'You ain't nothing shit head. I eat you for breakfast.' He was the defensive end for Bristol High School, and now, with the game almost over, he looked like he wanted to cry. I was the right tackle and I'd already knocked him down about twenty times, and stomped him a couple times when the ref wasn't looking. I played both offence and defense, but it didn't matter because our defense was almost never on the field. He played only defense but was out there most of the time and I was always in his face. I walked right over him five times to sack his quarterback. It amazed me sometimes how really big guys, who looked like they had muscle, really didn't know how to use their own strength or have the will to use it. This guy facing me was a big boy; probably weighed up towards two hundred pounds. But I was knocking him around like he was a little kid. Of course I bad mouthed him constantly too, trying to get into his head, and it was definitely working.

'Hike' yelled Jimmy, our quarterback and I rammed forward again, and knocking the kid on his ass, fell on top of him.

I grabbed his ass again, and gave it a good pinch. 'Jesus man, I want to fuck your ass so bad, I can't stand it' I whispered in his ear. Getting up, I saw the fear in his face. And I know damn well there was respect showing as well. He knew I was the better man, and accepted that I was going kick him around all I wanted while he simply endured it. This was what I loved about football, showing guys that I was the Alpha. And anyway, this kid was hot and I just might make a real play for his ass after the game.

Christ, I loved football. I was 240 pounds of solid muscle and there was nothing I loved better than knocking guys on their asses on the field. Well, almost nothing. Actually, I was a bit of a control freak, and I didn't mind knocking guys on their asses off the field too if they needed it. Anybody hung around with me knew their place and understood that I was the one held the whip hand. I was easily the strongest and most aggressive guy on the football team, and all the guys admired me and respected me for it. And I was a fighter too. I knew how to kick ass. And that made me king of the hill in the high school and, let me tell you, I loved the looks and the adoration of everybody as I walked down the school hallway. Also, every jock in the school wanted to be my buddy, so I was constantly surrounded by the hottest studs, all competing for my attention.

'Hey, little boy. Let's get together after the game' I whispered to the guy as we got down in our stance again. I had been bad mouthing him the whole game and it amazed me that he had not said one word. He had started the game with this look of intense concentration on his face, which had gradually changed; not to anger, but to fear and finally to resignation. I could see that he really hated playing football. He was probably one of those guys whose father forced him to do it. But, right now, he must be happy the game was almost over because I knew he was hurting. I was a lot harder on him than I needed to be; hell, we were ahead 52 to nothing, but I loved the idea that he was going to be sore for days. He was not likely to forget me any time soon.

'Hike' Jimmy yelled again. I did a quick stutter step and a jog to the left as if to slam his buddy, and the guy actually cringed, and held back. I had to laugh aloud as I laid him out again with me on top. God, I loved doin this.

'Yeah, man. I can tell you want it bad' I whispered in his ear. 'After the game, man. After the game.' At six foot one inch, and at 240 pounds, I was a big guy. I spent my life in the high school weight room, and loved pumping my muscles and having all the guys looking at me with admiration. Hell yes, I'm vain. But why not? Being constantly surrounded by acolytes telling me how gorgeous and wonderful and powerful I am, it was bound to go to my head. And, hell, I agree with them. I'm a fuckin Hercules.

Luckily, Coach was very protective of me, so he covered for me a lot when I was working out. I hated school and was glad it was my senior year and I could finally get out of the damn place. Unfortunately I wasn't a good enough football player to get a college scholarship and I knew that. Hell, I didn't want to go to college anyway, but with Coach's help, and a little fudging with my grades it looked like I would graduate this year. I had a job waiting at my uncle's garage when I graduated, so I was already set up.

Fifteen seconds to go, and as I knocked the kid down one last time, Jimmy took off and got another touchdown. Final score: 59 to 0.

We were all laughing and kidding around in the shower after the game. Jimmy had been brilliant and I had been pretty fantastic myself. We couldn't get over what wimps the guys on the other team were, and how easy it was to walk all over them. I took a good hard look at Jimmy's ass as we showered, knowing that I was going to get some of that later tonight. Jimmy and I had a 'thing' going and Jimmy was a god. At five foot ten and 180 pounds of incredibly defined muscles, Jimmy was spectacular. And to top it off, he had the most beautiful blue eyes imaginable; silky blond curly locks, and the face of Adonis. Jimmy probably got more attention than I did, but since we were best friends, and together all the time, we shared in the adoration of those around us. Jimmy and I were both just short of eighteen and had been friends since grade school, and since I was the biggest and most aggressive, he always looked up to me and followed my lead.

Jimmy couldn't decide if he was straight or gay, or maybe bi, but I'd been fucking him for over two years now and he loved it. We came to an agreement early on when I took his ass for the very first time, that as long as I didn't try to force him to blow me, I could fuck him pretty much whenever I wanted. He didn't particularly like kissing me either, which was too bad because I loved smooching with a guy. But that was okay because he had a hot ass, and I loved fucking him; and besides, I made him kiss me sometimes just to remind him that I was the Alpha male. Jimmy considered himself the original macho man, and with good reason. He never let himself get tied down to one girl friend for more than a week or so, and he was notorious for being a real stud and I know he'd fucked a goodly share of the girls in the high school. At least all the pretty ones. I think he'd used up all the available seniors and now preferred the young innocent freshmen and sophomores. He was probably the most macho hunk in the high school and definitely an Alpha, but when he and I were alone together, his legs flew into the air as I took him hot and hard.

I had a really great thing going with my neighbor Sharon too, who lived across the street from me. She was the sweetest, prettiest thing you have ever seen; one of the prettiest in the senior class. She was just as feminine as she could be, but was a through and through lesbian. She was wild for big butch bull dykes although I don't think she had ever actually been with one; and she was perfectly willing to give me cover, and vice versa. We have been a couple for two years, which takes us both off the hook, because everybody thinks we are the perfect item.

It was a great arrangement for me, with Sharon acting as my girl friend, and a gorgeous quarterback and best friend available when I wanted him. Actually, Jimmy and I didn't get it on very much; maybe every couple weeks or so, because he was busy girl chasing and I had other options. Jimmy liked the ladies young and pretty and preferably virgin, and was out cruising for something new all the time. He probably fucked more thirteen, fourteen and fifteen year old virgins than any guy in the state. I had three neighborhood guys on the string myself who were available fucks when I got horny. I could pretty much get a blow job or a hot fuck whenever I wanted. But what I really liked was the college boys that I went trolling for on weekends. I preferred my tricks to be my age or slightly older and built, and really masculine looking.

