'What the hell's going on Landon? You getting religion or what?' Landon had his mouth full at the moment and couldn't answer but he mumbled something.

'Mmmgh' he croaked.

'Concentrate, damn it. You can answer me later' I said. Landon had long silky blond hair; almost completely white. A true platinum blond, and I loved rubbing my hands through it while he was blowing me. I'd tussle it gently for a bit and then grip it tight, give it a jerk, and ram his face into my crotch forcing my big eight inches deep into his throat. Landon was the best cocksucker on the planet, even if I left him alone and didn't force him. He knew exactly what I wanted in a blow job. However, I always had to be in charge, so it was nearly impossible for me to just lay back and accept it. I had to be in total control, and anybody who blew me had to know that I demanded slavish submission to my needs, and they could expect to get roughed up a little. Even though Landon had blown me at least a hundred times the past couple years, it was not often had he ever done it without getting slapped around a little. But he loved it that way. Hell, that's the way all my cocksuckers wanted it. They knew I was demanding but they got such a thrill from blowing me they'd take anything they got from me just so they could do it.

Let me tell you man. With my looks and my body, I'm a fucking god and the guys get in line to be used by me.

I jerked Landon's hair hard, ramming his face into my crotch and getting a groan out of him. Landon never seemed to catch on to the fact that if I didn't hear him yelping or groaning, I figured I wasn't being hard enough on him. The fact is I loved hearing a guy choke and gag when I fucked his face, but Landon could take it rough like nobody else without a peep. So I ended up being particularly hard on him just so I could hear him groan. But shit, he liked it that way and so did I.

'Take it and hold it babe' I gasped as he took it deep. 'Oh shit yes. Now swallow babe. Swallow.' The feeling of Landon's throat convulsing against my super hard dick was exquisite. Oh god, there was absolutely nothing like it. And it was bringing me right up to the edge.

'Feel me up babe' I ordered and Landon moved his hands from behind his back and grabbed my bulging thighs. As he grabbed hold, I got two fistfuls of hair and started to really fuck his face. Mostly I just stood still and jammed his head back and forth forcing my big rod all the way in deep and then back out, but as I got hotter and hotter, I began to ram my hips in hard to meet his face with each thrust.

Landon reached up and grabbed my ass as I rammed into him one final time and started to shoot.

'Ohhhhh Shhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiittttt' I screamed as I fired my first blast of cum into him. He took it like a champ and didn't choke, but I pulled back a little anyway to let him breathe. But damned if he didn't pull hard on my ass yanking his nose back into my harry crotch forcing my monster all the way back in. Hell, that was fine with me because his convulsing throat was sending shots of sheer delight through my pulsing dick. 'Yesssss. Yesssss' I yelled as I pulled hard on his head trying to get every last centimeter of my hefty eight inches into his tight throat.

Shit Landon was good. I don't know how long it had been since he'd had a breath while I was shooting into him, but it had to be a couple minutes with my cum shooting directly down his throat. Didn't I tell you he was the best on the planet? He started gasping and swallowing violently as I finally pulled out of him. I looked down and saw that the totem pole sticking up from his crotch was bobbing and pulsing so I knew he was close.

'Cum for me babe' I ordered him as I gave him a slap across the face. Not really hard, but just enough to sting because getting slapped around always made Landon hot. 'Don't touch it man. Just shoot' I said as I slapped him again and pushed my still hard cock against his face. I felt him squeeze my ass with both hands, kiss my cock and rub his nose against it as he started to shoot. Absolutely beautiful. I loved it when my boys came without even touching themselves. It gave me an incredible feeling of dominance and power knowing that fucking them made them so hot they could blow just from me using them. Believe you me it was one fuckin power trip.

Landon was still panting, getting his breath back under control as he finished shooting his load. I sat down on the wrestling mat and pulled him on top of me as my lips found his. Jesus I loved this kid. He was muscular from his working out and his wrestling and he was startlingly beautiful. Perfect features, maybe just slightly feminine, with silky platinum blond hair. And his submission to me, his master and lover, allowed me to get the most incredible blowjobs imaginable. He'd blow me all day long if I'd let him and I did let him every chance I got, but he could never get enough. Spending a Sunday afternoon with my cock in this gorgeous kids face was totally mind-blowing. And when I fucked him he'd scream like a banshee and beg for more.

After kissing him for a while, I pushed his head onto my shoulder, and he started licking and kissing my neck. Then he moved lower sucking on my bulging traps and then my big round rock solid delts. 'Jesus Randy... Ahhh... Boss' he whispered. 'I can just never get enough of you. Thank you for letting me suck you.' This was a ritual with us, because I insisted that my boys always thank me after I fucked them. Hell, they knew it was an honor, and they would have gone to hell and back if necessary to get access to my prick and my approval. 'Thank you Boss for letting me suck you' he mumbled again as he kissed and licked my deltoid muscles.

'Okay' I said as I relaxed and Landon moved to my upper chest and continued kissing. 'So what's with you and this religion kick? You were supposed to be over here on Thursday after my workout, but you said you were going to church. What's going on?'

'It's this new church my parents started going to, The New Canaan Missionary Baptist' he said as he rubbed his nose back and forth over my upper chest. 'It's one of these huge churches with hundreds of members and my parents are totally enthralled with the minister; Reverend Young. Reverend Young is African-American, but the congregation is mixed, and my parents seem to think he is a gift from God. I've only been to a couple services but he's a hell of a mesmerizer. He had the audience up and screaming in the middle of the service, and there were dozens if not hundreds coming up for the invitation at the end.'

'So what's this to you? I know you're not religious; in fact you told me you were an atheist' I asked. 'Your parents making you go?'

'My parents don't make me do anything Boss. You know that. My dad's fuckin afraid of me, and I don't take any shit from him. But I can change my mind about religion if I want. I like this church. But the real reason is this Reverend Young. He's got a group called the 'Youngfellows Youth Academy' for select young men in the church. These are young men Reverend Young sees with potential to be future leaders of the church. You have to be specifically invited by the Reverend to join, and my parents were thrilled when he picked me. They think it's a real honor. Well hell, so do I.'

'What happened was: when we went to the service a couple weeks ago, my parents insisted on getting in line to shake his hand afterwards. He was very nice. He held me with both hands as he shook my hand and told me what a fine young man I was. I didn't know he'd even noticed me before, and was really surprised. Anyway, right on the spot he told my parents about his 'Youngfellows Youth Academy'. He asked me to come by that afternoon for an interview.'

