'He's an absolute shit head Randy' Jason sniffled.

'Well. Why don't you just kick the shit out of him once and for all and get it over with. Anybody hits you or your brother, you hit 'em back.'

'I can't Randy. He's my dad and he's been hitting both of us since we were kids. I want to hit him back , but I just can't. Besides, it's his house, and he's threatening to kick me out. What can I do?'

'Any chance of your mother coming back?'

'I don't know. We don't know where she went; my aunt won't say. But it was actually worse when she was there because all they did was scream at each other all the time. She was always locking herself in the bedroom and refusing to come out. I was always having to scrounge something to eat for me and Bobby.

'That's a bunch of shit though Jace. Making you to do all that work around the house isn't fair. He's got the dough. Tell him to hire a gardener for god's sake. He can afford it.'

'Yeah, right. As if he'd listen to anything I say. He's fired every gardener he ever had; but thank god he hasn't fired the housekeeper yet. She's a good cook, much better than my mom was, but she doesn't like him and probably won't last. Anyway Randy; I can't go to the mall and stuff anymore since he cut back my allowance. He cut me and Bobby back to basically just lunch money. I just can't afford it any more. And he rags my ass all the time Randy. I can't do anything good enough for him. I don't know what to do' he said as he started crying. 'Maybe my mom should come back. At least he could yell at her and not me and Bobby.'

'Tell me what actually happened Jace.'

'We had it out last night. He says if I ever talk back to him again I'm out of the house, buck naked as far as he's concerned. He said mom was such a whore that he doubted if me and Bobby were his kids anyway. And he's slapping Bobby around all the time, and he's only eight. And that's not the first time he's said that about mom being a whore. He's always saying shitty things like that. He was always saying it to Mom too.

'But then he really laid down the law to me, and said I had to earn my keep by doing all the yard work, and a whole list of other stuff around the house. I have to be in at eight o'clock every night to babysit Bobby. Then he said since I would be busy 'playing house'; that's what he said: 'playing house'. He said I'd be so busy playing house that I didn't need the allowance to fart around with. Mom only walked out three weeks ago, but he says now that he's in charge he's going to straighten us out once and for all. He's got a great big list of shitty rules, like you wouldn't believe. We've got five bedrooms in that damn house, but he made Bobby move in with me last night, and he says he's locking the door at eight o'clock every night from now on. And Randy, he also said I couldn't come over here and work out with you anymore. In fact he said I couldn't even see you any more. He slapped the shit out of Bobby last night for arguing and had him crying for hours.'

'You let him get away with that?' Randy said.

'Shit Randy. What the hell do you expect me to do? If I open my mouth he'll throw me out. I'm only fifteen Randy. He's scaring me. He's made it clear he doesn't want either me or Bobby, and he's just looking for an excuse to get rid of us. If he could figure out where mom went, I think he'd ship us out in a second.'

'Oh hell Jace, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that' Randy said as he grabbed him and gave him a good hug. 'Com'on man. We'll figure something out. He can't treat you like this and get away with it. So what's the deal? He says you can continue on the wrestling team but you can't work out? That doesn't make any sense.'

'He didn't actually say I couldn't work out. Maybe doing it at school would be okay. He said I couldn't come over here and workout with you. He definitely said I couldn't see you any more.'

'Fuckin asshole. Well, we'll just go ahead and do it and make damned sure he doesn't find out. Coach will help. We'll make sure he covers for you. Maybe we could convince them to keep the weight room open after school again. Working out there was great while it lasted. Anyway, we've fucked around here long enough. Let's get into that workout. Besides, I'm looking forward to one hell of a blow job when we're finished.'

Jason didn't laugh, or kid around, or say anything at all, so Randy knew he was really hurting. 'Damn that old man of his' he thought. Randy was really getting fed up with Jason's family problems. Jason was really a good kid and Randy's best friend. They had been working out in Randy's weight room in his garage for about a year and a half now, and their muscular bodies were now looking really spectacular. Two hot teenage studs. But now that Jason's mom had walked out and his dad was being a total shit, they were going to have some problems. The crazy thing was that Jason lived in what Randy would call a mansion. Or almost anyway. It was twice the size of Randy's house with a huge lawn and a three car garage. The guy owned his own car dealership and was loaded, but he was a total ass hole. That's probably why his wife left him. But she was a real bitch too because she left without a word, leaving Jason and his brother behind to take all the crap. And man were they getting it.

'He can't stop you from working out Jace' Randy said as he finished a set of curls. 'It's your life, and you need it to keep wrestling.'

'I can't talk to him Randy. He won't listen. And I'm afraid if I say anything he'll make me drop wrestling. Then I'd really be fucked.' Jason did his set and handed the dumbbells back to Randy. 'Besides, he really meant it last night when he said he'd throw me out. I can't take the chance Randy. And I've got to take care of Bobby. He's only eight years old for god's sake. I've got to do what he says whatever it is.'

