Jimmy and I were coming out of the sports shop with his current girl Nancy and my neighbor Sharon (my dyke 'would be' girl friend). Jimmy had just bought one of those open weave T-shirts that not only fits tight around his muscled chest, but is totally see through, clearly showing his bronze tan and his brown nubs sticking out. I thought it was stupid to get it because Jimmy looks gorgeous no matter what he wears. Putting him into any old T-shirt makes everyone swoon, including me. However, he wanted something really sexy to wear for our trip next week. Our football team won the division title and we were going to the state quarter finals, and Jimmy and I were going cruising while we were there. He and I have had fake ID's for two years now, but there wasn't really any place in our small town where they didn't know us, being football stars. What the hell good is a fake ID when everybody knows how old you are? We had already made our plans for next week, which meant ditching the other guys on the team and going to the 'Circuit Club Disco'. We knew it was supposed to be gay, but it was really mixed, and since Jimmy and I were rooming together, we hoped to each take a trick home. I'd even bought some glowsticks and Jimmy and I were both going to use 'em to turn our dicks into disco sticks. It was going to be hotter than hell, and I couldn't wait.

It wouldn't be the first time we'd done it together. Last year at finals I took a trick back to the hotel and Jimmy was already there fucking some cute young thing. The room had two queen beds, but I thought it was so fuckin hot, that I fucked my guy in the same bed right next to Jimmy; almost rubbing shoulders. Can you imagine anything hotter than that? Fuckin cool, let me tell you. Jimmy was willing to trade off, and even suggested it, but my guy was a much better cock sucker than his girl was, and I couldn't imagine sticking my cock into a girl anyway; at either end.

So we're coming out of the sports shop and walking down the street when we see those two gay kids from the wrestling team coming in our direction. I admit I envied them being completely out of the closet, and I agree they had spectacular bodies, but the way they pranced around showing off, really turned me off. For instance right now they each were wearing some kind of shorts which were tight enough so you could see they were wearing jock straps underneath with healthy bulges in front, and their T-shirts were off and tucked into their waists and hanging down in back. I admit it was kind of hot today, but I don't know if it was hot enough to go without a shirt. They were such fucking show offs it was disgusting. But Jesus, were they built.

I had never spoken to either one of them before but I knew their names were Randy and Jason, and I'd seen them in the cafeteria or in the school yard occasionally. I also knew they were friends with Landon, the really gorgeous brown eyed kid I'd been lusting over. Actually, I was embarrassed to still be in the closet while these guys were so openly out, but I wasn't anxious to be seen around gay guys like them yet. Not yet.

'Hey Randy. How's it hanging' Jimmy said, so evidently he knew them. And I thought that was a hell of a greeting 'how's it hanging', because believe you me, Randy had one hell of a piece of meat showing in his crotch. A real nice bulge that made me wonder if I should be envious.

'Hi Jimmy' Randy said as they shook hands. 'Congratulations on going to the quarter finals. That's terrific man. Jimmy, do you know my buddy Jason?'

'Yeah, I know Jason' Jimmy said as they shook. 'Randy, I don't know if you've met our star linesman Tyler.' Randy reached over and gave me the double twist hand shake and really surprised me. I thought only the football team knew that special secret hand shake. Anybody knew that hand shake was on the 'in' at our school and I decided right on the spot that I liked him after all.

Everybody got introduced and we chatted for a bit about the quarter finals. As we talked Randy gave me a knowing look and a quick grin, and I was pretty sure he saw right through my fa├žade. Shit, was I really that easy to figure out? I knew I was the biggest most muscular guy around, but Randy's perfect proportions and incredible definition made him look like a young superman. He was fuckin awesome. Right then and there I decided I wanted him. I probably outweighed him by seventy-five pounds and had him by four or five inches, and I was picturing myself lying on top of him with my cock up his ass. One hell of a pretty picture. I've heard he is terrific wrestler and has never lost a match, so it might be interesting to see how really hard it was to get his ass, but with my size and my weight it shouldn't be that hard to hold him down. And I sure's hell wanted to give it a try; and so did my cock.

I wanted to make some kind of play for him and maybe set something up, but how could I with Nancy there? Besides I didn't know what the deal was between Randy and Jason. Jimmy and Sharon were cool, but I wasn't ready to come out of the closet to everybody yet. But then Jimmy told them we were going to the movies, and asked if they wanted to come along. Shit, was Jimmy sharp enough to know I was hot for this guy? I gave him a good hard look, but he seemed oblivious. I guess he was just being friendly to them even though they were two grades behind us at school.

So, off to the movies, and to just make everything perfect, Sharon said she had to take off. I knew Jimmy would sit on one side of me and now I had a chance to get Randy on the other side. After getting our drinks and popcorn, and as usual, heading for the back row, I was not really surprised that Randy took over and ushered Nancy in first followed by Jimmy; then me followed by him, with Jason last. He set it up just the way I wanted it so I think maybe he was as hot for me as I was for him.

Shortly after the lights went down, I noticed that Nancy already had her hand in Jimmy's crotch. Jesus, she didn't waste any time. Jimmy put his arm around her and they started necking like crazy.

Then Randy leaned over with his lips right next to my ear. 'I think you're the hottest most masculine guy I've ever seen' he whispered into my ear, and I felt his hand grab hold of my cock. Christ, what a nervy kid. I'm twice his size and if I'd been straight and he had grabbed my dick like that I would have killed him. But he somehow knew I was gay, and was not worried about being wrong. And man, did I start growing

My almost nine inches got hard as a rock, stretching down my jeans towards my knee as Randy kept squeezing and playing with it. I knew from what I saw on the street that he was big, so I reached over to get a feel. But, shit, there was already a hand there and I jerked mine back. I discreetly looked over and could just make out that it was Jason's hand on Randy's cock. Then I was really shocked to see Randy put his arm around Jason and pull him over and push his face into his chest. I actually heard Jason kiss his pec. Shit, right here in the theater. Randy shushed him, but Jason kept doing what he was doing, evidently licking and sucking Randy's big muscular chest. That was so fuckin hot that my cock jumped trying to get out of my pants and Randy noticed and started squeezing me even harder. Then to make matters worse, I heard a gasp from Jimmy, and looking over saw that Nancy had squeezed down between the seats, pulled his cock out and was trying to swallow it. Hell, everybody was getting it on, and I was so hot I started to take deep breaths to try to calm down. I tried to pull Randy's hand off my cock but he didn't want to let go.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear. 'Easy man, easy. I'm super hot man.' Randy laughed softly, and taking my hand, pulled it over to his crotch. Jason's hand was gone now, and Randy was rock hard and huge. Shit, he was enormous. That little son of a bitch might even be bigger than me. Then to shock me even more, Randy unzipped and yanked his giant pole out his pants, and I was suddenly playing with it in the raw. Randy put his hand back on my cock and I shuddered in pleasure.