'Anyway, it turns out the church has a complete weight room in the basement. Instead of an interview I worked out with the Reverend and three other young guys. Really hunky muscular guys. The Reverend is a fuckin giant, about six feet tall but I know he weighs way over two hundred pounds; all of it solid muscle. Minister or no, he was fuckin turning me on. He was wearing skin tight biker type shorts and a wife beater, and I almost fainted every time I looked at his crotch. It was easy to see he wasn't wearing anything under those tight shorts. Shit you wouldn't believe how big it was. I think he was a good nine inches soft; or maybe he was half hard. I know I was hard as a rock. I don't think he could help but notice me looking, but thank god you always make me wear a jockstrap so my hardon didn't show too much.'

'Well? Did you fuck him?' I asked with a grin.

'Jesus no Randy' he said with a shocked look on his a face. 'He's a minister for god's sake.'

'Get back on my chest babe' I ordered. 'That feels good, and you can lick and talk at the same time.' Landon gave my left tit a big kiss, and then started licking along the hard shelf of my pectoral muscle.

'So?' I asked. 'Then what?'

'So he complemented the hell out of me, and told me what a great workout partner I was. The other guys were real friendly too. I told him you had trained me, and he asked if you were a member of the church. I told him you were thinking about it. Shit, Randy. I bet he'd pick you for the group in a minute. You're just the type he seems to like. So anyway, he accepted me into the group and I went to my first meeting on Thursday.'

'So that's where you were. So, this man of God makes you horny' I said with a laugh.

Landon could not help but laugh as well. 'I can't help it Randy. He is so fuckin hot. You don't mind do you Boss? I still love you, but I'm really excited about being a member of his Academy.'

'Hell it's okay with me babe. I'm just happy for you. It sounds like it's a real honor be invited to join that group. But, what is it all about? What did you do?'

'Well, it's all solemn with candles and rituals and all kinds of cool shit. We all oiled our bodies and stripped down to loincloths except for the Reverend, who wore a robe. It was funny because the loincloth he gave me was like a tiger skin, making me look like a young jungle boy. There were eight other boys but their loincloths were like tan colored leather. I guess the boy who is being initiated always wears the tiger skin.

'Anyway we sat in a circle with some kind of grill in the middle with a little fire. There were four candles on a table behind the Reverend. It was kind of spooky but real exciting. He called us his 'spiritual sons' and said we were bonding together with him. We prayed and read scripture, or at least Reverend Young did. I had to stand and read some stuff about men and boys bonding together and keeping my body pure, unsoiled and muscular. Yep. That's what it said. I had to remain muscular. And, Randy; let me tell you. All eight guys were really hot studs, and our oiled muscled bodies glistening in the candlelight was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. All the guys were seventeen or eighteen but two of the black guys looked like they'd worked out for years. I swear they were both likely candidates for 'Junior Mr. America'. They didn't look as good as you Randy, but they had muscles that wouldn't quit. Let me tell you Reverend Young really knows how to pick 'em. Every one of them turned me on.'

'Well hell Landon' I said with a big grin as I licked my lips. 'Sounds like my kind of group. I could have a real good time with boys like that. Particularly when they were only wearing loincloths'.

'By the way Boss, I had to tell him I was seventeen. He wouldn't have let me join if he knew I wasn't quite sixteen yet. And, oh yeah, those loincloths were as steamy as anything I'd ever experienced.'

'So, come on' I said. 'Tell me more. This sounds really hot. And get your mouth back on my chest.' I gave him a light slap on the back of the head and pushed him over to the other side, and he got back to giving me wet kisses.

'Well, you're not going to believe this' he said between kisses to my chest. 'But at the end when we stood up and held hands and meditated for a couple minutes, I cheated and looked around. I admit I was so hot my cock was clearly pushing my loincloth out. I was so horny I just couldn't help it. But four of the other guys were the same with bulges showing in their loincloths. And get this. I don't know what Reverend Young was wearing under the robe, but I swear to god there might have been a bulge showing there too. I was so hot I didn't know what to do. I almost came right then and there.'

'And listen to this. Reverend Young actually mentioned it while we were standing there with hardons. When our meditation was over, he said male sexuality was a gift from God and we should recognize our sexual feelings as a blessing from above. But he said we must stay uncontaminated by impure thoughts about sexual desire being bad.' Landon took a breath and gave me another smooch before moving down to my washboard abdominals. 'I'm not sure, but I think he was saying it was okay for us to have roaring hardons. So, what do you think of that?'

'So it was turning into a sex orgy hey?' I said with a laugh. 'You going down on the preacher?'

'No, no Randy. No way' Landon answered. 'I'm not exactly sure what he meant but it was all about God and Jesus and stuff. Reverend Young said that we had to keep ourselves pure and said bonding with men helped us strengthen our masculinity and remain virtuous. He said he was a perfect example of a virile male blessed by God and we should try to emulate him. And, hell, I sure wouldn't disagree with that. He is totally built. His body is fabulous. He said for the time being we should avoid the opposite sex and keep ourselves unsullied while getting into the spirit of the bonding within the Academy. He said he'd work with us, one on one, to show us how we could become robust in body and spirit just like him. He was amazing Randy.'

'Oh yeah. He sounds fuckin amazing' I said with a laugh. 'A fuckin pervert it sounds like to me. A real hot pervert.'

'No Randy. It wasn't like that at all' Landon said, shocked at Randy's comments. 'He's a man of god but believes in nurturing the masculinity of the male body in young men. I'm excited about what he can teach me.'

'So' Randy asked. 'Was that it.'

'Yeah. Pretty much' Landon answered. 'He asked one of the hot black guys to stay behind for further discussion and said he would work with me, the new member, as soon as he had time. We meet again next Thursday.'

'Okay Landon. Talking about your hot preacher has got me all horny again. I love fuckin big guys and your Reverend sounds like a perfect candidate. But since he's not here' I said with a laugh 'you're the one whose gonna get fucked.' Landon looked up from lickin my abs and gave me a big smile. Then he moved on down and started licking my cock. Very slowly, like a serpent, it began to wake up and rise up.

So, I ended up going to church! I thought my mom was going to faint dead away. I hadn't been to church since my grandma took me when I was five or six. My parents didn't seem to believe in anything, although my mom said she was raised Catholic. I talked Jason into going along, so we sat with Landon and his parents. I admit that Reverend Young was a hell of a preacher. He wasn't quite the fire and brimstone preacher like I expected, but he was powerful and forceful, and he had his audience out of their seats several times in religious fervor. His sermon on helping your fellow man was soul searching and I liked it. I've never heard so many Amen's in my life.

When the service was over we made a point of getting in the very, very long receiving line to shake his hand. Landon introduced me, and the Reverend shook my hand warmly and told me I must come back again. I of course, was disappointed I wasn't immediately invited to join the 'Youngfellows Youth Academy'. He told Landon however, that he had some free time after his workout in the afternoon. So Landon was invited to workout with him again and then continue the orientation for new members.

'Well that's a bunch of shit' I said as we left the church. 'I wanted him to invite me and Jason to join his Academy.'

