominating them while he forced them to worship. Licking his feet was only part of the picture, but a great part, and Wade was enjoying watching the boy squirming around on the floor. The ultimate however, was having boys begging to worship him while he humiliated them and gave them orders they could not follow so he could punish them. Nothing made his cock harder than slapping good looking boys around while telling them they were worthless and didn't deserve his attention. Then he would make them beg him to punish them for not satisfying his every need. God, but that made him hot. His cock was sticking out like a flagpole. This boy who was busy licking and worshiping his feet was a real prettyboy and easily the most muscular of all the worshippers he had ever had and Wade intended to really enjoy this. Skinny boys worshiping him were okay as long as they were cute, but watching this muscle boy face down on the floor in front of him was an incredible turn on. He couldn't wait to put this superboy through his paces.

'Look at me Randy' Wade ordered after he was satisfied that Randy had groveled and humiliated himself enough. Randy strained his neck to look at his Master.

'Did you enjoy that Randy?' Wade asked. 'Did you enjoy worshiping your Masters feet?'

'Yes sir' Randy answered.

'Okay baby. Now, get up and take off your clothes' Wade ordered as he stood up. 'A slave should be naked before his Master.'

Randy stood up and quickly took off his shirt and shorts, and kicked off his shoes. His pulled his underwear down and stood up. Randy had a big one, and right now all eight inches were sticking out like an iron bar.

'Okay, on your knees slave boy' Wade said. Randy got down and looked up at that magnificent body with worshipful eyes.

Wade got on his knees as well and took hold of one of Randy's nipples and began to squeeze it. He continued squeezing it hard and pinched the nipple until Randy began to groan. But Randy kept his hands behind his back.

'Thank your Master, Randy, thank him' Wade instructed as he continued twisting the nipple painfully.

Randy's answer came out as a groan of pain. 'Thank you Master...; Ow please...Please Master, it hurts' he pleaded.

'With the pleasure comes the pain, Randy' said Wade. 'You want this body you take what I give you'. Wade let go of the nipple which was now bright red and took hold of the other one and started to squeeze it. He put his free hand behind his head showing the armpit of his immense powerful arm.

'Get in there Randy and lick that armpit. Lick all that sweat out of there' Wade ordered. 'Show your Master how much you love his body.' Randy immediately did as he was told and started licking the armpit.

'Suck on it baby and wash it clean.' Wade continued twisting and pinching the nipple while Randy licked and sucked his armpit. Randy groaned softly from the pain, but he did not stop his licking and sucking.

After Wade had as much as he wanted, he put his arm down forcing Randy's face away from him and lifted his other one. Without being asked, Randy pushed his face in and started licking out this armpit. However, Wade was never completely satisfied with just simple obedience. He wanted to be in complete control of his worshiper so he grabbed Randy by the neck and forcibly moved his face around and around the pit, jamming his nose in tight.

When Wade finally pulled Randy back, his face was covered with saliva as well as Wade's spit and he was gasping for breath. His chest was a brilliant shade of red from the rough treatment.

'You like it Randy when you lick your Master's armpits, Huh?,' Wade spoke softly into Randy's ear. 'You like it when your muscle Master tortures your tits baby? Tell me you love it boy'

'Ow Master....yes Master.... ..yes Master' whispered Randy.

'Tell me how much you love it slave boy' repeated Wade. 'Tell your Master how much you love being his slave.' Wade grabbed Randy by the ear and began to twist.

'Oh Master, please' Randy whimpered. 'I love it; I love it Master. Ow, please...Master!'

'Tell your Master that you like the pain, Randy. Tell your Master you will do anything for him' Wade whispered as he cruelly twisted Randy's ear.

'Oh please Master, anything Master. Please...' Randy pleaded.

'Okay, Randy, you're doing really well so now comes the good stuff,' Wade said as he let go of the ear and stood up towering over Randy. 'You think you deserve to see your Master in the nude Randy?'

'Whatever you want Master, I want what you want' Randy answered.

'Good boy,' Wade said as he petted Randy's head gently. 'You know you don't deserve to see me nude, and I know it too, but I'm feeling generous towards you because you are trying so hard.'

'You can thank me now' Wade continued 'and I'll even allow you to hug me.'

'Thank you Master' Randy gushed as he raised his arms and hugged Wade's thighs tightly, actually touching Wade for the first time. Wade directed Randy's head and made sure it went into his crotch as Randy's arms went around him.

Holding Randy's head against his crotch as Randy hugged him, Wade started moving his cock gently against the side of his face and his nine inch cock started to grow.