'Well, you've got to work out. That's a fact. Let's talk to Coach and see if he can help. And let's talk to Mrs. Lundberg the guidance counselor and see if she can do something'

'Okay Randy. Let's do it. Right now I'm really desperate.'

When they finished their workout, Randy took off his soaked wife beater and shorts and tossed them aside and grabbed a towel wiping his face and neck. He was dripping with sweat and his jockstrap was soaked through.

'You up to it today Jace?' he asked.

'You know I am Randy; I'm always ready' Jason said as he stepped over and got on his knees. He took the towel from Randy and wiped his own face. Then he put his hands behind his back, leaned forward and gave Randy's cock a kiss through the jockstrap. Than getting some juices going in his mouth, and using lots of saliva, he gave Randy's cock a long wet smooch ending in a loud smack of a kiss. That was the way Randy liked it; wet and loud. The jock was already soaked, but he added his saliva to it and got it absolutely dripping. Then he got busy sucking the growing cock through the saturated jock strap. He loved doing this almost more than anything. Seeing a look of euphoria on Randy's face, or hearing him moaning in pleasure was heaven on earth. Randy was a god and Jason loved him so much that it hurt. Worshiping his body and giving him pleasure was something Jason wanted to do for the rest of his life. And he was damn good at it.

'Shit Jace, you're good' Randy laughed as Jason sucked and nibbled at his cock getting him fully hard and forcing the tip to peak out above the jock strap. Jason kissed the tip and Randy moaned in excitement. 'Oh shit Jace' Randy cried getting totally exhilarated. 'You're killing me. Get it out and go to it man.'

Jason pulled the jock down below Randy's balls and swallowed the eight inch cock all the way to the root, forcing it deep into his throat, cramming his nose into Randy's crotch. He held it there for a moment and swallowed several times because he knew Randy would feel a tightening pressure of his throat on his cock. He pulled back to the tip, took a deep breath and went all the way in again and swallowed a couple more times. Randy had always fucked his face before and Jason actually loved having it rough; but recently Jason had become so sensational that Randy just let him go at it. It was still a rough blow job, but Jason was controlling the action, and doing one hell of a job of it.

As usual after a workout, Randy was hot just from seeing himself and Jason flexing and sweating in the mirror, so it didn't take much to get his juices flowing. In not much more than five minutes he started shooting into Jason's mouth, and since this was the first time today, Randy's cock had a lot of cream backed up just waiting to erupt. Jason grabbed the cock with his hand and held it steady as it quivered and quaked and shot masses of nectar into his mouth. He swallowed it and loved it as he looked up at his lover's spectacular body and beautiful face which was showing a look of absolute rapture.

When Randy stopped shooting Jason reached down and grabbed his own rigid pulsating cock, and squeezing it only once, started shooting. His whole body shuddered and he moaned aloud as he came over and over into his jockstrap. Sucking Randy was the hottest thing imaginable, and even after weeks and weeks it still made Jason so hot that sometimes he came without even touching himself. He knew it was okay with Randy once the blow job was over.

'Oh shit Jace. You-are-fuckin-fantastic!' Randy said as he pulled Jason up and started kissing him. 'And you came too, didn't you?' he mumbled through the kiss.

'Yeah Boss. Aint' nothing like sucking your big pole' Jason mumbled. 'Thank you for letting me suck you Boss. I fuckin love it.'

'You know how I love a quicky' Randy said with a grin. 'But that just takes the edge off. Now let's go up to my bedroom and do some serious fucking.'

Randy kissed him again and pulling him up, headed into the house.


'Coach, you gotta do something' Randy said as he sat on the edge of Coach's desk in only his jock strap. He was holding Coach's hand on his cock and Coach was squeezing it gently and it was growing. When he walked in he had told Coach he could only feel it today; no sucking. Randy loved to play with Coach's head and had him so well trained that he would do just about anything to get Randy's cock. But Landon was coming over in a couple hours, and Landon gave incredible blow jobs, much better than anything Coach could do so Randy was willing to wait for Landon. However he wanted to keep Coach hot and bothered so when they finally did get to the blow job, he would be crazy with desire and would really put his mind and soul into it. Randy knew from experience that Coach could give a decent blow job if he was really horned up enough. But for now Randy was just enjoying Coach's gentle touch.

'It ain't fair that Jason's dad won't let him work out at my house any more, and since the school won't keep the weight room open after school, what is he supposed to do? You gotta do something.'

'Randy. Jason is a very fine wrestler and I talked to his dad a couple weeks ago and convinced him to let him continue. But I can't tell him that he's got to let Jason work out at your house. Besides, I already told you, his dad said that I was to try to keep you guys apart. I guess he thinks you're a bad influence on him or something.'