'I don't know Randy' Landon answered. 'One of the guys told me he only takes new members when someone is graduating. Evidently he keeps the number at eight or ten only.'

'But Boss. Were you listening?' Landon said excitedly. 'He wants me to work out with him again, and he's going to give me special counseling. That's fuckin fantastic.'

'You'd better stop your swearing if you're going to spend time with the Reverend' Jason said. 'It'd be just like you to say fuck right to his face.'

'Yeah. Thanks' Landon responded sarcastically. 'But shit. Working out with him is one hell of an honor, and this will be the second time. Damn guys. I can't believe he's actually noticed me. My parents are absolutely thrilled, and so am I. Hell, he's got thousands of parishioners and he's actually meeting with me.'

'Take it easy' I said with a laugh. 'Don't get carried away. He probably just wants to fuck you.'

'Randy, please' Landon responded. 'Don't say that. He's a man of God. And I'm just thrilled that he has noticed me, and I can be a member of his Academy. I used to believe I was an atheist, but let me tell you. If nothing else, I sure believe in Reverend Young.'

'Shit. You're not getting religion' I said. 'You're just falling in love with the Reverend.' Landon gave me a big grin but didn't try to argue.

Jason and I usually took Sunday off from our workout routine, but after attending church and having lunch we decided to rest and then have an intensive leg workout later in the afternoon.

I took Jason to my bedroom and let him suck me for a couple hours while I relaxed and dozed. I loved spending Sunday afternoons like this with my cock in somebody's mouth even if I didn't want to cum.

I'd invited Brad, one of my groupies, over to help Jason change the weights. I wasn't sure if he was gay or not, but I'd pretty much decided to fuck him. With my reputation, I think most any boy who gets invited to workout with me, knows he's probably going to get it up the ass. So, he was already outside my weight room waiting at 4:00 when Jason and I got there and he looked nervous as hell.

'Hey Brad, I'm glad you're here' I said giving him the high five as we entered the room. 'Jace and I always strip to our jockstraps to workout, so you can do the same.'

'I... ah... I'm only helping with the weights Randy. I'm... ah... I'm not... ah lifting' he said with a quiver in his voice.

'Now Brad' I said patiently with my hands on my hips. 'When we're outside you can call me Randy. But you know damn well when you're on my home ground you call me Boss or Sir. So do it,'

'Oh... Sorry Ran... ahhh... Boss. Ahhh... sir' he whispered.

'Now I didn't ask you to strip boy. I told you to. So strip !!' I demanded. Quick as a wink he started stripping while Jason and I removed our shorts leaving only our jocks and socks. Brad was wearing boxer shorts for gods sake.

'Take those god damn things off' I ordered with disgust. I walked over to my dirty clothes and pulled out one of my dirty jockstraps. I picked one that was well used and stuck together from dried cum. 'I can't stand boxers, so put my dirty jock on. A little cum stain won't hurt you.' I held them out to him and he looked at me. 'Move it' I ordered. He quickly pulled off the boxers and took the jockstrap from my hand.

'Randy ahhh... Sir. Ahh... this is really filthy' he said. Jason gasped in surprise and I thought the kid must have a death wish.

'That's my god damn cum on it you idiot' I shouted 'and you'd better feel damn lucky I'm letting you wear it.' I jerked it out of his hand and jammed it into his face. 'You either wear it normally or you'll wear it on your head' I growled. 'Which will it be?'

'Geese Randy I'm sorry. Er... I'm sorry Boss' he stuttered. 'I'll wear it.' I turned away from him as he stepped into it and gingerly pulled it on.

'Okay Jace. Let's get at it' I said.

My thighs were enormous but perfectly in proportion with my amazingly muscular body. I was only sixteen, but there wasn't an eighteen or nineteen year old body builder around who looked anywhere near as good as me. I was one hell of a hot stud and the most popular guy in my high school class, and I probably had a hundred or more kids fawning all over me who would do anything just to get noticed.

I had an entourage like you wouldn't believe. A bunch of fuckin toadies if you wanna know the truth, but as long as they kowtowed to me I let them tag along. But I only encouraged the ones I might want to fuck. I tried to keep the girls to a minimum, because they were always trying to crawl all over me to touch my muscles. But the boys I let hang around had to have nice asses, muscular bodies and pretty faces. It was amazing how many gay pretty boys there were around just waiting to be fucked, but there were also plenty of straight ones too. I'd fucked half a dozen of my groupies who thought they might be straight, but I had a couple dozen more who were probably available. I loved fuckin butch looking gay boys but if they were not available, I was always ready to fuck a straight kid.

So, Jason and I were working out, while Brad worked up a sweat just changing the weights. But actually I was waiting for Landon to show up and tell us what happened with the Reverend.

'Let me stay Boss' Jason said when we had finally finished. 'I want to hear what Landon has to say.' He could hardly stand up, and my legs were wobbly as well. But we had one hell of a workout.

'Sorry Jace, but Brad and I are going to be busy' I said with a grin. 'You can find out tomorrow what happened. So, get your ass out of here.' Jason put on his shorts and shoes, gave me a kiss, and left.

Brad was looking at me with trepidation. 'Randy. Ahhh... Boss. It's after five and I should to be heading home.' I didn't say anything, but just stood there in my jockstrap, dripping with sweat, staring at him.

After a couple minutes, I could see he was nervous. 'Oh yeah?' I asked.

'Please Boss. I have to go' he said his voice breaking. He was afraid and I was loving it. I stepped up to him and grabbed his crotch.

'How's that feel boy? You like wearing my dirty jock?' I said as I groped him a couple times.

'Please Randy' he stuttered. 'Please don't.' He grabbed my hand and tried to pull it away.

'Call me Boss and move your fuckin hand' I growled it him. 'NOW' I ordered.

'Please Randy... Please Boss' he mumbled as he moved his hand away and tears started dripping from his eyes. 'Please Boss. I'm sorry.'

'Take that jock off' I ordered and visibly shaking he removed it and handed it to me. I just let him stand there in the nude for a moment. 'Open your mouth' I ordered and he got this shocked look in his face.

'Oh please Randy' he pleaded. I instantly grabbed him by the throat, jerked him forward, and squeezed, starting to strangle him. He tried to pull me away with both hands but no way could he even budge my single handed grip.

I pulled him close so our noses were almost touching as I continued squeezing his throat. 'You call me Randy again and I'm gonna break your jaw' I growled softly and menacingly.

'Aughhhh' he choked until I let up slightly. 'Please sir. Please sir. Please sir' he repeated over and over while gasping for breath.

'Now open your fuckin mouth like I told you' I ordered again. As he opened wide I grabbed his hair with one hand and pushed the jock in his mouth with the other. 'Now don't you fuckin move' I growled. He stood there shaking with my jock sticking out of his mouth while I went over and picked up a towel and rubbed it over my hair and face. I was totally dripping with sweat from the workout. When I turned back to him he hadn't moved but was just staring at me looking totally silly with my jock in his mouth with tears dripping down his face. I couldn't help but smile at his sorrowful look.