'You wanna suck me big man?' he whispered. Jesus Christ, how many times could I be shocked in the same day? I was speechless. Then I felt something against my hand, and saw that Jason was now sucking the end of the enormous cock that I was jerking and there was still plenty of length left over. And that did it for me. Feeling that big dick in my hand and seeing Jason working it with his mouth, and with Randy driving me crazy with his hand on my convulsing rod, I started shooting right in my pants. Holy Christ. I was gasping for breath but was barely able to keep myself from moaning aloud. The feeling was incredible as I shot over and over, making one hell of a mess in my jeans.

Then I felt Randy's hand on the back of my head, pulling me over, as he gave me a quick kiss on the lips. 'Cool man' he said as he pulled me down further. I don't know if he wanted me to lick his chest or suck his cock or what, but I didn't do anything as I watched what Jason was doing. Randy had got a good grip on his hair and was pushing him up and down on the enormous cock and I had a closeup view. I was impressed that Jason could take that monster so deep into his throat. I could hear Randy panting so I knew he was close, and I watched as he pushed Jason down hard and deep and started shooting. It was so fuckin hot. Randy still had his hand on my head holding my face near his chest, but I wouldn't have looked away and missed it for anything. Really, really hot. Randy was jerking his crotch into Jason's face with each ejaculation and watching it was way cool. Shit, this Randy kid was an incredible stud.

Jason finally lifted his head and I set back up in my seat, and Randy moved his hand back on my cock again. And damned if I wasn't still super hard. Then I felt him unzip me and reaching in, drag my cock out in the open. I glanced at him and he looked like he was totally engrossed in watching the movie as he smeared my cum all over my hot rod and started to jerk me gently. I just relaxed in my seat because it felt so good, and I knew I was going to cum again in a while from his ministrations. It felt so fuckin good.

Now, let me ask you. How many times can a guy be shocked in one day. Randy removed his hand and suddenly I felt a wet mouth on my cock. I looked down and there was Jason squeezed between the seats with my cock in his mouth. Randy had moved his hand from my cock to Jason's hair and evidently was controlling the up and down motion as Jason started blowing me. Shit, it felt so good, and doing it in the middle of a theater with people all over the place made it incredibly hot. It wasn't going to take me long even though I'd just finished blasting in my pants.

Totally relaxed and really enjoying the blow job, I glanced over at Jimmy, He had kind of a dreamy look on his face with his eyes closed, and I could see Nancy down there still working on him. Obviously he was getting a long drawn out blow job from her and was really enjoying it. Me too. Randy was keeping Jason's sucking really slow and gentle.

I leaned over and kissed Randy on the ear, and gave him a little tongue. 'Fantastic man. Really fantastic. Keep it going' I whispered. Randy turned and stuck his tongue out and we started to do some serious kissing. At this point I could have cared less if Nancy saw me. I was in heaven.

After a while, keeping one hand on Jason's head, Randy put his other hand behind my head, taking total control and held me there as we continued dueling our tongues together. I just sat there and enjoyed it. This must have gone on for ten or maybe even twenty minutes. Then Randy broke the kiss and I saw him take Jason by the hair and start pulling him up and down on my cock. He gradually speeded up the motion as I began to get hot, until finally he was ramming Jason's nose into my crotch over and over again. I hope Randy wasn't hurting him but I could feel my cock sliding into Jason's throat with each thrust and the feeling was sensational. Jason was a cock sucker extraordinaire.

As I was reaching my peak I noticed that Jason was now fucking his throat on my cock totally on his own, and Randy was gasping and jerking his own cock with a vengeance. I realized Randy wanted to cum with me, and then I wanted it too. He grabbed my hand and pulled it over and put it on his cock. I automatically started jerking it hard and fast as Jason's actions of jamming me into his throat finally brought me to the point of no return, and I started to cum. Randy was convulsing as I saw him grab a handful of napkins and start shooting into them and onto my hand. I was so fuckin exhilarated that it was hard to keep from screaming. Shit, doing this in public was the most exciting thing I had ever done.

As Randy and I finished and started to calm down, I noted that no one was looking, so evidently we were not as noisy as I thought. I started to pull my hand back but Randy took hold and pulled it up to his face and gave it a lick, and with his other hand, reached over and put it in my pants right next to Jason's nose, rubbed it around in the mess I had in my pants and then brought it right up to my lips. Then I felt him start to lick his cum off my hand, and I realized what he was doing. He got my cum on his hand and was waiting for me to lick it off, and I got busy doing just that. Is that fucking hot or what? Each of us licking our own cum off the other's hand. Shit, everything this talented guy did made me super hot. Jason finally took his mouth off my dick and slid over and swallowed Randy's. I guess he was licking any remaining cum off of it as well.

I was totally drained as I looked over and saw Nancy still sucking. 'Jimmy, let's go' I whispered. Jimmy leaned down and I heard him whisper 'finish up Nancy. Bring me off.' I saw her speeding up her jacking motion, and evidently she had kept Jimmy on the edge the whole time, because it wasn't more than a minute before he started creaming. He held her head down tight in his crotch as he shuddered in pleasure and moaned softly until he was finally finished and let out a sigh. As he let go and she sat up he leaned over and started kissing her again. How Jimmy managed to get a new girl friend almost every week who would go down on him whenever he wanted was beyond me. But, let me tell you, my best friend Jimmy was one hot number.

Randy leaned into my ear again and whispered 'you owe me muscle man. And I'm going to collect. Kiss my tit man' he said as he pulled my head down. I knew I owed him for arranging that hot blow job and this sounded like fair payment as he pulled me into his hot chest. I kissed and nibbled and licked around the nipple of his muscled pec. And I loved it. That bulging slab of muscle was like licking a piece of steel; a real smooth, real warm, real sexy piece of steel. I kept at it until he finally pulled me away.

'Thank you man' he said. 'You're super cool' he whispered as he gave me a quick peck on the lips. With that we all got up and left the theater. Now you ask me, what was that movie about? Shit, who knows? I don't think I saw two seconds of it.

Jimmy, Nancy and I stood in front of the theater watching Randy and Jason walking away. Still with no shirts on and showing their astonishingly muscled bodies and wearing those tight shorts, they had their arms around each other, although Randy's had slid down onto Jason's ass. The way they swaggered down the street they looked like they owned the world. Fucking showoffs; but I really respected them for it and was actually a little envious. They looked absolutely scandalous and absolutely magnificent. How could anybody be so damn cool with such a devil may care attitude? And I was almost drooling over Randy's gorgeous body, and I wanted to have him one on one. I felt like maybe he was some kind of witch because he now had me totally under his spell, and I wanted him bad. Even though I'd shot my wad twice, I felt a nudge in my cum filled pants just from watching him swinging his hot ass down the street.


It was a couple weeks later when I happened to see pretty boy Landon sitting against the fence by himself during lunch. Jimmy had to see coach Ratland so I was by myself for a change when I saw him. This was the first time I had ever seen him alone so I scurried over to talk to him. Landon was breathtakingly beautiful, and I'd been trying to figure out how to talk to him for weeks.

'Hey Landon. How's it hangin' I said in way of greeting. He looked up with a frown on his face. Actually, I guess it was anger; he looked furious.

'Oh hi ..... ahhh.'