'Shit Coach. That ain't good enough. Jason's got to work out and you know it. How about keeping the weight room open again like it used to be? I'd rather work out here anyway.'

'Randy, I've told you over and over, Mr. Manton said he would not pay to keep it open any longer. And he's the one that runs this school, not me. I can't do anything about it. Talk to Mr. Ratland, the football coach, and see if he can do something. Besides, I told you that Jason could go to the City Gym.'

'Hell Coach. Jason's dad won't give him the money so he can't afford the City Gym. Besides, I can't afford it either and you know it. I've talked to Manton and Ratland, and neither one of them likes me much to begin with. They definitely won't do me any favors, so unless you do something we're really screwed. You've got to talk to Jason's dad again. Damn it, you've got to' Randy said as he squeezed Coach's hand hard forcing Coach to really grip his hard prick.

'I'd threaten you by sayin you ain't getting any more of my dick if that would help' Randy said with a grin. He reached over and gave Coach a kiss on the nose. 'Wha'daya think Coach? Would that help?'

'I'm sorry Randy. I don't know what more I can do.'

'Well, it won't hurt to call jis dad again and try. Do it today and let me know what he says' Randy ordered as he got up and removed Coach's hand. He reached down, pulled his jock down and off and tossed in on the desk. As his super hard eight inch cock slapped up against his stomach, he grabbed it and jerked it a few times giving Coach a good look.

'Sorry, no dickey for you today Coach' he snickered as he played with it, swinging it back and forth. 'It has other plans for this afternoon. See you later Coach' he laughed as he walked out. The look on Coach's face was indescribable.


Randy was really annoyed because his workouts were always totally invigorating with Jason as a partner. But today, without Jason, nothing seemed to go well. He had to change the weights himself which Jason usually took care of. Also, he and Jason always traded off on each set, and without Jason the timing was off. Nothing had gone right and Randy was really fed up. He was going to make this shit stop today. Jason was going to work out with him no matter what. If he had to talk to Jason's old man himself he would do it. This insanity could not go on.

When Landon walked in Randy was fit to be tied. He was sweating from the workout, but it just hadn't gone smoothly like it always did with Jason.

'Hey Boss. Hows it goin?'

'Fuck you too, asshole' Randy growled as he wiped the sweat from his face and then threw the towel across the room.

'Oops! Sorry Boss. You havin a bad day?'

'You bet I'm havin a bad day' he shouted. 'Jace and I have worked out together for a year and a half now, and I can't handle it without him. This thing with his dad is a bunch of shit.'

'Hey Boss. I told you I would love to work out with you. You know I'm always available. I sure would like to take his place.'

'No way Landon. I told you that. You can work out with us sometimes, but Jason and I have the routine down pat and I don't want any changes. We're damn well going to do it the way we've always done it, no matter what it takes' Randy spouted in anger. 'Landon. I'm really pissed today so why don't you get the hell out of here and leave me alone.'

Randy was sitting on the weight bench as Landon picked up the towel and got on his knees before him. He carefully wiped the towel across Randy's forehead and cheeks collecting the beads of sweat that were still forming there. 'Com'on Boss. It ain't all that bad. I know you'll figure a way out of this. You always make it work, Randy. Don't make such a big deal about it. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to get Jason back here. In fact, why don't you just do it and not tell his dad. How's he going to find out? Jason can tell him he's still at school.'

'Shit Landon, I'm so pissed. But you're probably right. We'll just do it and not tell him. We'll have Coach vouch for us and say he's staying after school. That should work. Thanks Landon' he said as he leaned down and gave Landon a kiss. Landon returned the kiss aggressively, and taking Randy by the arms, pulled him to his feet. Holding the kiss Landon slowly backed up to the wrestling mats pulling Randy with him.

'You gonna fuck me today Boss?' he mumbled through the kiss.

'I'm really not in the mood today Landon' Randy said as he broke the kiss and sat down on the mat. 'Why don't you give me one of your incredible slow and easy blow jobs that you're famous for. That will definitely put me in a better mood.' Randy lay back on the mat, put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes as Landon got on his knees and gave the jockstrap covered cock a kiss. Randy was only wearing the jock today and Landon took hold of it and carefully dragged it down over his massive thighs. Throwing it aside Landon planted a big wet kiss on the tip of Randy's cock giving it a loud smack, just the way Randy liked it. Then he started licking the cock, chasing after it as it tried to bounce away from his tongue. He went on for a long time; five or ten minutes, just teasing Randy's prick. Then moving down, and using lots of saliva, Landon started licking and suckling Randy's ball sack. He gave the balls lots and lots of attention as Randy's eight inches rubbed against his nose. When the cock was fully hard, Landon planted another kiss on the tip, and then finally took it into his mouth.

