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Chapter One

"Just stay out of my way, you shit!" Ryder hollered at me as he walked by, punching me in the shoulder. Great! This is all I need; another week of pure unadulterated hell with Ryder. I still didn't know what to call him. Oh sure, I had a few choice names for him, but he certainly wasn't a friend. He used to be, once upon a time. I'll be damned if I call him my brother or step-brother, even though he and his Mom Sandy moved in with me and my father almost a .year ago now.

It was Monday, first day of our folk's week away from home on their vacation, or first year anniversary vacation as they called it. I was stuck home alone with 19 year old Ryder Murray, a junior at Jefferson County, the local community college. I'm Damon Bloom, also 19 years old, but still a senior in high school. We first met two years ago, when we were seventeen. We were in the same algebra class. For some reason, that crap came real easily to me. I don't know why, but I just got it. And Ryder struggled. He was a smart kid otherwise, but he just couldn't wrap his head around some of the concepts of working through the equations. Mr. Foster, our teacher, asked if I would volunteer a little of my time with Ryder. I had no problem with that. Ryder and I met a couple of afternoons in the library. After about a month of my help, Ryder started to pick up the material.

"You should be a teacher, bro. You explain this shit so much better than that dinosaur Mr. Foster," Ryder would announce to me, at least once a week.

Ryder couldn't be anymore grateful for my help, and we'd usually walk home together. We talked about school and our classes, and if he was meeting up with some friends, he'd be sure to invite me and drag me along.

Halfway through the year, I was riding my bicycle one afternoon and I was side swiped by a car. At first, I didn't think I was hurt that bad, but someone who saw me get hit called an ambulance. My folks of course rushed to my side at the hospital and I tried to calm them down. Sure my leg hurt like shit, but one of the techs who took the x-rays said the bone break was pretty clean and after a cast for two months, followed by crutches for a couple of months more, I should be as good as new. We were all thankful for the relatively good news and I was in the hospital overnight. Ryder must have spent his entire day with me, missing school in the process. He was a good friend.

I stayed home the rest of the week and was preparing to go back to school the next week and when I woke up, I could barely sit up. My father checked in in on me.

"You look flushed son."

"I feel like shit, Dad. Like I got the flu or something."

My mother walked in and immediately felt my forehead. How do Moms always know what to do with their kids?

"You have a fever, Damon. This is not right."

To make a long story short, I had blood poisoning. Somehow, my relatively clean bone break had allowed some of the bone marrow to leak into my blood stream. I stayed in the hospital for about a month, under constant supervision and as weak as a baby. The next two months I was limited to bed rest at home, being doused with antibiotics. By the time I could sit up and walk to the bathroom without fear of collapsing, the school year was over. The school sent out their formal notice I had missed too much time at school and would have to repeat the year. It sucked.

The year began with Ryder a senior and me a junior, again. We were closer than ever and hung out a lot, although our schedules gave us less time. As awful as that was, the year got worse. My mother got cancer and faced a year of pure hell. The chemotherapy was as bad as the cancer, and our home life was turned upside down. She was at the hospital much of the time, and when she was home, she was usually sick. I hate to admit it, but some days, I avoided going home. Without Ryder, I don't know how I would have gotten through it all. He started calling me almost daily, making sure I was okay. Nine months later, my mother was dead, despite her painful treatments. Apparently she had a very aggressive form of cancer.

It hit me hard but I think it hit my father, Greg, even harder. For the first few months, he remained buried in his job and kept a low profile. I hardly saw him. I kept Ryder informed of what was going on, and he was very supportive. One afternoon, Ryder came over to hang out. Of course my father was working late, so we were alone in the house. We were both lying on the floor of my room, looking at various news and sports magazines, tossing them at each other as we read them. Ryder rolled around so we were shoulder to shoulder.

"Are you alright, Damon?"

"Yeah, sure."

"No, really. I am worried, man."

Ryder just stared at me, his eyes trying to read me.

"Well, let's see. I lost a year of my life, then my mother died, now I don't know what my father looks like," I snapped with an attitude.

Ryder leaned closer, putting his hand on my shoulder, squeezing it. "You didn't end a year of your life, you just have an extra year of school. And yeah, you lost your mother. But your Dad is just a bit lost, feeling real lonely I'm sure. You should try to talk to him. Face this together. And I'm here, man.

I looked closely at Ryder. He made it all sound so bearable. I felt my eyes tearing up. I hadn't had a really good cry since my mother died. I was holding it all in, to be a brave man for my father, who I knew was taking it as bad, if not worse than me.

