'Com'on Boss' Jason pleaded. 'Please come over. My folks are going to dinner and a movie tonight and won't be home until late. We'd have four hours to ourselves.' Randy and Jason were standing next to Randy's old VW going over plans for the evening. Randy was leaning back against the car door with one hand on Jason's ass and Jason pressed against him so they were cock to cock. He was idly rubbing his hand up and down Jason's ass while they talked.

'Forget it man' Randy answered. 'You know it's Tuesday and Landon always comes over.'

'To hell with your schedule Randy' Jason appealed. 'I don't get the house to myself very often. Com'on Randy, I need you. And I hate this new workout schedule. Working out in the gym instead of your garage makes me all hot and horny but leaves me hanging.'

'Tough shit Jase' Randy grinned. 'You know we get a better workout here at the gym. We'll keep working out here as long as they'll let us.'

'Hell Randy. That's not fair. You and me used to get it on almost everyday, but now we haven't done anything since Friday. I need you man. How do you think I feel with you standing here grabbing my ass?'

Randy laughed. 'I don't have to think how you feel, I can feel how you feel' he said as he jerked on Jason's butt banging their crotch's together. 'Hell Jason, you get a hard on every time I get within ten feet of you' he chuckled. 'So this is nothing new. But I'll tell you what' he said as he gave Jason's butt a pinch. 'I'll kick Landon out early and come over to your house about nine. Okay?' Randy leaned forward and gave Jason a long wet kiss.

They had just finished their after school workout at the well equipped high school weight room. They had showered and were talking in the almost empty school parking lot before heading home. Randy could have cared less if anyone saw them necking outside the school. Anybody didn't like it; he'd kick their ass; male or female.

'That'd be terrific Boss' Jason said mumbling through the kiss as he reached back and put his hand on top of Randy's and encouraged him to rub his ass. 'I'll be hot and ready for you.' As he pulled back from the kiss, Jason noticed someone else coming into the parking lot. 'Hey, there's that new math teacher' he said quickly removing his hand from on top of Randy's.

'Goodnight Mr. Gregory' he yelled as he waved. 'See you tomorrow.' The young teacher waved back but didn't say anything as he got into his car not more than thirty feet from where they were standing. Jason knew there was no way he couldn't notice that he and Randy had just finished kissing and were standing crotch to crotch. And he would be blind if he didn't notice that Randy still had his hand on his ass.

As the car started Randy reached his other hand around, grabbed Jason's other cheek, and then leaned forward again with another kiss. There was no way Jason could say anything to Randy without getting his ass kicked, but he was definitely embarrassed that Randy was grabbing his ass and kissing him and generally putting on a show for the teacher. Randy held the kiss until the car finally drove away.

'Who was that hunky number?' Randy asked as he broke the kiss.

'That's the sub for Mrs. Astor who got herself knocked up and is taking a leave of absence. He's a really hot number isn't he? All the girls are creaming their panties, and can't stop talking about him. Supposedly he's married.'

'He's got a pretty face; in fact he looks like a student' Randy commented. 'I guess we gave him quite a show. I wonder what he thinks of two muscles studs making out in the parking lot. I'll say this: he sure got an eye full' he laughed. 'I thought he was never going to leave the parking lot. Hell. I'll bet he's cuming in his pants right now. Whadaya think?'

Jason let out an embarrassed laugh. 'Jesus Randy, we shouldn't a done that? I've got to face him in class tomorrow. What's he gonna say?'

'I don't give a shit what he says, but I say he looks tasty' Randy grinned. 'He looks really sweet; I'll bet he'd squeal real pretty if I fucked him. What's his story?'

'Well, from up close in the classroom, you can see he's got nice set of shoulders and a tiny waist, so I know he's got a fine build. He's probably a three day a week gym bunny or maybe he plays tennis or something. Supposedly he taught for two years in Arizona or somewhere, before he came here with his new wife. I imagine he's twenty-five, twenty-six years old. And he seems to be a really nice guy. Everybody likes him after only two days, and as you just saw, he's got a really pretty face.'