Sucking very gently and only taking three or four inches in his mouth, he looked up at his lover, his master, his god. Randy had just finished working out so even lying on the mat in complete repose, his sweaty muscles bulged magnificently. Landon reached up and put his hands on the incredible slabs of pectoral muscle and started rubbing his hands over the sweaty curves. He continued his slow suck as he tweaked the nubs sticking up from the muscled chest. He went on and on with the slow worship as he watched Randy's serene face; eyes closed with a slight smile showing on his beautiful face. Landon treasured those moments when he could watch his lovers face in total contentment while he sucked him.

When Randy finally opened his eyes and looked at Landon, he withdrew his hands from the massive chest, and started giving his total concentration on sucking the big cock. He started taking it deeper with each thrust, not speeding up yet, but just slow and deep, forcing it into the back of his throat. He licked and sucked as he moved, getting sucktion and gripping it as tightly as he could with his lips. Randy was watching and smiling as Landon forced the prick in and out of his throat, and Landon was ecstatic watching his lover's face as he smiled in gratification. Then, very gradually Landon started speeding up the jacking action. Having Randy staring at him and watching him suck his cock was always a thrill, and Landon almost found it hypnotizing. He totally loved it when he noticed Randy begin to breath faster and the massive pectoral muscles of his chest start to move up and down more quickly. Then Randy moaned softly so Landon knew he was getting really close. Now, getting into the final stretch, Landon really started jacking the cock deep into his throat, and developing suction so Randy would really feel it. Hard and deep and fast, he really went at it.

And Randy started to shoot. Landon pulled the cock out of his throat so he could taste the cream shooting into his mouth, but continued jacking and sucking but at a slower pace. He swallowed with pleasure as he felt Randy's body shudder over and over from the excitement of the ejaculation. When it was finally done, Landon pulled his mouth off and gave the softening cock a kiss.

'Thank you Boss for letting me suck you' he murmured as he kissed the cock again. 'Jesus, I love sucking your big piece of meat. There's just nothing like it.' Jason's own cock was still like a steel bar, but he didn't touch it and didn't say anything. He would get to it later. He was perfectly satisfied to suck Randy and watch his face as his body shuddered and he gradually began to recover from his ejaculation.


Randy and Jason were working out a couple weeks later when the intercom beeped.

'Oh shit. Must be something important. They never call me during our workout' he said as he stepped over and pushed the button. 'Yeah mom, what is it?'

'Your coach is on the phone and says it's urgent' said the voice.

'Okay mom, I'll get it. Thanks' he said as he reached over and pushed the speaker button on the phone. 'Yeah coach. What's goin on?'

'Randy, we have a problem' Coach's voice said. 'Is Jason with you?'

'Yeah Coach. He's here. Why?'

'Jason's dad was just here looking for him, and I had to tell him the weight room wasn't open after school. He was swearing a blue streak when he walked out a couple minutes ago. I think he might be heading to your house because he was saying something about knowing where Jason was. I'm sorry Randy, but the cats out of the bag now. He knows Jason hasn't been working out here the past couple weeks. He also accused me of lying to him and said he was going to get me fired.'

'Oh shit Coach. We're totally screwed now' Randy said. 'Thanks for calling Coach. We'll get right on it' he said as he turned off the phone. Jason was just standing there with a shocked look on his face. Then he started to cry.

'Oh Randy. What am I going to do. It's hopeless' he sobbed. He sank to his knees and put his head on the floor and started bawling. 'He'll never let me go home now' he cried desperately.

'Just keep your damn pants on Jason. It's not hopeless' Randy said as he walked over, got on his knees, grabbed Jason and started hugging him. Jason cried on his shoulder as Randy held him tight and kissed him on the cheek. They just hugged tightly for a few minutes while Jason sobbed.

'Jace. I told you I had a plan B, and that's what we're going to follow right now. And I'm going to get that son of a bitch once and for all' Randy snarled as he leaned back and slammed a fist into his palm. 'Don't you worry your ass Jace. I'm damn well going to take care of it.' With that Randy grabbed Jason's face with both hands, and kissed him on each weeping eye, his nose and then his lips.

'I love you Jason, and I'm not going to let anything happen to you' Randy said. 'Now, you get your ass out of here and go up to my room. Me and your dad are going to have a talk as soon as he shows up'

'What....? What are you going to do Randy?' Jason said in surprise through his tears.

'Don't you worry your head about it Jace. I'm going to kick his ass, is what I'm going to do' Randy said angrily. 'I also intend to teach that son of a bitch some manners. And don't you worry. He's not going to kick you out of the house. I guarantee it! Now get the hell out of here.' Randy pulled Jason to his feet and led him to the door giving him a gentle pat on the ass. Still sobbing, Jason left the garage and went to Randy's bedroom.