Ryder pushed himself closer, our faces inches apart. His straight black hair fell across his forehead. His brown eyes peered deeply into me. A half smile was on his lips, signaling he was there for me. I breathed in deeply, my nose filling with his warm male scent.

"I'm scared I guess," I whispered, a quiver in my voice.

Ryder reached over and pulled me into him. He was maybe an inch or so shorted than me but I found myself burying my face into his neck. The waterworks flowed. I began to sob uncontrollably, all of my fear and sadness and disappointment bubbling out of me. I felt him pull me tighter into a hug, the full length of our bodies pressing up against each other. I felt so safe and secure in his arms as he rubbed my back, and then my shoulders, and then the back of my head.

That hug helped me immeasurably, like a great burden was removed from me. My crying calmed, and I was aware of the warm body in front of me. I could feel the heat flow through me and became aware that I was aroused. Without thought, I pushed my hips forward, grinding into Ryder. Our arms still entwined, Ryder responded in kind, pushing his crotch into me. I sensed his hardness, and I was turned on.

I think at the same time, we both pulled back, separating ourselves, aware of the situation and feeling somewhat self-conscious. I sat up.

"Damn, I don't know what came over me. Sorry man."

Ryder sat up and looked at me with a hesitant smile. "Damon, shit, you had a fucked up year. I can't believe you are still functioning. You're allowed to have a little breakdown now and then," Damon said, trying to relieve the obvious tension in the room.

I wiped my eyes with the back of my sleeve. "I guess."

Listen, I have this great idea. Tell your Dad that you guys are coming over to our house for dinner tomorrow night," Ryder announced excitedly.

"Um, thanks, but shouldn't you ask your Mom or something first?"

"I'll tell her when I get home. She loves to cook and doesn't get the chance with only the two of us. Since my Dad left years ago, she doesn't get to make anything special. She's been asking for months how you and your dad have been getting along. So I know she's been itching to do something for you guys!"

The dinner the next night went very well and soon became a once a week event, switching homes each time. The joint meals soon became two and three times a week. Ryder and I loved all the time together, feeling more like a normal family than any of us had felt in quite a while. Soon enough, Ryder and I found ourselves alone for dinners as his mother and my father were now going out to eat on their own without us.

"You think this is getting serious?" Ryder asked me one night as we ate our mac and cheese one night, alone in the house.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Not sure. Would you be cool if they moved in or something, and we were like brothers or something weird like that?"

Ryder stuck out his tongue at me and picked up a noodle and tossed it at me. "That's not weird, you weirdo. That would be cool, I think. Don't you?"

"You think they are having sex or something yet?"

Ryder looked at me with side eyes. "Ew, I cannot think of that, you perv."

I laughed nervously. "I bet they are. They seem to get along very well. My father seems so much happier with your Mom."

Ryder leaned in closer over the table. "That doesn't bother you, about your Mom I mean?"

I stared at him. "At first I thought it wasn't right, but I know my Mom liked your Mom, and she would want me and my Dad to be happy. And I get you in the deal, so I'm pretty good with it, I guess. I can't think of the sex part. Eww!"

We both laughed. "Yeah, the sex part. It does sound weird huh? Our parent doing it."

The room got quiet. Ryder lowered his fork and looked at me. I could feel his stare, and I looked up at him.


"We're kind of almost family, sort of, huh?"

My eyebrows went down, looking at Ryder, unsure where this conversation was about to go.

"Um, yeah sort of. So?"

"You ever have sex?" he asked in a very serious voice.


"You heard me. Have you?"

I didn't know what to say. Despite being two teen boys, for some unknown reason we had never discussed the topic.

"Um yeah, twice. I mean with another person that is," I added, feeling a blush rise in my cheeks.

Ryder laughed. "Well, yeah. Not counting what all guys do on their own.

I chuckled nervously, not sure why I was suddenly so uneasy. We finished our supper quietly and eventually found ourselves planted on my couch in front of the television. At ten o'clock, my father and Ryder's mother came home, walking into the living room where we were sitting.

"Oh, I'm glad you boys are together," Ryder's mom, Sandy announced, a wide grin on her face.

My father, looking like the proverbial cat that swallowed the canary. "We have something to share. My stomach tightened, having an idea what was coming. By the time my father had explained about their planned marriage and we would all be living in our house since it was bigger, I didn't know what to say. We had seen it coming, and I liked Sandy and of course Ryder, but it still came as a shock to the system. I was certainly happy for my dad, and I suppose I was okay with the idea. But Ryder's reaction was the real shock.

As my father and Sandy explained things, I watched Ryder smile disappear and become replaced with a scowl, and then outright anger.