'He looks hot, and I wanna meet him. How about, before tomorrow, you come up with some excuse to see him after school and I'll tag along with you. Let's see how he reacts to a real muscle stud up close. If he likes watching me grabbing your ass, imagine what he'll do when I accidently on purpose grab his' Randy laughed. 'He'll probably wet his pants.'


'Hi Mr. Gregory' Jason said as they entered the classroom. 'We just finished working out and showering and thought we'd check to see if you were still here.'

'Ah... Hi Jason' he said. 'I was just getting ready to leave. What can I do for you?'

'Ah, Mr. Gregory. This is my buddy Randy.' Since it was after school and the boys had worked out and showered, Randy was wearing jeans and a wife beater, which showed his incredible upper body. Randy had an unbelievable body for a sixteen year old, and having just finished working out, every muscle was pumped to the max. He looked fabulous. Randy stepped forward and said hello as he shook the guy's hand, squeezing it a little too hard, and holding it a little too long. Randy noticed the guy glanced at him for only a second, and then looked back down at his desk. Evidently one of those shy types. And maybe one of those who were intimidated by muscles.

'Mr. Gregory' Jason said. 'I didn't quite understand question number nine on today's work sheet. I wonder if you could explain it to me again.' Jason went around the desk and put his paper down as Mr. Gregory started to explain the problem. Randy stepped behind his chair and put his hand on the guy's shoulder. Mr. Gregory did not react at all as Randy kept his hand there. Shit, Randy thought. This timid little man was totally spooked by muscles. Randy felt the guy quivering as he gave his shoulder a slight squeeze. Hell, the guy was shaking with fear; evidently he was really scared of muscle boys. Randy felt a surge in his crotch. He had this guy petrified already. The guy was really afraid to say anything about the hand on his shoulder. Randy wasn't sure if this would be any fun after all, because he didn't like wimps. He liked more of a challenge when he dominated a guy. But this guy was pretty, and he was a teacher. Randy knew from experience that dominating a teacher was a real turn on.

Suddenly, the guy stopped talking right in the middle of a sentence. Evidently he was frozen with fear. Randy smiled brightly as he squeezed his shoulder once more. Randy dazzled everyone around him and was used to constant adoration of his body, but this guy was so frightened or staggered by his muscular body that he simply froze. Randy had never experienced this reaction before, but he was certainly going to use it to his advantage. He wondered if the guy was not only terrified, but was also aroused, but the proof was in his pants which Randy couldn't see under the desk. Perhaps the guy wanted to be dominated by a muscle man. Well, he'd soon find out.

'Jason. Get lost' Randy ordered. 'Now!' Jason looked up in surprise, and seeing the look on Randy's face, grabbed his paper and headed for the door. Randy grabbed Mr. Gregory by the front of his shirt, rolling the chair away, pulled him to his feet and pushed him against the green board. With his other hand Randy groped his cock and got the answer he wanted. The guy was hard as a rock. But Randy could also see a look of fear in his eyes. The guy was really turned on, but he was terrified of Randy. Oh yeah, this was going to be fun after all. Randy stepped up against him, crotch to crotch and chest to chest, pushing him tight against the board, and grabbing him by the hair to hold him steady, starting kissing him. Up to now the man had not said a word. He tried to break the kiss and mumbled something, but Randy had a tight hold on his hair.

'Kiss me back Greg' Randy growled as he jerked the man's hair. 'Kiss me back or I'll break you in half.' Randy leaned in and kissed him again. Still no cooperation, so with his other hand he slapped him hard across the face. 'Kiss me you sonofabitch' he snarled. The guy whimpered but finally started kissing him back. Still holding his hair, Randy put his other arm around him hugging him tight and continued the spit exchanging kiss for a good five minutes. Gregory wasn't all that bad of a kisser once he put his mind to it.

Randy then jerked him away from the board, and pushing him against the desk, undid his belt and pants and then jerked his underwear down below his balls. Gregory's hard cock popped out and slapped against his stomach.

Gregory was still not saying anything, but his face was flushed and he was breathing hard. Randy grabbed his own T-shirt and pulled the front up over his head leaving his massive chest bare. Grabbing the guy's hair again, Randy pulled his face into a pec as he started to jerk the guy's cock.

