Just to give you a quick run down on me before I begin, I am 6ft, medium build with blonde spiky hair, brown eyes, size 10feet, nineteen, horny and the name is Brandon, I work in a shoe clothing outlet in Sydney city and share a 3 bedroom house with another gay guy a couple of years older than myself just on the edge of the city.


I was closing up the shop when he walked in, it was just before 9pm on a Friday evening.

"Hey you still open?" he sounded English

I looked up and saw him standing there in the doorway,

"Can I come in?"

"Yea sure I haven't balanced the till yet"

He was probably around 5ft 10 with dark shaven hair, fair skin and medium build, dressed in a pair of black trackies and a white hoodie and looked around my age, with large piercings through the top of his ears, one on his lip from what I could see.

"What can I do for you?"

"Just after a new pair of joggers and some trackies"

"No sweat have a look around, you paying card or cash?"


"Great I can start balancing then while you take a look around then"

I flicked the door switch to close.

"Sorry to have come in right on closing time but you where pretty busy earlier as I walked by"

"No sweat it's all good" I begun to balance hoping to get out as quickly as possible being a Friday night I was ready to hit the town.

"Hey you reckon you got these in a size ten and half?"

I looked up over the counter and saw he had one of the green and black Nike TN in his hands.

"Give me two minutes and I'll take a look out back, found any pants yet?"

"Yea thanks, what you reckon?"

He headed over to the counter,

"Nice fit" he smiled


I finished off the balance, placed the takings out in the back office safe and headed for the store room.

I returned with the shoe box in the size he asked for and handed them to him. He took a seat, opened the box and took a smell,

"Aaagrh Nice, love the smell of new kicks, by the way the name is Ryan"

I smiled at him, "Brandon, nice to meet you"

He begun to kick of his white 'Adidas stan smtih 80's' they were pretty beat up.

I knelt down on the floor,

"Here let me" I grabbed one of his sneakers and unlaced the right one,

"Pass me one of the new ones lets see how they fit"

He handed one over. I slowly slipped off the right shoe and brought it up to my nose and inhaled, it was slightly sweaty and nice and warm.

I looked up at him "You like the smell of new sneakers, well I quite like the smell of dirty ones!" I winked at him

"Do you just?, well I gotta say it is kinda hot watching you inhale my sweat like that"

I stroked his exposed white sock and tickled underneath, he squirmed and I begun massaging his foot as I placed the shoe back on the floor.

"how's that feel?"

"Nice man very nice, you can do the other one if you like too!"

I smiled, I grabbed one of the Nike and placed it on his right foot, it took a little effort to get on,

"I think you may need a larger size"

I stood up "Be right back" and I walked off to get a larger size, he followed.

I reached up to one of the shelves and grabbed a size eleven, he took a seat on the bench as I opened the box and knelt on the floor in front of him.

I placed the right shoe on his foot, "Much better" it went on without any effort, I moved across to the left and he kicked his shoe off I placed the other one on.

"Take a walk tell me what you think"

He stood up and walked around the store and as he did he grabbed some other things from the racks.

"They're really nice dude, fit great"

"They look good on you how about I ring them up for you!"

"Thanks but how about I see them on you first, that okay?"


I begun to kick off my adidas runners, he came and stood beside me,

"Here let me help"

He placed his foot between my feet and we kicked off each others shoes and I slipped my feet into the Nike.

"Damn! they look hot on you Brandon, I'll take them"

"Uhm thanks" I started to ring them up on the till,

"Put a pair on there for yourself"


"It's good of you to stay back for me, let me buy a pair for you they really suit you"

"I can't do that"

"Yeah you will, no two ways about it"

I rung up a second pair

"So your looking at six seventy"

He handed me his card and I balanced off.

"Job done"

I reached to take the shoes off,

"Keep them on"

I looked over at him .

"Stay there, I'll be back in a sec"

He walked off in just his white socks, when he returned he had the other Adidas shoe in his hand, he put it on and slipped the other one on also.

"Get down on the floor, I still want that foot massage"

He lent back on the bench out back in front of me and placed one foot on my crutch.

I looked up at him and smiled as I reached over and grabbed his left foot.

"Smell them" as he placed it in front of my nose.

I inhaled his scent, 'MMMMMHHH'

"How is it? sounds like you're enjoying it"

I looked up at him and smiled

"So how about licking it then!" in an authoritative tone as he looked down at me

I did as he commanded and started at the top closest to his ankle,

"How about undoing the laces"

I grabbed them between my teeth and started to undo them whilst rubbing the one in my crutch and continued to lick them. I worked my tongue for about five minutes before he pulled away.

"Now the other one"

I started to undo the laces and begun to lick,

"Do the soles, I wanna see it" he raised his leg back a little and spat on me as I did.

"What the fuck?"

he smiled "Don't question it just enjoy it I am" he was rubbing his cock through the pants.

I must admit it caught me by surprise but it was kinda hot.

He lent over and spat on his other shoe,

"Wanna clean that up?"

I immediately moved over to the other foot and cleaned up his spit,

"How's it taste?"

"Like spit I guess what else!"

we both laughed as I slowly took off his shoe that was in my mouth with my teeth.

I begun to massage his foot and slipped off the other shoe with my teeth also and inhaled his sweaty scent.

"You are a filthy little fucker aren't ya!"

