'Hey Coach. How's it goin?' Randy said as he entered Coach's office.

'Randy; please. I wish you'd knock before you come in' Coach said as he turned red with embarrassment and reached down behind his desk for something. Randy stepped up to the desk, and saw that Coach was trying to put his jock back on, and his very hard cock was sticking out and dripping with precum. His workout shorts were lying on the floor.

'Oh shit Coach' Randy laughed aloud. 'You really missed me today didn't ya? Oh man did you ever.' Coach stood up and reached down to pull the jock up. Randy pushed him back down into the chair and grabbed his cock. 'This is fuckin cool man. You missed me so much you gotta jerk off just thinking about me. I love it man.' Randy laughed aloud again.

'Randy please. Let it go' a very embarrassed Coach said as he continued trying to pull the jock up over his thighs.

'No way man. This is really hot; you're turning me on. I know you love my cock but I didn't know you jerked off fantasizing about it. Shit, this is really cool.'

'Leave the jock off Coach' Randy said as he let go of Coach's hard cock. 'Com'on, take it back off.' Coach was still really embarrassed, but he was accustomed to obeying Randy, so he pulled the jock back off. Randy reached over and grabbed his T-shirt and started pulling it up and Coach raised his arms letting him pull it off.

'You are so fuckin big Coach. I love those huge muscles of yours' Randy said with admiration as he grabbed Coach's hands and pulled him to his feet. Coach stood up wearing only his socks and his whistle around his neck, and his still hard cock sticking out like a flag pole.

Randy stood back and just admired the big man. 'I love your body Coach. Those big muscles are amazing, and for an old guy you're in amazing shape.'

'You know Randy; I'm only 38 years old. That doesn't make me an old man' Coach retorted.

Randy reached up and rubbed his hands over the big round deltoids. 'I don't care how old you are man, but you look fuckin amazing' Randy said as he stepped back. 'Hey, flex for me man. Show me what you got. Gimmy a big double bicep pose'

Randy grabbed Coach and pulled him around the desk, and then, stepping past him, sat down in his desk chair. 'Go ahead Coach. Put on a show for me. Flex those big muscles for me' he said as he leaned back in the chair.

'Please Randy. You're still my student, and I've got things to do.'

'Yeah; you got things to do; like jerking off while thinking of sucking my cock. But that's cool man. I've got the time. You got me all horned up, so let's go ahead and get it on. Now, gimmy a double bicep pose like I told you.' Coach raised his arms and flexed his enormous biceps. Coach worked out daily and he did look terrific. At 214 pounds his biceps and triceps and deltoids bulged magnificently and his massive pectoral muscles were stunning, and if his abdominals were not completely ridged, his stomach was still almost perfectly flat.

'Oh yeah Coach; that's really cool. Gimmy a show. Go through the compulsories for me man. Show me your muscles while your big hard cock sticks out. Get me turned on.' Coach sighed as he looked at the demanding muscle boy sitting at his desk, and started going through the compulsory poses. Randy was a totally hot and amazingly aggressive muscle boy, and Coach had given up arguing with him weeks ago. He was barely more than a child in age, but in attitude and in looks he was a dominant demanding muscle god. He only weighed about 175 pounds, but his muscle definition was truly phenomenal, and he not only had Coach totally intimidated, but had turned him into a worshiper. Randy had not been at wrestling practice today, and Coach really did miss him, and had been fantasizing about sucking him off.

'Do 'em again Coach. Do 'em again. But you're getting soft, so think about gobbling this big prick I got here' Randy ordered as he groped himself. 'You're turning me on, so don't go soft on me.' Coach obediently went through the seven compulsories once more, and his cock began to grow again as he watched Randy rubbing his crotch.

'Sorry I wasn't at practice today Coach, but that asshole Mr. Manton gave me detention. But it's a good thing I stopped by so you can have the real thing instead of just fantasizing about it' he said with a laugh as he framed with his hands the enormous rod now showing in his pants.. 'Okay, com'er and get me stripped down. You got me hot already man so I'm ready to get it on.' Randy was wearing his typical high school outfit of tight jeans, white T-shirt and tennis shoes.

'My shirt man; get my shirt off' Randy ordered. Coach stepped over, took hold of Randy's shirt and pulled it up and off. 'Good man' Randy laughed. 'Now the shoes. Get down there and get my shoes off.' Coach sighed again, as he got down and started removing Randy's shoes. As much as Randy humiliated him, which he did constantly, Coach was always totally turned on by him, as he was right now with his cock hard and dripping again. Randy stood up with his crotch right in Coach's face, and taking hold of Coach's hair, pulled his head back. Coach was staring straight up at Randy's hot muscular body and grinning face.

'Terrific Coach' Randy said with delight. 'Ain't nothing better than you on your knees in front of my cock. Now tell me you want it. Hell, I already know it, but I want to hear it from you. Go ahead; tell me.'

'Okay, you know you turn me on Randy' Coach said with resignation. He'd done this before and knew what he had to do to satisfy Randy's enormous ego. That's part of what Coach found so exciting about Randy. His breathtaking arrogance and narcissism; his total conceitedness and selfishness were actually an amazing turn on. His spectacular muscular body and his enormous cock didn't hurt either. Coach couldn't get enough of it, and was willing to do about anything to get it. 'I want to suck your cock Randy. You know how much I want it. And I admit I was thinking of you when you walked in a few minutes ago. I didn't think you'd be by today, and I was really hot. Please let me suck you Randy.'

'Oooh Coach. I love it. That's way cool. Give me some more' Randy crooned. 'How about begging. You know how much I love that.'

'Please Randy; I'm begging you. Please let me suck your cock.' Randy pulled Coach's face into his crotch rubbing his face against his very, very hard cock which was trying to tear its way out of his pants.

'Get my pants off Coach' Randy ordered. 'You got me so fuckin hot that I can hardly wait.' Coach unbuckled Randy's belt, undid the pants, and pulled them down and off. 'Leave the jock for now' Randy directed. Coach buried his face into Randy's crotch, rubbing his nose against the hard as steel prick covered by the jockstrap. He was well versed on how to please Randy, so he got a lot of saliva going and sucking on the tip of the cock he gave it a loud smack. Then, developing more saliva, he started gnawing on the big rod with his teeth. Each and every time Coach did this he was newly amazed at how big this kid was. Coach had no idea he was into sucking cock until Randy trained him to do him, and now he couldn't do without it. Randy and his cock were gorgeous.

'Hey, Jason. Com'on in' Randy suddenly yelled. He grabbed Coach's hair with both hands so he couldn't get away as the door opened and Jason walked in. 'Sorry Coach' Randy said with a laugh. 'Jace and I were heading home, and hadn't planned to stop. But hell, Jace doesn't mind waiting for a few minutes while you enjoy yourself. Jace knows he'll get his share later, don't you Jace?'

'Whatever you say Boss. You know I'll wait.' Jason knew that Randy had been getting it from Coach for weeks, and wasn't at all surprised. Hell, Randy got it from anybody he wanted, whenever he wanted. Coach was no exception. 'Geeze Randy, you gonna let me watch?' he said with glee as he felt himself getting hard. Seeing his enormous Coach, his teacher, nude and on his knees sucking Randy's cock was astounding.

