Randy was always audacious and never afraid of anything, but he was aware that he and Jason and Landon were crashing this party. And no way could they enter and stand in the corner and not be noticed. They were not only the most muscular and hot looking guys in their class, but were openly gay as well, and everybody in the high school knew it. But worst of all, they were sophomores.

But this party was being hosted by Sharon, one of the hottest girls in the senior class, and co-hosted by Tyler, her boyfriend, the huge and very handsome defensive end. Tyler's best friend was Jimmy, the quarterback, and unquestionably the best looking guy in the high school. Randy knew both muscle hunks would be here tonight and he was planning to hook up with one or both of them.

The three boys: Randy, Jason and Landon, were sitting in Randy's battered VW just down the street from Sharon's house

'Why don't we go around in back' Jason suggested. 'If we go in the front they might just refuse to let us in.'

'Yeah, that's a good idea' Randy said. 'Once we're inside it'll be harder for them to throw us out.'

'What am I doin here anyway Boss' Landon asked. 'You know those seniors aren't going to like having sophomores here. And I don't like going where I'm not wanted. And Jason is acting like a creep as usual.'

'Okay, watch your mouth asshole' Jason growled.

'Alright, cut it out' Randy said. 'Landon, I'll tell you why you're here. You guys know I did Tyler last month. The guy's a fuckin giant, and controlling a really big guy like him was an incredible turn on. I think he's trying to forget that I turned him into my fuck boy, because he's been avoiding me ever since. In fact, yesterday in the hallway he turned and went the other way when he saw me coming. And I'm not about to let him forget that I was the one who took his virgin ass.'

'Ah com'on Boss' both Jason and Landon said at almost the same time.

'What the fuck' Jason said and Landon said 'hell.'

'Alright, shut the fuck up' Randy ordered. 'I didn't ask either one of you. Now Landon, you're going to apologize to Tyler and tell him you want him to fuck you again. Then we'll figure out how I can crash it so we can have a threesome.'

'Oh hell Boss' Landon moaned. 'Please Boss. Don't make me do that.'

Randy completely ignored Landon's comment. He did not argue with his boys, and when he gave an order he didn't expect to have to repeat himself. There was no question Landon would do what he was told.

'And while you're doing that I'm going to find Jimmy and work something out with him as well' Randy said. 'He was the hottest straight guy I ever fucked and I want him again.'

'You had Jimmy? The quarterback?' Jason said in a shocked voice. 'You never told me that.'

'Don't you remember that Saturday Jace, when we all went to the movies? In fact you gave Tyler a blow job that day' Randy said. 'Well, me and Jimmy got together that night after he ditched Nancy and we got it on. I guess he's straight but I was sure he was interested in me, so I fucked him a couple times that night, and had him blow me the next morning. He's a big guy, and a senior, and so fuckin gorgeous it takes your breath away. And it was a challenge making him to blow me when he didn't want to, but it really turns me on to have a guy act butch, like he ain't gonna do what I tell him. Bullshit he ain't gonna do what I tell him! So by the time I got him in the right frame of mind, he didn't do a bad job. For a straight guy that is' he said with a laugh. 'I'm sure he'll be here at Sharon's party so I'm going to track him down.'

'Oh man, Boss. Why do you have to do this?' Jason asked with disgust.

'So let's go' Randy said, ignoring Jason's comment, and the three boys piled out of the car and headed up Sharon's driveway to the back door.

'See if you can get me something to drink Jace' Randy said as they entered the back hall. 'Landon'll check out Tyler and I'll see if I can find Jimmy.'

Although all three boys were wrestlers and were really muscular, Randy had told them to tone it down for tonight: loose T-shirts and jeans. No muscle shirts or cut offs to show off like they usually did. Randy wasn't out to impress the seniors tonight and since they were not invited to the party, he hoped to stay somewhat in the background. Not that it would do much good for Randy since most everybody knew him for his good looks, being gay and his wrestling exploits. After all, it was common knowledge, even among seniors, that he'd never lost a wrestling match. And he was the only openly gay guy in the school that nobody dared fuck with.

But Randy's interest tonight was only Jimmy and Tyler, the two really good looking built football players. Both guys knew very well what Randy's muscled body looked like and felt like. They were also very well acquainted with his big cock; his big fat healthy eight plus inches. And Randy found out how incredibly satisfying it was to dominate and fuck really big guys from his own high school. They were both bigger, taller, and older than he was, and seniors always looked down on sophomores anyway, but he had turned them into his boy toys. And he wanted it again. But this time he intended to not only fuck them, but turn them into worshiping acolytes. This time they were going to beg for his cock while he trained them to serve him, particularly Tyler who was so huge and massively muscled. Ever since the night he had fucked Tyler, Randy had been dreaming about making him not only beg for it, but to crawl and totally humiliate himself for Randy's pleasure. It would be a hell of a challenge but the result should be sensational.

As he entered the living room Randy saw Tyler by the door surrounded by a couple guys and half a dozen girls. Next only to Jimmy, he was probably the most popular guy around. Landon headed over to try to work his way into the crowd while Randy headed upstairs to continue searching. At the head of the stairs there was a large open hallway, and standing there in the middle of a crowd of girls was Jimmy.

He was wearing a football jersey with the arms torn off showing really cut biceps and triceps, and since it didn't reach his waist, his tight muscular abdominals were showing as well. He was almost breathtakingly good looking, with beautiful silky blond curly hair and the features of Adonis. And at 6'1' and near 200 pounds he had muscles that wouldn't quit, and his brilliant blue eyes were a thing to behold. Jimmy was a god. And as Randy remembered, he had a really hot ass as well.

Jimmy was pretty much renowned for being a virgin hunter and always looking around for some hot young thing to deflower, but even with that reputation, he was so gorgeous that he was an absolute magnet for girls. It was pretty much a badge of honor to have been screwed by him and they got in line for it. So it was no surprise that he had a crowd of them around him right now.

Randy was always brazen and arrogant so he knew very well that the best action was always total offense, so he simply pushed his way through the crowd of girls, walked right up to Jimmy and grabbed him by the arm.

'Hey Jimmy' he said interrupting some girl. 'Great to see you again. You know, I wanted to talk to you about that day at the movies' he said as he pulled on Jimmy's arm, dragging him away from the girls and heading down the hall. Jimmy looked startled and even though he was taller and heaver than Randy, he was easily pulled along. All the girls started talking at once, complaining about 'why are sophomores here' and 'who does he think he is' and other shit but Randy paid them no attention, Jimmy was simply dragged along as Randy pulled him down the hall. He opened the door at the end of the hall and finding a bathroom, pushed Jimmy in and followed him.

Turning to him he said. 'So, you been avoiding me Jimmy?'

'Ah..., hi Randy' Jimmy finally spoke. 'No, not really Randy. Just keeping busy.'

'Bullshit Jimmy. I know you been avoiding me' Randy said as he reached around and grabbed Jimmy's ass with both hands and pulled their crotches together. 'I guess you don't remember what a good time we had last month.'

'Randy ah.... It's just.... Ah.... Tyler and I always hang together Randy.'

'Yeah? So what?' Randy said.

'And you're a sophomore Randy. And I'm a senior.'

'So fuckin what?' Randy growled. 'You know what I think? I think you're afraid of me. I think you're afraid I'll rape you or some such shit' Randy said as he squeezed Jimmy's ass and pushed him against the wall. Randy had to look up because, even though he was now almost 5'10' and growing, Jimmy was well over six foot.

'Cut it out Randy' Jimmy said with a quiver in his voice. 'You're still only a sophomore and it don't look right me being with you.'

'Bullshit again' Randy laughed as he reached up and grabbed Jimmy's throat with one hand and started squeezing. 'You are afraid of me for christ's sake. And you do know I can kick your ass. Don't you?' he said giving Jimmy's head a good shake.