Stepping back to him I pulled the jock from his mouth. Then taking hold of his chin I gave him a big grin. 'The only thing better than sucking on my dirty jockstrap is sucking on my cock. You ever suck cock Brad? You a cocksucker?'

'G.G.G.G.Geeeze Ran...Boss. No' he stuttered. 'No, never Boss.'

'Well, that's too bad. I like a cocksucker with experience. But it's okay because I plan to teach you. Get down on your god damn knees.' He gave me a look like he was wondering if he had a choice, and then slowly got down on his knees before me.

I always enjoyed taking a 'newby', either gay or straight, and forcing him to blow me. It was a real power trip, and made me hotter than hell. But inexperienced guys were usually lousy cocksuckers so I liked to get my kicks by playing with them and humiliating them for a while first. That way I'd be really hot before they started blowing me, so I could probably cum even if they were lousy. So I grabbed Brad by the hair and pulled him stumbling and crawling over to the weight bench. I lay down on it and put one hand behind my head flexing my big bicep and opening up my armpit near Brad's face.

'See that armpit boy' I said giving him a big grin. 'You're going to worship it boy. Get in there and suck the sweat outa my pit.' I grabbed him by the hair with my other hand and pulled him in. 'Suck it baby' I murmured. 'Suck all that juice outa my pit.' He didn't try to pull back but I couldn't feel his tongue yet so I yelled at him. 'Get with it you little fuck' I yelled slapping him on the back of his head.

Now he started licking slowly. 'Suck baby. Suck' I said and just relaxed. I wasn't in any hurry since I was just going to wait for Landon to get back from his meeting with Reverend Young anyway.

After Brad sucked all the sweat out of my armpit, I directed him to my chest. It took a couple slaps to make him understand that he had to worship by kissing, licking and sucking. All three. But he finally got with the program and after a while I let him move down to my abdominals.

Landon still hadn't shown up, and I really didn't want to cum before he told me his story. So I directed Brad to gently suck on my jockstrap for a while. He did okay and it was very pleasurable and kept me hard, but it didn't bring me to the point of coming. I could go all day staying hard without cuming with a pretty boy sucking the juices out of my jock strap.

Anyway, Landon finally showed up about twenty minutes later. He'd been gone over three hours. He had a grin a mile wide on his face as he came into the workout room.

'Well, where the fuck have you been? I asked.

'You won't believe it' he said with a big grin. 'But wait until I tell you.' I stood up and ordered Brad to pull my jock off.

'Okay Brad. You can now suck the real thing. So get started' I said as I sat on the bench and pulled him up close between my knees. He leaned down and took my almost fully hard cock in his mouth. 'Okay boy. Nice and slow. Make me feel good.'

'Okay Landon. I'm ready. Now tell me what happened.'

Landon sat down on the wrestling mat with his legs crossed watching me get blown and told me this story:

Well, the Reverend and I worked out for about an hour and a half with two other members of the Academy. And geeze is he strong. He is total muscle. After the workout we didn't shower or anything, but he let the two other guys go and took me into his office.

He had this mat in front of his desk and we both kneeled down on it. He put his arm around me and we prayed and he quoted bible scripture. Then he said my body was a temple of God, and my sexuality was God's gift. I had to remove impure thoughts and any guilt about sexual feelings.

Then he said he built his body for God's glory, and he was there to lead and guide boys like me. He said God told him I would be a good member of the Academy. Can you believe that? God actually told him to pick me. Since we'd just come from the gym he was still wearing only those tight shorts and a wife beater. As he stood up from praying I could see he was pretty hard, with the biggest god damn piece of meat I'd ever seen. And obviously, since he was wearing those tight shorts and nothing under them, he wanted it to show. I'm sure he wanted us guys to know how big he was so he was showing if off on purpose. He told me to stay on my knees as he removed his wife beater and started flexing his huge muscles. And Jesus Randy. He was nothing less than awesome. He kept telling me that he built his gorgeous body; that's what he called himself: gorgeous, and I sure's hell didn't disagree with him. He said he built his gorgeous body for God's glory and he was God's gift to the church and God's instrument in directing the boys in the Academy.

Then you won't believe this Randy. He pealed down those skin tight shorts letting that enormous shiny black dong pop out and slap up against his abs.

'Help me get 'em off boy' he ordered and I, sitting there like an idiot with my mouth hanging open, reached over and helped him as we struggled to get those tight shorts the rest of the way down so he could step out of them. And jesus, was he huge. Beyond huge. Enormous.

'There's nothing to be ashamed of when you get sexually aroused' he said with his booming voice. 'This is God's gift and is to be used as an example of God's glory.'

'As a young man, pure and unsullied, you must defend your sexual arousal from those who would tell you to hide it and call it evil. God has told me to pick you and the other masculine young men in the Academy so I can teach you sexual and moral discipline.. You will emulate me as a perfect example of God's image of masculinity and you will accept my discipline of how to handle your sexual desires' he said.

Then he told me to get up and take my clothes off to show him my arousal. He actually wanted to see my hardon but I was still staring flabbergasted at his monster. I finally pulled my eyes away long enough to strip. Besides, since he seemed to think it was a good thing, I wanted to show him how turned on I was.

I was kind of embarrassed, standing there nude in front of the Reverend. But he wasn't in the least. He had his arms crossed over his massive chest with that huge dick sticking out, and he was totally composed and proud.

'You see boy? There is nothing to be ashamed of' he said. 'You are young and pure and you can remain that way by being a member of the Academy and learning from me what it means to be a masculine sexual being with no in inhibitions, and recognizing yourself as a male being in the Lord's image.'

Then, Randy, he took my hand and put it on his enormous prick.

'See boy' he said. 'There is nothing to be ashamed of to be sexually aroused. God made us this way. And with me as God's example of a perfect viral male, you can not help but be aroused. You arouse me because you are young and pure and anxious to learn from me.'

'Holding my penis feels good boy. Does it embarrass you to hold it?' he asked.

'Ahhh... ahhh... yes sir. I mean ahhh... no sir' I mumbled back.

'Good boy' he said. 'Do you like it boy? Do you enjoy feeling my penis? God wants you to enjoy it as much as I do.'

'Yes sir Reverend. It feels wonderful' I answered.

The whole time I was there he never called me Landon, but only boy. 'Good boy' he said again. 'You understand already the first thing I teach in the Academy. That the male sexual arousal is a good thing and God wants us to take pleasure in it.'

'Your hand feels good boy, but go ahead and start rubbing it and make it feel better.'

I just stood there, kind of shocked, with this goofy look on my face as I started to gently massage his enormous erection.

