She was a decent fuck last night I guess, but I couldn't remember much about it. A few too many drinks will do that to a guy. As far as this morning was concerned, she said she was sore and couldn't do anything, and then she wouldn't even give me a blow job. She said she 'didn't feel well and didn't feel like it'. Stupid cunt. We both called in sick this morning; her because she said she really was; and me because I had a hangover and I was sick of her. I should have thrown her stupid ass out in the street, but I had already promised her breakfast and a ride home. She whined that I had promised to take her to the carnival over the weekend, but there was no way that was going to happen. Hell, a guy promises almost anything to get a good fuck when he's half plastered. You could bet I wouldn't be returning any of her phone calls. She was already history and I just wanted to forget last night ever happened.

I took her to the outdoor café on the boardwalk side of the park. I'd been coming here pretty regularly over recent months. They served a decent breakfast, and you could look out over the river and it was nice on a sunny morning. It also brought back some very special memories.

I was horny all the time these days and I fuck every girl I can get my hands on. And let me tell you, I'm a real stud, so I get my hands on a lot of them. I'm 26 years old and go to the gym most days so I've got nice muscles in all the right places. I always wear something tight to show my hot body, and the girls line up to drool over me. It doesn't hurt that I'm drop dead gorgeous as well, with a hefty piece of meat between my legs. I pick up a new gal most every time I go out, which is several times a week. I've had some really hot sex with some of them, but somehow it's never seems to be quite as good as I'd like it to be. I'm always looking for something better. So, I end up fuckin 'em and then never returning their telephone calls.

Now, understand, this has not always been my behavior. I had a steady girl friend who was living with me up until a few months ago. Then things fell apart and she just didn't satisfy me any more. Even though I kicked her out and made her move in with a girl friend, she still calls me every week. She says she is in love with me. Love is all fine and good I suppose, but you've got to have good sex to go with it, and I just wasn't getting it from her. Actually, I know it was my fault, not hers. I started having nightmares about five months ago. Well, to be totally honest with myself, they are wet dreams. I have them almost every night and it's turned me into a nervous wreck.

So I've got a problem these days. I know exactly why I'm fucking around every night, but I try to avoid thinking about it. I've actually woken up during the night shooting my wad and crying. Can you believe it, a gorgeous masculine stud like me? But I can't stop the nightmares. So what I'm doing at night is searching for a new fuck to take home so I can forget those dreams, and prove my masculinity to myself. Kind of stupid hey? What did a lady-killer like me have to prove? Well, it was all about something that happened in this very park five months ago. Something incredible happened to me. Wha'daya call it? 'a life changing event?'

Me, the number one stud muffin, was picked up by a man, and raped. Dominated, beat up and fucked by a giant of a muscle man. I didn't stop crying or even get out of bed for like a week after it happened. I couldn't go to the cops; a tough guy like me telling them I was raped. Com'on, get real! But the really horrible thing that happened was when I came to the realization that that event was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me in my entire life. That's when I started having the nightmares; er... wet dreams. And I'd been coming back here to this park regularly ever since. And I'm not really sure why. Did I want it again? Hell no I didn't! That guy hurt me, and hurt me bad. I'm no masochist wanting to be beat up again. But why did I keep coming here? No way would I admit that I wanted to see that ass hole again, but as much as I hated it, every time I even thought of the event, I got an instant hard on. I wanted desperately to meet the guy again, but was terrified that I would meet him again. Make sense out of that will ya. Fear, terror, horror, distress and despair, and whether I liked to admit it or not: lust. Shit, this had been driving me crazy for five months.

Anyway, last night's fuck and me had already ordered and were drinking our coffee, when I finally looked around the café.

And then it happened.

I saw him sitting at another table across the way. I was just thinking about him, and, bam, he's here. But hell, when was I not thinking about him. My muscle man. My muscle man is here sitting just a few feet away. First person singular possessive: 'my muscle man'.

"Shit, shit, shit' I said to myself as a surge of fear and excitement shot through my body. I think my heart skipped a few beats. I know I stopped breathing for a bit and then started gasping. Chills were running up and down my spine a hundred miles an hour. I'm sure I turned red as a beet as well. The muscle guy. 'My' muscle guy. The guy who raped me. The guy I couldn't get out of my mind for the past five months. The guy whom I've been having wet dreams about. The total cause of my anxiety and nightmares. He was here, sitting at one of the tables. My god, it was really him. Suzy, I think that was her name, gave me a funny look. I reached down to rearrange my cock in my pants which was hurting.

"What's with you Stan? You know somebody here?' she said looking around to see what I was looking at. Jesus fucking christ; he was even more magnificent than I remembered from when he raped me. I felt a twinge in my ass as I remembered that occasion. I was shocked to see that my cock had turned to steel, and I realized I wanted him again. I desperately wanted him again. But, then again, I also wanted to jump up and scream and run for my life. I was frantic with fear and desire.

"Stan, are you okay?' Suzy asked. "You are suddenly white as a sheet.'

"No, no. I'm okay' I stammered. "I just felt faint for a minute. I'll be okay.' So much for turning red as a beet. I started taking deep breaths, and felt my heart beat beginning to slow even though my cock was trying to tear its way out of my pants. I avoided looking at him again as the memories of five months ago came flooding back.


It was just dusk that day when I was out walking my dog. We had strolled down to the park when I saw him sitting on the bench. He was an amazingly muscled guy wearing jeans and a snug T shirt. Jesus was he built. He was sitting on the bench with both arms resting on the back with enormous pectoral muscles bulging from his shirt. Let me tell you I was impressed as I stared at his muscles, but when I looked up at his face I saw he was looking at me with a smirk. He was an extremely handsome man, but he'd caught me looking. I quickly looked away, and started walking again. I hadn't even realized I had stopped walking until then. That guy really attracted my attention and I even felt a stirring in my pants. He was very handsome, incredibly built, and that smug look he gave me felt like he was looking right through me to my soul. I wasn't adverse to admiring a guy with big muscles and this guy certainly fit that picture. In fact I was well built myself, but I couldn't help but envy guys that looked like that, and I found that disdainful look of arrogance on his face to be seductive. I turned and glanced back and saw that he was watching me, still with that contemptuous look of superiority on his face. I turned back, embarrassed that he caught me looking. My cock was getting hard.

I forced myself not to look back again as I walked to the boardwalk side of the park where there is a railing overlooking the river, just down from the open air café. Jesus, that guy was hot. And, sure, I envied him. Yes, I wanted to have a fabulous body like his, and yes, I would love to have that arrogant look of superiority on my face as well. But I didn't understand why he was making me hot. Hell, I was a hot stud in my own right. What was this guy to me? Why was I hard? Did I want him? Hell, I didn't go for guys, no matter how they looked. Besides, I wouldn't mess with some guy who could easily break me in half.

