Randy opened the office door and entered without knocking. He was wearing only his jock strap, the one he'd been wearing all week, so it was stained from sweat and piss. The jock only covered one of his muscles. All the rest of his amazing muscles were bulging in all their glory. Randy was truly a hot muscle stud at only sixteen years of age. He had just come from wrestling practice and workout and his sweaty muscles glistened. Randy loved these workouts and how they got his muscles super pumped. He knew he was the hottest stud around.

He had been thinking about Coach for the past week, ever since he noticed he might be showing some interest. He had cowed Coach several months back, and had been teasing him ever since by groping himself and smiling when he thought he might be looking, But what Randy had noticed over the past couple weeks was that instead of blushing and quickly turning away, on two occasions Coach had continued staring for a moment, seemingly at Randy's crotch. It wasn't a positive sign that he was interested, but it was enough for Randy to check it out. If his hunky coach really wanted his cock, Randy was willing to let him have a go at it. Besides, he knew Coach was already intimidated by him, so bullying him into a blow job was not only practical, but could be great fun. He thought Coach was about 35 years old, but he kept himself in great shape. He had been a heavyweight wrestler in his youth which he constantly told the squad about, and he had kept that massive muscled look. The boys sometimes stayed after wrestling practice to watch him work out and get a super pump on his massive muscles. He was almost six feet tall and must have weighed over two hundred pounds, but it was all muscle.

As Randy entered the office he noticed it was empty but he heard the shower running from the bath. He crossed the room and opened the bathroom door, and saw that Coach was in the shower and humming softly. 'Shit' Randy thought with a grin. 'He was already nude so there was only one cotton jock strap in the way of the two of us getting it on.' Just thinking about it was making Randy hot, so he reached down and started rubbing his prick through the jock strap. He reached over and picked up the towel and then leaned against the door casing and waited for Coach to finish up. 'Oh yeah, he was ready to get it on' he thought as he continued rubbing his hardening prick.

Coach finally turned off the water and opened the shower door. As he stepped out he saw Randy standing there with his towel in his hand.

'Wha....' he said as Randy stepped up to him.

Seeing Coach in the nude with water glistening on his muscles was startling. His chest was massive with bulging pectorals, and his arms and shoulders were huge. Randy couldn't imagine why Coach always wore a sweat shirt and covered up those gorgeous muscles.

'Here, let me help you Coach' Randy said, with awe, as he quickly starting toweling Coach's massively muscled chest.

'What are you doing in here Randy?' Coach asked. 'Stop this and get out of here.'

'No way Coach' Randy said with a chuckle. 'Let me do this for you' he said as he continued rubbing the towel on Coach's bulging pectorals.

Coach grabbed his arms and stopped him. 'I said stop this Randy' he ordered. 'You don't belong in here and you know it.' Randy was not about to quit now, as he was seeing and feeling Coach's drop-dead gorgeous muscles.

'You have an amazing body Coach' he crooned as he tried to pull out of Coach's hold on his arms. 'Your muscles are really incredible. The guys talk about you all the time. Com'on Coach. Let me do this. Let me just dry you off.

'No Randy. No.' Coach protested. 'Please Randy. Don't. We can't do this.'

'Let me go Coach and let me towel you off. Com'on man. I gotta touch your muscles' Randy moved his face only inches from Coach's and gave him the sweetest, most shit eating grin he could come up with. 'Let me touch your muscles Coach.'

'Com'on Randy' Coach whined. 'Please Randy. I'm your coach.'

'Yeah, you're my coach, but your beginning to piss me off' Randy admonished. 'Now get your goddamned hands off my arms.' Coach already knew of Randy's temper and had developed a healthy respect for it, so he let go of Randy's arms.

'Randy, st..t...t...t...top this' Coach stuttered. Randy already heard the 'please' come out of Coach's mouth and was both pleased and excited. It sure sounded like begging to him. Yeah, Coach saying 'please stop'. That was definitely begging. In Randy's mind that was a 'green light' and meant he should go for it. He felt a surge of excitement shoot through his body. God, it felt cool to be able to manipulate a man like this.

'It's okay Coach' he said softly as he dropped the towel and started rubbing both hands over Coach's enormous pectorals. 'Your incredible build really turns me on Coach. You are so gorgeous. I've seen you looking at me so I know I turn you on as well.' Coach tried to push Randy's hands away, but Randy immediately put them back. Coach pushed him away again, and this time Randy grabbed a nipple and pinched it hard.

'Ow, Randy. Please Randy, please stop this' he stammered. Randy gave him a push so he backed up against the shower door, and then leaned forward and took the nipple in his mouth. He bit it sharply and then just sucked on it. Coach was startled as he was pushed back against the shower, and even more when Randy started sucking his tit. He hesitated for a moment, because there was no question this spectacularly beautiful boy sucking his tit was an incredible turn on.

'You have such a beautiful body Coach' Randy mumbled as he continued sucking the nipple and then started sliding his tongue all over the bulging pec. Raising both arms Randy took hold of both of Coach's enormous rounded deltoids. 'God, your shoulders are so incredible' he mumbled again as he continued to lick and suck the bulging pectoral.

Coach was in a daze, and was at a total loss as to what to do. He knew this was wrong, but having this beautiful boy licking his chest felt really fantastic. Coach knew very well this kid had been trying to intimidate him for weeks, so he had made sure he was never alone with him, and generally kept out of his way. The kid was young, and handsome, and built; a real stud, and he knew it. But right now the kid was so aggressive and formidable and demanding that Coach found himself getting turned on, and even felt a stirring in his cock. He hated to admit it to himself, but being bullied by this kid was hot.

Randy raised his head so his mouth was right up against Coach's ear. 'Show me your bicep Coach. Let me lick that gorgeous muscle. Please Coach. Flex it for me.'

Without thinking, Coach was now accepting Randy's control over him, and he obeyed by raising his arm and flexing his amazing nineteen inch bicep. As Randy moved to kiss the softball sized bicep, he took Coach's other hand and moved it up against his jock strap, forcing Coach's hand against his hard cock. Coach pulled back immediately. As Randy started kissing the bicep, he tried pulling Coach's hand back to his crotch again but Coach was too strong. 'You don't fool me Coach' Randy mumbled through his kisses. 'I know you been looking.' Finally Randy pushed Coach's hand into Coach's own crotch, and then pushed forward so that the two hands were in between two hardening cocks. At least Coach's was hardening; Randy was already hard as a rock.

'See how hot you're making me Coach' Randy mumbled as he continued kissing the bicep and pushing his cock against Coach's hand. 'You're fucking muscles turn me on so bad. You are so, so hot.' Then he got another shot of excitement shooting through his body, as he felt Coach squeeze his cock gently. Oh fucking Christ, he had him now! He had him! When Randy let go of Coach's hand, Coach continued squeezing his cock.

'Feel that Coach' Randy said as he continued worshiping the bicep. 'You see what your incredible body is doing to me? Com'on Coach. Really flex that bicep for me. Make me really hot for your body.' Coach flexed his arm even harder and pushed it into Randy's face. He was really getting into it now. Coach's hand now seemed to have a mind of its own, as it squeezed and fondled Randy's super hard eight inches through the jockstrap.

'Oh yeah Coach' he mumbled. 'You could make me cum just by flexing. You are so fucking amazing. I love your muscles.'

Randy convinced him to flex his other arm and he went to work worshiping that one as well. Coach was totally turned on now, and was really working Randy's cock. Randy was going crazy too, relishing the fact that this muscle man was now super hot for him, and was probably completely under his control.

Then Randy pulled his head back from Coach's enormous bicep, and raising his arm, flexed his own baseball sized bicep. Reaching behind Coach's head, he gently pulled him down to the bicep. 'Go ahead and kiss my bicep Coach' he crooned softly. 'Go ahead and kiss it Coach. You know you're turned on man. Go ahead man. Go ahead and kiss it' he murmured.

Having his face pulled into Randy's bicep and totally turned on to this young muscle boy, Coach automatically started kissing it and then licking it. Yeah, he was turned on to this demanding young man. Totally excited now with his heart beating fast, he grabbed a tight hold of Randy's cock and squeezed it hard. It felt fantastic to squeeze that enormous cock as he kissed Randy's bicep. He let his reluctance go with the wind, and really got into the program. He was totally turned on to this hot little demon.