He chuckled when he saw my cock bob up and down and begin to spasm. I took deep breaths to try to keep from Cuming. 'You seem to like rubbing my penis I see. Yes you are definitely aroused' he said with a laugh. 'Tell me what you think boy' he said as he continued chuckling.

'Geeze Rev...Er, excuse me Reverend. But you're so big. I didn't know prick's came this big.'

'It's okay boy. I understand your amazement. But God gave me one to be admired and revered. So you treat it with respect, hear me? And call it a penis, not a prick.'

'Yes Reverend. Sorry Reverend. But I've never seen a penis as beautiful as yours.'

'Rubbing me and arousing me is a good thing boy. God has allowed us to have sperm, and if we take pleasure in using it, that is God's will.'

Then he pulled my hand from his cock and took both my hands in his. He held me there for a moment just looking me in the eye. He gave me a big smile. 'It's for the glory of God boy. Is there something else you want to do with my penis?'

I just gave him a blank look, until I sunk in what he was asking. Hell, Randy, you know how much I love sucking your cock. I wasn't going to let this chance of sucking the biggest one I'd ever seen get away. It was pretty clear what he wanted. If no hands, then what else is there but the mouth.

'Please Reverend' I whispered. 'May I kiss it.'

'Good boy' he said with a grin. 'You want to give true devotion to your mentor and reverence to the Lord, and that is a good thing.' Still grinning at me he let me kiss it.

I'd never seen such a monster cock so of course I wasn't going to just kiss it. So I got down on my knees and tried to swallow it. And I kept trying for the next fifteen minutes until he finally came. I've never heard anybody roar like he did when he finally shot into my mouth. And at the very end when he was almost ready to cum and was in the final throes of excitement, he grabbed my head and rammed damn near every last inch deep into my gullet. You know Randy how good I am. I know how to deep throat a cock, but he damn near strangled me on that enormous wang of his. After he started calming down he praised me to no end, saying I was well ahead of some of the other boys in the class with my understanding of male bonding.

I was still hard as a rock, but he pulled me to my feet, turned me around and put his arms around me so his cock was pressed into my ass. 'It's your turn now boy' he said. 'God gave you your sexuality so you can now use if for your own pleasure.' He took my hand and put it on my cock. 'Go ahead and consummate the bond between us, which can never be broken.' I was nearly there so it only took me ninety seconds or so to cum. Feeling his big monster pressed into my ass crack was pretty good stimulation as well.

When I was done he rubbed his fingers over the tip of my prick getting the last couple drops and put it to his mouth. 'As teacher and student, father and child, mentor and pupil, we are now truly bonded' he said as he turned me around to face him.

Then he gave me a light kiss on each cheek and we kneeled down again. He prayed that our bond would remain strong and get stronger, and as a member of the Academy I would reach new heights of awareness of my sexuality and my masculine image.

When we got up he told me to get dressed and clean my cum off the floor before I left. He was going to take a quick shower, and he had a meeting in fifteen minutes. Just before he went into the bathroom off of his office, he mentioned I was very talented at giving sexual pleasure for the glory of the Lord. But with a little practice I could be even better.

I'm no dummy. I knew exactly what he was saying. He was going to have me practice on him until I could take every damn inch of him deep into my throat.

'So, Randy. What do you think of that?' Landon asked me.

'Wow' I answered. 'That's quite a story.' Brad had been sucking me the whole time Landon was talking. And as I thought, he wasn't much of a cocksucker, but by holding his hair and jerking it occasionally he was able to keep me hard.

'Right now we've got to do something about my dick' I said. 'Let's go Brad. Bring me off' I said as I started to slowly fuck deeper into his face. He started choking a little, but I was close so I didn't let it bother me.

'So, ugh. You, ugh, loved, ugh, blowing him?' I asked as I fucked Brad's face.

'Boss. I hope you don't mind, but it was wonderful. Just as he said, I feel 'spiritually uplifted'. I didn't know it was God's will that we get aroused by other men' he said fervently. 'It really felt honorable.'

'And Boss. I haven't told you the best part.'

'Give me a minute Landon' I said as I stood up, grabbed Brad by the hair and really started ramming it in. Brad started choking and gagging but I didn't give a shit because I was almost there. If he made a mess I'd let him clean it up, but right now I just couldn't be bothered. As I felt my cock swell I grabbed it in my fist and pulled quickly out of Brad's mouth and my first shot got him right between the eyes. He was gasping and crying as he spewed out mucus and stuff but I was kind of jerking him around by the hair in the throes of excitement as I fired shot after shot into his face. Fucking a virgin was always incredible, and hearing Brad's choking and looking down at his shocked, sweat and cum covered face was a delight. The feeling of power to totally control a new guy and use him for my pleasure was awesome.

Landon just sat there watching with a big grin on his face. He knew me and knew what I liked, and didn't object to my taking a new kid once in a while.

When I let go of Brad, he just kind of sank to the floor still gasping for breath. I was sweating all over again but the tingling sensation in my cock from the ejaculation was sensational.

'Okay Landon' I said as I sat back down on the bench. 'Tell me the best part.'

'Well, you know I've told him about you. So, when we were weight lifting, he said he had another opening in the Academy. He said he'd like to have you work out with him and have an interview, but he was going to be awfully busy.

'So, listen to this. He's going to fly us to Milwaukee this Thursday when he goes to a ministers convention. Since I recommended you, he wants me there as well. Isn't that fantastic? He's got a suite at the InterContinental Hotel, which is supposed to be the plushest place in town.'

So that's how Landon and I ended up in Milwaukee. You wouldn't believe the lobby of that hotel. It was like a Hollywood movie, with a chandelier that must have weighed a ton. The suite was like a palace: enormous living room with fireplace and a bedroom with the biggest bed I'd ever seen. I've never seen a California King, but I know this one was way bigger. Besides, the damn thing was round and there was a mirror on the ceiling above it. Looked like an elegant sex den to me.

The Reverend was not with us when we checked in, but the arrangements were all made. After Landon and I explored the suite for a while and tried all the gadgets, there came a discreet knock at the door. When Landon opened the door I saw one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. He was at least six feet tall and blond with a sparkling smile. He was wearing gym shorts and the snug white t-shirt had an InterContinental logo on the left side of his chest.

'Excuse me gentlemen. I'm Ted, the in-house physical trainer, and Reverend Young has asked me to escort you to the gym to start on some warm-ups' he said with a smile you could kill for.

'You can escort me anywhere' Landon blurted out without thinking. I roared with laughter, and after a moment Ted joined me and finally Landon, red in the face, joined in as well.

'We'll see about that' Ted said with a laugh. 'For now, if you can get ready, I'll escort you to the gym.'