I kept on going and he pushed his sock in to my mouth. I was pushed back with the force onto my back.

He stood up above me one foot on my chest the other in my mouth. He slowly ran his foot down my body whilst I sucked on his sweaty sock, he found my crotch and hard on.

I moved underneath him trying to adjust my position, He took his foot from my mouth and lent back against the bench and slipped his other socked foot into my mouth. It was driving me wild, his scent was hot.

"Yeaaaah fuck that feels so hot" He pulled his cock out standing above me and started to jack off.

I looked up at his cock and pulled his foot from my mouth "Fuck that thing is huge!"

"Hey thanks you can have it if you want but not just yet" he shoved his foot back in my mouth,

"Fuck yea suck that foot!" he then ripped his track pants down and underwear, they dropped on my face, he lent down over me real close and spat in my mouth.

He stood back and flicked his pants off and ripped his jumper and t'shirt off, his body was fucken hot. He put his feet back in his trashed Adidas.

"Man your cock must be at least 10 inches"

He smiled, "Nine actually"

I ripped my top off and begun to pull my jeans off revealing my white jockstrap.

"I like your jockstrap" as he flicked at it. I smiled "I like your cock"

He pushed me down to my knees. "It's all yours"

I licked at his long shaft before opening my mouth. I wrapped my lips around it,

"Ooooh man yea" he pushed my head down his shaft as I sucked it. "Suck it man!" he held my head as he pushed into my mouth and out again.

"Reckon you can take it all"

I looked up at him and shrugged my shoulders. I opened my throat and I felt his cock push past. "Aaaargh yeaaaaa man suck that cock"

I was like that for about ten minutes his cock down my throat I was starting to sweat and was running out of air; I looked up at him into his green eyes and pushed him back.

"Damn dude I need to breath"

"Oh sorry about that, it just felt so good"

He flicked my jockstrap and reached his hand under.

"How about I return the favor" I sat down on the bench and he begun sucking my cock, "Man that's some serious pre cum there" as he licked it off and begun sucking me.

I placed my feet on his back and moved my left foot to his face, he licked at the soles of the TN between sucking my cock.

"Oh uaagh yea, fuck your good man"

He placed his fingers in his mouth and begun to play with my arse a little. I moaned as he rubbed his fingers along my crack.

"Hey give me a minute I want to get something"

I got up off the bench and grabbed my back pack down and pulled out a popper bottle and a condom.

"You always prepared like that?"

"Always you never know when you'll get some action" I winked at him and opened the bottle of Akyl nitrate and inhaled, my head rushed as he threw me down face first over the bench and begun wildly licking at my arse.

"Fuck yea that feels great, oooooh yea"

He spat agaisnt my arse and suddenly shoved a finger up it whilst he licked at it then came more fingers, I moaned and inhaled more Akyl.

"How many fingers you got up there?"

"Four man, I wanna open that tight arse up of yours before I give you my meat"

I grabbed the condom packet and ripped it open with my teeth and passed it back to him, he slid it over his shaft pushed me right down opened my arse and spat in it.

"Okay you may wanna really take a good snort there man"

I did as he placed his throbbing cock agaisnt my arse. I held that bottle at my nose as he slipped into me, my head spinning.

"Ooooh aaargh Oh yea" his thick cock was pushing in slowly I felt the head pass and he drove it in.

"Tell me if it's too much man and I'll ease off" he moaned as his dick drove in "Love that tight arse"

I pushed back onto his cock a little hoping to get a little control as he grabbed my hair he pulled me back at the same time

"Ooomph" it was in and he began pounding my arse

"Reckon you can take it all?"

I bucked back and snorted more Akyl I wanted him deep inside me.

"Fuck yeah give it to me Ryan I want your cock"

He grabbed his waist and pulled him close his throbbing package drove deep inside,

We were like that for about 15 minutes he kicked off his left shoe and pulled out of me and grabbed it from the floor and pulled it up to my nose,

"Smell my sweat while I fuck that arse"

He spread my arse apart and spat deep inside to lube me back up; his spit was hot.

Without any hesitation he drove his dick back inside me

"Ooomph" his head had passed my sphincter and he was in, I moaned

"Oh fuck dude oh fuck yea give it to me!"

He held his shoe in my face as he fucked me again before changing positions.

"Get down on the floor man I want you to really enjoy this!

I laid down on my back and he flipped me over and came down on me with his feet near my face, I reached for the Amyl and snorted it as he drove in to me again. I grabbed hold of his feet and braced for what was coming. He drove into my hole hard and fast whilst I moaned with pleasure as I licked at his dirty sock and his shoe; I was in heaven and was ready to burst.

He fucked me like a wild animal grabbing hold of my feet as he pumped his thick cock into it felt like an eternity.

"Damn your arse is fine man, I'm gonna shoot"

I started sucking on his toes through his sock he moaned as he pulled his cock out of me and tore off the condom before unloading on my arse and my open hole.

His load was warm and it was coming thick and fast I felt it hit my open hole, he spat back in my hole and again plowed into me after wiping the cum from his cock with his shirt.

"Damn it is even hotter bare man, I just had to have it for one moment" he laughed and pulled out his cock before rolling me over and started jacking me off.

I grabbed hold of his foot and he shoved it into my mouth as he jacked me off, I moanded underneath him and bit down as I blew my load.