Randy grabbed Coach's cock and found it sticking up fully hard. He jacked it a few times just for good measure. But he had no intention in jerking Coach off. He definitely had other plans. Bringing his arm down, Randy used both hands to grab Coach's ass and pull him forward a couple steps. Then gently turning him he pushed him down onto the toilet. Coach could not or would not let go of Randy's cock. He now had a dazed look of desire on his face, and his cock was hard as a rock. Randy straddled Coach's legs, almost sitting on his lap, and pulled his face down into his chest.

'Com'on Coach' he murmured. 'Lick my big pec. Worship your boy's pec with that hot mouth of yours. Yeah' he exclaimed as Coach started sucking on his tit. 'Oh yeah Coach. Do it for me.' Randy put both hands in Coach's hair and gently fluffing and petting it, maneuvered his face around his pec, having him lick and suck every inch of it. Eventually he moved him to the cleft between, and finally to the other side of his chest. All this time Coach continued feeling and rubbing his hard cock through his jock strap. Coach's other hand was feeling his own hard cock. Randy knew it was time. Coach was definitely ready.

Still holding Coach's head against his chest, Randy slowly pulled him forward off the toilet, and with downward pressure, pushed him to his knees. Then he gently pushed Coach's head down and down and down. Being very patient Randy maneuvered him over his washboard stomach and finally to his jock strap. He pushed Coach's hand away, and holding his head, he gently moved his hard cock up and down against his cheek. Coach was really into it and Randy didn't want to break the spell so he continued jacking his cock gently against his cheek for a bit as he continued petting and ruffling his hair.

Then, so softly that Coach could barely hear it he whispered: 'Kiss it Coach. Go ahead man. Great big cock. Big beautiful cock. Kiss it Coach. Com'on Coach; you love this big hard cock. You know you want it man. My monster cock. Com'on Coach. Kiss it man.' Randy helped him maneuver his face as Coach did as he was told and kissed his cock through the jock strap. Randy was ecstatic. His muscle man Coach was kissing his cock. Randy was so thrilled he could hardly hold still. He wanted to scream, and yell and laugh in euphoria. He was so fuckin powerful; he was a conqueror; he was a god.

'Go ahead and kiss it some more Coach' Randy said softly trying to control his delight. 'Go ahead, you can do it. Feel that big hard cock. Make your young stud feel good.' Randy was now rubbing his covered cock against Coach's nose, as Coach kissed it a couple more times. Very softly Randy continued: 'Now suck it Coach. Suck the juices out of that jock. Do it for your muscle boy. Com'on; do it for me Coach.'

Coach was now totally mesmerized and completely under Randy's control, as he started sucking Randy's cock through the jockstrap. It tasted like piss but Coach was oblivious of everything but the hard cock under the cloth he was trying to suck. Randy's cock was enormous, much bigger than Coach's own, and surprisingly, that really turned him on. He'd been aware for months that Randy had a big one, but only now did he realize how impressed he was with a big cock. Randy just let him go for several minutes as he sucked up and down the big rod.

Then Randy took both Coach's hands off his thighs and pulled them up on each side and pushed his thumbs against the straps of his jock. 'Pull 'em down baby' he whispered softly. Without even thinking Coach pulled the jock down letting Randy's hard eight inches bob up into his face. Coach was out of control with lust and desire now as, with obvious relish, he took the big rod in his mouth and started sucking on it. He wanted it bad.

'Not yet baby' Randy said with a snicker. 'Don't get too greedy.' Pulling his cock out of Coach's mouth and holding on to his hair, Randy rubbed it against Coach's face and then banged it against his nose a couple times. This was Randy's favorite lead in to a blow job. Slapping his cock into a guys face gave him a tremendous feeling of superiority and power, and always made him hotter than hell. 'Okay Coach, almost ready' Randy chuckled. 'But lick my balls first. Let me feel that hot mouth on my nuts.' Coach did as he was told and licked the balls for a while.

Finally ready, Randy took Coach's chin and pulled his head back so he was looking him in the eye. 'Okay Coach' Randy said with an enormous grin on his face. 'Now's the time. Suck that big cock you've been admiring for so long.

For the first time in many minutes Coach opened his eyes, and looking up, saw Randy looking down at him with an expression of extreme delight and exultation in his eyes. Coach could not believe he was on his knees in front of this kid. How did this happen? He had to stop this! As he shifted his body to try to get up, Randy jerked his hair hard and banged his enormous cock in his face a few times.

'Hold on Coach. Hold on' Randy gushed. 'You ain't going nowhere. You want this. You know you want it bad. So com'on, just let it happen. Suck on it babe' he said as he rubbed it back and forth against Coach's lips. Then, with a gentle push, he slid the tip between the lips into his mouth. As he felt Coach's tongue begin to move against his cock, Randy then let go of his hair and, putting both hands on his hips, just stared down into Coach's eyes.

Looking up, Coach saw an incredible.... muscular.... arrogant.... young.... god. Coach could not believe how powerful and dominating this kid was. This incredible young stud whom had just put him on his knees and put his cock in his mouth. He found Randy's amazing physique and phenomenal arrogance to be a total turn on and he wanted to suck his cock; partly because the cock was the biggest one he had ever seen, and partly because this powerful, dominant young muscle boy unquestionably deserved it. Coach finally admitted to himself something he had subconsciously known for months. He wanted to be on his knees for this kid. He wanted to be dominated by him. And he really wanted this kid's enormous cock.

Randy just stood there waiting with hands on hips looking down with an egotistical look on his face until Coach finally took more cock in his mouth and started sucking. 'Yeah man' Randy laughed aloud. 'Oh yeah, that's the way. Suck on my big sex pistol.' Randy was thrilled. He now had a new worshiper.

Randy just stood there savoring the feeling of Coach's wet mouth working on him. He knew he wouldn't get near the fantastic blow job he got from his boys, but seeing and knowing it was his massively muscled coach, and that the guy was probably giving head for the very first time, Randy was elated. Hands still on hips with a insolent look of total superiority on his face, he watched his newest servile cock sucker work on his cock. The challenge had been met. Once more Randy showed his superiority as an alpha male by creating another worshiping acolyte. The combination of his big cock, his muscled body, his handsome youthful face and his dominating personality was again irresistible to the male animals around him. Randy now knew he could pretty much have anyone he wanted if he simply put his mind to it. That brought to mind the muscular guy who delivered pizza for Dominoes; the beautiful kid serving at the KFC outlet; the hunky security guard at the mall; the twins on the high school swimming team with their gorgeous sleek bodies. He'd caught all of them looking at him with lustful eyes, and knew he could have any of them in a heart beat..

Randy continued to watch Coach suck on his cock. He knew if he wanted regular blow jobs from Coach, he couldn't be as rough as he liked. At least not now: the first time. Once he got the Coach used to being on his knees for him, he could probably start fucking his face just the way he liked it.

'Use your hand Coach' Randy ordered. 'Go ahead and jerk it with your hand while you suck. You're doing real good Coach. Feels great.' Coach did as he was told and started to jerk Randy's cock as he continued to suck. He didn't suck worth a damn, but Randy was enjoying the view, and the power of controlling this man was exhilarating. 'Okay Coach, open your eyes' Randy instructed. 'Look at me while you suck. Com'on Coach. Look up at me.'

Coach looked up at Randy and tears began to form in his eyes; he saw an arrogant god grinning down at him. He had no idea how this had happened; how this kid had got him on his knees and got him sucking his cock. He wanted to stop, but was incredibly turned on. He hated having allowed this to happen, but loved doing it and could not stop. He was overwhelmed with desire, to be under this gorgeous kids control and worshiping his cock.