'Yeah Jace. Sit down and play with yourself while me and Coach get it on.' Randy was holding Coach's head tight into his crotch with both hands in his hair, and even though Coach tried to pull away, Randy wasn't having it. But even as he tried to pull back Coach was so well trained that he didn't dare use his hands.

'Easy Coach. Jace's my buddy and knows everything, so don't you worry about it' he said as he pulled Coach's head back from his crotch. Looking down into Coach's eyes Randy said: 'besides, I want him to be here watching you blow me so that makes it okay. You remember I always get what I want; right?' Randy waited for a moment. 'Answer me Coach. It's okay if that's what I want, right?'

'Yeah Randy. Whatever you want.'

'Good man. Hell, maybe you'll be an even better cocksucker with an audience.' Randy laughed aloud. 'Yeah, my big beautiful cocksucker.'

'Randy; please' Coach said as tears of humiliation formed in his eyes. 'Don't do this.'

'Com'on Coach. Lighten up. You know I'm only kidding. Jace's my bud and won't say anything' Randy said as he leaned down and gave Coach a kiss on the lips. 'You know I like to kid you and tease you, so don't get so serious.'

'Now, pull my jock down and let's get at it' Randy ordered. 'Com'on man. Just pretend Jace's not here.' Randy had now pulled Coach's face back into his crotch, and as always, Coach gave in. He rubbed his nose against the big rod and kissed it a couple more times. He then pulled the jockstrap down and off allowing Randy's enormous cock to flop out.

'Kiss it first babe' Randy ordered. Coach put his lips on the tip and gave it a very wet, very loud smacking kiss. 'Good boy; good boy' Randy said with a smile as he petted Coach's hair with his hands. Coach actually cringed as Randy called him boy, but he knew that was part of the game. Randy could do anything and Coach would go along. Being treated like his pet cocker spaniel and being called a cocksucker were requirements in order to play the game in Randy's world. And being forced to accept it by this intimidating child-god was degrading; but it was also incredibly exciting.

Randy pushed forward and Coach took the big tool into his mouth and started sucking. Coach had lost track of how many times he had blown Randy, but it must have been reaching a dozen, and he liked it better every time. Sometimes Randy was rough and demanding and other times he was gentle and accepting, but Coach had learned that he would take it any way he could get it.

Randy was really hot. Seeing Coach jerking off and fantasizing about his cock was such an unexpected turn on that he couldn't stop smiling and glowing and almost laughing aloud. Talk about a hell of an ego boost. He wanted to tell Jace about it and rub Coach's nose in it, but right now with his big dick in Coach's mouth ready for another assault, he was almost too hot already. He just watched for a couple minutes as Coach sucked and jacked in and out slowly, taking it all the way back to his throat, and then back to the tip. Coach had had plenty of practice on Randy's cock by now and could give a pretty damn good blow job so Randy just let him go at it for a while.

But Jason was watching and Randy wanted to put on a show. Pulling his cock out of Coach's mouth he rubbed the wet rod against his face. 'My balls Coach. Wash those balls for me. Get 'em nice and wet and make it feel really good.' Coach obediently started licking and sucking Randy's balls as Randy took hold of his cock and bounced it against his face.

'Look at me Coach' Randy ordered as he continued banging his prick against his face and watching him suck his balls. Shit, that looked so fuckin wild . The only thing better than banging his cock against a pretty young face, was banging it against a teachers face. And besides, Coach had a look of insatiable desire and lust on his face. He was worshiping and loving it.

Randy finally pushed his cock back into Coach's mouth. 'Okay Coach. I'm hot and ready. Bring me off man. Show me how good you are.' From experience, Coach knew what to do next, and started to speed up the sucking and started to force the big bludgeon into his throat. He knew very well if he didn't get it into his throat, Randy would force it in there himself. But actually, Coach didn't care. He loved sucking Randy's cock and if Randy wanted it rough, that's what Coach wanted too. After a minute or so, Coach felt Randy's hand behind his head and he started trying to take the big prick even deeper. Then with a hard thrust, Randy forced himself all the way down to the pubes, and just held him there. Coach continued moving his tongue and just held on until Randy was willing to let him go. Finally, after what must have been close to a minute, Randy pulled back. Then grabbing Coach's head with both hands, he started fucking. Starting slow but going hard and deep. Coach kept sucking and grabbed a breath every chance he could get, and just let Randy use his mouth. It hurt a little but it didn't matter because blowing Randy was the hottest thing he had ever done in his life. Being dominated and controlled by this astonishingly powerful demon child was a constant thrill and always turned Coach into a worshiping fanatic.

And Coach started to shoot. Without even touching himself, his cock started shooting across the room. Coach had come off a couple times before while sucking Randy but never like this. But then again, he'd never had an audience before either, and even though it was a student (or maybe because it was a student), he found it tremendously exciting. Being totally under Randy's control was always electrifying but doing it in front of someone else was daring and exhilarating and shameless. The ejaculation was as intense and anything he had ever felt.

But Randy hadn't cum yet and was now slamming deep into his throat. Randy looked up at Jason who was watching with amazement as Randy was beginning to sweat and really ramming into his Coach's mouth. Randy's spectacular muscles were gleaming as he gave Jason a big grin as he silently mouthed 'fuckin hot' and laughed aloud as he continued his deep throat fucking. Jason had his own cock out and was jerking it like mad as he watched in awe. He knew Randy had been fucking Coach, but actually seeing the big sweaty muscle man nude and on his knees being force fed Randy's cock was totally awesome. Coach's face was red, he was dripping with sweat, and he was moaning and grunting as the cock slammed into him.

Then Randy let out a yell and started to cum. He had a tight hold on Coach's hair as he shot first into his throat, and then into his mouth, and then finally into his face. Jason gave his prick one final jerk and shot right up against Coach's desk. When Randy finally started to calm down, he grabbed his cock and gently rubbed it all over Coach's face, smearing his cum everywhere.

'Clean me off Coach' he said after a bit, and Coach licked his cock clean and then gave him a loud kiss on the tip. Randy laughed aloud and fluffed his hands through Coach's hair. 'Damn good Coach' he laughed. 'You really know how I like it.'

'Okay; Jace and I've got to go. Gimmy my jock and pants.' Coach started to get up, but Randy held his hand on his head. 'Stay on your knees man. I like you down there' he said as Coach looked up and saw a big grin on his face.

'Now Randy.'

'Don't argue with me Coach. Just do it. Get my jock and my pants.' Coach was totally embarrassed by Randy humiliating him in front of Jason, but knew he couldn't do anything about it. Randy could not be budged when he set his mind on something. And besides, Coach was used to Randy humiliating him regularly. But he'd never done it in front of anyone before, and Coach hesitated as he looked up at Randy's grinning face.

'You're about to piss me off Coach' Randy said threateningly.

'Okay Randy' Coach said as he crawled on his hands and knees over to the desk and picked up Randy's jock and pants. Randy took the jockstrap and used it to wipe all his cum off of Coach's face. Giving him a big smile he handed it back. 'This is for your collection Coach.' Randy slipped into his jeans and buttoned them up. Coach handed him his shirt and he slipped it on.

