The snow is still falling heavily but the winds have subsided. I awake to find Brad still holding me tightly, snuggled up next to me. As quietly as possible, I ease out of bed and headed for the kitchen.

Just as the coffee is ready, Brad enters the kitchen.

'Morning,' I said. 'Did you sleep okay last night?'

'Morning, and yes I did,' he said. 'Luke, that's the best nights sleep I've had in years. I felt so safe and secure there with you.'

'I'm glad. I enjoyed it also. It's been a while since I've had another man in my bed overnight. they have to be special.'

'Am I 'special'?'

'Yes, very,' I replied handing him a cup of coffee.

He accepted the coffee then gave me a hot passionate morning kiss.

'What a way to wake up,' he said.

We turned on the TV to check the weather reports. Heavy snow was forecast for the next few days and the roads weren't expected to be passable until then.

'Well, it looks like you're stuck here with me for a few more days.'

Smiling, he said 'You don't hear me complaining, do you?'he replied.

'No, and I'm glad.'

We went to the den and after opening the drapes on the patio door, we sat and finished our coffee.

Afterward, he turned to me and after a hot passionate kiss,he looked into my eyes and said, 'Luke, make love to me.'

I smiled and gently pulled him to the floor. There, I made hot passionate love to him, starting with a massage, then kissing, licking and sucking various parts of his body as he moaned softly with pleasure. After a while, I began rimming him then sucking him to his climax.

Afterward, he looked at me and said, 'Fucking fantastic. I've never been this pleased after sex with a woman. I know now what you meant about a man knowing how to please another man. Now let me see if I cam please you as well as you did me.'

We traded positions and he was awesome at his work. When he began rimming me, I began to wonder if he was going to stop, and the blow job he gave me was awesome.

'That couldn't have been better,' I said.

'Luke, thanks to you I now know my sexuality preference. I'll be eternally grateful to you.'

'Brad, you would have discovered it sooner or later, but I'm glad I had the honor of being involved.'

We kissed again then had breakfast. Mid morning, Brad looked at me and asked, 'Luke, can I fuck you?'

'Sure. I was hoping you'd ask. I've been wanting it.'

We went to the bedroom and made out until we were both fully erect. Then I lubed his cock and my ass. Laying on my back, I pulled up my legs and said, 'When ever you're ready.'

He got between my raised legs and placed the head of his hard cock against my hole. Gently, he began pushing forward. My ass opened slowly and soon the head of his cock popped in.

'Oh fuck yea,' I said. 'Go on in.'

In ne slow steady motion, he buried his cock balls deep as we both moaned in pleasure. after a moment, he leaned down and kissed me and as he did, he began to piston in and out of my hungry hole.

'Yea, fuck me, Brad. Work that Marine cock in my ass!'

And fuck me he did. Slowly at first then as his climax neared, he fucked faster and harder, soon reaching his climax. When he did, he yelled out, 'OH FUCK YEA!!!' and buried his cock as it spewed forth a huge load of cream deep into my hole.

As his climax subsided, he collapsed onto my chest, breathing heavily.

'Man, I loved that,' I said. 'It was fantastic.'

'Yes, it was. It was beyond a shadow of a doubt the best fuck I've ever experienced,' he said.

'Well, you can fuck me anytime you want,' I told him.

'Count on it,' he replied smiling.

We separated, and after standing up I suggested a shower. Together, we showered, washing each other from head to toes, then drying each other.

It wasn't long before looked at me and said, 'Luke, fuck me.'

'Are you sure? I told you when we talked yesterday about the initial unbelievable pain you will experience.'

'I know what you said. I'm ready for it. I want to get fucked.'

'Okay, but if you decide you want me to stop, just say so.'

'Okay, but I won't'

Once in position, I lubed his hole and first my fingers, using them to try and loosen him up. Then I lubed my cock and got into position.

'When I start in, push out like you're trying to shit. It will make it a little easier.'

He nodded in agreement and I began my entry. As the head slipped in I saw him grimace in pain and slightly whimper. I could see in his face that he was hurting.

Once in, I held my position and let his ass adjust to the intrusion. When he began to breath more regularly, I began to slowly piston in and out,going slightly deeper with each forward thrust.

I kissed him gently to try to get his mind off the pain. After a moment I asked,'How you holding up?'

'I'm okay. The pain is easing up some and is more of a bad ache now. How much is left to go in?'

'None,' I said. 'You got it all.'

'Holy shit! That whole thing is up my ass?'

'Yep, it is. Now try to relax and let me do the work.'

I began to fuck him slowly and steadily. Before long he began to moan, not in pain but in pleasure.

'Oh fuck ,Luke, it's starting to feel great. I don't know what your hitting but it feel great. It feels like I might cum.'

