Randy was covered with sweat and gasping for breath as he fell face down to the floor as Wade's cock popped out of his ass. He had been bouncing up and down on Wade's cock for almost a half hour now, and his own cock was flopping around and was as hard as a rock the whole time. He hadn't been allowed to touch himself, and he'd almost cum a couple times, and now on his hands and knees and face on the floor, with Wade's cum dripping from his ass, he wanted desperately to cum.

'Please Master' he pleaded still panting from exertion. 'Please Master.' Wade reached down and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back onto his lap, pulling his head back onto his shoulder and slipping his still hard cock into his ass crack.

'Com'on slave boy' he said as he stuck three fingers into Randy's mouth. 'You can do it. Think about my cock up your ass. Feel it in your ass crack; still hard for you baby. Concentrate baby. You can do it' he said as he fucked in and out of Randy's mouth with his fingers.

Randy was sucking madly on the Wade's fingers and his super hard cock was bouncing up and down from his attempts to make it shoot. He was so incredibly hot, and almost there but Wade still wouldn't let him touch himself. He was so frustrated and wanted to cum so badly that he was about to scream. Then Wade reached down to his chest and pinched his nipple hard. Very hard. Randy screamed in agony and started to cum. His first shot went clear over his head on the sofa somewhere. His second shot got him in the eye, as he yelled and squirmed around in Wade's lap in ecstasy. This orgasm was incredible. Building up to it for half an hour made it absolutely phenomenal. He continued shooting half a dozen more times onto his chest and stomach before he finally relaxed on Wade's lap with his head resting back on his shoulder.

'Oh god; thank you Master, thank you' he gasped. 'God, that was the greatest ever' he said still panting. Wade took his fingers out of Randy's mouth, and reaching down started playing with Randy's softening cock.

'It was great baby' Wade said. 'You have the hottest ass around, and you know I just can't get enough of it. Watching your muscles ripple while you're screwing yourself on my cock is hotter than hell.'

'Thank you Master' Randy gasped. 'I want you to fuck me and never stop.' Wade finally pushed Randy to his feet, and joining him, took his hand and led him to the bathroom to take a shower.

Coming back from the shower, Wade in jockey shorts and Randy in a jock strap, Wade sat on the sofa and Randy got on his knees in front of him.

'Forgive me for saying this Master, but this is the first time I have seen you for three weeks. I know we talk on the phone everyday but I want to be with you more.' Randy was on his knees sitting on his butt as he rubbed his hands over Wade's muscled thighs.

'The anticipation can almost be as exciting as the real thing' Wade laughed. 'Besides, the last time I talked to you, you had someone blowing you while we were on the phone. You're not missing any sex.'

'I know Master' Randy said with a grin but still pleading. 'I'm not missing any sex, but I'm missing you. I know you have other slaves, but you told me I was your number one. Why can't I see you more.'

'Don't you question me boy' Wade reprimanded. 'You watch it or you'll get your ass whipped again.'

'I'm sorry Master. Forgive me. But I just want to be with you more. I get all the sex I can handle but what I really want is your big cock; and I want to make you feel good.'

Wade reached out and tousled Randy's hair and laughed. 'You do make me feel good baby. And we'll see about getting together more often. In the mean time I have an idea that's been going around in my head. What was that you told me when you had your coach blow you in the car? You were talking about a feeling of power, and some guys you thought were really hot for you. What was that?'

'Oh yeah Master' Randy answered. 'Your training program has really made my muscles look terrific, and you wouldn't believe the looks I get. Everybody seems to want me.'

'Yeah, my pretty little slave boy' Wade said with a grin as he pulled him back up on his lap and started rubbing his hands over the boy's muscled pectorals. 'You make me want you too. Now, which ones were you telling me about on the phone?'

'Well, I know that kid at the Subway Sandwich Shop wants me. He's cuter than hell and he can't keep his eyes off me when I'm there. I'll bet he'd let me fuck him right in the middle of the shop' he said with a laugh.

'Yeah' Wade laughed. 'Then I think you said something about a pizza guy.'

'Yeah, that was another one' Randy answered. 'He'd delivered once before and I was pretty sure he was hot for my muscles. So this time I deliberately wore only my tight grey shorts when he came, and I thought his eyes were going to bug right out of his head. He is obviously a body builder and has a terrific build, but I wanted to see his reaction when he saw mine; and, man, did he react. His cock got so hard I thought it was going to burst right out of his pants. I wasn't planning to fuck him; I just wanted to see if I could get him to cream his jeans, Besides, I had Landon there waiting for my cock. Oh, and he was waiting for the pizza too of course,' he laughed.

'So you think you could fuck those two guys huh' Wade said. 'Get 'em on their knees and begging eh?'

'Yeah Master. I don't mean to brag but these guys are hot for me and they would probably jump into bed in a second if I snapped my fingers.'

'Okay my assertive little slave boy' Wade laughed. 'Here's the game. You pick them up and fuck them and after you've had your fun, we'll set up a time for us to get together and you can tell me about it.

'Okay Master. I got it' Randy answered excitedly. 'It does sound like fun. But I don't think it's much of a challenge. Those guys are already hot for me.' he said laughing.

'That easy heh?' Wade said grinning as he continued feeling and gently pinching Randy's tits. 'My hot little slave boy has become a real stud, And, yes, you're right, it would be too easy. I have no doubts you could pick most anybody up on a tick. So, let's toughen the rules. For the subway kid, since he's a little guy, let's turn you into a sadist. Along with having him worship your body, you've got to make him crawl for you. Introduce some pain into the picture; torture him a little and get him crying while he grovels. That should be hot. See if you can convince him that's it's an honor to be allowed to service you while you knock him around. That should be fun for you. Then let's see if you can convince him that whipping his ass is for his benefit, and get him to want it again. See if you can get him to beg you to do it again. Would that be a challenge enough? '

'Jesus, Wade' Randy answered as he felt a surge of excitement shoot through him. 'That would be fucking hot. It makes me hot just thinking about it. But, how the hell do I get him to want it again after I whip his ass and rape him?'

'That's your problem, stud boy' Wade laughed. 'Let's see if you can handle it. Now when do you want to do it?'

'It's right around the corner from my house' Randy answered. 'I'll do him in my garage this weekend.'

'Okay' Wade laughed again. 'You call me and tell me when it's done. As your reward, you can come over here next week and tell me all about it. Okay?'

'Oh yes. Thank you Master. That would be great.' Randy, his head still resting on Wade's shoulder, turned and kissed him on the cheek. 'Thank you Master.'

'Now, about the pizza boy. What would make that a challenge?'

'Well, he's really built but I haven't lost a wrestling match yet' Randy answered. 'I doubt he's submissive but I know he's turned on to my muscles, so if it comes down to sheer strength I think I should be able to handle him. But it'll be a lot harder than the subway kid.'

'Hell, if he's already turned on to you, the games half done. How about you get him to blow you, and then fuck him, both at the same session, and give him nothing in return? That might be a challenge. Sometimes these muscley ones like to think they're butch and pretend they have virgin asses. Making him take it up the ass might be a real contest.'