'Watch this Jace' Randy said as he sat in Coach's desk chair again. 'Go ahead Coach.'

'Please Randy.' Coach whispered as his face began to get red in embarrassment. 'Don't.' Coach knew how much pleasure Randy got from treating him like a wimp and humiliating him, but at least he'd always done it in private. Doing it in front of someone else was totally demoralizing.

'Jace's my bud Coach, and I share everything with him, and I want him to see this' Randy said threateningly. 'Or maybe you'd rather I make you do him next Coach. He's got a cock needs suckin. What'daya think?'

'Okay Randy. I'll do it.'

'Of course you will' Randy said as he gave Jason a grin. 'Make it loud so Jace can hear it.' Coach leaned down and kissed each of Randy's feet with a big smack and then picked up his tennis shoes, slipped them on and tied them.

'Way to go man' Randy said with a grin as he leaned down, took Coach by the chin and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

'It looks like you and Jace made a mess on the floor' Randy said as he stood up and pulled Coach to his feet. 'Better clean that up before anyone see's it.' Then the arrogant young stud walked out of the office followed closely by Jason.

Randy patted Jason on the butt as they went out to his old VW in the school parking lot. 'Don't worry Jace. You know I've always got something left for you. We'll get it on tonight after I talk to your dad.

'That's okay Boss. I know that. And thanks for letting me watch. Man, that was sensational; you doin Coach like that. That was super hot. That's the hottest thing I have ever seen; even better'n you doin the math teacher.'

'Yeah; doin Coach is the greatest. He is so damn big and muscular and so devoted to my cock' Randy said with a grin as they got into his car and headed for his garage/workout room. 'The greatest except for you of course' he said with a laugh as he reached over and patted Jason on the leg.

Later, after the boys had worked out and showered, they piled into the VW and headed to Jason's house. They had agreed that Randy would come by once a week and have a chat with Jason's dad, and this was the third week after they had come to an understanding. Although Jason gave Randy daily updates on his dad's behavior Randy liked to see the guy shake and cringe in fear when he came by. Randy hadn't hit him again after their original confrontation, but he wanted to keep the threat in the guy's face on a regular basis.

'What's that' Jason said as they drove into his driveway.

'What the fuck' Randy exclaimed. 'Is he selling the house?' Standing right in the middle of the yard in front of the house was a 'For Sale' sign.

Jason peeked through the garage window. 'His car is gone so he's not home yet. I wonder what the hell is going on.' He unlocked the front door and they went into the house. And it was a mess. As they walked through the large house, they saw every drawer open and stuff tossed every which way and most of the furniture was gone. Jason led Randy down to his dad's bedroom and as they entered they saw the closets and all the drawers open and empty.

'Oh shit' Jason exclaimed. 'He's gone. The fucker's moved out.'

'How can that be? Was he here last night?' Randy asked.

'He was here when Bobby and I went to school this morning. He moved out while we were gone today' Jason answered in amazement.

'Oh man. This is going to be a problem' Randy said. 'He's got the money and you can't live here without cash. And, shit, he's trying to sell the house anyway. Hell. Does he really think he can get away with this? All we have to do is track him down at the dealership. Stupid asshole.'

'I don't know Randy. This is getting scary. He's not stupid you know. He must have planned this out. Let me call his office and see what's going on.'

Randy wandered around the house while Jason made the call. The place looked like a cyclone had hit; everything was thrown every which way. Mr. Riley must have been in a big hurry to check out, and obviously he was not planning on coming back.

'Randy. They said he doesn't work there anymore' Jason said with a puzzled look as he entered the room.

'Wha'daya mean he doesn't work there anymore? I thought he owned the place.'

'I knew he had a partner in the business, and I got him on the phone, but he wouldn't say anything. He just repeated that dad hasn't worked there since last week. I told him who I was, but he just said he was sorry but didn't know anything. I guess he must have bought dad out. He said he didn't know where dad went either.'

'Yeah, he must have bought him out. That's the only explanation that makes any sense. Oh shit; the little son of a bitch pulled a fast one on us. What the hell do we do now? Jace; does he keep any cash around?'

'Yeah. He has a safe in his bedroom closet which usually has some money in it. Let's check.' They went back to the bedroom and neither boy was surprised to see the safe open and empty. 'Oh shit' Jason spat. 'We're really in trouble.

What in the world are we going to do?'

'Do you have any money at all?' Randy asked.

'I've got maybe a hundred dollars stashed in my room and Bobby might have twenty or thirty bucks. Dad fired the housekeeper last week, so I had to do grocery shopping yesterday. So we're okay for a week or so, but then we're in trouble.'

'Well okay. We've got a week. You should call your aunt and tell her what's happening and maybe she'll finally tell you where your mom is. And then let's check that 'For Sale' sign. There's got to be a real estate agent, and he's gotta know where your dad is.'

'Okay; those are good ideas' Jason said with relief. 'Thanks Randy. I don't know what I'd do without you.'

Randy grabbed Jason and pulled him close, right up eye to eye, and noticed tears beginning to form in his eyes. 'Take it easy babe. Don't worry, we'll figure this out.' Then Jason put his head on his shoulder and started crying softly. 'The fuckin bastard. The fuckin bastard' he mumbled through his tears.

'Don't you worry about it babe. I said we'll work our way through this' Randy said as he grabbed Jason, jerked him around, pushed him against the wall and started kissing him aggressively. 'You're still mine babe' he mumbled through the kiss 'and I ain't letting nothing bad happen to you.'

Having a confrontation with Jason's dad always made Randy hot, and he'd planned on fucking Jason afterwards anyway. So they hadn't had their usual 'after workout session' today, and Randy wasn't about to wait any longer. Besides, they had the house to themselves.

Randy reached around with both hands and grabbed Jason's ass and squeezed hard. Jason grunted in surprise and grabbed Randy around the waist and hugged him tight.

'Have you been naughty Jace?' Randy asked softly with a faint smile. 'Tell me; have you been a naughty boy?'

Jason knew this signal well from many previous occasions. 'No Randy. Please don't. Not now' he replied.

'Answer my question babe. Have you been naughty?' Randy asked.

'Please Randy. Not now. I'm begging you' Jason said as his tears continued to drip.

'You just got three more babe' Randy growled. 'Two for pissin me off, and one for not calling me Boss. Now answer the god damn question.'

'Yes Boss. I've been naughty' Jason said with resignation.

'Get me a belt' Randy said as he walked into the living room, straightened the cushions and sat on the sofa, the only piece of furniture left in the room. 'Strip' he ordered as Jason came into the room carrying a belt. Jason now conceded that he was going to get his ass whipped. He knew better than to argue with Randy, but he really didn't want this right now and he grudgingly started removing his shoes.

'If I don't see a smile on your face, and a real sexy strip show in the next couple seconds, you're going to be in a world of hurt' Randy snarled. 'Now get with it!'