'Please cut it out Randy. Let's go back to the party.'

'I said, you know I can kick your ass don't you? So answer me.'

'Okay Randy. Okay man' Jimmy croaked as he tried to pull Randy's hand away. 'Please Randy.... Don't.'

'Com'on man. I want you real bad' Randy said as he let go of Jimmy's throat and arrogantly put his hands on his hips. 'I been thinking about your hot ass a lot. How about we find an empty bedroom right now?'

'We can't Randy' Jimmy pleaded. 'I can't let them see me go into a bedroom with you. I'd never live it down if they knew I was fucking with a guy; and a sophomore.'

'You mean getting fucked by a guy and a sophomore don't you?' Randy said with a laugh.

'Yeah, that too' Jimmy said, and he actually grinned.

'So, okay, tell me what time you can get out of the party. We can make out in my garage at any time.'

'Com'on Randy. Tyler's my best friend and this is his party. His and Sharon's. I'll probably stay all night and help him clean up in the morning. He's my buddy, Randy' he said, actually pleading with Randy now.

'Hell Jimmy. I don't think I can wait' Randy said as he unzipped, reached in, and dragged his hard cock out. He grabbed one of Jimmy's hands and pulled it to his cock. 'Feel that man. Super hot for you. You can at least suck it for me.'

'Please Randy. You know I don't do blowjobs.'

'Maybe you don't remember the last time Jimmy, but I do. I remember I had to knock you around a little before you blew me. So, you want me to kick your ass right here and now? Get on your fuckin knees.' Randy reached up and grabbed Jimmy's sweatshirt and jerking hard, pulled him to his knees. 'I'd rather fuck you Jimmy, but you ain't giving me any choice by refusing. So chow down.' Randy grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Jimmy in close and started banging his cock against his face.

'Wait, Randy. Wait' Jimmy pleaded. 'We'll get together next week.'

'No way Jimmy. You got me all hotted up right now. I want it tonight' he said smearing a drop of precum on Jimmy's face.

'Please Randy. I can't.'

'Tonight. Now.' Randy stuck his thumb between Jimmy's lips and pried his mouth open and aimed his cock. 'Kiss it babe. Big kiss on my cock.'

'Randy. Randy. Please Randy' Jimmy appealed as Randy rubbed his cock against his lips. 'Wait Randy. How about.... '

'I said kiss my fuckin cock' Randy growled at him. Jimmy gave in to the inevitable and gave Randy's cock a wet smacking kiss. Jimmy had a clear recollection of the last time with Randy when he was forced to suck his first and only cock. He also clearly remembered that he ended up with bruises that day so he knew Randy always got what he wanted and he'd better try not to piss him off.

'Ah.... Randy. Please. How about you let me ditch the girls and I'll come over in half an hour. Okay? Then I can come back to the party later. Okay Randy? Please'

'Well okay man. But right now I'm so fuckin hot. Suck on it Jimmy. Gimmy a taste of that hot mouth of yours.'

'Please Randy. Don't' Jimmy pleaded as his eyes blurred with tears. 'You know I hate suckin cock.' Randy pushed forward and Jimmy opened up and took a couple inches of hard cock in his mouth.

'Oh yeah' Randy gushed. 'My beautiful blond cocksucker.' Jimmy turned red, almost purple, with embarrassment by being called a cocksucker. But after getting his ass kicked last time, and being forced to give the blow job he hated, he was well aware of Randy's temper and strength and knew better than to make him angry. He started sucking on the enormous prick.

'Okay man. That's cool' Randy said as he pulled out, and then rubbed his big rod all over Jimmy's face. 'When I train you to suck cock, you stay trained' he said with a laugh.

'So, you'll be at my house in half an hour' Randy said as he forced the hard cock back into his pants. 'It's now about 10:30. So I'll see you at 11:00.'

'Ah.... yeah. Ah.... Randy' he said as he stood up. 'Gimmy a little more time, maybe 11:15 but I'll be there. I promise.'

'Good boy Jimmy' Randy said with a grin as he playfully socked him in the chest with his fist. 'And hey man. Take it easy. I want you to enjoy it. You may have fought me last time, but I know damn well you liked it. Didn't you?'

'Randy, you kicked my ass last time.'

'That's not what I asked. I said you enjoyed it, didn't you?'

'Well.... I guess it wasn't so bad. I didn't mind too much you fucking me.'

'Yeah? But I'm talking blow jobs here. You loved blowing me because I forced you to do it. You wanted me to dominate you. And you wanted me to force you to suck cock.'

'Com'on Randy. I told you I hated it. You know I hate it.'

'I'm going to show you something Jimmy. Get back on your knees.'

'What.... What for' Jimmy said with surprise.

'I said get back on your fuckin knees. Now do it' Randy ordered. As Jimmy dropped to his knees Randy grabbed a handful of hair and jerked it viciously. Then still holding on to the hair painfully, he forced the thumb of his other hand into Jimmy's mouth.

'Suck on it' Randy ordered, and with a shocked look on his face, Jimmy started to suck.

'Now I know you told me you didn't suck cock Jimmy. But I know damn well you loved being my bitch that Saturday night. Big butch football player; you wanted me to dominate you. And you loved every fucking minute of it. And you were particularly turned on when I knocked you around and forced you to blow me. Just like you are right now.' Pulling his thumb from Jimmy's mouth, Randy stretched down and grabbed Jimmy's crotch and squeezed, and as he suspected, Jimmy was as hard as a rock.

Jerking Jimmy's hair again and yanking his head back Randy stuck his thumb back in his mouth and bent over looking him in the eye. 'You fucking love being dominated by a butch stud and if I want my cock sucked, you're going to be my number one cocksucker. Got that?' he growled.

'Please Randy' Jimmy mumbled around the thumb in his mouth and squinting from the pain in his scalp. But even so, he made no attempt to stop Randy, but just kept his hands by his side.

'Answer my fucking question' Randy growled. 'Tell me you're my fuckin cocksucker. Say it god damn it!'

'Awww... Randy. Okay. Okay' Jimmy moaned in pain as he continued sucking Randy's thumb. 'I'm your cocksucker' he mumbled.

'That's more like it' Randy said as he let go of Jimmy's hair and stepped back. 'Now go ditch your groupie, and I'll see you at 11:15' he said as he opened the door and walked out. Jimmy scrambled to his feet, manipulated his hard cock so it wasn't too obvious, and went out as well.

As Randy started down the stairs he met Jason coming up with two glasses in his hands.

'Hey Boss. I was lookin everywhere for you. Here's your drink.'

'What is it' Randy asked as he took a sip and grimaced.

'Some kind of punch' Jason answered. 'But it's wicked strong.'

'Have you seen Landon?' Randy asked.

'Yeah' Jason answered. 'He's still with that crowd around Tyler in the living room.' They headed into the living room and found Landon just standing there.

'Well?' Randy said.

'Shit Boss. I'm sorry. But I can't get even close to him with this mob. The music's blasting and everybody's yelling. I tried, but you know how seniors are.'

'Hey Tyler! Tyler!' Randy yelled over the noise. The music kept on but the talking almost completely stopped as everybody looked over. 'Hey man we really need to talk to you. Can you give us a minute?' he shouted. Tyler grinned at Randy's audacity, and walked over.

'Hey Randy. What'er you doin here?' he asked. 'I thought this was just seniors.' It was Tyler's party so he knew who was invited, but he also knew Randy so he wasn't surprised to see him here.

'Hey man. We need to talk to you' Randy said.

'Yeah?' Tyler answered.

'It's kind of private. Could we go outside?'

'Well yeah. Okay' he answered. 'Hey guys, I'll be right back' he shouted at the crowd.

There were lots of kids in the back yard as they came out, but they found a secluded corner.

'So? What's up Randy?'