'Oh yeah Tyler.' Shit; me the football star and the biggest stud around and he didn't even remember my name.

I could see that he was upset about something as I sat down next to him. 'What's the matter Landon. Somebody getting on your ass.'

'Jason is such an asshole' he blurted out. 'Sorry, you don't even want to know but he makes me so damn mad.'

'Jason? Randy's buddy?' I asked. 'What's he done to you?'

'That's him. Randy's buddy' he said, spitting out the word 'buddy'. 'He's on my ass all the time if I get even get close to Randy.' Landon sniffled a little and rubbed his nose on his sleeve. 'And Randy lets him get away with it for christ's sake. I told him Jason's been trying to get me alone so he can kick my ass, but Randy doesn't believe me, or at least he doesn't want to believe me. All he says is they've been best friends for years and I've got to learn to get along with him. But it's not fucking fair.'

'Whoa man. You got a thing going with Randy? Huh? You hot for him' I asked

'Hey man' he said giving me a dirty look. 'Just leave me alone will ya. I'll handle this. And Randy and me are on the wrestling team together and that's all' he said; getting all defensive as he stood up to go.

'Hey. Easy guy' I said as I grabbed his arm and pulled him back down. 'I didn't mean anything by that. It's okay if you got a thing for him. Doesn't bother me in the least. He's a good looking dude so I can understand that. But listen, Landon. You want my help? You want me to kick Jason's ass for you? I could do it with one hand behind my back. I like you man and I don't want anybody pickin on you.'

'Forget it Tyler. I'll handle Jason.'

'Com'on man. Let me help. I can straighten Jason out easily.'

'Well geeze Tyler, maybe you could help if you wouldn't mind. Jason says he's going to kick my ass after school today and I've been trying to figure out how to get home. Do you suppose you could give me a ride; just for today?'

'Hell Landon. I'd be glad to. Meet me outside the cafeteria after last class and I'll take you home. Okay?' I said as I put my arm around him and gave him a quick hug.

'Yeah Tyler. That would be great. Thanks a lot. I'll see you after school' he said giving me a smile.

That smile of his was breathtaking and as I stood up it almost made me weak in the knees. He was gorgeous and his smile was devastating. His long wind blown hair, and those beautiful brown puppy dog eyes and his devilishly cute face made him absolutely ravishing. And I was going to get him alone in my car this afternoon. My heart started beating fast and I felt like I was about to fly to the moon. I was thrilled, and I could feel that my prick was thrilled too.

'Later man. Later' I said as I reached down and straightened my cock and headed back to class with a huge grin on my face.

After my last class I hurried to my locker to dump my books. Jimmy was there and insisted on talking for a couple minutes. I brushed him off as quickly as I could and headed for the cafeteria. And there was Landon. My brown eyed angel was standing outside the door waiting for me. And as I did every time I saw him, I actually gasped in amazement as his incredible beauty. How could God give one guy so much and leave the rest of us with so little. I came so close to walking up to him and kissing him on the spot, that I actually scared myself. Too soon. Too soon.

'Hi Tyler' the gorgeous creature said. 'Thanks a lot for this man. Are you sure this is okay? I don't want to put you out.'

'Hey, it's fine Landon. I'm glad to do it' I answered with an uncontrollable grin of delight on my face. 'Any time. You ready to go?'

'Yeah, I guess. But I was kind of wishing Jason would come by and see us' he said with a smirk. 'But, it's okay. I'm ready.'

'Landon, I told you I'd kick his ass if you want' I said. 'Hell, I'll do it right here if you want to wait for him.'

'No, no Tyler. Let's go' he said with a rush. 'You can't do that. Randy wouldn't like it.'

'What's Randy got to do with it?' I asked as we headed for the parking lot. 'You said it was Jason you were having the problem with.'

'Tyler, please. Just let it go. You wouldn't understand' Landon appealed. 'This is just between me and Jason. I'll deal with it.'

'Landon. I want to help you, but I want to know what's going on' I said as we arrived at my Chevy. 'Everybody in the world knows Randy and Jason are gay. And I suppose you are too. So what's the deal? Are you in love with Randy?'

'Tyler, can't you just drop it?' Landon asked as his eyes got teary. 'Just take me home okay? This is got nothing to do with you.' Then Landon got a surprised look on his face, and I looked up and there was Jason coming in our direction.

'Hey Tyler, how's it goin' he said with a smile as he walked up.

'Hey Jason. What's happenin?' Actually, I liked Jason. I thought he was cool and I liked his 'devil may care' attitude. Besides he was good looking with a beautiful muscular body and gave one hell of a blow job. His one drawback was that he seemed to be Randy's puppy dog, always tagging along behind him. This was one of the few times I had seen him alone; without Randy.

'Ah Landon. I thought we were going to have a talk this afternoon' he said with a big grin on his face.

'Tyler's giving me a ride home' Landon said with a slight catch in his voice. He really was afraid.

'Okay man. Some other time. He can't give you a ride everyday.' Jason was smiling as he said it and was obviously enjoying Landon's fear.

'Hold on Jason. I don't know what's going on here, but Landon's my buddy, and you're not going to hurt him' I said as I grabbed him by the front of his T-shirt and pulled him close and up on his tip toes. 'Now look man, you're a good guy and I like you so don't mess it up. I don't want to have to kick your ass. But you're going to leave Landon alone. Got it?'

'Sure Tyler, whatever you say' he said with his smile gone and a look of surprise on his face. With my 240 pounds and six foot one height little guys like Jason always agreed with me when I had a hold of them. 'I didn't know he was a friend of yours. But let me tell you, he's a real asshole. Somebody should knock him down a notch.'

'But I just told you you're going to leave him alone, so that's what you're going to do; right?' I growled still holding his shirt.

'Absolutely Tyler. I wouldn't mess with a friend of yours. No way. I won't touch him' he said quickly with a look of fear on his face. Letting go of Jason's shirt, I unlocked the passenger side door of my car and opened it. Landon got in and I closed it.

'How about you and me getting together tomorrow night?' I asked Jason, thinking of that wonderful blow job he gave me in the movie theater.

'Geeze Tyler. I'd love to, but I'd have to check with Randy.'

'Shit. Don't you do anything without Randy's okay? What is he: your owner?'

'Ahhh... Sorry Tyler. Ahhh... Randy and I were... ah,,, planning to get together tomorrow night. So... ah... I have to...ah... I'd have to check with him. Ah... to see. Ah... you know.'

'Don't disappoint me Jason. I don't like to be disappointed' I snapped. 'So, you check with me tomorrow at lunch and let me know. Okay?'

'Okay Tyler. Sure. Tomorrow. I'll let you know. See you later' he said as he backed away giving me a forced grin. I was pretty confident that I was going to get me a blow job tomorrow night, because with my 240 pounds of muscle, there weren't many guys around that would dare say no to me. I walked around and got behind the wheel.

'I like Jason' I said as I drove out of the school parking lot. 'He's a good guy, and I hear he's an excellent wrestler.'

'He's an ass hole' Landon sputtered. 'And, yeah, he's a good wrestler. I should know because he beats me every time we are matched together, and threatens me the rest of the time.'

