Wolf and Me part 3- revised

Wolf and I had been together for three year now. Our Love for each other has grown more and more over the years. I didn’t think it could ever get any better but it did. I just loved him so much and just wanted to be his and become like him in every and anyway possible.

As you know Wolf is part werewolf and can change to a partial werewolf at will.

His side burns get longer, ears become pointed and his chest a bit more hairy, his teeth develop into canine incisor fangs. He got more muscular and his cock thickened out and grew about an inch or two longer. He was extremely sexy in both his forms, both human and wolf and I loved him.

He had become a werewolf many years ago when a full werewolf elderly man who was on his last legs accidentally scratched him. Thus he transformed into a werewolf as well. But not all the way. It seemed that magic was becoming less in the world and so he only became part werewolf. The old man was sorry but in he was old and couldn’t control himself. He had a bag full of precious gems and gold and he gave it to Wolf to make up for what he had done to him. Then the old man expired and turned to dust and his remains blew away in the wind.

Wolf was set for life but at what cost. He built a beautiful house on the side of a hill. He had bought several thousand acres of land, woodlands and also a small lake and stream. But he was lonely. He was afraid if people found out they would hunt him down and kill him.

Then three years ago I happened to come along and became part of his life, when I had gone for a drive in the country. We met and we hit it off together almost immediately. I found him so attractive.

He told me of what had happened to him, but after due consideration, I found that it did not matter; I could and did accept him for what he was. After all he was extremely handsome and loving and everything that I desired in a man. I gave up my former life and settled in with him as his new mate.

We just made each other so happy and content.

I loved pleasing him anyway that he wanted. Just to be with him made me incredibly happy. It is so hard to describe how much I loved him and he loved me.

One day into our third year as we were outside doing the chores, I approached him and asked of him, “Wolf my one true Love,” I said in a trembling voice. “I want to become more for you. I want to become like you. Can you try scratching me in Wolf form and see if I too can become a partial werewolf like you? I would so desire to be as you are. It would make us so much closer.”

Wolf got a concerned look on his face and in a steady voice answered me, “Darian, have you thought this through? Do you know what you are asking? If I change you it will be permanent, there is no going back. You will be like this forever. Werewolves live an extremely long time, sometimes for hundreds of years. Do you really want that?”

“Oh yes, Wolf.” I blurted out in a passionate voice, “There is nothing I desire more than to live for an eternity with you. I want to be more completely yours in every way possible. You are my one true love and my role model. If I can by any chance be even half as good as you I would willingly do anything to be so.” I love you with all my heart. Please, if you love me as you say you do, you will grant me this one wish. To be yours for eternity.”

Wolf took me in his arms and looked adoringly down into my eyes. My eyes were brimming with tears I was so earnest. He reached up with his masculine hand and gently wiped them away.

In a tender loving voice he said, “If you truly wish this my little Fox, (That was his nick name for me) then I can do nothing but agree to your request. You will become as I am and together we will live through eternity. I truly Love you with all my heart and am so grateful to have a mate like you. You are my everything.”

Wolf wrapped his arm around me and led me into the house, over to the couch and sat me down.

He cradled my face gently with his wonderful masculine hands and looked me directly into the eyes. His own eyes were sparking with the love he felt for me. My heart was beating very fast. And I was shaking a bit in his hands. But this really was what I wanted.

Wolf spoke out in his strong baritone voice, “L’ll fox, why don’t we make this more personable. How about I fuck you as I change you? Hold my hard cock deep inside your ass as you metamorphous?”

Oh God, Would he really do that for me? No wonder I loved him so much. He was my everything and he wanted always to please me.

“Wolf, I would do anything for you. You are my one true love. Let me strip off these clothes and let me mount you. Please hold me.”

I stripped off my clothes and stood before my love. Wolf sat on the couch with his hard cock fully erect and straight up in the air. He changed to his Wolf aspect and I felt my blood rushing to my head. I was high just from the thought of completely joining with my Mate. I went towards Wolf and crouched over his body. He placed his hands on my hips and slowly eased me onto his hard member. When he had fully penetrated me, I let out a moan of pure pleasure. I was where I belonged where I wanted to be.

Wolf couldn’t resist, he started thrusting upward with his hard Wolf cock. He was like a mad man as he fucked deep into my ass. He started to pant and moan out in pleasure. I was crying tears of joy. He was going to make me his, totally and completely. Then I felt Wolf starting to shoot his load into my ass.

Wolf moaned out in his wonderful sexy voice, “OK my little fox. Are you ready? This will hurt a bit, but the healing process is almost instantaneous. You will immediately feel the change coming over you.”

“I have never been more ready in my life.” I eagerly replied to him. “Please make me as you are.”

I presented my arm for Wolf to scratch. With a claw extended he placed it against my arm and then with one quick movement he scraped it across my forearm.