'I'm sorry Boss. Sorry.' Jason swallowed his irritation and forced a smile. Pissing Randy off was a crazy thing to do, and he reminded himself that Randy always got what he wanted, and was in charge one hundred percent of the time. Besides, he realized this was Randy's way of making him get his mind off his problems and pick up his spirits. As he got his shoes off and stood up, he started feeling himself up, rubbing his hands over his muscles as he performed a kind of a dance and slowly started stripping. He'd done this before so he knew what Randy liked. And he was starting to calm down and also beginning to get hot. He knew Randy was going to spank him and then fuck him, and he was starting to get excited. When he was finally nude; without any direction, he went to Randy and lay on his lap with his ass up high. Randy took the belt in one hand and grasped the hot ass with his other.

'How many' he asked.

'Eight' Jason said as he closed his eyes tightly and started getting ready for the pain. The pain before pleasure.

'Well?' Randy snapped.

'Eight Boss. Five because I need it; two for pissing you off, and one for not calling you Boss, Boss.'

'Okay. Here goes. Count 'em.'

Jason loved Randy dearly and the sex games they played were the most exciting and fulfilling events in his life. He yelped and counted after each of the swats, letting Randy know that they hurt. Even though it was all a game, Randy always asserted his authority and made sure Jason felt the swats. The first five were not too bad, but Randy made the last three really sting.

'Thank you Boss for spanking me' he said when Randy finished. His cock was now super hard and he was ready to get fucked.

'Way to go Jace' Randy said with pride as he dropped the belt and gently rubbed Jason's ass. 'You did real good.' Then he gently pushed Jason off his lap onto his knees between his legs. 'I'm proud of you babe' he said as he gave him a kiss.

'I'm hot and ready Jace' Randy said as he stripped off his shorts and jockstrap, allowing his hard eight inches to slap up against his belly. 'Banging your ass really turns me on, so get your ass ready and climb up here.' Jason spit on his hand and gingerly reached between his legs and rubbed in on his ass. As he spit a couple more times and started loosening up his ass hole, he watched Randy playing with his big hard cock just inches from his face.

Randy slid down so his ass was barely on the sofa cushion and spread his legs wide, as Jason climbed up facing him and positioned his ass above the big hard pole. Grabbing the big cock and aiming it towards his ass crack, Jason gradually started to sit down, forcing the bludgeon into his tight hole. He knew his ass was red, and his cheeks were stinging, but the greater hurt now was his ass opening up to allow the enormous shaft to plunge into his tight hole. His eyes were tightly closed as he pressed down, and then hesitated for a bit to try to adjust. He was panting hard now as he reached down pulling his cheeks apart and started a gentle up and down motion, gradually pressing more of the cock into his ass. Randy didn't seem to be in any hurry, and hadn't said anything, so Jason continued to go slow; gradually pressing down on the hard pole.

When he finally felt his ass reach bottom, tight against Randy's crotch, he opened his eyes and looked down at his gorgeous lover. Randy was wearing a wife beater which showed his big round deltoids and the tight definition line leading to the swollen biceps and triceps. The tight wife beater barely held in the massive pectoral muscles with the nubs clearly showing through the thin cotton. Randy was looking him in the eye with a big smile on his face and moaned slightly.

'Oh baby. That's good' he said with a big grin as Jason started slowly raising and lowering his ass over his big truncheon. Jason loved getting fucked by Randy, his lover, his Boss, his Master; and although it was best when Randy was in control, he knew Randy loved it this way as well because it showed him Jason's complete subservience by having to do all the work himself to give Randy pleasure. Giving satisfaction to Randy's cock was the most important part of Jason's relationship with him.

Jason now started bouncing up and down on the cock a little faster, and it started to feel good. His ass cheeks still hurt every time he banged into Randy's crotch, but the feeling of the big rod going in and out of his ass was wonderful. Randy moved his legs farther apart so his cock would go deeper, and started getting into the action by pushing his crotch up to meet each downward thrust by Jason.

Jason's own cock was sticking straight up and dripping onto Randy's tight abs. Jason kept up the slow up and down motion enjoying the feel of his lover's big rod sliding in and out. He didn't want it to end, and if he could have, he would have kept it up for hours.

Then his heart skipped a beat and he gasped as he felt Randy grab his cock and start to stroke it gently. Randy almost never touched his cock while he was fucking him, and the feeling was awesome. Jason was delirious with pleasure as he saw that his gorgeous lover was grinning at him as he gently jerked his cock and matched each down stroke of his ass with a matching upward thrust of his crotch. Jason tried to hold off as he sped up his fucking motion, but the pleasure was just too intense, and he started to shoot. His body shuddered and he groaned with pleasure as he shot into Randy's hand, but somehow he was able to keep his fucking motion going even through his elation, and then he felt Randy ram into him hard and start groaning as well. As Jason finished cuming he looked at Randy's face seeing his eyes tightly closed with a look of total exaltation as he continued to shoot into his ass.

When Randy finally stopped and opened his eyes, he smiled brightly at Jason. 'You made a mess baby' he said holding out his hand filled with Jason's cum. Very deliberately he took hold of his wife beater with his other hand, pulled it up and over his head, and then rubbed Jason's cum all over his bulging pectoral muscles.

Then chuckling at the surprised look in Jason's eyes he said: 'It's your mess babe. Clean it up.' Jason smiled at his lover, and gently rose up so the softening cock would slide out of his ass. Then he leaned down and started to lick his cum off of Randy's muscled chest.


'Yeah, mom has agreed to take Bobby and he's already home packing. She wanted me to come too, but I told her no way. Besides, she made it clear her job as a waitress didn't pay much and I'd have to find a job to help out. But, I'm not leaving you Randy, and I'm not leaving my school, and I'm not leaving all my friends.' Randy and Jason were sitting on the floor leaning against the wall of Randy's workout room, both covered with sweat, and still panting from the final exertions of their afternoon workout. It had been a busy couple days as they tried to figure out how to deal with the disappearance of Jason's father.

'Way to go man. So, are we goin with the original plan?'

'Yeah Randy. I really don't have any other options. Mom didn't seem to be bothered when I told her I wasn't leaving. I think she's worried about being able to support us. She says she can't do anything about dad selling the house because he never let her put her name on the title. He always made sure she never had a dime of her own. And that fuckin real estate agent is a total asshole. He says dad told him no one was living in the house, and if he finds me there again he's going to report me to the authorities. So, I've got to get out, and soon.'

'What a total creep. Well, anyway, I've talked to Coach and he has agreed to let you use his address as your home of record so you'll still be in the school district. He's says it's no big deal; people do it all the time. But now we've just got to see if our plan will work.'

'You know Jace, I've really worked on my folks and they absolutely refuse to budge on you moving in. You know my dad doesn't get much work as a painter since he hurt his back, and mom works only part time and makes shit-all at that damn toy store. We're barely scraping by now, and they're even talking about maybe losing the house. Sorry. I'd really love to have you here. But, let's see how it goes tonight. You dress in that sexy outfit we put together, and we'll just play it by ear.'


