Well its been a few months since I wrote Wolf and me. Finally I have done the second part to it. I am taking a Web Page Design course and it is occupying my time . But a friend keeps bugging me to do some more on the fantasy. So today I shirked my studies and spent 4 hours doing part two. Hope that you enjoy it.

Wolf and Me Cont.

We had been together almost a month now. We were extremely happy as we were meant for each other. I loved Wolf so much and he in turn loved me back. We were made for each other. When I first met Wolf it was up in the northern part of Ontario, near Algonquin Park. He owned a large package of land and had a beautiful house built into the side of a hill and there was a barn just about 100 metres away from the house. He owned two stallions, some sheep, cows and chickens. He also had a secret that I found out about and totally accepted. He had been bitten by a werewolf and so he himself turned into a werewolf. Not a full one but one with just a few traits. Longer sideburns, bushier eyebrows, Canine teeth and a nice furry chest. His strength was also tripled. He was a total Top stud with a 10 ½ inch man rod.

In his Human shape he had short cropped blonde hair, penetrating Blue eyes, wonderful smile Pecs and Abs to die for, masculine arms and over all extreme good looks. I could hardly ever stop looking at my stud.

It was Saturday morning; we had finished the chores and had sat down to a good breakfast.

Wolf sat across the table from me.

He looked at me and smiled and then said, "Fox my mate, how would you like to try something new today? A new way for me to fuck you. Something you should find very exciting and pleasurable."

I smiled back at him and replied, Wolf, "I find anything that you do to me is fantastic. I love every minute that I spend with you. But I am curious what did you have in mind?"

Wolf let out a loud laugh and answered me, "Well my little Fox, you'll just have to wait a while and find out. Because it is a surprise. But be assured you will find more pleasure in it than you have felt before." Wolf stood up to remove the dishes from the table and put them in the sink for washing. We were both dressed in our underpants only.

I was in my blue briefs with a black waste band. He stood by the sink with his hands crossed over his fine chest in his White boxers with red waistband. His crotch showed up nicely in them.

He had a playful look on his face as he blurted out, "You are going to find this very exciting. You will be in shear ecstasy."

Excitedly I blurted out, "Oh please Wolf, when do we start. Don't make me beg."

"OK my little Fox," He replied, "It starts now." ''

He walked over to me and then took me by the hand and led me outside and proceeded to the barn. Then he slid open the barn door. We approached Storm, the appaloosa Stallions stall door, opened it, and led him outside. Wolf grabbed a blanket instead of the saddle and threw it over the Stallions back.

Then turning to me, Wolf told me in his masculine voice, "Alright my little Fox, take off your shorts as I will mine. Then I am going to mount up and you will sit in front of me."

I obeyed immediately. Wolf dropped his shorts and his manhood sprung out erect. Then without an effort, he leaped up on Storms back and stuck out his hand to help me up in front of him.

He had brought the bottle of poppers with him and he handed them to me. Then in a hot sexy voice he spoke up and said, "OK now my little Fox, Take a few sniffs of poppers and then I want you to lift up and sit down on my hard cock. Then we are going to ride like the wind."

Wow, I thought, that really was a new one. I quickly sniffed the poppers a few times and as my head started to spin, did as my mate asked me to. He had his hands on my waste and helped to lift up, and then with his manly wolf strength placed me over his rock hard cock. And slowly lowered me down the length to the base. As usual it felt tremendous. With one arm firmly around my waste and the other holding the reigns, he urged Storm to a walk. As Storm started off, we started to sway on his back. Wolfs cock moved around inside the depths of my ass. Stirring up so much pleasure, I was ready to explode with lust. Round and round, back and forth his cock stirred. I had never felt like this before. Wolf gave Storms side a little kick and Storm started to gallop.

I started to bounce up and down on Wolf. God what was this stud doing to me. It was amazing. The sensations flowing through my body were unbelievable. I was just almost bouncing off of him only to bang back down. It was like he was entering me completely. As I rode him my balls were slapping against the stallions back. The hairs of the horse tickled my balls, making my cock harder than it had ever been before.

Wolf used his knees to squeeze Storms sides indicating him to move to a canter. Storm picked up speed, as did my riding of Wolfs Manhood. The wind was blowing through my hair as we galloped across the fields. Wolf still had one of his arms around my waste; he gave me a loving squeeze and leaned forward to speak in my ear.