I had both my hands on the steel rail as I leaned against it looking into the river, when I felt a presence behind me. Surprisingly, Trixie did not even growl as someone pressed against me, pushing me against the railing, grabbing both my hands and holding them on the rail so I couldn't move.

"Wha........ Hey!' I said, startled, even though I knew in one split second who it was. I felt his incredibly muscled body press into my back side, and something hard pushed against my ass. He was big down there as well.

I felt the guy's breath on my cheek as he whispered into my ear. "So my muscles turn you on, little man? Oh yeah. You're into a hot muscle man.' I didn't really struggle, but just waited to find out what he was going to do. I had no volition whatsoever of my own. I already knew he was in charge. He pulled one of my hands from the railing, and stepping back slightly, pressed it into his crotch. He wasn't just big, he was enormous. I couldn't help but squeeze it.

"Let's go' was all he said as he took me by the waist and started out of the park. I meekly went with him shaking with fear and trepidation. Tears actually came to my eyes from fear, but also from tremendous excitement as I held on to his cock. I was overwhelmed with lust for this incredible demigod. As we walked I felt the hand around my waist slide down and grab my butt. 'Don't do this, don't do this, don't do this' I screamed to myself. 'Are you crazy?' He pinched my butt and I whimpered and squeezed his cock.

We put Trixie in the back seat as he ushered me into his car. He immediately took my hand and pressed it back into his crotch. He was hard; he was immense; he was gorgeous; he was magnificent. I was breathing hard from extreme excitement.

"All for you baby' he whispered. "All hot and ready for you.' We drove off while I continued feeling his cock. My mind was a total blank, with no thought of what was going to happen here. I was so turned on to him, and was as hot as I could ever remember being, that I was just willing to follow his lead. I was his for the taking.

We left Trixie in the garage as we entered the house into the kitchen. He took me by the hand and led me into the living room, where he turned around to face me. I melted. He was a living god, here on earth. I actually groaned aloud, and heard him chuckle.

"Yeah my little man' he said with a grin. "You know what you want. You want a real man to take control. Someone to show you what it's like to be a muscle junkie.' He pulled his T shirt up and off and tossed it aside and took a deep breath, expanding his chest. I actually felt a surge of electricity shoot through my body, as I watched those enormous pectoral muscles bulging in and out with each breath. Without any direction or instruction, I reached for those staggering pectorals.

"No hands' he said as he grabbed my arms and pushed them away. "Just your tongue little man.' I gave him a puzzled look as he reached behind my head and pulled me into his massive chest. I actually heard a groan come from inside me as I kissed this enormous muscle and then started licking it. I felt something like a flash of light go on in my brain. I suddenly realized I wanted to do this! I'd always wanted to do this, but I didn't know it till now. I wanted to lick every inch of this muscle man's stunning body. This incredibly gorgeous man deserved to be worshiped and he had picked me to do it. My rock hard cock suddenly seemed to get even harder as I covered his enormous pectoral muscle with my tongue.

Suddenly I felt a slap to the back of my head which banged my face into his pec. "Com'on punk boy, get busy. Don't make me go to sleep. Let me feel it' he demanded as he slapped me again. Up to now I was in my own little dream world enjoying licking his beautiful chest, but his slaps got my attention and not knowing quite what he wanted, I started licking faster. Suddenly, he grabbed my head and jammed my face hard into the slab of muscle, actually hurting my nose. "Listen to me you little shit' he growled. "I let you lick my chest you put some god damn energy into it. Work at it damn it. Kiss it and lick it and suck it' he demanded as he let go of my head and gave me another slap. It suddenly became clear that I was not living in my own dream world. The reality was that this was his world and he was dominant and demanding.

Suddenly the tenor of everything changed. Up to now I was totally mesmerized by his gorgeous muscles, and was loving licking his chest, and I wanted to touch and feel and worship every inch of his body. But now I was under the control of a demanding taskmaster. The realization sunk in that it was his pleasure that was paramount here, and not my own. I started licking him with frenzy but evidently that still wasn't good enough because he slapped my head again.

"Don't just play with it with your tongue you dumb shit. Get that mouth busy sucking every inch of my pec' he ordered. Finally figuring out what he seemed to want, I still used my tongue, but only in combination with my sucking. I was frantically sucking/licking every inch of his pec. He seemed satisfied temporarily as I sucked and kissed, using lots of saliva and tongue as I moved around and around. At least he didn't hit me again. Then he grabbed my hair and gave it a violent jerk, getting a yell out of me, and pulled me to the other side of his chest. He slapped my head again as I struggled to try to please him. He let me go at it for a couple minutes with no comment until his chest was covered with my spit. Then he grabbed my hair and jamming my face in hard he started dragging my head back and forth covering my face with my own saliva. I continued trying to suck him as he jerked me around. He hadn't really hurt me yet, but he was scaring the shit out of me, and I knew he had the strength to do anything he wanted to me.

Finally, he jerked my head back, so I was looking into his face. I must have looked a sight; with spit all over my face and probably a dazed look and most definitely a look of fear. I was scared shitless as I looked into his face. Jesus, what a gorgeous man. He had a look of superiority on his face that I had never seen on a human being before. I could tell that I was just a play thing for him to amuse himself with, and it made me literally weak in the knees just to think of it. I now understood that I had better break my butt trying to please him or this was going to end up very badly for me. But in spite of this realization, I was totally turned on. I couldn't believe how hot I was, and how exciting it was to be dominated by this muscle man. Then to my astonishment and horror, he spit a big gob of saliva right into my face, hitting me right between the eyes.

"Thank me for spitting on you punk' he demanded as he jerked my hair, getting another yelp out of me. I was in shock. Waiting only a couple seconds, he raised his hand and hit me very hard with his open hand.

"Eeeeaaaaaoooo' I screamed at the pain. It hurt like hell, and tears immediately came to my eyes.

Holding me by the hair, he pulled my face up only inches from his own. "I said thank me for spitting on you' he repeated calmly.

I was still in shock, and in pain, but I wasn't stupid. "Thank you for spitting on me sir' I cried out. "Thank you for spitting on me' I repeated.

He lifted his hand to my face. "You got your spit on my hand' he said. "Lick it off.' As he pushed his hand into my face, I licked my own spit off the palm of the hand he'd just hit me with.

"Look at me' he said and I looked again into his eyes, and watched as he very slowly coughed up some saliva, swirled it around in his mouth, and then spit in my face again. I was horrified at being treated like some creature only to be spit on.