At exactly eight o'clock I rang the doorbell and entered the house. As always when I visited Wade, I was wearing the sexiest outfit that I could come up with. This time the shorts were low cut boxer types, but were not only sheer, but were of some type of clinging material. They were see through and snug and left absolutely nothing to the imagination, and were so low cut that the crack of my ass was showing in back and it was molded to my half hard cock in front, and my crotch hair was clearly showing through the gauzy material. I might as well not have been wearing anything at all. For a top I had a cut off football jersey that barely reached the nubs of my tits. I'd spent hours in the local thrift shops looking for the sexiest outfits that I could put together and this was definitely the most outrageous. I was fuckin pornographic. And I was fuckin gorgeous, and I damn well knew it. And I hoped Wade would think so too.

I had worked out and showered just before coming so my amazing sixteen year old body showed my bulging muscles and astonishing definition in its total perfection. At Wade's direction I had not had my usual blow job today from Jason, nor yesterday either. Wade wanted me really horny for my visit today, and was I ever. The past two days had been sheer torture because it had been months since I'd gone two days without shooting a load. I'd been hot and hard all the way through my workout, through my shower, and particularly while getting dressed in my scandalous steamy outfit in front of the mirror. In fact, just seeing how sexy I looked forced me to look away from the mirror to keep from shooting. And, just thinking about seeing Wade always made me hot anyway.

As I entered the living room, I saw that Wade was sitting on the sofa in only his Jockey shorts with his hand on his crotch. That was a really good sign, because if he was already playing with himself he was hot for me. As usual, Wade was absolutely breathtaking, and I instantly felt heat shoot through my body just by looking at this miraculous creation of God. Wade was beyond awesome. He had truly enormous muscles, but so perfectly proportioned that he was an image of consummate perfection. Add to that his startlingly handsome face and he was nothing less than a god. But he was sometimes moody, and I had to be very careful to be aware of those moods and act accordingly, but seeing him rubbing his crotch and smiling told me this was going to be the hottest ever. I walked over to the sofa, got on my knees, gave each foot a light kiss, and waited.

'Give it some tongue muscle boy' he murmured. I got a surge of excitement, because that meant the green light was on and Wade was ready to roll. I started to gently lick his feet, making sure I had enough saliva to keep my tongue wet, but not so much that I left any spit on his feet. What I did was wash his feet with my tongue, at the same time that I worshiped them with kisses. If he wanted me to suck he would say so, but for now my tongue and my mouth were focused on making him feel blissfully satisfied. With Wade, after many beatings and scoldings, I learned to never, ever think of myself while cherishing his body. My pain and/or pleasure was irrelevant and had to be completely ignored while my total concentration was aimed on how it must feel for him. My major objective was to try to get inside his head and imagine how each lick and each kiss must feel to him, and there was nothing more exciting to me than getting a moan of pleasure from him while I worshiped him. I found that the harder I worked to worship him, the hotter and more excited I became.

'I can't wait today baby' he said. 'Get up here in my crotch.' I instantly lifted my head and buried my face into his cotton covered crotch. His enormous cock was fully hard and sticking straight up and out of his jockey shorts with his hand still on it as I pressed my face against it. Since his hand was near the head of his cock, I jammed my face below and started trying to suck his balls through the shorts. I had barely started trying to suck when he moved his hand and grabbed my hair, jerking it hard. I let out a squeal, more in surprise than in pain, although it did hurt.

'Lick it baby' he directed as he started pulling my head up and down, forcing my mouth to slide up and down on his cotton covered cock. With the enormous power of his arm, he dragged my head up and down, jerking my whole body back and forth. I just held on and let him go at it, while I formed as much saliva as I possibly could, trying to get the cock wet while I was being jerked around. Then he really got at it, pushing my face into his hard crotch, and dragging it back and forth and up and down in total delirium. But even though I was being completely manhandled, I kept trying to lick him as he had ordered, and his shorts were beginning to get wet.

Then, still holding my hair, with his other hand he pulled his shorts down below his balls, grabbed his cock, aimed it at my mouth, and pulled me down on it. Pulling down hard, he crammed my nose in tight against his crotch, and his enormous nine inch rod went deep into my throat. And he just held me there. It had happened so fast that I didn't get much of a breath, so I was already worried. But he just held me there and rammed his crotch up into me several times trying to get even deeper. He damn well knew he was choking me, and I knew he was probably enjoying my torment. I held out as long as I could but as I started to panic, I couldn't help but struggle and try to pull back, and I brought my hands from behind my back to try to push him away.

'Hands behind your back' he yelled at me as he jammed his crotch in even tighter and really yanked my hair. I pulled my hands from his waist, but in the midst of my panic I couldn't force them behind my back. I was beginning to black out.

Suddenly, I was gasping frantically for breath, and my heart was beating a million miles an hour. I don't know if I actually blacked out or not, but everything did seem to go dark for a second. As I was gasping uncontrollably, I was vaguely aware that Wade stood up, moved to the end of the sofa dragging me around so my head was dangling over the arm. Suddenly I was looking at him upside down with his balls in my face.

'Oh yeah slave boy. Gonna fuck your face hard' he said. Then he pushed his cock into my mouth and into my throat, jamming his balls against my nose and getting his full nine inches deep down into my esophagus. I hadn't even got my breath back when he pulled back and started to fuck. He started fucking me in a way that only Wade could fuck; hard and deep. Really deep. He started slowly, forcing every bit of his enormous cock into me, and always ending each thrust with a final jerk driving every last centimeter in tight. He then pulled about half way out before pushing back in again. And again. And again. I grabbed a breath when I could as he fucked long and deep.

As many times as Wade had fucked my throat there was no way I could get used to it, and it was hurting a little. However, the pain was part of the bonus of having Wade as my Master; a god among men who deserved to be worshiped and who allowed me to submit to his sexual desires. As Wade began to speed up his face fucking, I struggled to breath between each thrust. But then I felt him slap my barely covered cock, and realized that I was as hot and hard as I could possibly get, and was exalting in this rough treatment. I was almost ready to shoot just from his rough treatment and total domination. In fact I felt a surge of excitement zap through me right to the tip of my cock, and when Wade slapped my cock again I started to erupt. Shit, was I a masochist when I was with him or what? My body began to jerk uncontrollably as I started cuming, and I felt Wade grab my head with both hands, ram in hard a couple times and start shooting as well.

'Yeeeaaaoooh' he yelled sounding almost like Tarzan. To keep from strangling me, he pulled back so he was shooting into my mouth and I was trying to swallow his cum as I was gasping for breath, and I was still shooting into my shorts. When I finally stopped cuming Wade was still going strong, and pulling out of my mouth, sent a couple final squirts into my face.

This was certainly equal to some of the most exciting events in my life, matched only by the dozen times or so that Wade'd fucked my face previously. Each time Wade fucked me he seemed to be even more pernicious, and for me each time was more adventurous and more dangerous and therefore more exciting. There was no question that satisfying this muscle god's incredible demands was a dangerous proposition. This was the closest I'd ever come to blacking out, and it was totally scary, but also completely exhilarating. When I visited Wade I simply submitted my body to him for his gratification, which always resulted in the most exciting moments in my young life. My cum filled shorts were a clear sign of how fabulously exciting sex always was with Wade; my Master.