Wheaton College was less than thirty miles away and let me tell you I played that field more than the football field. I was there almost every weekend on the prowl for hunky guys with hot asses and I definitely got more than my share. I was really a hot number. I had kind of a baby face, making me look younger than seventeen, and of course, massive muscles. And even though I was the aggressive type anyway, the guys I picked up automatically knew I was in charge and they just waited for me to tell them what to do. And, oh man, did I love to order guys around. Every single guy I went with blew me first, and then I fucked them. Bam, bam. One, Two. Just like clockwork. They knew I was a god so they didn't expect anything in return, and they didn't get anything either. That doesn't mean they didn't have a good time; hell, most of them shot their load just by rubbing their hands over my incredible muscles. I really wasn't into rough stuff, but I liked to dominate and control my tricks one hundred percent. I made them open my pants and get my cock out before blowing me, and they had to grease themselves up before I fucked them. If we were gonna strip, they stripped first and then did me. They had to do all the work and I got all the pleasure; but hell, that's the way they wanted it. If they want to work their little buns off trying to venerate me there's nothing wrong with me helping them do it. Every once in a while I'd find one that didn't want to get fucked, but it didn't really matter, because how the hell were they going to stop me? With my size and my muscles; you think they could say no to me? Did that mean I raped them? Hell, no it didn't. Anybody goes with a big guy like me automatically knows he's going to get fucked, and fucked hard. And besides, once I get going, my cock has a mind of its own, and it doesn't really matter what the guy wants. My cock leads the way. I fucked so many guys in the back of my Chevy that I almost wore out the springs in the seat.

Anyway, I knew I was getting Jimmy later, but I also wanted to look for that kid I'd been stomping during the game. He was kinda cute and definitely built big just the way I like 'em, and I know he was totally intimidated by me. If I was lucky I might be able to get him alone somewhere. So, I hurried through my shower and got into my tight jeans and T-shirt, and went hunting.

Bristol High School was only in the next town, and with the schools trying to save money these days, they didn't even provide a bus. The football players got there on their own or in the coach's van. The visiting team was using the girls' showers, so I waited in the courtyard just outside the door while the players straggled out. And, miracle of miracles, he comes walking out all by himself. I grabbed him as he went by the darkened courtyard and pulled him in. He let out a yelp as I pushed him against the wall.

'Well, well' I said giving him a big smile as I held his arms 'if it isn't punk boy from Bristol high.' He had a startled look for a second, and then it changed to fear as he saw who it was.

'Hey man, please. I don't want to fight you' he said with a noticeable quiver in his voice.

'Hell kid. You don't have to fight me' I grinned. 'We already fought on the field and you lost. Now it's time to pay up.' I grabbed his hand and pulled it into my crotch. 'See what I got for you man. Totally hard, hot and ready.' I took note that he groped me good before he pulled away. Hell, it was over already. I had him.

'Com'on man. Let's go into the courtyard where it's dark' I said as I grabbed his arm and pulled him along. I pushed him down on one of the cement benches and moved forward straddling his legs. I pulled the front of my T-shirt over my head, and taking his hands, pulled them up to my massive chest. Now let me tell you, my fifty-two inch chest had bulging pectoral muscles that you would not believe. Stickin out like a fuckin cliffs and hard as steel; my massive baazoookas with big round nipples; incredible slabs of muscle just perfect for licking and sucking. These babies were hot and hard and loved to be worshiped. This kid was damn lucky that I was even allowing him to touch them

'Feel my pecs babe' I said. 'Rub your hands over my big chest.' He did as he was told and started feeling me up, and damned if he didn't gasp in astonishment. But hell, I'm not surprised. He'd never felt a chest like mine before. I couldn't see his face but I could tell from his hand action he was really turned on. Evidently I was totally wrong about seeing fear in his eyes as I was slamming him around on the field. That must have been lust in his eyes. Hell, he wanted me to dominate him. I took only a couple minutes of letting him use his hands before I pulled his head in. Without any direction he started licking and kissing my hot pecs, and he actually started moaning in ecstasy. Hell man, I was turned on too. What the hell did I build this body for if it wasn't for kids like this to worship, and this kid was really getting into it?

I took both his hands and pulled them into my crotch. 'Open my pants babe' I ordered. 'Get my big cock out where you can see it.' He pulled his face away from my pecs as he undid my belt, but I pulled him right back in and gave him a slap to the back of the head. 'Don't stop kid. Worship my chest.' Hell, the stupid kid couldn't get my cock out and worship my chest at the same time? I gave him another slap to the back of his head. 'Go to it man. Worship my god damn chest' I demanded. Now he got busy licking and kissing my pecs as he undid my belt and pants and reaching in, grabbed my cock. I let him feel it for a bit because I was still enjoying his worship of my chest.

But finally I said: 'pull 'em down.' And he tugged my jeans down over my huge thighs. Since I wasn't wearing underwear, my hard cock slapped up against my stomach. I wasn't particularly interested in any long drawn out sex with this kid. I just enjoyed dominating him and was willing to take a quick blow job just to show him my power.

It was totally dark in the courtyard and I could barely see him as I grabbed him by the hair and jerked hard, getting a yelp out of him.

'Ow' he cried. 'Hey man. Don't do that' he pleaded.

I leaned down so our noses were actually touching. 'You're mine punk. I whipped your ass and now you owe me. Got that?' I said as I patted him lightly on the cheek.

'Call me sir and tell me I own you' I ordered as I gave his hair another jerk.

'Yes sir' he answered.

'Say I own you' I demanded

'Yes sir. Yes sir. You own me.'

And there it was. Just like that. Just like snapping my fingers. He was mine now and he would do anything for me. Jesus Christ, I loved doing this. Taking big muscled guys, squeezing them just a little and turning them into worshipers was absolutely heaven; even better than sex. The feeling of power and control was sensational. Hell, I could tell even when I was whipping his ass on the field that he was a wimp and wanted to be dominated. I knew it than, and he knew it now.

'Get on your knees' I directed as I let go of his hair, and he was down in a split second. Taking a good grip on his hair again, I grabbed my cock with the other hand and started banging it into his face and smearing my precum around. Damn, it felt good. I wished there was some light here so I could see his face as my big cock hit him.

Finally I let go of his hair and my cock. 'Lick my balls kid' I said and without hesitation he jumped to it and started licking away. I couldn't see him in the dark so I imagined that it was Jimmy down there doing me. Hell, I felt a surge shoot through my cock as I imagined my number one wet dream; Jimmy ready to blow me. Yeah, I could see my gorgeous quarterback's pretty face working my balls as my cock lay on his face. Shit, thinking of Jimmy was making me super hot, so I grabbed my cock and shoved it into the kid's mouth.

Alright, so sometimes I'm a bully. I'm big, and incredibly muscular, and a hell of a fighter and I have a real 'thing' about dominating guys. I not only want to have sex with them, but I sometimes want them to crawl for me as well. Making a guy crawl for me is most times equally as exciting as fucking him. And you wouldn't believe the number of guys that just love abasing themselves for a big guy like me. Some of them beg me to make them do it. Now, for this poor kid who was sucking my cock; I knew he was hot for me from the moment he groped me, but just having him give me a blow job was way too easy. I know it's not fair to take a guy like this who's ready and willing to obey me and put the screws to him, but hell, I liked doing it, and it's my pleasure we're talking about here. I loved the power of totally controlling a guy and I wanted this kid completely submissive and groveling before I used him. Hell, I'm a big guy and I'm used to taking what I want, so whose going to say no to me? Not this kid, that's for sure.