"Oomph Mmh Aaaargh!"

My load shot over my head and I laid there unable to move.

He licked off what had landed on my chest, leant over and kissed me, he spat our cum into my mouth and I swallowed it as he wacked me across the arse.

"Dirty fucker!" he winked and laid on top of me.

"What you got planned for the rest of the evening, wanna go get a drink ,maybe more?" I asked

"Sure, I am meant to be meeting some friends out wanna join?"

"Bring it on!"

He rolled off me and helped me off the floor, we got dressed, I picked up the amyl from the floor, set the alarm and we headed out together both in matching Nike TN's.


We headed upstairs of the Columbian hotel, it was just on eleven. I headed over to the bar, Richie spotted me from behind the bar; he is 6ft 4, olive skin with dark short hair and athletic builds. Ryan headed over to the other side of the bar and sat down with two guys.

"So what can I get you little B?"

"Hey Richie two Corona's thanks, how are ya?"

"I'm good little B,so who's your friend?"

"That's Ryan, he came in to work just as I was closing up tonight"

"He's hot man"

"Tell me about it, think that's hot you should see what's underneath it!" I winked

"Seriously you got it on, I wanna hear details"

"I'll fill ya in later"

"You better, hey you eaten yet, want something from the kitchen?"

"Nah I'll be fine though thanks Rich"

"Okay well just let me know if you want anything"

I grabbed the beers and headed off and handed Ryan a beer.

"Hope that's fine man"

"Yea thanks, so Brandon this is Mat and Kyle my friends from back home"

"Hi guys" I leant over and we shook hands

Kyle looked at me and gave me a once over,

"So you're the reason Ryan is late then, well can't say I blame him you're pretty fine dude"

"Thanks, so you guys in town long then?"

"Just a couple of weeks, we thought we would join Ryan here for a bit before he starts up at uni and have some fun then it's back to Essex for us"

"Sounds good, so you have been friends for a while then I am guessing?"

"You could say that, Ryan and I grew up togther then we met Mat here through high school and the three of us have been best mates since"

"That's awesome" I replied

We sat there chatting a little while longer and Richie came over and joined us on his break and brought us all over a beer each.

He and Mat seemed to hit it off in an instant and arranged that Mat would stay behind until Richie knocked off.

A few more drinks later it was getting close to 2am and I was beat after a long day. I stood up and announced that I was ready to leave. Ryan stood up "One more drink first then I'll leave with you!"

I looked over at him "Okay one more" we headed back to the bar together to get another round.

When we returned Kyle was missing and Mat was sitting at the table alone,

"Where's Kyle?" asked Ryan

"Chatting up some girl on the other side of the room" Mat responded as he pointed in their direction and just as he did Kyle spotted us all staring at him and he brought the girl over and introduced us.

"I finished my beer in a few minutes and looked across at Ryan "So I'm done you coming or staying I am wrecked"

He looked back at me downed his beer and stood up. "Well boys see you tomorrow then and nice to meet you Michelle, be careful of that one" he winked and I said my goodbyes also; we grabbed our stuff and headed off. I stopped past the bar "Night Richie, have fun" "You too little B, chat with you tommorrow" and we headed out.

"So where abouts you staying then?" "About a ten minute walk that way, as he pointed down toward the city" "Sweet" we headed off down the street. We hit George St and then the hotel where Ryan was staying it was pretty plush for a uni student. We headed up in the lift and stopped on the 20th floor. We headed down the corridor and reached Ryan's room "Just don't mind the mess man, the boys and I have been hanging out in here, they are staying somewhere else smaller "Hey I really don't care provided there is a decent shower, decent bed and you"

He opened the door which lead into a massive style apartment with kitchen, laundry, a mini wine cellar and huge entertaining space with an entertaining deck. "Wow this is fucken huge" there was even a spa in the right corner and a generous size bathroom, and a decent sized bedroom "You like?" "Yea how the hell does a uni student afford a place like this?" "You ain't seen nothing yet, check out the main bedroom" I followed him down and he opened the door; the room was massive with a king size four poster bed and massive mirrors and a double sized shower enclosed by glass which over looked the bed with a double sized sink and a toilet hidden behind the walk in robe.

"Holy fuck this place is amazing, you must be loaded!" He laughed "Not really it actually belongs to a friend; he said I could stay here a while whilst he is traveling" "How long you got it for?" "As long as I am studying here for so at this stage the next twelve months" "That's unreal" "How about you put that back pack down and get comfortable I'll get us some drinks"

I dropped my back down on the floor, opened the curtains and headed out onto the deck, to my complete surprise there was even a pool. I light up a cigarette and took in the city view. Ryan came out a few minutes later and handed me a glass, "Bourbon okay with you?" "Yea thanks" I took the glass from him" and we stood over the railing looking out over the city together. Ryan grabbed my cigarette from me and took a drag.

"I'll be back in a minute" Ryan headed inside and came out a couple of minutes later. He slipped something in his mouth came up to me and kissed me, passing whatever it was between us and we parted our kiss and I swallowed the pill "What was that?" "You'll soon see for yourself?"

I light up another cigarette "So how old are you?" I asked "Twenty, I'll be Twenty one in week actually that's another reason Kyle and Mat came out here with me to celebrate; hence the mess around the apartment. We have only been here two days and it's already trashed" we laughed, "So what about you then" "I just turned nineteen two weeks ago actually" "Still a baby then" He winked at me and slapped me across the arse before pushing me against the railing and begun kissing me.