'So tell me' I said. 'What's the deal with you and Jason and Randy. I want to know what's goin on.'

'Please Tyler. I don't want to get into that.'

'Well you're going to get into it. Now don't piss me off Landon. It ain't healthy pissin me off. You're going to tell me what's going on so get started.'

'Geeze Tyler. Randy wouldn't like me talking about us. Com'on. Please. I really can't say anything.'

I reached behind him and grabbed his neck and started squeezing. 'You may be a cute kid but that doesn't mean I can't kick your ass. You don't say no to me damn it. Nobody says no to me.'

'Okay, okay' he yelled. 'Please Tyler; that hurts.' I let go of him as I pulled into my driveway.

'Com'on' I said as I got out of the car, walked around and opened his door.

'Where are we? I thought you were taking me home.'

'This is my house' I told him. 'Com'on. Let's go in.' He didn't move so I grabbed him by the collar, pulled him out and literally dragged him to the kitchen door. Unlocking it, I pushed him in ahead of me getting a good feel of his ass. I knew he had a pretty face, but I also knew he had a pretty ass and I was planning to get both in the next hour or so before my parents got home. As we entered the kitchen, I lifted him up and carried him through the house to my bedroom. I loved doing this with little guys because it made me feel like a bridegroom carrying his virgin bride into the bridal chamber. It made me feel really macho picking them up like they were nothing, showing my strength and power as I treated them like bimbos ready for a hot fuck. Of course I was gay and only went with guys, but as big as I was, every guy was a pussy to me, so if I treated them like a girlfriend sometimes, that was because I was using them for a hot fuck, to get my rocks off. Some guys liked me carrying them, some didn't, but I didn't much care one way or another because they were getting my prick up their asses no matter what. I wasn't into girls, but I was so much bigger than my tricks, I tended to use them as my pleasure dolls not much caring how they felt about it. If they got tossed around while I was entertaining myself with their hot little bodies, they were usually happy with it anyway. Hell, every guy was a boy toy to me. My prick was always looking for a hole, whether you called it a pussy or an ass or whatever as long as it was attached to a male animal. I was as masculine and dominant as they come and I loved to fuck, and that's what I did; to everybody. Landon sputtered a bit as I carried him into my bedroom but I ignored it.

I dropped him on my bed, and took my varsity jacket off. Then I pealed off my T-shirt. I knew damn well he had never seen anyone as big as me, because I really was a Hercules, or an Atlas, or titan or colossus, or something like that. My muscles were fuckin huge.

'Tyler, please. Don't do this' I finally heard him say as I sat on the bed and removed my shoes. He'd been bitching and complaining ever since I pulled him from the car, but I'd just ignored it.

'You can tell me about your thing with Randy later' I said as I stood up and removed my pants. 'But right now we're going to fuck.' Standing next to the bed in only my jockey shorts I just looked at him for a bit. God, he was a beautiful boy.

'Please Tyler, I didn't know you were gay. But Randy's my lover. I can't have sex with you.'

'Your lover? What bullshit is that? He's with Jason all the time. How can he be your lover?'

'Well he is. I love him and I don't go with anyone else. I can't do this with you' he said as he stood up in front of me. 'Please Tyler. I gotta go home.'

'Landon, I've been wanting you for weeks and I'm not waiting any longer. I don't know what this shit is with Randy, but you ain't sayin no to me. I don't like guys sayin no to me' I said as I took him by the shoulders and pushed him to his knees. 'Now you're gonna find out what it's like to be fucked by a real man.'

'No Tyler, no. I don't what to do this.'

I took a handful of his long hair and pulled his head back so he was looking me in the eye. 'Listen cutie-pie, I'd rather you'd cooperate, but this is gonna happen whether you do or not. If you'd rather I'd mess you up first and then fuck you, I can do that. It's up to you.'

'Please Tyler. Please don't' he said with tears in his eyes. 'I don't know what I'll say to Randy. He'll never forgive me.'

Shit, he was so fuckin pretty. And he was even prettier with tears in his eyes. But he was annoying the absolute shit out of me with this crap about Randy. I'd just about had enough of Randy. I let go of his hair and put my hands on my hips. 'Let's get started cutie. Put your hands behind your back and your face in my crotch. I want to feel your pretty nose rubbing against my cock.' Landon just looked at me as he sniffled and tears ran down his face. 'Do it now cutie before I lose my patience and make you very sorry' I growled. 'Get your god damn nose into my crotch.' I smiled as he finally did as he was told and pushed his face into my jockey shorts. 'Yeah, that's it my little sexpot. Rub that pretty face against my big prick. Oh yeah, that's real good.'

I reached down, grabbed his golf shirt and pulled it off and gently pushed his face back into my crotch. I knew he was a wrestler so he had to be built, but my god, what a tight little muscular body he had. He was gorgeous. And having his angelic face pressed into my crotch was an incredible turn on.

'Suck it' I ordered, and he started sucking my full nine inches through the shorts. God what a prize he was. I'd pictured that pretty face in my crotch a dozen times in recent weeks, in fact I even had a wet dream seeing him there. And now it was finally happening. 'Okay, pull 'em down sexy. Get those shorts off so you can get to the real thing' I ordered. He obviously was now resigned to the fact that he had to obey me, because without comment he grabbed the shorts and pulled them down. My nine inch rod clipped him on the cheek as it slapped up against my belly. As he raised his head back up I put my hand behind his head and pulled his face in and just rubbed my cock against him. This is what I'd dreamed about. My cock and his angelic face, together at last. It was so wonderful that I just kept it up for quite a while, watching closely as I gently rubbed my cock over his lips, against his nose, into both eyes. It was absolutely beautiful. 'Give it some tongue cutie' I said and he started licking it as I continued rubbing it against his face.

Finally I couldn't wait any longer. I sat down on the edge of the bed, stuck my thumb between his lips to force his mouth open, and pushed my cock in. It was heavenly. 'Okay, Landon; go to it. Get on my shaft and see what you can do with it. Go to it man' I ordered. And I'll be damned if he didn't almost swallow the thing whole.

'Oh yeah' I shouted in pleasure. Shit, that felt good. And he kept at it; going deep, coming back to the tip and going down again, over and over. I couldn't even remember the last time I had a blow job this good. Randy must have trained the hell out of him and was obviously getting this whenever he wanted. Jason gave me a hell of a blow job but this was even better, and evidently they both belonged to Randy. I knew Randy was one hot stud, but he must also be some kind of wizard to have these two gorgeous muscle boys, both talented cocksuckers in his stable, and have them fighting over him.

Landon was doing such a great job on his own that I made no attempt to help him or encourage him, but just enjoyed the incredible pleasure of his sucking as I started getting really hot. I kept my eyes on his beautiful face as my enormous cock went in and out between his overstretched lips, and it really was the answer to my wet dreams and it was getting me really hot, really quick.

And, just that quick, I started to shoot and it hadn't even been ten minutes yet. I shuddered with pleasure as I watched him sucking and swallowing as my cream shot into his throat. Oh shit, it had been ages since I'd seen or felt anything so wonderful. When I finally finished cuming, I bent down and gave him a kiss. Then I pulled him up, and lying down on the bed, pulled him on top of me and kissed him again but he tried to pull back from the kiss.