'Landon has something he wants to say to you.' Tyler turned to Landon and Landon was surprised and embarrassed and started stuttering.

'Ah... ah... ah Randy. Wha... ah...'

'Stupid asshole' Jason murmured, embarrassing him even more.

Randy was pissed as well that Landon was so tongue tied. 'Well, spit it out damn it' he growled.

'Ah... Tyler... um. Tyler, I been thinking about it, and I'd um... I'd like to um... maybe... to... ah... get together um... with you again. Ah... I mean.... yeah... I would.'

Tyler just stood there with a big grin on his face. 'You want what?'

'He wants you to fuck him again' Randy snorted in disgust. Landon turned red with embarrassment.

'Okay Randy. You put him up to this, I know it. So what's the deal?' Tyler said to Randy. The deal was that Randy was pretty sure Tyler was not anxious to be dominated again. Randy knew that Tyler had enjoyed being controlled but it probably interfered with his image of himself as an Alpha Male. Everybody thought Tyler was a real stud, and to keep that reputation intact, Tyler had been avoiding Randy. But the lure here was beautiful boy Landon. Randy knew Tyler lusted after Landon; hell everybody lusted after Landon. And since Landon was totally obedient to Randy, Randy planned to use him to draw Tyler into his little trap.

'Hey man. It wasn't me. I just told Landon it was okay' Randy lied. 'I don't care what the hell he does.'

Tyler smiled and took Landon by the arm. 'Com'on Landon' he said as he pulled him across the yard. Randy was very pleased that all his plans were working out so well. He just watched as Tyler and Landon talked to each other.

'Hey Boss' Jason said. 'Can we please ditch Landon when we leave here. You know you and me haven't done anything for days.'

'Sorry Jace. Not tonight. I've got other plans.'

'What? Really? What plans have you got for tonight?'

'I had a talk with Jimmy, and he wants to come over and blow me' Randy said with a grin. 'I ain't about to refuse a blow job from the best looking and most popular guy in school.'

'Oh hell Randy. I really wanted you and me to do something tonight.'

'Tomorrow Jace. Tomorrow. You come over for our workout and we'll do something afterwards. Here comes Landon, so let's get outa this place' Randy said as he tossed his barely tasted drink into the bushes.

'So, how'd it go' Randy asked Landon as he started the car.

'Well, he's still as hot for me as he was before' Landon said. 'But I don't think he believed me. He kept asking about you, and whether you were making me do this.'

'Well, you denied it didn't you?'

'Of course, Boss. But he kept asking why I'd changed my mind since last month. I didn't have a good answer for him, so I just said I was allowed to change my mind if I wanted too.'

'Shit Landon. You were supposed to convince him' Randy said in disgust. 'So, did he say no?'

'No, he didn't say no. I'm pretty sure he's interested but he's worried about you having a trick up your sleeve. He told me to look him up during lunch hour sometime this week, and we'll talk about it again. And, by the way, he also said I shouldn't say anything to you about what we talked about.'

'Hell, he's a lot smarter than I gave him credit for. And also Landon, you're a lousy liar. But that's okay. You and me will spend some time tomorrow going over what you are going to say to him. With a little practice you can pull it off, and make him believe you're really hot for him.'

Randy pulled into his driveway, unlocked the door to his workout room and the three boys entered.

'So what's happening now Boss. You gonna let me stay, even though Jason's being such a prick.'

'God damn it, I've had just about enough of you' Jason shouted.

'Shut the fuck up, both of you' Randy ordered. 'I'm the one that's just about had enough of this shit. You know I won't stand for you arguing in front of me, and I think it's about time to kick some ass. Now get on your fuckin knees. Both of you.' Both boys looked shocked and immediately dropped to their knees.

Stepping up to Jason, Randy grabbed a handful of hair, and holding tight, gave him a slap on the face. Both boys looked totally dismayed at Randy's terrible anger. Turning to Landon, Randy did the same thing; holding his hair and giving him a hard slap.

'Now I love both of you guys, but I won't allow you to act like spoiled jerks around me' Randy said. 'I don't give a fuck if you don't like each other. And I think it's better if you don't even talk to each other again. Not one fuckin word.'

'Now you're gonna tell me how sorry you are for acting like assholes. Jace!'

'Ah.... sorry Boss' Jason started. 'But he's such....'

'Don't give me any fucking excuses' Randy shouted. 'Just apologize and tell me you won't be doing it again.'

'Okay Boss. Sorry' Jason said. 'I'm real sorry Boss, and I promise I won't do it again.'


'Ah.... yeah Boss. I'm sorry' Landon said. 'I promise I won't talk to him again.'

'If you're with me and I order it, you can talk, but otherwise you'll just ignore each other. Got it?'

'Yes Boss' both boys answered.

'Jace, get me a pair of 40's' Randy ordered. Jason grabbed the pair of forty pound dumbbells and brought them over, and Randy started doing slow curls. 'Okay, now both of you go over and sit on the mat. I want to look good for Jimmy' he said with a grin.

'Jimmy?' Landon asked. 'What's this about Jimmy?'

'Oh yeah, I didn't tell you' Randy said with a laugh. 'Jimmy's coming over to give me a blowjob. You guys can stay and see his technique. See how a hunky straight guy handles my big howitzer.'

'Ah, com'on Boss....' Landon said. 'I thought we were going to do something.'

'I didn't say that' Randy answered as he continued with his dumbbell curls. 'I said I had something for you to do, and you've already done it.'

'But you know what?' Randy said. 'You've given me an idea. You guys are always at each others throats. You're going to get it on. While I'm getting my blow job you guys are going to make friendly.'

'Boss.....' both boys said at the same time.

'Shut up' Randy shouted. 'You'll fuckin well do what I tell you to do. And don't you dare argue with me. And right now I want to see you kissing each other. A nice big smooch to get warmed up on.' Randy put the dumbbells down, put his hands on his hips, and glared at them. 'Right now' he growled.

'Oh shit' one of them mumbled but they turned to each other and kissed lightly. Randy watched them for a couple minutes as they continued, and then slipped out of his shoes and walked over. They pulled back from the kiss and both looked up at Randy with trepidation. Randy pulled off his T-shirt and then his jeans and stood in front of them in just his jockstrap. Randy never wore underwear and neither did his boys. Jockstraps were comfortable and sexy and made a nice bulge in your pants.

'Okay, you can start by getting me warmed up. Just rub it gently' he said as he pulled their faces into his crotch. 'Keep your mouths closed.' Each boy gently pressed his nose against Randy's jock covered prick, rubbing up and down carefully as they felt him begin to grow. Randy just watched with pleasure as his two lovers, his two worshipers, his two gorgeous muscular boy toys, one dark and the other light, tenderly rubbed their faces against his crotch. Randy was totally delighted with his two boys, and actually didn't mind too much their dislike of each other, because it made them try even harder to gain his affection. He loved them both and treated them pretty much equally, although Landon was probably the better cocksucker and Jason had the hotter ass. Both of them literally worshiped the ground Randy walked on and would do anything for him, and he kept both of them busy satisfying his every possible sexual desire.

'Pull 'em down' he whispered. The boys in tandem, took hold of his jockstrap with their teeth and pulled them down to his feet as he stepped out of them. Then they gave his feet a loud wet smacking kiss before raising their heads back up to his crotch. This was all part of their training, and they'd each had plenty of practice doing it, although usually individually.

'Okay, both of you kiss it. Just the tip.' Randy's cock was not fully hard yet so it was dangling down but the boys maneuvered their mouths so that finally they had the head of the cock between them as they kissed the cock and each other.

'Don't stop damn it' Randy growled. 'And make 'em wet kisses.' The boys started kissing over and over as they developed lots of spit and shared it with each other and had it dripping down their chins and down Randy's cock. Randy just watched with a big grin of satisfaction on his face as the boys worked him and each other.