'Yeah man. Lick that pec' Randy ordered. 'Worship that muscle with your mouth' he said as he forced the guy's face back and forth over his rock hard pec. He hesitated for a few seconds waiting for some action. 'I'm about to slug you again Greg, if you don't get busy and do what you're told' he said as he jerked his hair hard. 'You got two seconds to start licking my god damned chest.' This got Gregory's attention and he finally began to hesitantly lick Randy's massive pectoral muscle. Randy felt the guy's hard cock bob up and down on its own. Shit, he really liked it rough. Randy was still jerking him, and the guy was leaking tons of precum. He had to be about ready.

Letting go of his hair, Randy gave him two slaps to the back of the head, 'Get at it and put some effort into it, damn it' he demanded. 'Make me feel it.' Now Gregory got into the program and really started to lick. He was breathing hard, actually gasping for breath, and Randy realized he was finally going to cum. Shit, this guy was totally turned on to being dominated by a muscle boy. Randy squeezed the cock hard and gave it a couple more jerks, and Gregory started to shoot. His whole body started to shudder and jerk from the ejaculation as he moaned in pleasure. As he finished cuming, Randy let go of his head. Gregory fell back on the desk on his elbows, his head hanging back, eyes closed and breathing hard. Randy just let him rest there for a couple minutes, and get his breath back. Most of his cum had shot onto his dress shirt, but Randy noticed some on his hand. Grabbing teach again by the hair and pulling him up, Randy smeared the cum on his face. He then pulled the teacher's face up just inches from his own.

'Open your eyes Greg' he ordered. Gregory opened his eyes, and Randy saw fear and maybe lust showing in them. The guy was still terrified of him but having just shot his load, he was really turned on. Randy was delighted. He grabbed the guy's wrist and twisted his arm behind his back. Standing chest to chest and eye to eye and holding the guy's arm behind his back, Randy began to force it up to his shoulder blades.

'Ahhhhhhhhhh, Randy' he groaned in pain.

'Keep your god damn eyes open' Randy growled as he jerked on the arm. Gregory moaned as he opened his eyes and looked into Randy's grinning face only inches away. 'Yeah, little man, you like to be controlled by a muscle stud. You want me to treat you like the pussy you are. Yeah, you do.' Randy pulled harder on Gregory's arm, and got a scream this time.

'Eaaaooooooooh. Please, please' Gregory gasped through the pain. 'Owww please Randy. That hurts.'

'Beg me to stop little man. Go ahead. I want to hear you beg' Randy said as he twisted the arm a little, intensifying the pain.

'Ow, ow, ow, please' Gregory pleaded in a whisper, tears now starting to drip from his eyes. 'Please stop, please.' Letting up slightly on Gregory's arm, Randy undid his own pants with his other hand, and pulled them down a few inches. Then, putting both hands on Gregory's shoulders, Randy pushed him to his knees, and pressed his jock covered cock into his face. Taking the man's head in both hands and treating him like a rag doll, Randy dragged his face up and down, and back and forth over his hard cock. Randy loved watching the guy's nose mashing up against his cock, as he enjoyed the delightful feeling of power and control by dragging the guy around. Showing the strength of his massive muscles was really cool.

'Now, be a good little guy, and kiss my cock through my jock strap. A great big smacking kiss so I can hear it' Randy ordered. After waiting for a few seconds with no activity, Randy reached behind Gregory and grabbed his arm again. Gregory immediately gave Randy's cock a kiss but Randy gave the arm a good twist anyway, bringing a groan form the man.

'I didn't hear you babe. Let me hear a big wet sloppy kiss.' Randy gave his arm a sharp jerk.

'Ow, Randy, please. That hurts' Gregory cried.

'You need to listen little man and do what you're told. Now kiss my god damn cock.' Gregory put his lips on the head of Randy's cock and gave a loud smacking kiss. 'That's better babe. Now suck on it. Suck the juices out of that strap. I want to feel it on my cock and I want see it get soaking wet.' Randy held just enough tension on the arm to make it painful as an encouragement to get with the program.