But again, I wasn't crazy. "Thank you sir for spitting on me' I said. I was still in shock, but I was also enthralled by this incredibly powerful superman. In just a very few minutes he had turned me into a cowering frightened wimp, who was totally under his control and totally terrorized. God, the power of this transcendent being was overwhelming. There was no question that I was no more than a play thing for him to have fun with and discard as he pleased.

"Good boy' he said as he stopped pulling on my hair, but now started petting it. Not rustling or ruffling, but petting, just like a dog. Without a word he pulled his other hand up behind his head showing an enormous bulging bicep, and pushed my face into his armpit. Still hurting from his slap to my face, and with a clear knowledge of what he wanted after licking his chest, I really went at it. There was no question I would do whatever he wanted, and I would do it with proficiency and a determination that I hoped would satisfy his stringent requirements. I put my whole soul into worshiping this god's armpit. He seemed to be okay with it because he didn't say or do anything. When he pulled me off and dragged me to the other one I was gasping for breath and was covered with spit and sweat, but at least he hadn't hit me again. I gave the same dedicated worship to this armpit as I did to the other one.

Finally pulling my face back from his armpit, he looked me in the eye. "You like it when I slap your face punk boy?' he asked.

Coming out of my daze from worshiping his armpit, he immediately shocked me again. "Oh, please. No sir. Please, no sir' I pleaded.

He gave me a grin and hit me again, hard. I tried to get my hands up but he was too fast, and his slap, on the same side of my face as last time, completely knocked me off my feet onto the floor. It hurt so damn bad that I actually started crying. Here I was twenty-six years old and lying on the floor crying like a baby.

He reached down, and with amazing strength, grabbed my shirt and lifted me up to my feet with one powerful arm. My shirt ripped at the collar as he pulled me up, and lifted me so I was right up on my tip toes.

"You're gonna do what I want aren't you punk boy?' he asked rhetorically. Of course I would. Right now I would go to the end of the world for him.

"Yes sir' I said through my crying. "Please sir, anything sir. Please don't hit me sir.'

He actually smiled at me as I was crying. Under any other circumstances I would want him dead, for laughing at my pain and fear, but right now the most important thing in my life was to keep him happy.

"Okay, punk' he chuckled. "I think we understand each other now. I do believe you're ready to give me a really satisfying evening. Now strip for me boy. Down to the buff.'

I was still hurting and crying, but I hurried to obey his command. I got my torn shirt and undershirt off and then had to get down on the floor to get my shoes and socks off. Then I undid and got my pants down and off. I glanced at him for a second, but he was just standing there with arms folded over his massive chest watching me. I pulled off my jockey shorts, and stood up totally nude, with my mostly hard cock sticking straight out in front of me.

Now let me tell you, I'm a hot looking guy. My reputation around the office where I worked was that of a real stud. I worked out at the gym four and sometimes five times a week and looked like an underwear model. Hell, I looked better than most of them; very sleek body with great looking muscles in all the right places. I was very aware that the girls around the office got dreamy eyed when I went by. Shit, I had my pick of the ladies, and really played the field, getting new ones into my bed every week. And I kept them satisfied with my hefty seven plus inches piece of meat.

But now, standing in the nude before this giant muscle god who had just made me into his miserable lackey, and even through my fear, found myself hoping he would notice how really built I was. I even found myself puffing up my chest trying to impress him.

He laughed aloud at my actions. "Yeah, I got me a pretty one' he snickered. "Pretty little muscle boy for me to play with.' I felt a glimmer of hope as he said that; hoping I would satisfy him, and hoping he wouldn't hurt me anymore. I just stood there in the nude, nervous and afraid, shivering with excitement and totally hot, waiting for this titan to use me for his pleasure. I was astonished how this mesmerizing creature had turned my life around in only half an hour. He was truly a wizard as well as a god. He kicked off his shoes, undid his pants and pulled them down and off. I already knew his cock was enormous, but seeing it was an entirely different ball game. It was hanging down and only slightly hard, but it was gigantic. I actually sucked in my breath in a gasp, and he grinned as he heard me.

"Nice one hey?' he laughed. "Well, you and him are going to get well acquainted real soon.' He walked over and sat on the sofa, and looking at me, snapped his fingers. I literally jumped to obey and was standing in front of him in a split second. I pretty much knew what was coming. There was no doubt in my mind that he was going to make me suck him, and I knew I would do it with a vengeance to keep from getting hurt anymore. I wasn't a chicken by any means, but I knew my limitations, and didn't want to end up in the hospital by pissing this muscle man off. He pointed to the floor and I got on my knees.

He reached forward with both hands and took hold of my nipples, and squeezed. "Yeah, I got me pretty little cocksucker tonight' he said with a big grin showing on his face. I was shocked but resigned to my fate. "Yeah, hunky little muscle boy gonna suck my cock.' Letting go of my tits, he took hold of his cock and started jerking it gently as I watched in awe. This guy was fuckin huge in every dimension. Then, taking me by the hair, he pulled me in, not to his cock, but to his balls. Without any direction or instruction, I started sucking them. Just as I did his chest and armpits, I kissed and sucked his balls trying to keep him happy, He slid to the edge of the cushion and spread his legs wide giving me total access, and gave the back of my head a gentle push.

"Wash 'em punk boy' he directed. "And make it feel good. Concentrate on how it makes me feel. Worship me boy, worship me.' I got busy doing what I was told and licked and sucked trying to imagine what kind of pleasure he wanted and give it to him. I was sucking under as far as I could reach, almost to his ass crack, and then up and around to the base of his cock since the balls were too big to get in my mouth. This went on for five or ten minutes without him saying anything, so evidently I was giving him what he wanted. He said wash and I washed. Using lots of saliva I sucked and licked every inch of his balls over and over again. Then he slid his butt completely off the sofa cushion, so his ass was right in my face.

"Party time now baby' he exulted "Now you're gonna eat my ass.' I didn't have time to even think about licking his ass, because grabbing the back of my head, he crammed my face in deep. I hesitated for a few seconds, trying to make sense of what was happening. "Get to it punk,' he said "before I get pissed and whip your ass good.' That was enough stimuli for me and I got busy licking this omnipotent muscle god's ass. I started licking one cheek, and he gave me a slap on the back of my head. I moved to the other side and got another slap. Then I dove into the crack, and felt his hand pushing hard, jamming me in so tight that I couldn't breath. I got the point; he wanted me to work on the ass crack, and when he let go that's exactly what I started to do.