Pulling my cock out of his mouth, I turned around, and reaching back, pushed his face into my ass. 'Kiss my ass kid' I demanded. 'Pay back time kid so get your tongue in there.' This kid was totally mine so I knew he would do it, and was a little surprised that he was hesitating. 'If I don't feel that tongue in two seconds I'm gonna break you in half' I growled as I gave him a slap on the back of the head, and then pushed him in hard. That's all it took, because he started licking my hot butt.

I sighed in pleasure as I gently jerked my cock. Jesus, this was wonderful. In only a couple minutes; turning a hunky football player into my very own ass kisser. I just let him go at it, and didn't force him or anything, but just enjoyed the exhilaration of getting my ass licked. It was the ultimate humiliation to bring a guy down and force him to lick my ass, and for me it was absolutely intoxicating; completely euphoric.

I stopped jerking my cock because I was getting too hot. I just let him go at it and enjoyed it for a while. After I had had enough, I turned around and put my dick back in his mouth. I again pictured Jimmy down there and felt a surge of excitement shoot up my spine. Hell, every time I even thought of Jimmy blowing me, my cock went berserk. Rather than trying to calm down and drag it out, I just let it go and started shooting into the guy's mouth. He tried to pull back, but there was now way that was going to happen.

'Swallow it damn it' I growled. 'You swallow it and damn well enjoy it.' I held on to his head until he swallowed a few times taking all my cum into his belly. As I pulled out of his mouth I pulled him to his feet and started kissing him. He hadn't cum and I wasn't about to bring him off, but I felt I owed him a little something as I gave him a long, deep spit exchanging kiss tasting my own cum in his mouth. He hugged me tight and aggressively kissed me back clearly showing that he loved sucking me and having me dominate him.

Finally I pulled back, pulled my pants up and pulled my shirt back down. 'What's your name kid' I asked.

'Jordan sir' he said. I liked that; he still knew his place, calling me sir.

'Well Jordan. You were real good. I could tell you've had some practice' I chuckled as I gave him a quick kiss. 'I really liked that but I gotta go.'

As I started away he spoke. 'Ahh..... sir' he murmured. 'Can I have your e-mail?'

I laughed aloud as I answered. 'musclestud365 at yahoo' I said. 'The 365 stands for the number of guys I'm gonna fuck this year' I laughed as I kissed him again and walked away leaving him in the dark courtyard. I'm not sure, but I think maybe I heard his zipper pull down as he prepared to jerk off.

And now for Jimmy. I knew he didn't have a date tonight, but that didn't mean anything to him. He usually had his pick from a group of giggly girls waiting outside after a game. Hell, why not. He was built, and gorgeous, and a hot quarterback. What girl wouldn't want to jump in bed with him. Jimmy didn't say much about his exploits, and I didn't care to hear about them anyway, but I hear tell that just like me, he made them blow him first before he fucked them. And I'm pretty damn sure he made them worship his muscles as well. Hell, we were young and gorgeous and the most popular guys around so why not be a little demanding. Hell, they all expected it.

When I finally got home it was nearly eleven o'clock. Jimmy was coming over at midnight, so I decided to check my e-mail. As usual, I was loaded with propositions from guys wanting to do it with me. I had pictures and personal information on three web sites, and under my persona I said I liked to rough guys up before fucking them but I still got requests every day. Actually, I guess thinking they might get beat up really turned a lot of them on. I never answered any of them, except for one time back when I was fifteen. And luckily, before I arranged to meet him, he admitted his super hot picture was taken when he was twenty years old, and he was now over forty. I enjoyed reading the e-mails though, but I didn't need the on-line stuff because I was so successful in getting into local boys pants. Besides I loved the challenge of trolling the streets around Wheaton.

Finally, at a couple minutes before midnight, the doorbell rang. My parents had already gone to bed, so I let Jimmy in and took him to my room.

'Hey man. Cool game tonight. You were fuckin awesome' I said as I gave him a hug. He gave me a big grin as he hugged me back. I moved my hands down and grabbed his ass and pulled him in close.

'Yeah, those guys were really wimps weren't they? Hell, my team was better than that when I was in middle school' he laughed. 'And I saw you knocking the shit out of that defensive end. That kid is going to be sore for a week.'

'Well, did you get any tonight?' I asked.

'Com'on man' he laughed. 'You don't want to hear it. But I'll tell you anyway. In fact, she was a cheer leader from Bristol. She came down with two girl friends, and believe it or not, they waited in their car while I did her in my backseat. She was really a pretty little thing but the damn bitch didn't want to blow me, so I had to smack her one. She got with the program when I threatened to fuck her in the ass. But her grin was a mile wide when she left, so I know she had a good time.'

'Hell, man' I said, laughing along with him. 'I know they're all hot for that big cock of yours.'

'Woo hoo man' Jimmy howled. 'She actually complained that I was too big, which was great for my ego and turned me on so much that I had her screaming as I drilled it to her. She was a real screamer. I know her girl friends must have heard her from across the parking lot.'

'Hey man, I was no slouch tonight either' I said, still laughing. 'That defensive end you mentioned had his tongue jammed up my ass after the game. And he even asked for my e-mail afterwards.'

By now we were both lying on the bed laughing and giggling like little kids. Jimmy and I had been friends forever, and always had great times together.

'Okay, man. Strip down. I'm hot to trot' I said as I got off the bed. I watched Jimmy strip all the way down to the buff, real slow and real sexy like. God he was a gorgeous kid. An absolute Adonis. And he was all mine. I stripped down slowly, giving him a show, and flexing my huge muscles at every opportunity. When I finished, I stepped up to him and grabbed his half hard cock and started playing with it. He did the same to me.

'You want to suck me to get me hard?' I asked.

He laughed. 'Get real man. There ain't no way.'

Holding him by the cock, I pulled him over to the bed and pushed him down on it. He lay back on the bed and I climbed on top and started rubbing our cocks together. I grabbed him by the hair and held him steady as I kissed him hard. Jimmy didn't particularly like me kissing him, but would do it if I insisted. After only a moment I rolled over next to him. 'Okay baby' I said. 'Get me hard.' Jimmy sat up and took hold of my cock and started giving it some dedicated action. His face was only inches away watching it grow as he jerked it, and I would have liked him sucking, but I know that's not his thing. I had to be satisfied taking his ass.

When I was fully hard, Jimmy got the cream from the bedside table, and rubbed it on my cock. And then reaching between his legs, began to work it into his ass. He didn't over do it because actually Jimmy was into pain. He loved having me fuck him, but he also loved having it hurt. He was never satisfied unless I really slammed it to him, and he kept the cream to a minimum so he would really feel it.