"Should we go inside?" he didn't even give me a chance to answer before dragging me inside and ripping my jacket from me.

I liked the way he was forceful, he then pulled my shirt up over my head and started to explore my chest with his hands, He ran his hands down to my six pack and then down under my pants; I was getting hard.

My cock begun to grow in his hands.

He pulled his cock from his pants, it was semi hard, he looked at me and smiled before pushing my shoulders down. I knelt on the floor and eagerly started working his shaft with my mouth; it was hot feeling it grow in my mouth. "Ooooh yea that's it work my cock with your tongue man" He looked hot towering above me in his hoodie. I held on to his sneakers as I worked his cock for the next few minutes; my own cock was like a rock now.

He pulled out of my mouth and looked down at me, his green eyes were amazing, he kicked over a pair of black adidas track pants "Strip down, put these on and leave your sneakers on and sit by the couch" he walked off. I started removing clothes and inhaled the track pants before putting them on, they had a sweet sweaty smell and holes through them and what looked to be cum stains. There was just something about this guy I couldn't say no too and I just followed his lead and put them on, after all he was extremely hot.

He returned a couple of minutes later with two glasses of water and a cigarette. He gave me a once over, my cock was standing to attention through them "They look good on you" he smiled and handed me a glass of water. "Thanks, you mind if I take a piss?" "Sure only if I can watch though" I got up and headed to the bathroom, true to his word Ryan followed me. He grabbed my pants and pulled my cock out through a rip in them and took a piss with me. We were like to kids playing swords as we crossed our piss streams back and forth.

I was so turned on watching him piss, his cock throbbing. I finished up leant back on the wall and watched him, "Fuck your cock is hot dude" he looked over at me "Tell me again!" "I said fuck your cock is hot, watching you piss like that; it standing to attention" He smiled finished up and directed me back to the lounge room.

He took a seat on the lounge, "Lay down, tell me how much again you like my cock" I promptly laid down on the floor in front of him "I love your hung uncut cock Ryan, I want all of it" he smiled above me and placed his feet on my chest and light up a cigarette "And what else?" "I love your sneakered feet, your rock solid abs and those peircing green eyes" he was loving every bit of it I could see it in his eyes as I looked up at him.

He begun working his feet up and down my body, pressing down when he found my cock. Each time he pressed down I moaned, he slowly begun working my cock between each sneaker through the hole in the pants. "Oooh Mmmh" I felt my precum and could see it glisten off his right sneaker. He noticed me looking at it and placed it in front of my face I waited for his order as I looked up at him. "You want it don't you, you want to lick your own pre cum from my sneaker yeah?" I nodded "You're a dirty fucker aren't ya, go ahead do it; lick it clean for me" I stuck my tongue out and begun licking at my own pre cum.

"Well how is it, you like that?" I love it, I love being under you and your hot sneakers." I replied. There was a huge grin on his face as he pushed my face back with his sneaker on to the floor and I felt the tread mark my face.

He got up from the couch and laid down over the top of me his cock in my face and I opened my mouth ready for what was coming next. His cock slipped in between my lips and he begun pumping his hot shaft in my mouth each time getting closer to the back of my throat, He pumped his cock wildly for about five minutes before getting off me and ripping off his pants, He sat down over my face in his hoodie and sneakers. "Lick my arse dude!"

I stuck my tongue out and begun to lick the crack of his arse and his huge nuts, "Ooooh Yeah lick that arse boy" He came down closer to me his sneakers either side of my head and grabbed my hair from behind him and pulled me in closer. I drove my tongue up as far as I could inside his. "Oh mmmh" he jacked himself off above me and was starting to sweat. He ripped his hoodie off and t'shirt and stood up and turned around to face me.

The pre cum was glistening from his thick cock. He sat back down over me again this time facing me and lowered himself back as he got down close holding himself up by his hands as I begun to work his balls and his arse crack again. My cock was throbbing by this stage and I was oozing pre cum he noticed it, wiped his finger over it and licked it off.

I stopped a short time later and he looked down at me "I need a drink" "Oh sorry I was getting a bit carried away there" he replied. He got off me and reached down and helped me up "Thanks" He handed me a glass of water and we both sat back on the couch and he light up a cigarette and passed it to me. "You certainly know what you're doing down there man I was so close to cumming aye; lets finish this then you can get back to it" I looked over at him and smiled. We finished the cigarette then I laid back on the couch.

He sat above me, grabbing my cock in his hand and leant back so his arse was above my face again. I licked slowly starting at his balls and worked my way to his arse crack, flicking my tongue in and out. I spread his crack open with my hands and worked that hole, I brought my fingers to my mouth licked one and begun rubbing his hole and slid it in gently. "Mmmph oh mmm" He squirmed on top of me as I slid it in all the way and found his love nut and begun to tickle it. "Oh yea Oh Fuck man that's great" I drove my tongue and finger in his hole as he let out loads of pre cum before finally he couldn't take it anymore "Fuck I am gonna cum man you need to stop" and he slowly sat up from me and looked back at me. "It's your turn now"

He stood up and I rolled over for him and positioned myself on the couch with my arse hanging over and pulled down the track pants to my ankles. He knelt down and started working my crack with his tongue. "Oooh Mmmh yea that feels great" he spat in my arse and lubed me up before driving a finger in then came two more. He loosened me up getting me ready for what was coming next. He licked at my arse for a while more and then begun rubbing his cock against it.