After another moment Wade took Randy's head in both hands and began dragging his face roughly back and forth across his crotch. Yeah, this was the way he liked it. Wade loved the sight of the boy's pretty face being dragged across his crotch and that nose jamming against his cock.

Randy had never touched a man's cock before, and here he was having his face rubbed against a very hard, very big cock. He was getting excited to realize that his muscle god's cock was now hard because Randy was turning him on. He was actually getting this muscle man excited.

Wade let go of Randy's head and put his hands on his hips and grinned as he watched Randy continue to rub his nose and face up and down that big cock on his own.

'Good boy' he purred; his cock fully hard now. Seeing that pretty face in his crotch was every bit as much of a turn on as the exquisite feeling it gave to his cock.

Randy got goose bumps of pleasure when he heard Wade's voice. He was actually pleasing this muscle god whose cock was getting hard against his face, and Randy's own cock was now super hard and felt like it was ready to shoot. This really was a god worthy of worship and Randy was getting more and more excited that he was really turning his god on. Rubbing his face against this monster cock was almost more than he could stand. He was incredibly turned on.

'Kiss it slave boy' said Wade. 'Kiss my hard cock.' Just the thought of kissing this man's cock gave Randy such a surge of excitement that he immediately started to cum as he leaned in to kiss. He kissed the cock and moaned from excitement as his whole body shuddered while he shot over and over between Wade's legs. He was coming without ever touching himself. He groaned and gasped as he came but he held his hands behind his back and continued kissing Wade's cock. He loved this. He really loved it.

Randy was breathless when Wade finally pushed his face away. He looked up nervously at this magnificent god before him and saw that the beautiful face was smiling, and realized that Wade was not angry.

'Well, my pretty little slave boy is turned on by my body,' said Wade. 'That's alright baby, you can shoot your little cock while you worship me. I know you love your muscle Master.'

Randy was glad that Wade was not angry and leaned forward and continued kissing the big cock that was straining to get out of Wade's shorts. His own dripping cock stayed hard. Randy found it thrilling and exciting to give this man pleasure.

'Okay, my lucky little slave,' Wade said. 'I'm going to let you see something inconceivable to you this morning. I'm going to let you look upon the perfect human body in the altogether.'

'You may pull off your Master's shorts now Randy' he said. Randy took hold of the cuffs of Wade's shorts and pulled, but nothing happened. The shorts were too tight. He tried again harder but still no luck.

Without saying a word, Wade, who was standing with his hands on his hips, reached out and gave Randy a rough slap across the face with his right hand. Randy was nearly knocked over by the blow, but he was still holding on to Wade's shorts.

Without reacting in any way to Wade's blow, Randy pulled very hard, and the skin tight shorts finally began to slip off. Randy pulled them all the way down to the floor and Wade stepped out of them.

Randy knew he was going to see a big cock from what he had felt against his nose and lips moments before through the shorts. But seeing it sticking out like a battering ram was something else. Randy had seen the boy's cocks in gym class, and he knew he was bigger than them, but he had never imagined a cock could be so big as this one.

As Randy straightened up to his kneeling position, Wade grabbed his hair and stepping forward, pressed his crotch in his face.

Holding Randy by the hair, Wade took his cock by the base and started slapping his face with it. He slapped Randy's face half a dozen times with the hard cock enjoying the sound of the whack it made as skin slapped against skin, and also enjoying the startled look on the boys pretty face. God, he loved seeing a pretty boys face in his crotch.

Wade pulled Randy's face back by the hair so Randy was looking directly up at the big hard cock. Wade moved forward slightly and lowered his balls onto Randy's face.

'Now is your chance Randy, to show your Master what you can do' Wade said. 'Start licking my balls, boy. Make your Master feel good.'

Although Randy had just cum he was still as hard as a rock as he got busy doing what he was told and started licking the balls that were lying on his face. 'Get 'em wet baby. I want to see them dripping' Wade directed. He gently jacked his cock while Randy slobbered over his balls.

After a while Wade grabbed his balls with one hand and Randy's hair with the other, smearing his balls all over Randy's face. Then, pulling the boys face back by the hair so he was looking straight up, Wade admired the glazed look on Randy's pretty face covered with saliva. God, this boy was pretty, he thought, particularly with that dazed and worshipful look on his face. Wade again slowly coughed up a wad of spit as Randy waited expectantly. 'Here comes' he said as he let the big gob of spit drop onto Randy's face splattering all over the saliva already there. Randy accepted it with pleasure.