Then there was a knock at the door. The boys knew better than to let anything distract them from their worship and kept working Randy's cock which was now almost fully hard and sticking up like a fence post.

'Com'on in' Randy shouted, and Jimmy stepped into the room. 'Just getting warmed up Jimmy' Randy said with a laugh. 'Come over here.' Jimmy watched with amazement as the boys kissed each other and Randy's cock at the same time. One dark haired and the other almost platinum blond, it was truly something to see. He knew Randy was a mesmerizing demon, and could pretty much subjugate anyone, but this was almost too much. Two gorgeous muscular boys, his peers, totally enamored by him and on their knees worshiping him. Jimmy got an almost instant hard-on.

Randy'd already made it clear that he was going to be in charge so Jimmy walked over to him as ordered. 'Take off your shirt' Randy demanded. Jimmy removed his shirt, what little there was of it, and showed all of his beautiful upper body. As the hot shot high school quarterback, along with the requisite bodybuilding required for the job, Jimmy had the body of a supermodel. Not overly muscular, but every gorgeous muscle superbly defined with amazingly sharp cuts. At 6'1' and almost 200 pounds Jimmy's muscles were spectacular.

As Randy's boy toys continued working his cock, Randy reached over and grabbed Jimmy's crotch. 'Excited already hey Jimmy?' he laughed as he squeezed the fully hard prick showing in Jimmy's pants. 'Yeah man. I know you're ready.'

Jimmy didn't say anything but then Randy grabbed one of his tits and started to pinch it. Then he started to twist it. Jimmy held out for a minute or two and then started groaning from the pain, although he kept his hands at his sides and made no attempt to get away. He didn't have the training Randy's boys had, but he knew enough about Randy to know he had to take anything that he could dish out without complaint. And besides, although he'd never admit it to Randy, he did secretly admire his aggressiveness and was totally turned-on to being dominated by him.

He moaned again as Randy continued to twist and pinch the hard nub. 'Please Randy. Please' he whimpered.

'Kiss me baby' Randy directed, and still whimpering, Jimmy leaned over and kissed him. Randy grabbed his hair and turning his head to a better angle continued the kiss for a couple minutes before he pulled back. 'My beautiful little cocksucker' Randy said with a grin.

Jimmy cringed as Randy called him a cocksucker. 'Don't Randy. Please don't' Jimmy pleaded.

'My beautiful 'big' cocksucker' Randy said with a laugh as he pushed his thumb into Jimmy's mouth. Without direction Jimmy started sucking on it. 'Good man' Randy said with a grin. 'You definitely got the sucking instinct.'

'Get on your knees' Randy ordered and Jimmy did as he was told. Randy grabbed his two boys by the hair and pulled their heads back so Jimmy had room.

'Jimmy, you got my cock, and boys, you've got my balls.' And Randy watched as three handsome boys all leaned their faces into his crotch. Jimmy'd already decided that he'd 'grin and bear it' and do whatever Randy wanted. Otherwise he knew he'd get slapped around and end up doing it anyway, and it just wasn't worth trying to stop him. He took two or three inches of Randy's big rod in his mouth and started sucking. Jason and Landon had their faces right up against his as they each licked and sucked on one of Randy's balls.

Randy was laughing aloud in total enjoyment. 'Fuckin hell' he cried out looking down at the three pretty faces in his crotch. 'Fuckin fantastic. This is the way to do it. Yeah man!' After just a minute or so, however, he pulled Jason and Landon back from his balls. As pretty as it was to see three faces pressed into his crotch, what he really wanted was to train hot shot Jimmy on how to give a really great blow job. Taking a bigger guy, a senior, and the most popular guy in school and making him suck cock again, something he said he hated, was incredibly wild and thrilling and Randy was planning on relishing every minute of it. Man, oh man. There was nothing like dominating a big muscled butch stud. Particularly one who thought he was straight.

'Now baby. You gonna learn how to suck my cock' Randy said as he put his hands on his hips and looked down at Jimmy in total elation. 'No pussyfooting around this time. You gonna take it hard and deep, just the way I like it.'

'Okay punk boys' he said to Jason and Landon. 'Strip down. Let me see those hard pricks sticking out.' The boys obeyed without question getting totally nude in only seconds. 'Okay. Game time babes' he said with a grin. 'Sit over against the wall just touching.' Randy waited until they sat shoulder to shoulder. 'Now, put one arm around each others shoulders, and the other one behind your head.' The boys did as they were told. 'Now for the fun part. Without moving I want each of you to cum while Jimmy blows me. Show me you can cum just by watching your Boss put on a show for you while training a new cocksucker. Landon, you're not even hard yet so you'd better get a move on. You've got about fifteen minutes.'

'Okay Jimmy' Randy said looking down at his hard cock sticking out of Jimmy's face and stretching his lips. He put his hand behind Jimmy's head. 'Take some more. I want to feel my cock pushing against your throat. That's a boy' he said as Jimmy slowly took more cock until it hit his throat and he gagged. Randy let him pull out, but then pushed back in.

'Do it again' he ordered. Jimmy gagged again.

'Again' Randy ordered. Jimmy tried it once more, but this time when he gagged, Randy held him there and let him choke for a couple seconds before letting him go.

'Com'on man. Control it. Concentrate' Randy said as he gave Jimmy a few seconds to recover.

'Do it again.' This time Jimmy did not choke, so Randy just held him there for ten or fifteen seconds until Jimmy pushed him away.

'Get your fuckin hands behind your back' Randy growled. 'If I have to tie them I will, but don't piss me off. Now do it again!' This time Jimmy did a little better, not choking, and keeping his hands behind his back. Randy now pushed in three more times just to the opening of Jimmy's throat, letting him get used to it. Jimmy's face was red and tears were streaming down his cheeks but he was not choking.

'Okay, here we go babe' Randy said. 'When you feel my cock in there this time, you swallow, and we'll go all the way. Here we go.' Randy pushed in again, and as he saw Jimmy swallow, he pushed hard and forced his cock in deep. Jimmy seemed to go into convulsions and putting his hands against Randy's thighs, violently pushed him away coughing and hacking.

'Enough of this shit' Randy snarled. 'Jason. Get my handcuffs.' Jason jumped up, got the handcuffs from the backpack, and brought them over.

'Randy please' Jimmy whimpered with tears streaming down. 'I couldn't help it. You were choking me.'

'Well I can help it even if you can't' Randy growled. 'We ain't got all week, and you gotta learn to take it. Jason, put those cuffs on 'em.' Jason took Jimmy's arms and cuffed them behind his back, and then took his place against the wall putting his arm around Landon's shoulders again. 'You boys are supposed to be getting hard, so concentrate' Randy ordered, noticing that both boys were only half hard.

'Now Jimmy' he said, grabbing Jimmy by the hair and jerking it slightly. 'You're gonna take my cock and you're gonna take it deep, so get with the program. You can damn well control the choking if you try.'

'Now do it again.' Randy pushed in till he felt Jimmy's throat. 'Now swallow damn it' he shouted, and holding Jimmy's head, rammed in hard. His cock slid into Jimmy's throat like it was greased, just the way he liked it. Jimmy choked a little but Randy pulled back immediately, gave him a couple seconds to recover, and then went back in again. Up to the throat, and then a hard push in deep.

'That's it babe. That's it' Randy chortled. 'Now take a deep breath and hold it.' Jimmy did as ordered and Randy pushed in all the way to the root and held it there. 'Swallow, damn it. Swallow' he growled. Randy held Jimmy's head tight, keeping his cock jammed in deep for a good thirty seconds, while Jimmy swallowed several times. The feeling of the constrictions of Jimmy's throat against his cock was glorious. And looking down and seeing the stunning blond muscle boy trying to swallow Randy's enormous prick made Randy even hotter.