'Okay, I can deal with that' Randy chuckled. 'That guy's a really hot number, and I'd love to take his ass. I'll definitely take you up on this one. My folks are going to a convention in a couple weeks so I'll do him then.'

'Alright. You can tell me all about it once you've reduced him to your fuck boy. But I wonder if these two are going to be too easy for you. If they are, we'll have to pick somebody that might be more of a challenge. You got anybody else in mind?'

'Well Master. I did tell you about several others on the phone that I thought were hot. The security guard at the mall is really built and I know he's hot for me. He's a big guy and he might be a real dominant. He probably sees me as a hot fuck boy. But, I'll bet I could at least get him to blow me. Hell, he's not any bigger than Coach and I've had him.

'Then there are the twins on the swim team. Maybe I could try to get them both at the same time. Their eyes get big every time they see me in the hall. Then there's that life guard at the pool who is so cool and tries to pretend he isn't horning up every time he see's me. But with that red Speedo he wears, he can't hide it. He would be an easy fuck, and a really hot one. Let me tell you, my Speedo bulges every time I see him. Maybe I could fuck him in the pool at night after closing or something. And then there's that bunch of kids that hang around the pool. There are six or eight of them, all about thirteen or fourteen and they are all over me when I go swimming. Me groping them and them groping me in the pool is hotter than hell. Every one of them is pretty, and I think they're all gay. They've all felt my cock so I know they go for big ones, so it probably wouldn't be much trouble to get them all. Hell, I fucked one of them in the bath room already. Maybe I could treat the rest of them like bowling pins, and try to knock them all down' he said laughing. 'Well, maybe not all at once. What'da ya think Master? Challenge enough?'

'Sounds like you have plenty of prospects. You get started fucking new guys, and you'll find out why I don't see you so often. I keep my cock busy training my slave boys, and trying out some new stuff once in a while. You may get so busy you won't be able to keep your current boys satisfied. And by the way, I'm still interested in that guy who's my twin from Wheaton College. I want him if you can coax him back into town. You get him here once more, and I guarantee he'll join my entourage.'

Wade had been feeling Randy's chest and stomach, and now moved one hand down to Randy's cock. Randy was about half hard, just from the excitement of their conversation, and as Wade played with it, he was definitely getting harder.

'I'll bet you could get me hard again if you tried baby' Wade whispered. 'Just thinking about my hot slave boy as a big muscle stud fucking everybody in sight turns me on.' He played with Randy's cock until it was fully hard, and then letting go, pushed Randy off his lap. 'See what you can do slave boy.' Randy turned around and dove into Wade's crotch taking the growing cock in his mouth.


His body looked to be pretty decent, but who could tell with those silly outfits that the chains require them to wear. But what a face. I wouldn't necessarily say he was pretty, although he really was. Handsome might be a better description, but actually I think cute would probably be best. This kid was cuter than hell. I know he had noticed me when I was there a couple times before. Noticed was not the word. His eyes were bugging out of his head the last time I was there.

I was dressed in my tight jeans and my very snug muscle shirt, which showed my muscle packed upper body, and really emphasized the definition of my monster deltoids and biceps. I was looking really hot. I stepped just inside the door and waited for a couple seconds until he looked up and noticed me. He was waiting on a customer with two others in line. As he looked at me he gave a double take in surprise, and I gave him one of my shit-eating-grins and nodded my head with the 'come hither' signal and stepped back outside. Before the door fully closed I heard 'excuse me for a minute. I have to check on something. I'll be right back.' Oh yeah. This guy was really prime for the picking. I was going to enjoy this.

'Hey man, how's it goin' I said as he came out the door.

'Great man' he said with s smile of joy a mile wide showing on his face. Whew! What an exceptionally cute face on this guy. 'Ah Can I help you' he asked

I wanted to say 'Hell yes you can help me. You can suck my cock right here and now' but I controlled myself.

'Yeah you can help' I said. 'But maybe I can help you too.' I took his hand and pulled it into my crotch, letting him get a good feel. 'What time do you get off work?'

'dddddd..Ah.' he stuttered his face turning red. I gave him one of my super duper smiles again and I could see him melting. Then I felt his hand tighten on my cock so I knew I owned him. There was no question he was turned on to my big muscles, and now I knew he liked my big cock as well. Oh yeah. I was going to see that cute face in my crotch real soon.

I'mmmm. I'm off at nine; ahhhh half an hour' he stuttered.

'Wait for me. I'll be back' I said as I walked away.

It was a full hour before I came back to the shop. I figured a half hour of anticipation would make him nervous and anxious.

He was standing in front of the darkened shop looking forlorn as I pulled up in my old VW.

He was so cute and I was horny and I was really looking forward to the game. This kid was going to get a real lesson in pain and domination tonight. And I was going to have one hell of a time being his teacher. According to Wade's rules, I had to dominate him and make him worship me before I fucked him. That was a given, because that was what all the boys did for me. Having him worship was no biggie, but making him do it while I tortured him was a little harder. I really didn't consider myself a sadist, however, I found that I could get a lot of satisfaction from working a guy over while forcing him to give me the true adoration I required. I found they appreciated it more if I made them work their little buns off to satisfy me. And when I added pain to the picture, they always came through with flying colors, and gave me great sex. I was looking forward to seeing this very cute boy on his knees in front of me crying and begging. 'Hell, maybe I was a sadist' I laughed to myself.

I have to admit that when I fucked my boy Jack, I was now in the habit of slapping him around first. But that wasn't being sadistic, was it? I knew Jack wanted it. He was not happy unless I knocked him around a little. The rape scene is what really turned him on, and the fact is, he kept coming back for more. Besides, I usually had someone there to watch and no matter how he denied it, I know it turned him on as much as it did me.

Now this subway kid. He didn't know what he was in for. But I could tell you this, he would never forget this night. And he would never forget me either.

He was leaning back against the window of the darkened shop as I walked up to him and stopped, not more than six inches away. I gave him another of my shit eating grins, took hold of his hand and pulled it into my crotch again, and holding him there made sure he got a good feel. I leaned forward and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

'My names Randy, but you're going to call me sir, and you're going to be my boy for this evening. Got that?'

' what?'

'Say yes sir.'

'Aaaa Yes sir.'

'Good boy' I said giving him another quick kiss. 'Now unzip me' I ordered. He got a startled look on his face and began to turn red again. Damn, did this guy blush easily. 'I said unzip me. How else ya goin to see what I got?'

'Right here?' he whispered as he rubbed his hand over my hardening cock,

'Feel it getting hot for you babe. All for you. Now unzip my pants like I told you.' He continued groping me for a few seconds more, which was starting to piss me off, but finally, hesitantly, he grabbed the zipper and pulled it down. He looked at me expectantly. I grabbed his crotch and squeezed hard. Oh man he was ready. He was hard as a rock. And he was mine.

'Well, get my cock out of there dumb ass. Go ahead. Pull it out.' His face was beet red, which made him look even cuter, as he struggled to pull my mostly hard cock out of its hiding place. When he finally got it out, I grabbed his hand and made sure he played with it for a bit.