"This fucking sucks," Ryder blared, leaving the rest of us speechless.

"Let me go talk to him," Ryder's mother said. "It was a wonderful night, Greg. Thank you. I'm sure Ryder will get used to the idea. Good night, Damon," she added, walking over to give me a kiss on the forehead.

My father sat down next to me on the couch, reaching out to squeeze my shoulder. "You sure you're okay with this? Your Mom hasn't been gone all that long."

I smiled at my concerned father. "I'm cool, Dad. I'm happy you found somebody, honest. I know how miserable you were alone after Mom died. And you can't cook for shit!" I added with a grin. And I like Sandy, too."

"Plus you get Ryder. How know how close you two have been, in school, when you broke your leg, and when Mom was sick. He is a devoted friend. Maybe he had some visions of his father returning, but I know that divorce is really final. Sandy told me he is married living across the country, with no intent of keeping in touch with Ryder, sadly. I'm sure he'll come around."

I smiled reassuringly at my father. "Definitely."

But 'definitely' was not in the picture.

Chapter Two

So now, a year later, and Ryder never did seem to get used to the idea of our parents getting married, nor having to move out of his home and into mine. He obviously hates my guts, despite the numerous times I tried to talk to him, to try and remind him we were once really good friends. The only good thing in my life was that we were at different schools now. If we did happen to run into each other, and there were people nearby, he took the opportunity to treat me like crap. Funny thing is, I still liked him a lot. Sometimes, I felt so devoted to him, after all the kindness he had shown me when I most needed it. Maybe I even worshiped him. He was amazing to look at! His slim, firm trimmer's build, dark brown wavy hair and light brown eyes; he had the looks and he knew it. Not hanging out with me anymore allowed him to devote every waking moment in a sports activity. His naturally strong physique allowed him to be good at practically anything he tried.

After playing them all, he ended up with baseball and of course was one of the star players on the school team. Thank heavens for that, because the more time he spent at school or practice, the less time he was home tormenting me. I just wished he wouldn't freak out when I showed up at a game. He was just so good at it and I loved to watch!

I, on the other hand, became the family nerd. I wasn't good at any sport and found myself becoming socially insecure, probably because of how Ryder was treating me. I could see it, but somehow felt unable to overcome his rejection. My saving grace was getting a membership at a gym across town where I went almost every day after school. They had the longest pool I had ever seen. It was always clean and not too many people were there early afternoons, so I'd do my laps endlessly. I tried not to think about having a step-brother who I adored but who apparently despised me.

With my father's and Sandy's plan to be away, leaving Ryder and I alone, I begged to stay at a friend's house for the week, but they said during school, I had to stay at home with my Ryder. I guess they thought we would keep an eye on each other. They didn't realize how unkindly Ryder treated me.

On Monday, after an uneventful day at school (thankfully) and a good visit to the gym, I got home, changed into shorts and a t shirt and took care of my homework. School came easy to me and I could get an "A" without killing myself. My homework done, I went into the living room and sat on the couch, turning on the television. My eyes watched the clock as my chest started to pound, knowing my mean stepbrother would be coming home shortly, only to begin another round of verbal abuse and torture, plus the occasional "friendly" punch he offered when he was in range. I had already grabbed a sandwich so I could avoid him at the dinner table, but otherwise I had nowhere else to go.

Soon enough, Ryder came home. I remained quiet on the couch, waiting for the inevitable. He was in his baseball uniform so I knew he'd be preoccupied. He walked past me with a grunt, muttering something but thankfully continued to his room. I heard him in the bathroom washing and knew the moment was approaching. Ryder entered the living room and sat on a chair opposite me. He was also in shorts and a tee shirt, his face still glistening wet and his hair slicked back from washing. Damn he could be a model. But not with that glare he offered me.

"So what are you doing, fuck face?" he asked.

"Television," I muttered, trying not to make eye contact.

"And supper?" he continued.

"I made a sandwich," I said, still watching the television.

"So what am I supposed to eat, you shit?" Ryder asked, his voice starting to rise and my heart beginning to pound harder.

I looked over at him, mixed with feelings of fear yet some sort of brotherly love, but I had the urge to respond.

"Listen Ryder, last time Mom and Dad were gone, I tried to help out. I got home early and made dinner. All you did was complain. So what am I supposed to do? Being nice to you is a waste of time!" I bravely said. "The good friend I used to have is apparently long gone."

Ryder looked surprised, as if I had never spoken to him before. "You're an ass!" he yelled.

"So what else is new?" I said defiantly, turning back to the television, hoping for the best.