'That was fuckin hot slave boy' he said as I began to get my breath back. He rubbed his cock against my face smearing his cum around, and I stuck my tongue out licking him as much as I could.

I loved Wade so much that it actually hurt, and my heart sometimes felt like it was going to burst. Each time I was with him it was a totally new experience and I loved him even more. And I was well aware that people would think our relationship was a little strange. I know he loved me, but I know he loved other boys as well; he blatantly told me so; regularly. He told me he loved me with all his heart and soul and I know he meant it, but I knew he loved other boys as well. But when I was with him, he was so strong and so powerful and so demanding and controlling, and yes, even loving that he made me weak in the knees and made my heart flutter.

He was always rough and exacting, and still slapped me around occasionally when my performance wasn't one hundred percent up to his standards. Actually, he slapped me around even more than just occasionally. But the really strange thing about our relationship was that no matter how hard I tried to please him and guess in advance what I needed to do to venerate him, I loved him even more when he punished me for being inadequate, showing me how much of a god he really was, and what a lucky guy I was to be allowed to try to fulfill his every desire.

I never cried when he hit me anymore, because I loved seeing the look of determination and lust in his face as he corrected me to increase the intensity of his pleasure. Actually I would endure any pain for him and love him for it because anything he wanted was paramount to any desires of my own. And, actually, I could have smiled sometimes as he punished me, just from the attention I was getting from him; but of course I didn't dare. Getting fucked or punished by Wade was serious business, and definitely not to be laughed at.

Our relationship in some ways had become a game; me breaking my ass trying to fulfill his every desire and need while I worshiped him, and him always expecting and demanding more from me, and forcefully taking his pleasure no matter what difficulty he had to put me through.. In fact the game required that I suffer. Wade had clearly taught me that pain was pleasure, and I dreamed about it, and lived for it. There were few things in my life that made me feel more alive and more fulfilled than Wade using me for his gratification; so with every physical slap and every verbal rebuke my love for him grew deeper and deeper.

But that didn't mean I didn't have some love left over. I loved my boys Jason and Landon and I know they loved me. But my love for them was different. Basically, I loved them because they loved me, and that love was dependent upon their submissiveness and total attention to my needs. They had to love me and worship me and obey me and for that I returned their love. I almost never punished them like Wade did me, but I did insist upon their total loyalty and fealty. The more obedient and cognizant to my needs they were, the more I loved them. Except for their terrible jealousy of each other, they were happy with the relationship and so was I. Actually I enjoyed their anxiety when I got them together, and their conflict about who could worship me better, and love me more.

'Are you cozy baby' Wade asked as I sat in my favorite place: both of us nude, and me sitting on his lap with my head leaning back against his shoulder.

'Mmmm' I whispered, half dozing. Wade had allowed me to give him a shower and dry him off, and now we were just resting. I knew he was going to fuck me later, because on days like this when he was super horny he always came twice and maybe three times. Wade was gently rubbing his hands over my well defined abs and pecs, which I loved. As much of a muscle god as Wade was, I was thrilled every time he noticed what a tight muscular body I had and gave me recognition by feeling me up.

'Wade? Master?' I murmured.

'Yeah, baby. My slave boy. What is it?'

'Ah. Master?' I said haltingly. 'Ah. you remember me telling you about my boy Jason? How his father was such an asshole?'

'Yeah. You said you straightened him out. And you enjoyed it. So what?'

'Well. we have a real problem. The asshole skipped town. He sold his business, put the house up for sale, and took off. We've taken care of Jason's little brother Bobby; he's getting on a bus to St. Louis tomorrow to join his mother. But right now Jason has no place to go. He refuses to go join his mother, and I guess she doesn't particularly want him and can't afford to keep him anyway. Besides he's my lover, Master, and I don't want to let him go. He also wants to stay at out school and be on the wrestling team with me.'

'Alright slave boy' Wade said emphasizing 'slave boy'. 'You can stop. I don't think I'm going to like hearing what you're going to say next.'

'Please Master. Please. Just hear me out' I pleaded. 'We have a possible solution. Please.' I knew better than continue without permission. I'd been punished too many times for stepping out of bounds, to even hint at doing anything Wade might not like. 'Please Master!' I whispered as I waited for an okay to go on.

'Okay' he said finally after a long pause. 'But just remember if you piss me off you're getting your ass kicked. Got it?'

'Yes Master' I replied hesitantly. 'But it's just an idea I had, and if you don't like it we'll forget all about it. We can pretend that I never brought it up. It's just one possible solution.'

'Alright' he said after hesitating for a moment. 'Go ahead. Spit it out' he ordered.

'Master' I said with a gulp. 'Coach has agreed that he can accept temporary custody of Jason, and we can use his address so we're still in the school district. But Coach says he can't take him in. I tried to talk him into it, but since he has kids of his own, he absolutely refused to take Jason. He really meant it because Coach never refuses me anything. My folks say we can't afford it, don't have room, and all kinds of crappie excuses, so I can't take him. And we've got to do something quick before the child welfare agency finds out.'

I took a deep breath and just blurted it out. 'Will you take Jason in Master?' I said and waited. There was a long pause. A very long pause. A two or three minute pause.

'When can I meet him?' Wade asked. My heart leaped into my throat with excitement. He didn't say no! He didn't say no immediately! I was thrilled.

'He's sitting on your front lawn right now Master. Can I bring him in?'

Wade laughed aloud as he tousled my hair. 'You little shit' he laughed. 'Get him in here.' I jumped up, ran to the front door and gave a yell at Jason.

Wade and I were still nude from our shower, but Jason was dressed. Or sort of dressed. I'd made sure he looked as sexy as possible. Wade loved his boys looking super sexy and as totally outrageous as possible. We had ordered something called a 'cock sock' from the internet which was a pair of tight thin underwear with a cock sized pouch in front to hold your prick. It was kind of like a thumb on a pair of mittens, but it made your cock stick out even when it was soft. I had loaned him my bright yellow tank top that fit like a second skin, and emphasized his amazing muscular body. He'd obviously been playing with himself because his cock was hard and was really filling up the sexy 'cock sock'.

I had instructed him in advance, so when he entered the room he immediately went to Wade, got on his knees, and kissed his feet.

'Stand up' Wade ordered, and Jason jumped to his feet. 'Turn around.' Jason slowly turned around as Wade inspected him. 'I see why Randy latched onto you boy. You are a sexy little bastard aren't you?' Wade twirled his finger and Jason slowly turned around again. 'Gimmy a double bicep' Wade ordered. Jason lifted his arms flexing his biceps and expanded his chest showing his amazing fifteen year old body at its finest.

Jason looked magnificent. Not quite as much muscle as I have, but he looked absolutely stunning with amazing musculature for a kid so young. I watched Wade's face as he examined Jason's body. I was as nervous as hell, because we'd really run out of options. Wade either let him stay, or the child welfare agency took over, and they'd probably force him to go to his mother, and then he'd probably have to go to work to help her and Bobby.

'What's your name kid?' Wade asked.

'Jason, Master' he answered, and I smiled. Wade should like that.

'I am not your Master. You will call me sir. Now tell me again.'

'My name is Jason, sir.'