Then clasping both of his hands I pushed both of his arms straight up over his head against the window, pushed forward against him, chest to chest and crotch to crotch and kissed him. He started kissing me back with a vengeance, but I had something else in mind for the moment. Stepping back with my fingers locked with his, I started putting on pressure. This was the 'test of strength' position in wrestling jargon, and as I pressed down, he was forced to his knees. I had him there in seconds with my cock an inch from his mouth.

'Now kiss it' I said as I continued the pressure on his hands hurting him just a little, and pushed my cock against his lips. He gave it a tiny peck, and I was now on my way to having a really good time. Giving him just a tiny bit of pain, and getting him to obey was a great way to start. I let go of his hands and said: 'Go ahead. Just the tip. Kiss it again.' I wanted his willing cooperation if I could get it, before I put him through any real suffering. Taking hold of my cock I rubbed it back and forth against his lips. And he did it. He kissed it again.

'Go ahead and do it one more time' I directed. 'Get some saliva together and make it a nice wet kiss.' He looked up at my muscles with lust in his eyes, as he followed my instructions and gave my cock a wet kiss. Yeah. After less than two minutes the cute little subway boy was already on his knees working my cock. But enough for exhibitionism, I wanted to take him home and start training him.

'Okay, com'on. Let's go' I said as I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to his feet. Putting my arm around him I walked him over to my car with my half hard cock dangling from my pants.

As we got into the car, even before he got settled into his seat, I got my hand behind his head and pulled him down forcefully to my crotch. 'Kiss it again' I ordered. He again kissed the tip. 'Do it again, and make it a wet one' I directed. I got a jolt of pleasure as he took the head in his mouth, swirled his tongue around, and gave it a loud smacking kiss. Oh yeah. This kid was coming along real fine.

'Good boy' I purred as I petted his straw colored hair. 'Good boy. Now go ahead and suck it. Gently' I directed. 'Slow and easy. Think of how it makes me feel.' As he took a couple inches of my cock and started sucking, I started the car and headed for home. I lived close by so we were in my driveway in barely five minutes. As we got out of the car I took him by the hand and led him into my garage/workout room.

As we entered the room I pulled off my muscle shirt, tossed it aside, and gave him a double bicep pose. His mouth dropped open in awe.

'Jesus man. You're so gorgeous' he said, totally enraptured. Without a word I pulled his face into my chest, and he started worshiping my massive pecs.

'Hand's behind your back kid. I wanna feel just that mouth on my pec.' He did as he was told and clasped his hands behind his back and got busy licking and kissing my chest.

'God, you're so beautiful' he murmured as he licked. I just watched for several minutes as he worshiped. Finally, holding him behind the neck, I walked over to the workout bench dragging him along with me, sat down pushing him to his knees between my legs, and pulled his face back into my chest. This was a better angle, because I wanted to see his eyes. I wanted him to look me in the eye while he sucked and see the expression of superiority in my face. Once more a superior dominant male creates a subservient worshiping disciple.

After a bit, I rubbed his face back and forth through his spit, and then moved him to the other side. 'Okay, look up at me babe' I said. He craned his neck and turned so he could look up while he continued licking. I gave him a big grin and patted his face a few times. Letting him lick for a while, I finally took him by the hair and pulled him back. He was breathing hard and his beautiful face was covered with saliva. God, I loved that look.

Putting my right hand behind my head and flexing my enormous bicep, I pulled him into my armpit. 'Go to it babe' I ordered. 'Suck my armpit. Lick all that sweat out of there.' He dove in like a dog after a bone, and started licking and sucking it.

Now that I owned him, I accomplished rule one of Wade's game.. The hunt, the capture, the worship. Easy as pie. In fact it was so easy, it definitely needed something to spice it up. Let's see if a little pain would make it more interesting.

The boy's hands were still behind his back as I reached around and grabbed one of them. I twisted it as I pulled it up sharply towards his shoulder.

Yeeeaaaaaaawwwww' he screamed as I jerked his arm hard.

As I let off slightly I said 'You can do better than that god damn it. Worship that armpit. Shit, I can't even feel it. Don't just play at it, suck the damn thing.' Suddenly I felt him redouble his efforts and start licking and sucking my armpit with a vengeance. Hell, it was so easy I actually laughed aloud. 'Yeah boy. Go to it' I laughed. I let him go at it for several minutes, but kept the pressure on his arm, and every once in a while gave it a painful jerk as additional encouragement. He was now really licking and sucking up a storm.

Finally, I pushed him away, grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, and just grinned at him for a bit. His face was dripping with his saliva, and tears were streaming down his face, and he seemed to be sobbing. 'Pleeeeease, please' he mumbled. 'Please. That hurts' he whispered.

Giving his arm another jerk I said 'Call me sir you little shit. Like I told you.'

'Yes sir' he said. 'Please sir. You're breaking my arm sir,' With a slight cough, I brought up some saliva and spit it into his face. It landed above his right eyebrow and dripped down his cheek to his chin.

'Open your eyes boy. Look at me' I demanded as I pulled him close. He looked up teary eyed as I leaned forward, and developing some more phlegm, let it gradually drop from my mouth to his face. He watched until the last second when it fell on his nose and in one eye. Letting go of him I put my other arm up behind my head and pulled him up into that armpit. I then reached down and grabbed his same arm and again jerked it up towards his shoulder. He screamed again, so I let up slightly, and he started frantically licking and kissing my other armpit. Yeah. This was the way to get real action from a disciple. He was now really scared of me and working his butt off. I loved the fear and I loved the incredible fervor that it inspired.

The game was now a whole lot more fun and I was really getting into it.

When I was finally satisfied, I pulled him back, put my hand in his face and pushed him over backwards onto his back. He was a sight to behold. He was panting hard and he had a dazed look on his spit covered face as he looked me in the eye. There was also a strong look of fear in his eyes.

'Okay kid. Strip. Strip down for me' I demanded.

'Please sir.' he sobbed.

'Shut the fuck up' I ordered. 'I don't want to hear your squeaky voice again. Just do as you're told.' Still sobbing he quickly stripped down to his underwear, and after a nod from me, he pulled them off as well. 'Now me' I ordered. 'Get my shoes and socks off.' I loved the fact that he jumped to obey. He was coming right along. He carefully removed my shoes and socks, and then as I directed, he unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down and off. 'The jock too' I instructed. Obeying my command he removed my jock strap as well. As I sat back down on the bench, I grinned at the fear showing in his eyes, as he waited for my next instruction. This kid now knew I was a demanding sexual partner, and I was confident he would work his ass off for me. I was sure he was ready to give me all the pleasure I could handle.

I don't consider myself a sadist, but I guess maybe I have an evil side. In fact I was a wrestler because I liked to use my muscles and strength to dominate guys. I also liked to hurt them sometimes, but is that really being sadistic? I don't think so. To get the devotion that my fabulous body deserves I sometimes have to slam them around a little just to get their dedicated attention. Once I accomplish that they almost always are enthusiastic about giving me the adulation that I require. It's very seldom that I have to really lambaste a guy to get him with the program. That's not being sadistic, that's being tenacious, or at the very worst egotistical. So I've got a hell of an ego that needs to be fed regularly. Big fuckin deal.