Ryder got off the chair and crashed down on the couch next to me, grabbing me in a headlock, and pushing me down. We wrestled for a while, me trying not to hurt my used-to-be best friend. Yet he was clearly trying to inflict pain. Then, something inside of me suddenly snapped. A quiet rage that had built up over the last two years erupted.

"Fuck you!" I bellowed, with a voice louder than I knew I ever had. From out of nowhere, a surge of energy overcame me. The past couple of years of loss and hurt and anger bubbled forward. I was able to twist my body out from under Ryder's strong hold and I pulled away. I stood up and turned to face Ryder and saw his face turn crimson, the hate filling his face. I knew he would kill me at that moment if he could. Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed a ceramic plate sitting on a table, something my parents had picked up on one of their vacations years ago. I picked it up, clutching it tightly in my hand, as Ryder began to get up from the couch, lunging towards me.

"You little piece of shit, I am so going to ....." he began, but I swung the plate with all of my energy, feeling like I was walking through a dream, and cracked that mother fucking plate across Ryder's mother fucking head. Pieces shattered everywhere and Ryder seemed to freeze in place, but I wasn't done yet.

"You're the piece of shit, you damn mother fuckin asshole. I am so tired of being treated this way by you. I look up to you and admire you and you're so good at everything and everyone loves you and you treat me like this? We used to be close. Really good friends. Our folks found each other and have been good for one another, and we were going to become a family again. To be together. Then all of a sudden, you hate me? Like I did something to you? Who the fuck do you think you are? If I had an ax right now, I'd ram it through that head of yours! As far as I'm concerned, I have no brother and certainly no friend in you. I once thought of following you to your school, but the day I go to college, it will be as far away from you as possible. So until then, do me a favor and drop dead, or else, just get run over by a truck!" My chest was pounding at this point, my breath fierce and erratic.

I couldn't believe all of that came out of my mouth. Ryder remained motionless, his eyes wide and mouth hanging open. A small drop of blood dribbled down his forehead, obviously from where I cracked that plate on his head, but clearly he was in shock. For a brief instant, I felt sorry for what I had done and said, but the memory of the abuse he had doled out over the past couple of years was too strong in my mind. I stormed out of the living room and went directly to my bedroom, slamming the door so hard, the windows shook. I grabbed some headphones and put them on, playing music from my phone and turned to my bed. I collapsed on it, my face buried into the pillow, and the tears started to flow and would not stop. I had attacked and yelled at Ryder, my step-brother, the one person who was always there for me, once upon a time.

The house remained quiet for a while and soon it got dark. I wasn't sure where Ryder was or what he was doing. I knew that either he was still in shock and would keep his distance, or maybe find another plate and crack it over my head this time. I had no idea what to expect. My room, now lit by the small desk lamp I had left on earlier, was eerily quiet. I had stopped crying and dried my eyes, but I could sense they were still red. Part of me felt good about finally fighting back, but Ryder was still my step-brother, also forced into a new relationship in a new home; a home that wasn't his. I felt crappy about my outburst.

At about 8:00 pm, I heard a light knock on my door. At first I wasn't sure I had heard anything at all, so I waited quietly. I heard another knock again.

"Damon?" a light voice asked from behind the door.

"Damon, it's me. Can I please come in? I need to talk to you. Please?" Ryder asked again, almost pleading.

My heart began to pound. Maybe he has a chainsaw? Nah, I'd have heard it buzzing by now, my mind racing wildly.

"Um, ok, I guess," I responded.

The door opened slowly. I could see Ryder's outline in the dark doorway, as he had not put on the hall light.

"Can I put on the room light for you?" Ryder offered.

"No. Keep it off," I answered brusquely.

"We should talk Damon," Ryder said, keeping his voice calm and low. I had never seen him this way, calm and polite, at least not for the last two years. I missed those days when we were practically inseparable, doing everything together and getting along famously.

"You want to yell or me or slug me?" I asked sarcastically.

'No, Damon, I want to apologize. You're right. I am an ass and have been as ass for a while now. Even though you cracked me on the head with that plate, I deserved it. I sure hit you often enough and you certainly didn't deserve it," he said, his voice quiet but starting to shake a little.

"I cleaned up the plate pieces by the way," he offered meekly.

"Whatever, yeah I guess. Thanks," I said indifferently.

"It's too dark in here. I need to see you when we talk," Damon said, getting up and turning on the light before I could object. With the room fully lit, he returned to sit next to me on the bed and I saw his eyes were red, obviously he had been crying also. When Ryder turned to face me, I saw his gaze on my eyes, recognizing I had been crying as well. A slight look of relief seemed to cross his face for an instant, realizing I was also upset.