As he pulled out he heard Jimmy gasping frantically for breath and his face was a bright red, but shit, he was finally handling it. Randy rammed in again, wanting some more of those heavenly feelings of that tight convulsing throat. Jimmy was not choking now, but he was moaning loudly, and gasping frantically each time Randy pulled out. But Randy was into a hot face fuck and much more into his own pleasure now than worrying about Jimmy. He had one hand tightly gripping Jimmy's hair, the other behind his head as he pulled his face in, driving his cock in deep, holding it, and then pulling back; over and over.

Jason and Landon watched as Randy began to get more and more excited, almost going into a frenzy, jerking Jimmy's head around as he began to speed up his fucking. When Randy was in the throes of sexual excitement, watch out, because he was oblivious to everything except the feelings in his cock, and right now Jimmy's problems were the last thing on his mind.

Then Randy let out a yell. 'Oh Shhhiiitttttt' he screamed as he started to cum. His first shot went into Jimmy's throat choking him, but Randy then pulled out completely. Still holding on to Jimmy's hair, Randy aimed his cock and started shooting into his face, as Jimmy coughed and gasped for air.

'Now boys. Now' Randy shouted, and Jason and Landon, who were both very hard and excited tried to concentrate on cuming without touching themselves. Without much luck.

'Yeah, yeah, yeeeeaaaah' Randy yelled as he pushed his still pulsing prick into Jimmy's face actually jamming it into his eye. 'Oh fuck yeah' he screamed.

As Randy's ejaculations slowed, he noticed the boy's eyes were closed and faces scrunched up trying to force their own ejaculations.

'Okay. Jerk each other off.' he shouted at them. 'Not yourself, damn it. Do each other.' They were both so close that it took only seconds for them to jerk each other to the point of no return. As they each exploded and starting moaning in delight, Randy finally let go of Jimmy's head and stepped back. Jimmy was still breathing hard but had stopped gasping and choking. He had his head bowed and he was completely soaked with sweat which was dripping down onto the floor.

'Get up Jimmy' Randy ordered, and as Jimmy staggered to his feet with Randy's help, but he was so unsteady Randy had to help keep him on his feet. 'You going to cum for me babe?' Randy asked as he pulled Jimmy's head down and gave him a kiss.

'I... ahhhh... I... I... I already came Randy' Jimmy stammered, and then Randy noticed the wet spot in his jeans.

'Fuckin great man' Randy said with a grin. 'Ain't nothing like a guy getting his rocks off while blowing me. That's really hot babe. Hell, most every guy who blows me is thrilled I give 'em the chance to do me, so it's no wonder you blew your wad.'

Randy removed the keyless handcuffs and sat Jimmy down on the weight lifting bench. Sitting beside him and putting his arm around him, he gave him another kiss. 'So how was it Jimmy? You like bein my bitch? You like suckin my cock?'

'Randy' Jimmy croaked, his throat sore. 'You were awfully rough.'

'Yeah I was' Randy said with a grin. 'But I asked if you liked it?'

'It really hurts Randy' he muttered hoarsely.

'I want to hear you say 'yes' you liked it Jimmy' Randy said giving him another kiss. 'Say it.'

'Yes' Jimmy whispered almost inaudibly.

'Say it again baby' Randy ordered. 'Say it again a little louder.'

'Yes, Randy. I liked it' Jimmy whispered.

'My boys always thank me for it after I let them blow me Jimmy' Randy said. 'So go ahead.'

'Thank you Randy.'

'Go ahead and spell it out. Say it again' Randy ordered.

'Thank you for letting me suck you off Randy' Jimmy whispered.

'Fuckin 'A' man' Randy said with a big grin as he patted Jimmy on the cheek.


Tyler had been a virgin when I fucked his ass. That's doesn't mean he didn't have sex before. I guess he'd fucked every hunky number he could get his hands on, but nobody'd ever actually fucked him up the ass. And I knew damn well he still thought he was the Alpha Male, and was probably kidding himself into thinking he hadn't been dominated and fucked by me. But since I knew he was a virgin at the time, I had been really easy on him, giving him a nice gentle fuck. But that really wasn't my style. I liked a really hard rough fuck, and if a guy ended up with a bruise or two, that was okay. The guys I fucked wanted to be dominated and were usually happy to get slapped around a little in the process. When I fucked Tyler that first time, I told him he was my boy, and now I was going to show him what that meant. And it was going to be fucking fantastic. He was huge, outweighing me by sixty or seventy pounds, with muscles of a Hercules, but I'd shown him who was Boss before and I intended to do it again. But now we'd do it the way I liked it: me taking control and turning him into my cunt boy and making him beg for it.

When I entered the bedroom they were stripped down to their underwear and Landon was on top sucking on one of Tyler's tits. Tyler was lying on his back with his hands behind his head, eyes closed, with a look of total pleasure on his face. Both of them looked up when I entered the room. I had told Landon to share a joint and I could see that they were definitely feeling no pain. Having Tyler stoned before I started was going to make it a hell of a lot easier.

'Okay Landon. Move it' I ordered and he got off the bed. 'Wait outside' I said and he left the room. Landon had arranged to meet at Tyler's house on that Thursday at 6:30 and it was now about 7:30. I told Landon to be sure the front door was unlocked and I gave them a while to get settled before I came in.

'Hey Ty. How's it goin' I said. Tyler just lay there with a surprised look on his face as I reached down and pulled my shoes and socks off and then looked at him with a big grin.

I pulled my muscle shirt off and tossed it aside, and then unbuckled my shorts and pulled them off. Then I stood up in all my muscular glory in just my jockstrap.

'What'er you doin here Randy?' Tyler finally asked.

'What a question Ty' I said with a laugh. 'My favorite fuck boy on the bed in his undies, and me with a hard on. I think it's clear what I'm doing here.' I knew I had to play this very carefully. I'd gotten Tyler to suck me off and then I'd fucked him the last time but it was all cozy and warm. Yes I'd been in control, but my style is to totally dominate a guy, forcing him to my will, and maybe slapping him around a little just to show him who's Boss. Tyler was a hell of a lot bigger than me; a lot heavier and probably five inches or more taller and he still thought he was a dominant butch stud. I intended to knock that idea out of his head without him tearing me apart.

'Damn it Randy. I knew there was something fishy about this' Tyler said as he sat up on the side of the bed. 'Landon was just too agreeable and I fucking knew he'd do anything for you. God damn pansy.' Tyler was all muscle and at 240 pounds there was no way I could hold him down, But I was a top notch wrestler and really fast, and since he knew nothing about wrestling, I knew I was a match for his enormous strength.

It was going to be a hell of a challenge but I was up for it; in more ways than one. Oh yeah was I up, but I knew I had to be cool. I had to convince him that he had to be completely submissive to me, but I had to do it without making him mad. With all his muscle, if he lost his temper I'd never be able to control him.

'Hey man' I said. 'You and me had a really good time a couple weeks ago, I think you remember suckin on my cock.' I was chuckling as I walked up to him, stepped between his legs and gave him a peck on the lips. Then, grabbing his head in both hands I started giving him a deep spit exchanging kiss, and he immediately reciprocated. I knew from the last time that he loved to kiss so I was starting out slow by giving him what he wanted.

'You are so incredible Ty' I mumbled around the kiss. 'You are gorgeous. And you turn me on so fuckin much.' Tyler put his arms around me as I continued holding his head, and our kiss went on and on. We probably kissed for fifteen minutes without making a sound, before I eased his head down so he was kissing my chin and then my neck.

Then I leaned back, and reaching down grabbed his cock. He was as hard as a rock. Grabbing one of his arms, I pulled his hand into my crotch as well, to refresh his memory of what I was like when I was hard. And, oh yeah, you bet I was hard.