I heard him spit in his hand as he lubricated his cock a little. "Hey grab a condom dude" "Already got one in my pocket" He ripped the packet open with his teeth and pulled out the condom and handed it to me. "Put it on me" I turned around to face him, he again spat on his hand and wet his cock some more. I slid the condom over and turned back around, bracing myself for what was to come. He leant over the side of the lounge and grabbed some lube and squeezed it into his hand and rubbed my arse crack, three fingers went in at once "Ooooh Fuck" I wasn't expecting it but it felt great. He worked his fingers for a bit and lubed up his cock with his other hand.

My pre cum was dripping like mad by this stage he saw it trail down and placed his cock under mine, my pre cum dripped onto his shaft. "That's fuckin hot dude" he pulled away slid his fingers out and pushed his cock up against my arse. He grabbed my waist and slowly begun to work his hung cock into my open hole. "Aaargh mmmmh, damn you have one nice tight hole" as he slid in. Once he was in part of the way he stopped and I slowly moved back and lowered myself down further onto his shaft. "Fuck you are fat man" "You love it don't you?" "Hell yea" I lowered myself all the way down and pushed back on to his throbbing piece of meat whilst holding onto the couch.

Once I was comfortable with him inside he begun working his cock thrusting deep inside. "You want to eat my sneaker while I fuck you do you filthy boy" He pulled back on my hair and spat in my face, I licked it and nodded. He pulled his cock out of me and slid me down onto the floor positoning my arse in just the right spot before driving back into it, his left foot in my face "Oh fuck give that cock to me" I pushed back and he was all the way inside me and I licked his sneaker as he brought it up close to me.

We fucked like that for what felt like forever before he pulled out and changed positions. This time I laid on my back my arse hanging over the arm of the lounge he pulled a sneaker off and placed it over my face as he pushed his cock in and I inhaled. Before long we were both quite close, "I'm so gonna cum" I announced and he pulled his dick out of me and started rubbing our cocks together, I moaned as he rubbed that sneaker under on my face and worked our cocks, "Ohhhh Mmmh" I shot a huge load on to my chest, he rubbed his cock in it and fingers and shoved them inside me opening me up further. He worked his cock and fingers inside me "Fuck fuck oh fuck" "You like that" and he started pounding inside me before finally cumming "Oh yea Oh fuck, mmmh fuck!" and I could feel his cock swell inside me and release it's load. He pulled out of me and smiled. "Damn that was hot, I love that arse" He pulled the condom off and let his cum drip onto my chest and then licked it off before sharing it with me.

I sat up and took a drink once he was done and we shared a cigarette, "Want that shower now?" "Sure sounds great" we got up and headed off to the shower. We removed our socks and shoes and jumped in under the hot water, it felt amazing. I grabbed the soap and stepped around behind Ryan and begun to soap him up.

We finished our shower, dried off and headed to bed it was now just before 5:42 am. He laid and spooned me from behind both of us naked, he slipped his cock in between my legs and I fell asleep in an instant.


I rolled over and heard voices from the living area; I looked over at the clock it was 11:18am. I pulled myself out of the bed and threw my jeans on and headed out to the living area; I looked around, Mat and Kyle were sitting back on the couch and Ryan was standing behind the island bench naked.

"Morning guys" "Morning" I walked over to Ryan, "Glasses?" Ryan reached behind him and grabbed me a glass from the top cupboard and filled it with water for me. "Thanks" "Sleep well?" he asked "Sure did thanks" I grabbed my shirt from the floor and cigarettes and headed outside, Matt followed "I'll join you" we sat down at the table.

"So what's your plans for the rest of the day? the boys and I were discussing going for a run, you're welcome to join us if you like" "Sure, sounds good but I don't have any training gear with me" "Don't worry about that Ryan will take care of it for ya"

"Okay, so what about you and Richie then, you two end up hooking up?" "Certainly did, fuck that boy is huge" he smiled "I wouldn't know but I imagine he would be" "Serioulsy! he would be about the same size at Ryan but he's cut" I smiled, we finished our cigarettes and headed back inside, Ryan was still naked sitting on the lounge next to Kyle watching music clips, I couldn't believe how cavalier he was about it.

"So Brandon said he would join us for a run, you want to get him some gear Ryan" "Sure thing" I headed for the shower, Ryan followed and grabbed me some clothes, "I'm glad you're coming running with us we can get to know each other a little more, provided you can keep up with me that is" "I'm sure I can, I play soccer so it shouldn't be a problem" with that I stripped my jeans n shirt off and jumped in the shower as Ryan got dressed,

"So you don't seem to care I see that the boys see you naked then?" "Doesn't bother me at all dude, we grew up together and went to school together, we have all seen each other naked before and more" "So you and Matt have fooled around then?" "Yup and Kyle" "I thought Kyle was straight?" "Doesn't mean he don't like getting his cocked sucked though" I laughed.