The pain we had both felt seemed to make a difference. We talked for over an hour, Ryder telling me he felt I had moved into his space living together in the same house and he was envious of me getting through school so easily. He admitted the struggle he had with some of his classes and felt uncomfortable asking for my help, especially being a year behind him. He also admitted that his mother getting married meant his real father was truly out of the picture.

"My father once told me that your father remarried."

"Yeah, I knew that too. I guess this made it all so real, Damon. Do you understand that?"

I shook my head. "My Dad likes you a lot. Does that count for something?"

Ryder smiled weakly. "I'm not used to a guy treating me so well. Talking to me and all. All I remember was my own father walking into a room and watching television, acting like I didn't exist."

"Plus you got a brother. Is that worth anything to you?" I asked, pushing my point.

Ryder smiled and nodded his head. "Hell, yeah. I didn't know how to deal with that. I always wanted a brother, and I got my best friend."

"I loved watching you play, and you gave me hell for that. I am so envious of your amazing physique and natural ability, so good at sports. And you were MY brother, I mean step-brother."

"No, brother is right," Ryder said, correcting me.

"I practiced more than you. All that anger and confusion, I was channeling," Ryder said jokingly. "Anyway, all that time at the swimming had given you an amazing body too. I wish I had your abs!" Ryder explained.

"Nah, you're the hottie," I offered, quickly blushing for being so forward.

Chapter Three

"Your Dad' going to give you hell for busting that plate," Ryder said with a sly grimace.

"Yeah, and sorry about your head, Ryder. You okay?" I asked, gently lifting a shock of hair on his forehead to see a small red cut.

"I'll live," he said with a growing smile, giving me a playful poke in the shoulder.

We sat soundlessly for a moment, watching each other to see if we had finally gotten back to being friends again.

"So you think I'm a hottie, Damon?" Ryder asked.

I knew I blushed bright red as he reminded me of my earlier confession. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Take off your shirt!" Ryder suddenly directed. Unsure of the moment, I simply obeyed, pulling my shirt over my head and revealing my smooth chest. My pecs were sort of average but I looked at my six pack seeing that they had transformed into an eight pack from all of my hours swimming.

I looked over at my brother and saw him peel off his shirt as well. While his smooth chest sported pecs that were more developed, his smooth abs were not as defined as mine. We stared at each other for a moment. I wasn't so bad after all, each of us having our own strong points in muscle development, I thought.

Ryder scooted closer to me, putting his open palm on my belly and leaving it there. His touch was electric. I have no idea what came over me but I loved having his hand on my skin.

"You're the hottie bro," he said low, his voice raspy. "You're smart and hot!" Ryder added, his face inches in front of mine. I looked at him confused.

"Me? No way! Anyway, you're smart too, if you study that is! Plus, you've always been worshipped by the girls in school. I remember how they used to look at you," I explained.

Ryder stared at me, with almost a sad look, remaining quiet.

I got concerned. "What's the matter, Ryder?"

"Do you remember that day in your room, before our folks married, and we were alone in your room, and you finally broke down and cried over your mom? And I was holding you?"

I blushed at the memory, thinking how aroused I was at that moment. "Yeah. So?"

Ryder placed his hand on my bare shoulder. His warm touch sent an electric shock though my body.

"I remember that moment a lot. It scared me, but since then, I no longer cared much about the girls in school," Ryder said slowly and deliberately, watching my eyes for a reaction.

"What do you mean?" I replied, not quite sure where this conversation was heading.

"Well, thinking about it now, I'm starting to realize that maybe it kind of has something to do with the why I became so mean to you, realizing that we were about to live in the same house together. Being mean to you meant I could keep you at a distance, Damon," Ryder explained.

I remained silent, but Ryder's hand was now on my belly, starting to move it around slowly, gently caressing me.

Ryder and I looked at each other carefully, and I saw a small tear appear at the corner of his eye.

"You can tell me, Ryder. There's nothing you can say to upset me, as long as you don't yell at me anymore, that is," I said with an encouraging smile.

"You'll hate me! I know you will!" Ryder said.

With my hand on his shoulder, gently squeezing, I looked into his eyes. "I'm sorry what I said before. I don't hate you. I could never hate you. I love you and support you. You're my hero, don't you know that, you ass!" I said smirking, feeling my own eyes welling up.

A quick smile crossed Ryder's face for a moment and then disappeared again. Finally, he said it.