'I'm rubbing your prostate and a spontaneous climax is not that uncommon. Just let it go.'

Several seconds later, Brad's cock exploded, sending a huge torrent of cum onto both our stomachs.

'Yea, man, fuck me. Fuck this gay Marine. Cum up my ass.'

Seconds later I did just that, moaning loudly.

'Fuck yea! I feel it shooting up me. I fucking love it,' he cried out.

Once totally drained, I slowly pulled out. As I did he asked, 'so you say the more I get fucked, the easier it will be?'

'That's right, but even then, some large thick ones still hurt like hell at first.'

'Man that was awesome. When I shot my load and felt you shooting I was seeing stars. I want to get fucked again.'

Over the next few days Brad and I sucked and fucked each other several times a day. Finally, and unfortunately, the roads were cleared and he was able to leave.

When we heard the news we both got quiet. Then, moments later he said, 'Luke, I don't have to leave. I still have a week of leave left, and not that far left to go.'

'Are you saying you'd like to stay?'

'Yea, if you'll let me.'

'Brad, I would love it if you stayed as long as possible. Hell, I'll gladly pay for your airfare to California.'

Brad stayed and the time went by all too fast. By the time he left he was taking my cock up his ass like a pro, even asking for it.

We exchanged cell numbers and e-mail addresses, and I did indeed pay for his plane ticket to California.

'Luke, I owe you a lot. Not only did you get me out of the storm and open up your house to a total stranger but you helped me find my true self. I'm going to miss you terribly, especially feeling your loving caring body next to me at night.'

'I'm going to miss you also. Who knows, I might start making weekend trips to California myself.'

'I'd love it if you would.' As he hugged me at the airport, I saw a tear in his eye. As he reached the gate, he turned and looked at me one last time. I barely mouthed the words 'I love you', not thinking he'd read my lips, but he did. He smiled broadly then turned away.

I returned to work and to seeing Buck every day. I had him 'work late' two to three days a week but my thoughts were still on Brad.

In an e-mail a few weeks later, Brad said that he had met a man that was gay and he wanted to be honest and let me know he was having sex with him.

'I have to be honest,' he wrote, 'he can't come close to comparing with you in bed. I have sex with him but think of you.'

I wrote back, telling him about Buck and I was the same way. During sex I thought about him.

We agreed to each have sex with others until we could be together again.

I lasted two months before flying to see Brad. I took Friday and Monday off to have the full weekend with him. Once I was checked in at a motel near the base I called his cell giving him the name of the motel and room number.

He said he got off at 4:30 p.m. and would be there shortly after. He knocked on my door at 4:45.

After closing he door and locking it we kissed passionately undressing each other. Pulling me to bed he said, 'Fuck me baby. I need your cock up my ass bad.'

We sucked and fucked until after ten before going out for something to eat. Then upon returning to the room it all started over again.

Saturday morning, Brad walked next door to a McDonald's to get us some breakfast. After eating, Brad got serious.

'Luke, one of the guys I've been seeing asked me to be his lover.'

'Oh, really?' I said, my heart sinking.

'Yea, but I turned him down. I told him I was in love with someone else.'

I turned my head sharply, looking at him. 'Oh?'

'Yes. I never thought I'd ever say I was so deeply in love with another man but I am,' he said, pausing. 'And that man is you.'

'Oh Brad, I love you too with all my heart and soul. Do you think you could live with just weekend sex if I asked you to be my lover?'

'Oh yea because the wait would be so worth it.'

'Then, you'll accept me as your lover?'

'Definitely if you'll have me.'

'Of course.'

We talked and agreed to abstain from sex unless we were together. We both had men to explain things to.

I returned and on Tuesday, I called Buck into my office after work. When I told him the situation he smiled and said, 'I knew it was coming. I could tell you weren't really in it when we had sex. And to be honest, neither did I. I've met someone also. he's asked me to be his lover but I haven't given him an answer yet. I do care for him deeply.'

'Then do it. Don't let him slip away.'

Later that week Buck accepted the guys offer. It turned out to be another of the accountants in my office, who I had no idea that was gay. I wished them well.

Every weekend, Buck was in charge on Friday and Monday while I visited Brad. then when Brad got another leave he came to me and I introduced him to Buck and Jim at dinner at my place. That evening ended up in a hot four-way.


Fast forward fifteen years.......

Brad made the Marines his career, keeping his homosexuality a secret. He retired and moved in with me. I retired also and turned the company over to Buck and Jim to run, although I remain President and CEO.

Brad and I bought a vacation home in the Bahamas. We spend a month at a time there every three months. We're still deeply in love and enjoy our monthly get together's with Buck and Jim. I will forever be grateful for that Winter Storm.




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