Outside the wrestling scene, I know I'm dazzling, and most everyone wants me, so why not slap them around just a bit and make them work their asses off to serve me? They know I'm a butch number and they expect me to rough them up while I dominate them. I just give them what they want. Besides, one of my favorite sexual scenes is having a guy beg me to fuck him. I only get to that begging part by knocking him around a bit during the warm up. And, anyway, I built these muscles to be worshiped, and any guy should be happy to take a little pain to be able to go with anyone as dreamy looking as me. Hell, they all want me. Is it my fuckin fault that they want me to tyrannize them?

I snapped my fingers, and he instantly dropped to his knees in front of me. I got on my knees as well so our noses were almost touching, as I reached behind him and grabbed a wrist in each hand. Looking him right in the eye from inches away, I started pulling both his arms up. He started groaning, but I kept pulling them until he started yelling in pain.

'Please, please, please Eaaaaaaooh' he yelled. I gave the arms a good jerk and then lessened the pressure. He was gasping for breath and crying and moaning.

'Open your fucking eyes' I demanded. As he opened his eyes I saw the fear and pain showing and was really turned on. I couldn't help but get a smug look of satisfaction on my face. 'You want to worship my muscles little boy?'

'Please sir. Please sir. That really hurts' he whispered.

'Answer my fuckin question asshole' I growled as I jerked the arms again.

'Eaaaooooh' he cried. 'Please sir. Please. I'll do whatever you want.'

I let go of his arms and sat back on the bench.

'Kiss my feet little boy' I directed. I waited two seconds and then slapped him hard across the face. He yelled as he was knocked completely over onto the floor. 'When I give you an order, you obey instantly' I growled as I grabbed him by the hair and jerked him back up. 'Now thank me for hitting you.' He had a startled look on his face, as I waited two seconds and hit him again. He let out a yell as he went down on the floor again. I grabbed him by the hair and jerked him up again. He was really crying now.

'Thank me for hitting you boy' I repeated. 'You've got two seconds. One. two' I said as I raised my hand.

'WAIT' he screamed as I reached two. 'Please sir. Please don't hit me. Please; I'll do what you want.'

'Do as I told you' I demanded. 'Thank me for hitting you.'

'Thank you sir for hitting me sir' he said, really bawling now.

'Good boy' I said patting his head. 'You're catching on. Now, I like instant obedience. That okay with you boy?'

'Yes sir. Whatever you want sir' he panted still sobbing.

I smiled at him again as I said 'I also like hitting you. Is that okay?'

He hesitated not knowing what to say. I held up my hand and he screamed: 'yes sir, yes sir.'

'Yes sir what' I asked again with a big grin. I couldn't believe how much I was loving this guys misery. Wow was it hot. It was really turning me on and I was as hard as a rock.

'Yes sir' he answered, terrified of my two second limit. 'Yes sir. You can hit me if you want.' He had barely stopped crying, but now started again softly.

'I know I can hit you my little toad. I asked you if you liked it.'

'Yes sir, I like you hitting me' he said through his tears.

'Good boy. Good answer. You're learning' I said. 'Now, if you listen and do exactly what I tell you, I won't hit you any more. Now kiss my feet like I told you.' His head was down and he kissed my feet in an instant. 'Do it some more you stupid cunt' I demanded as he hesitated after the first kiss. 'And get that tongue busy.' He did as he was told and got busy worshiping my feet, moving from one to the other when I snapped my fingers. Having him lick my feet was only for his humiliation, not necessarily my pleasure, so I didn't keep him at it for very long.

Finally I reached over his back, gave him a good hard slap on the rump, got up and stepped over to my wrestling mat. I lay down on and got comfortable on some cushions and pillows that were stacked there. 'Get on my balls boy' I ordered. He was there in a second and started licking my balls. I lay back, put my hands behind my head, closed my eyes and just relaxed while he went at it. I didn't even move for at least ten minutes while he licked and sucked my balls. He was doing a good job too, obviously really concentrating on what he was doing. 'Okay babe' I finally said. 'Get your crackerjack kisser up here on my chest and worship my pecs again. Lots of tongue babe. These muscles were built for your tongue, so let me feel it.' In a split second he was licking my chest. I just watched for a couple minutes.

'Lots of saliva stupid, and I want to hear you sucking and kissing. And wipe it off as you go dumb ass' I instructed. He instantly obeyed and not only licked, but now sucked and kissed and slobbered all over my pecs, and used his hand to wipe it off as he went. I closed my eyes again and let him go at it. He moved from one side to the deep indentation between the bulging pecs and then to the other side, and back again. After ten or fifteen minutes I pushed his head down and he started worshiping my abs. I breathed out and forced the hard muscled ridges of my tight abdominals to pop up. He very carefully licked back and forth over the hills and valleys of my abs, and at my direction, spent several minutes worshiping my belly button. The pleasure I was getting from his worship was extraordinary.

When I sat up, I grabbed him by the shoulders and rolled him over. As I did I noticed his cock was almost fully hard so I guess slapping him around was not turning him off, but was, in fact, turning him on. Oh yeah, I had me a horny little masochist here. Obviously being my slave was beginning to get him really hot. I got on my knees and turned around, and eased my ass down on his face. I didn't say anything, but he knew what to do, and knew he better do it quick. He stuck his tongue out and started licking.

'No hands' I said. 'Just your mouth. And I want to hear you slurping on it.' He immediately moved his hands away and did what he was told and started licking and sucking my ass with a vengeance, and slurping loudly. I had to laugh out loud again. He was such a cute boy and imagining his pretty face in my ass was funnier than hell. I wished there was some way I could see it. I finally slid my ass back so I could see his face. He was bleary eyed and covered with saliva and sweat, with his hair matted to his forehead. He looked beautiful. I moved my ass back over his face. As he worshiped I would lift up so he could lick the cheeks, and then ease down forcing his nose tight into the crack and allowing him to stick his tongue inside.

I was in no hurry here so I just let him lick my ass like forever. I gave him encouragement occasionally until he finally had his tongue deep into my ass and was wiggling it. The feeling was fabulous. All this time I had only to touch my cock occasionally to keep it fully hard, and I was actually trying to keep from getting too hot too fast. Even though he was a little guy, knocking him around and terrorizing the shit out of him was a real turn on. As much as I was enjoying his teary eyed worship, I knew it had to come to an end.

Finally I stood up. 'On you knees' I said. He was up in a split second.

'Do you want to suck my cock' I asked as I let it bob up and down before his face. He hesitated, not knowing how to answer the question.

I raised my hand and he yelled: 'Yes sir, yes sir. I want to suck your cock.'

'Tell me how much you want it puppy. I want to hear you beg to suck my cock. Go ahead, say it' I demanded.

As I raised my hand I saw the extreme fear in his eyes. 'Please sir. I'll do whatever your want' he said as tears again started to drip down his face. 'Please sir. Don't hit me. I'll suck your cock for you.'

'I told you to beg me to let you suck it, now say it before you piss me off.'

'Please sir, let me suck your cock. I beg you to let me suck it' he finally said.

Putting my hands on my hips I said only one word: 'suck.' He took my cock in his mouth and started sucking up a storm. I grabbed him by the hair and backed up over to the bench dragging him behind me with my cock in his mouth. I sat down and let him go at it.