"Living with you, morning and night, dressed or in underwear or coming out of the shower, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to control myself. Especially in front of my mother or your father. When I felt you get hard when we hugged that day, then I got hard, I realized I was attracted to you. Physically attracted," Ryder declared. He looked down at his hand on my stomach. "Sexually attracted to you," he mumbled.

The tension in me cracked and I let out a loud laugh, causing Ryder to look up at me, stunned that I was laughing at his admission.

"Damn, I thought it was me fixating on you," I admitted. For some reason I didn't feel surprised, I was actually relieved to hear his confession.


I smiled. "I guess the feeling is mutual, Ryder."

"So now what, Damon?"

My response to him was odd. "Have you ever been with another guy, Ryder?" I asked.

He shook his head slowly up and down, his face looking dejected.

"That's cool," I answered, feeling like an older brother. "Is he your boyfriend?" I asked further.

"Not really. At least I don't think so. We were both curious, I guess, and he reminded me of you. We're still friends. He's someone on the baseball team." Ryder added.

"That's okay!" I said reassuringly. "Last summer I was curious too. I also tried it with a guy. Plus, I also fucked that girl down the block. I wanted to compare, I guess," I offered with a smile and a nervous giggle.

"So what did you decide?" my brother asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know, neither one of them did it for me!" I boldly and calmly stated.

"Huh?" he asked, his eyes wide, staring at me as if I was from Mars.

"So what about you? How come you didn't continue with your teammate?" I asked.

Ryder looked at me directly again, deciding how to answer me. His face went through quite a few contortions wrestling with his answer. "He wasn't you!" Ryder answered with a weak smile, waiting for me to respond.

My heart beat with excitement at his answer while I tried to hold my composure before dropping my own bombshell.

"Yeah, I understand. That was my problem too," I began, looking downward. "When I was with that guy and then that girl, only your face filled my head," I said, allowing a wide grin to cross my face. I looked up at Ryder, whose tears streamed freely down his cheeks, sporting the biggest grin I had ever seen.

"No shit?" Ryder stammered.

"No shit," I replied as the two of us fell into a tight hug, our bare chests pressed tightly together.

We held each other close, our heads on each other's shoulders until I pulled back and took Ryder's face in my hands, pulling him close and planting a gentle kiss on his forehead. I lifted his head, our eyes locked, and I moved in for a full kiss on the lips. It was heaven. It was electric. Our mouths parted as our tongues inched forward, seeking each other and our kiss deepened. My body felt flush with strong urges as low moans escaped from both of us.

In no time at all, the heat of passion swept over us, we were both naked, hard and erect, sitting on the bed, our arms and legs entwined. I could hardly remember what words passed between us except for realizing how much we loved each other and how much we longed to be with the other. I realized that when we first met, even then we were stealing glances at the other, already subconsciously thinking the unthinkable. I pushed Ryder onto his back as I hovered over his naked body, admiring his smooth skin and firm muscles. My face dove onto his chest, tasting and licking each nipple, getting them erect while making him squirm in delight beneath me. With me on all fours, my hard eight inch uncut cock hung beneath me, and I lusted after Ryder's body and kissed and licked down his chest to his belly button. Ryder laughed in delight as I looked back up at his glowing, grinning face. My chin was only inches from his hard, almost identical, uncut eight inch cock twitching in anticipation. I grinned back at him and dove down to my waiting target.

I licked the top of his cock, my tongue pushing down his foreskin and giving my mouth easy access to that beautiful quivering rod. I opened widely as I took more and more of his tool, forcing Ryder to squirm and moan as I went. Halfway down, my lips tightened and I began to suck him in earnest. I knew he was enjoying it but the fact that I knew this was Ryder's cock gave me the greatest thrill. I nibbled occasionally, just as a friendly reminder to let him know that this time, I was in charge. My new found power got me even more excited as my throbbing cock dribble precum onto Ryder's legs beneath me. My sucking intensified and Ryder's hips were rising off the bed to meet my mouth. His moaning intensified and I knew that he was getting close.

Ryder warned me of his impending orgasm but I wouldn't let up. I wanted to take him on this ride and bring the intensity going full throttle. His moans turned into wails as I felt his cock stiffen and harden even further, his mushroom cock head flaring in warning of the coming eruption. I sucked harder, my fingers grasping at his ball sack and pushing my fingers just below them, adding to the pressure. Then he came. Ryder's hands held on to my bobbing head as his moans turned into a low guttural wail, rising from deep within him. The entire middle section of Ryder's body rose, freezing in midair, as he twitched and quaked, sending stream after stream of his thick cream into my waiting mouth. I sucked and swallowed hungrily, trying not to miss any of his juices.