Randy slammed his fist into his palm again and then again and then swore. Coach always says never fight in anger. 'Keep your cool and stay focused' Randy said to himself. He started doing knee bends and deep breathing exercises trying to calm down from his extreme anger. Then he dropped down and did twenty quick push ups. Jumping back up he stared at himself in the mirror and ordered himself to calm down. Then he did ten quick jumping jacks. And finally, he felt himself beginning to relax. Randy was well aware of his temper problem, which could easily get out of control. He now walked over to the weight bench and sat down, still doing the deep breathing exercises. Then finally, finally he felt he was about as calm as he was going to get. Now he felt he was ready to meet that bastard. He was going to tear the guy a new ass hole, but he was going to do it in a calm collected manner.

Keeping himself calm, Randy reached up to the chinning bar and started doing slow chins. He and Jason had built up a sweat but they hadn't finished their workout and this was really going to fuck up their schedule. But for now Randy decided to keep going until Jason's old man showed up.

And just as he thought it, the door to Randy's workout room banged open and slammed against the weight rack. What a fuckin creep Randy thought as he dropped from the bar.

'Where the fuck is Jason' the guy shouted as he came in. When Randy didn't immediately respond he continued. 'I know he's here damn it. Tell him to get his ass out here.' The guy was wearing a dress shirt open at the neck and dark slacks. He was probably Randy's height of 5'9' and maybe weighed 180 pounds with the start of a potbelly showing.

'Mr. Riley. How nice to see you' Randy said calmly. Randy amazed himself by being so calm.

'Randy. I know Jason's here, so get his ass out here. I've got a few things to say to him, and to you too.' Randy walked calmly over to the door, closed it and locked it and turned to the guy.

'I think I'll call you shit head. That's what Jason calls you' he said with a grin. Riley got a shocked look on his face and his mouth dropped open in surprise. Randy wanted to laugh at the way he looked. This was going to be fun. Stepping up to him, Randy then took one very hard swing and connected with Riley's jaw and sent him flying half way across the room and onto the floor. Riley just lay there totally shocked holding his jaw until Randy walked over and grabbed his arm, jerking him back to his feet. Then holding one arm and twisting the other, he pulled up hard actually lifting him right off his feet. Riley screamed.

'Yeeeaaaooooh. Stop. Stop,' he yelled. Randy loosened his arm a bit and then did it again; lifting him up off his feet. Riley screamed again.

'Yeeeaaaooooh. No, Randy no' he cried. Randy loosened his hold again.

'Hey shit head. We're going to have a talk. You and me. But I've got to get your attention first. You got that?' he said as he then repeated the operation once again, yanking him off his feet.

'Aaaaaaaaaa' he screamed again. 'Randy. Stop.' Randy let go of his arm completely. He didn't actually want to break it but he wanted it to hurt like the dickens and evidently it did.

'Now shit head. You ready to talk?' Randy said softly. Riley was rubbing his shoulder and groaning as Randy waited for a reply.

'Geeze Randy. What'er you doing?' he asked as he groaned.

'Wrong answer shit head' Randy said as he grabbed the same arm, twisted it again behind his back and pulled up hard. Riley really howled this time.

'Yeeeeaaaaooooh Randy. Randy. You're breaking my arm' he screamed from the extreme pain. 'Randy please.'

'Answer me you stupid son of a bitch' Randy demanded. 'You ready to talk?'

'Yes Randy. Yes Randy. Please. I'm ready.' he yelled. Randy let go of his arm and stepped back.

'Get on your fuckin knees' Randy ordered. 'I don't talk to shit heads unless they're on their knees in front of me.' Riley gave him a blank look as he rubbed his shoulder. Randy grabbed his arm again, pulling it behind him.

'Okay Randy' he screamed as he dropped to is knees. 'Okay, okay.' Randy pulled off his wife beater and tossed it aside showing his sweaty bulging muscular body, with sweat dripping off his nose. With hands on hips, he just looked down at Riley without saying a word for two or three minutes. Riley was breathing hard as he rubbed his shoulder and looked up at Randy. He finally spoke. 'What do you want Randy?'

'Shut the fuck up' Randy shouted and continued staring. Riley was beginning to feel human again but his anger was gone and replaced by fear. He knew Randy was only a child, but seeing him standing above him showing all that muscle was frightening. He had to see if he could get control of this situation.

'Please Randy. What....' He started to say. Randy gave him a very hard open handed slap across the face knocking him over on the floor. 'Yeeeaaaoh' he screamed holding his quickly reddening cheek as tears automatically came to his eyes.

'I said shut the fuck up' Randy growled. 'Get back on your god damn knees.' Riley got back on his knees holding his cheek as Randy just stared at him. He was beginning to find the silence more frightening than anything, but this time he kept his mouth shut. After a good two minutes more of silence Randy hit him again; this time with his fist. Riley howled as he was knocked to the floor again. Lying there looking up at a very angry muscle boy and feeling the pain, he quickly realized this was no child. Unless he somehow got things under control he was in big trouble.