Kyle entered the room a few minutes later "Did I hear my name mentioned?, Jesus look at that thing" as he pointed to my cock "Man that's fat, so you two have fun last night?" he knocked a punch onto Ryan's shoulder "Damn right twice, he's a good fuck" replied Ryan, he looked back at me and gave me a wink, I finished up in the shower dried myself off and Ryan handed me some clothes.

I walked over to the bed and retrieved my jockstrap Ryan caught me pulling on my jockstrap "Stop wait a sec let me find you something else to wear" I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the grey singlet over my head while Ryan retrieved some underwear for me. He threw over a pair of white briefs to me and a clean pair of white ankle socks. "Thanks!" "My pleasure dude, just glad you can come running with us, don't mind me and Kyle by the way sorry about that before" "It's cool, at least I know I'm a good fuck" and we both laughed. I put on the briefs, the red track pants and put my new trainers on. Ryan took a seat beside me and waved his bare feet "Wanna do the honors?" "Sure" "I leant over the other side of the bed" I rolled over on my stomach and grabbed his kicks from the floor, he slapped me on the arse, his socks from last night were lying beside them so I picked them up and inhaled his scent. I shimmied back over the bed and kneeled down on the floor in front of his awaiting gorgeous feet. Just so you know I generally don't like bare feet as you may have already guessed but his were like gold, they were smooth and he had a nice arch. I grabbed his right foot and placed his sock on for him, as I was adjusting it up his calve "Wanna hand?" I looked up to see Matt standing behind me, "Sure" I looked up at Ryan and he was smiling "How fuckin lucky am I two hot studs want my feet!" Matt knelt down beside me and grabbed his left foot and placed his other sock on brought his foot up to his face and inhaled his scent; "Damn they smell hot! "They'll smell even better later" we each grabbed a shoe and put them on his feet and got up Ryan stood up, I retrieved my sunglasses and we all headed out to the living area. "Okay we're ready now, lets go" Kyle got up and we all headed out Ryan closed the door, "So where to Stud?" "Botanic gardens I guess, nice views, follow me" with that we headed off.


We stopped off to grab some bottles of water from a nearby kiosk before hitting the running track that loops through the gardens, The sun beamed down and was about 26 degrees or so, it was mid Autumn. Kyle and Ryan went inside to get the water leaving myself and Matt; "So you and Richie have a good time last night?" "Sure did, we're hooking up again tonight when he knocks off; looks like Ryan likes you" "What makes you say that?" "Well I've never seen him invite anyone to hang around afterwards, normally they're gone by now" I I laughed "Well I like him, don't know what it is but I think underneath his heavy exterior there is something about him I want to get to know" "Good luck with that he doesn't generally let people in, Kyle and I are just lucky I guess, he'll certainly test your patience and your buttons" and with that Ryan and Kyle returned, "I'm sure I can handle it" "Handle what? ready?" "Nothing" as I looked back at Matt and smiled."Okay lets go then" he handed each of us a bottle of water and we set off.

Ryan was up front with Kyle and Matt and I held back a little I decided to take it easy to start. I watched Ryan's firm arse in his blue soccer shorts and kept an eye on his feet, he looked hot in the new Nike TN's, Matt and I chatted as we kept back leaving about twenty meters or so between the four of us. "C'mon I thought you were going to keep up" Ryan shouted from up front, "I'm pacing myself and enjoying the view from here for now" "Suit yourself but just know you'll pay for it later on" "Actually you will when we overtake you!" we ran for just over an hour Matt and I kept back and chatted and noticed the other two slowing down. I looked over at Matt "So what do you say they're both beginning to tire wanna take our chance" he gave me a wink and with that we took off up past them. "See that look, you know he is gonna make us pay for it don't you?" "Fine by me let him try" I replied.

We continued for about half hour, Matt and I left a decent gap between us, I noticed he had started to slow down so I did also which meant Ryan and Kyle were able to catch back up. "

Ryan ran up beside me, he was dripping in sweat. "So what's the deal I invite you for a run to get to know you better and you hang with Matt?" "Nothing it's called pacing yourself, you didn't think I'd keep up but who trailed in the end?" he looked over at me, "Smart arse, c'mon lets go" he looked over at Kyle and Matt "Meet you guys back where we started" with that we took off.

Kyle and Matt showed up ten minutes later both of them looked beat. It had been over a good two hour run and the heat had picked up so we were all pretty sweaty.

"So you three up for lunch, my shout?" Kyle and Matt looked at Ryan "Sure, c'mon Matt" and we headed off in search of a restaurant with Matt and Kyle up front.

"So what's your plan for the rest of the weekend? I'd like for you to stay again" "Thanks but I have to be up early tomorrow, got a dirt bike meet at 8am then a soccer game at 2, you can tag along if you like"

"Sure, I'll come to the game" "Well I can pick you up at 1:30 down stairs" "Great it's a date then" I smiled "I like the sound of that.

We found a place to eat and grabbed a table outside , Ryan sat opposite me as Kyle and Matt headed inside to get menus. "So you up for some fun after lunch?" he gave me a cheeky grin "Maybe, I'll have to think about it and get back to you after we eat" I poured us a glass of water each and Kyle and Matt returned, "What are you two on about?" Kyle asked "I was just asking if he was up for some fun after lunch, what 'a think should we make it worth his while?" "You're always thinking with your cock aren't ya?" they each took a seat and we looked over the menus.