"Slobber it up good punk' he directed "and I want to feel that tongue all the way up in my ass. Get it in there boy.' I was surprised there was no smell in his ass, but there was lots of sweat which I busily licked up as I licked and sucked and slobbered up and down his crack. But he wasn't satisfied. "If I don't feel that tongue in my ass in a couple seconds' he snapped "I'm gonna pull that hair out of your god damn head. Now get the fuck in there' he said as he slapped me hard on the back of the head. I now concentrated on getting my tongue into his tight crack. I was scared and desperate to get in there. This guy was tough and demanding and I was determined as hell to give him what he wanted. I was afraid of him, yes, but I also couldn't help but admire his astonishing strength and power. I wanted to worship him. In everyway imaginable, he was a god among men, and he deserved to be worshiped. If he wanted me to lick his ass, that's exactly what I was going to do. And I intended to do one hell of a good job of it too. I finally penetrated his ass crack and got the tip of my tongue in. I pushed harder and wiggled my tongue so he would feel it and know I was in there.

"Deeper' he demanded, and I rammed my face into his ass crack as far as I could, forcing my tongue deeper into his ass. "Better' he said. "Now fuck it.' Keeping my tongue stiff, and sticking out as far as I could, I started bouncing my face in and out of his ass. He let me continue for several minutes, so I must have been doing it right. Then, I felt his hand on my head, and he started really ramming me into his ass, much harder than I had been doing. It hurt like hell and I thought he might give me a bloody nose as he kept slamming me in, and when I bounced back, slamming me in again over and over. I kept my tongue stiff and hard so that I went into the crack with each bounce.

"Yeah, stick it in there' he muttered. "Right in my asshole man.' I knew I had to keep fucking his crack with my tongue as he rammed my face into his ass, but he was so fuckin rough. I wanted to keep him happy if at all possible, but shit, he was such a demanding mother fucker.

It was such a relief when he finally quit. I was gasping for breath and my heart was beating like crazy. He pushed me away, and getting his foot under my chin, shoved me over backwards on my ass and onto my back. I just lay there gasping as he got up and left the room. He was back in only seconds with a tube of something in his hands. Kneeling down beside me, he raised my legs pushing my knees into my face and raising my ass up off the floor. He then squeezed some cream on my ass and started to massage it into my crack. I realized he was going to fuck me, but what was I going to do? Tell him no? Tell him I wanted to go home now? He had me so controlled and tyrannized that I couldn't do anything but cry, and that's what I started to do. A twenty-six year old man crying and afraid to speak. I felt him squeeze some more of the cream on my ass, and then he pushed a finger in, getting a yelp out of me.

"Please man' I moaned through my tears. "Please sir. Don't' I cried. All he did was laugh.

"Oh yeah my cute little punk' he said as he looked directly into my eyes. "Getting you ready for my cock man. Hot little pussy. Virgin I bet. Getting you ready for my cock.' I continued crying softly as I felt more cream on my ass, but then cried out as I felt him stick two fingers in my ass. He jammed the fingers in and out, fucking me with them, getting groans of pain from me. When he was finally satisfied with what he was doing, he let go of my legs and they flopped to the floor.

He immediately stuck his fingers in my mouth. "Clean them off man. Lick 'em clean' he directed. I had no choice anyway so I sucked the sickening tasting cream off his fingers as ordered.

He was still on his knees beside me. As he pulled his fingers from my mouth, he took my head in both hands and pulled me into his crotch, forced my mouth open with his fingers, and pushed his enormous cock into my wet hole. "Suck it man' he said. "Get me hard and get me ready. Go to it punk boy.' He pushed three or four inches of his enormous cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe how big he was, and he wasn't even fully hard yet. How in the hell was he going to get this monster into my ass when I could barely get my mouth around it. If he hurt me with two fingers, he was going to kill me with this cock.

Then he slapped the back of my head knocking a couple more inches of cock into my mouth, and I started to gag. "Wake up and get with it shit head. Suck my god damned cock' he demanded. He let me pull out a little so I could gasp for breath and get control of my coughing, but as he pushed back in I got with the program. I tried to let my mind go blank except for total concentration on sucking his cock. I'd never sucked anyone before but I knew I had better figure out how to give a fantastic blow job in the next couple seconds or I was in big trouble. I knew what a blow job was. Hell, I'd got enough blow jobs over the years to know what was required. I tried to imagine I was getting blown, and tried to guess how my sucking would feel to him. Right now I wanted nothing better than to make his cock feel good; really, really good. My most heartfelt desire at the moment was to do whatever it took to keep him happy. Putting one hand back on my head, he pulled me in, forcing a couple more inches into my mouth, right up against my throat. Tears were flowing, and I was resolutely trying to give him pleasure, and I was straining to keep from gagging on the monster in my mouth. He hadn't pushed into my throat yet, so I could still breathe, but I was in terror that he would push in further, so I redoubled my efforts to really suck on his big fuck stick. I was doing everything in my power to make it good for him, when he pushed an inch or so into my throat. I couldn't breath, and I started to choke, but he just held my head there. Grabbing his hands I tried to force them off my head but he would not budge and I heard him laughing at my struggles. It felt like his cock was stuck in my throat forever, but it was probably only a matter of seconds. When he finally pulled out I took a huge breath, and coughed and gasped. His very hard cock slapped up against his rock hard stomach as he pulled completely out.

"Sorry babe' he said, still laughing. "I know you want to suck it, but you can't have it now. Maybe next time. This time I want your ass' His super hard cock was still in my face, almost touching my nose, as he squirted some cream on it and rubbed it all over. He then put his hand in my face and smeared the remaining cream on my face. "Yeah, you are one pretty little boy' he grinned. "Hot muscle boy with a hot ass. Just the way I like 'em.' He lifted me up as if my 165 pounds was only a feather, and carried me to the sofa. Laying me down on the sofa, he lay down on top of me. His two hundred plus pounds were crushing me but I loved the feeling of his rock hard body on mine. I finally realized that I was totally into his body, and totally into worshiping him. Such an amazing demigod who turned me into a worshiping slave with almost no effort deserved my total adoration. I was completely devoted to giving this god the greatest pleasure that I could manage. Hell yes I was terrified he'd hurt me some more, but I also knew this god deserved devotion; my devotion. I knew he was going to fuck me, and I knew it was going to hurt, but right now I was ready to go to the end of the earth for him.

Than he kissed me. And I melted again. I had never been kissed by a man before, but that was immaterial. The fact is, I had never been kissed by anyone like this before. The power of this demigod; his incredible control and domination of me; was almost more than I could fathom. His kiss literally took my breath away, and effected me deep into my soul. This magnificent god was hurting me and dominating me, and I was falling for him. I loved being subjugated by this gloriously masculine creature. Here I was, a twenty-six year old stud, with girls by the dozen begging for him to notice them, and wanting to be this man's lackey. But not just any man. A god among men. An incredibly masculine muscle man completely deserving of my worship. I whimpered aloud as his tongue entered my mouth, as I felt his powerful hand pull my head in tight against his lips.