Ryder's body started to relax. I lifted my head and looked over at him. His body glistened with a light sheen of sweat from our intense sexual activity. He raised his head and glanced at me, giving me a broad, reassuring grin of satisfaction. I watched his reddish purplish cock begin to shrink a little, softening as a few more pearly drops appeared at his piss slit. He took a deep breath.

"Damon, that was incredible! YOU are incredible!" he offered.

"That was definitely hot, Ryder! And just think of the years we missed!" I added.

"I know," he meekly replied. "I've been a real cocksucker, Damon!" he said.

"Not quite yet!" I said excitedly, laying down next to him and spreading my legs. "Your turn!" I commanded.

Ryder sat up, leaning over me and planting another hot kiss on my lips. He licked my lower lip, finding a remnant of his own cream. He licked his own mouth in quick recognition and moved his mouth onto my neck and shoulders. Ryder lovingly caressed and fondled my body, playing with my abs that clearly turned him on while he nibbled and sucked my chest from top to bottom. He paid extra attention to my nipples which resulted in me moaning in delight. Ryder went lower, sucking and kissing my belly and he then offered a surprise. I felt his fingers exploring under my balls, finding my ass and wiggling around, teasing my rosebud. I rolled my hips and spread my legs further, offering him easier access as two of his fingers caressed my ass and attempted entry.

By now, Ryder's mouth had found my throbbing and leaking cock, directing him to begin a slow yet deliberate sucking. His two fingers found their way into my ass, gently caressing and prodding. They probed deeper, giving me new sensations as his mouth made my cock throb harder. My own chest heave up and down as the level of my sexual ecstasy grew.

"Oh Ryder, Ryder, Ryder," I moaned. "Feels so good, so good, so good."

Ryder was now in control and I surrendered willingly. I reached down to caress his head, that poor head I had clobbered earlier. My moment of regret vanished as his manipulation of my cock and ass spun my head around faster and faster. I opened my eyes and looked at him, naked on his knees, his face hovering over my hard cock, his muscled shoulders flexing as his hands explored my body and searched my ass. I could see his cock hanging between his legs, already hard again, already leaking. It was the sight of that hard beautiful cock that filled me with even more lust and desire.

"You gotta fuck me Ryder. I need to feel that cock of yours deep inside me," I moaned and pleaded.

Ryder lifted his head partway, facing towards me with his upturned eyes, his nose in my sparse pubes, his mouth still sucking me into pure delight. He gave me a wink of reassurance and I chuckled, knowing I was about to receive even greater pleasure. But for now he was focused on my cock; and finish the job he did! My hips rise up to meet his expert mouth as he hungrily devoured my cock. Sucking from tip to root, while squeezing my cock with his lips, he was bringing me closer to the brink, to the point of no return.

Then I came. A roar erupted out of my panting mouth as the room rocked and my body shook. Stream after stream of cum poured out of my throbbing, twitching cock, filling Ryder's mouth faster than he could handle. Dribbles of my cum streamed out of the corners of his mouth towards his chin as he hungrily swallowed my load. Soon, my body eased and my breathing returned to normal as poor Ryder attempted to catch up. I watched with an evil grin as Ryder tried valiantly to keep things under control. I laughed out loud and Ryder looked up at me, licking his mouth yet one more time. With an evil grin on his face, he took his hand and rubbed his palm across my still leaking cock head, wetting it up before rubbing it over the head of his own hard cock. With his cock glistening and wet, he offered a smile.

"Ready for me baby?" Ryder asked.

"I am all yours. Take me, use me, fuck me!" I said, slowly and seductively.

Still on his knees but leaning back on his butt, he grabbed my legs and pulled me towards him, forcing my lower body up onto his legs, my turned up ass resting directly before his still hard and pulsing cock. Ryder stared at my body hungrily, my legs spread wide before him. In no time, his cock head was throbbing against my waiting asshole. I was so hungry to feel him, to be fucked by him, to have him fill me with his awesome cock. Ryder moved up into a push-up position hanging over me. His weight rested on his muscled arms over me, our faces directed at each other while his hips pumped and swiveled, allowing his cock to plunge into me.

Slowly at first, but gaining force and momentum, I experienced the fucking of a lifetime. It was awesome; it was fierce; it was heaven! With each thrust, Ryder's cock went deeper and harder into me. It felt amazing; but the best part was knowing that I finally had Ryder, or should I say, he had me. I loved it and enjoyed it beyond words, wanting him to stay connected to me.

Our eyes remained locked, fixed in a loving grin as we continued to give each other amazing pleasure while he fucked away. But the ecstasy could not last. It was reaching its limit and I could see Ryder's face redden. I felt his cock thicken inside my ass, and I knew he was about to cum. He grunted loudly now.