I felt a leg rub up between mine I kept my composure as the waiter came out. "You boys hungry, what can I get you?" he leant over my shoulder and suddenly I felt a leg in my crutch; I tried to keep my composure as I ordered. I gave Ryan a look and mouthed "Cut it out" he shook his head and took a look under the table, I looked down and noticed it was Kyle's foot in my lap. For some straight guy he certainly was very open.

The waiter took the rest of our orders I looked over at Kyle, he had begun rubbing his foot against my cock, he kept his eye on me as he ordered.

As the waiter was leaving he turned back around and smiled, he had obviously seen what was going on under the table and with that I removed Kyle's foot from my lap. "Damn dude he fully saw that" Kyle and Ryan both laughed, "Who cares, I certainly don't""What you three on about?" "Kyle was rubbing his feet up Brandon's cock, that what" Matt burst into laughter "Fuck dude you're a shocker!" "I'm just teasing, testing him out" I kept my eyes Kyle's, "For some straight guy you sure like dick dont'cha?" he laughed at me "I'm being serious, obviously your bi" Ryan and Matt both looked at me then at Kyle "Nah I just like to tease" "Yea right just admit it dude your bi, your among people who are gay for fuck sake, I see the way you look at guys, maybe the other two just don't wanna say anything but I will"

"Hey fuck you" "I'm just putting out my observation that's all" next thing I felt a kick under the table, Ryan looked over at me "Let him be dude" and so I did. Lunch was quiet after that as was the walk back to Ryan's apartment.


Back at the apartment.

As we entered the apartment Ryan grabbed me by the shirt "Follow me!" we went into his room and he closed the door leaving Matt and Kyle in the living area, he ripped my shirt off me and threw me face down on the bed, he reached into the night stand and sat over the top of me straddling me.

"Fuck I want you so bad right now" He pulled out a set of wrist cuffs from the night stand and rolled me over as I squirmed underneath him. "I want you too, all of you" "Good I'm glad, you will get all of me and more" I gave him a quizzical look "Do you trust me?" I nodded "Good, he reached over and grabbed a blind fold from the draw beside the bed and put it over me before cuffing my ankles and locking my feet together.

"Get up I want you on the floor" I did as told and slid down off the side of the bed and onto my knees with his assistance "Okay now wait there" I heard the door open, he left the room and closed over the door again. I could hear voices in the living area.

A few minutes later the door opened again but nothing was said, I wasn't sure who it was, I just heard two sets of footsteps and someone sit on the side of the bed.

Ryan spoke "Now someone tells me you owe them am an apology" immediately I knew it was Kyle who had entered the room "Now what do you say to him Brandon?" "I'm sorry Kyle" I replied "Sorry for what?" "For calling Kyle Bi" "Okay now we're getting somewhere, so say it like you mean it?" I am sorry Kyle that I called you Bi, my mistake" "Very good" Ryan responded "So Kyle what is a good punishment do you think for Brandon here?" suddenly I felt a foot in my face and could smell his sweat.

"I hear you have some fucked up fetish for trainers am I right?" I nodded "Yes Kyle you heard right" "Well then get to it, I wanna see what this is about" he pushed the sneaker into my face harder "Lick it and do it properly, I want these kicks looking good" I begun licking at his trainer as commanded. I didn't mind being under them at all, after all Kyle was pretty cute, he was the same height as me with dark shaven hair and looked like he weighed somewhere around 75 to 80 kilos, most of it muscle.

"I'll leave you to be for now then shall I?" Kyle pushed my head down to the floor as Ryan walked out and closed the door. I put my hands over his left trainer and inhaled his scent and started licking, my cock growing in my pants by the second. "So you must really like him then, to be doing this shit for me huh?" "I do there is just something about him that makes me want more" I replied "Did I say you could speak?" "You asked the question, don't ask if you don't wanna answer" "Fuck such a mouth on you huh, just put it to use like you were told" he pushed my head back down onto his sneaker, I grabbed it began licking again "That's a boy, now you're getting it, don't forget the soles" I felt him fumble with his pants and knew he was wanking.

I inhaled his sweaty scent from his socks, I heard him moan "Mmmh oh fuck yeah that's hot, lick it" I licked his sock up his leg and he placed his other foot down beside me and I went to work on that one also, inhaling all of it, I flicked my tongue underneath both soles before tracing his foot back to his ankle and licking at the other sock. "You want my feet don't you?" I stopped and nodded "I didn't hear you" "Yes Kyle I want your sweaty hot arse socked feet" "Well you will have to wait, only when I say so" I continued to clean his dirty sneakers with my tongue.

A few minutes later the door opened.

"How's it going in here?" Ryan asked "He's doing good" He slipped off one of his trainers kicking me as he did, "Now smell it" Ryan grabbed the sneaker and buried my face in it on the floor, he held me there as I inhaled Kyle's warm scent. I felt Kyles socked foot in between my face and the sneaker and waited. "Okay lick it" I opened my mouth and slid my tongue out and began licking his sweaty sock, he pushed my head back a little and shoved his foot in my mouth; I could seriously now taste the sweat, "Suck on it" I did I had no other choice as Ryan came from behind me and forced my face into his foot. I heard Kyle moan "Oh oh yea argh fuck that feels good, do the other one! he removed his foot and shoved his other foot in my mouth, I copped his whole sneaker this time. "I told you I want them clean and that's what you'll do" "What did I tell ya man he loves it" I could feel my pre cum growing.