We'd been at it for over an hour now, and I had accomplished all the requirements of the game. It had been incredibly entertaining but now I was ready to blow my wad.

'Look at me while you suck my cock' I ordered, and he open his eyes and looked up. He looked terrific; his very cute face with my enormous cock sticking out of his mouth. As I stared into his eyes, I put both my hands on his head, pushed my cock a little deeper, and held him there. 'I hope you're going to give me an incredible blow job here babe. Don't make me kick your ass again. You got that?' He shook his face up and down and the tears continued flowing. He looked so fuckin cute shaking his head with my cock in his mouth. 'Here goes' I said as I pulled his head gently but firmly all the way into my crotch, and felt it push into his throat. I held him for a couple seconds when he started to choke. I pulled half way out. 'You control that choking or else, you little shit' I demanded. 'You don't want to piss me off now.' Once more I pulled his face into my cock until he was jammed into my crotch hairs. I held him for only a second and then let him off my cock completely. He gasped as he came off but he didn't choke. I pulled him all the way in again and then halfway off. His eyes were clenched shut and I could see he was struggling for control, but he was repressing the gag reflex. I then started pulling him in and deep throat fucking into his face. Each time my cock went in deep, I would jerk his head forcing another fraction into his throat. The feeling was fabulous. I was hot but didn't want to come too quickly, so I continued the slow deep throat fucking for many long minutes. He choked a couple times, and acted like he was going to vomit once, but I gave him a slap and he got it under control.

Finally, when I was super hot and ready, I stood up, grabbed his hair tightly with both hands, and started jerking his head hard and fast onto my cock. I wasn't going as deep as before, but was going hot and heavy into his mouth. When I started cuming I gave him a taste, but was more interested it getting it all over his cute face. Grabbing his hair with one hand and my cock with the other as I shot, I made sure every bit hit him in the face. He was gasping and breathing hard as I finished and then pushed my cock into his face and rubbed my cum around.

Suddenly, I realized that I was tired. Jesus, what a workout. I sat down with a sigh, and looked at my boy sitting on his heels, eyes tightly closed, face covered with my cum, and still gasping for breath. I grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around between my legs so his head was leaning back against my abdomen. I looked down and saw his cock was still almost fully hard. Obviously fucking his face had turned him on.

'Cum for me babe' I whispered in his ear. 'Play with your little cock and shoot for me.' I reached one hand down and pinched his tit gently. I started playing with it and gradually pinching it harder and harder as he started jerking his cock. I moved to the other one and did the same as I heard him start to breath faster. I could tell he was getting close. I then pinched his tit hard and he groaned. Moving to the other one I pinched it hard as well. He groaned again and started to shoot. And god did he shoot. He only had five or six inches, but he must have shot ten feet. His whole body started shaking and he yelled in elation as he pumped his cum all over the floor..

Finally he relaxed and lay back with his head against me and arms on my thighs. Once his breathing got back to normal, I put one arm under his legs, the other under his shoulders, and lifting him, carried him over to the wrestling mat. As I put him down I lay on top of him, licked some of my cum from his face and pressed my lips against his. He started immediately kissing me back and we dueled tongues for a while. Finally I got up on my elbows, looking down into his eyes. 'Sorry if I hurt you baby. But you made me fucking hot and I know you needed this. Just from the way you looked at me, I knew you wanted to be my boy.' I kissed him again. 'You are my boy now. You belong to me.' He did not give me any argument.


I was wearing only my jock strap this time as I answered the door. The guy was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans and had a pretty smile as he said 'Pizza delivery for you sir.' He was a nicely put together boy, even better than I remembered with formidable muscles showing through the shirt.

'Come in' I said almost before I had the door open. Then his eyes widened as he finally saw my massive almost nude body. He stood there in shock with his mouth hanging open as I took his arm, pulled him inside and closed the door. I took the pizza box and put it on the chair. Then stepping forward I put one hand behind his head and the other on his butt, pushed him against the wall, and started kissing him.

He started struggling and pushed me away, but I grabbed both wrists and pushed against him again. He was still struggling but so was I and I didn't let him get away.

'Com'on man. You know you want it' I whispered in his ear as I pushed my muscular chest against his, two masses of rock hard muscle pressed together. As I continued holding his arms I said: 'Remember last week when you were here? Remember seein my hot bod? My muscles really turned you on didn't they? I'll bet you wet your pants when you left here, didn't you?' I chuckled.

As I held him he was finally beginning to relax, and was not fighting my hold on his arms any longer. This kid with the muscles was very strong, so it was a relief that he was finally getting to the program.

'Hey man. I can't do this' he said as he relaxed completely.

'Yes you can babe. Now kiss me' I said as I let go of his arms, and held his head in both hands as I forced a kiss. This time there was no resistance at all, and he started aggressively kissing me back. I was a bit startled and felt a surge shoot through my cock. This guy with the muscles was not a submissive wimp. He was an assertive stud. 'Shit' I thought. 'This guy was going to be a challenge, but subduing him was going to hotter than hell.'

We tangled our tongues for several minutes as we hugged each other tightly. He did not touch my butt, evidently like a lot of butch guys, a little nervous about being too aggressive. However, I had no such compunctions, and I groped his ass and even pinched him once.

'You still delivering?' I asked.

'Yeah' he said. 'I got two more to go.'

'Okay, I'll go with you' I said. 'Let me get my shoes.' This guy was spirited but nervous about my dominance and I didn't want to spook him, but I wasn't about to let him get away. He was like a frisky young colt and I was getting really excited about breaking him. This guy didn't know it yet, but before the night was out, he was going to be squealing with pleasure as I fucked him. My growing cock was telling me it was going to be a fantastic fuck.

Once I got my shoes on I put my hand on his chest feeling his bulging pectoral muscle, I pulled his hand to my chest and he started feeling me as well. 'I like your muscles babe' I said as I kissed him. 'Now, tell me my muscles turn you on. They do, don't they?'

'Yeah, they do' he said. 'You're really hot, man' he said as we continued kissing. Finally we stopped kissing so he could continue with his deliveries.

I walked out to his car wearing only my jock strap with my hand on his ass. Now, just how sexy is that? He was looking around to see if anybody was there, and was obviously embarrassed, but I could see by the bulge in his crotch that he was really turned on. Hell, even though it was after dark, walking in my front yard in only a jock strap was just about as brazen as anyone could get.

During the drive I kept my hand in his crotch, making him stay fully hard. He was embarrassed about showing a big bulge while delivering the pizzas but I wouldn't let him go soft. He tried not to look at me, but was totally mesmerized by my near nudity since I was wearing almost nothing. There was no question this guy was a serious body builder, with a nice big muscular body, so he was trying not to show how impressed he was with my incredible build. But I easily saw through that and that's why I was reeling him in. I saw his eyes bug out of his head when he delivered last week so I knew he was hot for my body. He had some real nice muscles for a guy so young, probably seventeen or eighteen, and I'll bet he spent a lot of time in front of the mirror, but since I was bigger than him in every dimension with definition he could only dream about, I could see that he was intimidated by me Okay, so I was a year or two younger than him, but he didn't know that. I was not about to let him find out my age and I intended to keep him intimidated.