There was a momentary blast of pain, but almost immediately it subsided. Wolf wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug; Wolf was looking down into my face with concern. I tightened my ass cheeks around Wolf’s cock. Then I felt a strange sensation flowing throughout my entire body. I trembled a bit. Then I felt a change coming over me. I could feel my body filling out. The scratch slowly faded before my eyes.

I looked down at myself, a thin line of hair appeared in the center of my chest and abs flowing from between my nipples down to my pubic hairs. My arms and legs and torso had become more muscular than it was before. I could feel immense power flowing throughout my body. I had never felt so alive, so real. I lifted myself off of Wolf and went over to look in the mirror that was on the wall. My mouth dropped open at the change I saw in me. My ears had become pointed; my eyebrows and sideburns had become bushier.

I opened my mouth and I had canine incisor teeth. And then I looked down at my crotch. My cock was as hard as a rock. I used to have only an eight inch cock, but now it had lengthened to Nine and a half inches and it was thicker too. I held my arm up and flexed my new muscles. God they were stupendous.

I had transformed into as much of a stud as Wolf was. I tilted back my head and let out a loud whoop of sheer joy.

Then I turned and ran over to Wolf. He was standing now and I threw myself into his arms and hugged him so tightly. He returned the hug. I buried my face into his chest and tears of pure joy flowed out of my eyes as I held my stud. I was so happy.

I could feel Wolf’s tears dripping down onto my head as he wept with me. I could feel the energy flowing between our two bodies.

Wolf released me for a moment and then ripped off his shirt and jeans. Then standing before me completely nude he transformed back into his wolf form.

He stepped forward again into my embrace and we hugged each other passionately. We had become one and alike. I cannot explain how much happiness and joy I had for my mate.

I was in heaven and in utter bliss.

But then I felt a bit weak, the strain of the transformation had taken its toll on me. I needed to rest.

Wolf sensing what was happening to me gathered me in his arms and with his magnificent strength carried me to our bedroom. He lay me down on the bed and told me compassionately to rest awhile and let my new form take hold and settle down. He would wake me in a few hours and make me a hearty lunch so that I could regain my strength.

Wolf placed a blanket around me and quietly left the room. I didn’t think I could sleep or rest but I really had been drained by the episode. I fell into a deep slumber.

About three hours later I suddenly awoke. I sat straight up in the bed. Had I been dreaming? I pulled the blanket off me and I looked down at body. It was normal human beings body. No extra hair, no extra muscle mass. Was it a dream? Then I thought to myself, how was it that Wolf said he changed? Oh yes, he thought Wolf Wolf and he transformed.

I gathered up my courage and then taking a deep breath focused my attention and thought Wolf Wolf.

I immediately felt the change coming over me. My body changed to my wolf form. I felt so alive, invigorated. There was such power flowing through me. I felt unbelievable.

I sprang out of the bed and ran from the bedroom to the kitchen. Wolf was standing at the table. I leapt into his arms and hugged him with so much compassion.

Wolf laughed at my joyfulness and cried out,”Ah, my handsome little studling. You are so beautiful and you are mine, totally and completely. To cherish for eternity.”

“Oh Wolf, God I love you so much. I let my love flow out of me into his masculine body.

I was so excited; I was starting my new life.

Wolf held me at arm’s length and examined my body. Then he said in an adoring sexy voice, “Darian my little fox. You look magnificent. A stunning example of a beautiful man.”

I couldn’t resist. I dropped to my knees still in wolf form and opened Wolfs pants. Out popped his semi hard cock. I breathed in his aroma and gently stuck out my tongue, somehow it too had changed, it had become longer than before. I lapped at Wolfs cock. He started to grow hard as he let out a low delighted moan. Then I engulfed his entire length sucking as hard as I could. His cock began to vibrate. Then he placed his hands behind my head and started to fuck my face. He pulled me off to the tip and then slammed back in. His huge cum filled balls slapped against my chin with a loud smacking noise.

As he fucked my face I tilted my head back and looked up at him. He smiled a rapturous grin down at me, and then he started to change. He became Wolf. His cock grew bigger and thicker. It completely filled my throat up. I was amazed, I could still breathe, and I didn’t gag. Then with a wolf howl he started to plunge harder, deeper. He picked up speed and then with a final loud howl and plunge, he emptied his cum load into my throat. In my wolf form the taste was unbelievable. It was so warm and sweet. I felt my inners absorbing his juice, making it part of my system. It was making me stronger, healthier, and much more alive than I had ever been.

Then in an instant I too was blowing my load. I covered his legs with my cum. I was quivering and shaking. I took my mouth off of wolfs cock and then started to lick my cum off of Wolf’s legs. Wolf was making little whimpering noise of pure joy.

When I had him clean, he reached down and pulled me to my feet laughing out loud.

“You are truly amazing my little Fox,” He cried out, “Put your clothes on , I want to show the animals what has happened to you.”

