Having seen my dad and Carl having sex, unknowing to them, on the offshore drilling rig, I decided to take things further on our days off at home.

We had been to dinner and a few bars and returned home. As Carl leaned in one corner of the sofa and dozed, Dad decided he wanted some ice cream and headed for the store. I decided then was the time to take things to the next level. My plans were made. I just had to wait for Dad to get back home.

I watched, waiting for dad to return. When I saw him about to turn into the drive, I went over to Carl and knelt on the floor between his legs. Timing it perfectly, I extracted his cock through the opening in his boxers began sucking Carl's cock just as dad walked through the door.

Carl jumped in surprise upon feeling my wet mouth on his cock. At the same time, Dad froze, looking at me and asked, "What the fuck are you doing, Mark?"

Pausing, I looked straight at dad and said, "The same thing you two do to each other out there behind the shed on the rig."

"What are you talking about?"

I told dad and Carl what I had seen on more than one occasion.

"Look, if you two are gay that's great. So am I so now we can just be ourselves here at home and not pretend any longer."

"Son, how did you find us?"

I told dad the entire story of seeing them, and how I had so badly wanted to join them.

Turning to Carl, Dad began asking "You knew and waited until i was out of the house to have sex with my own son. Damn it, Carl, I've treated you like my own brother. How could you do this to me?"

Carl was trying to speak but I interrupted and told dad that Carl was not involved and that I had planned it so that it appeared that I had been sucking Carl longer than I actually had been.

"Dad, Carl woke up to find me sucking him just as you walked through the door."

Dad just shook his head and as he headed for the kitchen said, "This is something I never expected. We all need to talk."

We sat and began talking with dad asking me how long I had been gay. I told him when and how I got started and that I found that I totally enjoyed it. I said that I had fucked pussy but was more turned on by sex with a man, saying it was more satisfying and erotic. I then asked how he started.

"Well, as you know, Carl and I have been best friends since we were about twelve or thirteen. About six months or so after we met we began experimenting like most boys do. It continued on through high school and we even went on double dates and fucked our girlfriends side by side on blankets then after we took them home we'd have sex together. We enjoyed sex with both women and men. we'd even go to the park and meet guys and go to their house or hotel room for sex. Any way, we both married and live the straight life in public but the gay life in private. After Carl's divorce and your mother's death, we both went totally gay."

"I see. Are you upset that I'm gay also?"

"Not at all if you're sure it's the life you want."

"I am and I have to be honest with you both. I so desperately want sex with both of you. Please."

after some discussion, dad relented and he and I had oral sex with Carl watching. Then later, Carl and I began.

As dad watched, he said, "Man, it's such a fucking turn on to see my own son sucking another guy."

"Wait until you see him fucking me," I replied with a smile.

That night, we didn't go to sleep until sun up. we spent the night with dad fucking me then me fucking him and later Carl and I fucking each other. In between fuck sessions we kissed, made out and rimmed each other.

When we finally got up the next afternoon about three, we kissed each other and I sucked them both off after which together they sucked me and kissed and shared my load.

That night I asked dad if there were any others on our shift that enjoyed male sex. He named two that enjoyed getting sucked but nothing else.

"If I make a pass, can they be trusted to keep it secret?"

"Oh yes. Carl and I service them frequently and they know each other gets sucked. Carl and I have sucked them side by side before."

The two dad mentioned were brothers, both in their mid twenties and married to sisters. Like all the guys on the rig, they were extremely well built. They were also hot as hell. They were John and Greg Brady, John being a year older that Greg. Greg was the better looking.

The rest of our time at home was mainly spent having sex, making up for lost time. I don't think we dressed except maybe once to go out to dinner.

We returned to the rig and as we flew by helicopter to the rig I cruised Greg and John. I'm sure I had them curious about me.

A couple days after we returned, I went to the galley for coffee and found Greg there sipping coffee and reading a book. I struck up a conversation and gradually eased it toward sex.

After talking about being horny and no cunt around I said, "Not having a steady girlfriend, I'm kind of used to going without. But with you being married and getting it regularly, I bet you go through hell out here."

"Oh, I manage to survive. We all have our own ways of coping."

"Oh, I know what you mean, but there are things better than having to visit 'Rosie Palm' all the time."

"I'm sure," he said. "You know of any?"

"Yea, I do, in fact. Meet me tonight out behind the tool shed about eleven and I'll show you what I mean."

Smiling broadly, he said, "I'll be there for sure."

I couldn't wait until time to meet Greg. I told dad and Carl I was meeting greg so that they wouldn't interrupt.

I was there about ten to eleven, waiting and watching. Then I saw him casually come out onto the platform and slowly make his way to the shed.

Once he was there with me he smiled in the dim light and said, "Okay, what did you have in mind better than 'Rosie Palm'?"