'Kiss me pretty boy' I ordered. 'Don't make me mad now after such an amazing blow job.' Then he started kissing me back, and he was really good. We went at it for a good ten minutes or so. And that's when I heard the car in the driveway. Shit; my mom was home and we were just getting warmed up. I hadn't even had a chance to fuck him yet.

'Hell, my mom's home early' I said. 'Get your shirt on.' I got dressed; took him out and introduced him to my mom, and then led him out to the car. Other than saying hello to my mom, Landon had not said a word since giving me the blow job. I had hoped to see a look of pleasure on his face, since it wasn't every gay kid who was lucky enough to suck on a nine inch pole with a muscle hunk like me attached to it. Most of my tricks were glowing with pleasure at this point and were begging for a repeat, but Landon was frowning and looked unhappy.

'Okay, what the hell's the matter?' I said as we stood next to my car. 'You gave me one awesome blow job, so what's wrong now? You don't like going down on a muscle stud like me?'

'Tyler, you may think you're the god damn king of the world, but I told you I belonged to Randy, so fuck you.' Nobody talk's to me like that, even pretty boy Landon, so I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up on his tip toes and slammed him back against the car.

'You watch your mouth little boy' I growled. 'You may give a mean blow job, but that doesn't mean that I won't kick you ass all the way down the street if I need to. Don't you get on your fuckin high horse and pretend you didn't like my big cock. For christ's sake, guys get in line to chow down on my cock. Now get your ass in the fucking car.'

I'm generally slow to temper but when I get there, watch out. I couldn't even remember the last time anyone had dared to tell me to fuck off. As I got in the car I grabbed him by the hair and jerked him over so we were eye to eye. 'Listen, you little shit. Nobody tells me to fuck off and gets away with it. I was being nice here but now you've really pissed me off. Now before I totally lose it here and start taking you apart, you damn well apologize, and you do it quick.' I could see that the anger in his face quickly turn to fear. He could see that I was furious.

'Geeze Tyler. I'm sorry I said that. I didn't mean to say that' he said with a quiver in his voice as I held on to his hair. 'But Tyler; that was rape. You know I didn't want to do it. I told you I only want Randy. Why wouldn't I be mad? You may have big muscles and a big cock but I don't love you. I love Randy.'

'Well shit. So I got carried away. But hell, I really wanted you, and damn near everybody wants me. So what's the beef? You gave me one hell of a blow job so you must have enjoyed it. Hell, with my big piece of meat, how could you not enjoy it?' I said as I started to calm down. Holding him close and looking him in the eye I saw his fear, and I almost melted. He was so fucking beautiful, how could I possibly stay mad at him. 'Okay, so you're mad at me. But you watch what you fuckin say cause I don't put up with that kind of shit. Got it?' I said as I let go of him.

'Yeah, Tyler; I got it. I'm sorry I said that to you. But will you now just take me home?'

'No. We're not moving until you explain to me the deal between you and Jason and Randy. So get going.' So then he told me about him and Jason both being in love with Randy, and how wonderful, fantastic, incredible, fabulous, and magnificent Randy was. Shit, it was enough to make me puke. Hell, I know Randy was a turn on; he turned me on for god's sake, but he wasn't a god. Yes he had a beautiful body, but he didn't have half the muscle size that I have. But I have to admit that in less than an hour in the movie theater he had gotten me completely under his spell. So I guess it's no wonder that he had two gorgeous muscular wrestlers fighting over him.

So, I started the car and drove him home. 'Now listen Landon. You're a beautiful guy. I've been noticing you for weeks and I think you're really gorgeous. And I'm sorry if I made you do something you didn't want to do. I loved it, and I still think you did too, but what the hell. I didn't mean to make you mad at me. I'm sorry.'

'Okay Tyler. I'm sorry too' he said as he started to tear up. 'But I really love him, and I don't want anyone but him.' Then he really started to cry. 'But he just doesn't feel the same way about me' he said through the sniffles. 'I know he loves me, and I know I'm being selfish wanting him just for myself, but I can't help it. And having Jason on my ass all the time just makes it worse.' I took him in my arms and hugged him as he cried on my shoulder. I felt a stirring in my crotch as I held him, and most times when that happens my cock takes control. But this time I knew I would not act on it because there was no way I could force myself on this sweet kid again. I'd fuck him in a minute if I could, but I was not about to make him do anything he didn't want to do.

'Ah.... Landon' I said hesitantly. 'I know this didn't go well today, but I still think you're fantastic, and I'd love to get together with you again. Wha'daya say? Any chance?'

'I'm sorry Tyler. I guess maybe you're an okay guy. But I really can't. I belong to Randy.'

'Okay man. I guess I understand' I replied. 'And don't you worry about Jason anymore. You're my buddy now, so I'll have a talk with him and I guarantee he won't bother you any more.'


Next day as I was getting out of the lunch line with my tray in my hands and Jimmy right behind me, Jason walked up.

'Hey Tyler; hey Jimmy' he said. 'Ah..... Tyler. About tonight.......'

'Yeah Jason' I said interrupting him, giving him a big smile. 'Make that about 8:00. My folks are going out so we'll have the place to ourselves. It'll be cool. I'm looking forward to it' I said as I turned and walked away. I was pretty sure he was about to give me some flimsy excuse for not coming, but I also knew he would now show up. He didn't dare not show up and he damn well knew it. And I really was looking forward to another super blow job followed by a good hard fuck with a really built muscle boy. I was also going to straighten him out about Landon.

When the door bell rang that evening I was just running a comb through my hair. After my three mile run I had showered and put on my cut offs and a blue T-shirt, and I looked spectacular. Hell, it didn't matter what I wore, because there was no way I could hide my enormous muscles. And this T-shirt showed the little nubs of my tits and my rippling abdominals. I was looking forward to another terrific blow job from Jason, but had decided to have him worship my muscles for a while first. Jason was quite a muscle boy with a really spectacular build, and I was going to get him into my bedroom in front of the mirror so I could watch his muscles ripple as he licked every inch of my body.

'Well, well. What's this' I said in surprise as I opened the door. Standing there was not Jason, but beautiful muscle stud Randy.

'Hey Tyler. How's it goin?' Randy said with a big smile. 'Jason told me about his appointment, but I didn't think you'd mind if I took his place. I've been thinking about you a lot since that day at the movies and I thought we could finally get together.'

'Hell no, Randy. I don't mind at all' I said with delight. 'I'm just surprised that it's you. Com'on in. This is great.' Randy was wearing a pair of tight grey shorts which were so tight they made his bulging prick look like it was in a pouch, and he had on a snug muscle shirt that was nylon or something and showed every detail of his amazing musculature. He looked incredibly sexy.

I ushered him into the living room and sat next to him on the sofa. Actually, I was thrilled that it was Randy. I'd thought of him a lot since the movie theater too; a whole lot. He was so fucking hot looking he caused my cock to start jumping in anticipation.