He meant our horses, Storm and Ivory and our cow Mary-belle. I quickly left his arms and ran back to the bedroom to dress. I couldn’t believe how much energy and power flowed throughout my new body.

I quickly pulled on my jeans and t-shirt. Then I ran eagerly back to the living room where Wolf awaited me. He held out his hand and I grasped it and he led me out the front door to the barn.

My senses and awareness had increased a hundredfold. I could feel nature all around me. It was like I had developed a sixth sense. I could hear all kinds of sounds, even the rustling of the grass and the leaves on the trees. It was spectacular.

We arrived at the barn and I heard one of the horse nicker. They knew we were coming and they somehow sensed the change that had taken place.

As we entered the barn both Storm and Ivory lifted their heads in greeting and as one they nickered to me. Holy shit, it actually sounded like they said greetings Fox, and you are now one with us. I quickly looked at Wolf with a stunned look on my face.

Wolf tilted his head back and laughed a hearty laugh and blurted out, “Yes Fox, you can actually understand them. A part of the change you had is that you are able to relate and understand nature and animals. You have entered into a whole new world.”

Ivory, who I usually rode, nickered to me again. “Fox go riding?” he said in broken English. I guess that although I could understand animals now they could not speak accurately and thus it was broken English.

I quickly looked at Wolf and exclaimed, “Can we Wolf, Please can we?

“Well if Ivory and storm are up to it I do not see why not.” Wolf replied.

Both Storm and Ivory nodded their heads so Wolf and I got down the saddles and fitted them to the stallion’s backs.

Then we led them out of the barn and mounted up. As I sat on Ivory’s back I felt a strange attachment to him. I felt like I was a living extension of him. I didn’t even have to say anything; somehow he sensed what I wanted. He moved out at a slow walk and once we were clear of the barnyard he broke into a trot and then a canter.

We were flying over the ground at great speed. I felt like I was flying. It was truly exhilarating. The trees and the meadows just flew by. Wolf was at my side intensely watching me. Feeling the excitement that I was feeling.

We rode for what seemed like hours and then all of a sudden I found we were back at the barnyard. The horses went up to the barn and stopped at the door. Wolf and I dismounted and removed the saddles.

Ivory nickered,”Fox have fun?” He inquired.

I laughed and answered him, “Fun hardly describes it. You are a truly amazing stallion and I think that I can and do love you as an equal, a true friend.”

Ivory reached out with his nose and gently nibbled my shoulder in a horse kiss. I grabbed his nose and planted a sloppy kiss on it. He lifted his head and snorted in my face and sprayed me with his saliva. Then he did a horse laugh.

We all had a good laugh at that.

Well now it was time for lunch, but before that we had to wipe down and groom the stallions. Wolf got a bucket of warm water and a couple of horse brushes and we cared for our stallions. Giving them a well-deserved bath.

When we finished Wolf took my hand and led me to the house and lunch. It had been an exciting morning and it was going to be an exciting rest of the day.

As we sat down to the lunch that Wolf had prepared earlier. My cell phone rang.

It was my Mom. Mom and Dad had separated and gone their own ways quite a few years ago. I had been 16 at the time and because I didn’t want to change schools I ended up staying with my Dad.

Mom had moved to Europe and had remarried. She had had another child, a boy; he was now 19 years old. I had never met him but I had talked to him a number of times over the years. I also talked to Mom on a regular basis. At least a couple of times a month.

“Hi Mom, How are you keeping? “ I inquired into the phone.

We chatted for ten or fifteen minutes. Then Mom said, “Darian, I have a favour to ask of you. I hope that you can grant it. Your half-brother Dmitriy is having a couple of problems. I think he is gay like you are. He needs some direction and help in settling with his emotions and coming to terms with his homosexuality. I was wondering if you could take him under your wing for a time and show him the ropes. Help him out.”

“Just a minute Mom. I’ll be right back.” I answered her.

Then I turned to Wolf and explained what she had just asked. Was he willing to take in my half-brother and raise him for a while? Care for him. Wolf nodded to me yes and said it would be nice to have a young man around to nurture and care for. I was so happy, I would finally get to meet and know my brother.

I turned back to the phone and spoke into it, “Mom I asked Wolf and he said yes that would be fine. He and I would be happy to do it. I really look forward to finally meeting Dmitriy. When can he come?”

Mom answered, “He can be on a plane by the end of the week and he could be there in say ten days.”

We chatted a bit more and then we said Love you and hung up.

I turned to wolf. I was so excited and he could see the joy in me. I was finally going to meet my brother. I wondered what he was like. Were we the same? Would we like each other? There were so many questions.

Wolf told me it would be OK and he was there to support me.

We discussed how to get ready for Dmitriy. Would I fuck my Half Brother, make him part of our PAC? Would he join with us? Would I let him Fuck me? I guess we could only wait to find out.

The End of part 3 to be continued…………………





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