I then felt him push my legs apart with his knees, and reaching down he pulled my legs up over his shoulders. "I know this is going to hurt baby, but you'll do it for me won't you?' he whispered as he stared into my eyes. "You want to give me your ass don't you baby? Let your muscle man take what he wants? Takin your ass? Yeah baby. I know you want to give me this.' Aiming his cock at my tight hole, he started pushing. The pain was intense, but I didn't scream. I just moaned a little, as I watched him. I would take the pain just for him. I would endure anything to give him whatever he desired.

It hurt like hell, but he was gentle with me. I kept my eyes open, mesmerized by the smile on his face and the look of triumph in his eyes. He gradually worked his way in, and it was several minutes before he must have had all of his cock in my ass. It felt like a baseball bat in there. I was moaning, and breathing hard, and gasping at the pain, as he started to fuck me. I looked down, and was horrified to see that only about half of his cock was in my ass.

"Please sir, you're so big. Please sir' I gasped. "Slowly sir. Please sir' I begged.

He got a big smile on his face watching me grimace with pain. "Takin your ass punk. Takin what belongs to me.' I moaned again as he roughly jammed another inch or so into my ass. Watching me moan in pain, he chuckled. "Yeah, punk. Takin what's mine.' Than he pulled almost all the way out, and pushing hard, jammed his cock in all the way to the hilt. I clenched my eyes closed in pain and let out a yell.

"Eaaaaaaooooooh' I screamed. "Oh please, take it out, take it out.' He ignored me as he started fucking slow and deep. All the way out to the tip, and them all the way back in. The pain was intense but it wasn't getting any worse, and after a half a dozen thrusts, it was finally beginning to become bearable. I was panting hard as I opened my eyes and saw his shit eating grin staring me in the face. He was looking down at me in total delight, not only enjoying fucking my tight ass, but obviously getting a great deal of pleasure from seeing me grimacing in pain. He was a real sadist. He fucked me on and on and on and on. Jesus, was he never going to get to the finish? I would never have believed that he could get that huge cannon up my ass, but it was there, and it was finally getting bearable. I finally wasn't hurting, but it somehow just made me feel full with that giant shaft pushing in and out of me. It wasn't hurting, but I can't say it was pleasant either, but at least I could stand it. And I admit, looking up at this massive demigod, his gorgeous muscles glistening with sweat as he fucked me, I was actually thrilled to be used by him. The realization was sinking in that I wanted to be dominated by him. I truly envied and revered his total power and mastery over me, and felt privileged to be used by him.

Then to my astonishment, he grabbed my shoulders and picked me up off the sofa as if I were nothing more than a feather, and stood up with his enormous nine inches still in my ass. Then he proceeded to walk around the room laughing aloud, and bouncing my body up and down on his cock as he showed his incredible strength and power. And, all the time, he had this enormous grin of immense satisfaction on his face. He was a magnificent tyrannical creature; a gorgeous herculean god; an exquisite superman.


That was five months ago. I'd dreamed about him and little else for five months. I'd jerked off dozens and dozens of times recalling that night.

What do I do now? Suzy was still asking me what was going on, and evidently I had turned completely white. My heart was still going a mile a minute and I was gasping for breath. And then he looked up, saw me looking, and got a big grin on his face. After only a second or so, he nodded his head in the 'come hither motion'. I was temporarily paralyzed, and in shock. I was finally face to face with my hottest wet dreams and my worst nightmares. No more kidding myself; it was now or never.

"Be right back' I mumbled to what's her face as I got up and staggered across the restaurant. My knees were so weak I could barely keep my legs moving, and putting one foot in front of the other was a struggle. He kept the big grin on his face as I walked up to his table, visibly shaking with fear.

He reached forward and squeezed my rigid seven inch cock. "Well, well, well' he whispered. "My punk boy is back for more.'

"On your knees' he demanded. I looked around to see who was looking, and he grabbed me by the shirt front, and jerking hard, almost tearing the shirt, pulled me to my knees. "Get on one knee' he directed. I did as ordered, so it looked like maybe I got down there to be on the same level so we could talk. However, if anyone had looked close they would have seen he had put my hand on his crotch, and, oh shit, was he huge. He wasn't even hard yet and he felt enormous as I squeezed. I hadn't forgotten how big he was, but the reality of having it in my hand really reemphasized its enormity. Then I groaned as he reached out and viciously pinched my tit.

"Please sir' I whispered. "Please sir. It hurts' I cried softly as tears came to my eyes.

"Are you ready for another go around boy? You want to be my punk boy for a couple more hours?'

I broke out in an instant sweat as I looked at him with pleading eyes. "Please sir. Please sir' I whimpered as tears dripped down my face. He finally let go of my tit.

"Sure you do, my little puppy dog' he said with a laugh. "I think you're ready to set up and bark for me. Well, you're timing is pretty good because I've got all morning free. In fact I could use a little diversion. I haven't cum this morning so I'm all horned up, and you'll do just fine.'

"Who's the chick?' he asked.

"Just some bitch I picked up last night' I mumbled still desperately squeezing and rubbing his enormous cock. The stirring in my ass and the combination of fear and desire in my heart were overwhelming. My face must be red as a beet now because I felt like I was burning up.

"You want her to watch while I fuck you?' he smirked, giving a nod to where Suzy was sitting. "Want your girl to see how you treat a real man?'

"She's not my girl sir. She's nothing to me. But, please don't let her watch. Please don't sir.'

"You know, I like putting on a show. Having your bitch watch while I do you could be fun. What do you think?'

"If you must sir' I begged "but please don't.' I had no doubts this bruiser would do whatever he wished no matter what I thought but it didn't hurt to beg. "Please sir, I beg of you. Please don't.'

"As a matter of fact, she looks like a dog and you must have been desperate last night' he said as he stood up. "You remember my car. Get rid of her and meet me in the parking lot in five' he said as he walked away.

I went back to her and threw two twenty's on the table. "I gotta go' I said. "Here's breakfast and bus fare to get you home.' She started screaming at me as I walked away, but I paid no attention. I got to his car about thirty seconds after he did.

"Chow down' he said as soon as we got into the car. I just sat there for a few seconds trying to make sense of what he said. It finally sunk in at the same time as he raised his hand, and I dove for his crotch. I gripped his half hard cock with my teeth through the jeans, and then started to suck it. "Get it out. No hands' he directed as I started to reach for his crotch. It was already clear in my mind that I would do anything for this dominate muscle god. I just wanted to keep my mind a blank and simply obey his orders. After a bit of searching, I located the zipper and gripping it in my teeth, pulled it down.

