(To my readers..I erred in the fist line if part 1 I inadvertently called Buck by the name of Duke. I had another story line on my mind at the time. Sorry for the error. Now for part 2.)

As I drove home the storm got more severe. In the blowing swirling snow, I almost missed my drive. I pulled in and opened the garage and pulled in slowly. Once the door was closed, Brad and I headed indoors.

Once inside, I said, 'I don't know about you but I could use a beer.'

'So could I. there for a second I didn't think you were going to make it into the drive.'

'Neither did I,' I replied.

I showed him to the guest room directly across from my room saying, 'get out of those wet clothes and into something dry, if you have anything. If not, let me know. I can find something, I hope, but the way you're built, I'm not so sure.'

'I should at least have a pair of boxers I can wear.'

'Well, if not no big deal. Brad, to be honest, I go nude quite frequently when at home. I'm a free spirit and many of my guest feel the same way and go nude when here. We don't see anything wrong with it.'

'Frankly, neither do I. I've visited several nude beaches and a couple of nudist resorts in the last few years.'

'I bet the Marines wouldn't be to happy with you if they knew.'

'No, they wouldn't,' he replied.

'Get changed and I'll do the same and meet you in the den with the beers.'

'Be there shortly.'

I went to my room and stripped down, putting on just a loose pair of nylon shorts, commando. Then I got our beers and as I stood by the fire, I heard, 'I hope you have a washer and dryer.'

Turning, I saw Brad standing before me in just a pair of green marine boxers, his arms full of clothes. I stared at his muscular chiseled body without an ounce of fat and a large 'USMC' tattoo above his left nipple.

'Sure do, this way,' I said.

After he started his clothes washing I showed him the house, including the formal living and dining rooms, the four bedrooms each with their private baths, the kitchen and breakfast areas and he small half bath off the den. Then I led him to the enclosed patio and pool area. it was comfortably warm and the heated clear roof was melting the falling snow.

We sat down and as we did he said, 'Man, you must be loaded to have a house like this.'

'Let's just say that I'm comfortable and the house is all paid for.'

'Damn, how did you manage that if you don't mind me asking.'

'It's a long somewhat unusual story,' I said.

'From the looks of this weather, I think we'll have time,' he said with a laugh.

'I'll try to shorten it where I can,' I said. 'But it started when I got married. My wife's dad was loaded. He owned a huge construction company and built the house for us as a wedding gift although he kept the deed in his name. Then, just over a year after we married I found expensive jewelry and clothes in her closet. I knew we couldn't afford it so I went to her dad and asked if he had bought hings for her. He said no and was curious. He hired a private investigator to check her out.'

'Damn, her on dad?'

'Yep. They found out that during the day while I was at work she was working for an escort service. He had one of his agents make a date with her at a local hotel. Her dad and I were in a connecting room and when she got there she collected her five hundred dollars for two hours and stripped naked. As she lay on the bed, legs spread waiting the the agent to get undressed her dad and I entered the room. She nearly shit.'

'I'll bet. What happened?'

'I immediately told her we were through and I wanted her out of the house. She said I had to leave since the house was a gift to her from her dad. He spoke up and reminded her that he was still the registered owner of the house and he agreed with me. He and I left and went to the house and collected her expensive jewelry and clothes and a notebook we found listing her clients by name and phone number. There was the mayor, governor, and state and federal legislators listed.'

'Holy shit!'

'Yea. She arrived and wanted to know where everything was. Her dad said he had taken it all to a charity donation bin. Man was she pissed, then she began to panic when she couldn't find the book. We denied knowing anything about it. /she packed the rest of her things and left and the next day I filed for divorce. She got nothing. The day after the divorce was final, her dad signed the house over to me free and clear. He also contacted everyone in her book, most of them he knew, and said that if he ever heard of them calling her again he would turn over the book to the news papers. She ended up moving out of state.'

'Did you ever hear from her again?'

