I needed an additional accountant in the office and ran an ad. I had numerous applicants, but Duke caught my eye. He wasn't the most qualified, but he was definitely the hottest.

Buck was twenty-seven, single, extremely muscular, and even during the interview I could see hairs from his chest sticking out above his collar and tie. His medium brown hair was short and his sky blue eyes were piercing. What interested me more was the nice bulge that showed in his suit pants during the interview. He was hired. Even if I never got into his pants, he made good 'eye candy' for the office.

On casual Fridays, Buck always wore an open collared polo shirt and tight Levi's. The open collar let me know just how hairy his chest was. Hairy guys aways turned me on and I found reasons to stop by his desk and stand so I could look down into the open collar.

Buck had been employed for just over three months and I had felt desires for him growing, but I never had any indication he would 'play'. However, he did seem to be extremely at ease and friendly with me. I was only thirty two and I think our closeness in age encouraged that friendliness.

One Friday in December, the morning news warned of a sever blizzard possible for the area. It developed suddenly and by noon it had stalled on the western side of the city, soon closing all roads in that area. I decided to close the office and let the employees get home while they could.

Buck, however, lived out on the far west side and rode the bus to work. We heard that bus service to his area had been halted due to the closed roads.

Almost everyone was gone from the office when I saw a worried look on Buck's face as he hung up the phone.

'What's wrong?' I asked.

'The bus service to my apartment has been suspended. I guess I'll have to go as far as I can then walk the rest of the way.'

'How far will that be?'I asked.

'From what the transit info operator said it will be about four miles.'

'Buck, there is no way you can walk that far in the weather. I've sen the news reports and it's bad out that way. Why don't you let me get you a room nearby. Consider it a bonus for the great work you've done.'

'Sir, I can't let you do that.'

'Nonsense. I won't take no for an answer. There is the hotel we use for clients not far from here. Get your things and when everyone is gone, we'll lock up and I'll take you there and get you checked in.'

'Mr. Roberts, I don't know what to say or how to thank you. If I can ever do anything for you, just let me know.'

'We'll worry about that later,' I said, thinking of one thing he could do.

Once everyone was gone, we locked up and headed for the hotel. I parked and led Buck in.

'Hello, Mr. Roberts. Welcome,' the manager said. 'You have a client needing a room in this weather?'

'No, George, an employee. What's the latest?'

'The storm has stalled but is expected to move across town mid to late afternoon.'

'Well, let's get this man a nice room. Put it and all his meals on the company account.'

George had the clerk check Buck in and gave us the key. From the floor number, I knew it was a mini suite, with kitchenette, and separate living room and bed room.

'Come on, I'll take you up,' I said. I had decided to get brave and see just how far I thought Buck might go.

We got to the room and when Buck walked in he looked around then said, 'Sir, I can do with just a small regular room. I don't need this much space.'

'Buck, you might be here a few days. You need to be comfortable,' I said, placing my arm around his shoulders and pulling him slightly to me. Surprisingly, he didn't resist.

'Let's look around,' I said. We did and as we finished, I asked, 'You think you can be comfortable here?'

'Fuck yea,' he said, hen smiled and said 'Oh, sorry sir.'

'Hey, no sweat. Fuck is one of my favorite words. With all it's meanings, it can be taken several ways.'

'Very true,' he said smiling.

I went to the mini fridge and extracted two beers, handing one to Buck.

'Let's have a beer then Ill get out of here and let you get comfortable.'

'You don' have to hurry off,'he replied. 'I can get comfortable now.'

Setting his beer down, he went to the bedroom and when he returned he had his shoes and socks off as well as his shirt. His chest was hairier than I expected and more muscular. My heart began to race. He knew I was checking him out.

'Now, I'm more comfortable,' he said, rubbing his hand across his hairy chest and nipples.

'Damn, Buck, you got your own fur coat built in.'

'Yea, I do. I get it from my dad. He was even hairier than I am. You like it don't you?'

'Huh? What?'

'Mr. Roberts, I've seen you looking at it in the office and I know you stand at my desk and look down my open collar. I don't mind.'