'Go ahead Coach' Randy said, 'Jerk your cock. Jerk your cock and make it cum for me. Do it Coach.' Coach had been rubbing his cock with one hand while jerking Randy with the other, but now he started to really go to it. He couldn't remember ever being so hard or so hot. And within thirty seconds he started to cum , shooting between Randy's legs all the way across the bath room. He started to back off Randy's cock, but Randy grabbed the back of his head and holding him there, pushed another inch or two into his mouth. As Coach was going through the excitement of cuming and Randy's cock pushed toward his throat, he started coughing and gagging uncontrollably. Randy let him spit out his cock, but grabbed him by the hair, and holding him tight, took over the jerking of his own cock. Jerking it hard and fast Randy was able to bring it off quickly and started to shoot into Coach's face. 'Yeah, yeah, yeah' he screamed in total jubilation. Coach tried to pull away, but Randy had a tight hold, and was not about to let him get away from his shooting cock. Randy was laughing and screaming in ecstasy and pulling Coach's hair in a frenzy as he shot seven full times into his face. At the very last second, just before finishing, he pushed his cock between Coach's lips for the last shot. Coach was still coughing and gasping, but Randy made sure he got a taste of his cum. As both men continued panting Randy pulled Coach's head in so his enormous eight inches lay against Coach's cum covered, dripping face. He loved the view as he maneuvered his still hard cock against Coach's nose and cheek and into his eye and generally rubbed the cum all over his face.

When Randy finally stepped back, still breathing hard, he picked up the towel. 'Here Coach' he said with a grin. 'Wipe my cum off your face.' Coach took the towel and wiped his face. As he finished and opened his eyes, he saw Randy's cock, still enormous but softening, only inches from his face. Looking up he saw Randy with a look of triumph on his face.

'Hey Coach' Randy said. 'You got some of your cum on my legs. Wipe it off with that towel would you?' Coach, still on his knees before this dominant young stud, bent down and wiped his cum off Randy's legs. 'My feet too Coach. Wipe that cum off my feet' Randy directed. As Coach finished and lifted his head, Randy took the towel from him, and looking down at his new vassal, gently wiped his cock back and forth and back and forth cleaning off the cum, but giving Coach an eye full from only inches away. A new acolyte worshipping at his temple. Randy smiled, totally delighted. Then he finally stepped back.

'That was great Coach' he said with a shit eating grin. 'You were terrific.' Reaching down, Randy picked up his jock strap from the floor and handed it to him. 'Here Coach. Keep this to remember me by. It's still got my juices in it so you can suck on it some more if you want' he said with a chuckle. With that, Randy turned and walked out of the bath room.


A couple days later, after wrestling practice was over, Randy walked into Coach's office again. As seems to have become a standard, he was wearing only a jockstrap and was still covered with sweat from the practice. Coach looked up in surprise as Randy walked around the desk and pushed his crotch right up against his shoulder.

'Hey Coach' Randy said with a smile. 'I been thinkin about ya.'

Coach opened his mouth to say something, but Randy put his hand over his mouth. 'No Coach. Don't say anything. I just wanted to come by and say hello' he said as he rubbed his crotch back and forth against Coach's shoulder. Then Randy pushed his thumb between Coach's lips. 'Go ahead and suck on it Coach. Remember what it was like the other day?' he said. Again, totally under the control of this powerful young kid, Coach obediently sucked on his thumb. He knew this kid owned him and he was not about to question it any more.

'Woo Wee' Randy said as he stepped back with a grin. 'I don't want to get too hot now Coach. I've got a hot blow job waiting for me when I get home.' Pulling his jockstrap off, Randy's almost fully hard cock flopped out. He jerked it a couple times and both he and Coach watched it swell and swell and rise up like a python. 'But I wanted you to see it so you wouldn't forget what it was like' he said with a grin. 'Brings back great memories doesn't it' Randy laughed as he pulled the fully hard eight inches down a couple times and let it flop back up, slapping against his stomach. Randy then handed his jockstrap to Coach. 'Here Coach. In case you sucked the other one dry, you can work on this one.' Randy just stood there for a moment in all his naked glory; enjoying Coach's look of devotion and adoration. As Randy walked out of the office he knew Coach would be jerking off within the next couple minutes.

After that Randy would visit Coach's office every couple days just to tease him. A couple times he let him grope him through the jockstrap, and once he made him kiss it through the jockstrap. Coach was completely obedient now and did what he was told without any argument. Each time Randy left his jockstrap behind. He was using up a lot of jockstraps, but it was great fun playing around with his big muscle hunk coach. He was pretty sure that in time Coach was going to get desperate with desire to suck him again, but he made sure not to let him touch his cock in the 'raw'. He wanted to wait until Coach got so hot that he begged him for it. He was getting better blow jobs every day than what Coach could provide, so all he wanted to do was play with the hunky man's head. Randy really enjoyed the game and it gave him tremendous feelings of power and superiority.


A couple weeks later when Randy found out Coach was going to the tri-state college wrestling meet, he asked to go along. Coach wasn't about to say no to anything that Randy wanted these days so of course he agreed. Randy loved wrestling, and particularly liked the college boys because they generally had better builds than high school boys.

Coach almost had a heart attack when Randy showed up that Saturday morning wearing his tight grey Spandex shorts that he loved so much, which clearly showed his cock snaking down his leg and fit tightly up the crack of his ass. The bright yellow nylon tank he was wearing emphasized his muscular upper body but covered very little. Randy knew he looked amazing with all his incredible muscles showing through the sexy outfit, but he didn't mind giving people fits when they saw him. He had it all, and he intended to flaunt it at every opportunity.

Randy loved watching the college boys wrestle. Some of them were much better than he was, so he wanted to check out their moves. And although Coach was completely intimidated and under his spell, he was still a good wrestling teacher, and pointed out interesting holds and take downs as they watched. Randy also liked to check out the college boy's hunky bodies.

Randy and Coach had been sitting in the bleachers for a half hour or so watching the matches when Randy got the surprise of his life. Walking into the gym from the locker room came Wade, his muscle Master, wearing a yellow and brown singlet with a Wheaton College logo on it. Randy's jaw dropped down and he actually let out a yelp of surprise, so that the people around him looked up. 'How could this be' he thought. 'This is impossible.' Without realizing it he stood up and watched Wade as he walked across the gym floor coming in his direction, and only when he was twenty feet or so away did he realize that it was not Wade after all. This guy could have been his twin. Dusty blond hair and astonishing muscular build and an absolutely stunning face. 'My god' Randy thought as he got an instant hard on 'there really is another Wade in this world.'

The man walked over and sat on the bottom row of the bleachers not more than ten feet away. Randy was in awe of him and could not take his eyes away. He was in such shock that he didn't know what to do, but he did know he wanted this guy at any cost. He had to have him. The guy looked to be almost six feet tall and probably weighed 200/210 pounds. What a ravishing hunk of muscle; just like Wade.

The guy was up next, and was announced as Chase Baxter. As the guy got up on the mat, Randy saw why he definitely was not Wade. Although he had a nice bulge showing in his singlet, Wade would have been showing one at least twice that big. Wade had a healthy nine inches, and this guy would be lucky to have six. The guy was big and muscular and a good wrestler, but unfortunately his opponent was in a whole different class. The match was over in barely six minutes when he was pinned. Randy should have been watching the action because the opponent was a superb wrestler; easily the best at the event, however Randy had eyes only for Chase; Chase Baxter. God, he was gorgeous. Every muscle on his body was in perfect proportion to the total astonishing package, and the handsome face was to die for. Randy wanted this guy so bad it hurt. He was actually drooling while imagining licking those muscles and worshiping every inch of that ravishing body.

As the guy walked off the floor in defeat, heading for the locker room, Randy began to panic. He could not let this guy get away. He had to have him. At least he had to talk to him. Poking Coach in the side Randy said: 'Com'on Coach. Let's go to the locker room and catch that guy. I gotta talk to him.'

'Wait for this next match Randy' Coach whispered. 'These guys are really good.'

Randy grabbed Coach by the arm, yanked him to his feet and whispered in his ear: 'I said let's go to the locker room, now move your god damn ass.' Dragging Coach behind him, Randy got off the bleachers and headed across the floor to the locker room. Coach was startled and pissed, but as usual he was also intimidated by Randy, so he didn't put up a fuss.