'Doin good slave boy,' he said as he pulled Randy's face back under his balls. 'Keep it up.' Wade pushed and maneuvered Randy's face around so that he licked every inch of his balls from his ass crack to the base of his cock. God, this is heaven he thought, as he continued to direct the pretty face as it licked, and sucked and worshiped him.

After a while Wade leaned back away from Randy's face, and let go of his hair. 'Good boy, good boy' he purred with a big smile on his face. 'You're doin real good.' Randy was so into it now that as he looked up at the muscular god before him, he was thrilled that he was pleasing him. He would do anything go give this gorgeous creature pleasure.

'Thank you Master', he said.

'Well Randy. You're doin real fine so far. So now I think I'm going to let you be my cocksucker. What do you think boy; you want to be my cocksucker?' Randy was bothered by being called a cocksucker, and didn't answer immediately. Wade grabbed him by the ear and twisted as he said 'tell me that you want to be my cocksucker, boy. Tell me!'

'Ow, Yes sir, yes sir' pleaded Randy. 'Whatever you want sir.'

Wade continued to twist Randy's ear as he said: 'Randy, you're my slave boy and you will do whatever I want you do to. Now, tell me you want to be my cocksucker!'

'Yes sir, yes sir. Please sir, I'll do whatever you want. I'll be your cocksucker sir' Randy cried.

'That's better baby. Now out of everyone in the park, I picked you to suck my cock. Tell me how happy you are that I picked you.'

Randy was now well beyond disagreeing with anything his Master said as his ear was being twisted. 'Yes sir, I'm happy that you picked me' he answered as Wade let go of his ear.

'Say it again slave boy; tell me what you are happy about' said Wade. 'Say it.'

'Thank you sir, Thank you sir, I'm happy to be your cocksucker'.

'Good boy. Good little slave boy. You make me proud that I picked you' Wade said as he aimed his nine inch hard-as-steel rod at Randy's lips. 'Okay baby. Here comes' he said as he pushed the head of it into Randy's mouth.

'Suck on it Randy,' Wade ordered, 'Suck your Masters cock.'

Randy had his mouth forced wide open by Wade pushing the tip of his cock between his lips. He couldn't believe how big it was. Randy had still never touched anyone's cock, but now, not only had a giant one been rubbed in his face, he had a giant one in his mouth.

Randy had his mouth forced open almost as wide as he possibly could as he tentatively started sucking on it and licking the tip with his tongue. Being called a cocksucker was such a dirty thing, but the texture of the cock felt wonderful, not dirty at all, so he didn't mind it if this was what Wade wanted. In fact he felt great to be doing this for his god like Master, and with the cock in his mouth he looked up again at those muscles and felt his whole body go weak. God, he was really turning this flawless creature on with his mouth. Again, he got chills up his spine just from looking at this incredible demigod. This was fantastic. And this man was absolutely devastating. Randy began to realize how lucky he was that this man found him and was allowing him to worship his magnificent body.

'That's the way baby,' Wade said as he pushed three or four inches into Randy's mouth. 'That's the way. Now really suck on that mother. Get into it,' he said as he began to get hot.

Randy found his mouth completely full of cock and was almost choking. With one more quick look at the spectacular muscle man above him, Randy closed his eyes and started sucking with a vengeance. He would show this god how good he was.

Wade realized he was ready to come already. This whole session with this young muscle boy had been so hot that he was now beyond the point of no return.

Gripping Randy's head with both hands, Wade drove his cock deep; One....Two....Three times.

With that, he rammed it deep and held it as he felt his cum shoot. 'Eat it,' he yelled. 'Eat it you little bastard!'

Wade's whole body was jerking around in ecstasy, and dragging Randy with him by his grip on his head. He was not aware, and would not have cared had he known, that Randy was choking with the big cock jammed into his throat.

Suddenly, Wade seized Randy's hair, jerking him away, and grabbing his cock with his other hand he aimed it so that the cum shot into Randy's face. Randy was not able to yell from the pain of the violent jerking on his hair because he was choking and coughing, so he hardly noticed as the cum splattered into his face.

When the cum finally stopped both Randy and Wade were breathing hard from their exertions. Wade let go of Randy's hair, and Randy sank to the floor with the cum dripping down his face. Wade slid down so that he was sitting against the wall again while he got his breath back.

After a moment, Wade sat up and looked at Randy. Randy was lying where he had fallen, still panting and looking at Wade with fear and worship in his eyes.

'Not bad slave boy. You made me proud. With a little practice you're going to make a great cocksucker.'