Suddenly there was a knocking at the window, and I started to raise my head, but he grabbed me and pushed me back down. "Pay attention to what you're doing shit head' he said as he slapped the back of my head. "Your dog of a girl friend tracked us down. What a bitch!' he said as he started the car and pulled out. I could hear her screaming in the background, but I was too busy trying to get my muscle man's cock out of his pants to pay any attention. Luckily he was not wearing underwear. I finally had to grip it with my teeth to pull it out, but you can bet I was as gentle as if it were egg shells.

When I finally got it out, it was at least half hard, and since he gave me no direction, I took it in my mouth. I then felt his hand on the back of my head as he pushed me down forcing the cock in as far as it could go and he just held me there. And held me there. And held me there. I controlled the gag reflex, and just held my breath as long as I could.

"Mmmgh. Mmmmagh' I finally croaked as I was getting desperate. If anything, he pushed me down even harder. I brought up my hands and tried to push away, but he did not budge. I was suffocating. I pushed and pushed but it had no effect on him at all.

When I thought I was about to black out he finally let go, and I came up gasping and panting, my heart beating fast.

"Please sir. Please. I'll do what you want' I whimpered through my gasping for breath with tears streaming down my cheeks. "Please sir, I'll suck you sir.'

"Okay my little puppy. Go to it. Get me hard. Concentrate on making my cock feel really, really good.' I got busy and started sucking the growing cock. I now knew I had to be an amazing cock sucker if I didn't want him to force me again. So I redoubled my efforts to please him. I forced the cock into my throat again and again, sucking like a mad man. At one point I pulled out and rubbed my face all over it, and then went down on it again, all the way to the root. Anything to give him pleasure. I jammed it into my throat over and over until it hurt, and held it there while sucking on it, until I was almost ready to black out. I was giving him the most sensational blow job that I could imagine. I knew no one had ever given me one even half as good as I was giving him right now. But of course, it would never have occurred to me to try strangling someone who was sucking me just to improve their performance. But let me tell you, getting strangled has a way of focusing your entire attention on just one thing; in this case, giving this demanding muscle god a fabulous blow job.

He stopped the car so I assume he had arrived at his house. "Oh yeah, baby. Getting me hot' he said as he pulled me up, and pushing his pants down to his knees pushed me back down again. Taking hold of my head with both hands, he started to fuck upwards into my face, and deep into my throat. My throat was already getting a little sore, but he didn't give a shit as he started ramming his huge nine inches in deep. Obviously getting hot, he started really slamming it to me, crushing my nose into his crotch with each thrust. With tears streaming out of my eyes, I simply held on for dear life. He was totally out of control in the throes' of sexual excitement.

Finally, when it was hurting so bad I wanted to scream, I felt his cum shoot into my throat, and hear him yell in exaltation as he came. He pulled back out of my throat but continued shooting into my mouth, and even though it hurt like crazy just to swallow, I swallowed his cum as fast as I could, taking every bit of it down. I hated to think what he might do if I spilled any on him. As he began to calm down and relax from the frenzy of his ejaculation, I felt him petting my hair over and over again.

"Good boy' he said. "Good boy.' I still had his cock in my mouth as it started to get soft, so I continued sucking on it gently. Finally he pulled me up by the hair back into my seat. I know I was covered with sweat, and my lips were swollen, and tender. I must have looked a sight.

"For a straight boy, you give a pretty decent blow job' he said and he reached over and gave me a pinch on the cheek. "Yeah. That was pretty damn good.' As I was finally becoming aware of the world around me, I noticed that he had a big grin on his face. And what a face. And what a body. An absolutely gorgeous superman. Even though I was hurting, I was happy and excited that he was pleased with me and as far as I was concerned, I had just satisfied the most demanding man on the planet. That was quite an accomplishment.

"Inside slave boy' he said as he pulled up his pants and opened the door. 'Slave boy'? He called me his 'slave boy'? Was I really? Right now I was so filled with lust and desire and fear and apprehension that I didn't know what I was or where I was, or what the hell I was doing. My brain was sending conflicting signals to my body and my confusion was overwhelming. But one signal stayed constant: my cock was so hard it hurt.

And, I admit, being called a slave was hotter than shit. Really, really hot. I got out of the car and tagged along behind him into the house.

When we entered the house, I saw two boys sitting on the sofa. Or, at least, the muscley one was sitting. He had the other ones arm twisted behind his back, and his face buried in his arm pit. As we walked in both boys jumped off the sofa onto their knees and put their faces to the floor.

"What's goin on Randy?' my muscle man asked.

"Sorry Master' the really muscular one said. "I was just trying to get to know this new kid; this new slave of yours.'

My muscle man grabbed both boys by the hair, and pulled them up, getting them to their feet. "How come Carl's face is red Randy?'

"Please Master. I'm sorry Master' the kid pleaded. "But he was acting like a real shit and he doesn't know his place. I was simply trying to teach him some manners.' I saw fear in the kid's face. He was afraid he might get the crap kicked out of him.

"Hell Randy' my muscle man said laughing aloud. "You-are-some-thing-else. You are the hottest, most arrogant young stud I've ever run into, and I love you for it. And you're right, Carl is in training and has a lot to learn.' My muscle man pulled him in and gave him a big kiss. Then, grabbing the other kid, pulled him in and kissed him as well. "Carl, I suggest you do whatever Randy tells you, because he is one tough son-of-a-bitch.'

Both the kids looked really young. The one with the big bulging muscles was amazing. He was wearing only a pair of tight shorts which clearly showed his circumcised cock hanging on the right. His waist was incredibly tiny, like only a young kid could have, but he stretched out to tremendous shoulders with big round deltoids attached to enormous biceps. His bulging pectorals were truly amazing for someone so young. The other kid, a red head, was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, but you could see he was well built with a pretty, feminine looking face. A very freckled pretty feminine face. He looked to be about twelve or thirteen years old, barely into puberty, but his sturdy body said he might be older than that.

"Here boys. Take a look at the puppy I picked up at the café this morning' the guy said as he grabbed me by the collar and pulled me forward. "Sorry to disappoint you, but he is going to be my play toy for this morning. Puppy, this is Randy and this is Carl. Two of my slave boys.' This guy had slaves? Really?

Taking me by the hair and giving it a jerk, he turned my head to face him. "I'll call you my puppy and you'll call me Master. Got that?' he said giving my hair another jerk. "I said: got that?'

"Yes sir, er.... Master' I whined from the pain in my scalp. Jesus, he was a demanding mother fucker.

"Good boy, you learn quick. I like that' he said with a smile. "Okay, boys, strip him' he ordered.

"Ah sir.... ah Master? What's goin....' I started to say.