When he was ready he lay down on his back. Getting up on my knees, I put his legs on my shoulders, took aim, and pushed my cock into his tight hole. He groaned in pain/pleasure. I eased it in an inch or two at a time until I was about half way. Jimmy was always so fuckin tight and he was groaning the whole way. I held it there for a minute or two before I started fucking. Slowly pushing in and out, I gradually eased in deeper and deeper with each thrust. Jimmy had his eyes tightly closed and was grimacing from the pain as I got more and more of my eight plus inches into his hole. I had fucked Jimmy dozens of times, and each time I couldn't get over how beautiful he was and how tight he was. Looking down at his ravishing face, beautiful blond curly locks, and big defined muscles, was a turn on all by itself. And having my cock up this gorgeous creatures butt was incredible.

Jimmy opened his eyes and watched me as I started to sweat. He reached up and rubbed his hands over my deltoids and biceps and triceps, caressing and squeezing them gently. Jimmy, my best friend, was always into my big body and I loved having him feel me up. Now I started to do it the way Jimmy liked it; really ramming it in, his whole body jerking on the bed from each thrust until he was crammed up against the head board. Grabbing him with one hand in his hair and the other behind his neck, I lifted him up, twisted around, and slammed him back down, now aimed towards the bottom of the bed. As I continued slamming into him I now kept a good hold of his hair, and jerked it hard with each thrust. I was grunting and sweating as I rammed it in, and he was yelping each time I yanked on his hair. I knew he was loving it.

'Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah' I yelled. Shit, this was good. And then, for the first time ever, Jimmy put his arms around me, pulled me down to him, and started kissing me madly. I had pretty good stamina, so I wasn't about to cum yet, but Jimmy was. He actually screamed into my mouth as he started to shoot, while I didn't slow down for a second. I was ramming it to him and wrenching his hair with a vengeance, as he was moaning and crying and kissing me. He was in total ecstasy. Jimmy shot all over his abs and chest but I kept slamming into him over and over again. Jimmy was still kissing me when I finally reached my peak and started shooting into his ass. I let go of his hair and grabbing him, crushed him to my body as I shot again and again and again into his hot ass. As I finished shooting I ended the kiss and just lay limply on top of him. He dropped his feet on each side of me and lay still under me. We were both soaked with sweat and panting as we gradually calmed down. Thank god my parents bedroom was at the other end of the house, because with all our noise we probably could have woken the dead.

I felt my cock getting soft as I raised my head and kissed him on the nose. Raising up on my elbows I stared into his face. 'Are you sure you did that cheerleader twice tonight? You came like a rocket just now' I grinned.

He gave me a big smile. 'Hell Tyler. You know I've always got something left for you. And let me tell you, this was the best ever. Shit, if you don't watch out you're going to turn me queer' he said with a chuckle.

'Hell Jimmy' I laughed with him. 'I've had lots of queer ass and I've had yours. And I'll take your ass anytime' I said as I kissed him on the lips. He returned the kiss and we went at it for a couple minutes. So much for Jimmy not wanting to kiss me. Hell, maybe he was turning queer.

Breaking off the kiss, I rolled over, and without cleaning up or anything, I pulled up the sheet and we both went to sleep.

Jimmy and me were the hottest things going in our school. But that didn't mean there weren't other hot guys around. The place was built with each class having its own wing: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior. The cafeteria, library, gym, music and art rooms were in the center, so there wasn't really much mixing between the classes. But I knew of some other really hot guys. The wrestling team for example had a couple seniors on it, but it was mostly dominated by sophomores. There was one kid named Landon there who was the most beautiful guy I had ever seen. Brown hair, brown eyes, gorgeous features and a body that wouldn't quit. He looked like an angel. I'd seen him in the cafeteria a couple times, and let me tell you, he was stunning. He looked so young, and kinda fem, like a total dreamboat with muscles, and I drooled every time I saw him, but I didn't fuck kids. I liked my men very masculine looking. However, that Landon kid was definitely on my list, and I was seriously considering making an exception for him.

And then there was the leader of the pack on the wrestling team. A kid named Randy who totally thought his shit didn't stink. I have to admit he had spectacular muscles for a guy only half my size, and his definition was astonishing. Hey, nobody had muscles like me and my definition was amazing, but that kid's tight little body was like nothing I had ever seen. His tiny little waist stretching up to enormous shoulders made him look truly sensational. I hear he was a top wrestler too, and it's no wonder with muscles like that.

And, I must admit that in some ways I envied those guys because they were openly gay and didn't give a shit what anybody thought about it. I didn't have the nerve to do the same, and was hiding behind my neighbor Sharon. But, hell, it's different for a football player, you know. I didn't over do the 'straight' bit and brag about fucking girls all the time, but I didn't act gay either. It just wouldn't work to tell my football buddies that I was gay.

Anyway, I envied that Randy kid for being out, but his total arrogance pissed me off. He and his buddy Jason thought they were kings of the frigin world and they walked around like god damn peacocks. I didn't want to fuck them, but I wouldn't mind knocking both of them down a peg or two. But, that Landon kid. Jesus. What a prize he was with his bewitching beauty. Shit, he turned me on something awful. He was definitely going to the top of my list.

Jimmy and I spent the whole day Saturday after the game going to the mall, and then to the afternoon movies. We were the hottest guys around and after our brilliant win last night against Bristol we were kings of the road. We were surrounded by even more wannabes today than usual. At one point we had a couple dozen following us. They were a smattering of team mates and girl friends and other friends. One of them was one of my regular fucks whom I told to stick around just in case. Peter was so hot for me and so obedient that he would probably step in front of a truck if I asked him to. I liked him because he was the best looking of my three regulars, and he also gave a mean blow job. I know, I know, a blow job is a blow job, but he was really good at taking it deep, and besides, I liked seeing a pretty face in my crotch when I was getting sucked. Unfortunately I didn't get any of Peter's attention at the mall because there were too many people around. There was no way I could get him alone. One of the sore points of being so popular.

However, half way through the film Jimmy poked me and whispered: 'come to the bath room and bring Peter.' He got up and left. I waited a couple minutes, and giving Peter a nod headed for the bath room. When I entered the rest room some guy was just leaving and it seemed to be empty. 'Jimmy' I called and the door to the wheel chair accessible booth opened. I walked in with Peter right behind me, and there was Jimmy with some pretty young thing on her knees sucking on him like nobody's business with Jimmy encouraging her with a handful of hair. Jimmy grabbed my zipper, pulled it down, dragged my cock out and snapped his fingers at Peter. Peter glanced at me asking permission and I nodded my head, so he got down and swallowed my cock. Jimmy grabbed me behind my head, pulled me in and started kissing me. Wow! This was really a new Jimmy. The old Jimmy hated kissing me.