'Buck, it's just that so few of the younger guys are naturally hairy. I've noticed that when I go to the gym.'

'Well, I might get fired for being so forward and open, but if there is anything else you want to see just say so. I'm not bashful or shy.'

I noticed that he emphasized the word 'anything'.

As he had made the comment, he had casually rubbed his cock.

'Did you really mean that?' I asked.

'Yes, I did. I don't mind showing myself off. During college I worked as a male stripper, and the club I was at let us go all the way.'

'Damn,' I said, 'but if I said I'd like to see the rest of you, how soon would it be before the entire office knew about it?'

'Never. What I do in my off time and who I do it with is no body's business. I keep it all to myself,' he said. 'Shall I show you the rest?'

I smiled and nodded.

Slowly and seductively he removed his jeans,soon stepping out of them. There he stood before me totally naked, looking like a Greek statue. He was absolutely gorgeous. His cock was semi-hard and at least eight inches and uncut.

'Very nice,' I said as he stepped closer. Reaching up to me, he began to unbutton my sport shirt, then pulling it out of my pants.

'I think I have the right to see you also,' he said, sliding my shirt off and tossing it aside.

I looked into his face and he looked into mine. ever so slowly, he began leaning toward me. Buck was now making the advances to me that I had wanted to make to him.

Our lips soon met and as hey did they pared and we exchanged tongues. As we kissed, he unbuckled my pants, and let them fall to the floor, them pushed my briefs down as far as he could. My hard cock sprang upward and both his and mine were immediately pressed between our bodies.

After the kiss, he smiled and said, 'Get out of those pants and let's go check out the bed.'

Hr turned and went into the bedroom, as I quickly removed my shoes, socks and the rest of my clothes.

As I climbed into the bed next to him he smiled and said, 'I've wanted this since the day I interviewed with you.'

'Really? ' I asked. 'The same goes or me.'

We kissed and cuddled and soon were in a hot sixty-nine, hungrily swallowing each others cocks and bringing each other to roaring climaxes. After a brief break with more kissing, Buck raised his legs, saying, 'Fuck me.'

I did, gladly and afterward had him fuck me. I knewI had to get home before the storm hit but I didn't want to leave. I also knew I couldn't stay because of George's big mouth.

After dressing, I reached into my wallet and pulled out two one hundred dollar bills,handing them to Buck.

He tried to refuse saying he wasn't a male prostitute.

'I never suggested you were. You don't know how long you might be here so use this and go up the street and get you some clothes and toiletries. You can pay it back later. He accepted it and smiled.

As I left and he stood behind the door still nude, I said, 'Buck, you can expect to be working late a few nights a week. You have to keep your work caught up.'

'Yes, sir,' he replied with a smile.

I left and headed home, just as the blizzard conditions hit the city proper. Slowly making my way out the highway, I saw a figure on the side of the road.

Slowing down, I saw it was a young Marine in fatigues, thumbing a ride. Slowing gently I eased to the side of the road. When he came up, I said bluntly, 'Get in.'

He did and I asked where he was headed. He told me and I said that with the weather all the roads would end up being closed.

'Fuck! Are there any motels out this way?'

'No, there's not. I'm Luke Roberts,' I said offering my hand. Accepting my hand he said, 'Brad Davis. Nice o meet you.'

'Brad, I can do this for you. I'm single and have my own place just up the road a ways. You're welcome to stay at my place until the roads are passable. I have plenty of room, and would enjoy the company.'

'Man, are you for real?'

'Look, it's the least I can do in exchange for your service to our country. Yes or no?'

'Sure. I'd end up freezing to death out here.'

'Great. Let's get out of this shit.'

I pulled back onto the road slipping and sliding. Soon I turned onto my road.

'If you want, you're welcome to use the pool.'

'In this weather?'

Laughing, I said, 'Sure, but I guess I should have first told you the pool is indoors and heated.'

'That would be fucking nice if I had some swim trunks with me.'

'Well, you can wear your underwear or do what I always do and skinny dip. It's all totally private.'

'Nice,' he said.

TO BE CONTINUED............



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