'Yeah sure' I said continuing to ogle him. 'Come on in.' I could hardly take my eyes off him, and neither could Landon. He had a perfect tan, and as well as being outstandingly handsome, he was built. I suppose you would expect that from a trainer, but his muscles were trying to tear themselves out of that t-shirt in every direction.

Ted wasn't oblivious to either Landon or I as he entered the room. His eyes went up and down and then back and forth between us as he checked us out. Once he got a good look at me, he didn't bother looking back at Landon again. Hell, I affected most everyone this way, except this guy gave my looks a run for the money. Landon had the beautiful features, but I had the ruggedly masculine good looks and the spectacular body to go with it. I knew I could get this guy into bed in the next thirty seconds if I wanted too because I could see the lust in his eyes.

'Oh. We didn't know when the gym was going to be available' I said, giving him one of my sparkling smiles. 'Give us a couple minutes to change and we'll be ready.' Landon and I went into the bedroom to get our work out clothes from our backpacks. We hadn't bothered with suitcases since we were only staying for two nights. Landon started changing but I took my clothes back into the living room. Ted was still standing patiently by the door as I walked into the room. I went to the middle of the room, like it was a stage or something, and facing Ted started to strip. I made a production of it, doing it slowly and seductively and staring into his eyes. Once I was nude I turned around for his inspection, and then picking up my jockstrap, I very slowly stepped into it and gradually pulled it up over my calves, over my knees and up and over my massive thighs. Finally I got them up to my crotch and with some difficulty folded my half hard prick inside.

'Com'er Ted' I said softly as I held up my hand and waved him over. As I'd planned, he was completely mesmerized, and I could see by the lump showing in his shorts that he was turned on. 'Com'er' I said again and he slowly walked over to me. As he got close I took his hand and pulled it into my crotch allowing him to feel my hardening cock. 'You're a hot guy Ted' I whispered. 'See what you do to me?' I let go of his hand, but he didn't let go of my cock, but kept rubbing in, and making it get harder and stick out more.

'Ah hum' I heard from behind me as Landon entered the room. 'Boss? I think we need to get to the gym.' I completely ignored him as I leaned forward and gave Ted a light kiss.

'You're really hot Ted' I whispered as I took his hand again and forced him to squeeze my cock very hard. I could see Ted starting to sweat as I took control. With my other hand I reached behind his head and pulled very gently, encouraging him forward and down to his knees. He switched his eyes from my face to my crotch as I pulled him in. 'Kiss it Ted. Kiss it' I said softly. Ted leaned in and kissed my jock covered cock, and then again and again. Pulling his head back, I leaned down and lightly kissed his nose, and then his lips.

'Later Ted. Later' I whispered as I pulled him to his feet. Ted was totally flustered as I stepped back and picked up my wife beater and pulled it on. His face was red as he stepped away from me and without a word walked back over to the door. I slipped into my gym shorts, and Landon came over and helped me get my shoes and socks on.

'Okay, we're ready' I said with a grin as I walked over and gave Ted a friendly slap on the ass. Ted started out of the room with Landon and I close behind.

When we arrived at the gym which was in a building on the roof, Ted had regained his composure. When I noted that the gym was empty, Ted remarked that the Reverend always liked privacy when at the InterContinental so they closed it up for an hour or so when he wanted to use it.

'Is Reverend Young going to be here' I asked Ted.

'Not for this session I'm afraid. I workout with the Reverend whenever he is in town, but today he asked me to take you guys through his usual routine. I hope that's okay.'

'But of course, if that's what he wants' I answered. 'But I was really looking forward to working out with him.'

It turned out Ted was a terrific trainer. And even as experienced as I was, he was able to give me a few tips on improving some of my exercises.

At one point during the workout I grabbed his hips and pushed my crotch into his ass, holding him tight, and humping a couple times.

'You like?' I whispered in his ear.

'Please sir. Not here' he said with a quiver in his voice. 'They can see through the windows.' I hadn't noticed anyone around but one wall of the gym was plate glass windows so anyone coming to the roof could see us.

'Okay Ted. Later.' I whispered as I gave his ear a lick. 'Later' I said again.

When we got back to our room there was a message for us to go ahead and have dinner in the [email protected] Restaurant and the Reverend would join us later in the evening. Ted was going to join us and stay around for whatever the Reverend had planned for later which I found interesting. And so did my prick.

So, we cleaned up and went to dinner. We got back to the room and chatted for a while, discovering that Ted was a former member of the Academy, and that the Reverend had got him his well paid job at the hotel. It was about 9:30 when the Reverend finally showed up. There was no messing around at all when he got there. He handed each of us a loincloth and some body oil, and told us to hurry and get ready. The Reverend used the bathroom and we used the bedroom to strip, oil each other up and get the loin cloths on. I found it very exciting and erotic.

When Reverend Young came out of the bathroom in what I guess was a ministerial robe, he had us move a table giving us a large open space in the middle of the livingroom. Turning off the lights and closing the blinds so the room was completely black, he put four candles together, and had the four of us knees around them and hold hands.

Then he prayed.

'Our dear heavenly father' he said.

'We kneel before you with these boys in the prime of their youth, ready to do your will. Help them to understand their bodies are your temples, to be cherished and nourished to become strong and powerful for your further glory. Let them understand that I, as their mentor and as your instrument, will lead them into an openness and an understanding of their most noble desires. Have them know that my body, built in your image, is theres to be used and emulated and cherished so they also can be as strong in mind and body as am I, and totally dedicated to your service. With my lead and as members of the Youngfellows Youth Academy show them they will reach a fulfillment of their most honest sexual needs, and an understanding that their bodies; their temples; are to be used for your glory in all things.


'Amen' we all echoed.

After the prayer, Reverend Young stood and removed his robe. He was wearing only a lion skin loin cloth, and he was gorgeous. Dark brown, almost black body with huge bulging muscles everywhere. His massive chest and shoulders and arms glistened in the candle light. He had oiled his body as well and every muscle on his spectacular physique glowed as those muscles rippled and flowed making him look truly ravishing.

'This is what I have made in God's image' he said as he preformed a double bicep pose.

'Ted?' he asked.

'In God's image Reverend' Ted responded.

'Landon?' the Reverend asked.

'In God's image Reverend' Landon answered, catching on real quick. Now I understood it was a ritual, so when he asked I responded the same way. 'In God's image Reverend' I quoted.

Reverend Young finally sat down with his legs crossed, and we did the same. 'Ted. Let's get out the pipe.' Ted pulled out a small pipe and filled it. Obviously it was not tobacco. He inhaled and held it as he handed the pipe to Landon, and I realized it was marijuana. So we were going to get stoned before we got down to the nitty-gritty. That was fine with me since I love smoking some pot once in a while. When Landon passed it on I inhaled deep and held it as I handed the pipe to the Reverend.