The guy was built and probably liked to think that he was a dominant. But I was sure that deep down he already knew he had met his Master. Who else but a totally unmatched swaggering superman would have the temerity to go around town wearing only a jock. I just had to prove it to him that I was his Master. He might continue pretending to be butch, but I was confident that he would soon be licking every inch of my body and loving it.

As we re-entered my house, I closed the door and pushed him against the wall. 'Here's where we started' I whispered in his ear as I kissed him. 'Let's start over.' Holding his head with one hand and aggressively kissing him, I put my other hand down inside his pants and grabbed his ass. I knew I was going too fast, and was probably going to spook him, but I was so hot that I couldn't wait any longer. If I wanted his cooperation, I needed him to be lusting for my cock. However, I couldn't wait, and if I had to hold him down and rape him, that was the way it was going to be. Besides, there were few things more exciting than taking a guy against his will, particularly a muscle man like this one.

'Hey man' he whispered through the kiss as I groped his ass. 'I don't get fucked.'

'Don't worry about it babe' I crooned as I removed my hand from his head, grabbed his hand and pulled it into my crotch. I was definitely bigger than him down there. 'But feel what you're doing to me babe. Making me hard. Making me big and hard.' I grabbed his T-shirt and pulled it over his head and tossed it aside. He put his hand back on my cock which made me smile, so I put both hands down his pants feeling his ass pulling him in close. 'Fuck or no fuck baby; you have a hot ass' I mumbled through the kiss.

I felt his hard cock pushing against me, and it seemed to be on the small side. Substantially smaller than me anyway. He still had his hand on mine, so I knew he was turned on to big ones. Holding him tight by my grip on his ass, I maneuvered him over to the sofa. Still feeling my cock with one hand, he put the other on my ass; evidently trying to let me know he was butch. I wasn't buying it. I finally broke the kiss and pushed him down on the sofa. Standing in front of him with our legs touching, I performed a double bicep pose. 'Whatdaya think guy. Pretty impressive?' I asked. I held the pose as I turned my head and admired each bicep in turn. 'Incredible, aren't they?' I asked.

'Yeah, man' he said with lust in his breathless voice. 'You're cool.'

'Go ahead and feel 'em babe' I directed. 'I like those big arms of yours, but feel these arms. Go ahead and feel these hot biceps.' As I flexed he leaned forward and put a hand on my right biceps, feeling my hard swollen muscle. I reached down and pulled up his other hand, so he was feeling it now with both hands. I let him get a good feel, then put my hand behind his head and pulled him forward bringing his lips right up against it. He seemed to hesitate but I held him there. 'Kiss it babe. Go ahead. Kiss that hard bicep baby.' I whispered. It took him a few seconds to clear it through his brain, and then he kissed my bicep. 'Again baby. Do it some more' I swooned. Still feeling the bulging muscle with both hands he continued kissing it.

I knew this butch muscle man was going to expect me to worship him in return, but that wasn't my game. What he was going to find out pretty quick was that I was following Wade's game, and I was going to take what I wanted, by force if necessary, and what he got in return was the pleasure of serving me. Training this muscle man to serve me was going to be a tough nut to crack, but was going to be super hot.

After giving him plenty of time on my bulging bicep, I took hold of his hair, and firmly pulled him over to me chest. 'Lick my chest boy. Worship my big chest with your mouth.' He glanced up at me and looked like he might give me some lip, but then went ahead and started to lick my pecs. There was no question in my mind he was enjoying it as much as I was. 'Com'on man. Get into it. Worship your man's big muscles' I said to urge him on. I had my hands on my hips looking into the mirror across the room and watching him as he worked on my chest. Shit, I looked incredible. My astonishing muscular almost nude body being worshiped by a guy whose muscles were looking almost as good as mine. Jesus, this was hot. And this guy was really getting into my muscles now, and without any coercion. And he didn't want to get fucked? Shiiiiiiiit; tell me about it! A guy who wants to worship my body but doesn't want me to fuck him? You got to be kidding. This guy was ready to take my cock anyway he could get it.

I put my hand on the top of his head and gave him a push down to my abdominals. I did the lat spread pose, forcing my abs into a hard washboard effect. I actually heard him gasp and start breathing hard as he started licking up and down the ridges and valleys of my abs. He had an enormous bulge showing in his jeans, so I knew he was totally turned on. Oh yeah, he was one hot little mother fucker.

After a bit I pushed his head down further to my belly button and let him lick it for a while. And then pushed him on down to my jock strap. He had both hands on my thighs and was rubbing his hands over the bulging quadriceps as he started licking my crotch hair sticking above my jock. Shit! This kid just couldn't get enough of my muscles.

My cock was hard as a rock and trying to burst its way out of my jock strap when I pushed his mouth down on it. I held him there just in case, but he started sucking it like a pro without any goading from me at all. He was so hot for me I think he forgot he was supposed to be butch. I just watched him suck my big hard eight inches through the jock for a while. Finally, I grabbed him by the hair, stepped back, and pulling hard, dragged him from the sofa to his knees.

'What the fuck man' he yelled putting his hands up to his hair and trying to stop me. However, I didn't let go until he was on his knees and I had pushed my crotch into his face. This was the first time I actually hurt him, but I wanted him to know I could if I wanted too. I let go of his hair and grabbing both his hands, brought them to my waist.

'Time to take it off babe. Pull it down for me' I ordered. 'Pull my jock down.' He didn't give me any argument, even though I had just hurt him. He just took hold and pulled my jock strap down. However, that was harder than he expected, because the tight jock didn't want to let go of my big hard cock. But he finally got it down and I stepped out of it. Then I took his chin and aimed his head up so we were looking each other in the eye. With my other hand I took my cock and very gently bounced it against his nose a few times. We were staring each other in the eye but I didn't say anything and neither did he. I didn't gloat like I wanted to, but I was grinning inside. We were both accepting the situation as is, but he was the one on his knees, and I was the one with my cock banging in his face. I moved my hand from his chin to his hair and got a good grip, and aiming my cock at his mouth, pulled him into my cock. About four inches slid into his mouth.

'Okay man. Show me what you can do' I said softly. I put my hands on my hips (my favorite stance for that superior 'arrogant' look) and watched as he started to suck my enormous cock that was sticking out of his face. 'In and out babe' I said. 'In and out.' I didn't move a millimeter, but made him do all the work of sucking and bobbing his head back and forth on my cock. Yeah, if he didn't know what submissive meant before tonight, he sure was going to find out real soon.

'Deeper babe. Take it deeper' I directed after a while. He obeyed and starting to take more. He gagged once and pulled back, so I finally moved my hand to the back of his head to give him some encouragement. He still tried taking it deeper but gagged again and pulled back. This time I stopped him and pushed back in. He gagged again so I grabbed his hair and held him for a full second before I let him pull back. He was gasping and coughing but I only gave a couple seconds before I pushed back in. He gagged again. Evidently he was more used to being sucked than in doing the sucking himself. Well, he was going to have to learn pretty damn quick.