"You shut the fuck up' he ordered as he jerked my hair again and got a real yelp from me this time. "From now on I don't want you to open your fuckin mouth unless I tell you. Not one fuckin word.'

"Strip him boys' he said again.

Again, I'm not crazy. When this guy says it, you do it. I kept my mouth shut as the two kids came over. One pulled up my shirt as the other undid my belt and pants. They had my shirt, pants, shorts, shoes and socks off in less than ten seconds.

My Master stepped over to me, put one of my hands on his crotch, and then reached around me and grabbed both of my ass cheeks looking me right in the eye. "I'm going to fuck you puppy' he said. "Gonna fuck you hard, just like the last time. Remember puppy? Remember how good you made me feel? Remember how I danced around the room with your ass bouncing on my cock?' I kept my mouth shut and just groped his crotch, because I don't think he really wanted an answer from me. I was not about to take the chance of talking without his permission. But let me tell you, I was sweating like a pig, and I was screaming inside.

"Oh yeah, it was good' he said with a laugh as he squeezed my ass. "Taking a straight boy's tight virgin ass is really special. But don't you worry your little head. I'm always ready for seconds. I'll bet you're going to be almost as tight as the last time.'

"Okay puppy. Strip me' he ordered.

Hell, he had me well trained, because I jumped to obey him. Grabbing his T-shirt, I pulled it up over his head and arms. I saw the two kids watching: the muscle boy with a big smile but the red head looked as apprehensive as I felt.

"Strip boys' my Master ordered. "You can join the fun' he said as I got on my knees and started removing his shoes and socks. I undid his belt and pants and pulled them down and off. Looking up at this remarkable demigod, I literally stopped breathing for a moment in total wonderment. God, how could anybody possibly be so immeasurably perfect. The face, the chest, the abs, the arms, the thighs, the cock. Total perfection in every dimension. I now knew why I dreamed about him for months, and why I so desperately wanted to be subjugated by him again. What an unbelievable vision; an absolutely rapturous human being. I was now his for the taking, and would do anything for him. As I felt chills shoot up my spine, I realized that I was actually thrilled that he was making me his slave.

He took me by the chin, and then holding my hair, forced me to look straight up at him, and giving me a big smile, dropped a big gob of spit into my face. I looked into his beautiful eyes and loved him for it.

"Thank you Master' I whispered totally spellbound. "Thank you Master for spitting on me.' He gave me another beatific smile and and let another wad fall in my face. "Thank you Master for spitting on me' I whimpered, actually reveling in watching him humiliate me.

Still holding me by the hair he moved closer and pushed his half hard, but still enormous cock into my face. Staring me in the eye and transfixing me, he maneuvered my head so his cock rubbed all over my saliva covered face. He had a radiant smile on his face and was obviously enjoying this very much. "Lick that spit off my cock' he directed as he stepped back slightly. I busily licked his cock clean.

"Okay, now suck on my balls for a while' he ordered. "Carl. Get on my ass' he instructed. "You need to learn how to act like a slave,'

"Ah.... Sir? Ah..... Master' the red head said, evidently not sure what he was supposed to do.

"Randy. Help him out' Wade ordered.

Randy grabbed the kid by the hair, and slapped him hard across the face causing him to yell in pain. He then kicked his feet out from under him knocking him to his knees with a thud. Then, dragging him by the hair over to Wade while he screeched in pain, he pushed his face into Wade's ass and slammed him hard on the back of his head. "You start licking that ass like there's no tomorrow you little shit, or I swear to god I'll break your fuckin arm.' With that Randy grabbed one of the kid's arms and twisted it up towards his shoulder blades.

"Yeeeeeaaaaaoooooh' Carl screamed.

"Suck that ass you stupid son of a bitch' Randy shouted. Randy let up slightly on the arm as the kid started frantically licking Wade's ass.

I didn't actually see all of this because I was busily licking my Master's balls, but I heard it, and could not believe the violence of that muscle kid. He made me realize the importance of instant obedience to this Master. And let me tell you, I wouldn't mess with that kid for a million dollars.

"Slave boy' Wade growled. "You ever hesitate again when I give you an order, you'll find out what pain really is. Got that?'

"Yes Master' I heard the kid mumble through his tears as he really strived to suck ass.

"Now get your tongue in there and I want to feel it fucking in and out of my ass hole' he ordered. "Randy, on my pecs' he said. I watched the muscle boy jump up and start worshiping my Master's chest. I, myself, was concentrating on worshiping the man's balls as his hardening cock bobbed around over my face. I was really into it and my total focus was on how it must feel to him. At this moment in time the most important thing in the world was for me to give pleasure to this preeminent taskmaster.

"Okay puppy' he said. "Lick my cock. Don't suck it. Just lick it.' I got busy and did what I was told, my total concentration aimed at trying to make him enjoy it. As Randy was worshiping my Master's chest, he spread his legs around me and pushed his hard cock into the back of my head, but I didn't let that interfere with my licking the now fully hard nine inches in my face For about ten minutes the only sound in the room was soft kissing, licking, and slobbering noises.

"Now suck it...... Gently' he said to me and I took the enormous thing in my mouth and obeyed. The sounds of worshiping continued for another five or ten minutes.

"Okay Randy. Get some cream and get him ready' he said as he pushed me and Carl away. Randy left the room but was back in seconds as my Master sat on the sofa and snapped his fingers at Carl. Carl scurried over and my Master pushed his face down on his cock. I heard the kid choke and watched my Master slap him aside the head. "Don't choke on it damn it' he said. "You can suck cock better than that.' He pulled the kid's head up and then pushed it back down again.

I was still on my knees when Randy grabbed me by the neck and pushed my face down to the floor. He may have been young, but with all those muscles I certainly was not going to argue with him. Particularly since I had just seen how he handled the red headed kid.

"Get your ass up in the air' he ordered giving my butt a hard smack. I yelped, more in surprise than in pain, and raised my ass up. Then I felt the cool sensation of the cream as he rubbed it on my ass.

"Ow' I cried as he rammed a finger into me. Jesus, didn't he know how to be gentle. "Please Randy' I pleaded. "Take it easy, will ya?'

"Shut up and take it' he growled as he fucked his finger in and out. But at least he got some more cream as he continued finger fucking me. I was vaguely aware of gasping and groaning sounds in the background coming from Carl. I knew from experience how demanding my Master could be, and obviously this kid was struggling to handle it. I heard him crying and begging and gasping and choking. I also heard my Master swearing at him and slapping him every once in a while.

"Yeoh' I yelled as Randy rammed two or maybe three fingers into my ass. Jesus, was he rough.

After a few more minutes my Master was evidently ready. "Bring him into the bedroom Randy' he said. Randy grabbed me by the hair and started dragging me across the room following my Master. It hurt like hell and I had to scramble on my hands and knees to keep up because he didn't give me a chance to stand up.