'On your fuckin knees' Randy ordered. Riley got back on his knees whimpering softly.

'You know what I think of you Mr. Riley?' Randy said spitting out the 'Mr.'. 'You know what I really think of you? Here's what I think of you' he said as he spit a big wad of saliva into his face. Riley just kneeled there in shock looking up at Randy with the saliva dripping down his face, and still whimpering from the pain. He wiped the spit off his face but did not say anything as Randy made a production of coughing up some phlegm and pulling the hand aside, spit in his face again.

'You miserable son of a bitch. I could break every bone in your body for the way you treat Jason' Randy said as grabbed a handful of his hair. Holding on to his hair, and again pushing his hand aside, Randy spit into his face one more time. Riley's face was now smeared with Randy's spit and it was dripping off his chin. 'But what I'm going to do is teach you how to behave. You-are-NEVER-going-to-hit-Jason-again' he said slowly, emphasizing each word. 'In fact you're never going to raise your voice to him again. That's what I'm going to teach you today.'

'But first, I want to be sure that you are paying attention. Take my shoes off.' Riley just looked at him, still holding his cheek. 'You've got five seconds' Randy said. 'One, two, three, four.....' Riley came to his senses and reached for Randy's shoes, untying them, and as Randy lifted his feet, removed them. 'And the socks.' Riley did as he was told.

Randy grabbed his hair again, and bent down looking him right in the eye. 'You want me to hit you again? How about if I use my fist again.'

'No Randy. Please' Riley pleaded.

'Good. Now let's see if you're in the proper mood. Kiss my feet' Randy ordered as he let go of the fistful of hair and just waited. Randy knew it would take a minute for him to clear the order through his brain.

'Randy. They'll put you in reform school for this. You can't get away with this.'

'We'll worry about who goes to jail later. But, for now, if you don't get with the program pretty god damn quick, you're going to be in a world of hurt. Now kiss my fuckin feet before I start knocking out teeth and breaking bones. Do it' Randy screamed.

'Randy. You can't....' Randy reached down and quickly twisting Riley's arm behind him, pulled hard and got another scream.

'You're going to kiss my feet man, no matter what it takes' Randy growled as he yanked on the arm getting another scream. 'Maybe you'll have to do it with a broken arm.'

'Okay, okay. Please Randy' he wailed in pain. Randy let go of the arm and just looked down at him; waiting.

Conceding to the inevitable and holding his arm, Riley bent down and kissed each of Randy's feet. Randy smiled. Stage one complete and he was still remaining pretty calm. He was proud of himself for being so cool. Maybe he could control his temper after all.

He then walked over to the equipment box, and Riley made his move and ran to the door. Randy turned and slowly walked over to him. The door could be opened from the inside, but it required turning the latch and pulling two bolts, and Randy knew that it would take the guy more than a minute to figure it out. Grabbing him by the shoulder and jerking him around, Randy gave him a hard right and a hard left to the stomach, and he grunted and fell to his knees. Randy knew he was hurting so bad he couldn't even scream. Anyone with a potbelly like that could not handle a blow to the stomach.

Randy walked back to the equipment box and pulled out a paddle. This had only been used twice before; both times on Jason. That was back before he completely comprehended that Randy was Boss. After two sessions with the paddle Jason learned how to behave, so Randy hadn't used the paddle again since; over a year ago. He had taught a young Riley how to behave, and now he was going to teach an old Riley.

Riley was lying on the floor groaning and holding his stomach. Randy ignored him and went to the chinning bar and did ten slow chins. Then he went to Riley who was still moaning, but at least was no longer gasping for breath. Randy grabbed him by the hair, pulled him to his knees, and tugged him, forcing him to scramble, across the floor to the weight bench. Randy sat down on the bench and pulled Riley's spit covered face up so they were eye to eye.

'Okay now, Mr. Riley' Randy said, again spitting out the word Mr. 'I want to emphasize that you are not to raise your voice to Jason again. Do you understand what I'm saying?' he said as he jerked his hair. 'Do you understand me?' he yelled. When Riley did not react, Randy jerked his hair again. 'Say yes, you stupid mother fucker' he shouted.

'Yes Randy' he whispered.

'Good. Now I'm going to reinforce that promise' Randy said calmly. 'It's amazing how a little pain can make a guy remember how to behave.' With that he pushed Riley onto his back and unbuckled his belt and pants. Then pulling him up, he yanked the pants and underwear down over his ass, and sitting down on the bench, forced him to bend down over his lap.

Randy slapped his ass. 'Kinda flabby. Not at all hot and tight like your boy's' he said with a grin. And then Randy started letting him have it. Riley screamed and yelled, and twice squirmed off Randy's lap and had to be pulled back up. But Randy did not stop until he had given him twenty hard swats with the paddle. About half way through, Riley really started moaning and whimpering from the pain, and begging Randy to quit. Randy loved it. He enjoyed the crying and the begging every bit as much as the pleasure of beating his ass.