'Concentrate man' I demanded. 'Don't choke on the damn thing. Don't let it happen. You can do it.' I pushed in again and immediately pulled back. I did this a couple times, and he seemed to be handling it. Then I pushed about six inches in and held it. I noticed he was turning red in the face, but he seemed to be okay. I wanted to fuck his face, but he was a very muscular dude, and I knew he had the strength to ruin it if I tried to overpower him. So, I decided to just play with him for a while, making him choke a little, just enough so he had to struggle to handle my cock. I wanted him to clearly understand who was in charge here. Then, one way or another, I was going to get his ass.

So, we went at it. I held his head still now, and I did the fucking, while he did the sucking. I would go half a dozen thrusts before I would push it in deep, and he would choke. Then we would do it again. His hands were on my muscular thighs, but he never seriously tried to get away. Only once did I get all eight inches into his throat, but it felt marvelous, and that one time only he didn't choke. I knew he could be a great cocksucker with a little practice. We played this game for about twenty minutes before I began to get a little bored. I was ready to fuck his ass.

I yanked him to his feet and unbuckled his belt and jeans and pulled them down. As he stepped out of them I pulled the tennis shoes off as well. I glanced up at him from my position on my knees, and he had a grin on his face. Oh yeah man, wishful thinking. Only one guy is on his knees tonight and it ain't me. I grabbed his jockey shorts and jerked them down and off.

As I stood up I grabbed him around the waist and jerked him hard actually pulling him off his feet, and leaning over, held him in a crushing hug and kissed him. Keeping him off balance was a big part of my plan. It was hard work to hold him there, but I wanted him to understand and accept my strength and control as I kissed him. I held him in a spit sharing kiss for a while. He had one hand around my waist and one on my shoulder, as I held him there in a tight hug, holding him up off the floor. After a minute or two, I pulled him back to his feet, and without breaking the kiss, put one hand behind his head, and the other on his ass. With my show of strength and my hand feeling his ass, he had to know that my cock was going to get in there real soon.

When I finally broke the kiss, I slapped his ass, and taking his arms, pushed him ahead of me into the bedroom. When we got there I literally threw him onto the bed. Then going to the bedside table, I picked up a tube of cream. He watched me as I removed the cap and put it down.

'Please man, I don't get fucked' he pleaded. Shit, he said please. He was afraid, but he knew it was going to happen.

'Sorry man, but you don't suck worth a shit, so this is it. You're going to get fucked tonight. But don't get uptight man. I'll go slow.' Squirting some cream on my hand I walked up to the bed, grabbed his head and pulled him to the edge so he was lying on his side, and pushed my cock into his mouth.

'Maybe this is a better angle babe' I said. 'Let's try again. You blow me good and maybe I won't have to fuck your ass after all.' As he started sucking, I reached down to his ass and started to rub the cream on his hole. I watched his face as I pushed a couple more inches into his mouth, and saw tears beginning to drip. Shit, he really was mine now. He finally figured out who the top man was, and knew if he didn't give me one hell of a blow job he was going to get fucked. What he didn't know yet was that I intended to get both anyway. It was obviously humiliating for him to admit that I was a better man, and had bested him. I was thrilled, and was not about to keep from gloating.

'Yeah, my little cocksucker' I said, pushing in deeper. 'Let's hear you choke some more on your man's big cock.' Leaning against the bed and holding still, I grabbed his hair and again, showing my dominance I dragged his head back and forth on my cock. It always made me feel powerful to do it this way. Me standing or lying perfectly still while a worshiper worked his butt off to give me pleasure. Or, in this case, since I was doing the work by manipulating his head, it made me feel omnipotent to see his face fucking my cock as I forcefully dragged him around. His face was fucking my cock, not vice versa. So far he was handling it better and wasn't choking, but I wasn't all the way in yet.

I was hot and about ready to fuck him, but seeing the tears in his eyes really turned me on, and made me mad with the desire to degrade him even more. There was nothing hotter than working to ensnare a guy and then seeing the look of defeat in his eyes as I subdue him with my indomitable power and superiority. Bullying and tormenting this muscle guy was so exciting that I didn't want to quit. Yes I wanted to fuck him, but I wanted a blow job first, and wanted to hear him totally surrendering himself to me and clearly understanding his servile status by giving me the homage and adoration that I deserved. I wanted him to know I was a god and deserved total reverence from him.

Putting one hand on the back of his head, and the other below his chin, I pulled him in tight to my crotch, forcing my cock all the way in as tight as I could get. He held it for several seconds before he started struggling, so I pulled back and then rammed in again. This time he put his hands up and pushed me away, and he was too strong for me to force my way back.

'Get your damn hands out of the way man' I demanded as I pushed them aside. As I grabbed his head again to pull him in, he put his hands back on my legs. As much as I tried I couldn't overcome him trying to push himself away. If I was going to fuck his face I was going to have to get his hands out of the way.

'Shit man, you're making me do this' I said in disgust, as I reached into the bedside table and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. I snapped them on one wrist, and twisting the other quickly behind him, snapped them on that wrist as well. So much for 'Wade's game,' which didn't allow me to use restraints. Right now I was too involved in dominating this guy to continue being subtle. I was hot to trot, and I was going to dominate him, and fuck him, and rape him. And I was going to do it right now.

'Hey man, whadaya doin?' he cried. 'Com'on man don't do this. Please man; don't.' I grabbed his head and pulled it back on my cock. All the way.

I leaned down and whispered into his ear as I pulled back. 'Listen, you little shit. You better learn to take me really quick if you want to continue breathing. Now stop your fuckin choking and take it deep.' I pulled him into me again all the way and held him. I could see his face was bright red and he was trying desperately not to choke. 'Yeah, this was the way I wanted him' I thought as I pulled back. Totally desperate and terrified and doing everything in his power to try to satisfy me. He gasped and took a huge breath as I pulled his face back in tight to my crotch. He didn't choke this time either so I held him for four or five seconds before pushing him back. He again gasped for breath, and I did it again. He really seemed to be finally getting with the program. I continued slowly pulling him in and holding him, each time a second or two longer, and then letting him breathe.

'Okay baby, your turn' I said as I let go of his head. 'Keep it going, real deep, just the way I like it.' Now I would see if he was totally under my control. Would he choke himself on my cock now on his own to try to please me? Or would I have to force him? It was fun using force on this guy, or any guy for that matter, but it was better watchin 'em impale themselves just to make me happy.

He went in deep by himself, choked a little, pulled back and did it again. He was definitely getting better. 'Hold it in there man' I instructed. 'Go deep and hold it.' This time he stayed in deep for four or five seconds before he pulled back. I watched as he did it a couple more times. He finally seemed to be over the choking or gagging. When he started in once more I put my hand behind his head to help, and when he was all the way, I jacked my hips hard into his face, squeezing the last half inch of my cock into his tight throat. I held him there for a good five or six seconds and then jacked my hips once more even harder before I finally let him go. The feeling was exquisite and I was getting super hot.

As I finally pulled out, he was gasping and wheezing, and although his eyes were closed the tears were flowing freely. Shit, it made me feel so fuckin powerful to see him crying that I had to laugh aloud in total delight. I was one awesome top dog, and I totally owned this guy. Holding his head tight I rammed hard into his throat three times and started to cum. I pulled back just inside his mouth as I shot. I didn't want him choking and spitting my cum all over me. After a couple shots in his mouth I pulled out and shot into his face. It was so fucking cool seeing this muscle guy panting and gasping with tears streaming down his face and my cum shooting all over him. Jesus, what an incredible sight.