'This common grass, grown in God's garden, is to relax us and allow us to see deep into our very souls to our most significant desires. May God's blessing go with it.' At that he took a puff as well.

Ted refilled the pipe twice as it was passed around and around the circle. When the Reverend finally put the pipe down I was absolutely flying and figured everyone else was as well. I couldn't remember ever feeling quite so mellow.

And watching the gleaming muscular bodies in the circle as the pipe was passed around had made me hot and horny. One spectacular godlike muscle man and three gorgeous young muscle studs; I was ready for anything.

Reverend Young stood up and groped himself slowly and erotically through his loincloth. Then he put his hands on his hips and looked around at us. I could see the growing bulge in his loincloth, so it was clear he was getting hard.

'Is your sexuality a gift from God Ted?' he asked, and Ted answered yes. He asked the same question of Landon who also answered yes. And then he asked me and I answered the same way.

'Is my sexuality a gift from God?' he asked. Ted and Landon said yes together, and I joined them.

'Is my body, built in God's image, to be cherished and treasured?' We all answered yes. Hell, I was so hot I would have answered yes to anything, just to get it on.

Evidently it was time, because the Reverend untied his loincloth and let it fall to the floor. Jesus, Landon was right. Seeing is believing, and he was fuckin huge. His enormous black prick, not completely hard yet, was sticking out like a god damn cannon, and I could see a drop of pre-cum on the tip.

Shit, this guy was incredible. Tall and massively muscled, with amazing definition, and a cock that was almost beyond description. I knew my Master Wade's cock and I'd seen hundreds of other cocks, but this one was in an entire class of its own.

'Stand and see the body I have build for God's glory' he said, and we stood, but with some difficulty since we were all stoned out of our gourds. 'Having a healthy desire and accepting that it is a gift from God, let us praise him by showing our arousals as a blessing.'

'Landon' he said. 'Will you accept a blessing from your mentor?'

'Yes Master' Landon said without even realizing what he said. I noticed the Reverend showing a smirk when Landon called him Master. He loved it and damned if it didn't feel perfectly correct to me as well.

'Step forward and kneel, my obedient devotee' The reverend ordered. 'Accept this gift of my lust for you through God's grace. Accept it lovingly' he said as he pushed his hard cock to Landon's mouth, and Landon automatically licked the pre-cum off the end.

The Reverend then pushed Landon back and putting his hands on his hips, performed the double lat spread pose forcing that gigantic chest out even further. I actually had to swallow and gasp for breath. He was absolutely magnificent.

'God has made me as an unequaled example of masculinity for you to imitate, and if you lust for me you are showing your love of God, and me as his symbol of perfection. Worshiping God is worshiping me in his image.'

'Ted. Come and Worship.' Ted moved forward and got on his knees and the Reverend pulled his head into his crotch. Ted moaned as he started kissing the enormous prick.

'Randy. Come and Worship.' Stoned and excited behind belief I joined Ted and lovingly pushed my face into my new Master's crotch.

'Landon. Come and Worship.' Landon crawled forward and pressed his face into our Master's crotch as well and fervently kissed his cock over and over. My new Master's cock was bobbing up and down as all three of us licked it and kissed it with true adoration.

After a while I felt his hand grasp my hair and gently pull me to the side and I started kissing and worshiping his hard muscled thighs. I wrapped my arms around that gigantic trunk and laved his quads with my tongue. I was in total rapture. Although my eyes were tightly closed I vaguely knew Ted was worshiping the other thigh, and Landon was again trying to swallow the Reverend's cock. I couldn't help but rub my hands lovingly over the hard bulging muscles of his thighs, and then up to his hard ass as I slobbered over the hard muscles

I heard Landon grunting, and as I glanced over I saw that our new Master was now holding Landon's head with both hands and was ramming it firmly down onto his enormous prick. Landon seemed to be struggling as his nose was cramming into our Master's crotch with each thrust. Contrary to Landon's belief, he was able to take the monster cock all the way into his throat. I could see his throat bulging as it went it. Looking up I saw my new Master's muscles gleaming from the oil with sweat dripping down. He had a look of ecstasy on his face. Then, cramming Landon's face down hard one last time, he roared and started bucking his hips. I think Landon was trying to scream as our Master fired a couple shots into his throat but our Master was completely unaware and totally preoccupied with the exquisite feelings of delight coming from his cock. But then my Master surprised me by letting go of Landon, grabbing my hair and jerking me to his cock where I banged my nose into Ted who was being jerked from the other side.

'Catch it. Swallow it. Don't lose it' my new Master yelled at us, and Ted and I both tried to catch the cream as it continued to shoot out. When he finally began to calm down and quit shooting, he held Ted and I into his crotch while we continued licking and sucking him until any sign of cum or sweat or oil was completely gone.

Landon was lying to the side still gasping for breath when Master pushed our faces to the floor where some of his cum had dripped.

'This is a gift from God, so lick up every bit of it.' Ted and I lapped it up passionately.

When he pulled Ted and I back up to our knees he gave us a big smile. And my new Master's smile was absolutely dazzling. He leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips.

'Thank you Master' I said. Then he kissed Ted.

'Thank you Reverend' he responded.

'That's okay boy' he said with a smile. 'You can call me Master.'

'Thank you Master' Ted answered. Landon had pretty much recovered from his choking and as he got back to his knees, Master gave him a kiss as well.

'Thank you Master' Landon replied worshipfully.

'Yes. Worship, my acolytes. Understand the true nature of desire and lust, and know that it is God given. Show your true adoration of me in God's image and know that it is pure and good.' Then Master turned and headed into the bedroom. I watched in awe as the clearly defined oiled muscles in his broad shoulders and back glistened and roiled with each step, and the indentations of his hard ass moved in conjunction.

We followed him into the bedroom and for the next two hours we licked and kissed every inch of Master's massive physique over and over and over again. When all the scented oil had been licked off, he stood and let us oil him again and then start over. There was no question in my mind he was a god and most definitely deserving of our worship.

But I was amazed at this muscle giant's gentleness. Although very demanding and clearly in control, he directed our worship in a calm collected manner. No badgering, no yelling, no slapping. Just calm collected adoration of his incredible body. I was accustomed to my first Master, Wade, who was always physically harsh and sometimes violent. I craved Wade's abuse like a drug, but this Master's calmness was exciting in its' own way. My cock stayed totally hard the whole time I was revering his phenomenal physique. I was in love. I was in lust. And I know Landon and Ted felt the same.

At one point, when I had my face buried in Master's firm muscled ass, he ordered Landon to prepare me for the ultimate of God's gifts; the penetration and the giving of God's greatest gift of semen into my body. As I felt Landon's tongue against my ass crack, I knew from experience that he would do an amazing job of loosening me up. Landon could lick ass like nobody's business. But, even as stoned as I was, I was nervous about Master's cock up my ass. I was pretty sure I could take him, because even though he was bigger than my first Master Wade, I was sure he would fuck me gently, and give me time to acclimate my ass to his enormous size.