I pulled away from him for a second. 'So much for hating to kiss' I said with a laugh and then went back at it again. As I started to get hard I grabbed Peter's hair and started helping him out. Peter gave a great blow job so I knew he could take anything I could give him. I heard the girl choke a couple times, so I guess Jimmy was being aggressive as well, and obviously she was not as talented as Peter. With one hand twisted in the girls hair, Jimmy put his other hand under my shirt and started feeling my huge pecs. Jimmy was always hot for my enormous muscles. A big part of our game was me showing my strength and my muscles while I fucked him. Jimmy obviously had a head start on me because after only a couple minutes he started panting, and I heard the girl choking so I knew he was getting close. However he held the kiss right up until he started moaning and shooting into the girl's throat. He was bucking back and forth and holding her tight into his crotch as he shot his load. Finally, he just leaned back against the wall, and still holding the girl on his cock just watched me and Peter go at it. I was now hot, and grabbing Peter with both hands, really started fucking his face. I knew Peter liked it when I was rough, so I was doing it for him as well as for me. Besides it was really hot having Jimmy watching. It took only a couple minutes and I was shooting deep into Peter's throat. I'm not a screamer but I definitely moaned with pleasure as I shot my cream into him.

'Cool face fuck man' Jimmy said with a grin as I finished. 'I gotta teach Linda how to do that.' With that he pulled 'Linda' off his cock and zipped up his pants. 'Let's get back before they miss us' he said as he walked out completely ignoring her. However, she seemed to be perfectly happy because she was beaming brightly as she got up and tagged along behind him. Hell, it looked like she was well trained already.

After Peter zipped me up and stood, I gave him a quick kiss. Peter loved blowing me and never seemed to get enough. Hell, he loved sucking me even more than I loved getting sucked. I never let him touch himself while he did me, but I'm sure he wore his hand out later jerking off to the memory. Maybe one of these days I'd have a session with him where I'd let him worship my muscles again. Peter loved blowing me no matter what, but I'd let him lick my muscles once and he went crazy over it. And I admit, I didn't mind it either, having a pretty face licking every inch of my body followed by a cool blow job. What's not to like?

The movie was for shit, and watching Jimmy necking with his current girl friend, Natalie, turned me off. Er.... I guess it kinda turned me on. Hell, it gave me a hard on. I guess I was jealous.

Well anyway, come Saturday night I just parked my car on the edge of Wheaton college and started the hunt. I didn't generally fuck a guy more than once, but I had picked up a really built gymnast a couple weeks ago who was a real masochist and I was hoping to see him again. He gave me his number and his e-mail but I lost it, so I was hoping to run into him. But anyway, I was on the prowl. If I happened at see him, fine. But something new would be okay.

Unfortunately, Wheaton College was bordered on one side by the bad part of town. I'd never had a problem myself, but I understand there was a lot of crime and a few college students had been robbed and a couple of them beat up. I kept my eye out, but as big as I was I figured nobody would dare mess with me.

But I guess this was just not my night, because I had just walked through campus, and was about to head back through again, when I saw three young guys heading my way. One was wearing a leather jacket, and the other two had what looked like identical varsity jackets. At one glance I knew they were not college students but were young punks probably looking for trouble. I looked away and kept walking. I couldn't be bothered by these jerks when I was hot for some college boy ass.

'Faggot' one of them said as they walked by. I ignored it. I knew damn well I didn't look queer so they were just trying to get my goat. However, I had a sixth sense, and started to turn, and ducked quick. A baseball bat went whizzing past my head missing me by half an inch. I slammed the guy in the balls with my fist, and the bat went flying and he went down. A fist was coming at me so I ducked and grabbed the guy's arm and let his momentum carry him as I threw him into the street on his face. The leather jacket guy got me in the neck which knocked me back, but I got him a right to the jaw and he went down. The guy in the street was up and coming at me, so I blocked his swing, gave him a left and right to the stomach and one to the jaw. I knew he wouldn't be getting back up anytime soon. The first guy was still holding his balls, but the leather jacket guy was in my face and I barely blocked him. After a couple swings at me, I got him in the jaw and he went down again. With 240 pounds of muscle behind my blows, guys seldom got up after I hit them. I went to the guy holding his balls and kicked him in the stomach.

Stupid little shits. None of them weighed over 150, 160 pounds, and they picked a fight with me! Really, really stupid. My knuckles hurt where I scraped them, but otherwise I wasn't sweating or even breathing hard. All three of them were starting to set up and I considered really cleaning their clocks, but I didn't come out tonight to fight. I was out here looking for something to stick my dick into. But as I started to leave, I took another look at leather jacket boy. Although his nose was bleeding, he looked really hot. He was wearing a white T-shirt under his jacket, and I could see big bulging pecs stretching it tight. This guy might be a punk, but he knew the inside of a gym. And also, I could see under all that blood that he was a very handsome young stud.

And, I made an instant decision. This guy was gonna be my fuck for tonight. I'd never actually fucked a guy who wasn't at least semi-willing, but I wasn't totally averse to rape. Hell, I dominated every guy I ever went with and a couple times I'd even slapped them around, so what was the difference if I took one that was totally unwilling. I felt a surge in my pants, so I knew my cock thought it was a good idea. Yeah, raping this guy was going to be hotter than hell. And believe you me, he deserved it.

I always carried a pair of handcuffs with me although they were only for show. Everybody expected a really butch dominant guy like me to carry them and you wouldn't believe the number of times guys actually asked to be cuffed. They were going to come in handy right now. He was almost starting to get up when I handcuffed him.

As I pulled him to his feet, he tried to kick me. I reached back and then slammed him in the stomach as hard as I could with my right. I hurt him so bad he couldn't even scream. He just grunted, looked like he was going to throw up, and sank to his knees. His mouth was open as if he were howling, but no sound was coming out. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back to his feet. He still couldn't breathe so he couldn't scream, but I know he wanted to.

'If you don't behave, this is going to be very painful for you' I growled in his ear. And I gave him a hard left to the stomach. He was still so out of commission that he didn't make more than a soft grunt, but I know I was rearranging his intestines. I grabbed his hair and didn't let him fall this time, but his legs were wobbly and I had trouble holding him. His eyes were closed, his mouth was open, snot mixed with blood was coming from his nose, and he was barely conscious. He was hurting real bad. But grabbing him by the collar of his jacket, holding him up and pushing, I finally got his legs moving.

My Chevy was only about a block away and I half pushed, half dragged him there. He was beginning to recover, but I know he was in heavy pain. When I hit somebody they're going to know it for a long, long time. When we got to the car I slammed him back against the door and unbuckled his belt. Opening his pants I grabbed his jockey shorts, and pulling hard, ripped them off. I used them to wipe the snot from his nose so he could breath, and then stuffed them in his mouth. Opening the door I threw him in, and went around and got behind the wheel. He had nothing to say that I wanted to hear, so I was happy with the silence. Well, not complete silence, because he started trying to yell through the mouth full.