"So my little fox, what do you think? Do you like this new way of me riding you? Isn't it grand?" He murmured seductively.

I leaned back into him, making his cock go deeper. I yelled out in a joyful voice, "Oh God Wolf, It is stupendous. You just keep amazing me at how you continue to find new ways to please me. I am having the time of my life. We cantered through the field for what seemed like hours. I never wanted it to stop. Then Wolfs arm squeezed me tighter and he started to shutter and shake.

"Oh Fuck, my little Fox." He screamed in pure ecstasy, "I am going to shoot my load."

With a loud wolf howl he emptied his load inside of me. I felt his hot juices fill me up. The feeling was so intense that I immediately started to shoot myself. My cock exploded and my sperm flew up into the air, the wind cared it back into my face and chest. I stuck out my tongue and caught what I could. The orgasm seemed to never end. I just kept Cumming and Cumming. I didn't know that I had that much in me.

Finally Wolfs arm loosened its hold on me. He pulled in the reigns and Storms canter came to a slow walk. Wolf lifted me off his cock and let me sit in front of him. He wrapped his arms completely around me and hugged me hard. He nestled his head on my shoulder and nibbled on my ear. Then moved down to my neck and caressed it with his tongue. I felt his love pouring into me. I was in heaven. I couldn't believe that this Stud was mine, completely and utterly mine.

Wolf brought Storm to a stop and leaped spryly off of his back. Then he reached up and using his wolf strength lifted me off of Storms back. He held me cradled in his arms and looked down into my face. His eyes were aglow and with a big smile on his face he planted his lips against mine and started to kiss me passionately. Then to my amazement, he shape formed into is werewolf guise. I could feel the hair growing on his chest and his canine teeth in his mouth. I ran my tongue around over his teeth and kissed him deeper.

He placed me down on the ground with his arms still around me.

He looked me deep into the eyes and breathed, "Oh my little Fox, You bring me so much joy and happiness. I am honoured to have been granted you as my mate. I Love you so much."

Looking back up at my wolf stud, I started to weep, "Oh, my true love. I am the one who is honoured. The day that you came into my life was the best day ever. I have become part of you and you part of me. We belong nowhere else but together. I love you so much."

By this time, Wolf was also weeping and we held each other tightly. It was if an aura surrounded us.

The love of each of us flowed into each other, only to be returned three fold. We stayed that way for quite a while. Not wanting to let each other go. Finally we separated and remounted Storm to go back home. Apparently we had turned around while we were riding and I could see the ranch only about a half mile away. This time I was behind Wolf on Storm. I had my arms wrapped firmly around my stud mate. I had my face buried against his back, relishing in the warmth from his body. I breathed in deeply inhaling his manly aroma. It was like ambrosia. We arrived back at the cabin, went to the barn and dismounted. We both threw on a pair of levies and a tank top. Storm needed to be washed down after the ride.

Wolf got a bucket of water and a couple of horse brushes. Then we tackled Storm. I was near Storms head and suddenly he turned it towards me pushed his nose close to my ear and snorted, blowing his hot breath onto me. Then he did a horse laugh and stuck out his tongue and licked my face. Wolf saw what happened and almost fell over with hilarity.

He continued to laugh and said, "Well my little Fox I think he enjoyed the ride as much as we did and he sure likes you. Maybe you should give him a kiss back."

Fine I'll show him. I put my hands on Storms nose and leaned forward, snorted and planted a kiss on his mouth.

Storm raised his eyebrows.

I looked over at Wolf and with a stern look on my face stated, "There what do you think of that, jealous. Maybe I should sleep with the horses tonight!!!"

But I couldn't hold the stern look very long. Both wolf and I started to laugh, even Storm seemed to be horse laughing. I walked over to Wolf and fell into his arms. Hugging him tightly. We finished up grooming Storm, gave him some feed and in each other's arms went back to the house. It was nearly sundown and we prepared our dinner. The day was done. We just went out to the porch, sat in the double swing chair with our arms wrapped around each other. The sky was clear and the stars were out in abundance. It was just so pleasurable sitting close together and sharing our love. Tomorrow was another day. What excitement could we get into then?

The End

(For Now)



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