When I finally started calming down, I put my hand on his face smearing my cum all over, particularly up his nose and on his eye lids. I then pushed all four fingers into his mouth, and without a word he licked them clean. I thought the tears were from my face fucking, but as I pulled my fingers out of his mouth I heard him sobbing. I felt a surge of excitement shoot through me as I heard him crying, evidently from the humiliation of being bested by me. I was ecstatic.

'Open your eyes and look at me' I said with a smirk on my face. I wanted him to see my look of total superiority. 'Look at me' I demanded. He was still sobbing as he looked up at me. 'Good man. That was a fantastic blow job. You can be one hell of a cocksucker if you really put your mind to it.' Seeing tears of defeat in his eyes was incredible. Hell, taking this muscle guy down and controlling him was almost better than the sex. And doing it knowing a hard fuck was soon to follow was absolutely fabulous.

Picking the tube of cream back up from the bed side table, I put it into his handcuffed hand. 'Okay man, you want to loosen yourself up, now's your chance. I already had my finger up there, but my cock is a whole lot bigger, so you better get ready. You got ten minutes.'

'No man, no' he whimpered, really sobbing now. 'Don't do this man. Please don't fuck me. Shit, I'll suck you again. Anything you want man' he pleaded.

'Ten minutes fuck boy' I said as I gave him a slap on the ass. I stood back and started playing with my cock as I watched him. Still crying, he rolled over on his stomach, and maneuvering around, squeezed some cream on one of his handcuffed hands and started rubbing it on his crack.

His eyes were clenched closed but I wanted to gloat some more.

'Open your eyes stud. Look at your muscle master. Take a look at the cock that's going to break you open' I said. 'Open your fucking eyes' I yelled and he finally opened them. My cock was sticking out like a flag pole as I gave him the lat spread, forcing my incredible muscles to bulge and flex. Looking into the mirror made me gasp in amazement. I was sweating and my big round muscular shoulders and huge chest were glistening, and my big eight inches was bobbing up and down with precum oozing out the tip. Shit, I looked like a god.

'Keep your fuckin eyes open' I demanded as I stepped up to the bed and started banging my cock in his face. Hell, what could be more exciting than this? This big muscle boy staring at my cock as I banged it in his face, while he squirmed around trying to get himself ready for me to rape his ass. Talk about a feeling of power and superiority; this was the ultimate. I was turning myself on so much, that if I didn't watch out I would come without even touching his ass.

I turned around and walked into the bathroom and rubbed a towel over my face. My cock was still sticking straight out. Man, was I hot and ready to go. I knew already that fucking this muscle boy's ass was going to be one of the most exciting events of my life.

'Your ten minutes are up babe' I said as I walked back into the bedroom.

'Please man. Please' he whimpered. 'Don't do this. I can't take being fucked man.'

I took the tube of cream from him, pushed him on his back, and climbed on top. My big hard cock was bobbing in his face as I squeezed some cream on it and smeared it around. 'All hot and ready for your ass, man' I said as I slid back, grabbed his legs, and pulled them up on my shoulders.

Holding his legs wide, I slid the tip of my cock up and down his crack a few times, and then finding the hole, I pushed it in.

'Yeeeaaaooooh' he screamed as I entered him. Jesus, he really didn't like being fucked, but it sure's hell felt good to me. He was sobbing and groaning and I only had a couple inches in him; six more to go. I gave him a minute before I pushed in another inch or so.

'Yeeeaaaoooh' he screamed again. Either I was killing him or he was one of those screamers. He sure felt tight, so he probably didn't loosen himself up enough. All the better for me because hot and tight was the way I liked it. He was sobbing and begging me to quit, but I wasn't paying much attention to anything except the exquisite feeling in my cock. I pushed hard to get another inch or so into him. Man was he tight. Those hard muscles of his definitely reached down to his sphincter muscles as well.

He was really howling now and I was only half way, so I pulled all the way out of him. He stopped yelling but was panting up a storm and crying and the sweat was pouring off of him.

'Oh please man. Please. I can't take it' he whimpered. 'Please don't.'

'Here we go man' I said. 'You can take it now. Relax baby. I'll take it nice and slow.' I pushed hard and got a good half way into him and stopped again to give him a rest. He didn't scream this time, but he was groaning and crying.

'Big man like you. Big muscle man' I whispered. 'You can take it.' With that, I pushed hard and went in almost all the way. Christ, what a feeling. This was definitely the tightest ass I'd ever got my cock into. Jesus, I didn't realize fucking a muscle man could be so incredible. I just sat for a minute luxuriating in the immense pleasure of his tight ass. Fucking fabulous. He was still moaning as I pulled part way out and pushed back in. Then very slowly I started pulling almost all the way out and then pushing back in. I wanted it to last and the slow fucking was giving my cock surges of pleasure. He was still tighter than hell but my cock was now moving in and out easier.

He was still moaning and whimpering, but I began to wonder if he was faking. It should be starting to feel good for him about now; at the very least less painful. It didn't change the fact that I was raping his tight ass and loving it, but if he enjoyed it as well it was okay with me.

'Open your eyes and look at me muscle boy' I said. 'Look at your Master while he fucks you.' He ignored me and kept moaning with his eyes closed.

I rammed my cock in hard. 'Open your fuckin eyes before I really make it hurt' I demanded. With the tears flowing he opened his eyes and looked at me. 'Yeah muscle boy. Your Master is taking your ass' I said. 'Your ass is mine. Fuckin belongs to me.' Having him watch me screw his ass was a real turn on and I now started speeding up and really plowing his butt. Tears were still coming form his eyes, but he wasn't moaning any more. Only grunting each time I slammed into him.

I looked down and saw that he was completely soft. I considered grabbing him and trying to get him hard, but decided not to bother. This was for my pleasure anyway, not his. Hell, he'd probably jerk off later fantasizing about me anyway.

'Oh man, yeah. Raping your tight ass' I mumbled as I started getting really close. I was really slamming it to him now, jerking his whole body with each thrust. As I rammed it in one final time as hard as I could, I grabbed him around the shoulders pulling him to me crushing his legs between us. I let out a yell of my own as I started shooting into him, and just squeezed him to me with all my strength as I reveled in the intense pleasure of blasting into his ass. Good god, how was it possible that anything feel so fabulous

As I finished cuming, I rolled over pulling him on top of me and allowed him to straighten out his legs. I also knew I had probably crushed his arms, so I just let him lie on top of me for a while. After a couple minutes I pushed him off, reached to the bedside table, got the key and removed the handcuffs. He rubbed his wrists for a minute or two, and I pulled him back on top of me.

'Kiss me baby' I said. Out lips met and we started a long sweet kiss. The gentle kiss went on and on and I mumbled: 'Can you stay here tonight baby?' He nodded his head as we continued kissing.

'Yes sir' I ordered.

'Yes sir' he answered.

'Good man' I said. 'You stay here tonight, and I'm going to fuck you again in the morning' I said. He said not a word as the kiss went on and on and on.



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