'Just once when her dad died. He had legally disowned her and left everything to me. I sold the company for a very nice sum and put almost everything into stocks and bonds. I'm saving it all for my retirement. She tried to fight the will but lost out.'

'Un-fucking-believable!' he said.

'Hey, How about another beer?' I asked.

'Sound's good,' he replied. I went in and returned with two beers, finding his boxers on the table where we had been sitting, and him in the pool. He swam to the side and accepted his beer as I slipped off my shorts and joined him in the pool.

As we enjoyed the water, I asked where he was headed.

'Camp Pendleton in California. I'm being transferred there to work in accounting and payroll.'

'When do you have to report?'

'Not for two more weeks. I shipped most of my things out there already but decided to thumb my way out and see some of the country.'

'I bet you weren't expecting weather like this?'

'Fuck no.'

'Well this isn't normal for this early in he year. I'm glad you have some time to spare.'

'Me too,' he replied.

I suggested that we go fix some dinner and he quickly agreed. Climbing out of the pool first, I went to a cabinet and grabbed two towels for us. he came out and as he began drying off, I took in everything I hadn't seen before.

His body was perfect, his chest covered with a medium coating of blond hair, setting off his sky blue eyes. The treasure trail led to a thick blond bush at the base of a long semi-thick cock. I judged it at close to eight inches. His legs were muscular and perfect.

As we dried off, I noticed him trying o be casual as he looked me over. I decided to see if he's stay nude or not. I picked up my shorts and carried them into the house tossing them aside as I entered. Pleased, I watched him do the same.

We prepared a simple and quick dinner and after eating, watched TV and visited. I found he was single, twenty-eight, and was planning on making the Marines a career.

Later, he began dozing off and I suggested that we both get some sleep. He agreed and we headed for our rooms. I noticed that he climbed into bed still nude and was pleased. 'Maybe I have a chance of getting him,' I thought.

The next morning when I awoke, I smelled fresh coffee brewing. I went into the kitchen and found Brad getting two cups out of the cabinet. He was still nude as was I.

'Morning,' he said. 'I hope you don't mind but I made myself at home and found what I needed.'

'Not at all. I'm glad you feel that comfortable here.'

'I do and with you,' he replied.

We had our morning coffee and he insisted on preparing breakfast and cleaning up afterward. With nothing else to do we watched the weather report. The storm was expected to last for at least another day or so.

As we stood in the kitchen a short time later, he looked at me and asked, 'I hope I'm not out of place, but may I ask you a personal question?'

'Sure, I don't mind.'

'Well, yesterday when we got out of the pool and again after dinner, I couldn't help but notice you, how do I put it, checking me out. Luke, are you gay?'

'Brad, I'm not going to lie to you. Yes, I am, but I have respect for those that aren't. However, I do like to look at hot muscular good looking guys like you when they are nude. Does that make you uncomfortable'

'No, definitely not,' he replied.

We got another cup of coffee and went back to the den.

'Luke, I had a reason for asking,' he said.

'Oh? What was that reason?'

'What I'm about to tell you is something I've never told another person. Over the last couple of years, I've questioned my own sexuality. I've found myself going to the nude beaches and resorts just to see the men of any age nude. The more I've seen them the more curious I've become about what it would be like to have sex with them. I'm telling you this for two reasons. First, you were hones with me about being gay. Secondly, I feel comfortable and at ease with you.'

'I see. I'm glad you're so at ease with me. Brad, if you have any questions I can answer, just ask. I'll be glad to answer them the best way I can.'

He began asking questions immediately. Do I tongue kiss guys? What is it like? What was it like having another guys cock in your mouth? What was it like to have your cock sucked? Did I swallow the guys load when I sucked a guy? Did I get fucked? What was it like? Did I fuck other guys? What is 'rimming'?

We talked for several hours and I answered his questions honestly and to the best of my ability.

He seemed totally at ease and satisfied with my answers. I wondered if he would decide to experiment.