Right now I was not about to take any shit from him, so I grabbed him by the hair with my right hand and twisted him around. His head hit the dashboard, and his knees went on the floor as I held him close and looked him in the eye. 'You shut the fuck up you little creep or you'll make me even madder than I am already.' With that I threw him towards the door where he banged his head. As I started driving he got himself back up on the seat, but there was no more mumbling. I glanced over and saw a look of terror in his face. He was scared shitless and I was very pleased. I wanted him afraid because I was going to rape his ass and having him terrorized would make it worth while.

From the moment I cuffed him I knew I had to call Jimmy. I didn't want to fuck this kid in the back seat; I wanted to spread out and take my time and really enjoy it, but I had parents at my house. I knew Jimmy's parents were out visiting an Uncle or something and were staying over night, so he was my only choice.

'Jimmy. Call me back quick. This is urgent' I said as I got his voice mail. Shit, where was he? It was only eleven o'clock so it was a little early for him to be out fuckin some trick. Shit. I gave him five minutes and then called again.

'Jimmy. I got to talk to you. Call me damn it!' I hesitated for a minute, and then went on. 'Jimmy. I've got a trick with me and my folks are home, so I need to use your house. I'm heading that way right now and I'm about ten minutes away, so call me back.' That's when the kid made his move. He pushed his body against the steering wheel trying to force me off the road. The dumb shit still didn't understand that he couldn't mess with me. I jerked him back by the hair, and grabbing the wheel with my right hand, I slugged him in the jaw with my left. He flew back and slammed his head against the passenger window. The car barely wobbled but I pulled over to the side anyway.

'Do it again kid' I smirked turning to him.. 'Go ahead. I love hitting you. Do it again.' I noticed tears in his eyes so he was either hurting or crying or both.

'Listen, you stupid prick' I said as I grabbed his hair had pulled him up close.. 'I outweigh you by fifty pounds or more and it's all muscle, so if you try anything else I'm going to start breaking bones. Do you fuckin hear me?' I yelled. He didn't react so I slapped him across the face hard. 'Answer the fuckin question. Do you hear what I'm sayin?' I jerked his hair hard, and pulled him up only inches from my face. There were definitely tears streaming down his face as he nodded his head a couple times.

'Listen kid. You're an incredibly stupid son of a bitch, but I'm not gonna kill ya. But I am going to teach you a lesson' I explained. 'You behave and it won't go bad for you. Got that?' He nodded his head again.

With that I got back on the road and started cursing Jimmy under my breath. Well, I was going to his house whether he answered me or not. If he was already there fucking some chick, that was tough shit.

As I pulled into Jimmy's driveway, I saw the house was dark, so he wasn't back yet. Hell, he might be screwing somebody in his back seat like I do all the time. But, since his house was available, I would think he would take advantage of it. He'll probably show up pretty soon. But hell with him. I got here first.

I went around and pulled the kid out by the collar, and as his pants were about to fall down, I grabbed them and gave him a hell of a wedgie as I pushed him to the side door of the house. I pushed him face first against the side of the house while I unlocked the door. Then we went through the kitchen to the living room. I thought of going into Jimmy's bedroom but I wanted lots of room, and Jimmy's parents were loaded so the living room was enormous. Besides, I was an exhibitionist from way back and it would be really cool if Jimmy and his girl walked in on me fucking this guy.

Leaving the guy standing there, I turned on some lights, removed my jacket, and pulled my T-shirt off. Now he would see what a real Hercules looks like. Then I walked over to the guy, who was still dripping tears.

'Maybe you're not such a stupid son of a bitch after all' I said as I pulled the underwear out of his mouth. 'You don't try fucking with me any more and I won't hurt you.'

'Faggot' he said and I instantly gave him a right to the jaw and he went down hard. Hell, he still is a stupid son of a bitch. I saw he was out cold, and I was mad at him and at myself. Shit, I had to have more control.

Well, at least I could take the cuffs off now. I got out the key, removed them, and then took off his jacket and T-shirt. He was beginning to moan as I put the cuffs back on. But man did I have a hot one. This kid was gorgeous. Pecs that were hard to believe, big round shoulders, with impressive biceps, and wonderful definition. I wiped his face with the T-shirt and got the blood and snot off, and let me tell you, he was prettier than hell. He was one handsome dude. He was going to have some hellish bruises for a few weeks, but he was definitely good looking.

I was hot to trot. He was just the type I really like although a little on the small side. Butch and muscular and an ornery bastard with the tough guy image, and since I didn't have to worry about going easy on him, this was going to be an incredible fucking session. My cock was having fits. And as long as I was going to rape him anyway, the more he acted like a macho stud, the more fun it would be for me.

He was beginning to moan as I stood there admiring him. I hadn't seen his ass yet, but I knew he was going to have a hot one, absolutely perfect for my cock. I reached down and pulled his boots off, and then his pants. I rolled him over to see his ass, and literally started salivating. He was gorgeous. Lying there only in his socks and handcuffs, he was so pretty that I could have jerked off just looking at him. He moaned and rolled back over onto his back. His cock looked tiny, but it probably would grow into something fair sized. Not up to the standards of my nine inches of course, but who gave a shit anyway. I was taking his ass not his cock.

He was still groggy as I went into Jimmy's room and found a cock gag in his toy box, and brought it back into the living room. Jimmy had quite a collection of sex toys, and this one was a leather cock shaped gag with head strap. I always started my sex sessions with a blow job, but with this kid being a nasty son of a bitch, I wasn't about to put my cock in his mouth. And, since I wanted to play around with him and humiliate him a bit before fucking him, I didn't want to take the chance of him biting me or something either.

'Waking up are you pretty boy?' I said, grinning down at him. He looked up at me with a glazed look on his face. I could see that it took him a minute to focus and figure out where he was.

'Hey man, I'm sorry' he mumbled through a split lip. 'Please man, I'm sorry. Don't hurt me man. We were just havin a little fun' he wheezed.

That threw me into a fit of laughter. I laughed so hard for a few seconds it actually hurt. 'Having a little fun? Having a little fun?' I laughed. 'You stupid little son of a bitch. You almost cracked my skull, and you were only having a little fun.' That was such an incredibly crazy statement that I wasn't even angry. I was just amazed at this creeps mental processes. He was a despicable little moron that deserved anything I gave him.

'Well, let me tell you sonny boy, I'm going to have some fun too. I'm sure not going to bust your head, but I'm definitely going to rape your ass. And I hope it hurts like hell.'

'Oh shit, man. No' he pleaded. 'Please man, don't do that.' I ignored him as I pulled off my shoes and socks and removed my pants. My almost nine inches was sticking out fully hard with precum leaking. Hell, I was raring to go.