After about fifteen minutes of me licking his ass, and Landon licking my ass, he rolled over and pulled me up on top of him. 'On your knees boy' he said softly, and I realized as I sat up on his belly that he was going to let me do the work.

'Okay boy' he said. 'You know what to do. Show me how you can treat God's instrument. Go ahead and revel in your lust by sitting on my God given arousal.' I was starting to sweat in anticipation of what I was coming, but I was determined to please him. Knowing he was God's instrument, I was willing to do anything to satisfy him. Sliding down momentarily, I took him in my mouth and wetted his prick with as much saliva as I could manage, and then sat back up again. Looking at him as he smiled at me, that glorious dazzling smile, and admiring the incredible chest and shoulders of my Master, I took hold of him and aiming toward my crack, started to push down. I knew it would hurt, but I wanted this like I'd never wanted anything in my life.

The pain was intense as I forced that enormous rod into my crack. I started gasping for breath as it forced my hole wider and wider, and then I felt just the tip of the big bludgeon enter my ass. I was panting frantically as I stopped and tried to adjust to the pain. I opened my eyes again and looked at his stupendous physique to remind myself why I was doing this. Jesus, he was gorgeous.

Closing my eyes again, I pushed down hard and felt a couple more inches enter my ass. The pain was hellish but I was determined to ignore it and concentrate on my Master's pleasure. Pulling up just and inch or so, I rammed my ass down hard, forcing almost all of that enormous bludgeon into my ass. I screamed in pain, but was thrilled to hear Master groan in pleasure. I was thrilled that I was pleasing him.

I tried to hold his cock in my ass, but the pain was so intense that I found myself pulling up and actually off. I took two quick breaths, and keeping my eyes closed because I did not want to see any look of disappointment on Master's face, I took aim and pressed down all the way, and finally bottomed out.

I think I hit my prostate on that thrust because as I began to slowly jack my ass up and down the pain began to ease. It felt like the monster was filling me up all the way to my tonsils, but as I moved gently the pain began to lessen. Opening my eyes again I saw that dazzling smile on this gorgeous creature of God, and really started to try to give him the adoration he deserved. I wanted to give him the most pleasurable ejaculation of his life.

'Oh Master I love you in me' I gasped. 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.' As I lusted over his gorgeous muscles I continued jacking myself up and down on his enormous cock. As I gradually started to speed up I saw him take hold of both Ted and Landon by the neck and pull them up to his chest.

'Worship acolytes. Worship' he whispered softly and Ted and Landon each started kissing and licking Master's massive pectoral muscles. My hard cock had been banging up and down against Master's abdominals as I fucked my self, and as I watched Master's enormous arms holding Ted and Landon to his chest, I moaned as I started to get close.

'Don't cum' Master ordered. 'Don't cum.'

'I'm sorry Master. Sorry' I screamed. But in barely a second, Master grabbed Ted by the hair and rammed him down into my crotch and my first shot went into his face.

'Swallow it' Master ordered, and Ted got my cock in his mouth and started swallowing as I continued with six or seven more shots.

'I'm sorry Master' I said as my ejaculation finished. 'I just couldn't hold it.' I give my self credit however, because even in the ecstasy of shooting my load, I hadn't stopped bouncing on Master's cock. As Master pulled Ted back to his chest, I could see he was beginning to pant.

I was excited to see that I was getting this demigod hot from my actions. I savored the contortions on his face as I speeded up my bouncing and occasionally ground my ass hard into his crotch. I could see he was getting close.

'Ohhh. Ohhh' he murmured as I ground my ass in as tight as I could. Pain? What pain? The feeling of his giant pole in my ass was heavenly.

Then I felt his cock contract in my ass and I could see by the look on his face he was cuming. I jacked my ass as hard as I could, ramming into his crotch three more times. And then I just held on.

He must have cum a gallon because I could feel it leaking out of my ass onto his crotch. Master looked totally pleased and I was ecstatic. I loved honoring him in this way, and I was sorry it was over.

After a bit, as Master's softening cock slipped out of my ass, I lay down on top of him. He reached around and put an arm around Ted and Landon and hugged them close. We just lay there for ten or fifteen minutes. Finally he had us get up on our knees. I was between his legs, Landon on his left and Ted on his right.

'Your ejaculations are for the glory of God my acolytes' he said with a smile. 'Except for Randy, you haven't given your commitments. So, now is the time. Go ahead and pleasure yourselves and I will accept your gifts on my chest. You too Randy.'

So, all three of us started jacking our hard cocks. Yes, mine was still hard. I hadn't gone soft for the past two or three hours. Ted came first, followed quickly by Landon, and me not more than a minute or two later.

Masters chest and stomach and crotch were now covered with our cum, as we all began to calm down.

'Okay boys. Clean me up' he ordered. I told you the bed was enormous, because, with Master in the middle Ted and Landon lay down flat on either side, and I lay between his legs, and we started licking him clean. I licked and sucked his crotch clean while Ted and Landon worked his pecs and abs.

After sucking every bit of cum out of his crotch and licking his cock clean, I buried my face in his crotch rubbing my nose against his enormous wang. I was definitely in love with this marvelous man of God, and I could have stayed here with my face in his crotch forever. When I felt him start to nudge against my face, beginning to wake up, I started licking it up and down as it continued to grow.

When he was fully hard he got up and pulled Ted to the side of the bed with the back of his head dangling over the edge. Up to now I had been amazed at Master's gentleness, but I now discovered that he could be forceful as well. Without any preparation at all he pushed his cock deep into Ted's throat, jamming his balls against his nose. I could actually see Ted's Adams Apple bulge and his throat stretch as the enormous cock forced its way into him. And then Master started to fuck; hard and fast. I'm sure he must have done this to Ted before because Ted was taking the incredibly rough treatment without a whimper. Grabbing hold of the back of Ted's head, Master relentlessly rammed his enormous pole in deep, cramming his crotch and balls into Ted's face with each hard thrust. He fucked him hard for four or five minutes and then started to cum. Even as he was shooting he held his cock deep in Ted's throat shooting directly into his esophagus. I swear I don't know how Ted survived it, but I sure's hell would have liked to try it myself. I never imagined anyone could take that kind of abuse. But now that I knew, there was no question Landon was going to get a new lesson in face fucking in the near future.

After we showered Ted had to leave, and Master; or Reverend; I was going to have to start thinking of him as Reverend again; went into the living room to do some paperwork dealing with his convention.

As Landon cuddled up with me on the bed, he wanted to blow me, but I'd already cum twice, and this really wasn't the time or place to do it again.

Just before I dozed off I felt chills of excitement running up my spine remembering that we were going to do this again tomorrow night before heading home.



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