They entered the locker room and looked around. Randy finally saw Chase sitting on one of the benches with his head in his hands. From the back and side he looked exactly like Wade. Only by looking him directly in the face or down at his crotch could you tell he was somebody else. Randy walked over and put his hand on the guy's sweaty shoulder. Jesus, what a hunk.

'Sorry about the match man' Randy said as the guy looked up. 'That guy you were matched against was amazing. I don't think anybody could have beaten him.'

Well, thanks man' Chase answered. 'Yeah, that guy's good. This is the second time I've been matched against him and he beat my butt both times. If I see him again I think I'll just concede.'

'Hey, don't let it get you down man' Randy said. 'You've got some great moves, and Coach was telling me how great you looked. Oh, by the way. This is my high school coach. We call him Coach, and I'm Randy.'

'Glad to meet you Coach; Randy' Chase said as he shook their hands. 'You didn't see much, because that guy was so fast I didn't get a chance to use my moves. Thanks anyway.'

'Ah ... Chase. Coach was wondering if you live around here somewhere, weren't you Coach?' Randy said thinking fast. 'We're having an in-house meet at our high school next Saturday and we're hoping to have a guest wrestler to help us out and give us some pointers.'

'Actually, I live in the dorm on campus right here at Wheaton' Chase answered. 'But I don't know if you want me as your guest. Two of my buddies here are better wrestlers than I am.'

'No, no. You're the one we want' Randy blurted out as he almost started to plead with the guy. 'Coach said you have some great moves, and you could help our high school squad a lot. Our school is less than thirty miles from here, and we could even reschedule to an evening if that would be better. Tell him Coach' Randy directed.

'Yeah.... Chase. Ah....' Coach said. 'Ah.... we'd like to have you...ah... talk to the crew. Ah.... whenever you could.' Randy was pleased that Coach was following his lead. He was pretty sure that he was cowed enough that he would come through, and now he knew. He decided then and there that he owed Coach some action, instead of just the teasing. He would see what he could do on the drive home.

'Whatda'ya think Chase' he asked nervously. 'Could you come? I've got my own VW and I'll come down and pick you up.'

'Well, I've got nothing planned for next Saturday. What time are you talking about?'

'I'll pick you up at nine o'clock and we'll plan to have the meeting at ten. Won't we Coach?' Randy asked.

'Ah.... Yes' Coach said. 'We'll plan to meet at ten.'

'Okay. It's a date' Chase said as he pulled out paper and wrote his address and phone number down and gave it to Randy.

After they left, Chase sat thinking about it. He was very impressed with Randy. He was such a good looking kid, and so young and so eager to learn, although his revealing outfit was way overdone. But he sure was pretty to look at. Chase was twenty-two years old and he liked guys his age or older. His current steady (after five weeks) was a young professor at the college who was twenty-nine. The problem with young guys was that they tended to be in awe of him and were afraid to make any moves because he looked so dominant, so the sex usually ended up being boring. His current steady was really good looking, but was not intimidated by muscles like most of the kids were, so neither he nor Chase had to prove anything to each other. Besides, Chase's favorite activity was 69ing with his steady.

When Coach and Randy headed for the car, Randy was literally leaping up and down in excitement. He didn't know how he was going to handle it yet, but he now had another 'Wade' to worship. Never in a million years would he tell the real Wade that he was going to worship his twin brother. But Wade was so stingy with his time that Randy felt left out. He had been Wade's slave for months now, but he only saw him about every three weeks. He wanted more than that; a whole lot more.

As they got in the car Randy spoke. 'Great job Coach; following my lead. I owe you for that.'

'Ah...yeah Randy. What was that all about. And what meeting are you talking about for next Saturday?'

'I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it yet' Randy answered. 'But I just wanted to get that guy into my territory. I'll figure the rest out later. But for now, Chase is the most beautiful guy I have ever seen, and with a little persuasion, he and I are going to fuck up a storm come next Saturday. I might need your help once I figure it out, but I'll let you know later.'

'Ah.... Now....Wait a minute Randy' Coach started.

'Cut it out Coach. Don't try to tell me you have a problem with it. You know I'm a horny stud and I need action all the time. Now, I said I owed you. Let's see if I can give you something that you want. We'll call this a birthday present.' Randy grabbed Coach's right hand and pulled it over to his crotch and held it there. 'Rub it for me Coach. Go ahead and rub it. Tell me how it feels.'

'Stop it Randy' Coach said. 'We shouldn't be doing this' he said as he tried to pull his hand away.

Randy held his hand there and squeezed, forcing Coach to get a good feel. 'You're right Coach, we shouldn't be doing this. Now keep rubbing it and tell me how it feels.'

'Ah.... you're getting hard Randy.'

'Yeah Coach, you're making me hard. Feels good doesn't it? My big hard cock in your hand; getting big and hard for you.'

'Pull over Coach' Randy directed. They were already part way home on the quiet county road. 'Go ahead. Pull over.' Coach pulled to the side of the road and turned off the engine.

'Push your seat back Coach' Randy directed. As Coach did as he was told, Randy reached behind his head and pulled him down just inches from his crotch. 'Get it out Coach. I think you'll find the big cock in there you've been dreaming about. This is your present Coach. Just for you.' Randy's shorts were so tight and his cock so hard, that even though Coach unbuttoned and unzipped them, the big cock was snaking down his right leg and he was struggling to get it out into the air. Randy finally raised up slightly so Coach could pull the shorts down to his knees. When it finally popped up Randy grabbed it and taking Coach by the hair rubbed the tip back and forth against his lips. Coach opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, but Randy pulled his head back a few inches just out of reach of the cock.

'Stick that tongue out Coach' Randy said. He held Coach's head so that by sticking his tongue out as far as he could, he could barely touch the tip of the cock. 'Lick it Coach. Lick the tip of my cock.' Coach flipped his tongue back and forth just touching the tip of Randy's cock. Randy had really been easy on Coach the first time he let him suck him, and really didn't get blown the way he liked it. But this time, Coach was going to have to work a little harder at it. This time it was going to be Randy's pleasure that counted, not Coach's. Coach was going to get his pleasure out of being subjugated and controlled by a hot muscle stud. Randy had been teasing Coach for weeks now so he figured with all the build up and anticipation, Coach should be hot to take it any way he could get it.

Easing up on his hold on Coach's hair, Randy finally allowed Coach to take the tip in his mouth. 'Suck the tip babe. Just the tip. Let me feel your hot mouth' Randy said. Randy just watched for a couple minutes. Then he started pushing Coach's head down, and down, and down. Coach gagged but Randy held him tightly for four or five seconds before letting him go. Coach came up gasping, but Randy pushed him back down. Coach gagged again, and Randy again held him for a few seconds before letting go. Coach came up gasping and coughing. Randy grabbed his cock, and pushed Coach's face down to his swollen genitals.

'My balls now Coach' Randy ordered. 'Lick my balls.' Coach followed his orders and started licking his nuts. 'Suck 'em and kiss 'em too Coach. Really worship those balls.' Coach obeyed, really getting into it now, as Randy rubbed his eight inches against his cheek. Randy just watched with tremendous enjoyment as his powerful muscled Coach buried his face in his crotch with his big cock bouncing against his face. He loved the feeling of power of controlling this hunky older man.

'Okay Coach. Let's try again. Hey man. You got to be able to take it deep. Don't gag or choke on it man. Hold your breath and take it deep.' Aiming his cock at Coach's mouth Randy again pushed him down on his cock. He didn't stop until he was all the way to the root, and Coach's nose was buried in his crotch hair.

'Holy Shit' he yelled as he felt his cock slide into Coach's throat. 'That's it man! Way to go!' Randy held him for almost ten seconds before letting him up to catch a breath.

'That was fantastic man. Do it again. Do it again for me Coach.' With Randy pushing down, Coach swallowed it deep once more. 'Yeah man' Randy yelled. 'Now hold it and suck. Com'on, suck on it babe.' Coach started sucking on it as he held it deep in his throat. When he started to choke, Randy finally let go of his head entirely.

'Okay Coach. You're going to make a fantastic cocksucker with a little practice. But for now just make it feel good for me. Focus on my cock and imagine what it takes to make me feel really, really good.' Coach started gripping the cock tightly with his lips as he bobbed his head up and down and sucked hard on the big cock. He still couldn't believe how big this boy's prick was, but sucking it and following the boy's demands was incredibly exciting. He was about to blow.