'Nice one eh?' I said rubbing my cock a little. 'Big fuck stick gonna take your ass.' I stepped over him so I was standing straddling his shoulders playing with my very hard cock and looking straight down at him with a big grin. 'Wha'daya think fuck boy. This turn you on. Big fuckin cock. Big fat cock ready for your ass.' I saw the fear in his eyes and loved it, but I was beginning to wonder if the combative little prick was going to turn into a pussy.

'Please man' he wheedled. 'Please man. I didn't hurt you. Please man; don't do this.' Then the stupid shit tried again. He quickly jerked his legs up trying to kick me, but I easily stepped out of the way.

'You god damn fuckin son of a bitch' he screamed. 'You mother fucker. You let me go right now or I'll kill you. You god damn faggot. You're dead meat.'

'Oh yeah' I laughed. 'My cocky little tough guy still has some backbone after all. Good. That's going to make fucking you even better. Man, you don't know how much I'm going to enjoy this.' I reached down grabbed his hair and pulled him partially up and slapped him very hard. Then, switching hands, I let him have it on the other side. I know it hurt like hell, but tough guy didn't cry out. However, a steady stream of tears were pouring down his cheeks.

'Now listen you little shit' I growled. 'You can make this easy or hard, but I'm fucking your ass no matter what.' He was whimpering as I got the cock gag and strapped it around his head. He could whimper or scream or yell all he wanted as long as me and the neighbors didn't have to listen to it. I now realized that I was going to have to tie him down, so I dragged him out of the living room into Jimmy's bedroom and threw him on the bed. Again going to Jimmy's toy box, I got two wrist straps with buckles and two pieces of rope. Putting the straps on his ankles and pushing him on his back, I lifted his legs and attached the straps to the head of the bed with the rope. His legs were now held up in the air and wide apart, and his ass was wide open in a very fuckable position.

I climbed up on the bed, grabbed his waist and pulled a little so his ass was pulled right up off the bed. Oh man, it was beautiful. Spitting in my hand, I rubbed it in his crack. I'm aware of how much it can hurt by fucking a guy dry, particularly a virgin, so I didn't consider it. Beside, I want to enjoy it, and it's not comfortable if you have nothing to help it slide in. Many times I find creams make it too slick, so my favorite is using spit. It keeps the ass really tight, but still allows my cock to slide in nice and easy.

I spit again and gradually pushed a finger into his hole. O yeah, he was tight, and I was going to get me another virgin. I was keeping track and this would be my twelfth one. Can you believe it? I'm only seventeen and I've already had eleven tight virgin asses. All of them belonging to beautiful guys too. Hell, straight boys think they're the only ones that like breaking in virgins. But let me tell you; they don't know what their missing by not fucking virgin boys. I'd never done it with a girl, but believe you me, there is absolutely nothing like taking a really cute boy's tight ass for the very first time.

When I finally worked two fingers into his ass, I was still hard and ready. Sitting back, I took a good hard look at him. God he was pretty. Beautiful body, really handsome face. And I was raping him. Shit, what more could a guy ask for.

Looking into the guys eyes, I could see that he was still crying. But instead of looking angry or terrified, he simply looked sad. And he was crying out loud because I could hear him slightly around the gag. Shit, here I was with my dripping cock ready to plow his ass and I was beginning to feel sorry for the ass hole.

I leaned over between his legs, and got close so our noses were almost touching. 'I'm going to fuck you baby. You know that; right?' I said. He shook his head yes. 'You going to behave?' Yes he nods. So feeling sorry for the dumb shit I removed the gag. And believe it or not, I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. He didn't react. Now I got ready to fuck.

'Please man' he whispered; so softly I barely heard him. 'Please man, go easy. Please. I can take it, but go easy.'

'I can take it' he said? What? Not a virgin? Shit.

I aimed my hard nine inches at his hole anyway and pushed.

He didn't scream, but you can believe that he moaned something awful. Jesus, was he tight.

'Wait.... wait' he gasped. 'Please man. You're so fuckin big. Gimmy a minute. Oooooh shit that hurts.' I gave him a good thirty seconds or so to adjust. 'Okay man. Okay, but go easy' he whispered. Shit, it sounded like he wanted to get fucked.

I pushed in another inch or two and watched his face which was all scrunched up in pain, He was panting like mad and I actually felt sorry for the little shit. Hell, what was the matter with me? This ass hole tried to kill me tonight and I was worrying about hurting him? But he was so fuckin pretty that I had changed my mind and really didn't want to hurt him too bad. I wanted him to enjoy it as much as I was going to.

I pushed in some more and he groaned again. He was really panting like crazy, like he couldn't get his breath. I was about half way now so I just held there giving him a chance to adjust.

'Hey man' he whispered. 'Could you take these ropes off. Please. I'll behave. I promise I won't fight you. They really hurt.' I guess I'm a real softie because I pulled my cock out and removed the ropes. 'Thanks man' he said as I put his legs on my shoulders, took aim and pushed back into him.

'Oh, oh, oh man' he groaned. 'Please man. Oh shit. Easy, easy.' I figured he had enough respite by now and I was beginning to think more about the fabulous feeling in my cock than whatever his problems were. He was so fuckin tight, it felt like he was crushing my cock, and the feeling was absolutely fabulous. I pulled out some and pushed in again..

'Please man. Give me another minute. Just a minute. Oooooh shit' he moaned. I gave him his minute and then pulled out and pushed in deeper.

'Okay man, that's better' he said still panting. 'Jesus, you're big. Biggest I've ever had.'

'Shit, I thought I was getting me a virgin' I said.

'If you only knew' he answered, and actually grinned. Hell. I think he was beginning to enjoy it. And let me tell you, I sure was. Fuckin fantastic. I pulled all the way out to the tip, and then slowly but deliberately pushed it almost all the way in. I did it slowly again and again and finally I was in all the way. He was making gasping sounds, saying 'oh, oh, oh' with each gasp,

'Oh man, you're big' he said as he opened his eyes and looked into my face. He actually smiled in my face and said: 'fuckin muscle man with a huge cock.' I heard him but I was beyond caring what he said now, because my focus was on the amazing feeling shooting through my cock. In fact it felt wonderful, and I wasn't overly hot so I knew I could make it last a long time. I kept the slow movement going: in and out and in and out. He was so fuckin tight and it felt so absolutely incredible that I didn't want it to ever end. And he was smiling at me. Shit, he was enjoying it as much as I was.

'Well, well' I heard from behind me followed by some giggling. I looked around and there was Jimmy standing in the doorway with two girls peeking over his shoulders. The bastard had two girls with him! What a fuckin stud.

'Where the hell have you been' I growled, but I didn't stop my slow fuck.

'My cell was turned off, but it looks like you didn't wait' he laughed. 'This is Alicia and this is Clair' he said giggling right along with the girls. 'Ladies, that big stud on the bed is my buddy Tyler.'

'Oh, we know Tyler' one of them said. 'But I didn't know he was into boys.'