Gregory started sucking on the jock covered cock. 'Yeah, man' Randy laughed. 'It's amazing how a little pain will clean out your ears and make you listen. Now get it really wet.' Gregory sucked up and down the cock getting it soaking with his saliva. Randy increased the pressure on the arm occasionally, getting a groan from Gregory each time. Then, finally, he let go of the arm and just watched the man continue sucking his jock without any coercion. Tears were leaking from the guys eyes, and he had saliva smeared all over his face, and Randy beamed with pleasure as he watched the guy fawn all over his cock. Such an incredible feeling of power, he started laughing aloud in sheer delight. Flexing his arms in a double bicep pose, Randy leaned over and kissed and licked his enormous baseball sized biceps. Than reaching down, Randy gave the guy a hefty slap to the back of his head. 'More effort man. Suck the damn thing before I really kick your ass. Make me feel it for god's sake.' Randy slapped him again. 'I said suck!' Now Randy really felt some action as the guy started sucking like a mad man. It felt good and it looked good.

When Randy had had enough, he grabbed the guy by the hair, and pulling him away from the desk, dragged him over to the wall, forcing him to scramble along on hands and knees. It served no purpose, but Randy did it just for the hell of it, to show his muscular strength and power over the guy.

Still holding his hair, Randy pulled his jock down and pushed it below his balls. He then grabbed the eight inch rod and started to jack it hard. 'You probably never sucked a cock before, and would probably give a shitty blow job, so I'm going to let you off the hook for now. Besides, Jason's outside waiting for me anyway. But I think I can afford a little cum to mark my territory. Get ready for it man.' With that Randy started jerking the guys head around viciously as he started to cum. He kept careful aim and made sure every bit went into the guys face. When he finally finished he stepped back and looked at the sorry figure below him. The guys shirt was covered with cum, and more cum mixed with tears and sweat was all over his face and dripping off his chin. He was a sight for sore eyes.

'Open your eyes' Randy ordered as he held his cock right in the guys face. 'See that cum on the tip of my cock?' Randy asked. 'See It!?' he shouted.

'Yes' Gregory whispered.

'Well, you have five seconds to lick it off, and then I break your arm.' Randy waited a few seconds and then Gregory stuck out his tongue and licked the tip of his cock. Randy got an enormous grin on his face as he watched. Finally, he reached down and pulled Gregory to his feet and pushed him around and into the desk chair. He than bent over and stared into the man's eyes.

'Okay man, I enjoyed that. You're a cute guy and a real turn on, and if you think it over I bet you'll figure out you liked it too. But don't do something stupid like not coming to school tomorrow. You be here, or else. And don't worry man. I'm discreet. Nobody'll ever hear about this, and I won't share you with anybody. I'm not into that. This will be just between you and me. I'll stop by and see you in a few weeks and if you behave yourself I won't hurt you anymore either. Unless, of course, you really want me to' Randy said as he grinned and gave him a gentle pinch on the cheek. 'Got that?' he asked. 'I said: got that?' he repeated.

'Yes sir, I got that' Gregory whispered.

'Great, man. I like you calling me sir' Randy laughed as he pulled his jock and pants up. 'See you later Mr. Gregory' he said as he pulled his shirt back over his head and left the class room.



Over the next couple weeks I had Jason check out this Mr. Gregory. He found out that the guy's new wife was a part time secretary, and took evening classes at the university. That meant that he was home alone three nights a week, which fit really well into my plans.

So I picked an evening and rang his doorbell at about 7:00 PM right after his wife left for her class. When he answered the door I have him a big smile and pushed my way in. 'Howdy, Mr. Gregory' I said with a grin. Gregory got this look of shock on his face as Jason followed me in and closed the door.

'Go and sit and don't say a word' I ordered Jason, and he went over where I pointed and set on the floor leaning against the wall.

Standing in front of Mr. Gregory I was all smiles. 'Well Greg. I said I'd come and visit and here I am. Are you happy to see me?' I asked.