'A little deeper babe' Randy directed and Coach started taking more cock, all the way to the entrance to his throat, as he continued bobbing up and down He was so turned on that he grabbed his own cock through his pants and starting rubbing it.

'Ahhhhhhhhhhh' Coach yelled around the big cock in his mouth as he started to shoot in his pants. The ejaculation was terrific and the feeling was intense as he shot over and over in his pants. Randy was holding his head but it was not necessary as Coach went down hard and took it to the root again. He loved this big cock, and was wild about sucking it for his demanding young student.

Randy saw Coach's face bury itself in his crotch hair and felt his cock go incredibly deep into the man's throat, and that did it. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhh' Randy howled as he started to cum in the hot throat. Randy held on to Coach's head as he jacked in and out of his mouth shooting squirt after squirt of cream into his throat. Coach was still quivering and shaking uncontrollably from the most exciting ejaculation he had ever had, as he now swallowed this muscle boys cum with pleasure. .

Randy just held him there for a while as his cock started to soften in his mouth. Finally he let go of his head, and Coach raised up, sitting upright behind the wheel. Both of them just lay back for a few minutes getting their breath back. Looking down Randy noticed some cum still smeared on his cock.

'You didn't get it all Coach. Get back here and clean it up' he said as he pulled Coach's head back down to his crotch. Coach thought to question it, but Randy was already forcing his head down so he went ahead and licked Randy's cock clean.

'Okay Coach. Good job man. Now pull my shorts up and put my cock away.

'Now Randy.......' Coach said as he tried to raise his head.

'God damn it Coach. Do what you're fuckin told' Randy demanded as he held his head. 'Put my god damn cock back in my pants!' Coach was totally intimidated now and meekly pulled Randy's shorts up, stuffed the cock in, and buttoned him up.

He was astounded that he was now completely under this boys control. He actually started tearing up momentarily in humiliation with the realization that he would grovel for this young kid without question from now on. And he was pretty sure Randy was going to require a lot of groveling.

'Good boy Coach' Randy said as he reached over and patted Coach on the back of the head. 'Real good. And my cock loves you' he giggled. 'Now let's head for home. I got to get back and work out this afternoon.' Coach tried to get as comfortable as possible with his jockeys soggy with his cum, as he got the car back on the road.

'I hope you liked your birthday present Coach' Randy laughed. 'Maybe if you're good I'll give you a Christmas present sometime soon.' Randy already was coming up with some ideas. Maybe he'd fuck him next time. And maybe he'd bring Jason along and let him watch. He knew Coach would be mortified to get fucked by his student while another looked on, and it made him hot just to think about it. Yeah, he might get around to giving Coach a present real soon.


Exactly at 9:00 AM on Saturday Randy pulled up to the men's dorm in his VW. Chase let him in after he knocked at the door. 'Nice to see you again Randy' Chase said as they shook hands. Chase was wearing a Wheaton College sweat shirt and jeans and tennies. He looked incredible; even better than Randy remembered. This guy was so fucking hot every girl in the college must have creamed their panties every time he went by. Why he would wear that stupid sweat shirt and cover it up was beyond Randy. Randy himself was again wearing his super tight grey spandex shorts which showed his healthy bulge in front, and also wrapped tight around his ass and into the crack in back. Wade had remarked several times that Randy had a beautiful ass, and for Wade's twin, Randy definitely wanted to show off his best features. He was wearing a wife beater on top which hid very little of his amazing muscular upper body. If this didn't turn Chase on he didn't know what would. Chase gave him a good long look as he entered, but Randy didn't see the lust in his eyes he was hoping for. Well, give it time.

'Ah, Chase. I'm really embarrassed here, but Coach had to go to an out of town meeting today and we can't have that meet at ten o'clock. However, I was able to talk to a bunch of the wrestling squad and they said they would love to get together and have you help them out. I'm really sorry, but I hope you won't mind coming anyway and give us some pointers. We can't use the school gym, but I have a set up in my garage we can use, and you'll have a half dozen guys there to work with. I'll bring you back here to the dorm whenever you want.'

'Well, I don't know Randy' Chase said. 'If your coach isn't going to be there....'

'Oh please Chase. Please come' Randy pleaded. 'I'm begging you. I saw you wrestle and I really like your style, and I know you could help the guys. And I can't believe the size of your muscles. You are incredible, and I know you're strength and expertise could help us a lot. I drove all the way here just to pick you up. Please come.'

Chase smiled. This kid was so young and eager that he really couldn't refuse. 'Okay Randy' he laughed. 'Don't get carried away. I'll come. Just let me get my gym bag and leave a note for my roommate. What time do you suppose we'll be done?'

'Well, we'll probably have lunch and maybe another session after, so I would say about 4:00.' Chase wrote a note for his roommate.

'Ahhh...Chase' Randy studdered. Ah...could you do me a favor? You have the most incredible body that I have ever seen, and I don't understand why you're hiding it under that sweat shirt. Do you think you could take it off for the guys so they can see what incredible muscles you have?'

'Com'on kid' Chase laughed. 'We're not in this for the look. We're in it for the wrestling. But, just for you' he said with another laugh 'I'll take it off.' Taking the sweatshirt off, Chase had a tight white T-shirt underneath which showed his absolutely astonishing muscles bulging everywhere. Chase then performed a double bicep pose. 'Is this the body you're talking about?' he said laughing. 'Well, we'll leave the sweat shirt behind for today. Besides I've got my singlet in my gym bag if we need it.'

Randy was about to cream his jeans. He had to deliberately stop himself from getting on his knees and pushing his face into this gorgeous creatures crotch. He actually gasped for breath as he tried to control his emotions. He wanted this guy so bad. And he wanted him now. His cock was so hard it hurt and it was stretching down his leg almost peaking out of the leg of the short shorts.

Chase gave him a strange questioning look, and took note of Randy's big super hot cock and Randy's heavy breathing. 'Randy, I don't go with kids' he said. 'I'm sorry but you're too young. I've got a professor here at the college as my lover at the moment. You said we were in this for the wrestling didn't you? Well, are we? Or did you have something else in mind?'

'Christ Chase' Randy said. 'I'm sorry but you are so super gorgeous that I can't control it. But I promise today will be wrestling only. I'm sorry, but you turn me on something awful.'

'Well, keep your prick in your pants or we can forget about today' Chase warned.

'God, I'm sorry Chase' Randy said. 'I promise today will be wrestling, and only wrestling.'

Randy was squirming all the way on the drive home he was so turned on. The tight shorts kept him hard, and he wanted to lick the biceps of the guy next to him so bad he could hardly stand it. Of course Randy had lied to him, because wrestling was the very last thing on his mind when he looked at him. The guy was an absolute demigod, and right now Randy was willing to give his right arm just to be allowed to lick his ass. This guy was truly worthy of worship. During the drive they talked about wrestling, the weather, college life, and high school stuff. Talking total shit while Randy was salivating the whole way.

As part of Randy's plans for the day, he had told Jason, Landon, and Jack to meet him in his garage. He also got Jamie who wasn't a wrestler, but he looked like he could be, but they were only there for window dressing anyway. Besides, Jamie was excited about seeing Wade's twin. So, including himself, there would five boys there between the ages of fifteen and seventeen. Just wait until Chase finds out there are going to be five young muscle studs all hot to trot. Randy planned to get rid of them as soon as possible unless Chase really wanted more than one worshiper. Randy didn't care what it took, but he was going to be the primary one.

As they entered Randy's garage, he immediately saw there was a problem. Landon was bleeding from a cut under his eye, and he and Jason were both red in the face and had their fists up. Jack and Jamie were standing back watching.

'Stop it right now' Randy screamed. 'What the fuck do you think you're doing?' Randy stepped up and grabbed both boys by the hair and jerked them hard. 'God damn it. Don't you dare do this at my house' he said as he jerked their hair very hard again. Both boys let out a yell. 'God damn fucking pieces of shit. Who started it?' he yelled. Both boys were panting but did not say anything. 'Jamie, who started it?' Randy yelled.