Randy finally dumped him on the floor and put the paddle away. Then going to his gym bag he got out a tube of cream. Then lifting Riley up on the bench on his stomach so his ass was sticking off the end, Randy squeezed some cream in the crack, rubbed it around, and stuck in a finger. Riley was still moaning, but now let out a yelp. Randy used some more cream and finger fucked his ass for a bit and then stuck in two fingers.

'Now I want you to know Mr. Riley' Randy said, again spitting out the 'Mr.' 'that I'm not fucking you because I like it. My cock ain't available to give pleasure to old guys like you. I'm not even planning to fuck you. I'm just going to split you wide open, and I hope it hurts like hell. I don't plan to enjoy it, but you're sure as hell not going to either.

Beating the crap out of Riley had really turned Randy on and he was hot and ready as he pulled his shorts and jockstrap off. Getting behind him and aiming his cock, Randy pushed into the hole.

'Yeeeaaaoooh' Riley screamed as he tried to pull away, but Randy was holding him tight by the shoulders. As Riley continued trying to get away, Randy grabbed his arms and twisted them behind his back. Then pressing the arms up towards his shoulders, Randy started easing his cock into the tight hole. Riley started yelling, from either the pain in his shoulders or in his ass, but Randy's didn't care which, because he was beginning to enjoy the tight feeling of his cock entering a flabby ass with a tight hole.

Randy had worked guys over before when he fucked them, and found it incredibly exciting. But they usually went along with the program and wanted it, so he'd never considered that he'd actually raped anyone before. Up to now. But this was super special because it was Jason's dad, so maybe he was going to enjoy it. Randy finally got his cock all the way in and just held it for a minute. Riley had kind of a flabby ass, but the virgin hole was hot and tight. Randy started fucking him slow and deep and it began to feel really good. Luckily the garage was pretty well sound proof or Randy's parents would have heard Riley screaming. Randy was glad it was hurting but as it went on he started getting sick of it, so holding Riley's arms with one hand, Randy grabbed his jockstrap from the floor and jammed it into his mouth.

Randy pulled his cock all the way out, and then slowly pushed it all the way back in to the root. It felt nice and tight, and knowing it was Jason's dad made it really special. Randy was in no hurry to cum so he just got a nice slow fucking motion going and enjoyed the ride. Riley was whimpering and mumbling but Randy just ignored it as he continued the pleasurable fuck. After a bit the mumbling stopped and Randy let go of the guys arms and grabbed his shoulders. It obviously was not hurting the guy as much now, so it was time to get it over. Randy definitely didn't want the guy to start enjoying it. Holding him tight he started speeding up and really ramming it in. As he finally reached his peak, Randy groaned in pleasure as he started to shoot. Fucking a flabby old man did not make it the most exciting fuck he'd ever had, but knowing he was raping a straight guy; a virgin; an adult; and Jason's old man made it pretty damn good. Randy rammed into him a couple more times to increase the hot feeling firing through his cock as he shot.

When he finally pulled his cock from the guys ass, and removed the jockstrap from his mouth, Riley, still whimpering and crying, just slid to the floor without a word. Randy was exhilarated and his eight inch dripping ram rod was still sticking out and fully hard. Going to his gym bag Randy got his pair of hand cuffs and cuffed Riley to the bench. Then grabbing his work out shorts just in case he ran into his parents on the way, he left the garage in the nude and ran up to his bedroom in the house. Jason was lying on the bed just staring at the ceiling as Randy walked in. Randy was still so turned on he could hardly hold still and his enormous shaft was still hard and hot and sticking out like a fence post as he dropped the shorts and climbed on top of Jason.

'My cock has still got your Dad's shit on it Jace and you're going to suck it off.' Jason looked shocked but Randy didn't give him a chance to even think about it, but grabbed his head and pulled it onto his cock. Jason didn't give a shit about his dad, and he loved Randy, so he started sucking cock like crazy. If this was what Randy wanted, this was what he was going to get. The most incredible blow job in history. However, Randy let him suck for less than a minute and pulled out. 'You ready to take me now?' he asked. 'I'm hotter than hell and can't wait.'

Jason spit on his hand, reached down and quickly jammed a finger up his ass. In five seconds he was ready. 'Okay Randy, fuck me. Please fuck me. Fuck me hard and make me feel it.' Randy pulled up his legs, and aiming his cock, pushed into the tight hole. He knew Jason would take his prick anyway he could get it, preferably rough, so after only a couple seconds he pushed all the way in. He was totally soaked and dripping with sweat as he started really going to town. He'd seldom felt as hot as he did right now and the tight ass felt fabulous as he started really ramming it in, with Jason mumbling encouragement and moaning with pleasure. Randy's cock knew this ass well, and had had literally hours of pleasure humping into it, and now he felt like the top of his head was going to come off from the tremendous excitement and delight, for what felt like the greatest fuck he had ever had. Fucking Jason's old man and now Jason himself was a scorcher. Randy yelled as he came and Jason yelled right along with him. Raping Jason's dad's ass and now fucking his lover was beyond fabulous. It was stupendous.