I guess I began to understand why Landon loved him so much. And maybe I was beginning to understand why he had those muscle boys fighting over him. I had a baby face which made me look maybe fourteen or fifteen instead of almost eighteen, but Randy's baby face made him look about twelve instead of sixteen. A incredibly good looking twelve year old with a muscular body that wouldn't quit. He was absolutely amazing. And with his definition he couldn't have had more than one ounce of body fat. A little guy with big unbelievably defined muscles that were out of this world. He was a perfect Adonis, emphasizing the word perfect. As much as I loved Jimmy's amazing muscular body, he didn't hold a candle to Randy. Randy was shorter and his wrestlers body was rock solid with definition that was truly astonishing.

'So what's going with you and Jason and Landon?' I asked. 'Both those guys seem to be really in love with you,'

'I'm really hot for you Tyler' Randy answered, ignoring my question. 'You have a body like I can't believe.' Randy put his hand behind my neck, and leaning forward gave me a kiss. I kissed him back and we really went at it sharing spit for a good ten minutes, him feeling my muscles, and me feeling his. Then he broke the kiss and started kissing my face. Working his way from my cheek to my eyes and nose and forehead, kissing and adding a little tongue, and then started licking my right ear. I was a little ticklish there and tried to turn my head, but he grabbed my head and held on as he continued working my ear. I was getting excited.

He kissed and licked my neck and then latched onto my right nipple and started nibbling and kissing and biting it through my T-shirt. When you stimulate my tits they really grow and get hard, and he bit just hard enough to make it feel good but not hurt and it definitely got hard. Leaving a big wet spot on my shirt, he moved to the other side and started doing the same. Then he pulled my T-shirt out of my pants, and as I leaned forward and lifted my arms, he pulled it off Standing up in front of me he kicked off his shoes and pealed off the nylon muscle shirt, and I do mean pealed. Then he did the same with the shorts

'I want you to watch me Tyler while I worship your big bulging muscles' he said with a grin, standing there naked before me with his big cock dangling down. 'Hot muscle boy worshiping his giant muscle god.' Pushing my knees apart, Randy got on his knees, put his hands behind his back, and started licking my abdominals. I sucked in my breath, forcing them into tight ridges as he licked and sucked and kissed in and out of my sharply defined washboard abs. He licked back and forth through the valleys, and then up and over the ridges of my tight muscles. As he licked he gradually moved up my body, into my bellybutton, and on, eventually reaching my chest and nipples again, but this time he covered every inch of my massive pecs with wet kisses.

I admit that Randy was totally in control, but he was so good at it, and it felt so damn great that I just sat there and enjoyed it. He must have spent ten minutes on my chest before he got up and pulled my knees back together and climbed up on the sofa with his knees on each side of me and sitting on my thighs. Literally sitting on my lap facing me. Taking one of my arms and pushing it up, he put his face into my armpit. Shit he was good. He crammed his nose in tight and licked and sucked the hairs in my armpit. It's not something I ordinarily make guys do to me but it felt wonderful, and watching his beautiful muscles rippling as he worshiped made it super special. After a while he moved to the other side and made it feel good too. After a couple minutes on this pit, he gradually licked up to my shoulder and then over to my bicep.

'Flex for me big man' he mumbled as he continued licking and kissing. My nineteen inch bicep is really something and I flexed it hard and watched in the mirror across the room as he licked and kissed and slobbered all over it. 'Oh man' he murmured. 'God damn muscle man.' Shit, he was a fuckin genius at worshiping muscle. He was driving me crazy with desire.

After a bit he took hold of my head with both hands and pulled me into another kiss. I loved kissing anyway, but Randy was something else. I swear his tongue wanted to reach all the way back to my tonsils, and he was wonderfully aggressive as he kept that tongue working in my mouth. All this time he was rubbing his hands on my face and tousling my hair as I hugged him. After another five minutes or so of wonderful kissing, he pulled back, and still holding my head, pulled me into his chest.

'Your turn baby' he said so softly that I wasn't sure if I imagined it. But I started licking and kissing his hard muscular pecs. 'Focus on my chest baby. Make it feel really good' he said. I wanted to make it feel as good for him as he made it feel for me so I really paid attention to what I was doing. Randy continued holding my head and tousling my hair and gradually moved my face over every inch of his chest.

'My bicep now baby' he whispered as he flexed his melon sized muscle and held it in my face. I started worshiping his gorgeous bicep as he continued tousling my hair and maneuvering my face over his arm. After a bit he raised his arm, pushing his armpit into my face, and I worked it just like he had done me.

I was vaguely aware that he was making all the decisions and was in total control, but it didn't bother me because he was so gorgeous and what we were doing was wonderful. But then he stood up on the sofa, with his feet on either side of me and pushed his crotch in my face.

'Go ahead and lick my balls Tyler' he whispered. 'Go ahead. You can do it.' He put his thumb between my lips, forcing my mouth open and pressed his balls against me. 'I'm yours Tyler. Hot muscle stud here just for you. So go ahead and lick them Tyler. You can do it. Just for me.'

This action got my attention, because I'd never let anyone do this to me before. In fact I'd never had anyone control the action like Randy was already doing. But he had me so turned on with my mouth open and his balls against my lips, that without even thinking I licked them. My hard cock was trying furiously to tear its way out of my pants. He was a gorgeous boy and I didn't mind doing this for him, and he was such a fuckin turn on, and so aggressive that I actually liked it. I started licking his balls as his big very hard rod pressed against my nose.

'Use some spit man' he said. 'Get 'em really wet.' I followed his instructions and started washing his big gonads. I was loving it. Then he grabbed his cock and started banging it lightly against my face; gently hitting and rubbing my nose, my eyes, my cheek , smearing some precum on my face. I'd done this to other guys but never had it done to me, and it was really cool. The rod in my pants was now as hard as it could possibly get and I reached down and starting rubbing it. I was really turned on to this aggressive stud. I kept sucking and he kept banging for a while, smearing his precum around and around and around.

Then I felt him grab a tight hold on my hair, and grabbing his balls, he started smearing the balls I'd just been slobbering on, all over my face mixing my saliva with his precum.

'Oh man. This is so fuckin cool' he whispered. 'You are beautiful man. Beautiful. And you're fuckin driving me crazy.' As he continued rubbing his spit covered balls all over my face, I decided that I loved having him in control. He was a fuckin aggressive superman and had me so charged up that I was loving every minute of it. I'd never had anyone control me before, but it was unbelievably exciting.

'Gimmy some tongue baby' he whispered as he pushed his cock into my face and I did just that. I started licking the big rod as he manipulated it over my lips and against my nose. 'Oh man. That's the way to go. That's terrific man.'

And then he pushed it into my mouth. Not quite the first time I'd ever had a cock in my mouth, but the first time somebody'd pushed it in. But he was such a hot mother fucker and I was enjoying it so much, that I didn't raise a fuss, but simply started sucking and started rubbing my cock even harder. I'd been sucked enough that I knew what it took to make it feel good.

'Oh jesus man' he gasped 'you are fuckin talented. Jimmy told me you could suck cock, and was he ever right. Yeah man; suck on my big dick.'