Gregory had turned white, and I could actually see him shaking. He was wearing some kind of patterned pajama bottoms and a wife beater, obviously settled in for the evening. 'Ahhh. Ahhhh.... Randy. Ahhh...' he studdered. 'Please..... Randy.' Hell, I was barely inside the door and he was already begging me. Jesus, what a wimp.

'Well Greg, I'm gonna make you happy to see me. I'm going to give you a good time.' Just to remind him of my strength, I took hold of his wife beater and ripped it down the front and pulled it off.

'Please..... Randy. Please.... Randy. You can't do this' he shuddered through his panic. I reached over and grabbed a hand full of hair and just held it at arms length for a moment giving him a real shit eating grin. He was about my height, but he was a little guy. Hell, everyone was little compared to me. Right now he looked like he was going to piss his pants, but if he did I was sure's hell going to make him lick it up.

I jerked his hair just once, still holding him at arms length. 'Do ya remember the other day Greg? Remember me telling you I wouldn't hurt you if you behaved yourself?' I asked. 'Remember that?' I gave him a couple seconds and then jerked his hair again. 'Well?'

'Yes.... Randy. I..I..I.. remember' he answered with a quiver in his voice. 'But Please. Randy, please. Don't do this.'

'Hey. don't worry man. I didn't tell anybody that I whipped my teacher's ass. Jason will never say anything either. So, it's just between you and me. You do what I tell you and you won't get hurt, and we'll both have a good time. Got that?' Gregory was still as white as a sheet, and seemed to be stuck in a one track mode.

'Please.... Randy' he whispered as tears began to flow from his eyes. I was beginning to get a little tired of this 'please Randy' bullshit. He was pissing me off.

Now I jerked his hair hard. 'Are you going to do what I tell you or am I going to kick the shit out of you? Answer me you little prick.' I shouted.

'Please Randy. Yes. I'll do it. I'll do whatever you want.'

'Good. It's about time. Now get down on your knees and take my shoes off.' He was on his knees in an instant and untying my shoes. Jesus, what a wuss.

'Well, get the socks off dumb ass' I ordered.

'Now my pants' I said. As he undid my belt and pulled my pants down and off, I pulled my T-shirt over my head and tossed it aside. There I was, standing in only my jockstrap; a young superman incarnate. I knew I looked incredible and I wished he had a mirror so I could see.

'I think you remember how much you enjoyed sucking my jock. Well, get to it and do it some more.' Without objection, he leaned in and started sucking me through the jock strap.

I knew I'd been rougher than I had to be. After all, even though he was pretty well built, he didn't stand a candle to my muscular body. I intimidated him just by standing there, so there was no reason to slap him around. However, I sometimes got carried away with myself, and besides I enjoyed knocking guys around. And with Jason looking on, I loved showing off by letting him see how easy it was for me to bend another human being to my will.

Alright, so I had a huge ego that had to be stroked regularly. Hell, I worked my ass off building the most spectacular body around, so it was only fair that I take my pick of the guys I wanted and make them worship me. Besides, most times I only took guys that gave me the eye, and pretty much showed they wanted me in the first place. Anyway, in most cases they wanted me to take 'em, and were happy to perform for me.

But now the hard part. As much as I enjoyed the challenge of getting a guy totally obedient to me like teach was right now, I also liked the challenge of making them enjoy worshiping me. Obviously he was intimidated by my muscles, but I suspected he liked being dominated, and that was something I was going to find out. I also had a sneaking suspicion that he was turned on to big cocks also. So, right now I had to see if I could reduce the fear factor.

'Get down and suck on my balls teach' I directed. 'And I want to see that jock strap dripping.' Completely obedient now, he moved to my balls and started sucking them.

'Whatdaya think Jase?' I chuckled. 'Do I own him?'

'Yeah man, you got him' he laughed . 'He'll do anything for you now.' He hesitated for a moment. 'Ah.... Boss. You're make'n me super hot. Can I uh...... you know ...... uh.... play around?'

'Keep it in your pants Jase, but you can go ahead and play.'