'Jeaze Ty, I've wanted you so bad. Your muscles turn me on something awful. Fuckin Hercules man. Fuckin Hercules.' I looked into his eyes and saw he was panting from excitement and beginning to sweat. I had him in the throes of desire now so I snagged a handful of hair and pulled his face down to my bulging left pectoral. He started licking it automatically.

'Lick and kiss and suck baby' I directed. 'Lick and kiss and suck my big pec.' And he started doing exactly that, working my chest. 'Lot's of saliva baby' I said. 'Get it wet while you suck on that tit.' I let him go for a minute or so before I pulled his head back.

'Open your mouth baby' I ordered and he obeyed automatically without even thinking. I immediately spit a big wad into his mouth, and before he could react, pulled him back into my chest. And, oh shit, did I ever get the result I wanted. He started slobbering me up like a storm now, getting totally turned on by me spitting in his mouth. I let him go for a minute or so before I pulled his head over to my right pec. After just a few seconds I pulled his head back again and looked him in the eye just holding him there. He had a kind of glazed look on his face as he looked up at me. So far he was completely under my control.

'Open up Ty baby' I whispered. He opened his mouth and waited, as I made a production of coughing up some saliva and then spitting it into his mouth. I pulled him back in and let him go at it for a couple minutes, and my chest was now wet with his and my spit. Then I pulled his face in tight, jamming his nose into my chest, and forced him back and forth smearing our spit all over his face.

'Oh yeah baby doll' I whispered. 'Working your man's chest with your mouth. Yeah baby. Get into it.' Then I pulled his head back again and saw he was not only bleary eyed, but his face was covered with spit. Then, holding his hair with one hand, I spit directly into his face, hitting him right between the eyes. Then, instantly I rubbed my hand all over his face smearing the spit around, and then leaned in and gave him a kiss. A long kiss.

Then I did it again. Spitting into his face, smearing it around, and then giving him a kiss. So far he had not made a sound, and I was pretty damn sure he already belonged to me. He was ready already to do anything I wanted him to do. I pulled him back into my chest and let him work it some more. After a bit I pulled him back again.

'Hey, you don't mind Ty' I murmured. 'Takin some spit from your man. Kissing these muscle packed pecs. Yeah man. That's good. Real good. Tell me it's good babe. Tell me you want it.' I grabbed one of his hands and pushed it into his own crotch, and he squeezed it hard and groaned.

'Oh shit Randy' he mumbled. 'Oh shit.' Oh yeah was he ever into it. I spit into his face again and lifting my arm, pushed his face into my armpit. Without a word he started slobbering up my pit. I love having a guy eat out my armpit and having this giant muscle man doing it was scorching hot. Shit, I was really turned on now.

Tyler was totally into my spitting on him now, so I did it a few more times and kept jamming his face back into my armpits, back and forth from one to the other.

He was mine now. Totally mine to do with as I pleased.

Pulling his head back one more time, I slapped him across the face, really making it sting. 'Hell man. You're not even trying' I growled at him as he got a really shocked look on his face. 'Get you god damn face in there and suck my pit. Let me feel it man' I ordered as I jerked him in hard, slamming his nose in hard and holding him.

I held my breath for a moment waiting for his reaction, and he started frantically kissing and slobbering over my armpit, trying to please me.

'Oh yeah' I shouted. I couldn't help it. I'd conquered Tyler; the football star; the muscle stud; Hercules incarnate; he was mine. Just for good measure, I got my hand in his hair and rammed his face in hard three times. He was really slobbering up my pit and was now moaning at the same time.

Now it was time for my pleasure. Forcing a guy to bust his butt trying to satisfy me while I slapped him around and make him crawl was the ultimate pleasure for me. And following that up with a really rough fuck was glorious.

So, finally stepping back, I jerked him off the bed onto his knees with my jock covered crotch just inches from his face. 'Hey man. I remember you needin some practice being a cocksucker. So let's get started' I growled at him as I pulled his face in. He knew what to do and started to chew and suck on my rod through the cotton jockstrap.

'Landon get in here' I shouted and Landon came rushing into the room. 'Get on my ass' I ordered and he scurried over, got on his knees and buried his face in my butt. Landon not only gave great blow jobs, but he was an absolute master at licking ass. I'd spent long afternoons in my workout room totally stoned with Landon's tongue up my butt. There was nothing quite like it.

As Tyler continued sucking and chewing on my cock, I'd occasionally ram his face in hard, reminding him to keep at it. After about five minutes of enjoyment of getting it from both ends, I pulled Tyler back by the hair. Holding him tight and looking him in the eye, I slapped him hard and this time he yelled in pain. Then spit a big wad of saliva in his face but this time I didn't wipe it off.

'Tell me you want it man' I snarled at him. 'Tell me you want to worship your man.' I waited a few seconds, and then jerking his hair, I slapped him hard again and got another yell. 'Say it god damn it' I shouted. 'You belong to me now. Tell me you want it!'

Tyler had tears in his eyes now, obviously from the slaps, because his cheek was turning red, and I could see that he was totally shocked and intimidated.

'I'll d...d...do wha...what you...you wa...want Randy' he stuttered through the tears.

'Hell yes you'll do what I want' I snarled again. 'But tell me you want it' I said as I slapped him hard once more really knocking his head back. 'Say it god damn it. Tell me you want to worship me.' I gave his hair another hard jerk as I saw total surrender in his face.

'Please Randy. Please' he choked. 'I'll do it. I'll do what you want.' As he said this I glanced down and saw the bulge in his shorts was bigger than ever. He was totally turned on to my knocking him around.

'Tell me you fuckin want it' I yelled.

'I want it Randy. I want it' he whimpered. Oh yeah. That's what I wanted to hear.

'Take my jock down' I ordered. 'Not with your hands. With your teeth. Landon, help him.' Each boy took hold of the elastic band with their teeth and pulled my jock down so I could step out of it. My super hard cock slapped Tyler in the face as it came loose.

'Okay now let me feel it' I said as I pulled Tyler's face into my crotch, pushing my balls against his lips. He started sucking my balls like crazy as Landon started wiggling his tongue around my ass crack. Then I started banging my big very hard sausage against his face as he licked my balls. Shit, I loved doing this to a really handsome guy; getting my precum all over him.

But all this buildup had been intense, and getting it from front and back I just couldn't wait any longer. I pulled Tyler's face back a bit and pushed a couple inches of my cock into his mouth.

'Now man. Show me how you suck cock.' I was hot and ready to fuck and he was now totally intimidated, but I reminded myself that he was a solid block of muscle, and if he started choking he could probably pick me up and throw me across the room. So I let him do his own thing for a minute or two, before I started taking over. I knew he'd only sucked cock twice; Jimmy once and me once, so I was aware he was inexperienced. But that was okay because the pleasure of dominating this big hunk more than made up for a mediocre blow job. But I was going to see if he could get trained really quick. I pushed three or four inches into him mouth.

'Com'on man. I know you can do better than that' I said as I grabbed him by the hair with both hands and started jacking in and out slowly. Landon stayed with me, moving back and forth, keeping his tongue working my ass hole. After jacking in and out a couple times, I pushed right up against Tyler's throat, and he gagged on it.

'Shit Ty. Don't gag on it' I growled. 'Concentrate, damn it. You can take it.' I pushed in again, just to the opening of his throat, and he didn't gag. Okay, so far so good. I pushed in again and held it there for ten or fifteen seconds, and he still didn't gag. But he brought his hands up against my legs.

'Get your god damn hands down' I shouted, and he dropped then back down on his knees. I noticed that his hard cock was making his underwear look like a tent, standing straight up and leaving a wet spot. I also noticed his eyes were tightly closed and tears were pouring down his cheeks. Now I pushed into his throat, just a little and just for a second or so but he choked anyway and started coughing.

'Get with it man' I said and I gave him a slap on the back of the head. 'You can do better than that. Concentrate for god's sake.' Then I repeated the action, barely getting it into his throat, and he handled it. So I did it again. Green light. Set to go.