Jimmy? Jimmy told him? What? I was shocked, but I was also busy sucking the head of Randy's cock. I would get to Jimmy later, but for now I started sucking on his big rod as he started gently pushing it in and out of my mouth. I opened my eyes and looked up and saw he was actually posing in the side chest pose showing his enormous chest and softball sized bicep and looking in the mirror across the room. And he had a look of awesome power as he glanced down at me with a smirk on his face. He knew he was the better man and was in total control, and suddenly I knew it was true. I was completely under his control. I let go of my cock and put my hands on his hard ass and started rubbing him. I couldn't believe how hard and sexy his ass was; hell, every inch of his body was rock solid muscle. I actually wondered if I would want to kiss it, and just the thought of it almost made me cum. I think I was as hot and excited as I had ever been.

'Big muscle man sucking my cock' he whispered. 'Oh yeah. I fuckin love it man.' With that he pushed a couple more inches into my mouth, pushing his rod right up against my throat. 'Com'on man. Show me how good you are. Muscleman suckin a muscle kid's cock. Show me you can do it man.' Then he pushed the head into my throat. I gagged and pulled back. He grabbed my head and held me as I recovered and then pushed back in again. This time I didn't gag, but I couldn't breathe and started to panic, but he pulled back quickly.

'Com'on babe' he said. 'Concentrate. You can do it. Take a deep breath and do it again.' I took a deep breath and as he held my head tightly, he pushed into my throat again. I didn't choke or gag this time, but it hurt my throat a little. 'That's it man. You can do it. Big breath and swallow' he said and he pushed back in again. With each push he went into my throat only an inch or so, and I realized that I could take it. It wasn't easy but I was beginning to get used to him cramming it in and it was feeling okay.

'Yeah, that's it babe' he muttered as he started pushing in deeper. He was still going slowly so I was able to breathe and I was controlling the gagging and choking as the monster kept going deeper. I was beginning to get a little scared because he could strangle me if he wanted, and I know I was showing fear as I looked up at him and saw him smiling down at me.

'It's okay babe' he said with a look of total delight. Hell, he saw my fear and was thriving on it! 'Easy babe. Easy. Just a little more' he said as he held my head and pulled me in so my nose was finally crammed tight into his crotch hairs. Shit, his fuckin giant cock was all the way into my throat.

And then it hit me, and tears formed in my eyes. He was the better man. I wanted to be where he was; in control. But he was so aggressive and persuasive and demanding that he made me into his cocksucker without me even realizing. He really was a wizard and had definitely taken control. I knew he now owned me and I accepted my fate as his servile worshiper.

He let me pull back immediately so I didn't panic, but he now held my head tight and started a steady fucking motion with his hips, pushing his big rod in and out of my mouth. He was definitely entering my throat with each thrust but he was being gentle and only occasionally pushing it in deep. I kept my hands on his hot ass as he gradually began speeding up his fucking. I was holding pretty good suction around his cock as I sucked and licked him and then he started moaning. Shit, he was there! I'd actually sucked him off! Only the second guy in my life I'd ever sucked. And then I felt the cream shoot into my mouth.

'Swallow it babe' he grunted. 'Swallow it. Don't waste it man.' I started swallowing as fast as I could, but it was cuming too fast for me and it began to leak out the corners of my mouth. I had swallowed most of it when he finally pulled out, and pushing his cock against my face, rubbed the last drop or two against my nose and eye. We were both panting up a storm as he finally pulled back and sat down on my thighs again.

He was still holding my head as he leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. And then another, and another.

'You were beautiful babe' he said with a big smile. Then he started licking my face; my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, my forehead; licking the mixture of my spit and his cum off my face. Then we started necking again, aggressively. He was still holding my hair and controlling the action but I loved kissing and he was incredibly good at it and I couldn't take my hands off his rock hard ass.

'Sucking a cock can be really great man' he whispered in my ear. 'I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.' And I have to admit, I did enjoy it. Watching this gorgeous muscle boy get totally turned on and cum in my mouth was incredibly exciting, and my cock was still trying to fight its way out of my pants. As we kissed, Randy reached between his legs and grabbed my very hard prick.

'Oh man, are you ever ready' he mumbled. Then he stood up and grabbing my hands pulled me to my feet. 'I want to suck you babe' he said. 'Let's go to your bedroom.' This was more like it. I wanted to see my cock in his face, and I knew I was so hot I would cum in no time.

As we arrived in my bedroom Randy got on his knees and removed my shoes and socks. 'Big fuckin football player. Giant muscle god' he said as he looked up at my muscle packed body. He reached up and rubbed his hands over my enormous pectoral muscles and looked me in the eye and then leaned forward and gave my denim covered cock a kiss. I was loving the worship that I saw in his eyes. Then he unbuckled my belt, undid my pants and pulled them down and off. My still super hard cock was sticking straight up, and actually peeking out of my underwear, as he leaned forward and started rubbing his nose against it. It was wonderful. I watched as this beautiful young nude boy with amazing rippling muscles stayed on his knees and massaged my cock with his face. It was so fuckin cool I had to fight to control my emotions and not start shooting right on the spot.

'You have an incredible cock too man. Really beautiful' he swooned as he started kissing my cock through my jockeys. Then he started gnawing on it gently with his teeth, and that was really too much and I pushed his head back. He didn't want to move away but I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him back.

'No man' I gasped. 'Not yet.' He grabbed my underwear, yanked them down and pulled them off, and pushed me back so I was sitting on the bed. My enormous shaft was sticking up like a god damn fence post and dripping precum as he stood up, grabbed hold of my head and started kissing again. And, shit, could he kiss. I was so turned on I was about to freak out. Then he reached down, grabbed my cock and squeezed it once, and then jerked it a couple times and I shot. And shit, did I ever shoot. I was panting hard as I let fly into Randy's hand while he held my head and kept kissing me. And I was moaning like crazy through the kiss as I continued firing over and over into his hand.

'Shit, I love you man' Randy said as he pulled back from the kiss. 'You're beautiful.' He reached down and picked up my jockey shorts, wiped off his hand, and then wiped off my crotch. Then he leaned down and took my still hard pole in his mouth and licked it clean.

I was sitting on the bed and he was standing between my legs, as he raised back up and looked down at me. He grabbed my head with both hands, gave me a quick peck on the lips, and looked me in the eye. 'Lay down babe' he ordered. 'Lay down so we can do some serious necking. I love kissing you man.' I climbed on the bed on my back and he climbed on top of me and started kissing. I put my arms around him and felt the definition of the hard muscles of his back. He started gently jacking his hips, rubbing our cocks together, and I felt him starting to get hard again.

'Randy?' I mumbled through the kiss.

'Mmph' he answered.

'Randy. What's the deal about Jimmy' I muttered.

'Remember that day at the movies?' he asked as he raised himself up on his elbows and looked me in the eye from inches away with a huge grin on his face. And, oh man, did I ever remember that day at the movies. I'd even jerked off a couple times remembering how exciting it was to fuck in a movie theater.