I smiled back and as I slowly went to my knees, I groped his crotch and unzipped his pants, then unbuttoned them, letting them fall. He was commando and his huge cock sprang forward.

Without hesitation, I leaned forward and swallowed his cock and began to lovingly suck it.

He moaned softly and whispered, "Oh fuck yea!"

I soon got him off and after swallowing his huge load he asked, "You want another one?"

"Can you go again?"

"Not right now but I know someone else that could use your service."

He whistled softly and seconds later, John came up, his hard cock outlined in his pants.

"Go for it," Greg told him. "He's better than the others that service us."

Seconds later, I was sucking John's cock as Greg watched. Before long, John was feeding me his huge load.

Afterward, as I stood, John smiled and said, "We'll be seeing you quite often," he said. "But, how did you know we wouldn't report you, saying you made advances?"

I reached up into the eaves and pulled out the small video camera I had hidden, showing them I had everything, both audio and video, on tape.

They smiled and Greg said, "Man, be assured that we're not going to say anything and ruin the service you give."

Looking at them I said something that totally shocked them. I smiled and said, "My ass is always available, also. You can both get serviced at the same time sometime."

"Fucking nice," John said. "We just might."

One at a time, they left, John first. Greg watched and when he was sure John was gone, he said, "Be here again tomorrow night about two. Be alone. I will be."

With that, he left and after waiting a while, I returned to the dorm area, wondering why he waited to say anything until John was out of sight.

The next night I set the alarm on my watch and was waiting for Greg at two in the morning. I had gone out just in my briefs. He arrived and was in his boxers. As I started to lower them he stopped me.

"Mark, does your dad know about you?"

"Yes, he does."

"Well, I'm sure he told you about John and I, didn't he?"

"I asked him if anyone else on this shift liked getting sucked and he told me about you and John. Why?"

"Well, there is something no one else on this rig knows, and I want your word that you won't say anything to your dad, Carl, and especially John."

"You got it. Whatever you tell me stays just between you and me."

Smiling, he quickly reached over to the waistband of my briefs and as he squatted down, he pulled them to my ankles. In a flash, he swallowed my cock and began sucking me hungrily at first then slower.

Totally stunned, I looked down and watched as Greg sucked me like an expert. I knew it wasn't his first time. He eventually brought me to my climax and without hesitation, eagerly swallowed my huge built up load.

As he stood, he leaned in and kissed me passionately. After the kiss, he whispered, "That's my first cock since I started working on this rig over a year ago. I'll fill you in tomorrow. Right now,may I fuck you?"

"of course," I told him.

Seconds later I was getting one of the best fucks I'd had in a long time. After he filled my ass with his thick load, he said, "Meet me in the rec room after dinner. We'll go somewhere private and talk."

I agreed and watched him walk away. I was eager to hear his story.

We met in the rec room after dinner then went to the far end of the platform and sat and talked.

Greg said he had been bisexual since he was fifteen. He said he kept it from John because of the way John felt about gays. He said that they would find guys to suck them then John would rough them up calling them all sorts of names. He said that he convinced John to stop the roughing up because word would get out and no one would want to blow him. He said John almost caught him on a couple of occasions and was afraid of what John might do if he found out. His main fear was his wife finding out. Although they were having problems and talking about divorce, he didn't want her to know.

I had listened silently while he got it off his chest then said, "I'm available for sex anytime you want. Just tell me when and where. No one will ever find out from me."

"Thanks," he said. It had turned to darkness and we were in shadows and he leaned over and gave me a quick kiss.

Greg and I met frequently alone, servicing each other. He had found an out of the way empty small store room and we'd use it for our sexual adventures.

Things continued for a year with Dad and Carl becoming lovers since I knew about them. The three of us serviced John and Greg. The one thing absolutely no one knew about was the secret meeting between Greg and I where we did it all together.

About a year later, Greg got another job in a related field. He had filed for divorce and was waiting for it to become final. Before leaving the rig he had expressed his love for me and now was urging me to quit the rig and come to ork with him.

I did and began living back at home full time. A month after I moved back home his divorce was final and he as a free man.

He had been living in a small motel paying by the week. Once he was officially single again, I invited him to move in the house with me. Dad and Carl still didn't know of our relationship.

Greg had been living with us for about three months when dad and Carl came home for their two weeks off.

Knowing they were coming in, I prepared dinner and as we ate, I casually said, "Dad, Greg and I are lovers now," and continued eating.

Both dad and Carl nearly choked hearing that news since they thought Greg was straight and just got sucked. We had to tell them the entire story which took a while. They then congratulated us and we went out to celebrate.

The next day, I suggested Greg show them his abilities at sucking and getting fucked. I didn't mind sharing him with them but let another guy make a pass at him and I'd damn sure take his head off. Greg and I have sex with others but only together, never separately.

We love each other dearly as do Dad and Carl. Greg still thinks it's hot to see dad and i have sex together and we love doing it.




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