'Now, let's see if I can turn him on' I thought. I grabbed him by the arms and pulled him to his feet, and pulled him into a tight hug and kissed him. I got no reaction from him, so I licked his lips and nose, and kissed his eyes. 'Com'on man. Kiss me back' I whispered. As I started kissing him again, he started returning it. This time I was neither particularly aggressive nor controlling, but was very gentle, and let him enjoy it if he could. When he pulled back, I let him go. Releasing the hug, I took hold of his chin with one hand, so we were eye to eye, and with the other I wiped the tears from beneath his eyes. Then I gave him a gentle kiss to each eye.

'Jesus, teach. You're so hot. You really turn me on' I murmured as I kissed him again. He returned the kiss and we really went at it for a couple minutes. As I pulled away, I was pretty sure the fear was gone from his face. Maybe it was. Now I had to see if I could replace it with a look of pleasure. I pushed him back so he sat down in the easy chair. Getting on my knees I removed his slippers and his socks. Still on my knees I pulled him to his feet so his crotch was almost right in my face, and undoing the tie from the lounging pants I pulled them down and off. Then I did the same with his undershorts.

I grabbed his cock, and although it was completely soft, I felt it begin to stir in my hand. The only cock I had ever sucked was Wade's. My Master's cock only. Never anyone else's. I wanted this guy to come around to enjoying having sex with me, but I wasn't about to suck his cock to achieve it. That would be really stretching it. Instead, I rubbed his cock gently, and it started to lengthen. Then, just to prove I could do it, I leaned in and licked the head, and have him a wet kiss right on the tip. Looking up at him, I saw a look of surprise on his face. Perhaps shock would be a better word. I couldn't see Jason, but I bet he was in shock as well.

'Yeah, teach. You really make me hot' I said as I stood up and pulled off my jockstrap. I was still playing with his cock and he was getting hard. I took his hand and put it on my half hard cock and started kissing him again. Without any direction, he started jerking my cock and it started to grow. I decided I had 'played at being nice' long enough, and I was ready to fuck.

'Jason, go find some cream somewhere' I directed as I grabbed Gregory by the shoulders and legs and lifting him up like he was a baby, carried him into the bedroom, and laid him on the bed. I climbed on top, and started rubbing our cocks together, as I continued the kiss. We were both getting hard now. After a couple minutes I rolled over pulling him on top, and reaching down pulled his knees up so he was sitting on his knees with his ass right on top of my hard eight inches.

'Get him ready Jase' I directed as I pulled Gregory's face back down into a kiss.

'Feel my muscles teach' I whispered. 'Get your hands on my big chest and feel those rock hard pecs.' He obeyed me and put both hands and started feeling my chest. I continued holding his head as I continued exchanging spit with him. He jerked suddenly and moaned, so I guessed Jason must have stuck a finger up his butt.

'You love my muscles man. I know you do' I said as I finally broke the kiss. Raising my arms, I did the double bicep pose while still lying on my back. 'Feel those hot biceps man. Go ahead a feel them' I ordered. As directed, he moved his hands from my chest to my biceps. Although our faces were only inches apart, he wouldn't look at me, but kept them tightly closed and moaned some more, evidently from Jason's ministrations.

'Ready Boss' I heard Jason say. I pushed Gregory off and got up on my knees near the edge of the bed.

'Get me hard Jace' I said and Jason scurried around and taking my cock in his mouth, swallowed it whole. Jason had become an incredible cocksucker over recent months. Never any choking or gagging, and I could be as rough as I wanted. And, I actually had to hold him back, because he would have camped out with my cock in his mouth if I had let him. Right now I was hard as a rock and ready to fuck, but I wanted Jason to think I needed his input before fucking a new guy. I knew Jason was thrilled that I let him do it.

Reaching behind me, I pulled Gregory's legs up, and stuck my finger up his ass. He yelped once, and then moaned as I fucked in and out. Yeah, Jason had loosened him up and I should slide right in.

'Okay Jase. Gimmy some cream.' Jason was ready with the cream already on his hand, and rubbed it on my cock. 'Way to go man. Now you go ahead and do your thing while I fuck him' I said, giving him permission to cum. I turned around and put Gregory's legs on my shoulders.