'Jimmy. Sorry I can't introduce you but I'm kind of busy. Now get the fuck out of here' I snapped, still doing my slow fuck. My fuck boy hadn't said a word as Jimmy and the girls laughed some more and left and I started picking up speed. In fact having Jimmy and the girls see me made me really hot, and I knew I couldn't last as long as I wanted to.

'Feels good muscle man' he groaned. 'Love you're big cock up my ass.' I couldn't believe how things had turned around, but right now it didn't matter because I was slamming into him over and over as hard as I could, and he was grunting each time I banged into him. I was getting close and I started grunting myself.

'Hot fuckin ass man' I panted. 'Virgin or not, you got a hot-fuckin-ass.' I grabbed the kid by the hair as I pounded it to him and bending down, kissed him hard. And damned if he didn't kiss me back. Raising back up for the last half dozen strokes I started to shoot, and I heard Jimmy and the girls cheering and applauding from the doorway. In the throes of my ejaculation and with an audience, I let out a screeching yell just like Tarzan as I shot my wad into the leather boy's hot ass.

They were laughing hysterically as I shot and shot, and believe it or not, leather boy was shooting all over himself. Fucking this beautiful boy with people watching made my ejaculation one of the most exciting I had ever had. Shit, it was incredible.

I glanced back and saw that Jimmy and the girls were finally gone. Tired and dripping with sweat, I just lay down on top of leather boy.

'Please sir' he whispered in my ear. 'Could you take the cuffs off? They're killing me.' What was with this kid. He tries to kill me and now calls me sir. My cock was still mostly hard as I popped out of him and stood up. I saw myself in the mirror: a huge male animal with every muscle glistening with sweat, and an enormous cock sticking straight out.

'Jesus, you're gorgeous' leather boy said. 'You have the body of god. Superman would be envious.' I walked out to the living room, got the key, and came back to the bed. He rolled over and standing next to the bed, I removed the handcuffs. Then he really shocked me by rolling back and kissing the tip of my softening cock.

'You are so beautiful' he said as he rolled onto his back and opened his arms to me. I lay down on top of him and our lips met, and we started kissing slowly and gently. Without a word we kissed on and on for a good ten or fifteen minutes. This was what I wanted to do with Jimmy, but doing it with this kid was wonderful. And guess what? I was getting hot and hard again. And so was he.

'Thank you for not hurting me sir' he whispered as we finally pulled apart. I was rubbing my crotch gently against his and we were both hard.

'What the hell's going on with you kid?' I asked as I propped my self up on my elbows. 'First you try to kill me and now this?'

'Sorry sir. I'm really sorry for that' he said looking into my eyes. 'I love your body. You're gorgeous. I've never been fucked by a muscle man before.'

'Will you tell me what the hell you're talking about?' I said totally bewildered.

'I just got out of reform school a month ago man. There was a fat slob there who fucked me more times than you can count, and he loved making it hurt. You were wonderful sir. I loved it. And I have never seen anyone with muscles as big and beautiful as yours.'

'Well, well, well' I said in amazement. 'Here I thought I was going to rape a thug, and I find a beautiful gay boy who loves to be fucked. Well, baby, it was good for me too. You have a hot ass.'

'I have a hot mouth too sir and you have the biggest cock I have ever seen. Can I suck you?'

'Hell man. How can I say no to that? What's your name kid?'

'My name's Jerry sir. I'm sorry for going after you. Thank you for not turning me into the cops. You're not are you?' he queried.

'Hell no I'm not Jerry, and my name's Tyler.' I rolled over off of Jerry, grabbed some Kleenex and wiped his cum off my chest. Handing him some, he wiped himself and then grabbed my cock and started rubbing it gently.

'Go to it Jerry. It's all yours' I said as I put my hands behind my head. Jerry got between my legs and lay flat instead of on his knees, and pulling my cock down and swallowed it whole and stared up into my eyes. He was one hell of a cocksucker, and obviously loved looking at my body and face as he sucked. He never once closed his eyes, and he watched my face as he sucked and I begin to moan in pleasure. He was absolutely amazing; I was getting the blow job of a lifetime without even touching his head. Shit, this kid was talented. I sometimes liked to face fuck, but this guy was fucking his face onto my cock all on his own without losing eye contact, and I was getting hot fast. He didn't slow down for a minute as I started to blow. In fact he totally swallowed my almost nine inches and took the first couple shots deep into his throat. Wow, was he good. I was still shooting when he pulled off completely and let a couple shots hit him in the face. He got a big grin on his face as he licked the tip of my cock, driving me into a frenzy. If you're like me the tip of your cock is really sensitive after cuming and he was killing me with pleasure as I moaned and reaching down, pulled his face away.

'Can I cum for you sir?' he asked as he got on his knees. 'I promise I'll clean it up.'

'Go ahead pretty boy' I said with a grin. 'Lets see you shoot.' Rubbing his hand across his face and collecting my cum that was there, he reached down and started rubbing it on his cock. It turns out he was bigger than I thought; probably close to seven inches. He slid up on his knees, sitting right on top of my softening cock, and wiggled his ass as he started to jerk his cock hard and fast. Ever seen anyone wiggle their hot ass on top of your cock while he jerked off? Me neither, but it was cooler than hell.

This kid was really ready to go because he was shooting in less than thirty seconds. His first shot went over my head, but the second one got me on the chin. Hell, the third one got me on the chin too, but the rest went on my chest. This whole time the kid was staring into my eyes. Evidently he loved seeing my reactions to all of the action.

'Thank you man. Big muscle man. You are so fuckin gorgeous' he said as he bent down and started licking his cum off my chin and neck. He then started working his way down my body, carefully licking my muscled pecs and down to my rippling abs to then to my crotch. He took my cock in his mouth and started sucking gently.

'No way man' I laughed. 'I'm not ready for a third load yet' I said as I dragged him off my cock and pulled him up to kiss him.

'The most beautiful man I have ever seen, and the most beautiful cock I have ever sucked' he said as I started kissing him. 'Take me man. Take me. I'll take your beautiful cock anyway I can get it' he mumbled through the kiss.

'Later man, later' I laughed again. 'You horny bastard. But don't you worry. You're not getting away before I get that ass again.' With that I grabbed his ass and squeezed it as I continued kissing him.

Jerry and I slept in Jimmy's bed that night, and I fucked him and got blown again in the morning. Shit, he was a hot son of a bitch. I woke up once during the night hearing Jimmy's girls screaming with delight, so I guess he kept them happy.

I drove Jerry back to the Wheaton campus and all he could talk about was how muscular and beautiful I was. Now, I'm not averse to getting complements so I just grinned and let him go at it. He also couldn't keep his hands off my cock and kept me hard the whole way. And once we got there and parked on the edge of campus, he blew me again right there in the car in broad daylight with students walking by. So fuckin hot. I loved it. We exchanged numbers and I planned to see him again. I didn't say a word to him about his trying to bash people. That was his business, but I hoped to get his ass again before he got himself thrown in jail.





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