Wade motioned to Randy to come so Randy crawled over to him on hands and knees. With one hand Wade took Randy by the neck, and with the other he smeared the dripping cum all over his face and neck. 'Okay baby boy; my pretty little slave boy; lick that cum off my hand'. Randy obediently started licking Wade's hand, and when Wade stuck some fingers in his mouth, he sucked them worshipfully. Pulling his fingers out of Randy's mouth, Wade gave him a very light, almost loving slap on his cheek.

'When you suck my cock Randy, you don't choke on it' he said softly as he smiled at this beautiful boy in front of him. 'Is that understood Randy?' he said as he again slapped him lightly on the cheek. 'Is that clearly understood?' he asked.

'Yes sir. I'm sorry I choked sir.' Randy whispered, with tears streaming down his face as he still tried to regain his breath from his previous exertion and choking.

Wade knew then that he had to have this boy again. This session had so far been heavenly. Wade could see that this boy was determined to give him a lot of pleasure by doing anything he wanted, no matter what it took and no matter how demanding Wade became. This kid was a total muscle worshipper and Wade was loving being the recipient of that worship. This kid was a treasure beyond words. Wade knew, as well as he knew anything, that the next time he fucked this kid's face he could deep throat him all day long and never would there be any choking or complaining. This kid was a prize that he couldn't let get away.

'Okay, Randy, you've been a good slave, and at least you tried to suck my cock, so I'm going to allow you to worship these muscles' Staying on his knees, Wade reached out and grabbed Randy by the hair and pulled him into his chest, drawing him to a nipple. Randy went joyfully.

'Go ahead and lick it baby. Worship that chest with your mouth.'

Randy brought his hands up to Wade's chest, but Wade slapped them down again, so Randy took a nipple into his mouth and licked at it and sucked, and moaned with his hands held behind his back.

'Lick that chest baby' ordered Wade. 'Worship these muscles with your mouth.'

'Come on, put some effort into it. Show me you love these muscles. Suck it baby, suck it' Wade ordered. 'Come on. Worship these muscles. Make it wet baby. Make your Master feel good. Let me feel that tongue.'

At Wade's urging Randy was frantically licking and sucking and worshiping his huge muscular chest. After a few moments Wade had to get involved, and grabbing the boy's hair he starting to move the head back and forth across his chest, dragging Randy's face all over his huge pecs.

Having pretty boys worshiping his muscles was simply a replay of every proper sexual encounter Wade had ever had. But it made him hotter when he could turn them into slaves and force them to give him their total reverence and devotion. They appreciated it more when Wade showed them that satisfying a muscle god could be a stressful and difficult proposition. Obedience was good, but Wade got his most intense pleasure by torturing them a little as they were forced to make love to his body. They received their pleasure from giving him pleasure; the more the better, but he found that they became more submissive if they did not find it too easy to satisfy his requirements. Wade's greatest sexual gratification was from controlling cute young things, while forcing them physically and mentally to realize that worshiping him was an honor. He liked to make them think they were worthless; not worthy of his effort to even show them how a muscle god wanted to be treated. Making a boy cry and beg to be allowed to worship him was the way he liked it, but then making them beg to be punished for not giving him the intoxicating pleasure he demanded made it even better. The more he demanded and the more difficult he made it for them, the harder they worked to satisfy him. He showed them that their temporary purpose in life was to give absolute devotion and total energy to whatever he required. He wanted them totally exhausted when he was done with them and they always were. Wade was the ultimate task master. His perfectly muscled body and stunning face made it possible for him to put pretty boys through their paces and turn them into his slaves on a regular basis.

After Wade had had enough of Randy licking his chest, he pulled his face away, and again Randy was dripping with saliva and had that dazed look on his face.

'Thank me slave boy' Wade said as he slapped Randy's face gently.

'Thank you Master', Randy whispered.

Another gentle slap. 'Thank me slave boy'

Thank you Master', Randy whispered again.

Slap. 'Thank me slave boy'

'Thank you Master' Randy replied as he started to cry, not from pain so much as from exhaustion and mental confusion as to what was going on.

Still holding Randy by the hair, Wade pulled the boy's head back and leaning down, started kissing him. He was in total control as he bent the boy over backwards and tongued deep into his mouth. He reached around and got the boys arms and pulled them around so the boy could hug him as the sobbing continued.

Wade finally broke the kiss as the boy embraced him. He pulled the sobbing boy in tight with one hand on his head on the other on his ass. Good boy, good boy' he said.

'Thank you Master', the boy mumbled into Wade's chest as he continued sobbing and hugged him as tightly as he could. 'Thank you Master. Thank you Master. Thank you Master'.

Randy was pleased that his Master was happy with him.



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