Jamie gave him a startled look. 'Ah... I don't know sir. We just started talking and somehow it just got out of hand sir.'

'Jack. Who started it?' Randy snarled.

'Just like Jamie said sir. It just kinda got out of hand. They just started yelling at each other sir.'

Randy was so angry that he forgotten all about Chase, and when Randy lost his temper it was a thing to behold.

'Get on your fuckin knees' he shouted. Jason and Landon fearfully dropped to their knees in front of him with heads bowed. Jack and Jamie, well aware of Randy's temper, got on their knees as well just in case.

Randy grabbed Landon by the hair and gave him a very hard slap to the face. Turning to Jason he did the same thing. 'You're both going to get your asses kicked as soon as I get a chance, you stupid little ass holes. But for now you apologize to me! And you do it damn well! Landon!'

'Please Boss I'm sorry' Landon pleaded with tears in his eyes and his cheek turning red. 'I didn't start it Boss, but I had to defend myself. Please Boss I'm sorry' he said as he bent down and kissed each of Randy's feet.

'Jason!' Randy growled.

Please Boss, I'm sorry' Jason said holding his cheek. 'But he is such an uppity little shit I just can't stand him. And he tried to hit me first. I just hit him back.' Jason then bent down and kissed Randy's feet.

Randy was only just now beginning to cool down, and, as he started coming to his senses, he realized what he had done.

'Oh Christ Chase' he said turning toward Chase. 'I'm so sorry this happened. Oh shit. Excuse me for losing my temper. I just see red when my boys get out of hand' he said in total embarrassment. 'God damn, you must think I'm a total idiot.'

Chase had been standing by the door this whole time with a shocked look on his face. Seeing this sweet kid who he thought was so eager totally losing control was disturbing to say the least. His incredible anger, almost hysteria, was frightening. And he was flabbergasted at the obeisance the boys gave him. Calling him sir and boss and kissing his feet. Chase had never even imagined such a thing.

'Boys. Get up' Randy ordered. 'Boys. Meet Chase Baxter, a super wrestler from Wheaton College. Chase, these guys are on my wrestling squad at school.'

'This is Landon.'

Landon stepped forward and shook hands. 'Very happy to meet you sir' he said and then got on his knees.

'Chase. This is Jason.'

'Very happy to meet you sir' Jason said as he shook hands and got on his knees.

Randy introduced Jamie and Jack in the same way, until all four boys were on their knees at Chase's feet.

Randy didn't know what was going to happen now. He planned this far, but now it was up to Chase. 'We are yours to command Chase. Sir. We are available for your pleasure' he said.

'Randy. What the hell is going on here?'

'Chase Sir. You are a god to us' Randy said nervously. 'Anybody that looks like you needs to be worshiped. We want to worship you. We'll do anything you want Sir.'

Randy was at a loss at what to do next. If Chase said no all his planning was all for naut. Chase was massively muscled and a talented wrestler, so there was no way they could force him to do anything he didn't want to do.

'Well this is stupid' Chase said. 'I don't want to be worshiped. I may be gay but I can assure you this is not my thing. Besides, I have a steady boy friend at college. This is a bunch of crap Randy, and you're getting me really pissed off. I think you better turn around and take me home.'

'Ah, please Chase. Please. Let's at least talk about this' Randy pleaded. 'Hey guys' he ordered. 'Get your butts out of here so Chase and I can have a talk. I'll call you in later. And you two' he said speaking to Landon and Jason. 'Don't you even fuckin look at each other' Randy ordered. The boys got up and left the room.

After closing the door behind them, Randy pushed Chase over to the weight bench and set him down on it. Then he got on his knees. 'First of all I want to apologize, Chase. You are the most gorgeous man I have ever seen and I set this up just so I could be with you. You make my heart flutter every time I even look at you. I'm really sorry if I upset you.'

'Alright Randy stop it' Chase said. 'I can't help but be flattered since you are such a good looking kid, but I told you I have a steady boyfriend at school.'

'Please Chase. Don't I turn you on at all?' Randy pleaded.

'Randy, you have a really hot body and you would turn anyone on' Chase said 'but I'm really not into worship, and besides you're jail bate. I fuck you and I go to jail.'

'Oh com'on Chase. Nobody believes I'm under eighteen. In fact, because I have such a great body, most think I'm older than that. So, that's just an excuse. Please Chase. You're already here and I'll do anything you want. Absolutely anything. Don't you want to fuck me?'

'Alright, Randy. That's enough' Chase said as he stood up. 'It's time you took me back to campus.'

Randy realized he was losing the battle by pleading with Chase. He wanted him so bad that he could have screamed. He had to have him. He couldn't let him get away now. He just couldn't. Standing up, Randy grabbed Chase's arms and gave him a kiss. If pleading wasn't working, Randy decided to try direct action. Randy kissed him a second time, and then on the third time, Chase started kissing him back.

After a moment Chase stepped back breaking the kiss. 'Cut it out Randy. As gorgeous as you are, I'm not into kids worshiping me. My current boy friend is a professor at the college.'

'Don't call me a kid Chase' Randy said. 'I'm not a kid. I'm a man, and a pretty damn good looking muscle man at that. You're incredible muscles turn me on something awful. And you can not tell me that my muscles don't turn you on! I know damn well they do, and I can see it in your pants.'

Actually Chase's current boy friend had only an okay build, but he had a nice piece of meat in his pants. However, Chase had to admit Randy looked even bigger. And Randy was a real turn on. Young and sexy; with an amazing body and a big cock. What was not to like? Chase was not sure why he didn't want to have sex with Randy except he thought the boy was a little too aggressive, and a bit selfish. Chase was a little annoyed that Randy had manipulated him and these four boys just for his own satisfaction. It didn't do much for his ego to have a sixteen year old try to control him.

'All right Randy, cut it out' he demanded. 'I think we better call it a day. You can take me back home.'

'Com'on Chase. You are so fucking gorgeous' Randy said as he stepped forward and gave him another kiss and pushed his crotch up tight against him. No matter what Chase said, Randy could tell from the way he was kissing him back that he was horny and turned on to him. This time he held Chase's head and added some tongue action during the kiss. Chase kissed him back, but Randy took note that the tongue action was mostly one sided. Randy was beginning to suspect that Chase was not the aggressive type. Because of Chase's spectacularly muscled body, it had not occurred to Randy that he could possibly be anything less than a total dominant. But now he was beginning to wonder. It looked like Chase was willing to let his partner take the lead; and Randy was more that willing to do so Randy wanted Chase desperately, and would do whatever was necessary to get him. Randy felt a shot of excitement shoot up his spine as he considered dominating this demigod, Good lord; could he really dominate this guy? Is this what this muscle god wanted? Randy was more than willing to take over and give this Greek god what he wanted if that's what it took. In fact, this was going to make the scene much hotter than he could possibly have imagined.

Chase was still kissing him back, but as they kissed, Randy moved his hand from his head to a tight grip on his hair. Very gradually, as they kissed, he began to pull; harder and harder. Chase groaned and finally mumbled through the kiss. 'Don't Randy. That hurts.'

'That's alright babe' Randy whispered back. 'It's supposed to hurt.' Chase groaned again as they continued kissing, and Randy reached up with his other hand and grabbed Chase's nipple and started to twist it. 'Yeah baby' he mumbled through the kiss. 'Feel the pain.' As they continued the kiss Randy felt Chase's cock began to harden and push up against him. Shit, this guy was getting turned on. He was into pain.

Chase groaned again. 'Awh Randy. Please Randy. It hurts' he whispered, but interestingly, he made no attempt to push Randy away. Letting go of Chase's tit, Randy reached down and cupped his ass, and began to massage it.

'Nice ass baby' he mumbled. 'You are so fucking hot. You are the hottest fucking stud I have ever seen. And I want you bad.' Randy broke the kiss and started to lick and kiss all over Chase's face. He had to stand on tip toes to do it, but he kissed every inch of his face; licking his forehead, kissing his eyes, and licking back and forth over his lips and nose.

'Please Randy, stop' Chase whispered. 'I don't want to do this.'