'Well,' he smirked. 'Jimmy ditched Nancy after the movie and we spent the night together. You know they broke up the next day, don't you? I guess he didn't even take her home, but dumped her right there in the mall, and she was fit to be tied. Anyway, Jimmy is super hot. He just couldn't get enough. I fucked him twice that night, and I swear he wanted more. He also gives a decent blow job if he really puts his mind to it' he said with a laugh. 'I'm not sure if he wanted to so I had to do some convincing, but I think he liked it because he shot his wad half way across the room.' As Randy laughed I went into total shock. That comment totally blew my mind. Jimmy giving a blow job? Hell, Jimmy didn't suck cock. We'd been fucking for a couple years and I knew he didn't suck cock.

'Com'on man. I'm sorry' he said seeing the look on my face. 'Don't be mad. I know he's your fuck boy; he told me that. But he said you were not the jealous type and you wouldn't mind. Hell, Tyler, we only did it that one night. He's still your boy.' He thought I was mad at him, but instead I was shocked and amazed. What a fuckin demon! This kid could manipulate anybody! Hell, he'd already gotten a blow job out of me, and I didn't do blow jobs. And neither did Jimmy!

'Jimmy gave you a blow job?' I asked in amazement.

'Yeah. And he wasn't bad either' he laughed. 'He didn't seem to want to at first, and I didn't force him or anything, but how could anybody resist this big tool of mine' he said continuing to laugh. 'But Jimmy and my tool got along just fine. Jimmy is gorgeous when he's got his lips stretched around a cock.' With that Randy started kissing again and moving his hips. I wasn't really ready to get hard again yet, but he sure was. I could feel his rod growing and pushing into my crotch.

'I swear to god, you are one absolute devil' I mumbled through the kiss as I slid my hands down and gripped his tight ass. 'You are one evil superman' I said with admiration.

'Oh yeah Tyler. You make me evil' he said through the kiss. Then he broke the kiss and rubbed his nose against mine a few times and raised his head. 'Feel my big cock Tyler. I'm hot and hard and I'm going to fuck you now' he said as he gave me a peck on the lips. 'Shit. Your muscles are so big and you are so hot, I gotta fuck you man. I really gotta.'

'Randy.....' I whispered.

'You ever been fucked Tyler?' he asked. 'You ever feel a hot cock up your ass? Hmmm? Let me tell you there's nothing like it.'

'Randy, please. Nobody's ever fucked me' I whispered.

'Hell man. That's going to make it even better. Your tight virgin ass and my hot cock belong together. You're going to love it.'

'Please Randy....'

'It's okay babe. I'll go easy. Nobody fucks like I do. You won't believe how good I can make it for you. I guarantee that you'll love it. You don't like it, I promise I'll stop. Now, where's your cream?' Without waiting for me to answer, he opened the drawer of the bedside table and pulled out a tube of cream.

He got up slightly and I let him roll me over, and then felt him push his face into my ass. I loved getting my ass licked and always thought it was a sure sign of superiority, but this was totally different. I definitely wasn't in charge here. Randy was not worshiping my ass, he was preparing it for his cock so he could fuck me and totally dominate me. My mind was spinning, and I was totally hot and confused. I was a top; always! But this guy was so amazing and so powerful. He was actually, for the first time in my life, making me enjoy being dominated. And I really was enjoying it; every minute of it. And I wanted him to fuck me. He was so determined and so powerful and so totally wicked that I wanted to be under his control. There was no doubt in my mind that he was the better man and I was envious of his power over me. I wanted to be him, the dominant one, but he was so extraordinary, he made me want to be under his control. In my own mind I was still a dominant muscle man, a top notch alpha male, but this one time I admitted I had been bested, and I accepted it; I actually craved it.

I felt his tongue press into my ass crack with pleasure and with apprehension, as he slobbered me up and worshiped my ass. Oh yeah, he knew what he was doing. The feeling was fabulous as I felt his tongue enter my ass hole. He rammed his tongue into my hole a couple times and then I felt the coolness of the cream as he rubbed it against my ass. He was being super gentle as he pushed a finger into me and massaged my butt and I jerked as he touched something. Was that my prostate? I sure felt something. Then more cream and he pushed two fingers into me. It didn't hurt at all as I felt him gently stretching my hole. He was gentle but determined as he continued stretching my hole and fucking me with two fingers.

'Big muscle jock' he whispered. 'Ready to get fucked. Oh yeah Tyler; your ass belongs to me. And I know you want it babe. I can see you getting hard. Big hard muscle man cock and a hot muscle man virgin ass.' And, hell yes, I was getting hard. I was excited about his fucking me, and I turned my head so I could watch him. Jesus, was he gorgeous. Muscles defined to the extreme rippling as he moved, with a look of power and superiority on his face.

Looking me in the eye he said: 'Tell me you want it babe.' Giving me a big smile he continued stretching my hole with his fingers. 'Tell me you want this muscle boy to fuck your hot ass. Com'on Tyler: say it.'

'Yeah man' I shouted and actually laughed aloud. 'You fucking devil. Yes! Fuck my ass.' And that's what he did. Rolling me back over and putting my legs on his shoulders I felt his cock head against my crack, and as I opened up he pushed into me. And shit! I couldn't believe it. It didn't hurt at all; it just gave me a feeling of fullness. He had prepared me so well that it felt good as he slid his big dong into me. He said nobody fucked like he did, and I now believed him. This guy's technique was incredible.

'Fuckin your fine ass man' he whispered. 'Takin your virgin muscle ass.' Then he started to gradually and gently fuck me, each thrust going a little deeper. I reached up, grabbed his head and pulled him down into a kiss. He lifted back up giving me a big grin as he started speeding up.

'This is my ass now Tyler' he murmured. 'You belong to me and this ass is mine. Got that Tyler? You're my boy now.'

'Oh yeah Randy. I can't believe how good that feels. Fuck me man' I stammered. I was now moaning, not from pain, but from pleasure. The pleasure of being dominated and a great feeling of being fucked. And my cock was rock hard again.

'Yeah baby. Big hard cock' Randy said as he grabbed by cock and squeezed it. 'Com'on man. Show me you like getting fucked. Jerk off for me man.' Randy was really speeding up his fucking and must have been getting hot. I was hot from watching him and feeling him inside me as I started jerking my cock. He was sweating which made his muscles glisten, and made him even more gorgeous, and he started to moan softly. I started jerking hard, trying to catch up with him.

'Ohhh shit!' I yelled as I started to cum. And Randy yelled something too as we both started to cum almost at the same time. My first shot went over my head and the second got me between the eyes. But I was ecstatic. The excitement and the pleasure were overwhelming as I laughed and cried at the same time in sheer enjoyment.

Randy finally pushed my legs off his shoulders, and as his cock popped out of my ass he lay down on top of me. Bracing himself on his elbows with his nose inches from mine he said: 'Your ass is mine Tyler and I ain't letting it get away. You are one hot fuck, and I'm definitely going to do you again. And again and again,' He gave me this tremendous smile and kissed me again.

'Anytime you want it Randy' I smiled up at him. 'Anytime.



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