"On your back and suck on my dirty sock like the dirty boy you are!" he pushed me down with his other foot, running it down my chest. Once I was on the floor I grabbed his sneaker and slowly begun to remove it licking over it as I did. He laughed as I flicked my tongue along the underside of his foot. I felt Ryan grab hold of my pants he ripped them down and undone the cuffs, once they were off he cuffed my feet back together. "Check out the pre cum on this fucker!" I could only imagine just how much there was. "Holy shit man, you are getting off on this aren't you?" I didn't say a word I just continued to do as I was told and sucked on his foot.

"Time to step it up a little I think" I heard the distinct sound of a bottle of lube being opened, "Okay back on your knees" Ryan lubed up my arse and slid a finger inside, I bite down on Kyle's foot as he shoved another three fingers inside me."Fucker careful man that hurt" Ryan fucked my hole for a few minutes with his fingers then slid them out and I felt a dildo hit my arse. Ryan slid it inside me. I moaned underneath Kyle as Ryan drove the dildo inside me, I almost blew my load there and then as my pre cum dripped from my throbbing cock.

Ryan worked that dildo for what felt like a life time pounding my arse with it before rolling me over and removing my sneakers; the dildo still inside me. He pushed my legs up a little brought them close together and shoved his cock between my feet and started fucking them.

Ryan stopped and pulled the dildo out of my arse and released my hands from in front of me and I begun to stretch out. "Not so fast" as he pulled them behind my back "On your knees over the bed" I did as he said and he cuffed my hands behind me.

Kyle jumped off the bed, I heard a condom wrapper and then a minute later Kyle was behind me. "You ready for me" "Yes Kyle I'm ready for you" he pulled my head back a little spat in my face and shoved my briefs in my mouth letting me taste my own sweat and pre cum and without and hesitation drove his dick inside me, we moaned simultaneously.

Kyle fucked me hard and furious I bucked back enjoying every bit of him inside me. I heard another condom being opened and knew Ryan wanted to get inside me but I wasn't expecting what was to come.

"Don't hog that arse Kyle" Kyle laughed "Wait your turn I'm not done yet" "Stop let's try something" Kyle did as he was told and pulled out of me. "Lets do him together" Kyle undid the cuffs and I felt Ryan underneath me. Ryan removed the blindfold and smiled as he spread my arse and slipped his cock in then. Kyle lifted my legs and worked his way back into my hole. "Oh fuck yeah Oh fuck" Ryan begun bucking underneath me as Kyle held my legs up and thrust with him, their dicks pounding my hole as one. I couldn't hold back any longer I starting jerking my cock and shot a huge load hitting Kyle in the face.

"Fuck oh yea that's hot" as my arse clenched around their cocks, Kyle licked the cum running down his face. "I'm gonna cum" I felt him shake his cock swelling inside me "Oh mmh oh shit here it is" he shot his hot load and slid out of me let my feet go and flopped on the bed beside me. He leaned in and kissed me "I'm sorry I was such a dick before, fuck that was fantastic" I didn't say a word.

Ryan followed a moment later he thrust hard inside me I sat up so I could take him all inside me and worked his cock "Ooh oh yea, mmmh your arse is the best" I felt his cock pulsating I clenched my arse for him, "Ooh mmmh oh fuck oh fuck" he blew his wad and I pushed back down on his cock draining the last remaining cum from him.

Ryan pulled out of me my arse gaping and slid off the condom, "Can I go bareback please; I want you to seriously feel me!" "What you got more in there?" as I pointed at the full condom, he nodded "Do you trust me, I won't come inside you I just want all of you?" "Yes Ryan I trust you" Kyle just looked at us both, I sat up and rolled over onto my stomach for Ryan arching my back up so my arse was in the air for him.

Kyle smiled at me and went down on my cock as Ryan entered me from behind, he grabbed my waist and pulled me back. "Yea that's what I'm talking about" he pulled my head back and kissed me as he fucked me and I pumped my cock in Kyle's mouth.

It wasn't long before I was ready to blow again "Fuck I am gonna cum soon" "Go for it when you're ready don't hold back Kyle can take it" honestly Kyle had no choice he was underneath me and with Ryan behind me thrusting my cock pumped Kyles mouth hard and he was actually taking all of me.

"Oh mmmh Ryan fuck me and fuck me hard" he sped up the pace as my arse clenched around his pulsating cock "Oh yea mmh I'm gonna cum too" I shot my load in Kyle's mouth, I turned to Ryan "Do it I said I want all of you and I meant what I said I trust you" he looked at me "Your sure" "I've never been more sure just do it" "Okay your the boss" he winked as he thrust "Mmmh oh shit oh fuck" I felt his cock swell as he kissed me and then his hot man juice spill into me as I continued fucking Kyle's face.

He left his cock inside me for a bit before pulling out. His cum oozed out of my arse. "Fuck that was hot, you sure you don't wanna stay the night now?" I sat up and Kyle moved out from underneath me and gave me a snow ball passing my cum back to me Ryan got in on the action and we shared a three way kiss; "What's in it for me?"

Ryan got up from the bed "Follow me" Kyle and I got up from the bed I threw on the track pants I had on earlier and the three of us headed into the living area.



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