'That's better. Okay Randy' he said to me and I stepped forward. 'I'll give it a try and we'll see how it goes. But there are some rules. First of all, Jason, you are not my slave and I am not your Master. We'll pretend you're my son, or better yet: my long lost nephew. You will sleep in my guest bedroom, and you will never wear a sexy outfit again in this house like you're wearing right now. You will dress like a normal school boy. And you will not have sex in this house. You will treat me like an Uncle and there will be no sex between us. What you and Randy do outside is your business, and you will make yourself scarce when I'm fucking somebody here. Got all that?'

'Yes sir. I got it' Jason answered with a big grin.

'Thank you Master' I said as I stepped up and put my arm around Jason. 'Jason's a great kid and I know he'll be no trouble. We'll do anything we can to make this work.'

'We'll talk about homework and curfew and stuff like that later, but you can go ahead and move in tomorrow' Wade said as he stood up. 'Now you get your ass back out in the yard, because Randy and I have some business to attend to.'

'Yes sir' he answered and I gave him a big grin and a pat on the ass as he turned and left the room. Wade stepped up to me, reached around with both hands and grabbed my ass cheeks, pulled me in close and started kissing me.



Jesus. He was the most gorgeous creature on the planet. An Adonis or maybe Hercules, or some combination of the two. Or any list of superlatives that might describe him. And I was going crazy with desire.

Wade had set down all kinds of rules of how I could act and how I could dress, and when to do homework and when to go to bed. All kinds of stuff. And I even had to call him Uncle Wade. But I was going crazy with desire. Me being a fifteen year old horny gay kid, and having the most beautiful man I'd ever seen, fucking and sleeping in the next bedroom was becoming excruciating. Even having sex with Randy almost every day didn't relieve my hard on completely. I was hard from the time I arrived at Wade's in the afternoon until I went to sleep at night. With all the action going on in the next bedroom, I jerked off every evening and then had wet dreams most nights as well. I used to think only of Randy when I was jerking off, but now it was generally Wade. Randy was gorgeous but Wade was awesome. Randy was a 'superboy' muscle kid and my lover, but Wade was simply a god and I couldn't help but lust over him.

I've been living with Wade for three weeks now and things are going pretty well. I'd spend every afternoon working out with Randy and then come to Wade's and make dinner for him. It turns out I'm a better cook than he is, so I make most of the meals and do the shopping. My mom had been a lousy cook so I had to learn early on how to do it and Wade was very appreciative. It also made me feel a little better about staying with him, because I felt I was partially paying my way. I'm only fifteen but I clearly understand how much I owe him for taking me in and I am extremely grateful. I'm willing to do just about anything to show him how grateful I am at his taking me in.

But Wade was fucking someone every night and the agreement was I had to stay out of the way. So I had to stay in my bedroom; but at least I had a TV there. But TV or no, I had to listen. And let me tell you, there was plenty to hear. Actually, Wade seldom raised his voice; but then again he was accustomed to being obeyed without raising his voice. However, his slaves/tricks/worshipers were not so quiet. There was yelling and screaming and crying and begging going on all the time, particularly if Wade was working with somebody new. Some of the guys were obviously slow learners because they seemed to be crying and begging all the time. I knew Wade was a harsh taskmaster; Randy had told me that, but hearing the slaps and the crying and the grunting and groaning was almost more that I could bear. Did Wade really think I was in here doing my homework while he was fucking his slaves and making them squeal in pain or pleasure outside my door? Actually I was, but it wasn't easy. I always sat at my desk in the nude with my prick hard as steel and dripping. I don't know what my teachers thought about the cum stains on my homework papers.

So, this could not go on. I was desperate to get into bed with him. So I started planning my move.

I was waiting for some night when he was not fucking someone, but it'd been here three weeks and there hadn't been a break. I think he was the most oversexed guy on the planet, because some nights he had a couple guys over, one after the other. And several times he was doing two guys and once, and one night he even had three. Fucking three guys at once? How the hell could he do it? From the moans and groans and the slaps I heard that night I know he must have gotten his cock into all three of them.

But anyway he was driving me bonkers. I did talk to him about it, and he admitted he was probably not the best roll model for a young kid, but he was not about to cramp his life style for my benefit. Then he ordered me to use earphones or turn the TV up so I couldn't hear what was going on. I tried that for one day only, but the fact is I loved hearing his fucking sessions. So I pretended that I forgot his order, and didn't mention it again.

So anyway, this evening, for the very first time, we'd actually watched a little TV together. Then he sent me to my room to do my homework. I opened my door a crack so I could tell what he was doing, and I heard him go to bed early; about 10:30. I gave him a half hour and then went to his bedroom door and opened it quietly. He was asleep.

I'd thought about having sex with him a lot. Hell, I thought about it constantly. I'd decided that if he was on his back I'd suck his cock, but if he was on his stomach, I'd work on his ass. I knew he slept in the nude. Hell, with all the fucking he did, I don't think he had time to put anything on. As I tiptoed into his bedroom I saw he was on his back covered only by a sheet. Very gently I raised the sheet and put my head under it and took his cock in my mouth.

I was very gentle at first, just kind of holding it in my mouth and washing it with lots of saliva. But of course it started to grow. He didn't move at all, but I felt sure he must be waking up. At least I know if somebody was sucking my cock I'd be waking up. I kept up the gentle suck until he was really getting big, almost up to his full nine to ten inches, or whatever. Now, let me tell you. I am one fantastic cocksucker. I bet I'd sucked Randy a hundred times and he always told me how great it was. In fact, Randy was the only guy I'd ever sucked, but now I was tasting a new one. And a bigger one. Wade was enormous, and I realized as good as I was, this was going to be a challenge. But I was ready for it.

To give him a feel for what I was capable of, I slowly pushed forward allowing the enormous rod to enter my throat and keep going until my nose was touching his crotch hairs. Then I give three quick pushes, mashing my nose against him and taking every last centimeter deep into my throat. And I held it there for as long as I could. At least a full minute.

Then pulling back, I started really blowing him. Good suction with lots of tongue, jacking back and forth. I know most guys would grab a cock this big with their hand to jack it, but I was a true champion cocksucker, and I did it all with my mouth. Using your hand was for guys who didn't know the first thing about sucking cock.

He still hadn't moved a muscle, although I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth. There was no question he was awake, and he had to know who was going down on him. I was hard as a rock anyway, but now I felt a shot of excitement shoot through me knowing that he was letting me get away with this. He was making no effort whatever to stop me. Since he hadn't had a trick tonight I guessed he was probably really horny, and I was right. I'd only been on him ten or fifteen minutes or so and I could feel his throbbing cock get ready to shoot. And now his whole body began to shake and I felt his hand on the back of my head. I grabbed a big breath just in time as he jammed me down hard forcing his bludgeon deep into my throat. And he started to shoot.

I controlled my reflexes until he finally pulled back a little, and then started swallowing as fast as I could. Luckily I didn't choke, but I couldn't swallow fast enough and his cum was coming out the corners of my mouth. But shit; I was in heaven. Wade had let me suck him. Finally!! I kept swallowing and swallowing as he continued firing into my mouth, and it felt like he was shooting gallons for god's sake. Only one day without a fuck and it was like he'd gone without for weeks. When he finally stopped shooting I carefully gave his cock a final suck, and then buried my face in his crotch smearing the cum I'd missed all over my face. Oh yeah, I want his cum not only in me but all over me as well. Then I licked his crotch clean.