"Ow, ow, ow' I yelled as I scrambled along.

"Shut the fuck up ass hole' Randy snapped.

"Go easy Randy' my Master ordered. "Don't damage the merchandise before I get a chance to fuck him' he laughed.

"I'm sorry Master' Randy said. "But I just hate these old guys hanging around.' Old guys? At twenty-six? Old guys? I suddenly realized this kid was jealous. He actually envied me for being next in line to get fucked. But at least now he let me catch up to him. Although I was still on hands and knees, he wasn't dragging me now.

In the bedroom, my Master lay down on his back and put his hands behind his head. "Up here fuck boy. Facing me' he ordered. I stood up and got on the bed on my knees, not quite sure what he wanted. "You're going to sit on it fuck boy. So climb on.' That was clear enough. He was going to make me fuck myself on that massive pole sticking up from his middle. Who would have ever thought of such a thing?

I straddled his middle as ordered, facing him with my ass directly above his enormous cock.

"Okay puppy. Aim that cock towards your tight hole. I'm just going to watch as your ass worships my cock' he exulted. "You fixate yourself on nothing but my cock and how it makes me feel. Nothing else. If it hurts, you remember that I'm your Master and you're doing it for me. Now get at it.'

This was a totally new idea for me; fucking myself on a guys cock. And I was terrified. But I grabbed the monster under my butt and eased down so it was touching my crack. Then I pushed down. The pain was agonizing and I stopped and gasped for breath. Shit, it wasn't even in yet and it was killing me. I had been squeezing my eyes closed but now I opened them and looked at the awesome god below me, and that helped. This gorgeous creature deserved anything and everything from me. I could do it for him. Keeping my eyes on his prodigious physique I pushed down hard and the big rod forced its way in my ass. I screamed and stopped with just a couple inches in my ass. I was panting madly as I tried to will the pain away.

"Don't stop' he ordered and looking directly into his eyes, I pushed down again, and then again. The pain was excruciating. But I was doing it for my Master. I stopped for several minutes to try to get my breath back, and he didn't say anything. However, I wanted to please him so I had to get going. I didn't want him to have to order me or force me.

So, I started fucking his cock with my ass. What a hell of a concept. Starting very, very slowly, I eased up and down on the shaft crammed into my ass.

"Concentrate on my cock damn it' he said. "Not your ass.' As ordered, I tried to forget the pain and imagine how it must feel for him. I pulled all the way up to the tip and pushed down. Yeah, that must have felt good for him. I did it again, trying to ignore the pain. Yes, he must be enjoying that. I knew I didn't have all of the monster in me yet, so now with each slow thrust, I pushed down a little harder getting more of it into me. Focusing on his feelings rather than my own was working, because the pain was easing a little now, and I was fucking him a little quicker and a little deeper.

Then, I was finally there. All the way. And it wasn't hurting quite as much now. It didn't feel good yet, but I was beginning to think there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

"Okay fuck boy. Let's see what you can do' he ordered. And I started really fucking him. Up to now I had been oblivious to everything except my ass and my Master's big cock, but now I noticed that Randy had his cock crammed into Carl's mouth. And not only were Randy's muscles huge, but so was his cock. Maybe not as big as my Master's but still pretty damn huge. He looked like he was strangling that boy. I tried to ignore them as I concentrated on my Master's cock. What was he feeling? Was I fucking fast enough; slow enough? How could I make it good for him?

"Talk to me puppy' my Master ordered. "Tell me what's going on.'

"Oh, Master' I gasped. "Oh Master. It hurts Master. You are so big. So fuckin big. Trying to make you feel good Master. Oh yeah, usin my ass for you.' I kept gasping and mumbling as I bounced up and down on his big stick. And, believe it or not, it was beginning to feel good. And I noticed that my Master now had a dazzling smile on his stunning face; he was obviously happy with my efforts. It amazed me how thrilled I felt by seeing that smile, and my cock started to wake up and get hard. "Oh Master. Your cock is beginning to feel fantastic.'

I was now going all the way up and all the way down on his big cock and slamming into his crotch each time. Giving him so much pleasure made me almost delirious with gratification. And I was now super hot and hard with precum pouring out of my cock. And hell, I was suddenly so excited, that I realized I was going to cum.

"Master, master' I cried. "I'm cuming. I'm cuming.' I temporarily stopped bouncing on his cock while I starting shooting. The first two shots would have gotten him in the face except he got his hand up. I moaned and cried as I shot a half a dozen more times onto his chest. As I started coming to my senses, I noticed that he was still smiling, but I got busy and started working his cock again. No sense in taking any chances of pissing him off. He reached his hand up to my face, and without a word, I licked my cum from his hand while I continued bouncing up and down.

"Forgive me, Master for cuming' I whimpered. "I'm sorry, but I just got so fuckin hot.'

"That's okay puppy' he said. "But you get busy and bring me off now.' And that's what I diligently started doing. I bounced my ass, and twisted my ass, and ground my ass into his crotch. I wiggled and twisted and turned, trying to give him the most intense pleasure that I could imagine.

And it worked. He started moaning and ramming his cock up to meet my downward thrusts. Reaching up and grabbing my shoulders and holding me, he rammed his cock into my ass as hard as he could a half a dozen times, and started to cum. He just held me steady as he moaned and I felt each shot shoot into me through the contractions of his cock. I was ecstatic and hopefully he was too.

I just sat there for a few minutes while he got his breath back and his cock started to soften. Looking around for the first time I noticed the two boys were sitting on the floor and Carl had his face back in Randy's armpit again. Randy wasn't twisting his arm this time, so maybe the red head was learning how to behave.

My Master finally spoke: "Lick your cum off my chest puppy' he directed. I finally got up off his cock and busily licked his chest and abs clean. "My cock too puppy' he ordered. It tasted of my shit and cream and his cum, but I didn't care because I was following his orders and I was giving him pleasure. I knew I would do absolutely anything to give this muscle god satisfaction. I licked him completely clean.

After we had showered and gotten dressed, all except Carl that is, who was still nude, we headed for the door. "Carl, I'll be back in a while. You get on your knees and wait' he ordered. As we exited the house Randy got on his bike and rode away. I got into my Master's car and he drove back to the park

"My name is Wade puppy but you can still call me Master. I have breakfast at this café every once in a while' he said with a grin as I got out of the car. "Perhaps I'll see you again.' I stepped back as he drove away.

A shot of electricity zoomed up through my body and out to the tip of my cock giving me an instant hard on as I stood there watching him go. I knew there were going to be more wet dreams, but right now I was frantic to get home and jerk off.



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