Holding on to his hair with one hand, I put the other behind his head, and holding perfectly still, I pulled him slowly in forcing my cock in until his nose was finally jammed in tight, feeling the tight throat squeezing my cock and giving me explosive shots of excitement. I was all the way in and he took it as I held it there for three or four seconds before I pulled him back. Oh fuck, was that fantastic. My giant muscle man taking me all the way into his throat.

Then I did it once more; pulling him in very slowly. This time I held him there for about ten seconds savoring the incredible tightness of his throat almost crushing my prick. Oh god this was fabulous.

'Open your eyes babe' I ordered and as the tears continued streaming down he opened them, staring up at me. I couldn't help but grin as I watched my massive pole forcing it's way into this muscle man's mouth. 'Suckin on your man's cock, babe. Turnin you into my hot cocksucker. Oh yeah! So fuckin hot.' I continued pushing my cock in deep and back out very slowly as I looked down on him., The feeling on my cock was marvelous, and having him look me in the eye knowing he'd been conquered by a better man was pretty fabulous as well.

'Get on Ty's cock Landon' I ordered as I got ready to fuck. Nothing wrong with giving Tyler a little pleasure, and I knew Landon wouldn't be able to suck my ass anyway when I really started fucking. Landon dropped to the floor, pulled Tyler's underwear down and swallowed his big rod.

Holding tight onto Tyler's head I started to fuck his face. Going slow and not too deep at first, but gradually speeding up and pushing into his throat with each thrust. He started making gagging noises but he seemed to be handling it fairly well

'Oh yeah' I screamed. 'Take my cock you big cocksucker. Suck it stud. Suck it.' I was really into it now and getting really close, and although I think he was making gurgling sounds and maybe choking I was beyond caring. Pulling my hand back I slapped him very hard on the face and rammed into him one final time. Right on the verge, I pulled back out of his throat as I fired my first shot. He coughed once trying to spit out my cock but I held on to his head and hair forcing every shot into his mouth.

'Swallow it you son of a bitch' I screamed at him and he started swallowing frantically as I loaded him with cum. He didn't get it all because it was leaking out of his mouth and down his chin, but he was trying hard to swallow it. I was thrilled to watch this massive muscle man, his face bright red as he struggled to swallow my cum without choking as I held him tight, not letting him pull back. It was fuckin awesome.

As I stepped back I noticed Landon was not sucking him any more, so I knew Tyler had cum somewhere along the way. Tyler was still panting, but had got his gasping and choking under control. I still had a hold of his hair, so I pulled his head back so he had to look up at me again.

'You're my bitch baby. You're my bitch' I said as I picked up my jockstrap from the floor and wiped his face and chin. Tyler continued panting and just looked up at me in amazement as I smiled down at him. He still had tears in his eyes, but was not crying but just had a kind of shocked look on his face. I stepped back up to him pushing my softening cock into his face.

'Kiss it bitch boy. Kiss my cock and show me how much you loved blowing me. Go on; kiss it.' Totally under my control now and being completely obedient, he kissed my cock. 'Good boy' I said as I finally let go of his hair and ruffled my fingers through it.

'Landon, get my bag' I said and he scurried out of the room and came back in with my backpack. Reaching into it I pulled out a leather collar. Turning back to Tyler, I put it around his neck, snapped it closed, and then pulling a leash from the bag I attached it to the collar.

'You gonna say something Ty' I growled as I saw the surprised look on his face.

'N...n...n...no Ra...Ra...Randy' he stuttered in reply.

'Get on your hands and knees' I ordered and he got down.

'Now call me Master' I ordered.

He hesitated for a moment and then smiled at me: 'Yes Master' he said with a grin.

'What the fuck' I yelled. 'You think this is funny.'

'Com'on Randy. I'll play along' he said, and the fucker actually winked at me. 'But don't let it go to your head.'

Now I was the one to be shocked. Totally stunned was more like it. Tyler's grin got even bigger as he saw the startled look on my face. And then I started laughing. I laughed so hard that I had to hold on to my stomach, and finally couldn't even stay on my feet and slipped to my knees and started rolling on the floor. Tyler finally joined me and started laughing just as hard as I was. Landon hadn't quite figured out what the joke was as he just watched with an amazed look on his face.

It was a few minutes before I could get myself back under control.

'Oh shit. You're killing me Tyler! So okay. So it's all a fuckin game. I admit it' I said through the laughter. 'But it's fun isn't it?' I waited a moment for an answer. 'Well, isn't it?'

'Yeah Randy. It's fun' Tyler answered. 'But if you had seen the look on your face when I burst your bubble, you would have died. You were taking it so seriously.'

'Well I ain't done yet' I said as I get up off the floor and grabbed the leash. 'Com'on man. You're enjoying it. So let's get back at it. And maybe you don't have to call me Master.'

'Hey Randy. It ain't no problem' he answered. 'You want me to be your slave? Hell, I'll be your slave. Please Master. Let me be your slave.'

'Okay then. Come on' I said as I tugged on the leash and headed out to the living room with him crawling behind me. As I sat on the sofa, I pulled on his leash dragging his head into my crotch again. However, Tyler was still smiling.

'Com'on man. Take it seriously' I said. 'It ain't no fun if you don't take it seriously.'

'Sorry Master' he answered and wiped the smile away. I stuck my thumb between his lips, forced his mouth open and pushed my completely soft cock into him.

'Landon. You did good' I said smiling at Landon. 'You'll get your reward tomorrow. But you can go now while Ty gets better acquainted with my cock.'

'Okay Boss. Enjoy it' he said with a giggle. 'And Tyler. You make a great slave.' He was beaming as he left the room.

'Okay Ty, suck on it.' I said as Landon let himself out the front door. 'Slow and easy babe. We've got all evening.' Tyler started sucking me gently as I reached over him and slipped my hand under his underwear onto his hard muscled ass. These muscle boys had the hardest, tightest asses in the world and I was going to get me some before the night was out. The game was back on in earnest now.

'Gonna fuck your ass Ty. Gonna fuck you hard, and baby you're gonna love it' I said as I watched him suck. 'Look at me babe' I ordered and he looked up with my cock still in his mouth. 'You want me to fuck you babe? You want a hot fuck? Shake your head 'yes' Ty. Show my you want it.' he gently nodded his head up and down. I gave him a big grin as I tousled his hair

But for now, Tyler was going to learn there were a lot of ways to play the game. He was going to learn how I liked to be worshiped. And he was going to learn how to be a slave and how to treat a Master. And his tongue was going to get acquainted with every inch of my body, particularly my ass. It definitely was going to be a fun filled evening.


I worked with him for a good hour before I got so hot I couldn't stand it anymore, and dragged him back into the bedroom. He learned pretty damn quick, and was now totally obedient and docile after I took him through my worship training program. He was now clearly focused on being my bitch and my slave. And it didn't matter a bit that he was twice my size and generally a butch dominant stud, because he recognized I knew much better than he ever did how a real 'Alpha Male' acted. Hell, I'd learned from the real Master. My own Master: Wade. For god's sake, I should be charging Tyler for this lesson in how a Master treats his slaves. I had no doubts he was going to continue being dominant, but he was going to be a hell of a lot better at it after my training.

I removed the leash, but left the slave collar on him as we entered the bedroom.

'Get me some cream' I said as I lay back on the bed. He got a tube of cream from the night stand and handed it to me. 'Get up here on top of me and suck my cock, but turn around so I can get to your ass.' He climbed on the bed and lay on top of me so his ass was facing my face, and took my cock back in his mouth. After giving me another hot blow job, that mouth and tongue had been busy for the past hour exploring every inch of my body. He was now well trained in understanding how a slave acts with his Master. If he didn't know it before he now knew what body and muscle worship was all about. And oh man, did I ever love watching him suck my toes and feel him eating my ass.