My legs were still hanging off the bed, so I now dropped to my knees and pulled the sheet off my head. As I looked up at his handsome face I saw him looking at me with a big smile on his face. Again my heart almost stopped at his sheer magnificence. The absolute pinnacle of perfection in body, and unparalleled godlike masculine features. An astonishingly sublime human being.

'Thank you Master for letting me suck you' I said, totally in awe of his beauty. No more Uncle shit. No matter what he said, in my mind he was now my Master. If he could be Randy's Master, he could be mine as well. What could be more rewarding than being a acolyte to a demigod?

'So you finally made the move' he said with a laugh. 'I was wondering how long it would take you to get up your nerve to go for my cock. Randy said you wouldn't last a week.' He reached down and pulled me up on the bed on top of him and gave me a kiss and started tussling my hair. 'You know there's no turning back now, don't you?'

'Yes Master, but this is what I want. I want to be yours. I want you to own me.'

'Being my long lost nephew and my slave are two very different things. As a Master I am very demanding and expect instant obedience and total dedication to my needs. You don't do anything without my direction, or there is punishment. You don't even speak without my permission. Do you understand that this is how it's going to be?'

'Yes Master. But that's what I want.'

'Okay. So be it. Now, you sucked my cock without permission. Do you need to be punished?'

'Ahhhh. Yes Master. I guess I need to be punished.'

'There is no 'I guess' about it. You will be punished' he said as he grabbed a handful of hair and gave it a sharp jerk. 'This time I'll use my hand, but if there is a next time I will not be so lenient. Now go into the living room and bend over the arm of the sofa.

As I bent over the arm of the sofa and buried my face in the cushion, I watched out of the corner of my eye as he walked in. And I saw exactly what I wanted to see. The most gorgeous creature on earth was nude and came into the room carrying a tube of cream and his enormous cock was sticking out, almost fully hard. He was going to fuck me. My heart started fluttering and I actually gasped for breath in excitement. I wanted him to fuck me more than anything else in the world. As he walked up to me he grabbed me by the hair and jerked me to my feet.

'Get down and kiss my feet and beg me to punish you' he ordered. I dropped like a stone and had my lips on one of his feet in less than a second. I gave it a big wet kiss, and then kissed the other one.

Then I put my forehead on the floor between his feet. 'Master, forgive me for disobeying. I will never do anything again without your permission Master.'

'We're not talking about forgiveness, we're talking about punishment. Now do as I told you and beg me to punish you' he demanded.

'Sorry Master. Please punish me. Please, I beg of you. Please punish me for disobeying you.' Wade took my hair and pulled me up and over the arm of the sofa again. Then he started groping my ass.

'You must understand Jason, that just because you want to be my slave doesn't mean you automatically are one. You must learn how to be a slave and I'm here to train you. And there will be pain and punishment involved before I'm done. Got that' he said as he continued roughly squeezing my ass.

'Yes Master, I understand.' Then I let out a yelp as he slapped my ass very hard with his open hand. He caught me unawares on that one, but I was determined not to cry out while he spanked me. All five swats that I had to count out loud were very hard and hurt like the dickens. I didn't scream or yell, but was completely stoic. I was actually proud of myself for taking it so well, but Randy's had given me worse a couple times. When he was done he jerked me to my feet.

'Kiss my feet and thank me for correcting you' he ordered. I dropped to the floor and thanked him.

Then getting me back on my feet and bent over, he pushed his cock into my mouth. As I started sucking him, he reached over my back and I felt the coolness as he started rubbing the cream into my crack. As I sucked him he began to grow, and by the time he had worked two fingers into my tiny hole he was fully hard in my mouth.

'Here goes sonny boy. You're first fuck from your new Master' he said as he pushed me back over the sofa arm. With the pain from the spanking, I had forgotten how much I wanted him to fuck me. But as I felt his enormous tool press against my hole it all came back. My ass hurt and I knew taking his cock was going to hurt too, but I was more than ready, and I would take any amount of pain to make this happen.

And he forced his way into me. And he wasn't particularly gentle about it either. He just jammed it in, and it felt like a god damn telephone pole. I'd been fucked dozens of times by Randy so I knew I could handle it, but Wade was definitely bigger, and it felt enormous. But even through the pain it felt absolutely glorious!

'Half way there slave boy' he said as I groaned and gasped for breath. Oh shit. Only half way. He gave me a minute to adjust, and then started to deliberately fuck in and out, gradually sinking in deeper and deeper. I was used to getting fucked, and I loved being fucked by Randy, so I knew the pain would very quickly turn to pleasure. And it did start to feel good. Then Wade really started fucking. He started slamming into me like there was no tomorrow, jamming my crotch painfully against the sofa, and almost moving the sofa each time he banged into me. I was loving it: a mixture of pain and pleasure, but damn was he rough. Violent even.

He slowed up a few times and just reamed me out twisting his cock up down around and every which way, and then he would speed up and get violent again. And now I knew why he was a Master. I loved Randy fucking me, but Wade was on a whole different page. Going from gentleness to violence and back again over and over. Sometimes slapping my ass, and sometimes holding tightly to my hair almost pulling it out by the roots. Sometimes he was pulling me up tight against him almost crushing me, and then he would be jamming my face down into the sofa cushion almost bruising my nose with his hand pushing down on my neck. Obviously when Wade was totally absorbed and concentrating on his own intense pleasure, his partner was just a tool to be used in any way necessary to enhance the intensity of his carnal delight. The fact that his partners loved being used just as much as he loved using them was totally secondary to his own gratification. Wade fucked me on and on and on and on. I was deliriously happy,

This was a totally different kind of fucking and I wanted to scream in euphoria. Then I did scream as I started cuming. Wade didn't even slow down but kept ramming into me banging my shooting cock against the sofa as my whole body shuddered and surges of excitement charged through my body over and over again. I was totally elated and literally transported into another plain of nirvana as my cock shot all over me and the sofa and the floor. Easily the most exciting ejaculation of my young life.

And just as my cock was spitting one last time he started to cum. Ramming into me one final time and viciously yanking my hair, he started pumping his hot cream deep into my ass. Pulling me up by the hair, and putting his massive arms around me he was almost crushing me against his chest as he rammed his crotch into my ass two more times as his raging cock kept shooting. I felt him bite my neck hard and the pain just enhanced the pleasure of his shooting into me.

We just stood there for a while, both breathing hard and starting to calm down, his softening cock still up my ass. When his cock finally popped out and he loosened his crushing hold on me, I turned my head, and reaching up kissed him on the cheek. 'Thank you Master. Thank you' I whispered as I kissed him again.

Stepping back from me and taking me by the hand, he headed towards the bedroom, pulling me behind him. 'Let's go to bed slave boy. We'll sort this all out tomorrow morning.' With a big smile and a feeling of joy in my heart, I willing followed him into his bedroom.



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