"I'm gonna cum. I' gonna cum!" he warned.

"Do it! Do it! Fuck me harder!" I wailed.

Ryder exploded. His muscles froze and his face went red. A salty drop of his perspiration rolled down his forehead and into my mouth. Suddenly, I felt his cream fill me. Despite his cumming just moments earlier when I sucked him off, he still had a fair amount of juice left to offer me. I laid quietly, allowing him to finish until he eased his body onto mine, allowing me to lower my legs.

"Am I too heavy for you baby?" he sweetly asked.

"Never!" I answered back to him.

We cuddled and rubbed against each other for a while until he gently rolled off me and onto his back, placing his body next to mine. Our shoulders rubbed against each other while our hips pressed skin to skin. Our breathing slowed and we turned our heads toward each other, grinning warmly.

"I'm glad I hit you with that plate today!" I said with a sly grin.

"Huh? Why?" Ryder answered, a look of disappointment appearing on his face.

"Well, now that we made up, and it's still only Monday, we have a full week to play!" I snickered.

"You dog!"

"I'm not happy I hurt you, just that we had this discovery and still have time for more sex before the folks get home," I added with a wink.

"Aren't you the sex fiend, you little fucker," Ryder uttered with a laugh.

I turned on my side and leaned in to give him a gentle kiss on his cheek. "Give me a few minutes and we'll see how little a fucker I really am, Ryder!" I added.

Ryder leaned in to kiss me back. "I'm counting on it hot stuff!" Ryder offered as we both broke into laughter. "If seen the size of that tool of yours, remember?"

Epilogue - Six Years Later

"Damon, get your ass out here and grab something to eat. I don't want to be late again," Ryder hollered from the kitchen.

I walked briskly into the kitchen, still buttoning the top of my white shirt as my tie swung loosely around my neck.

I looked over at Ryder, looking like he stepped out of a fashion magazine, impeccably dressed in a sharp dark blue blazer and beige slacks.

"Damn, you look hot enough to eat," I announced grabbing a fistful of one of his ass cheeks as I picked up my coffee mug.

"You ate enough of me last night, you horny devil. Are you ever satisfied?"

I grinned lovingly at my fiancé. "I can never get enough of you."

Ryder leaned over for a quick kiss on my lips. "You ain't so shabby yourself, Mr. Accountant. Hot and sexy in that grey suit of yours." He leaned into me, our responding cocks brushing against each other.

"We're late because you're as horny as me," I shot back.

Ryder shrugged innocently, flashing me a quick wink.

"So when is your licensing exam for physical therapist?"

Ryder shrugged. "I need another year as a sports therapy tech at the clinic. Then I can sit for the exam. They say the paperwork is harder than the test itself."

"You'll be fine. You know your stuff really well, and I heard you're one of their best people there."

"Well, I hope so, Damon. Have you finished the invite list for the wedding? Clarice over at the wedding planning office said we need it by the end of the week."

"Almost done. Have you heard from your mother yet?" I asked.

"Yeah, she said she had no problem seeing your Dad again. I guess they still keep in touch."

"Good, I know they were more worried about our reaction to the divorce than anything else."

Ryder shook his head. "I guess when you left for college out of town, and then I transferred to join you, they suddenly found themselves alone having to face each other every day."

I moved over to face Ryder, bringing my hands around him and holding him close, our bodies pressed up against each other.

"They just needed someone I suppose. It was a rough time for everyone," Ryder commented in a whispered voice.

"As I needed you," I croaked, looking deeply into Ryder's eyes. "Will getting married change us?"

Ryder smiled, shaking his head up and down. "Our sex will be legal!"

I reached down and squeezed his ass hard.

"Ow, Damon!"

"We better get moving before I fuck you illegally over this kitchen table right now," I threatened.

Ryder pushed back against me, forcing me to release the hug. He fumbled with his pants belt and zipper, and his pants were down and bunched around his ankles. His briefs followed quickly.

"There's an express bus in thirty minutes that will still get us downtown on time. Now drop those pants of your and get to work. It's put up or shut up, you sex fiend," Ryder directed, as he turned around, leaning forward against the counter.

"And you call me the sex fiend?" I joked, already naked from the waist down, reaching over for the small container of lube we kept in the kitchen, and clicking it open. We had similar containers in all the rooms. I kissed the back of Ryder's neck and I wondered if Ryder knew there was actually a second express bus also available, a mere twenty minutes after his? I knew that schedule by heart!

The End

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