I saw a look of fear in his face, and I was pretty sure he was a virgin so I was going to go as easy as I could. Besides, the realization was sinking in that fucking a teacher was super special, and I hoped to be able to do this again. I wanted to make it so good for him, that he would want it again, and maybe even beg for it. Wouldn't that be cool!

'It's goin to hurt a little at first babe' I crooned. 'But I'll go easy, and I promise I'll make it feel good. You're goin to love it babe.' Very gently, I aimed my cock at the hole and pushed. I popped the head in as he gasped and groaned. Good man. No screaming. I gave him some time to adjust, and gently pushed a couple inched in. Same reaction: a gasp and a groan. I waited and then two more inches. He was really groaning now, so after a moment, I pulled all the way out. He gasped and panted hard for a minute or two, while the pain eased off., but then I started in again. This time, gently pushing in and inch or two at a time, I went all the way, so my eight inches were in tight.

I couldn't believe how cool and collected I was. I don't think I had ever been so gentle when fucking a guy before. But, I was enjoying it, and hoped he would start enjoying it as well. Fucking a teacher, even a little guy like this, was really special, and I wanted it to last.

Now I really started getting into the program, with long easy strokes in and out of his tight ass. He still had his eyes clenched closed which I didn't like but I let it go. I liked having guys watching me when I screwed them. As I speeded up my fucking, I noticed he had stopped moaning, and he didn't have the look of intense pain in his face any more. I think maybe he was starting to enjoy it. I know I was, as I really started banging in and out of his cute ass.

As I began reaching towards my climax I was amazed how good it felt to do it slow and easy. I was so used to power fucking, that I never really realized it could be so good any other way. Of course I dominated this guy, but I hadn't roughed him up while I fucked him like I usually do. Jason's got to be wondering what's goin on.

Finally almost there, I reached down, grabbed his shoulders, crushing his knees into his chest, and holding tight I rammed in one more time and let fly. The feeling was fabulous as I shot my cream into his hot ass. I even yelled out in exhilaration. Just as I was finishing I gave his nose a lick, and then just collapsed on top of him.

I only waited for a minute or two, before I popped my mostly hard cock out of his ass and rolled over. Reaching down I grabbed his cock. Yep, hard as a rock and oozing precum.

'Jason' I ordered. 'Get in here and suck your Mr. Gregory off. Here's your chance to do your own teacher.' Jason was used to obeying me and I knew he would do it, but I had never had him suck anyone else before. Even if he'd wanted to, I would never have allowed it. My boys belonged to me, and me alone.

Obviously Jason was hot to do his teacher, because he jumped to it. His cock was sticking out of his pants fully hard, and he was jerking it.

'Make him cum Jace' I ordered. 'Make him shoot for you.' Gregory was already hot and hard so it didn't take much to bring him to the peak. He started gasping and began shooting into Jason's mouth, as Jason jerked his own cock hard and started to cum as well. I watched as both guys moaned and shuddered from their simultaneous orgasms.


A week or so later I cornered Mr. Gregory in the school parking lot late in the afternoon, and with a minimum of persuasion, had him give me a blow job in the back seat of his car. He wasn't all that good with lots of gagging and choking, but the idea of doing a teacher is always hot. After that, when I would stop by his classroom after wrestling practice, I no longer saw fear in his eyes. In fact, he always gave me a cheery smile, like he was really happy to see me. I'm not sure, but I think that look of fear was replaced by lust. I also took note of the fact that on the days we had wrestling practice, he always worked late in his room.

I never went to his house again after that, but I did have him blow me a couple times in his classroom. He seemed to be happy to oblige. He never did become much of a cocksucker, but he learned to love licking my muscles. Jesus, was he ever into being dominated by a young muscle stud. And it really stirred my vanity to have a teacher worship me; even lick my ass once.

Mr. Gregory never once mentioned anything to me about his wife. I don't know what the deal was between them, but I'll bet he was thinking of me during the throes' of his ejaculations.

When I heard that Mrs. Astor was returning from her leave of absence, I wanted to take his ass once more. I was damn near positive he liked it the first time and would have bet my bottom dollar that he was craving it again. And it turned out I was right. I swear, he squealed just like a fuckin pig when I screwed him on his desk right there in the classroom.



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