I lifted up my head and gave his ass a little kiss and then lapped it a couple times with my tongue. His body jerked from the sensual feeling. But he understood I wasn't here for his enjoyment. An assertive superior male doesn't give; he takes. Tyler would get his satisfaction from giving me pleasure, just the way all my boys did. Hell, I knew damn well he was having the absolute time of his life being dominated by me, He was probably relishing me fucking him even more than I was enjoying it myself. And let me tell you, I was having a fabulous time!

'Gonna warm you up babe' I said as I rubbed my hand on his ass. Then I swung back and slapped him hard on the right cheek. He grunted, but didn't let go of my cock. Yeah, his training was really working. It's amazing how and hour or so of instruction can whip a guy into shape; particularly when you get him really motivated. I reached back and slapped him hard on the other cheek. He grunted again but kept sucking. I rubbed my hands over the reddening cheeks, squeezing and pinching the hard muscular butt. Yeah I gotten him motivated. He was ready for everything and anything I could dish out.

I opened the tube of cream and squeezed some into the crack of his ass and began to rub it in. Shit, he was muscular. He was all muscle, including his ass. I knew it was going to be a struggle just getting my finger in that tight bung hole, and even harder yet getting my cock in there. But god damn, I was going to have one hell of a good time making it happen.

'Oh man, you got a pretty ass Ty baby' I said with a laugh as I pushed one finger in and started wiggling it. 'Hot muscled ass. Pretty as a picture.' Ty was now pretty damn good at sucking cock, and I was now as hard as I could get. But since I'd already had him blow me twice, I knew I could hold out for a while before cuming again.

Using some more cream and continuing to work his ass, I finally was able to work two fingers into his tight muscled hole, stretching it and getting it ready. That's when I told him to set up.

'It's time baby' I said giving him a slap on the ass. 'Turn around and straddle me' I ordered. He obeyed immediately, setting up and turning around to face me, sitting on my stomach. God he was beautiful. I just admired him for a couple minutes. Big, I mean really big bulging pecs, enormous round shoulders, and huge arms with biceps that must have been eighteen inches or more. He was simply huge.

And the look in his face was fabulous. I don't know how to describe it except to say it was a look of total awe. He was totally enthralled by me, with a look of complete admiration on his handsome face. Shit! A muscle god totally dedicated to my pleasure.

'My big beautiful baby' I said with a grin as I reached up and slapped him on the cheek, just enough to make it sting and remind him of who was Boss. Then I stuck a couple fingers in his mouth that I'd been using on his butt. 'Get a taste of your ass baby. Suck 'em clean.' He didn't say a word but just did as I instructed with that look of reverence on his face.

'Okay baby, reach around and get my cock. You're gonna sit on it.' He gave me this strange look, like he'd never thought of this before, but I knew better. He'd been a dominant stud for a couple years now so I knew he'd must have forced his tricks to sit on him. Hell, he must have. That's one of the most controlling things a guy can do to another guy. Forcing him to fuck himself on his subjugator's cock has got to be the most submissive thing a guy can do. Even more than being forced to eat ass.

He reached back and took hold of my cock, and positioned himself so it was just touching his ass. I was grinning like mad as I put my hands behind my head and stared into his eyes. Then he closed his eyes as he started to push down.

'Com'on man. Do it' I said. 'Push, damn it.' He pushed harder and groaned as my big rod punched into his tight hole.

'Oh fuck' he groaned. 'Oh fuck Boss. I can't.'

'You sure's hell can. Sit on the god damn thing' I yelled at him as I jammed my hips up hard forcing the head of my cock into him. He let out a yell but held it there, panting as he tried to adjust. I let him go for at least a full minute before I said anything.

'Now sit on it' I demanded.

'Oh yeah Randy. Oh yeah' he murmured as he started pushing down again. And my cock started easing into him a little further.

'That's it babe. That's it. Keep it going' I said as he pushed some more. As I got about half way into him, he stopped and rested for a bit, panting loudly.

'Oh shit Randy, ahhh... Master. You're so fuckin big' he gasped as he started pushing some more. Then finally his ass touched my crotch. I had a grin on my face that must have been a mile wide. Lying there, totally relaxed, with my hands behind my head looking up at this titanic muscle boy, his face scrunched up from the pain, ramming his ass down onto my big hard pole.

'Do it now babe. Screw yourself on my big prick. Go to it man' I sighed. And Tyler started moving his ass slowly up and down on my pole. The feeling was exquisite, and I groaned in pleasure. Tyler groaned as well, but whether from pain or pleasure I didn't know. But I did know that he was so much into this scene that it wouldn't make any difference, because he would enjoy the pain every bit as much as the pleasure. And his cock was sticking straight up and leaking precum and looked like it was about ready to shoot.

'Pick it up a little man' I said. 'Com'on, ram it in.' As ordered, Tyler started moving slightly faster. He was still showing a look of pain in his face, but as I watched he opened his eyes and that grimace turned to a smile.

'Oh shit Randy! Oh shit Master!' he said with a grin. 'So fuckin good. It hurts so god damn good. Ohhhhhh....' he groaned and he started banging his ass into my crotch. We stared into each other's eyes, both smiling, as he banged away. And even though he'd already blown me twice, I was getting close again.

But Tyler was there. Right now!

'Yeeeaaaooooh' he yelled as his cock fired its first shot. It sailed over my head landing somewhere, probably against the wall, and his second shot went at least as far. Believe it or not, he was still banging me as he was shooting, and now I started getting into the action by ramming upwards with each downward thrust of his ass. He was still shooting onto my chest as I finally reached my peak

I felt my cock pulsing in his tight ass as I exploded into him like a rifle shot. Now it was my turn to scream in pleasure as I ejaculated into this butch muscle man's hot rear. Tyler stopped banging me as I rammed up against him as hard as I could one final time. The feeling was incredible as I fired over and over again. The fantastic feeling went on and on and I thought I was never going to stop. But finally, as always, really great things must come to an end and I groaned as I fired one final shot and started to relax. Tyler was still panting and totally dripping sweat all over me, but I was soaked with sweat anyway, and was also panting hard. Coming down from my sexual high, I noticed that Tyler was watching me with a big smile on his face.

'Watchin you cum is so fuckin cool Randy. Man you really get into it' he said with a grin.

'Shit Ty' I answered, still breathing hard. 'That was fabulous. You've got the tightest damn ass on the planet. You damn near crushed my prick' I said with a laugh.

'Yeah Randy. I loved it' he said with a smile. 'Being fucked by you is a life changing event.' As we both were beginning to get soft, Tyler lifted up and let my cock pop out of his ass. Then he lay down on top of me smearing his cum around and gave me a long kiss.

'Hey man. You know' he said, breaking the kiss and lifting up on his elbows. 'I'm still a top. Having you top me was like nothing I'd ever imagined, but I'm still the same guy. Maybe we should consider switching places.'

'No way man' I laughed. 'It ain't gonna happen.'

'I didn't think so' he answered. 'But maybe me and you could get together with someone else. Perhaps we could do Landon together. I'd love to watch you fuck him.'

'Hey, great idea man but watch out' I laughed. 'You're going to get me hard again just thinking about that. But maybe I could do Jason, or perhaps even Jimmy while you do Landon. I know you're hot for him and I'd like to see if you picked up some pointers from me tonight.'

'Okay Randy, don't get carried away. I know you're a hot top, and I admit you gave me some ideas. But let's see if we can work something out for next week.'

Tyler then went and got a towel and wiped his cum off both of our chests. He then lay down next to me and went to sleep almost immediately. I lay awake for a while feeling really, really good about myself, and thinking of what a hot fuck Tyler was. And then I felt another nudge from my crotch. Shit, I wanted that tight ass again. But, just before I dozed off, I decided I could wait until morning.



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