'Yes you do babe' Randy answered softly as he let go of Chase's ass and grabbed his crotch through the jeans, finding a hard cock. 'I know you do. This hard cock tells me you want it bad.'

'Feel this babe' Randy said as he moved his hand to Chase's and pulled it into his own crotch and held it there. 'See how hot I'm getting for you. I want it bad, and so do you.'

Holding Chase's hand against his cock, and still pulling his hair painfully with the other, Randy started kissing him very aggressively. 'Jesus Christ you are so fucking hot Chase' he murmured. 'You're the most gorgeous man I have ever seen.' Then gradually, still pulling on Chase's hair, Randy began to put downward pressure on him. As Chase started groaning from the pain, Randy put his other hand on his shoulder and forced him to his knees. The instant Randy had him on his knees, he pulled his face into his crotch and started rubbing his spandex covered cock against his nose.

'This is what you want muscle boy' Randy said seductively. 'I saw you noticing how big I was. I think a big one really turns you on.' Chase would never have admitted it to anyone but he definitely liked guys with big cocks. And Randy was definitely as big or bigger than any of his usual sexual partners.

'Lick it for me muscle boy. Go ahead and chew on it. Let me feel your hot wet mouth.'

Chase started licking the enormous cock that was pressing into his face. Jesus, this was a big one and he liked rubbing his nose against it. He started chewing on it through the tight shorts as Randy demanded. Randy's forceful manner and his big cock was finally getting to him and really turning him on. He felt Randy let go of his head, and when he glanced up he saw he had put his hands on his hips, and had a smirk on his face. Chase found that look of total arrogance to be a real turn on, and he felt a surge of excitement shoot through his body.

Randy just watched for a while with a smug look on his face as his cock was being worshiped by a superman. He was blown away having this god on his knees before him, but he had no intention of looking a gift horse in the mouth. Oh yeah; he was definitely not going to let this opportunity get away.

'Okay babe that's terrific, but let's get these shorts off and get to the real thing. Go ahead, Chase. Pull 'em off.' Chase unbuttoned and unzipped the shorts and with some difficulty tugged them off of the enormous cock that was hiding inside. The big cock popped out and actually hit him on the cheek, as he lowered the shorts. Randy stepped out of them, and grabbing Chase by the arms and pulling him up, pushed him backwards to the wrestling mat, and forced him down on his butt and then stepped forward straddling his legs. Yeah, this was a better angle. Sitting on his butt was definitely better than on his knees, because he was so tall. Randy stepped close and pushed his cock into his mouth.

'Oh yeah Chase. This is what we both want. My super cock and you're hot mouth. Oh man yeah. It fits in there just like a glove.' Randy just stood watching as Chase started sucking; Randy was ecstatic. The most beautiful man he had ever seen was on his knees in front of him sucking his cock. Chase was so beautiful, and such a perfect copy of Wade, that part of Randy still yearned to worship him. But having him on his knees giving him head was so incredible that Randy thought the top of his head was going to blow right off. He tried to imagine Wade giving him a blow job, but the concept was so far fetched as to be beyond comprehension. Suddenly, the image of Wade sucking him made Randy so hot that he knew he was only seconds away from cuming. He pulled his cock out of Chase's mouth and stepped back breathing hard 'Go down, go down, go down' he said to himself trying to control his cock. Chase was on his knees looking at him with a puzzled look on his face, as Randy tried to get his cock and his emotions under control.

Randy was in total turmoil. A part of him desperately wanted to lick this guys muscles, but the feeling of power of having this gorgeous creature sucking him was overwhelming.. He wanted to worship this demigod, but at the same time he wanted to dominate him. All in all it was making him crazy with desire, and much too hot much too quickly.

Finally, Randy got down on his knees, sitting on Chase's massive thighs, with their two hard cocks touching. Taking hold of Chase's head, Randy pulled him into another kiss. Chase reached and grabbed Randy's cock, but Randy pulled his hand away. 'Just let me cool off for a minute man' Randy mumbled. 'You make me so fuckin hot.'

Chase was just as much into kissing as Randy was and they went at it for about ten minutes. Then Randy stood back up. 'Okay man. Let's get back at it' he said as he pushed his mostly hard cock back into Chase's mouth. Randy now took total control. He now knew this was his ball game and this gorgeous godlike creature was his to use for his own pleasure. And what a pleasure it was going to be. Holding on to Chase's head, he pushed his cock slowly all the way to the root. Chase took it all the way into his throat without gagging or choking. 'Jesus Christ Chase' he gasped. 'You really know how to take a guy's cock.'

Pulling back, Randy started slowly fucking in deep, holding for a couple seconds, and then back out. Slowly, slowly so he wouldn't get too hot too soon. The feeling of going to the root with each thrust was fantastic, right up until he looked down and saw 'Wade' on his knees sucking him. That was just too much. A hot surge shot through his body right to the tip of his cock, and he was on the verge all over again. Imagining Wade on his knees for him was the hottest, most incredible, most astonishing thought he had ever had in his head. Randy couldn't hold out any longer and started to shoot. Chase was going to think he had no control, but now the pleasure was so intense that Randy screamed aloud.

'Eeeeyyyyyoooooh' he screamed. ''Shiiiiiit' he screamed again. He felt himself cuming in his Master's mouth; in Wade's mouth. 'Shit, shit, shit!' he yelled.

As he started to cum the door flew open and his boys rushed in to see what the screaming was about. Chase heard the commotion and tried to pull back, but Randy had a good hold and was not about to let him go. When he was almost done, Randy pulled out and the last shot went into Chase's face. Randy screamed again, just from imagining Wade with cum on his face. 'Eeyyyooh.' 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. It was so fucking hot.'

All four boys watched in amazement to see this gorgeous demigod on his knees, with Randy obviously shooting his cum into his face. Jamie got instantly hard since he was thinking the same as Randy; that that guy on his knees was a splitting image of Wade; the muscle god. He grabbed his cock and began rubbing it through his pants.

Randy was not done yet although his breath was beginning to get back to normal. He began to rub his still hard eight inches all over Chase/Wade's face smearing the cum around as he looked down and luxuriated in the picture of his newest cocksucker. Randy banged his cock against Chase's face a few more times, the then finally let go of his head and stepped back.

'Jesus man. You are one hell of a cocksucker' he said to Chase. His four boys looked on in awe watching super boy Randy with a shit eating grin on his face, smearing his cum all over this incredibly gorgeous muscular god's face. Randy's power and control was beyond comprehension. He was unquestionably a wizard.

Randy grabbed a towel and wiped off his cock, and handed it to Chase. 'Here Chase. Clean that cum off your face.' Randy went to his gym bag, pulled out a jock strap and slipped into it. 'Okay, Jack and Jamie. Thanks for your help. You can take off now since we're going to be busy here. I'll call you later.' Both boys gave him a disappointed look, because they wanted to stay and watch the action.

'Please Boss, please 'Jamie pleaded still rubbing his fully charged cock. 'I gotta see this. Wade would never forgive me if I didn't stay and see this.'

'You better never say a word to Wade about this. Never!' Randy snapped. 'Or else! Now get your ass out of here!' Jack and Jamie grudgingly left.

'Okay guys. Strip' Randy ordered. 'Down to your undies.' Randy saw that Chase was surprised that Jason and Landon obeyed so quickly, since they started stripping immediately and hurriedly and were near naked in seconds. 'He's going to learn what it means to obey,' Randy thought with a grin. 'Com'on Chase' he said as he pulled Chase's T-shirt out of his pants, and then up over his head. 'Show us that incredible body you're hiding under those clothes.'

Randy was pleased to see that both Landon and Jason were wearing jock straps. Randy hated underwear, and wore either a jock strap or nothing at all. His boys obviously wanted to emulate him which gave him a smile. He would make sure he gave them a good going over later in recognition of their devotion. Chase just stood there for a moment doing nothing.

'I said, take your clothes off Chase' Randy warned. 'Now get out of those pants.' Chase was still hot and hard. He had blown Randy but had not yet cum himself. And he was hot because he found that Randy's dominating nature was really turning him on. Being dominated by this kid was turning out to be very exciting. And, he admitted to himself, that was the nicest cock he had ever had in his mouth. Chase pulled his shoes off and then removed his pants. His cock was clearly hard as he stood up in only his jockey shorts.