Then, mid afternoon, he said very casually, 'Luke, if you'd like to suck me, I'd really like to see what it's like.'

'Are you sure?' I asked.

'Yes. If I'm going to do it, I want it to be with someone I trust.'

'Fine then.'

As I moved toward him, he said, 'Kiss me first.'

I sat next to him and leaned in and gently kissed him, and after a moment, parted my lips and offered my tongue. Slowly, he parted his and offered his. Within a few seconds, he was kissing me passionately, even putting his hand behind my head pulling me into him.

As the kiss ended and i lowered my self to his hard cock he said softly, 'I liked that.'

I began to slowly stroke his cock as I lay him back onto he sofa. I began to kiss and lick his chest and gently sucking on one nipple then the other. As I did, he moaned softly.

From his nipples, I moved down and got between his legs. Rather than going straight to his cock, I began to lick and gently suck his large perfectly round balls. After a few minutes, I gently lifted his legs and let him experience a rimming.

As my tongue slid across his tight pink hole, he gasped and said 'Of fuck yea!'

I licked and sucked on his hole then began digging into it with my tongue. Shortly, I moved back to his balls for a moment then after lifting his hard beautiful cock off his stomach, I licked off the precum flowing from the tip. He moaned again bu when I took his cock into my mouth and swallowed the entire thing he said loudly 'Mother

Fuck, yea!'

I sucked slowly at first and as he drew closer to his climax, I sucked faster and with more energy. I desperately wanted his load. Seconds later, I felt his cock get harder and swell up an instant before it exploded into my mouth as he became loudly vocal. His load was huge, thick and creamy. The taste was awesome. After collecting it all in my mouth I puled off and looked up at him. He was watching me and I smiled and swallowed.

'Fuck,Luke, that was unbelievable. It was better than any pussy I've ever fucked.'

'Well, a guy knows just how to satisfy another guy. How long has it been since you busted a nut?'

'Three or four days. The last time was in the restroom at a truck stop I was at, jerking off while I was reading the walls of the stall.'

'Man, I thought you were going to drown me,' I said.

'Sorry, but I was so fucking horny.'

'Are they always that big?'

'Not that big but close,' he replied.

'From your vocal sounds, I assume you enjoyed it.'

'Oh fuck yea. Man, you can suck me anytime you want while I'm here.'

'Don't tempt me,' I said.

'I meant it,' he said laughing.

Things returned to normal and after half hour or so, he looked at me and said, 'I want to suck you.'

'Brad, you're free to do whatever you want with me whenever you want. Experiment all you want.'

'Thanks,' he said, as he began kissing me and repeating everything I had done to him. There was a seconds hesitation before he began eating my ass but after he started he really got into it.

Then when he started sucking my cock he was like a hungry dog who hadn't been fed in ages. When I climaxed, he eagerly accepted it holding it in his mouth and tasting it. Then as he pulled off he looked at me, smiled and swallowed.

After swallowing he said, 'If you can do it so can I.'

'All it is is pure protein,' I said.

'And tasty,' he said. 'Honestly, I totally enjoyed it. For some reason it felt so natural.'

'Lots of guys say that and for that being your first time, you are a natural at it,'


We sat together cuddling and casually fondling each other.

Then later, after dinner, I asked, 'Brad, for the rest of the time you're here, would you like to share my bed with me?'

'Yes, I would but it will be a first for me to sleep with another guy.'

'I really think you'll enjoy it.'

When we went to bed he said he wanted to suck me again.

'Why don't we have a sixty-nine ad do each other at he same time?'

'Great,' he said.

We kissed and made out,fondling each others hard cocks before I flipped around and we swallowed each other. Before long we were both climaxing, feeding each other our loads.

After we swallowed, he said, 'That was awesome and so fucking erotic to be doing each other at the same time.'

'I know. A sixty-nine is one of my favorite things,' I said.

'I can see why.'

We cuddled together and were soon asleep. I awoke a couple of times to find him still cuddled and his arm around me, holding me close. I loved it.




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