As he finished and still sobbing in ecstasy, he saw Jason grab his own cock, jerk it twice, and start shooting. Randy watched Jason's face as he groaned in excitement and shot all over his chest. Finally, feeling totally exhausted, Randy lay down on top of Jason, and finding his lips, started kissing him. Jason dropped his legs and Randy's cock popped out of his ass, as the two boy's kisses went on and on. With only occasional stops for breath the boys continued making out for a good twenty minutes. Finally Randy rolled off Jason and just lay back.

'Well. How'd it go?' Jason asked.

'Call me Boss' Randy said.

'Com'on Randy. Give me a break. I know you're Boss. But, okay, thank you Boss for fucking me. Now what happened?'

'Well, I beat him up, blistered his ass and fucked him. He now understands that he will never touch you or yell at you again. We'll get to the particulars later about your allowance, working out, and doing stuff around the house' Randy explained. 'Now all we have to do is set him up so he can't change his mind. Get the camera.'

'What are we going to do Randy?' Jason asked.

'Just watch. You'll find out.'

Jason got the camera and the boys cleaned the cum off their chests, put on their shorts and went back to the garage. Riley was lying on his stomach still cuffed to the bench with his pants and shorts down around his ankles, with his bright red blistered ass almost glowing in the dark,

Randy removed the handcuffs. 'Okay shit head. We still got some more work to do so get your ass up.' Riley slowly got up on his knees and turned around. 'Now you listen really close shit head. Jason is here with me, but you don't say one fuckin word to him. Not--one--fuckin word' he said, emphasizing each word. 'If you even open your damn mouth you're going back over my knee and getting more swats. You got that?' Riley just stared at Randy with a blank look on his teary spit covered face. Randy stepped over to him, grabbed his hair with one hand, and bending down slapped his ass with the other.

'Ow, ow, ow' Riley yelled.

'Do you understand me, you stupid prick?' Randy yelled into his ear.

'Yes Randy. I understand' he mumbled.

'You don't say nothin to Jason. Right?'

'Yes Randy. I won't say anything.'

'Okay. Stand up' Randy ordered grabbing him by the arm and helping him up. Randy pulled his shorts and pants back up and buckled the belt. Then reaching into the open crotch he pulled out the guy's dick. 'Okay Jason. Start clicking' he said as he got on his knees and took the dick in his mouth.

Over the next hour Randy had Jason take pictures of every possible position he could think of. He got pictures of himself being fucked by Mr. Riley; sucking Mr. Riley's dick; licking Mr. Riley's ass; kissing Mr. Riley's feet; being spanked by Mr. Riley and many more in various stages of dress and undress. Randy wore loose clothes sometimes so he didn't look quite so muscular and with his baby face, he looked like a chubby ten year old. And in most all of the pictures it looked like Mr. Riley was smiling and Randy was crying. In some of them it looked like Randy was handcuffed. And just for good measure, he set the timer, and got some pictures of him and Jason both being abused. Mr. Riley was still hurting and kinda out of it, but he was cooperative most of the time, and Randy only had to slap him around a couple times.

After the picture shoot they had a discussion on allowance, work around the house, hiring a gardener and other stuff like how he was going to treat Jason and Bobby. Actually, it wasn't much of a discussion, because Randy mostly talked and Riley mostly listened. Jason wrote it all down. During this whole time Riley did not say a word to Jason, and mostly tried not to even look at him. At Randy's orders, Jason avoided looking at his dad as well.

'Okay, I think we're done' Randy finally said. 'You go home and sleep on this, and make sure you remember everything we talked about. Once Jason gets everything written down I'll come over and we'll go over it again to be sure you understand it. If you're lucky I won't use the paddle again. Jason's going to give me an update every day about how it's going so you better be good. If you and I have to have another talk, you're going to be very sorry. But, then again, maybe I'll come by once in a while just for the hell of it, so I can watch you grovel' he said with a grin. 'Now, do you understand all of this?'

'Yes Randy' he answered through tears of pain and humiliation, resignation, and submission. 'I understand.'

'You know what? I'm really partial to being called sir, and I think you need a little practice in being servile. So you call me sir! Go ahead. Do it' Randy demanded.

'Yes sir Randy' Riley replied.

'Good boy' Randy said with a smile patting him on the cheek. 'I think you finally know what I expect of you. I can have you thrown in jail any day of the week, but if you behave yourself, we'll get along fine. Now get your ass out of here so Jason and I can download the pictures. We'll give you copies later.'



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