'Landon' Randy said as he snapped his fingers. London jumped to his side. 'Get on his ass.' Landon scurried around behind Chase, got down on his knees, and immediately stuck his face into his cotton covered ass. 'Jason, do his cock' Randy ordered. Jason leaped over to Chase, got down, and stuck his face into Chase's crotch.

Chase was shocked into immobility for the moment. Then Randy stepped forward, straddling Jason on his knees below him, and started licking Chase's hot pectoral muscle.

Chase was getting it from three very beautiful young muscled boys at the same time. The shock wore off quickly and was replaced by ecstasy. Having his chest, cock and ass all worshipped at the same time were sending euphoric surges through his body. He had never imagined that anything could feel so exhilarating.

Busily licking this demigod's chest, Randy put his hands on the big round shoulders and gradually moved them down to the melon sized biceps. His heart started beating faster, and he started gasping for breath as he whimpered with desire for this incredible superman. He'd never in his life been so turned on to anyone's muscles as he was right now. Having a 'Wade' available to fuck was the hottest thing he could imagine. Shit, his cock was getting hard all over again for this guys unbelievable body.

He knew he was going to have to make this quick, because the intense desire was so overwhelming that it was going to make him cum too fast and ruin it for him yet again. He quickly reached down and jerked Chase's jockey shorts down to his ankles. Landon and Jason now started to lick skin, but Randy couldn't wait. Pushing Chase back onto the weight bench with the two worshiping boys stumbling aside, he grabbed his legs and pulled them up showing his ass. Randy spit on the ass, then spit on his hand , and immediately stuck a finger into the tight hole. Chase let out a yelp. Fucking the finger in and out a couple times, Randy added some more spit and stuck two fingers into the hole. He was way too hot to wait any longer, and lifting the legs up on his shoulders, he aimed his eight inches at the tight hole and pushed.

Jamie and Landon were setting back on their heels watching in awe, until Randy yelled at them. 'Get on his body. Now' he ordered. Landon got on a stupendous bicep while Jason got on the massive chest and both started licking and kissing the massive muscles on this demigod.

Randy pushed the head of his cock into the tight ass.

'Randy, Randy' Chase gasped. 'Easy, easy. I'm not used to this. Take it easy.'

Randy hesitated for ten or fifteen seconds and then pushed some more. Chase let out a moan and a gasp. 'Jesus Randy' he gasped. 'You're so big.'

That brought a big smile from Randy. Chase's ass felt super tight, partly because his spinster muscles were as powerful as the rest of his muscles, and partly because Randy hadn't loosen him up enough. But Randy was determined and he pushed harder and got another inch or so into the ass.

'Jesus Randy' Chase moaned. 'What the fuck you sticking in me. Feels like a god damn telephone pole.'

'Feels good to me Wade' Randy grunted. 'Almost there' he lied. 'Alnost all the way in.' Randy then pushed very hard and over half of his cock slid into the tight, tight hole. Chase really let out a wail. This time Randy waited to give Chase a chance to adjust. He watched Jason and Landon worshiping him for almost a whole minute before he pushed very hard again, and kept pushing until he was in all the way to the hilt. Lying down on top of Chase with his cock in tight and pushing Jason out of the way, he started kissing him. Rising up slightly, Randy spit a wad of saliva into Chase's mouth and then kissed him some more.

Chase felt a hot flash of excitement shoot through his body. Getting fucked and spit on was unbelievably exciting. This was already turning out to be the most breathtaking sexual experience that he had ever had. He was totally hot.

Finally Randy started moving. He raised his head breaking the kiss and started to fuck. All the way out to the tip, and then all the way back into the tight hole. He kept going slowly at first. He had just cum a few minutes before so he thought he could hold out. Beside, he kept his eyes closed so he would not see the incredible muscle man under him. If he looked, he saw Wade. And if he saw Wade, his cock went crazy.

Jason and Landon were both sitting back on their heels watching and slowly jerking off their cocks. Both were so hot at the sight of these two muscle studs dripping with sweat, their muscles gleaming, and grunting loudly, that they could have cum in seconds if they had allowed it. As much as they both loved and venerated Randy, they were astonished that he had subjugated this incredibly gorgeous demigod.

Randy was really going to town now, and for Chase it was finally beginning to feel good and almost comfortable. Randy, however, could not stop himself from looking, and finally opened his eyes so he could see the amazing muscle god he was fucking.

Hell, it was Wade all over again, and he felt his cock start to reach it's peak. Trying to hold on, he gasped at Chase: 'Jerk it babe. Com'on do it. Cum for me babe.'

Chase was hotter than hell and it didn't take more than half a dozen jerks on his cock and he was cuming. Randy was right on the edge so he let it go. Landon and Jason saw them start cuming, and after only a few jerks they started shooting as well. Four gorgeous muscle men and boys all shooting their jism, all at the same time.

After a couple minutes, Randy gently pulled his cock out of Chase's ass, sat on the floor, and lay down on his back. Landon and Jason, both sitting on their heels after shooting their loads, just waited for Randy and Chase to recover. Neither Randy nor Chase moved for about ten minutes.

Finally, Randy got up on his elbows. 'Com'er boys. Get on my cock, both of you' he ordered. They got on their knees on each side of him, and bending down started licking his cock. 'Lick it clean' he ordered. 'And I want to see you tonguing each other as you go.' The boys busily licked Randy's cock, and as much as they despised each other, licked each others tongues as they went. 'Hey Chase' Randy called. 'Ever get you cock sucked by two guys at the same time?' he asked. Chase finally sat up on the bench and looked at the action at Randy's crotch. 'How about having two cute muscle boys going down on you at the same time? Pretty cool heh.' Randy knew he was showing off, but he couldn't help it; it felt so good. He'd already dominated Chase, but he also wanted him to be impressed with his power and control.

'Alright boys' Randy said. 'It looks like Chase got his cum all over that washboard stomach of his. Go take care of it. Lay down Chase' Randy ordered. 'Lay down so they can clean you up.' The boys got busy licking Chase's stomach and crotch. Still on his elbows, Randy just watched for a while.

And, as to be expected, when being worshiped by two beautiful muscle boys Chase started getting hard. 'Okay boys' Randy ordered. 'Take turns, but make him cum. And I want to see you tonguing each other.' Showing perfect obedience, Landon and Jason started working on Chase's cock. They had done this several times for Randy so they were well trained on both of them sucking a cock at the same time. As per Randy's orders, this time they particularly made sure that they tangled tongues regularly as they worked to get Chase hot. Chase loved seeing the two pretty boys working his cock, and the feeling was marvelous. They were very talented and obviously knew what they were doing. Chase had just cum and he knew he could hold out for a while now, so he just lay their savoring the heavenly feeling of their worship. What brought him to the peak was feeling two tongues teasing the tip of his circumcised cock at the same time. When he opened his eyes to look, the saw they were kissing each other with the tip of his cock in both their mouths. It was so erotic that the hot surge shot through him and he started to cum.

When Randy heard Chase begin to moan, he quickly got up and grabbed both boy's by the hair and held them there as Chase started shooting. The first shot went into their mouths, and then pushing their heads cheek to cheek, Randy watched as the additional shots splashed into both their faces. It was incredibly hot, and Randy felt a stirring in his cock as he watched.

Once Chase seemed to be cooling down, Randy turned Landon's and Jason's heads so they were facing each other and said: 'Go ahead and lick it up. Take turns, but I want to see you lick every bit if it up.' Both boys sighed in frustration as they started obeying Randy's orders. Landon wanted to bite Jason, not lick him, but the thought of facing Randy's wrath was truly frightening. Jason felt much the same, but they both did what they were told and licked the cum off each others faces.

Chase finally sat up. 'Randy. I have just had three of the most exciting ejaculations of my entire life. You are incredible' he said.

Randy got up, grabbed Chase by the hand and pulled him to his feet, and gave him a big kiss. 'Thank you Chase. It was great for me as well. I hope we can do this again some time soon.'



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