I grew up only seeing my dad two weeks out of the month. He work on an offshore drilling rig and he would be gone for two weeks at a time them home for two weeks. He worked hard, was muscled, and provided well for the family.

When I was only fifteen, IO found my true sexuality and knew I was totally gay. I kept it secret, not wanting to hurt or embarrass my parents.

Shortly after my high school graduation, my mother was killed in an auto accident. Dad felt I was old enough and responsible enough to live in he house and go to college while he worked. I did just that and got my degree in engineering, but the job market was in the sewer. After not finding a job for a while, Dad got me a job on the rig with him.

There were four shifts, where two would work the two weeks while the other two were off. Then they would switch. When working, the day shift was seven in the morning to seven at night and the night shift was seven at night till seven in the morning. When you returned from you two weeks off if you had been working the day shift when you got off, you returned to the night shift. That was the only fair way.

Anyway, Dad was a supervisor an got me hired on as a hand, doing whatever dirty jobs were needed until I had some experience.

The drilling rig was top notch. The company had made sure the guys were comfortable. For sleeping, there were two large rooms with beds, closets and dividers between the beds. Each was on a different level. There was also a TV room with satellite TV, DVD players and tons of movies. there was a large shower room and in one area a six man jacuzzi. We all almost fought for space in it.

With just guys all living together, modesty was unheard of. It was common to go from sleeping area to showers nude. And guys were frequently nude in the jacuzzi. No one at all thought anything about it.

One thing that occurred frequently but was never discussed or commented about was guys jerking off. Two weeks is a long time to go without busting a nut. When you walked past another guys bunk, he just might be getting himself off. You just kept walking.

Being gay that wasn't easy for me. Most of these guys were in their late 20's to early 40's and hot as hell. Although I was 21 , my dad was only 39. He was 18 when I was born, and was still hot and sexy.

I began to adjust to seeing guys nude occasionally and went about my work. The first two weeks were over and dad and I returned home along with Carl, dad's best friend.

Carl was 34 and divorced and his wife took him to the cleaners. Living and working the way he did, he couldn't see paying rent for an apartment when he would only be there for two weeks out of the month. Dad would let him 'rent' our spare bedroom when they were on shore. We all three got along great.

When we returned to the rig we were on the night shift. The only good thing was the fact that during the day I did get to lay out on a deck and sun myself nude.

Another two weeks and we were home for two weeks. Then back on the day shift. I enjoyed going out on the platform and find a secluded place and look at the start while listening to the waves hit the legs of the rig. It was so relaxing.

On that first Wednesday night, I awoke about two in the morning and headed for my favorite spot near the tool supply shed off in one corner. I went out and as I stepped out into the night air I stripped off my briefs and headed for my spot.

As I neared the shed, Carl suddenly came from behind it.

"Hey Mark. What you doing out this time of night?"

"Just enjoying toe stars and surf. How about you?"

"Uh, I couldn't sleep so I came out for a smoke. You better get some rest."

"I will," I replied.

I settled down and began to relax when movement out the corner of my eye drew my attention. Turning my head, I could barely see a figure making his way back to the dorm area. For a second I thought it was dad but I wasn't sure.

When I got inside later dad was coming out of the shower room an was acting very strange with me. Something was up and I didn't know what but I damn sure as going to find out.

The next night I lay awake waiting. Carl and dad's bunk were at the far end, mine in the middle. Around midnight, I saw Carl pass my bunk in his briefs. I waited. A couple minutes later I saw dad pass.

Easing out of bed I followed dad out onto the platform where he paused and looked around. Then hurrying, he headed for the tool shed. I quickly followed, staying in the shadow, and not making a sound. Soon I was at he corner of the shed, and could hear them talking.

"Damn, Brad, we almost got caught last night," Carl said.

"I know. This is where he usually comes at night so we're going to have to find another spot."

"You sure he's asleep?" Carl asked.

"He sounded like it when I passed his bunk," Dad told him. Things got quiet for a second before I heard soft moans. Peeking around the corner, I saw my dad and Carl wrapped in each other's arms tongue kissing wildly. I almost gasp out loud but held it.

Then, dad squatted down and after pulling down Carl's briefs he began sucking Carl's big hard cock, expertly deep throating it. After a few minutes they traded places and Carl began sucking my dad.

My own cock was rock hard and after sliding down my briefs, I lubed it with my precum and slowly began stroking.

Carl stopped and stood and turned his back to dad. "Let's fuck each other tonight and do our cock sucking tomorrow night."

"Deal," dad said as he went down and began eating Carl's ass, lubing it up with his spit. Seconds later he was burying his cock in Carl's ass fucking his brains out. After filling Carl's ass with his load, Carl fuck my dad. Just as Carl shot his load up dad's ass, I fired mine out onto the deck.

I hurried back to the dorm room and slipped in bed before they returned. I couldn't believe I had seen my own dad suck another guys cock and fuck and get fucked.

The next night I again followed and watched as dad and Carl lovingly sucked each others cock and hungrily swallowed each others loads.

I had to find a way to let them know about me. Some way that would blow their mind. I began thinking of a plan.

Each night I would think of something different. I knew that even though I had a plan their actions might no fit what I had planned. It would have to be done spontaneous. I waited until our next two weeks off. I didn't think it would ever arrive. On nights they went on deck I would follow, watch them have sex and jerk off.

Finally it was time t go home. We relaxed the first night and the next morning. That afternoon we went to several bars before stopping for dinner. After getting home, I surprised them by running around the house nude. They did it sometimes, but I never did.

Then dad decided he wanted some ice cream and headed for the store. Carl dozed on the sofa and I put my plan into action, planning on starting it just as dad returned home.

A short while later, I heard dad pull into the drive and I put my plan into action.




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